Friday, April 17, 2015

Cycle Of Life

There's a lot of suspicious police state stuff going on eh?  The standoff at the mine (Galice) in Oregon has a Ruby Ridge/Wako feel to me though.  At one of these points, the Feds are just going to make a big point of cracking down on the uppity's . . . and then I think the whole thing will blow.  Which, of course, is what they want--a sufficient pretext. 

And a lot more activity as well. . . . The Wallmarts ("Mart. Laws"), Jade Helm etc. . . .  .

Anyhow, the cycle of life goes on, as it always has during such times.  Alexander and his wife had a baby (I think it was Tuesday--I'm out of town at the moment) . . . . A strappin' 8+ lbs. baby boy.  Me and wifey are officially grandparents....... Mother and son are doing well. . . . . .

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