Monday, February 29, 2016

What's REALLY Your "Go To"?

"There is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to people, and we must be saved by it."   --Acts 4:12

"Jesus told him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me."  --John 14:6

These are a couple of choice verses/messages from God's Word that I am using to set up what I wanted to address for a bit going forward. . . .

Surely one of the greatest proclivities in the our fallen nature--which is really more like a COMPULSION--is the constant habit of wanting to put something else in with having Jesus being THE ONLY way to God.  Adding something/someone . . . or replacing altogether another "go to" besides the Lord is what we tend to do.  The Catholics insert Mary . . . the LDS have Joseph Smith and the "restored gospel" . . . cults have their cult leaders . . . witches go to spells . . . pagans draw from any number of other gods or demigods . . . or, above all (which is really all that is happening in each of these cases) we turn first to ourself as mediator.  Charms, mantras, "lucky" items, "saints", legalisms etc., we are apt to look to and rely on . . . instead of looking WHOLLY and ONLY to the Savior. . . . Politics, "white knight" politicians, yoga, meditation, "prophets", entertainers, love interests, a profession--any and everything OTHER than Jesus is relied on first and then He is added as a support, an afterthought. . . .

This compulsion happens so subtly, so fast, so cloaked in "light" or "good intentions" or creativity . . . that we are not aware that we are doing it.  We think and claim we lean first and foremost on the Master . . . but in our inner reality . . . something else is usually going on.  And we keep searching and trying new things (because any thing or any one other than Jesus is bound to fail) instead of resting completely and solely on Him. . . .

So . . . with that foundation briefly set up, next I will talk about a couple of specifics that have come up recently. . . .

"For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus," --1 Tim. 2:5

(p.s. thank you for your kind words--they are a great encouragement to me!  God bless you.)

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dropping The Lie

A couple of topics have come to me to address . . . which I will get to next.  In the meantime, I want to emphasize that it is the devil's business to make you feel so dirty, so rotten, so worthless . . . that you assume and believe God has given up on you.  Further, you don't even get that far, because the effort is to so stymie you and darken and defuse your efforts toward Him that you don't even bother.  Your mind is flooded or kept stewing on and off about the wretched, disgusting, deplorable things you've done and thought in your life--your worthlessness, dirtiness . . . so much that you are to think that God would have nothing more to do with you.  Surely you have gone too far, done too much, thought and felt such despicable things that maybe it is better that you are just destroyed altogether.

This is what the enemy wants you to think.

You must refuse to allow this.

Putting the blaspheming of the Holy Spirit aside, which is a very specific instance and sin, it does not matter what you have done or thought or tried to do.  The worst of sexual sins, violent sins, idolatrous sins, sins of betrayal and deception, leading others astray, sins done to the innocent--none of them are enough to keep you from the love of God.  You can't out-sin God's grace, love and mercy!  Do not believe the lie or suggestion that you can or that you have.  This is just another trick from the Trickster, Liar himself to dissuade you and stifle and cover you and restrain you from obtaining God's mercy and protection and blessings.

Here is one of the evil one's chief objectives--to so sully your mind, heart, conscience, body with sin that you turn from God and go willingly into your own further destruction'; and to prevent you from being an effective worker, soldier and witness in God's work here on earth at this time. . . .

Do not allow yourself to become a trophy for the evil one--a defeated and dejected Child of God.  Much of what is holding you back is simply the thought-cages and inner energy and light drains that you keep up through acceding to these defeatist thoughts.

By falling for the lie and believing that you are too dirty or wasted to receive God's grace, you are now, in addition, calling God a liar and a weakling.  You are saying the enemy wins and won.

May it never be!  The first step here in escaping this prison of degenerate self-loathing (which is really a disguise for loathing God's power and sovereignty) is in refusing to accept that you are too far gone for God to rescue or care about.  These are lies from the supreme liar whose whole method and weaponry is based in deception.

The truth sets free; so first of all . . . recall and keep present in the mind THE TRUTH that God's power and grace saves the worst of the worst of sinners--even you!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Even The Elect, Were It Possible....

Re the "age activated attention deficit disorder" comment... Yes, I know that is an issue, but as I said I have noticed this memory-blanking thing in many young people.  In fact, it almost seems worse in their case.  I would say it likely there has something to do with most of them being raised on computers and smart phones and the "rewiring" of their brain circuits . . . except that this phenomenon is happening to people I know who aren't on computers much.  Personally . . . I think it is related to psychotronic subliminal warfare on the populace.  ("of course you do" I hear something thinking, heh...)
And/or . . . the aluminum found in the chemtrails spraying where aluminum toxicity has been tied to Alzheimer's . . . and/or extensive wi-fi radiation and what's going out between all the ubiquitous phone cell towers, "smart meters". . . .

"United States Patent 5,159,703, Lowery, October 27, 1992, Silent Subliminal Presentation System, Inventors: Lowery, Oliver M. Appl. No. 458339 Filed December 28, 1989, discusses the microwave technology necessary for mind control. In this patent,  we witness the move from the mind control  of certain individuals who might have been programmed, which is frightening enough, to witnessing entire populations being controlled. The patent discusses the possibility of impacting millions at a time. The net effect of the technology is enhanced when there is a transducer in the body such as a embedded microchip.
The technology has publicly advanced to the point of where memories can be implanted through the use of specialized “USB” devices inserted directly into the regions of the brain responsible for certain memories. The implication is stunning. Not only can thoughts, not of your own choosing, be externally planted in your brain, now the technology exists to implant false memories."

Now, related to this . . . is something I've warned of before.  I suspect through this kind of technology "they" will be able to induce the flip side--meaning "they" will be able to cause a kind of mass euphoria in the population.  This is why it is so important to NOT be seeking Truth and using discernment via EMOTIONS and FEELING.  Not only will the coming false "messiahs", "light beings", returning "Christ" have their own ability to deceive through intense occultic EMOTIONAL/MYSTICAL influence . . . but combined with technology that supports and infuses the same . . . many, many people will be deceived . . . because it will all "feel so right".  The unseen entities of the "air" already have the demonic ability to present themselves in a way that very closely resembles an angel or even Jesus Himself--and have done so through dreams, visions and direct "material" manifestation . . . such that new religions and cults result. . . . But when this is combined with mind/soul control technology which brings euphoria, "good feelings", "love" and short-circuits the reasoning and rational functions of the mind--well, as it is written, "even the elect" will be deceived (if it were possible).

Prayer and scripture are the two greatest personal weapons to have, hold and use in these troubled times. . . .

Praising God always,
Trusting Him through all,
Appreciative of your fellowship and support,
your friend and brother
thomas . . . .

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Memory "Lapses"

I really think something is going on and/or has gone on . . . to mess with peoples' memory capacity/quality. 
More and more I am seeing this/hearing this. . . . People can't recall basic things that they plainly know.  Several talk show hosts I've heard in just the past couple of days--all of them during their shows and interviews . . . had problems recalling the names of certain people they were referring to . . . or names of other things. . . . It was striking.  Simple stuff they would normally have no trouble remembering, and even the guests were at a loss.  I've seen it when out and about overhearing people in line at stores or in casual conversation--people go to tell something and suddenly they can't think of the thing or details they are trying to communicate.  It's been going on a while here on the home front, and I would say it's just because of getting older . . . but our kids and their friends or mates have the same thing going on. . . .
Anyone else noticing or experiencing this?  Could it be all the wifi and radio and emf waves pouring around the atmosphere messing with brain function?  Is it something more nefarious like an implemented version of the "Nowness Generator" I made a spoof about back in the early 90s where I was anticipating a government program which allows people to daily wipe out their memory to blank slates so that "official" information can downloaded for the days' directives?  (That bit is there in my soundclick radio player on the sidebar). . . .

Just thought I'd mention it.  I hope it doesn't get worse.  Is it so that we forget our history, our traditions or to make us less capable of dealing with what's going on to put us in tyranny?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

See No Evil?

The censors at Youtube won't allow this to be embedded easily.... But it's a powerful expose'
for any who might be sitting (like a blind fool) on the fence on this issue....

So here's the link...

Monday, February 22, 2016

Because You Care, There Is Hope

Now . . . I know it is not absolutely necessary to HAVE to have an exorcism to be rid of even severe demonic influence and infestation.  There was a time when I myself was quite "oppressed" because of putting myself into dangerous spiritual situations . . . and "they" had a serious, vice-like grip on me.  Any time I would attempt to make a break . . . "they" might back off for a time, luring me into a sense of false liberation, but eventually I'd find myself bound up and under "their" thumb even worse than before (as per the scriptural warning--Matt. 12:43-45) . . . because if you are trying to expunge evil presence through self-effort, self-will and it's not happening through Holy Spiritual regeneration, your soul is simply a vacancy ready for demonic re-habitation. . . .

But, aside from direct intervention from a qualified Biblical intercessor who casts out the demons, the Lord Himself can and may arrive personally to do the work through the Holy Spirit.  I was alone when it happened to me.  I was battling alone and not in any fellowship with Believers at the time.  Far from it.  Yet, the Spirit Himself came and ministered to me--first in a big, glaring way, which left me with no doubt that divine intervention had occurred, and then, off and on over a period of a few months . . . culminating in a clear vision where I "saw" that Jesus is indeed THE Lord of all and the ONLY way to the Father. . . . "The Way and the Truth and the Life"!

It did not matter that many times before I had grown angry at God for not coming to me when I asked--BEGGED the He show me the Way.  And that after some of those times, in frustration and brewing resentment and fatigue in seeking . . . I had actually abandoned myself to the "prince" of the "world", because it seemed that at least HE wanted to take me places (where God just seemed silent and indifferent). . . . Nevertheless, even after such dangerous dabblings and giving up on seeking Him  . . . God still did finally come crashing in to my rescue and delivered me from severe bondage.

 Which all goes to say, please . . . do not give up hope.  Even if you have or continue to give up hope!  I believe that those who are lost for good--who are not EVER going to be one of God's "children"--do not show signs of caring.  They do not battle and fight and continue to strive to be saved.  The fact they you are still going to the wells of truth--that you admit to the suffering for NOT being in a good position with respect to relationship with the Lord . . . tends to show to me that . . . you are His after all.  The "perfectly possessed" are quite at ease (in a sense) with their lot.  They don't seek God.  They don't care that they don't have the "peace that passes understanding".  They are relatively (to utterly) content in their service to the lord of this world and of darkness.  They have no interest in going to or engaging with Believers, unless it is on a mission to destroy, disrupt, undermine.  They have no interest in learning and in gaining understanding of the truth and of light. . . . Unless it is to spy or to cause harm, they cannot bear, for instance, to come to a place like this where the glory of God is written of continuously.  This kind of writing is like nails on chalkboard to them.  They're are either disgusted or frightened by it and only see it as something "fanatical", "extreme", "kooky" etc.

But hear this:  In the end, if you are His . . . there will be nothing that you can do to thwart Him eventually coming to get you. . . .

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Quite The Times. . . .

Well, looking like Trump is going all the way .  . . to the Convention.  I do love how all establishment pundits (it's punDITS not punDINTS!)(heh, sorry... pet peeve of mine along with those that also say SYNCophants instead of SYCHophants and nukULAR instead of nuclEAR)--how wrong the pundits and talking heads have been re Trump.  I do like how he is openly alluding to things like 911 truth, the Bush crime syndicate, slick Willy's rapes, Iraq war fraud, Obummer's citizenship issues. . . .

I just don't think "they" will ever allow him to win.  As I wrote a while back, I still expect them to slip in mush Bushy-type Romney at a "brokered Convention".

Whoah, that will p*ss people off!  Trump then goes 3rd party? Which many have dreaded from the start. . . .

In my inkling "eye" . . . I oddly just don't seem to see any of these folks getting in, including the present democrats running.  Does something really finally happen, ie., in October?  Is it the "panel" style government I've thought of before?

I think "they" will bring the whole thing down if it looks like there is actually a chance of an "outsider" taking the reigns.  World government/power/control/wealth is at stake . . . and there is no way they will let someone tip over the apple cart before they do on their terms.

BUT, God is in charge and perhaps he will answer so many prayers for a reprieve.....

Quite the times we live in, eh?

Saturday, February 20, 2016


--The media is holding back stuff on Trump, then will blast him if he gets the nomination.  He will be left with a mish mas of moderates, "independents" and emotional thinkers.  After he's battered in the press, and shown to be the typical un-principled, opportunistic candidate that is always allowed to rise (only to be destroyed) it could be a repeat of Romney where all the real conservatives and evangelicals stayed home, didn't vote in protest, and the Democrat waltzes through. . . .

--"Youths oppress My people, and women rule over them. My people, your leaders mislead you; they confuse the direction of your paths."  --Isa. 3:12

--There is the real move to criminalize cash . . . the dollar devalues, falls through the floor amid hyper-inflation . . . the bubble, bigger than ever finally bursts . . . chaos, terror, global police state with major controls/event by October . . . perhaps suspension of elections . . . gold & silver surge, food is the poor man's gold . . . foreign occupation. . . .

--It is likely "you" are demon infested and need an exorcism.  Somewhere along the line you have invited or acceded to the infiltration of your soul and now you can't expunge the intruders by your own will and might.  Supernatural intervention is required.

--"The grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word of our God remains forever."  --Isa. 40:8

--"Honor your father and your mother, as the LORD your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land the LORD your God is giving you."  --Deut. 5:16

--". . . the want of the fear of God. When he observes them to be without understanding he asks, “Fear you not me, saith the Lord, and will you not tremble at my presence? (Jer. 5:22)  If you would but keep up an awe of God, you would be more observant of what he says to you: and, did you but understand your own interest better, you would be more under the commanding rule of God’s fear.” When he observes that they have revolted and gone he adds this, as the root and cause of their apostasy (Jer. 5:24), Neither say they in their hearts, Let us now fear the Lord our God. Therefore so many bad thoughts come into their mind, and hurry them to that which is evil, because they will not admit and entertain good thoughts, and particularly not this good thought, Let us now fear the Lord our God. It is true it is God’s work to put his fear into our hearts; but it is our work to stir up ourselves to fear him, and to fasten upon those considerations which are proper to affect us with a holy awe of him; and it is because we do not do this that our hearts are so destitute of his fear as they are, and so apt to revolt and rebel."  --Mathew Henry commentary

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Recalling Who Living For

Following up a bit on the events at Burns, OR., . . . the FBI has now been systematically getting around to any and all of the people who gathered there to protest.  They are making house calls.  A lot of the "independent media/truther" podcasters who covered the event and others like in the past . . . while continuing to talk a fairly tough game, are obviously and understandably . . . freaking out.  The effort to silence critics and "resisters" . . . is getting quite aggressive.  It can no longer be scoffed at and name-called "black helicopter paranoia". . . . It's really happening--such fears, and happening now.  Meanwhile, besides the brewing middle east situation, tension between the Koreas is at an all time high (and getting very little coverage).
As I said, this is a time to be wise, very wise (as the serpents) AND "harmless as doves".

It is a time of being "sheep in the midst of wolves".

Continuing . . . "Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; and children will rise up against parents and cause them to be put to death.  You will be hated by all because of My name, but it is the one who has endured to the end who will be saved."  --Matt. 10:21-22

This is also a time of great deception.  I am seeing that seduction into deception and to THE deceiving spirit . . . as the great battle of the moment.  Were the elect not protected wholly and sovereignly, they too would fall to the spreading delusion.

The one world religion is taking shape.  Bible believing, born again Christians will be the sole resisters and thus clearly the most targeted.  Ah, but against this dark and ghastly backdrop, the true light of Christ will shine ever clearer and the testimony of those who Hear and See will flourish in the contrast. . . .

Recalling Who you are living for during the troubled and testing times will be a constant source of guidance, inspiration and solace. . . .

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mass/Individual Seduction?

"I remember long ago saying that one of the big red flags to watch for which will be a sign that we are close to the big hammer (and sickle) coming down . . . is that high level people will "taken out".  It will be shocking, surprising . . . the types of usually untouchable players--how they are suddenly no longer "protected".  I said watch for swift and high profile purges. . . . This always is the pattern when the takeover regime is getting ready to throw all its cards finally out on the table."

I wrote that a while back . . . having written of it even earlier in the game.  Big level stakes bring big level "hits". . . . That's what I think.  It's what I expected.  It's what I see.

Then . . . there was a very strange, disturbing dream I had the same night the news came out of Scalia's passing.  I don't generally like to relate dreams as most seem to be mere subconscious rambling about and working things through.  BUT, sometimes they have a very different quality.  The difference is stark.  It seems clear to me in such cases that something is being deliberately communicated or shown. . . .

I had one of those the other night right after Scalia's death.

I have never dreamed of Obama.  But that night it was like a visitation--very odd and out of the blue.  Have you heard stories that some people have told about being visited by the Antichrist?  He appears in dreams or materializes in their room to convert them to his cause.  I'm not here claiming those accounts are legitimate but am saying that what my dream was like . . . was like what such people have described.

I was in some unknown location.  There were some people generally about.  Obama was there milling, hanging around.  Very slick, very well dressed and quite affable bordering on gregarious.  I sort of bumped into him as he was saying something to someone there.  I was kind of rolling my eyes, not buying his assertions . . . and made a quiet off-hand remark--something to the effect of "yeah right, is it not true that you have full intentions regardless to take us down the full 'left hand path'?"  He didn't bridle as I expected (as in, he didn't immediately switch into his famous, defensive, petulant attitude).  Instead, he came over and engaged me in conversation. 

That is when it got weird, and in retrospect, downright spooky.

In his presence . . . I gradually went from a solid position of adamantly opposed to his agenda to a softening and engagement.  A supernatural seduction was going on.  In my mind, as he talked I found myself thinking and feeling, "he's quite charming actually . . . I want to please him . . . maybe I will just go along with what he's saying . . . it 'feels' so comforting and seductive" . . . .

Yikes! . . . was my first thought upon awaking.  It was as though (in the dream) I lost my mind, my whole position and was lulled into an almost euphoric, "high", pleasantly relinquishing state of mind.

"Seduction" . . . in all it's broad aspects, is the descriptive term most applicable to what I experienced.

As I pondered the dream the next morning I thought of the various "opposition" leaders who have started out strongly opposing the president's agenda . . . who then--shockingly--suddenly seem to be his best buddy and going along with his program, putting up no resistance . . . and, rather, helping.  There was an obvious, visceral, supernatural element of seduction and something like hypnotism going on, the likes of which I have never experienced.  And there would have to be . . . for I despise what he and his comrades are doing to destroy/remake this country and "traditional" American culture.  Only some powerful supernatural force of compulsion and mesmerization could so swiftly transform my opposition . . . into a form of smiling, ceding supplication verging on cooperation. . . .

I have long imagined a scenario . . . as the end of things draws nigh . . . when the tyrannical elements and entities are in their final "bringing down the hammer" act . . . that "they" might have the technological (or mystical? or both?) ability to mass-drug or hypnotize (through frequencies?) the population . . . so that everyone FEELS euphoric, happy, content in reaction to the overt and otherwise obvious destruction of their freedom and sovereignty.  Was this dream a foreshadowing of that coming effect?

Anyway, just thought I'd share that . . . as it was a highly unusual dream fro me and bore profound mystical/supernatural qualities . . . I found quite alarming. . . . And coming right on the heels of the justice's sudden passing . . . it felt somehow related, as if we had just entered into a new, deeper phase of the "takeover". . . .

God bless,
God rules,
take care,
bro, t

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Beware Fanciful Theories

“Beware of manufacturing a God of your own: a God who is all mercy, but not just; a God who is all love, but not holy; a God who as a heaven for every body, but a hell for none; a God who can allow good and bad to be side by side in time, but will make no distinction between good and broad in eternity. Such a God is an idol of your own, as truly an idol as any snake or crocodile in an Egyptian temple. The hands of your own fancy and sentimentality have made him. He is not the God of the Bible, and beside the God of the Bible there is no God at all.”

 “There is a common, worldly kind of Christianity in this day, which many have, and think they have enough-a cheap Christianity which offends nobody, and requires no sacrifice-which costs nothing, and is worth nothing.”

 “Holiness is the habit of being of one mind with God, according as we find His mind described in Scripture. It is the habit of agreeing in God's judgment, hating what He hates, loving what He loves, and measuring everything in this world by the standard of His Word.”

 “Laughter, ridicule, opposition and persecution are often the only reward which Christ’s followers get from the world.”

 “Next to praying there is nothing so important in practical religion as Bible reading. By reading that book we may learn what to believe, what to be, and what to do; how to live with comfort, and how to die in peace.  Happy is that man who possesses a Bible! Happier still is he who reads it! Happiest of all is he who not only reads it, but obeys it, and makes it the rule of his faith and practice!”

 “Hearken, my believing reader. What is the cause of your weakness? Is it not because the fountain of life is little used? Is it not because you are resting on old experiences, and not daily gathering new manna—daily drawing new strength from Christ?”

 “. . . Beware of being wise above that which is written. Beware of forming fanciful theories of your own, and then trying to make the Bible square with them. Beware of making selections from your Bible to suit your taste. Dare not to say, ‘I believe this verse, for I like it. I refuse that, for I cannot reconcile it with my views.’ Nay! but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? By what right do you talk in this way? Surely it were better to say, over every chapter in the word, ‘Speak, Lord, for thy servant heareth.’ Ah! if men would do this, they would never deny the unquenchable fire.”

J.C. Ryle

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Socialism Blows

"Venezuela is out of food.
After several years of long lines, rationing, and shortages, the socialist country does not have enough food to feed its population, and the opposition government has declared a “nutritional emergency.” This is just the most recent nail in the beleaguered country’s slow, painful economic collapse.

Many people expect an economic collapse to be shocking, instant, and dramatic, but really, it’s far more gradual than that. It looks like empty shelves, long lines, desperate government officials trying to cover their tushes, and hungry people. For the past two years, I’ve been following the situation in Venezuela as each shocking event has unfolded. Americans who feel that our country would be better served by a socialist government would be wise to take note of this timeline of the collapse. . . .  And now, the announcement of the “nutritional emergency” makes it official. Venezuela is out of food, and it’s only a matter of time before Venezuelans are quite literally starving due to a long series of terrible decisions by their leaders."

Friday, February 12, 2016

Ominous Developments & Wise "Hiding"

Ominous developments . .. . re the Burns Oregon fallout. . . .
I've been following closely since it started the protest in Burns.  Bottom line of what's happening is that the Feds are basically making it a crime to assemble and/or speak out in protest against government abuses.  It's the effective chilling and outright denial of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances".

Among other charges against the various people involved with the protests . . . they are making the heading charge of "conspiracy" (to impede Fed officials) the most prominent.  In effect, what it looks like they are putting out there . . . is that . . . if you communicate and organize and plan protests against the Gov., then you are a seditious "conspirator" worthy of federal prison.  You are a "domestic terrorist" even. . . .  How far might this go?  Will any speech between citizens, that the government deems as likely to "impede" officials in the carrying out of their work, be considered a "conspiracy"?

What ought to be noticed by bloggers, podcasters and . . . really any serious, legitimate non-state media purveyors . . . and activist citizens in general is what has happened to Pete Santilli.  He was arrested along with the Bundy's and the other primary activists, although he was merely on the scene acting as an independent "alternative" media journalist, documenting the events.  Yes, he expressed his own opinion of the situation, and often did so in his trademark belligerent style--nevertheless, that is not even what they are really getting him on.  They are going back several years to podcasts he did when he was in his hometown--things he SAID on his radio show that they don't like. Imagine, if they wanted to, what they might be able to go back and find on you in emails, conversations, postings, interviews or calls to talk radio. . . . ?

While the complaints appear to be quite legitimate that the Bundy's and other ranchers are making, the strategy of the Bundy's was sorely lacking.  They have allowed themselves to be drawn in and set up for easy capture. 

What is clear to me from watching this whole thing develop . . . is another example of what I've addressed before as the "Tienanmen Square tactic".  I see this tactic being in full force and merely at the early stages now of its "iron fist" component.  Lay back . . . with kid gloves . . . then strike suddenly with the iron fist once every potential troublemaker is drawn into the open. . . .

What they have done is . . . provoke some situations . . . then laid back and allowed the irate "patriots" to move into action.  Again . . . they hold back, watch, record and wait.  This gives the protesters a false sense of growing success and bravado.  Ammon Bundy and his crew were remarkably foolish to be leaving their Refuge stand to make forays into town and especially to drive many miles to go to a nearby county meeting.  Because the Feds had pretty much left them alone and even were acting somewhat conciliatory . . . it gave the impression that the activists were making headway and had the agents on the run or in a quandary. 

[But nothing could have been farther from the case.]  Then, with an agent infiltrator (MM) now increasingly guiding and forming their tactics, they were led and tricked into exposing themselves to a premeditated ambush.  It was simple to take them down and out and then control the narrative from there. 

Same as what just happened to the protest patriarch Cliven Bundy.  After the infamous standoff at his ranch in Nevada a couple years back . . . the feds backed off and left him alone as if he had "won" . . . and allowed him to carry on in activism and communications . . . getting over confident . . . all the while they are watching and recording his every word and move.  Then, when the time was right and easy, they simply nabbed him as he was cavorting about in a false sense of power and security.

I believe this is happening now on the broad scale.  So far, it seems we are mostly able to communicate and complain and protest yet relatively freely, so long as we don't do anything violent and overt.  But I suspect that all they are doing . . . is likewise . . . hanging back, watching and recording everything . . . building up case files . . . until the time when the big, final hammer (and sickle) comes down.

In the Bible we have examples both of believers submitting to persecution and also fleeing.  Both are proper Biblical responses and each person much be in close contact with the Holy Spirit to know which is God's will in an individual case.

Often times believers, disciples . . . are told to "flee" and hide-and even the apostles and Jesus Himself sometimes fled a violent situation rather than allow themselves to be captured.  In other instances, they humbly submitted. 

Some will be called to stand boldly and loudly proclaim the Truth.  Instant martyrs.  Others will be called to hide themselves, for there will be need of witnesses to carry on in all kinds of scenarios and locations ongoing.
Believers have from the beginning . . . been sometimes led to ensconce themselves right in the midst of the enemy, even in their employ, hidden, yet carrying on God's work where they are placed.  Each person's situation is unique.  Some of us will be blended in among the tares, secreted for God's purposes yet to be revealed--to be left alive to "fight" another day ("fight" meaning simply ie.,  to teach and preach and be witness to the Truth--the Word of God).

We should not lie or be deceptive . . . but we need not always necessarily be blazing our case.  There is a time and a season for everything . . . and it may be that some are called to lay low (though never compromising Truth) to be in a position to help and change hearts from "within" the "system" and to be on hand to help and perhaps mitigate the suffering and persecution of the people. . . .

Pray and hear and know what you shall do . . . according to the promptings of the Spirit combined with scripture. . . .
God bless......

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Political Entertainment

Politics. . . . Oddly, it's in my blood . . . probably through my grandpa on dad's side who was a Senator.  I've always been interested in it--I like to watch the debates and pretty much track everything that's going on.  The odd part I guess, is that even though I like to watch it like watching a sport, I don't think it's real.  I believe the thing is rigged and is set up mostly as theater to distract while the actual power brokers are busy doing what they will regardless.  What never gets addressed in all that back and forth and punditry analysis . . . is how much the globalist agenda is actually running the show.  Has Trump said anything about the CFR?  About the one world banksters who are starting wars and revolutions and chaos?  About how THEY are the ones that must be resisted and shut down?  All the domestic policies in the world can't do a thing while the trans-national globalists are overriding local control via sovereignty-superseding treaties, ie., like NAFTA, GATT and TPP.

What alarms me about Trump--although I too get a kick a get out of his political UN-correctness and his general "America first" motif--is how often and easily he has shifted his views on things.  Anyone who has been friends with and praised the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Hitlery and Bill Clinton . . . as being "great, good people" . . . either has no spiritual discernment or doesn't have any foundational principles guiding his life.  It's all pragmatism--whatever works in the moment.  What's to say that, while now he is talking a fairly good "conservative" game . . . he doesn't start caving and compromising once it's "pragmatic" to change his positions yet again.  Also, anyone who could ever support partial birth abortion . . . has got me worried.  Yes, people change, but they don't really change unless they are Born Again--and I see no evidence of that in Trump from the way he talks, the pride, and how he attacks fellow conservatives with the same left-wing talking points the Demoncrats use and his unfamiliarity with Biblical thought and verse.  I am a fan of the Constitution . . . and I don't believe he really is anchored in it.  It's all deals, pragmatism, and a fair amount of Saul Alinsky tactics (which I abhor in the left, and abhor more when used by the "right"--those of isolating and demonizing opposition using falsehoods or whatever else works.)

At the same time, I do believe he loves America and does want to see it "winning" again.  If he does make it through, I truly hope that he is indeed as independent from the global money/power brokers as he claims to be and, like a bull in a china shop, puts a halt to a lot of the underhanded back dealing that has so corrupted the civil/political system.

It all is looking suspiciously like a Shakespearian theatrical play, however.  On stage:  the socialist commi versus the billionaire capitalist.  Communism or Capitalism, which will America choose from the two extremes?  If we choose Capitalism . . . is it all simply allowed . . . because the NWO crew are on the verge of collapsing the whole system . . . so that forever it will be etched:  "See!  You fools chose the capitalist and now the whole system is crashing into a great, global depression!"

Capitalism then gets the final blame as the thing comes down.  So, in the aftermath, everyone says, "Well, I guess we might as well try the socialism/communism thing now to rebuild . . . because look what happened when we picked the 'free market' capitalist!"

Or, is it simply . . . come election time, the votes get rigged to elect socialist A or socialist B from the democraps . . . and it is said, "Well, there you have it.  A free and open election and America has finally, publicly decided to go the socialism route full force.  End of debate."

The other concern is . . . I know the wicked media is holding its fire on Trump.  They have got piles of hit pieces ready to go once he is nominated, and, unfortunately he has been on every side of the issues at one point or another and who knows what else they've got in their files to paint him into the poster boy for hypocrisy/flip-floppery.  On the other hand people are so fed up with the establishment and the media that, in his case, it only seems to strengthen his following . . . and hopefully that is the way it goes.  And . . . sorry to say . . . I see a lot of the same lack of objectivity and emotionalism in some of Trump's followers as I saw in Obama's.  "Hope and Change" . . . "Make America Great" . . . work wonders to turn of critical thinking when a people are so beat down, frustrated and eager for salvation . . . that they will jump on board emotionally and then refuse to use any further reason and critical analysis because they don't want their balloon burst. . . . I also don't like the vitriol that too often instantly flies from "true believers" should you dare to engage them on legitimate issues of concern and disagree.

I still think Cruz is the closest thing to a principled statesman out there.  I see him getting smeared from all sides.  His mannerisms and delivery drive me crazy, but I'm not interested in glamor or star quality.  I'm interested in brains and courage.  It is obvious the establishment hates him--even more than Trump (they've admitted they think they can work with Trump if it comes down to it--"make deals" with him).  I want a constitutionalist above all and I know that is something Cruz understands--he's a brilliant guy.  BUT . . . his wife is a problem.  Her contacts and inclinations are highly suspect (Goldman Sachs/CFR).  I could be wrong, but I think just as Ted has gone up against his party leaders, he wouldn't let her influence control his decision making.

Ultimately, I don't fully trust any of them and I don't think it is really going to matter who gets in.  The Luciferian global cabal has got the whole game pretty much sewn up one way or the other.  If Trump or Cruz or any other were actually to start making headway into restoring the Republic and Constitutional government, I expect they (the NWO boys)  will simply either eliminate them or quickly crash the whole system into chaos, catastrophe, war, disease and every other evil they can muster.  Plus, I rely on God's Word and it seems fairly clear to me that . . . we are headed for a global Beast totalitarian government regardless.  It's in His plan to allow it.  That's just the way it is.

It's a fun distraction, like sports, to get your hopes up and I believe we are nevertheless always called to stand and oppose tyranny and evil and ought be seeking to establish God's kingdom on earth, primarily through the spreading of the Gospel (not politics); yet we ought be civilly minded as well and do our part if so led. . . . I certainly don't think favoring this or that candidate ought lead to the end of friendships and fellowship spiritually.  This is all basically rot-gut stuff compared to what is truly important in this life, this world:  GOD and His will.  It (politics) becomes a sin when it becomes the hope of salvation, whether spiritually OR materially; when we are focused more on political "theater" and worldly personalities . . . than on Jesus--God--day to day.  It's just one more trick up the Enemy's sleeve to distract, divert, co-opt, seduce, enslave . . . through inducing trust in the arm of flesh versus trust in the Lord.

Now, it could be that God gives us a break--stalls the tyranny for a season, which I wouldn't mind one bit.  But in the end, I know where it's all going; and that is . . . that all man's efforts to create heaven on earth through political, economic, philosophical means etc., will pile up to one, big, glaring disaster--a hellish, Satanic world government . . . which the Lord will finally crush in one, grand sweeping gesture.  THEN. . . .

"Then I saw “a new heaven and a new earth,” for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea. I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”  --Rev. 21:1-4

Sunday, February 7, 2016

"Good for you, glory for God"

My wife and I were talking about this . . . early this morning over our early--"all quiet on the Western Front" (everyone's still asleep)--cup of coffee:

"Freedom in Christ".  How it is often a throwaway line and/or sometimes not really very understood.  The unbelievers and cultists think it means, "Oh, so now that you've got Jesus you can just do whatever you want to"--in other words it simply means "Antinomianism"  (a pejorative term for the teaching that Christians are under no obligation to obey the laws of ethics or morality.)

But, in effect, it refers to something much richer, deeper, profound . . . powerful yet subtle.

Things that use to have a hold on you--emotional, idolatrous, sensual, ie., have loosened their hold and you are no longer controlled and whipped about by them. . . .

If someone lies about you, or betrays you, or is rude or devious against you. . . where once such a thing would vex and harry your emotions, fomenting resentment and long-lasting anger and thoughts of vengeance (which negative attachments might last for weeks, months, years ongoing) . . . with "freedom in Christ" they fall away rather quickly.  Yes, you may be hurt for a moment, but you do not become enslaved to dark and persistent anger that pulls you down to carnal retributive impetus.

I described that it is as if you have armor on and, though you take a blow and it makes you reel or creases your arm, no real damage is done.  The attack is repelled and highly mitigated.

Another example:  I am working on putting together a new music venture/project which, if done in the past . . . "B.C." . . . I would soon be beset with worldly derailments and temptations of various kinds, mostly psychological, spiritual, but then physical as well.  In fact, I would use the "worldliness" of the operation--the energies, idols, strategies of the flesh--to make the thing succeed.  But now, as one born again, as exciting as it may be (this project); and as it does necessarily involve engagement with "the world" . . . I can take it or leave it.  If it all comes to naught, I will not be crushed or disturbed, but only slightly disappointed . . . as my center, my focus, my main purpose in life . . . is in God, not this or that venture or project.

In other words, I am free--"free in Christ".  The vanity involved is gone.

Likewise, whatever setbacks generally in life . . . accidents, material struggles, conundrums etc.,--they are met and dealt with at arms length; the stress or effort they might bring to solve or soldier through do not enter into the fundamental peace and faith I have that "works together for the good" where God is the central devotion and commitment. . . .

It has nothing to do with being "able" to do lawless things or engage in fleshly activities and thoughts with no repercussions.  What we find is that we are already FREE from the attachments and enslavements and allurements that worldly, carnal enticements produce. It never goes that far.  We don't reach the point of acting on such things or even really thinking of or feeling them, because there is no enslaving "chain" pulling us into it.  Spiritual armor stands in the way and there is nothing for "them" to latch onto to draw us into the dark, iniquitous morass, where overt sin abounds.

This doesn't mean that I am not on guard and not watchful for tricks and disguised temptation. . . . But where once it was virtually guaranteed that I would stumble and run off the rails, now there is a supernatural, protective buffer.  The world and the things OF the world are dim, dead--even repulsive.  "The thrill is gone" so-to-speak. . . .

Instead, I continually see opportunities to take Truth and Light into all circumstances, where, as my wife noted, once you are Christ's . . . and HE is at the center of your purpose and life, all things are done, according to His will, to be "good for you, while giving glory to God". . . .

THIS is what "freedom in Christ" is all about. . . .

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Demonic "Christian" Culture

. . . . Yes . . . and Celebrate Recovery is AA's Trojan Horse into many churches.  I detest when worldly means and outright devilish methods are shined up with "Christian" polish and then inserted into the fellowship of believers.  In this case, it's like taking the Satanic Bible . . . changing a few words to give the book some "Christian" lingo in place of the overtly Satanic . . . but leaving intact all of the occult and anti-Christ ideas, methods, philosophy, techniques and spirit . . . and then sticking it in all the pews.  Because so many so-called "pastors" are themselves theologically illiterate and lack discernment . . . I believe you could actually do that and many of the congregation would barely notice the difference.  Worldly spirit, philosophy, methodology has so invaded "the church" and "Christian" culture that already many are believing and following demonic doctrine without even realizing it.  I believe that a wide swath of "Christian" culture, literature, music, entertainment . . . is flat-out demonically inspired . . . and I find much of it even more repulsive and insidious than the blatantly, unapologetic worldly, fleshly "entertainment" and culture that is all around and the order of the day.  Peddling demonic doctrine and spirit and methods . . . in the guise of "Biblical" and "Christian" is more loathsome than about anything else I come across. . . .

Friday, February 5, 2016

Celebrate God, Not "Recovery"

Many don't know of the occult origins of Alcoholics Anonymous (and thus the many other "12-step" programs that are its progeny.  Bill Wilson, the founder derived his "recovery" program through "automatic writing" . . . the Ouija board . . . "spirit guides" . . . seances . . .  and he was an eager proponent and user for a time of LSD.  He was friends with Aleister Crowley disciple and LSD "prophet" Aldous Huxley and infamous heretical mystic Gerald Heard.  Wilson's view of the Bible was a gnostic view similar to that another man of great influence on his thought, the New Age heretic Emmet Fox who taught:

"The 'Plan of Salvation' which figured so prominently in the evangelical sermons and divinity books of a past generation is as completely unknown to the Bible as the Koran. There never was any such an arrangement in the universe, and the Bible does not teach it at all."  ("Sermon On The Mount", Fox, pg 19)

Some other ideas from Fox:
"[In] the Bible the term “Christ” is not identical with Jesus, the individual. It is a technical term which may be briefly defined as the Absolute Spiritual Truth about anything.
The plain fact is that Jesus taught no theology whatever. (pg.20)

You can see the "spiritual" influence of Wilson's gnostic, new agey, occult conception of God littered through the "bible" of AA's "Big Book":  "We found that God does not make too hard terms with those who seek Him. To us, the Realm of the Spirit is broad, roomy, all inclusive; never exclusive or forbidding to those who earnestly seek. It is open, we believe, to all men. When, therefore, we speak to you of God, we mean your own conception of God.” (pg.9)

Also notable is co-founder Bob Smith's involvement in Freemasonry.

All in all, AA and it's spawning of multitudinous similar "12-step" style recovery programs, has been a (albeit temporary) stunning success in the devil's war of widespread cultural/spiritual deception.

It is alarming and tragic how many churches have bought into AA's devilish spawn "Celebrate Recovery" and all its various, Trojan horse sidekicks ie., "Emotions Anonymous", "Sexual Anonymous" which treat "addiction" as an "illness" . . . a "disease" . . . rather than SIN! to be repented of through the power of the Holy Spirit of the God of the Bible!

 AA's "higher power as you understand it" is a direct route to idolatry and in wicked opposition to the very first and foremost commandment of God "Thou shall have no other gods before me"!

Wolf in sheep's clothing "Pastor" Rick Warren--a big proponent of "Celebrate Recovery" says: "In 1935 a couple of guys formulated, based upon the scriptures, what are known as the classic twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and used by hundreds of other recovery groups. Twenty million Americans are in a recovery group every week and there are 500,000 recovery groups. The basis is God's word."

. . . . Which, if you know the true Satanic origins of AA, is a blasphemous lie and horrific deception. 

 "Substitute anything for Christ, and the Gospel is totally spoiled!
Add anything to Christ, and the Gospel ceases to be a pure Gospel!
Put anything between a person and Christ, and that person will neglect Christ for that very thing!
Spoil the proportions of Christ's Gospel, and you spoil its effectiveness!
Evangelical religion must be the Gospel, the whole Gospel and nothing but the Gospel!"
- J.C. Ryle

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Patient In Affliction

Getting free of addictive, compulsive habits and behavior is something that can either be done by the power of the Holy Spirit . . . or . . . by the power of the very demons who so often cause it.  A great trick of the dark side is when they entice and cultivate some sinful habit or sickness . . . and then, if the person seeking to remove it goes the way of occult healing, they will remove it as if a healing has been done.  They do this to draw the victim even further into faith and reliance on the demonic realm for sustenance and empowerment. 

All forms of self help, self will, self empowerment detached from Biblical truth and communion with the Spirit likewise go this way.  This is why "12 step" programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narconon (Scientology based, btw), and especially "Celebrate Recovery" are so dangerous.  They have the program ahead of the Gospel and God and become a form of idolatry.

Rather than become steeped in these programs' methodologies and philosophies, the seeker ought be being steeped in Biblical truth and be in association with other Believers.  A true disciple of Christ ought not be "forsaking the gathering of the saints".  Fellowship with other Believers and immersion in God's Word are critical to successfully escaping the clutches of habitual sinning.

There is no magic bullet to defeat such sin, although sometimes the Holy Spirit will instantly relieve you from a besetting sin, though this appears not to be the norm.  Rather, it is usually an ongoing process, including ups and downs, stumblings and fallings, but always overall moving forward to freedom from oppression.  The one who has faith in God and trusts God above all is willing to forge on, however long it takes, grateful for every inch forward and resisting the temptation toward resentment and anger and impatience with God.

The enemy will constantly be pressing you to give up altogether and go off alone, wandering.  Shaking your fist at God and then turning your back on Him and His servants and fellow Believers is what the enemy wants you to do.  And if you do, your condition will invariably become many times worse.  Oh, there will be some temporary relief from the stress of "trying" and struggling against your sinful nature . . . but before long you will be suffering from even more bad habits and all of them worsening.

If you claim to love and seek God and the Truth . . . and you really do . . . you will fight.  You won't give up.  You won't turn your back on God.  Or, if you do, you will always keep coming back, as He Himself will again retrieve you from the mire and will draw you once again to take up the battle.

If you persist, time after time of failing and falling, to yet seek healing and freedom in Christ, He is faithful to deliver you.  If you love God and truly want Him above all . . . you will not quit.  You will trust that He will, in His own time, begin to clean you up and carry you along the route of progressive sanctification.  I know this from His Word and from personal experience.

"Rejoice in hope; be patient in affliction; be persistent in prayer."  --Rom. 12:12

"Blessed is a man who perseveres under trial; for once he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him."  --James 1:12

 "Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary."  --Gal. 6:9

Monday, February 1, 2016

Great Googly Moogly!

It would be nice--fantastic even--if I could do something else . . . besides . . .  SHOVEL SNOW!!!!

Great googly moogly!....(To quote Zappa's Nanook).... It just wont let up!  Every spare minute . . . it's just . . . get on the boots, the goggles, gloves . . . trudge back out . . . and shovel and shovel and blow . . . snow scrapers come by, push a big pile in front of the driveway of rock hard slush/salt/snow . . . dig out again . . . nowhere to put the snow . . . can't see the street to back out . . . wing and a prayer every time . . . drive Sky to work, pick him up, his car useless . . . shovel some more . . . grab a snack and some water . . . change drenched coat . . . chip chop ice . . . blow the new 6 foot drift off driveway . . . dogs escaping . . . rush to back yard and shovel the trench/gap between yard and mountain up-slope . . . wanna blog . . . can't blog GOTTA SHOVEL FRIGGIN' MORE SNOW . . . getting "tennis elbow/shovel elbow" stabbing pain . . . back gone . . . ow . . . BUT . . . can't stop now . . . yay . . . there's ANOTHER FLOOPIN" STORM ON THE WAY . . . .

Aye yi yi . . . . . .

. . . . Have some things on my mind to write about here . . . but . . . well . . . GOTTA GO FLICKIN'  DIG OUT SOME MORE SNOW!!! 

Back in a bit--when . . . . . .  IT STOPS SNOWING>>>>! AAAWWWRGHDHGHGHHLLBBLLAWWHAHAAAAHHHH!!**$&%*&#*%Y@H!!!...


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