Thursday, July 20, 2017

Whiplash Left

"The days of cash everywhere are numbered, as once it is removed, they can do what they will to everyone’s funds.  It can be anything: a computer glitch, a solar flare, an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack, or a cyberattack to take it all to a “zero” balance.  Notice how the states are one by one beginning to become insolvent?  Notice how the narrowed eyes of the suit-swathed “gentlemen” are now on the IRA’s?"

There's nothing really new in this article but it is a nice compendium of the dire situation going on.  One thing I don't many realize re the whole "Russia" narrative . . . is that this agit-prop meme is not only designed to stymie Trump and conservatives . . . is that it is also designed (I believe) to destroy the Democrat Party as well.  Well, at least finish off whatever "moderate" old-school Democrats there are that still inhabit the party.  What will come out of it all . . . is there will be the rise of a hard left, radical party--blatantly socialist/communist, no fig leaf.  THIS new leftist party (whether it's still operating under the guise of the Dems or not) will whiplash back into power with a vengeance.  Then the real, blatant oppression and civil strife will ensue.  This will likely be combined with a military attack of some sort. . . . Anyway, that's what I'm seeing lurking in the wings. . . .

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


I've had it my mind and heart for a while... since I heard of it . . . and then did my own investigation.....(which didn't take long as I've been tracking it all along the way). . . . The shameful attention-seeking activities of some so-called believers... attacking Dr. James White for daring to engage certain Islamic scholars.... The knee-jerk thoughtless bigotry.... secret anti-reformed bias and ignorance. . . . Brannon House ie., . . . . shameful, self-righteous frauds as far as I'm concerned.  NOT believers, or if they are then in the infantile stages of belief and Spiritual understanding... Sam Shamoun--fraud.  Tool.  Horrific examples . . . of Christian intelligence, understanding, charity, grace and love--in other words, shameful representatives of THE GOSPEL!.... more on this in a bit... just had to get the ball rolling.... :) God Bless!es you!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Darkness Flees When. . . .

It never fails to quickly get me out of a dark and worrisome mode. . . . Deploying love and gratitude....and humor. . . . I find there is a place, which the Spirit brings . . . where almost instantly--though there might have been fear, anxiety--the situation can be transformed into one of hope, love, thankfulness.  The Spirit is love and truth . . . and the truth of any situation is that it could (and really should) be so much worse; but God's grace preserves us from devastating horrors constantly.  We have no idea just what our fallen wretchedness actually deserves--but instead, the Lord mitigates the suffering and torment we would be experiencing even NOW but for His protection and sustenance. . . . Hence the gratitude.  It is a hellish place and point of view that does not realize how much there is to be thankful for.

If in a dire mode, I hasten to recall, recount all the many things to be grateful for and straight away the darkness lifts.  Nearby and close on heels is a rush of love--I find it easy to have compassion and even love for everyone.  This does not equate to a tolerance of evil . . . but rather is the stance of knowing "there but for the grace of God I would be--"  It is hard--perhaps impossible--to remain in fear when thinking and feeling full of love and gratitude, tinged with a healthy sense of humor.  What is to fear?  God is in absolute control . . . and He is good, just, perfect, holy. . . . It is when we doubt God (which we often do albeit subconsciously) that we begin getting into trouble.  Same with suppressed anger and resentment toward God, which all comes from a selfish, "me-centered" purpose and reality.  If we are God centered . . . then His love and blessedness abound and fill us increasingly.  Fear, anxiety, darkness . . . cannot abide.  The enemy and his rotten fruits must flee. . . .

Like a script... wait, oh yeah, it IS a script....

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The "Russian" Script

I can't help but notice the "Russia" situation and the latest media created episode. . . . I wrote early on in the post "The Honey-Trap; it's all a Rus(e)!" (last October 2016) . . . that I believed the outrage from the Democrats against the "Russian threat" was all fake.  That looks obvious now, I know.  But again with what's coming out with this latest drama re Trump Jr. . . . I continue to believe that the Russians are actually in cahoots with the Dems and have been all along.  The danger on the other side is in believing that they are not.  They (the Soviets) are not secretly on the side of conservatives.

What is being set up now . . . is what will happen when the left sweeps back into power with a purported mandate to rectify/punish those who supported Trump.  The stage is being set for a blatant socialist/communist revolution and final crushing of constitutionalists/patriots who will be utterly demoralized once this false hope (of restoration) phase is over.

This is why I continue to emphasize how important it will be to stay strong and faithful in the coming storm of retribution.  As I wrote early on in the election season, I have not believed for a second that the globalist/commi-elite would ever let ie., Trump be successful in restoring traditional America's culture and sovereignty.  No way.  What's happening now is a long-time, well-planned strategy to finally crush whatever is left of those who want to see America return to it's Christian-based, free-market, "republican" form of limited government.  They knew (and I believe chose) Trump to be the character who they would use to be the poster-child for the America's last gasp.  I believe there will be purges and pogroms of a sort, once they finish their demonization, of all those who would defy the NWO world government plan.  I would just say, be prepared.  This little window of hope is designed to stay open but for a moment... then the plan is to shut it for good....

Monday, July 10, 2017

Ask not--Have Naught

Here is the latest video from Pastor Jason Wallace who pastors a church I attend when able.   He addresses such an important issue--how Mormons, when they discover the many dubious foundations of their church and their "prophet" often end up losing faith altogether.  [If the link doesn't show as my blog seems plagued with technical issues, and you want to check out the video, it is on Youtube and called "After Mormonism . . . Now What?"]

Meanwhile, I believe it is a very precarious and intense time for believers. . . . On so many levels there is constant assault.  The enemy is going for broke, delusional that he can win out after all.  It is amazing how brilliant and devious evil can be, yet at the same time so blind and foolish. . . .

Seriously, I think this is fast becoming a time where it may seem (as a believer) that you are quite alone in the world, in your faith.  The wolf seeks to split a lamb off from the flock, isolate and target for destruction, one by one. . . . 'Tis a time of dire testing. . . .

Many, many a follower has had to face the enemy, the world alone, it would seem.  At least as far as any earthly companion may go.  But even if it seems we are alone in the world to stand and profess God and His Truth, so be it!  This is the faith required--when all else fails . . . when all others fail . . . God never fails and is ever ready to give us comfort in our time of spiritual need.  More often than not, we do not feel or "see" or "hear" Him answering . . . because we do not seek.  We have naught, because we ask not. . . .

Praising God always and forever, I pray!
brother, Thomas

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Direct My Thought...Purge My Heart

"O eternal and everlasting God, I presume to present myself this morning before thy Divine majesty, beseeching thee to accept of my humble and hearty thanks, that it hath pleased thy great goodness to keep and preserve me the night past from all the dangers poor mortals are subject to, and has given me sweet and pleasant sleep, whereby I find my body refreshed and comforted for performing the duties of this day, in which I beseech thee to defend me from all perils of body and soul.
Direct my thoughts, words and work. Wash away my sins in the immaculate blood of the lamb, and purge my heart by thy Holy Spirit, from the dross of my natural corruption, that I may with more freedom of mind and liberty of will serve thee, the ever lasting God, in righteousness and holiness this day, and all the days of my life.
Increase my faith in the sweet promises of the Gospel. Give me repentance from dead works. Pardon my wanderings, & direct my thoughts unto thyself, the God of my salvation. Teach me how to live in thy fear, labor in thy service, and ever to run in the ways of thy commandments. Make me always watchful over my heart, that neither the terrors of conscience, the loathing of holy duties, the love of sin, nor an unwillingness to depart this life, may cast me into a spiritual slumber. But daily frame me more and more into the likeness of thy son Jesus Christ, that living in thy fear, and dying in thy favor, I may in thy appointed time attain the resurrection of the just unto eternal life.Bless my family, friends & kindred unite us all in praising & glorifying thee in all our works begun, continued, and ended, when we shall come to make our last account before thee blessed Saviour, who hath taught us thus to pray, our Father."
--George Washington, Prayer Journal

Sunday, July 2, 2017

As A Father Would. . . .

I was thinking about how it is that God does not delight in our suffering yet it his will that we suffer as fallen through this mortal life. . . . God has a purpose--an intent for our future existence--how, who and what we will eventually be.

And it's like a father who wants to create and cultivate a certain type of child.  For us to love Him all the more (which is the highest joy of existence, it would appear) He puts us through this firing . . . and the experience of what life is like without Him.  Like a father who only wants his child to succeed at the intended goal, some pain/discipline/separation is involved.  He doesn't "enjoy" that we suffer, but it is necessary (it would appear) to His divine, perfect end. . . .

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wrong Motives In Asking and Standing Apart

As might be imagined . . . it has been typically intense sorting out my mom's passing--all the different issues and angles that must be dealt with . . . from the emotional to the relational to the very worldly and time-sensitively demanding. . . .

Meanwhile, the vitriol and volatility of current events and agendas impinge quite threateningly from the wings, does they not?

One thing I have found most comforting and sustaining above all . . . is that the Lord is always there.  And He is so forgiving--so empathetic and relatable. . . . It never ceases to blow my mind . . . that the I AM THAT I AM . . . Creator of the universe and of all creatures . . . is personable!  And that you can intuit His genuine, fatherly understanding of our struggles and challenges and His friendly willingness to intervene and protect and lead.

The childishly spiritual, of course, quickly get resentful and demanding of God, expecting that what it means to say He is "always there" means that He is "always there" to do our bidding; where they make the ignorant mistake to assume that what we wish or desire or wish to avoid etc., is actually good for us.  AND that WE know best.  [As if WE knew what were best for us!  As if our wills were supreme and to be mollified and quickly responded to. . . .]
Rather than . . . humbly confessing to God our mistakes/sins, asking for protection and guidance and then praising and blessing WHATEVER it is that He decides to do in a matter. . . .
Whereas, what we need above all . . . is a Spiritual and Godly understanding and vision and attitude in our lives, regardless of mundane or other circumstances. . . .

What we truly need, far above material wants, wishes, desires, dreams . . . is to remember Who God is and who we are in relation to Him; walking and acting in humility, charity, love, longsuffering and especially thankfulness. . . . Especially if we profess ourselves as Believers and followers of The Master!  We ought not be reacting and thinking and even feeling like the world does--with quick anger, envy, covetousness, self-righteousness etc.  If we do, of what use are we in exemplifying and promoting the Gospel to a dark and fallen realm?  If we act and feel just as the lost do?  What kind of light do we offer those stumbling and seeking in the dark?

We are to be salt and light to a confused, suffering and decaying world.  We are to be a hope for those looking for solace . . . as we carry the mode and elan and grace and love of The Lord God Master of All!

And He IS there . . . ready to give strength and wisdom and compassion and clarity if we but humble ourselves and realize that NOTHING is ours and NOTHING are we owed.  Yet He treats us like intimates, like equals in a certain respect!  What a stunner that is!

In times of stress, contention, greed, pleasure-seeking, blasphemy . . . let us stand apart!  Let us, dear Lord, show a different way that we may entice that roiling and lost with the true and mighty SPIRITUAL treasures that you lovingly and generously bestow in and on us, if we but ask.  Most often . . . we "have not" because we "ask not"!

"You ask and don't receive because you ask with wrong motives, so that you may spend it on your evil desires."  --James 4:3 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

God Is Love, All Is Well

Hutu's and Tutsi's . . . I've talked/written about it before.  That's what they are doing right now. Ominous.  For a refresher, what I explained . . . was that . . . prior to the planned mayhem in Rwanda . . . when the Hutu's slaughtered Tutsi's . . . or so we were told . . . prior to that, "they" started de-humanizing propaganda on the "airwaves" (to gin up violent hatred for the "opposition"). . . and via various "broadcasts" . . . to demonize "the other" . . . and worked it into a frenzied pitch . . . then turned one side loose . . . to slaughter the other . . . . And it was almost like a bunch of .pre-programmed psychopath robots being shot forth with machetes . . . with no regard . . . churches no safe haven . . nothing . . . . . . . monitored by the blue helmets . . . data collected . . . and processes analyzed . . . such that . . . when (as in just about now) "they" get to the big Kahuna (US) . . . the kinks are all worked out (as much as possible under time tables) . . . and a version of that (Rwanda operation) . . . is obviously being similarly stoked right here, right now . . . . . . Everything I warned of, ie.,: "Violence In The Suburbs" so-to-speak . . . is coming . . . (heads up . . . for those who have been tracking with me observing this unfold . . . and now sickeningly coming to fruition). . . .

Voila! . . . we are gettin' real close!

Thank God for Jesus!  That's all I'll say right now. as far as "what to do?" . . . He is real.  He saves.  He protects.  He is sovereign.  There is no other way.  He wins.  He is God.  Look out, though.....  Things will . . . nevertheless . . . get a bit rough. . . .

Body, soul and spirit. . . . Each will go through its thing. . . . Spirit is what counts. . . . The others are subservient.  Spirit resides with God . . . and is controlled (yes, controlled/created/guided etc.) by God.  Who Is That He Is.  And nothing . . . or no one else . . . can contravene Him in the end.  He rules.  Take heart, friends :) . . . All is well! . . . and as it should be.  Time is short.  Material life in this phase. . . is short.  You can do it.  We can do it.  We will get through. . . . . AND THEN comes the glorious END!  Take heart.  God is love

Sunday, June 11, 2017


It's been quite a season. . . . My mom passed away this morning.  Very sudden, swift . . . her deterioration and demise.  I'm sure I'll have some things to convey as time settles with this.  It's certainly not unique. . . . But it's always new if and when you have to deal with this, the passing of parents, the last parent. . . .

Anyway, God bless...
Thanks for checking in...
I appreciate so much those of you who have stuck around here to share and be friends along the Way....

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Revisiting the Mental Fence/Mass Mind Control

Below are a couple old posts I did about 10 years ago covering my concerns about the "mental fence" . . . mass mind control . . . that I saw coming and which I believe is now in full effect.  I will expound more here in just a bit as I'm watching how it's all working now. . . . The main thing I saw was how "they" were going to link up the daily news cycle with psychotronic mind influence via cell towers, wifi etc., . . . plus the supernatural element . . . creating a synthetic version of how the Godhead (3 in 1) operates on the material platform. . . . Also, I warned about something I saw coming I called "demonic flashing" . . . where people would suddenly act out in crazy, violent, malevolent ways.  We just had an example today where a man rammed a car containing his wife and kids and another woman and kids leaving school . . . in a complete rage--he jumped out and started shooting into their car, killing 2 then killed himself. . . .
4-9-08:  My biggest concern is what has happened . . . and what IS happening to mind, perception, consciousness. I have described that as the mind-blanket descends . . . it happens so imperceptibly that most will never notice that it happened, or ever become aware after the fact. I have warned that a new kind of mind, a mind operating more in the spirit would have to be developed, to give oneself an alternative “vantage” from which to observe and analyze things…… and now more than ever I am utterly convinced I was right on this; that it has happened the way I suspected it would….and that it is only getting worse.

Through technology, news cycles/the media, games and entertainment, occult ritual, and a host of other combined tools, a collective Borg-like mind/one-world consciousness is being created, out of which, very few shall ever again escape to breathe the fresh air of free thought, free speech, free spirit. Those who remain outside this “one mind” will be seen as insane, dangerous, enemies, terrorists. And so, even those who suspect what’s going on and are tempted to “break free” . . . will be sorely challenged to do so, for fear of ostracizaton, persecution, if they “leave the farm”.

Many are called, but few are chosen indeed. It will be very lonely and requiring great courage and stamina for those who refuse to cower and give in to the beast. Like 144,000 out of millions and millions is the kind of ratio by which to comprehend how few actually “get it”–SEE what’s going on and what is to be done, in these and the immediately coming times.

2007--[It feels similar to when the Da Vinci Code came out and I mentioned then I felt a large scale magic attack had been timed to coincide with the pushing of that book and movie. It’s when I had an incredible dream/vision about ‘them’ adding the “tripartite” (3rd) layer to a solidify mind-control/brain functioning (I said that they had perfected–in their minds and intent and technology–a similitude of the function of Holy Spirit.)]

Anyway, I feel I’ve noticed a similar large-scale techno/magic-ritual/occultic type pervasive/global ‘attack’ being performed right now, or just passing, related to the release and massive push/promotion of the latest Harry Potter movie and next book. THIS particular assault was even more vile than the last big wave of evil agenda. The mass attack at the Da Vinci Code time was more technotronic, more mechanical the way it affected . . . . Whereas this mass assault timed with the release of the Potter stuff is just downright vicious, putrid, insidious, yucky . . . .

I am talking about the way it is feeling and the affects I’m seeing it have on people. . . . It has brought a whole new level evil influence, surrounding like a soupy fog, lending itself for the weaker to more quickly move into things like betrayal, treachery, quick anger/resentment, jealousy, and just a whole host of very negative, creepy emotive convulsions . . . .

Really, it is a time more than ever to watch your back, and put up a fortress of protection around yourself and the sacred space where you operate. There is a pervasiveness of bubbling perfidy all about, like a stew, and everybody caught unawares, is basically now dunked in it and bobbing about, ever-more prone to “fall” and regress to sinful measures . . . .

The solitary soldier must be like a fortress . . . and watching, on all sides–tough, saavy, wise as the surrounding serpents . . . .

Anyway, things have really changed . . . in the last few weeks . . . in both the physical and spiritual, astral atmosphere . . . and I don’t think we’ll ever be going back to how it was. That is why one must adapt, keep alert, and devise some new techniques to STAY PURE and separate as much as possible from the swirling magic and tugging demonic realm. Not to be overly dramatic, terminally serious . . . but, just noting and sharing develpments as I believe I observe them. . . .

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Don't Let Him

The devil wants to crush you down.  Don't let him.  He wants to always kill the positive, lovely, powerful, beautiful, strong, edgy, fresh, new daily . ... relationship with God, with Spirit.  Fight!  Resist!  Tell him to flee, that lowly self-serving corrupt, mean pervert.  Gone.  Away with e3vil, with death.  We worship the God of life!  He's real.  He lives! . . . . Fight!  It is war, to the death.  We all die . . . some to ignominy under themselves and their liar friend.  Others to glory..... GLORY IS REAL.  Don't let the liar cut your legs out.... !!!!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Takeover 101

Well . . . can't tell for sure, but definitely some weird stuff going on.  One thing that's obvious, big picture, is that a coup occurred over the past 8 years.  One of the signs I wrote early on to watch for, was the picking off of prominent "conservative" politicians and media types.  We are in that phase now and moving into the criminalizing of "conservative" thought and opinion.  Fewer and fewer dare to speak their minds.  "Brownshirt" intimidation as is happening on campuses and public events, public shaming . . . it's all there--and all very classic communist dictatorship tactics.  "Gang stalking" will be common targeting steadily any one who dares to resist--no conversations will be safe, not even whispers. . . .

As I've said before (probably too much, forgive me) the reason I've been able to predict so accurately where we were headed (back when people still laughed at the concern that "communism" was still any type of threat anymore) is because I  had spent years prior reading, studying. talking to Russians . . . learning about all the methods and history of communist conquest over other nations.  They really haven't done anything novel in our case.  It's been the same tactics.  Infiltrate the schools, churches, arts, psychology, media . . . early on . . . control all the levers of power in the various critical institutions, rewrite history, employ universal "cultural icon debasement"--destroy the nation's heroes, pull down statues, turn children against parents--empower the youth to be the battering ram against remaining tradition, universal monitoring and tracking/surveillance . . . and so on and so on . . . pretty much by the book "Commi Takeover 101". . . .

I believe the Donald was allowed to get in office . . . to be made the "poster child"/monster symbolizing the last dying gasps of "American" sovereignty and culture.  He is the perfect foil, as his ego is easily manipulated and he (apparently) lacks guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Could be wrong, but I don't believe he is a believer.  He has no real core principles based in Biblical teaching.  Worldly wisdom and ego are what inform his maneuvers.  And while he seems to have an inkling of the actual forces and purposes arrayed against him, he is not a humble man who could be guided and protected by God.  Without God, he doesn't stand a chance.  And they knew this about him and helped create his seeming "rise" to power . . . with the full intent and program ready to implement . . . which is isolate him, construct a persona which will be used to symbolize "the enemy" . . smear any who support him/"traditional American values" . . . and eventually criminalize them (in the beginning it's ostracize, isolate, provoke . . . then criminalize). . . . When they are finished with this final destruction of hope, they will sweep back into power (back into VISIBLE power, as they have not ever really lost power) and that is when the real, overt persecution will likely begin in earnest.  It will be hugely demoralizing,  The objective is to crush the spirit--the spirit of freedom and individuality.  It becomes the horrific drone , collectivised/enslaved world aptly depicted by Ayn Rand in "Anthem".

And bottom line . . . it is but the "synagogue of Satan" consolidating all the epoch-long threads of tyranny running throughout the world, tying it all together, if they could, for the final, complete knot of control--if they could, at last a world without God or any of His children.

But for believers . . . it will be a time of incredible faith strengthening and confirmation.  Touching, profound quiet acts and personal experiences of believers will continue on despite the near totalitarian controls.  Believers will experience a vital and astounding deepening of real, personal relationship with the Spirit throughout the events.  Their faith will grow, their knowledge of the Truth will NOT be extinguished.  Nothing, no one, will ever come between the love of God and His people, no matter the intense and devious wiles of the enemy.  NOTHING . . . NO ONE!  And there will be a final, just, severe judgment on the matter.

There will be a continued stifling and darkness hanging over and through all . . . ever more pitch and seemingly hopeless . . . but then, The Light returns!  Once and for all!  Praise God!

Cultural Icon Debasement Initiative

Friday, May 26, 2017

Still out there?

Hey lovely Christians... Please let me know thru comments if you are still seeing my blog posts, such as this one.  I think they finally are coming around.  G stalk....infiltraitors...... hack....

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Curse Of Self Pity

Feeling sorry for yourself.  The curse.  You didn't see it coming.  You couldn't.  Who woulda thought?  Who woulda thought that while you are jsut struggling along, some witch, some demon, some focused evil . . . would have put a spell on you . . . to make you feel sorry for yourself?  No, really . . . that's it.  A creepy, unexpected spell . . . that debilitates you by making you feel sorry for yourself.  Who woulda thought?

Well, the key to breaking the spell--if you got it, and dare admit it . . . is this:  GRATITUDE!  Yep.  Need I go over the litany yet again?  Okay, I will.

Arm.  Do you have one?  Do you have two?  Some people don't.  They've got none in fact.  No hands, no fingers.  Stew on that--the implications for daily living, being able to do the simplest tasks. . . .

Torture prisons?  Yes.  Men, women, children and innocent animals are there.   Suffering, cold, hungry, alone . . . in pain.

So many things to be thankful for. . . .

But the curse, the spell of self-pity will find a way yet to complain, to feel especially picked upon, regardless.  The sense of being entitled, owed something, deserving . . . is part of the evil.  There is nothing good in and of ourselves.  What good there is . . . is of God.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tripartite Layering/Electronic Fences

Emergency message....

It's just like I said/thought it would be.  Tripartite ( or was it "tate"?) ...anyhow...... Layering, electronic fences, . . . remember?  Everybody in their own lane......Digitized.....

Monday, May 22, 2017

Over The Target? Or Just Fallen World Boloney?

Ha!  The hits just keep on comin'!  I'm not a complainer.  I always look at the bright side of things--which drives some people nuts.  They want a good wallow whine--not to turn it around and find the silver lining.  But it's just in my make-up. . . .

Anyway, this recent string of crises and minor disasters, for me has gotten in the farcical realm.

Just as I had been resisting Facebook and social media, but finally had to delve in when I started my bands, I've also been resisting getting a smart phone.  I liked my little flip phone and for the paint work I do, it was handy and appropriate for the job.

But, I wore out the little phone and finally relented and got Isaac's hand-me-down, a nice little Samsung Galaxy S Note smart phone.  It was fairly easy to learn and was perfect so now I can check my emails and notices while working--helping with the band stuff.

And somehow, on Friday.  It's gone.  I can only imagine that someone reached in my car window and nabbed it while I was in 7-11 for just a couple minutes.  Oy.  I had a ton of contacts on it, impossible to replicate...hadn't backed them up of course, still being a newbie.....

Then it's the worry that it's connected to all my email accounts and who knows what other personal information is on there.  Cue a panicked day of changing passwords, monitoring accounts, reporting to police (because we thought we saw it immediately on sale online). . . . A day wasted and scrambling when I was suppose to be figuring out how to fix the dumb backflow pipes to the sprinkler system which froze and split over the winter. . . .

Yay!  Lol.  They say your not receiving flak unless you're over the target. . . . BUT, not complaining.  Always . . . I think and recall . . . there is so much to be grateful for.  Above all, to have been given the eyes to see Truth, to know and have relationship with The Creator.  THAT is the treasure.  THAT is the main purpose, the only real goal worth striving over.  This life is often silly, frustrating, difficult and quickly over.  God God Lord God is what it's all about.  HIS glory.  So much to be thankful for!

[Now, that wasn't the "word" I got although it is related and I should be able to get to that share here shortly, take care, God bless:]

Friday, May 19, 2017

Bizzaro Times

These are bizzaro times.... don't worry, I'm still here, tracking it all. . . . Got a Word.  Like I once said, the tripartate fencing would be brutal and is intending (and remarkable often, but not always DOES) to block spiritual transmissions.  I warned of all of this.  It's here.  AND, it hits me too.  But, I never stop looking for holes in the fences:) Praise be to God:) Who never leaves His . . . alone . . . to flail . . . forever.  Nope.  He comes and rescues . . . always, but just when and as He sees fit.  No complaints here.  Praise God!

Anyway . . .

Will write more . . . the word, the message . . . some tips on dealing with this assault.  Those with eyes and ears and heart and soul . . . know what I mean:).

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

No Way

I was perusing some past posts going through last election season, thinking about somewhere where I wrote that I just don't believe "they" will allow a genuine, people-powered recapture of the Republic to take place.  I couldn't find what I was looking for, but came across this blurb I wrote just about 1 year ago exactly . . . kinda interesting.....basically says the same thing I was concerned about. . . .

posted 5-17
"I can now see how this might just be what happens.  If Trump does get elected . . . there will be civil protest, chaos, disruption like never before, I expect.  I can then well imagine that he does something like suspend the Constitution and forcefully try to restore law and order.

The only thing is, when I "look" ahead . . . I just don't see him there.  So I toggle back and forth between the other possibility I keep sensing (or perhaps just dreading) . . . where, something big, unexpected happens before the coming election, and some type of other arrangement is made.  A state of emergency pre-empts the election. . . .

In any case, I continue to expect that tptb will not allow a popular revolt against the tyrannical globalist status quo.  They will burn the whole thing down before they will see a genuine "democratic" revolution by the fed up, awakening masses. . . ."

Missing You

Hello... Well.... meantime, amidst the fallen chaos, I managed to battle through and get a song finished and mixed for release as my first single ever.  Heh.  About 40 years of writing and recording my songs...and here we last a release.  It is an extremely personal and important song to me. Wrote it just a few months ago.  When I first wrote it and brought home a demo of it to play for wife Lindsay, I broke down into tears...a rare thing for me.  Not the crying type (no offense to criers...I'm just of a more stoic, non-emotional variety.)

Anyway here are some links to hear it. And the lyrics,
take care, God bless you each!
bro t.


Once I had a vision, living in an ashram
You'd be here coming soon
There was some grand fate, a voice had told me
I wrote some poems and a tune.
Gave my apologies, sanyassin libertine
I told her I'm not that man
And thus I sailed on, wrote them some letters
Sent some cards, I had a plan.

Wandering alone, nobody to guide me through.
Elders said run, I didn't know what to do.
Know that I've been missing you.

In my scheme of things, I owned some mansions
I toured the world and set aside
A golden chest brimming with treasure
I'd make it up to you in style.
But as the days wore on, I got dissipated
My demons, they were running wild.
That time you spoke to me, I couldn't find the words
All was lost, intentions filed.

Of all the things that make me feel wrong and blue
Glaring is one that stands out among the slew.
Know that I've been missing you.

Run, gonna run, gonna have to run away
Run, gonna run, why'd you have to run away
And now you pay, that's what they say.
There's no time, just fleeting rhyme.

Know that I've been missing you.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Isaac's Rebirth:)

Stumbled across some great photos of when Isaac got baptized as Born Again believer:)

Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Day In The (Yikes) Life, Part 2

Okay... so where was I....?  Roaring disaster fans, dippy eggs, scrambling to keep it all afloat. . . .

Now, I've got . . . well had . . . the 2 bands.  One, the best Bowie tribute band in the world ( I believe:) stuck in the middle of nowhere (high desert Utah) and the other, a little ensemble that is learning my new, original songs and trying to record a debut album.

My guitarist for the Bowie band is a fantastic guitarist.  One of the best I've ever worked with--can play anything.  Mr. Milquetoast--looks like an insurance salesman, or a school teacher, which he is/was . . . a guy I'd known for just a year since I cobbled this band of pro musicians together to play Bowie's best, most complicated tunes.  I thought, why not have him come put a solo on my originals project.  He was game, but, shockingly informed me through text that he's just lost his job.  What? He was constantly whining about playing weeknight gigs because (being the oldest member in the band) it messed with his work schedule and he needed a good night's sleep.  And his teaching job meant more than anything to him--security above all . . . and though I've never had such "security" myself, I understand and tried to accommodate.  Didn't want to lose this great player--the major linchpin--in my band.

"Broke some school policy" was all he texted and I could tell he was fairly well devastated.  But then I thought, hey maybe now we CAN do some weeknight gigs!  Whatever, we had 2 important shows coming up soon and I had just lost my also crucial keyboardist who was frustrated we weren't touring the world yet, lol.

So I had some time booked in the studio and went to pick him up.  Got to his house, noticed an unusual amount of cars on the narrow street and thought maybe he had family over consoling him about the job loss.

Heading for his door, suddenly a burly policeman marched promptly out and turned me away.  "I need you to leave the area . . . we have a situation here." he said pointing back to the house.  Wait, what?  What's going on?  Is my guitarist suicidal?  Has he gotten abusive towards his wife?  Didn't seem likely.   He was an immensely mild-mannered dude, on the obsessive-compulsive side, yes, but not the violent type.

Shocked, I forged on to the studio and ended up adding some guitar parts myself, less than stellar, but not a total waste.

Well, I got the sad, tragic tale via text from his wife the next day.  My guitarist was in jail.  Thank God he never did anything to anyone--it was all in his own little world . . . but the school had found evidence of his collection and keeping of photos of the underaged on school property.  What a nightmare.  A few days later he was the leading story on all the local t.v. stations, mug shot blazing, school teacher found with ... etc, and etc.  I'm guessing several years in the "big house" and who knows what else will result.   Such folk are not taken too kindly to within the prison walls....Just terrible, the whole thing:(

And, while not SO dire in comparison, so much for the very important, high-brow. $1,800 per table, downtown Children's Charity Benefit gig I had landed for my Bowie band!  I have had to cancel all pending shows until I can figure out where to go from here. . . .

Oy, what a shock . . . and sad situation, all 'round.  His poor wife was totally blindsided, as were we all.  And all the money, time, promo, sacrifice I/we(my family) have put into this . . . destroyed . . . by sin.  He use to bridle whenever I would proselytize about the One, True Way.  Post-modern, new-agey confusion was his conception of Truth, and although I feel sick for him and his horrifying fall . . . the effects of muddled, self-serving cosmic philosophy are what they are.  No one is an island.  We affect all around us according to our worldview and behavior, for good or bad.

I do not intend to just give up.  My originals' project forges on, though taking a fair shake more time and money than I had hoped. . . .

Still trying to get the basement back to normal . . . slowly but surely.  My mother . . . continues to deteriorate, but at least now it seems she is realizing that she must not be stubborn and in denial and will need to enter a more assisted-care facility.  I can only do so much with all else that is on my plate

Onward we go, praising God always!  His will be done!

Friday, May 5, 2017

A Day In The (Yikes!) Life (PART ONE)

Oh my . . . what a couple of weeks it's been.  First off, my mother is dying.  Of course, yes, we all are, but she is clearly on the last leg of the mortal journey.  She is in "hospice" care, which has been less than impressive, and it has been left to me to fill in all the gaps of her increasingly needy care, as much as I am able.  I am fairly jaded about death, having faced it squarely in mind and heart since a young age but it is still a heavy reality, especially when it's your mom.

So, while pretty much daily attending to the various needs of getting my mom set up so she can function reasonably well in her alone time in her little new old folks apartment . . . there is also the matter that I have 2 rocknroll bands to attend to.  One is a David Bowie "tribute" band of sorts and the other is a vehicle for my own original music.  I am in the midst of trying to record a "debut" album with my originals band, with 2-3 days/nights per week spent in the studio recording, mixing, producing, trying to keep relatively within budget expectations (Ha! those expectations got blown away when I plowed through the last of the money I raised through crowdfunding and only had 2 songs finished and mixed with 8 others songs in various stages of development.  Oy, find more money...and gotta keep the momentum going)..... So there's that situation tucked into the ongoing worry and work for ma, which also includes that my millennial snowflake bassist has stopped showing up for recording sessions and practice--yikes....

And then there is my Bowie band, where my atheist, hard-leftist keyboardist quit saying he needed to work with "people who share my same ideology" and also because we weren't already touring the world (after less than a year as a band together) with Aussie Pink Floyd.  Lol.

AND . . . we've got two important gigs coming up.  So I'm also scrambling to find a keyboardist replacement for the impending shows.

So . . . one night--it's about midnight and I am on the phone with my studio engineer discussing another disappointing "mastering" job on my two finished originals songs sent to a "mastering" outfit in Boston . . . after a prior awful effort by a young "masteriong" fellow in Vegas . . . and I notice Isaac hovering about. . . . I finally get off the phone and he says, "I want to show you something". . . .

So we go to the basement, to his bathroom down there and he points to some apparently water stains and moisture newly appeared. . . . Hmmm.  Interesting.  We venture out, down the hall to the unfinished room in the basement and I see a small pool of water in the middle of the floor there.  My first thought is some pipe must be leaking in the unfinished ceiling.... I look up.  It's fine.  Walk around to where the furnace and water heater and voila!  Water is pouring out the bottom of the water heater tank.  Yikes again.  Scramble.  All my musical equipment is just feet away and the water is moving out, a couple inches high.

After a quick panicked search on Youtube "water heater leaking" . . . I figure out how to shut off the water and turn off the gas . . . and then its scramble time again to get all the boxes and equipment up and out of the water of the still pooling overflow.  And yes, I have managed to shut the water source off ... BUT . . . there is still all the water in the tank that is continuing to drain out.  And the lovely builders of the house have made the drain into a volcano shape so that no water makes it to the drain but instead falls back into the wall and under, going into the previously mentioned (Isaac's bathroom... where, it turned out, water now was squishing up through the grout line as you walked on the tile...bad news.)

Next day is all bustle calling emergency plumber types and disaster clean-up crews.  In they come, dudes all day, tearing up tile, cutting out walls, setting up an industrial array of high powered fans which now must be left on roaring for days to follow.  Of course we get hammered for the "emergency" cost of getting a new large water heater which isn't covered by homeowners insurance and then its dance time with the insurance investigator to see what paltry sum we can finagle to cover the costs of all the various damage/repairs. . . .

Then the garage door breaks.  Won't open all the way.  Me and Lindsay try to fix it ourselves and only screw it up more.  Now it can't be shut and locked, which is disconcerting since not too long ago, some neighborhood creep creeped into our garage and stole a bunch of (rare, of course) cd's and money and things from my car.  Cue garage door fixer guys.  Fans still roaring 24-7 in the basement. Mom needing me to swing by and make her "dippy eggs" and do her laundry.  Did I mention I'm not real big on body stuff?  Kinda squeamish in that category.  Anything to do with issues, body functions, weeping swollen lymphodema skin profusions--uhh, not my bag.  BUT, I'm great in a crisis and I manage to help as I can in the midst of my own home chaos.  Hey, and somewhere in all this I gotta keep working, yet it seems that all my regular paint clients think I'm a rock star now and don't need my day job and have stopped calling.  Scary.  And I don't have the time to alert them and others that, hey, I still paint and need the work--when I can find the time away from all the other costly stuff I'm engaged in (buying new water heaters, promoting the band(s), garage doors etc.)

Well, since that wasn't all apparently enough to deal with, the old trickster came up with a doozy in the middle of all this. . . .

So . . . I want my fantastic guitarist from my Bowie band to put a couple lead solos on my original songs I'm recording in the studio.  I text him.  He's slow to respond, mentioning that he just lost his job but that he wants to help me out.  Great.  Except, I'm a bit shocked.  You see, he is/was a school teacher at a charter school and he was obsessive about his job--maintaining it proper and was always whining if I booked the band for a weeknight gig.  He's the oldest in the group and needs his sleep.  He said it screwed up his work if we played late on a weeknight and his job came first (that is until we got to that world tour thing).

Anyway, yeah, I'm really surprised he lost his job over, what he said was "breaking a school policy".  Mr. Milquetoast--the most "anal" . . . slightly obsessive and finicky of fellows somehow screwed up and broke a rule.   Didn't quite compute.  But oh well, I thought, maybe now I CAN book weeknight gigs.  Anyhow, we have 2 important gigs coming up regardless.

[AND now I must pause, because also while all this was going on, I've been driving on grinding breaks.  Yeah, down to the rotors.  But didn't have the time or the money to get new brakes so have been utilizing my down-shifting skills to get about until I can figure it out...... Fast forward to today... my car is in the shop finally getting brakes and now I'm out the door to retrieve it . . . and then to get some wallboard to begin the downstairs repair (since the insurance scammers didn't really give us enough money to hire proper dudes to do it)  So this is PART 1 of the saga . .. . and stay tuned for PART 2 . . . it's a mind blower and . . . and . . . well, just wow.....]


Saturday, April 22, 2017


Incredible....insidious  . . . with dire, ominous implications if it manages to gain widespread traction.

As some of you know, I have been warning about the resurgence of communist totalitarianism taking over America and the west since I started writing my blog and doing podcasts back around 2004....And long before that, before the internet....

People (some) thought I was kooky . . . "communism is dead!" they would laugh and scoff. . . .

Well and then I said there would be widespread riots and eventually martial law put in by a Republican president . . . blah, blah, blah... etc.

We now see the "Antifa" ("anti-fascist") movement that the anarchists and communist agitators are employing on college campuses and elsewhere....These are the shock troops of the communist militants. . . .

What is so dire and ominous is the "ideological" slant this movement is taking and the implications.....

One faction of this group is proclaiming the "objectivity", "freedom of speech" and even the idea of "truth" itself . . . are "white supremacist" constructs: “Historically, white supremacy has venerated the idea of objectivity, and wielded a dichotomy of ‘subjectivity vs. objectivity’ as a means of silencing oppressed peoples,” they explain. “The idea that there is a single truth–‘the Truth’–is a construct of the Euro-West--"

Wow.  This is a direct and demonic assault on Truth, on God Himself and utterly absurd from the outset.  If "truth" and "objectivity" are white supremacist cultural tools of oppression... these protesters have just shot themselves in the foot.  Their statements are instantly self-refuted and can be dismissed, obviously, as they cannot claim to be "truth" statements or objectively true.....

Yet the idiocy of tyranny is never a defeat to itself. . . . Terror, violence, intimidation are its weapons, and highly effective, truth be damned. . . . 

Anyway... just thought I make note of this newest development in the Maoist takeover.....

Thursday, April 20, 2017


“Has it ever occurred to you that one hundred pianos all tuned to the same fork are automatically tuned to each other? They are of one accord by being tuned, not to each other, but to another standard to which each one must individually bow. So one hundred worshipers met together, each one looking away to Christ, are in heart nearer to each other than they could possibly be, were they to become 'unity' conscious and turn their eyes away from God to strive for closer fellowship.” 

“To have found God and still to pursue Him is the soul’s paradox of love.”

“Always, everywhere God is present, and always He seeks to discover Himself to each one”

“You can see God from anywhere if your mind is set to love and obey Him.” 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Paschal From Chrysostom

 Paschal or Easter Sermon from Saint John Chrysostom
Let all Pious men and all lovers of God rejoice in the splendor of this feast; let the wise servants blissfully enter into the joy of their Lord; let those who have borne the burden of Lent now receive their pay, and those who have toiled since the first hour, let them now receive their due reward; let any who came after the third hour be grateful to join in the feast, and those who may have come after the sixth, let them not be afraid of being too late, for the Lord is gracious and He receives the last even as the first. He gives rest to him who comes on the eleventh hour as well as to him who has toiled since the first: yes, He has pity on the last and He serves the first; He rewards the one and is generous to the other; he repays the deed and praises the effort.
Come you all: enter into the joy of your Lord. You the first and you the last, receive alike your reward; you rich and you poor, dance together; you sober and you weaklings, celebrate the day; you who have kept the fast and you who have not, rejoice today. The table is richly loaded: enjoy its royal banquet. The calf is a fatted one: let no one go away hungry. All of you enjoy the banquet of faith; all of you receive the riches of his goodness.
Let no one grieve over his poverty, for the universal kingdom has been revealed; let no one weep over his sins, for pardon has shone from the grave; let no one fear death, for the death of our Savior has set us free: He has destroyed it by enduring it, He has despoiled Hades by going down into its kingdom, He has angered it by allowing it to taste of his flesh.
Jesus_ resurrection
When Isaiah foresaw all this, he cried out: “O Hades, you have been angered by encountering Him in the nether world.” Hades is angered because frustrated, it is angered because it has been mocked, it is angered because it has been destroyed, it is angered because it has been reduced to naught, it is angered because it is now captive. It seized a body, and lo! it discovered God; it seized earth, and, behold! it encountered heaven; it seized the visible, and was overcome by the invisible.
O death, where is your sting? O Hades, where is your victory? Christ is risen and life is freed, Christ is risen and the tomb is emptied of the dead: for Christ, being risen from the dead, has become the Leader and Reviver of those who had fallen asleep. To Him be glory and power for ever and ever. Amen.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Least

The least. . . . 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'

The thing is . . . God is sovereign . . . and if people are in a bad way, if they are lowly and someone else is material blessed (ie., wealth, looks, prestige) the latter has no place to be taking credit. The "blessed" one is in no position to be feeling superior, self righteous. If we've got ANY thing good to boast of, it is only from God, by God.

He chose an average vessel, humble . . . for Himself to convey in.

If people are in a pitiful state we ought not be looking on them with disgust and condescension. For if we do, we are actually laying that on God, who is the Author of everyone's station.

'Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'

Friday, April 7, 2017

"Syria And A Bear" revisited

I'm not liking this Syria move one bit.  First off anything Hillary and John McCain praise and would do is a major red flag.  And then there's the whole narrative I've had since way back when I had a dream about "Syria and a bear" . . . where I seemed to see that engagement/entanglement with Syria was a major marker/trigger for big time global trouble. . . . I believe I mentioned expecting one result I foresaw was Syria being divided into 3 sections. . . . If I were of the mindset that sees Zionist agendas behind all, I would be noting that Kushner, a modern Orthodox Jew who has gained sudden and increased influence in Trump's inner circle . . . well . . . now we've got war moves on Syria.....

I don't believe that Assad would gas his own people--it makes no sense.  Looks more like a set-up--a phony pretext to kick off more of the globalist Middle East agenda that the neo-cons got started with in Iraq, and then 911 and so on...I believe it was "Project For A New American Century" (PNAC).

I hope it was simply a crass move to get the media off his back re the stupid "Russian collusion" diversion. . . .

Here's an old snippet from around 2013 mentioning Syria fwiw:
 "For any new readers and fwiw, which probably isn't much, years ago, when Syria was not even on anyone's radar and causing no notice at all, and everyone was saying "Iran, Iran" . . . I wrote that I believed Syria was actually the kingpin to final NWO escapades . . . . I had a strange dream, for one thing, at the time, which included a bear--an obvious symbol of Russia's perturbations in the scene . . ". .

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Kushner ....

Jared Kushner, son-in-law . . . 36 years old . . . is acing out Bannon . . . and taking a larger role in the administration?  And Trump is fine with this?  Hopefully the apple falls far from the tree....Jared's pop is a piece of work.....crooked typical NY greed merchant....prison time...  dunno...seems like the swamp ain't too far from from this crew....
Just wondering....

"Kushner is a committed Democrat who has contributed to hard-line partisan organizations including the Democratic National Committee PAC ($18,000); the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee‘s Building Fund ($26,250); and the New Jersey Democratic Party ($17,000).
Kushner has also donated to HillPac to elect Hillary Clinton for president ($5,000); Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer ($2,000); Democrat Sen. Cory Booker ($10,400); and the Democrats’ Committee for Working Families ($10,000).
Kushner also gave to the shamed former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey ($4,700); the Democrats’ New Millennium PAC ($10,000); Hillary Rodham Clinton ($4,000); democrat Jon Corzine ($4,000); and former Sen. Robert Torricelli ($12,000)." (the blaze)

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Impossible But For Faith

And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him. --Hebrews 11:6

Faith is such a profound, powerful, blessed gift. It is not a weak, half-hearted belief that has no power to transform, sustain, protect. . . . It is not an intellectual agreement at some distant point and then going on, life as usual. . . .

Faith is a destroyer of worry . . . of fear . . . of panic . . . of depression. . . .

First, believing that God is sovereign over all . . . then knowing He is Good . . . and that He "CAUSES all things to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them." (Rom. 8:28) . . . where is the trouble?

The thing is, is that too often those who claim to have faith . . . really don't believe and trust that God is sovereign . . . or that He is Good . . . or that He causes all things to work together for the good of those who love Him. . . . They give lip service to the notion, very superficially, but then go on doubting, questioning, complaining, trying to control . . . and fearing. . . .

The verse says it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God without faith. Impossible.

And if we do have faith, this too is something we cannot boast of. Faith is a gift as well. (Eph.2:8)

Everything good is a gift. We merit nothing. We can do no good thing unless God provides it first.

All that's left is gratitude, thankfulness, awe . . . at His magnanimity. The devils instantly contradict such a thought . . . and shake their fist at God . . . angry that He is God and they are not. All false philosophies are the corrupt mind rebelling against God's sovereign grace . . . devising clever and intricate justifications for their hatred, calling God unjust.

Faith! Faith! Faith!

[p.s. yeah something strange is going on with my text...i haven't changed any settings and don't know why it shows up white highlighted....Will have to poke around and see if i can figure out what the deal is with that :) ]

Friday, March 31, 2017

Fight The Freedom Caucus?

Serious?  Trump wants to fight the "freedom caucus"? ....The Tea Party. . . the conservative, Christian patriotic base? The one's who got him elected?..... See... that's what I was afraid of.  He has no core principles.  It's all pragmatism and "winning".

Bad move.

Not surprised.  Would have been pleasantly surprised if he had turned out to be what he got elected on. . . . But nothing new under the sun.  To quote bowie, once again, "same old thing, in brand new drag, comes sweeping into view. . . ."

Do you think Cruz, had he been elected, would be fighting the "freedom caucus" right about now?

Thank God politics are not the answer.  The God, it's God and only God.  Man always disappoints.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Engage versus Attack

Engage or attack?  I've been loosely following some controversy regarding the reformed apologist and pastor James White.  He is, you likely know, one of the top apologists and debaters in the world, travelling far and wide most recently to debate Islamic scholars.

The criticism against White comes from the likes of Sam Shamoun and Dr. Robert Morey who prefer the flamethrower technique when "engaging" Islamic apologists (where they are likely to start a debate or discussion by calling Muhammad a raging pedophile and go from there).

White's approach is to give the theological adversary some basic, human to human respect and actually engage . . . rather than just start leveling vitriolic broadsides and self-righteous dismissals.

Now, regarding Islam, there are many nuanced versions.  Every Muslim is NOT a radicalized, "ISIS"-style jihadi.  White never shrinks from defending clearly The Gospel and preaching it's saving truth, but rather than merely start bashing and skewering with his theological sword wanting a "win" in the argument arena, he actually wants to win a soul to Christ . . . knowing that it is The Spirit Who will ultimately decide an adversary's fate and not necessarily devastating or barbed polemics. . . .

And because James White does not enter into his engagements with the Islamicists with instant hatred and disgust for the other side, he has been savagely criticized and even called an apostate by his new detractors.  They have even contacted churches and organizations he is associated with demanding that all ties to White be severed and he be cast as anathema with The Body.

In a much smaller and less important way, I can nevertheless relate to James' situation.  I have set out to engage with the popular culture through the arts, through music.  It puts me in constant contact and relationship with people who not only don't believe as I do but are often outright hostile to such beliefs.  However, I know that among them are God's elect, interspersed, just waiting for a tap, a lighting, from the Holy Spirit.  A major knock against Jesus in his time and during his ministry was that He mingled with "the tax collectors and sinners".

10Later, as Jesus was dining at Matthew’s house, many tax collectors and sinners came and ate with Him and His disciples. 11When the Pharisees saw this, they asked His disciples, “Why does your Teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?”
12On hearing this, Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. 13But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’a For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”  --Math. 9:10-13

These critics are they who say: ‘Keep to yourself, do not come near me,
            For I am holier than you!’  --Isa 65:5

Jesus saved his harshest rhetoric for the self-righteous religious leaders who did little more than criticize and take potshots at He Who actually went to the people, to the unsaved, the sick, the needy, the lost. . . .

There is nothing easier (and I dare less effective) than to stand on the sidelines and lambaste those who are trying to actually engage and enlighten the culture with love, finesse, compassion. . . .

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Lashing Out

Demons . . . will give you a litany of all the things you've done wrong.  They record, they harbor, they stow away all your faults and wait . . . until something sets them off (their actual misery, but projected on to you as if YOU are to blame) . . . and then they will unload and recite all that condemns you.  No grace.  No sign of God.  No love.  Just Spiritless condemnation, spat in your face.

. . . .Just something to note.  These same ones will flash out through people over whom they are oppressing. . . . Aimed at you, as a child of light.  The hatred and vitriol is palpable.  It is not a "righteous indignation" as they will sometimes falsely claim.  It is the misery of hell, raging forth against the dying light.

Oh, no . . . the light is not dying in reality.  It is dying to THEM.  They are fading into everlasting and increasing darkness.  Seeing YOU . . . going the other way . . . provokes their ire--they lash out.

God has His purposes.  His glory is in everything whether we can see it yet or not. . . .

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Prayers & A New Horror Flick....

My mother has recently become very ill . . . I don't think she's long for this world.  It has taken a great deal of time helping her, trying to figure out what to do in a difficult situation.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated.  I hope to be able to get back here sooner and more often--it's just been a bit overwhelming with all that I've got going on, trying to pull off, in a nutty, intense, too often oppressive world. . . . 

Meanwhile . . . you've likely already dealt with this but I thought I share this article nonetheless in case you hadn't and might be interested.  It's about the new "christian" horrow movie "The Shack".  This is an excerpt from Tim Challies review of all the nonsense and (I dare say) outright blasphemies contained in the film and accompanying book "Lies We Believe About God".

What an unGodly train-wreck Paul Young has whipped up. . . .

Twenty-Eight Lies

In this section I provide a brief overview of the most important chapters in Lies We Believe About God. As much as possible, I allow Young to speak in his own words.
Chapter 2: “God is Good. I am not.” This chapter looks at the human condition. “Many of us believe that God sees us all as failures, wretches who are utterly depraved.” But the reality, he insists, is far different: “Yes, we have crippled eyes, but not a core of un-goodness. We are true and right, but often ignorant and stupid, acting out of the pain of our wrongheadedness, hurting ourselves, others, and even all creation. Blind, not depraved is our condition.” First falls the doctrine of human depravity.
Chapter 3: “God is in control.” Close behind it is God’s sovereignty. Christians often state that God has a plan for our lives, even through pain. “Do we actually believe we honor God by declaring God the author of all this mess in the name of Sovereignty and Omnipotent Control? Some religious people—and Christians are often among their ranks—believe in grim determinism, which is fatalism with personality. Whatever will be, will be. It happened. And since God is in charge, it must be part of God’s plan.” He insists that God is not sovereign, but that he “submits rather than controls and joins us in the resulting mess of relationship…” As we will see, this idea of God’s submission to humanity is one of the book’s most prominent themes.
Chapter 5: “God is a Christian.” In chapter five Young means to show that it is futile and even dangerous to concern ourselves with who is a Christian and who is not. “Believing (trusting) is an activity, not a category. The truth is that every human being is somewhere on the journey between belief and unbelief; even so, we perpetuate the categories of believer and unbeliever.” Rather than seeing people as being believers or unbelievers, we should understand that we are all on the same path, though in different locations along it.
Chapter 12: “God created my religion.” Young often speaks of the beauty of relationship and the danger of religion. Thus, “God did not start religion. Rather, religion is among a whole host of things that God did not originate but submits to because we human beings have brought them to the table. God is about relationship; and therefore, any understanding of church or any community of faith that is centered on structures, systems, divisions, and agendas has its origin in human beings and not in God.”
Chapter 13: “You need to get saved.” Here he turns to the matter of salvation. I will excerpt this at length so you can see his full-out embrace of universalism—that everybody has been or will be saved by God.
So what is the Good News? What is the Gospel?
The Good News is not that Jesus has opened up the possibility of salvation and you have been invited to receive Jesus into your life. The Gospel is that Jesus has already included you into His life, into His relationship with God the Father, and into His anointing in the Holy Spirit. The Good News is that Jesus did this without your vote, and whether you believe it or not won’t make it any less or more true.
What or who saves me? Either God did in Jesus, or I save myself. If, in any way, I participate in the completed act of salvation accomplished in Jesus, then my part is what actually saves me. Saving faith is not our faith, but the faith of Jesus.
God does not wait for my choice and then “save me.” God has acted decisively and universally for all humankind. Now our daily choice is to either grow and participate in that reality or continue to live in the blindness of our own independence.
Are you suggesting that everyone is saved? That you believe in universal salvation?
That is exactly what I am saying!
Here’s the truth: every person who has ever been conceived was included in the death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus. When Jesus was lifted up, God “dragged” all human beings to Himself (John 12: 32). Jesus is the Savior of all humankind, especially believers (1 Timothy 4: 10). Further, every single human being is in Christ (John 1: 3), and Christ is in them, and Christ is in the Father (John 14: 20). When Christ—the Creator in whom the cosmos was created—died, we all died. When Christ rose, we rose (2 Corinthians 5).
Young leaves no doubt that he espouses universalism. To further his argument, he includes an appendix on the matter.
Chapter 15: “Hell is separation from God.” Having advocated universalism, he must now say something about the tricky matter of hell. “I may have convinced myself or been convinced by others that I deserve to be separated from God. Such lies will bring with them a shadow in which I experience a sense of separation, feelings that seem to validate the illusion that God is not connected and in relationship with me or that God has stopped loving me or has given up on me. Many of us on the planet live in this illusion now. … I propose the possibility that hell is not separation from Jesus but that it is the pain of resisting our salvation in Jesus while not being able to escape Him who is True Love.” Hell, too, falls by the wayside.
Chapter 17: “The cross was God’s idea.” Should we be surprised that he now moves against the notion that the cross was somehow part of God’s divine plan? He borrows Steve Chalke’s language of “divine child abuse” to describe any God who would plan such a thing.
Who originated the Cross?
If God did, then we worship a cosmic abuser, who in Divine Wisdom created a means to torture human beings in the most painful and abhorrent manner. Frankly, it is often this very cruel and monstrous god that the atheist refuses to acknowledge or grant credibility in any sense. And rightly so. Better no god at all, than this one.
The alternative is that the Cross originated with us human beings. This deviant device is the iconic manifestation of our blind commitment to darkness. It is our ultimate desecration of the goodness and loving intent of God to create, an intent that is focused on the human creation. It is the ultimate fist raised against God.
And how did God respond to this profound brokenness?
God submitted to it. God climbed willingly onto our torture device and met us at the deepest and darkest place of our diabolical imprisonment to our own lies, and by submitting once and for all, God destroyed its power. Jesus is God’s best, given willingly and in opposition to our worst, the Cross.
When did God submit? Not only in Jesus incarnate but before the creation of the world, according to Scriptures (Revelation 13: 8). God knew going into the activity of creation what the cost would be. That God’s own children, this highest order of creation, would one day make the final attempt to kill Life.
And how would we religious people interpret this sacrifice? We would declare that it was God who killed Jesus, slaughtering Him as a necessary appeasement for His bloodthirsty need for justice.
Chapter 19: “God requires child sacrifice.” And then he refutes the doctrine of propitiation: “One of the narratives about God is that because of sin, God required child sacrifice to appease a sense of righteous indignation and the fury of holiness—Jesus being the ultimate child sacrifice. Well, if God is like that, then doesn’t it make sense that we would follow in God’s footsteps? But we know intuitively that such a thought is wrong, desperately wrong.”
Chapter 21: “Death is more powerful than God.” Do we need to urge people to respond to God before they die? According to Young, not necessarily. “I don’t think God would ever say that once you die, your fate is sealed and there is nothing that God can do for you. … Personally, I do believe that the idea that we lose our ability to choose at the event of physical death is a significant lie and needs to be exposed; its implications are myriad and far-reaching. … I think evil exists because of our turning from face-to-face-to-face relationship with God, and because we chose to say no to God, to Life and Light and Truth and Good. God, with utmost respect and reverence, submits to our choice even while utterly opposing it. God, who is Love, not only allows our choice but joins us in our humanity in order to rescue us from our choices that are harmful and destructive. God has gone to incredible lengths to protect our ability to say no, even though that freedom has produced unspeakable pain and loss.”
Chapter 27: “Sin separates us from God.” As the book draws to a close, he looks at the nature of sin and its effect on our relationship with God. “There is a truth about who you are: God’s proclamation about a ‘very good creation’ is the truest about you. That very good creation is the form or origin of you, the truth of who you are in your being. Sin, then, is anything that negates or diminishes or misrepresents the truth of who you are, no matter how pretty or ugly that is. Behavior becomes either an authentic way of expressing the truth of your good creation or an effort to cover up (performance behavior) the shame of what you think of yourself (worthless). And what does the truth of your being look like? God. You are made in the image of God, and the truth of your being looks like God.”

Brother Thomas ©2015

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