Thursday, July 20, 2017

Whiplash Left

"The days of cash everywhere are numbered, as once it is removed, they can do what they will to everyone’s funds.  It can be anything: a computer glitch, a solar flare, an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack, or a cyberattack to take it all to a “zero” balance.  Notice how the states are one by one beginning to become insolvent?  Notice how the narrowed eyes of the suit-swathed “gentlemen” are now on the IRA’s?"

There's nothing really new in this article but it is a nice compendium of the dire situation going on.  One thing I don't many realize re the whole "Russia" narrative . . . is that this agit-prop meme is not only designed to stymie Trump and conservatives . . . is that it is also designed (I believe) to destroy the Democrat Party as well.  Well, at least finish off whatever "moderate" old-school Democrats there are that still inhabit the party.  What will come out of it all . . . is there will be the rise of a hard left, radical party--blatantly socialist/communist, no fig leaf.  THIS new leftist party (whether it's still operating under the guise of the Dems or not) will whiplash back into power with a vengeance.  Then the real, blatant oppression and civil strife will ensue.  This will likely be combined with a military attack of some sort. . . . Anyway, that's what I'm seeing lurking in the wings. . . .

Brother Thomas ©2015

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