Saturday, May 23, 2015

Coming Attractions. . . .

. . . and even though their tactics and strategy is plain in view for those who are not deep in trance, I expect they will set up a scenario where it will be portrayed as though some "patriot/constitutionalist" (ie., "tea party") domestic faction united with "Isis" to effect the series of relatively simultaneous hits (nuclear/biological).  The objective is to conflate radical ("religious") "Islamic"  "extremists" with "homegrown" "anti-government" "radical" "religious" "extremists".  The two will be tied together in some set of events or a large single event.  And then anyone who talks or writes about the actual secret (NWO) government's conspiracy in doing this (ie., as done in 911, Sandy Hook etc.,) will also be targeted (perhaps literally, but surely psychologically/culturally) as being, in a sense, complicit. 

I don't doubt that at some point even suggesting that these events are "false flag" events . . . blaming the government, the Feds etc., will become a crime in itself.  Resisters, "conspiracy theorists", will be labeled mentally unstable, sick, insane, dangerous . . . and will be incarcerated, re-educated & medicated . . . where they are not outright liquidated.  It will be illegal to preach certain parts and doctrines of the Bible.  It will be illegal to home school unless the home curriculum complies with the "party line" (ie., pro LGBT, pro "climate change"/Agenda 21", pro evolution, pro "social justice" etc.) 

Teaching children Biblical Christianity in the home will be practically illegal if not outright.  "Family services" agents will be entitled to make regular, unscheduled "home checks" to make sure families are in compliance with the party line in all things.  Children who do not show sufficient indoctrination will be removed from their parents or grandparents care.  Home schooling, Biblical teaching/worldview, orthodox Christianity, traditional American constitutional-republican political doctrine etc., will be painted as being the causes directly leading to the "homegrown" terror attacks which have purportedly united with radical Islam.  The absurdity of this supposed confederacy . . . will pass over the heads of the entranced, programmed, IPhone addicted, fascistically-inclined "millenials" who will increasingly be taking roles of power (as currently seen now in the State Department and other top Executive branch positions) who will resemble the youth that typically have also enforced fresh tyranny as in Maoist China, Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Pol Pots Cambodia etc.  And they will have no understanding, knowledge, comprehension, empathy . . . for the old-timers who are "bitterly clinging" to their "God, guns, constitution and religion" and will be eager to enforce compliance and punishment on their elders--the "dangerous" "traditionalists"--especially Christians who "are responsible for all the evils in the world" (such as bigotry, racism, pollution, unsustainability, homophobia, misogyny, resource depletion, animal cruelty, child abuse etc.)

Anyway, just a heads up and/or reminder re being prepared (spiritually, psychologically, physically, emotionally). . . . I've had this whole thing pretty well nailed dead on all the way along (I regret to have to say)--and though I would love to be wrong going forward . . . I expect what I wrote above is just about exactly how it's going to be playing out in the near future. . . .

I must say . . . while death is a curse . . . the fact that God is good and can do no evil . . . even His curses have the element of blessing in them.  For while death is a curse . . . and life is a precious gift . . . with this world the way it is, I am glad our lives are relatively short--a flash, a vapor.  I mean, just imagine . . . if you had to live for hundreds, thousands or more years subjected to the wicked, degenerate, God-hating knuckleheads who are now screwing things up so thoroughly and setting in place their devilish Utopian tyranny.  Mercifully, there is a limit to this oppression and persecution which we have to endure.   And I might add, it's not so much the personal physical oppression and persecution and material enslavement that is so awful to suffer . . . at least for me . . . as it is watching God/Truth being trashed, mocked, blasphemed, smeared, perverted etc.  The lies . . . the deception . . . the rebellious, hateful flaunting and scoffing aimed at HIM--at His beautiful, wonderful, awesome character, creation and purposes--THAT is what is so hard to bear!

Brother Thomas ©2015

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