Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Observances From The Wall

Aside from the typical stresses and struggles of life in these times . . . I've had a distinct, continuous sense of unease lately.  It reminds me of other times that preceded some big, tragic, landmark event.  It feels like something earth-shattering being planned, on the cusp of. . ..

Something else I've noticed very recently, which I wouldn't be surprised is related . . . is a general "glitching" of electronic--more specifically, communication--devices; cable, internet, cell service.  If I were surmising, it seems to me that signals (kill-switch type triggers/tests) are being inserted, tested.

Putting the two observations together I can imagine . . . a huge event (or linked events) are in the final prepping stages . . . and "lines" are being tested so that internet, cell service, etc., can be controlled, shut down, altered during and after. . . .

For one thing, "pizzagate" is getting too much traction, and if for no other reason, before it gets too much credibility, "they" have got to shut it all down.  Too many people at all the high levels are implicated, so across the board, around the world, "they" will get together to devise an event that can get it off the front page of internet research--plus it will give them the excuse to seize control information.  This whole "fake news" meme is obviously part of their strategy to marginalize and isolate, cut off, the research and investigation going on.

And nothing I'm seeing in the president-elect encourages me that he is indeed, NOT going to be the one (that I saw years ago) who would bring the hammer down, cheered on by the "right" and patriots". . . . There were red flags all along the way, which I mentioned a couple of times, and I'm only seeing more of them.  No trust in the arm of the flesh for me, though I do believe that God is behind it all, nonetheless. . . .

On the bright side, there is a new upsurge, resurgence of the Spirit.  There are personal lulls of the Spirit . . . and more ubiquitous collective lulls of the Spirit (I believe, from my observation).   And there are times when the Spirit goes out en masse to touch and alert and encourage believers in the broad sense.  This, I dare say, is going on now, just recently begun.  There was a lull period, and now "He's back" so-to-speak.

I don't doubt that all these things are related.  Connection and communication with Spirit will be critical during the times of tribulation and assault by the enemies. . . . It is a time to get centered, solid, secure, in touch with . . . the Holy Spirit.  He is reaching out, gathering His scattered, effecting real "unity"--Spiritual unity, which truly transcends race, culture, social norms, time and space, situation. . . . 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What Do We Strive For?

I was explaining to a young fellow what criminals we are--we all are.  I could see this was a totally foreign and disturbing notion to him.  We all tend to think we are victims--and that we are owed something.  Yet I could see a little light go off in his mind--over in a dark corner that had never really be lit before.

"Think of it," I said. "We breathe, get to enjoy good food, music, friendships. . . . Every moment we are sustained--our blood coursing, the fantastically complex and intricate biological workings of our bodies . . . we get to have individual identities, a history of our own on a planet sitting in vast, cosmic space . . . to view and enjoy and share existence with incredibly diverse animals and other creatures, flora and fauna . . . the blue sky, rain, clouds, sunshine, the moon, stars . . . the satisfaction of tasting and eating food. . . . God provides all this, however we don't give Him a thought or concern. . . ."

So much do we get to experience and share, including the very astonishing fact of bare existence itself.  How dull and smug we are to take it all for granted, and then complain and whine and demand more . . . as if we intrinsically deserved or merited special favor from the Creator.  Yet we never think of Him, or at most, rarely.  And usually again if we do, it is in some demanding fashion or with complaints. . . .

Gratefulness--thankfulness is far from our hearts.  If we had any idea or conception of what a profound miracle of sorts that LIFE itself it--that we exist and that we are ALIVE . . . even in our direst moments and real physical suffering, we would be ecstatically thankful for the barest extent of BEING.  To BE . . . is in and of itself . .   a most awesome, astounding gift, let alone the various trappings that go along with it.

Yet to the self-centered, the sinful and wicked and naturally God-hating . . . such talk as this is an insult and to be disparaged.  "Oh, I deserve more than just 'being'! I ought have all my needs met AND be given every dream and fantasy that crosses my mind.  How dare the Creator make me and then leave me wanting!  I shall revolt!"

What criminals--thieves, liars, blasphemers, murderers in heart, foul-mouthed and lustfully minded, impure, wretched . . . yet ever demanding, entitled, complaining, vying, conspiring--we are.

How gracious and merciful it is . . . that the Lord took it upon Himself to absolve us from our wickedness.  If a deep sense of gratitude and thankfulness is not there when you think of what He does and has done . . . well, even that He died and suffered for! 

We should constantly be shaking and awakening ourselves to be mindful of these things.  It is so easy to slip into apathy and smug entitlement. . . . It takes effort--determined and intentional effort to recall our real situation--our desperate need for a Savior.  Of all the things we work and opine over, strive and struggle for . . . love and appreciation and thankfulness to God ought be foremost!
Praise God, take care,
Happy, prayerful, thoughtful Thanksgiving:)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

It's A Harsh Diving Line

What can God do for me?  Does being a Christian give me a better life, get me blessings, help me get ahead in the world?  If I go with Jesus, maybe I'll finally get what I want--things will start going my way. . . .

It's a hard line, a subtle difference on the face of it, but a gulf of a distance in reality. . . .

Who do we really love and serve?  When you are in love with someone--in those early, heady, passion-filled days . . . you are not thinking, "what can this person do for me?" . . . "where will loving this soul get me" . . . "if I love ____ then I will start getting blessings" . . . No, instead, all you think is . . . is of the other person.  You are focused on them and simply want THEM to be happy, served, blessed.  You lose yourself in love of the other.

This is how it should be with God.  We should be so loving of Him that we never get to the calculations of what He can do for us.  We ought be thinking only of what we can do FOR HIM.  How to please, how to serve, even how to worship Him. 

Many who claim love of God never even get to this point.  It falls short.  It is more about "what can God do for me?"  If I can see that "loving" and serving God will help ME in my life, THEN I will do it.

This is what separates the true versus the false disciple. . . .

It is a startling thing to ponder, to face honestly--just what is it that we are doing?  I dare say most churches play to the selfish desire to use God and church for personal, ego-centered ends.  Worship and love of God is but a show.  Hiding behind the show is actually just idolatry--seeking after and serving a false god one imagines will be beneficial to the self; rather than one being utterly lost in desperate, passionate, worshipful love of The Creator.....

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Wow.  I really am shocked that "they" couldn't stop Trump--or if they could, they allowed him to go through.  Regardless, it sure was thrilling to watch the seemingly impossible manifest.  People have had a gut full of the destruction and corruption.  Of course we wait and watch to see if "they" pull the plug on the global economy or stir up some other chaos to punish the peasants for daring to attempt to throw off the yoke.  And then, what will BHO do on his way out?  Burn down the house?  I can't help but think way back when Bush was still pres and I said I saw that there would be a hard swing to left, but because of terror attacks and general overall degradation brought on by the left, there would be a swing back to the right . . . then riots and chaos in reaction . . . and it would be "the right" who would bring on the martial law.  That . . . I could still see happening. . .. 

Whatever . . . for this moment it feels like a brief respite from the constant onslaught.  And a long awaited slap in the face to the idiot Marxist class. . . .

Thursday, November 3, 2016


Again, I hope I am wrong.  It almost appears like there is a chance that the corrupt "elite" might be getting some sort of comeuppance and that the people take back some power.  But I just don't think "they" will ever allow it.

Just as I thought, already "they" are finding ways to block Brexit in the UK via judicial activism.  If nothing else works, corrupt judges can be counted on to stop the surge of awakened public desires for change and house cleaning. 

For one thing, BHO is going to go on a rampage of executive orders before he leaves (assuming he really does leave).  Those moves alone will cause all kinds of problems for the nascent counter-revolution, clipping its wings while solidifying his "transformation" of the country.

I fear . . . all in all . . . this, as of late, rekindling of hope . . . is going to be sorely dashed, and very emphatically somehow.  Something big, very radical will be done to slap down the revolting peasants to crush their spirits for good (if it could done).  I simply can't believe "they" will allow themselves to be moved out of the way.  "They" will burn the house down before they allow other occupants to enter in and clean it (and thus find all the evidence and dead bodies). . . .

"They" will go for full chaos and destruction before they succumb to acquiescence and justice.  And "they" are positioned everywhere--at all the levers of power and influence to make sure mayhem and confusion ensues.  Just as "they" are now stepping in to arrest Brexit and make sure it never really happens, I expect "they" will do the same here.

Of course, it all depends on God's will in the matter ultimately.  Yes, He could have it so that there is a righteous counter-revolution and that the people clean out the government and return it to some semblance of it's original, God-fearing foundations.  But why would He?  Have not the people allowed and condoned the murder of millions of babies for many years?  Have not the people allowed the subversion of God's ordained order in personal and intimate relations?  Have the people not allowed the blaspheming and profaning of His Word in music, art, film, literature--allowing prayer and study of God's revelation to be utterly excised from the public square?  Have the people not chosen mammon and materialistic pursuit above all, relegating the seeking of God and His truth to something like a hobby or occasional dabbling, if even that? 

And on and on . . . are the multitudinous ways that the people have abandoned, offended, defied and actively fought God and His will.  Is not the country (and the once Christian West) done just what Israel did over and over, chasing other gods and rejecting His sovereignty and worship . . . so that He allows/brings in conquering armies to chasten and punish?

I would only warn to temper your hopes.  I suspect (hope I'm wrong) that they will be dashed yet again and with a ferocity and finality that will shock.  We must not become demoralized.  For we are not here primarily to save a country.  We are here to glorify God and preach the Gospel.  THAT objective will never fail.  God's perfect will . . . will be done, regardless of superficial, temporal, political, mundane, worldly setbacks.  His ways are not our ways, and what often appears as failure to us is actually raging success in terms of God's sovereign designs and will. . . .

Brother Thomas ©2015

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