Sunday, November 29, 2015

Marks Of A Cult

I've been studying the Seventh Day Adventists and it lead me to some lists of what to look for in discerning whether a sect is a cult... This is a pretty good list and I would say that one need not be IN a cult to have cultic (heretical or erroneous) beliefs. . . .
"To be classified as a cult, not all of the following characteristics have to be present, but in most cases, in one form or another, all of them will be:

1. Extrabiblical Authority: All cults deny what God says in His Word as true. Cults have shifted their theological point of authority away from God's full and final written Word, the Bible, to their own unique, self-promoting opinions about the Bible; they generally will use parts of the Bible but will have their own unique scripture which is considered to be superior to the Bible. While some cult groups give token respect for the Bible and go through the motions of accepting the authority of Scripture, in reality, they honor the group's or leader's novel interpretation of Scripture as normative.

2. Works Salvation/Legalism: Cults teach that eternal life depends upon something other than the Atonement; i.e., faith in the atoning, finished work of Christ on the cross is deemed not to be sufficient (usually replaced with human works and human responsibility). Rather than relying on the grace of God alone for salvation, the salvation message of the cults always boils down to required obedience to, or abstention from, certain obligations and practices (some even including obedience to the Old Testament law).

3. No Assurance of Salvation: The issue of a cult member's salvation is never settled, but is constantly affected by the changing circumstances of life; in this way, cult leaders are able to produce continued obligation and spiritual bondage, rather than spiritual freedom.

4. Guru-Type Leader/Modern Prophet: The cult leader is looked to as the infallible interpreter of Scripture, specially appointed by God to be a special saint, guru, or contemporary messiah, and thereby, has divine authority that must not be violated. Cultists almost always quote their leader rather than the Bible. The cult's adherents often expound the virtues of the founders and seek to cover the founder's sins and wickedness.

5. Vacillating, Ambiguous Doctrines/Spiritual Deception: In order to gain favor with the public, and thereby aid in the recruitment of new members, cult "doctrine" tends to be characterized by many false or deceptive claims concerning the cult's true spiritual beliefs (e.g., Mormons are not quick to reveal their belief that God was a man, who has now become the God of planet Earth).

6. Exclusivity from/Denunciation of Other Groups: Each cult group, regardless of what other doctrines are taught, will all have this one common idea -- "The Only True Church Syndrome." The members of each specific organization have been taught that their church, organization, or community, is the only true group and that all other groups are false. The group's leaders will explain that it is impossible to serve God without being a member of the specific group. Moreover, when the cult leader announces himself as the true "Messiah," all others are declared to be dishonest, deceitful, and deluded, and must be put down; alternative views are denounced as being satanic and corrupt. Persecution is welcomed, and even glorified in, as "evidence" that they are being persecuted for righteousness sake. Thus, if a member decides to leave the group, they have been told that they are not simply leaving an organization, but rather they are leaving God and His only true organization. Hence, for a member of a cult who has been in a group for any length of time, the action of leaving the group is much more difficult than what most Christians understand. To leave the group is, in the minds of the cult member, tantamount to leaving God.

7. Claims of Special Discoveries/Additional Revelation: Acceptance of new, contemporary, continual revelations that either deny the Bible or are allowed to explain it. The fundamental characteristic of Christianity is that it is historical, not dependent upon private knowledge and secret, unconfirmable relationships, while the almost universal basis of cult religion is the claimed exclusive revelation that one person has supposedly received. Rather than conforming to Biblical rules of evidence (2 Cor. 13:1), cult leader revelations almost always emanate from hallucinations, visions, dreams, private discoveries, etc. These new revelations often become codified as official written "scripture" of the cults (e.g., The Book of Mormon), and are considered as valid as that of the apostles (and even more relevant because they are given in these end times).

8. Defective Christology: Cults always have a false view of the nature of the Person of Jesus Christ; a cult will usually deny the true deity of Christ, His true humanity, His true origin, or the true union of the two natures in one Person.

9. Defective "Nature of Man": Most cults do not see man as an immortal being; instead they see him either as an animal without a soul or as a being which is being perfected to the point of becoming a god. They usually do not see man as a spirit clothed in a body of flesh awaiting the redemption of body and soul.

10. Out-Of-Context Scripture Use as Proof-Texts/Segmented Biblical Attention: Cults tend to focus on one verse or passage of the Bible to the exclusion of others, and without regard for the context in which Scripture is given (e.g., 1 Cor. 15:29 used by Mormons to justify baptism for the dead). In addition, cults have made an art form out of using Christian terminology, all the while pouring out their own meanings into the words.

11. Erroneous Doctrines Concerning Life After Death and Retribution: Covering the gamut from soul sleep to annihilationism to purgatory to universalism to the progression to godhood, cults invariably deny the existence of a final judgment of, and a final "resting" place for, the unrighteous.

12. Entangling Organization Structure: The less truth a movement represents, the more highly it seems to have to organize itself; the absence of truth seems to make necessary the application of the bonds of fear. Cults often demand total commitment by their converts to an organizational involvement that entangles them in a complicated set of human restrictions, giving the impression of passionate and often irrational devotion to a cause. 

13. Financial Exploitation: The cultic practitioner strongly implies that money contributed to the cause will earn the contributor numerous gifts, powers, and abilities, and in many cases, outright salvation.

14. Pseudomystical/Spiritistic/Occultic Influence: Occult influence is many times found in either the origin of the group and/or in its current practices."

Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday "Book Club" get together:)....

I admit this is a bit self serving to say, but I believe it is true nonetheless:)--that only highly intelligent, spiritually discerning, spiritually advanced people are those who regularly read this blog.

As per a request from one of those I'd suggest  (re John Owen books to read):

--"Communion With God" (You could say that being in close communion, fellowship with God is--next to serving His glory--what it's all about, this Christian goal and life.... Owen goes deeply, brilliantly and lovingly into this matter)
--"Temptation And Sin"  (I am a big fan of the process of sanctification, heh. . . and Owen inspires here to truly be about the work of fleshing out our salvation with trembling awe and genuine, joyous motivation.  No cheap grace here. . . .)
--"A Display Of Arminianism"  (Owen carefully, powerfully shows up the temptation of man to place himself at the head--to glorify his own "free will" above God's and how this leads to virtually to all the other heresies and errors.  It is idolatry and covetousness, this wicked urge to displace God as Supreme Leader. . . .)

"The sum of their [Arminians] endeavor is, to prove that the will of man is so absolutely free, independent, and uncontrollable, that God doth not, nay, with all his power cannot, determine it certainly and infallibly to the performance of this or that particular action, thereby to accomplish his own purposes, to attain his own ends. Truly, it seems to me the most unfortunate attempt that ever Christians lighted on; which, if it should get success answerable to the greatness of the undertaking, the providence of God, in men’s esteem, would be almost thrust quite out of the world. The new goddess contingency could not be erected until the God of heaven was utterly despoiled of his dominion over the sons of men, and in the room thereof a home-bred idol of self-sufficiency set up, and the world persuaded to worship it. But that the building climb no higher, let all men observe how the word of God overthrows this Babylonian tower."  --John Owen 

"The soul of man, by reason of the corruption of nature, is not only darkened7 with a mist of ignorance, whereby he is disenabled for the comprehending of divine truth, but is also armed with prejudice and opposition against some parts thereof, which are either most above or most contrary to some false principles which he hath framed unto himself. As a desire of self-sufficiency was the first cause of this infirmity, so a conceit thereof is that wherewith he still languisheth; nothing doth he more contend for than an independency of any supreme power, which might either help, hinder, or control him in his actions. This is that bitter root from whence have sprung all those heresies, and wretched contentions which have troubled the church, concerning the power of man in working his own happiness, and his exemption from the over-ruling providence of Almighty God. All which wrangling disputes of carnal reason against the word of God come at last to this head, Whether the first, and chiefest part, in disposing of things in this world, ought to be ascribed to God or man? Men for the most part have vindicated this pre-eminence unto themselves, by exclamations that so it must be, or else that God is unjust, and his ways unequal."

You've got to read Owen slowly and carefully because of the old English, but man what wisdom!  One of the best. . . .


On another note, I have been meaning for some time to share some of the foundational books I read that really got me up to speed on the globalist agenda for the "one-world" communist/socialist/fascist dictatorship that we see now being snapped into place.  I have an extensive library on this topic, covering it from all angles . . . but would say here are some of the books that have been among the best that clearly lay out the methods, strategies and players involved (and although many of them rather dated now are only strengthened in that . . . where what they warned of is now clearly evident as having been stunningly accurate):

"The Future Is Ours, Comrade"   by Joseph Novak  (This is one of my favorite books written from the inside of communist society in its [USSR] heyday.  It's a bit of rare book now....

"None Dare Call It Conspiracy"  by Gary Allen  ("The best way for the Insiders to eliminate this growing competition was to impose a progressive income tax on their competitors while writing the laws so as to include built-in escape hatches fro themselves."  pg. 60)

"None Dare Call It Treason...25 Years Later"  by John A. Stormer  ("It [advancing socialism in the America] dispensed with the absurd Christian myths of sin and damnation and believed that what shortcomings man might have were to be redeemed, not by Jesus on the cross, but by the benevolent unfolding of history. Tolerance, free inquiry, and technology, operating in the framework of human perfectibility, would in the end create a heaven on earth, a goal accounted much more sensible and wholesome than a heaven in heaven."  pg. quoting Professor Arthur Schlesinger, Jr)

"The Invisible Government"  by Dan Smoot    ("The communists have never subjugated a nation by winning the loyalties of the oppressed and downtrodden.  The communists FIRST win the support of the liberal-intellectuals, and then use them to subvert and pervert all established mores and ideals and social and political arrangements."  --pg.100)

"En Route To Global Occupation"  by Gary H. Kah  ("There is no God and no soul.  Hence, there are no needs for the props of traditional religion.  With dogma and creed excluded, then immutable, unchangeable truth is also dead and buried.  There is no room for fixed, natural law or permanent moral absolutes."  pg.60 quoting John Dewey, father of modern, progressive public education.  "In our dreams we have limitless resources and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands.  The present educational conventions fade from our minds, and unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk."  John D. Rockefeller, 1902 while establishing the "General Education Board" pg59)

"New Lies For Old"   by Anatoly Golitsyn  (Fantastic exposé of the current deception plan of Russia)

"The Politician"  by Robert Welch

"The Naked Capitalist" by W. Cleon Skousen

 "The Conspirator's Hierarchy: The Committee of 300"  by Dr. John Coleman  (How drug trafficking finances the elite, among other startling unearthings....)

"The Fearful Master: A 2nd Look At the U.N."  by G. Edward Griffin

"Betrayal By Rulers"  Michel Sturdza

"The Iron Curtain Over America"  by John Beaty

"Rules For Radicals"  by Saul Alinsky  (You really get to learn their despicable techniques here by the guy who honors Lucifer as "the first rebel.")

"Red Horizons: The True Story of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescus' Crimes, Lifestyle, and                     Corruption"   by Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa

 "The Fabric Of Terror"  by Robert Ruark. (Horrifying accounts of communist agitation and slaughter of "colonials" in Africa.)

"Call It Conspiracy"  by Larry Abraham

"Masters Of Deceit"  by J. Edgar Hoover  (Shows how minorities and "civil rights" have been used to agitate the "lower classes" and certain races to choose socialism as the answer to their plights...and why you always see the protesters raising the Marxist fist and carrying communist flags)

"The East Came West"  by Peter Huxley Blythe (Shows the betrayal of the East Bloc countries' citizens by the West back into the hands of the tyranny under communism.)

"You Can Trust The Communists (To Be Communists)"  by Fred Scwarz (Excellent classic Christian perspective on the evils of communism/socialism)

"What Are They Teaching Our Children"  by Mel & Norma Gabler  ( A good early exposing of how socialist/communist propaganda has been infiltrated into the public education system for a loooong time!)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Behold His Glory NOW

God has work to do in this world; and to desert it because of its difficulties and entanglements, is to cast off His authority. It is not enough that we be just, that we be righteous, and walk with God in holiness; but we must also serve our generation, as David did before he fell asleep. God has a work to do; and not to help Him is to oppose Him.

On Christ’s glory I would fix all my thoughts and desires, and the more I see of the glory of Christ, the more the painted beauties of this world will wither in my eyes and I will be more and more crucified to this world. It will become to me like something dead and putrid, impossible for me to enjoy.

To suppose that whatever God requireth of us that we have power of ourselves to do, is to make the cross and grace of Jesus Christ of none effect.

NO MAN shall ever behold the glory of Christ BY SIGHT hereafter, who doth not in some measure behold it BY FAITH here in this world. Grace is a necessary preparation for glory, and faith for sight. Where the subject (the soul) is not previously seasoned with grace and faith, it is not capable of glory or vision. Yea, persons not disposed hereby unto it cannot desire it, whatever they pretend.. if a man pretend himself to be enamored on, or greatly to desire, what he never saw, nor was ever represented unto him, he doth but dote on his own imaginations. And the pretended desires of many to behold the glory of Christ in heaven, who have no view of it by faith while they are here in this world, are nothing but self-deceiving imaginations.

--John Owen

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Regeneration Now

I love the fact that not only does Jesus save and restore us for eternity . . . but He saves and restores our thinking NOW.  Also our feeling. . . .

He changes the heart . . . so that we grow and gain real maturity in love, patience, compassion, gentleness, faithfulness. . . . The corrupt things that use to attract and hold our attention begin to fade in their pull--their lure gets increasingly dim and feckless. . . .

Rather than look down at others with a deep-seated air of superiority and self-righteousness . . . you realize with ever-brimming gratitude and humility that nothing you are or have done . . . is accountable to you for boasting's sake--but if you CAN See and are walking in the truth it is only because God has provided you the ability.  "There BUT FOR the grace of God"--I too would be a lost, self-deluded fool. . . .

And the mind. . . . The mind being regenerated by the Holy Spirit is able indeed to see things more clearly--to see the truth or falsity of things.  Your reasoning ability improves by leaps and bounds; logic, discernment, clarity . . . increase.  Where once you were often led around by hasty, impulsive flights of fancy . . . or by base lusts or petty, self-justifying reflexes . . . or by simple childish selfishness (though usually disguised as something grand) . . . now, a degree of true wisdom has sprouted and gains strength and presence in your daily reckoning.  Wisdom!  The Holy Spirit's regenerating ministry brings wisdom and clarity in its wake, to your mind, to your heart, increasingly infused throughout your living soul--a soul who is now walking The Path that leads to unending joy, peace, profundity, love. . . .

The Spirit also heals and reconciles. . . . Wounds of the soul, no matter how deep and tender, though hidden, are washed . . . and sterilized in the cleansing light of His presence within.  The temple is scoured, bit by bit, for nothing else could happen for it follows that wherever His perfect, healing and loving and regenerating essence exists in such proximity . . . life and holy sanctification, in some form or another will abound. . . .

For the one saved, He not only saves for a future time but NOW begins saving and restoring the wholly good, God-given qualities and abilities . . . that He intended from the start when He made us in His image . . . as His sons and daughters. . . .

Those who claim to have been saved, but never begin showing these signs of progressive regeneration--those who do not love and strive to follow His laws and love . . . are most likely liars; either deceived or deliberately maintaining a sheep's facade while a wolf rages within. . . .

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Music Break....

Music break--
I found a couple of compilation cd's of my old music that I thought were lost for good...there's still another I'm hoping shows up... Anyway I post a few of the songs on Soundclick.. 5 songs and there will be more to follow.  These were all done around 1984-85 (except for Notta Blackstar and Nova Star which were done in 1990 I think) when I was chief engineer/composer at Polymedia Studios .. where we did post production for film and video using the most cutting edge tech at the time (ie., the Linn 9000 drum machine which I loved and still wish I had), some of the early music sequencing software on Apple ... synced up to a 16 track 2" multitrack machine.. We also had the first of the Sony Montage editing systems which were the beginning tech for editing film in digital format.  I believe we produced one of the first, if not the first, all digital soundtracks done for a film synced to film... Even now, if I had the time and equipment I could easily produce a few new songs a day.. and do have a new song in the works that I hope, I pray ... somehow I can get a chance to do along with other new material... oy, it's a frustrating and sad regret that I can't be doing music all the time I must admit... I've wondered if I did a goFund/kickstart thing if I could raise enough money to record an Ep or something? ..... dunno... I feel that ever since I dove into becoming increasingly Biblically based in my writing and focus I've lost a lot of audience and support .. but oh well .... so it goes... I could easily concoct fantastical theories and novel notions to attract a wider following but that has never been my agenda.. The Truth is all I want to be about .. and truly that is the road less traveled, especially these days.....

In other music news I must say that Bowie is staying true to creative form with his new, very strange and disturbing song/video "Blackstar" ... I believe I understand what it's about and if I thought anyone was interested I might decode it as I also believe I understand his work and mind quite well... as it derives from the same "spirit" that I once was attached to. . . . Or, rather, was attached to me....

Also, I--we (my wife, Isaac and I ... and Jack and Meagan to a degree) have become huge Duran Duran fans in the last couple years.  I never really got into them back in their 80s heyday, though like a few of their songs.. But I've come to really respect their musically work.. and their new album "Paper Gods" is excellent.  I love seeing the old timers still being genuinely creative and working--not just going through the motions...

Speaking of son Jackson (some say my "mini me" in terms of his musical drive and work) he is recording some great new material that I think he hopes to put out in a couple of Ep's this spring or so..... He's just getting better and better and is quite naturally gifted that way, especially in production song craft.... He has a great voice too.  He was once offered to join the elite Catholic boys choir here in town .. but he wasn't really into music, oddly, at that time (as a boy)....

I've also been getting into Glenn Campbell, heh... "Wichita Lineman" has always been one of my favorite melancholy songs... What a talent he was/is....

Also become a legit Steely Dan fan the last few years along the rediscovery of Duran Duran.  I've always thought Steely Dan is the apex of analog, fastidious production and songcraft.. but again, didn't really get into their stuff in the 70s other than to appreciate its perfection ... but have now gotten into them full tilt.... Great music.. especially compared to a lot of what is going on now, with some exceptions....

I love that Zeph is continually cranking out new creative material... I wish I lived closer to him and his studio! What fun is obviously having--a true pioneer.....

Saturday, November 21, 2015

"Stop The Presses!"

And here is an example of the two approaches--both of which arrive with certain presuppositions, but where one leads to greater error and delusion while the other leads down the road of truth and growing sanctification and knowledge of God.

So, one could look at the example of Zechariah's being struck dumb for his knee-jerk impulse to doubt and think, "this God looks petty, petulant and like a 'control freak'--" . . . and indeed, this is how most atheists and agnostics and cultists view the God of the Bible.  This is because they bring to the table various ideas and opinions of how God "ought" to be and then when He doesn't fit that view they judge and reject Him.  [They have an idol in their mind and heart which they serve and submit to before the one, true and living God. . . .]

But where do they get these ideas?  Not from the Bible.  In fact, is it not the case that the enemy of God has put into the culture and ongoing collective consciousness, over the centuries that God--"if there is a God"--would not be ie., "controlling" . . . "judgmental" . . . conditional . . . severe . . . "jealous" . . . "wrathful" . . . exclusive . . . etc.  And these notions are so deeply and furtively embedded in the general mindset that people are unaware that they maintain these artificial presuppositions craftily placed within them to misdirect and deceive?

However, when I, as a Believer, read that passage about Zechariah and have also an instant, reflexive impression that God seems a bit petty or capricious . . . the next thing I do is "stop the presses!" so-to-speak. . . .

I think, "well, that can't be right.  Because I know from scripture that God is NOT petty or petulant or capricious or a 'control freak'.  I know that He is all-knowing, gracious, merciful, self-sacrificing, holy, perfect and good!  So, there must be some error (not in God!) but in the way I am looking at it!  This then puts me on the path of truth--of seeking the truth of the matter--and I realize, in this case for instance, that at least one thing is being emphasized and taught by God in the text--and that it how important and dangerous DOUBT and UNBELIEF are to God.  It's no small, "petty" matter to distrust God!

If ever I am looking at scripture and God's revealed character and see something that provokes a negative, reflexive response, I begin my inquiry to understand better with the presupposition, based in God's Word, that whatever the case is, it certainly ISN'T that God is capricious, "jealous", "vengeful", petty etc., in the same way I understand those descriptives in the human, natural (fallen) context.  For I already have as my basal assumptions that God is good, perfect, loving, wise, all-knowing etc., and always does what is right and holy.  If there is a problem, there must a problem with some pre-conceived notion or bias that I have!

Many Christians and so-called "Christians" . . . even claiming to believe and follow the Bible also have many of these same implanted presuppositions gotten from the world, from the enemy . . . and this is where cults get their traction.  Joseph Smith, for example, hated the idea of predestination and of this being the only life whereupon eternal reward or punishment are decided.  He loved the idea of man's"free agency/free will" as being more important to God than God's sovereign will.  So he made up a new religion to fit his  (typically fleshly) presuppositions and biases. . . . Every other false religion and cult has done the same.

The natural man/woman . . . hates God, hates His sovereignty, hates that He has all the power, hates His laws, rejects His plan etc., and the enemy is most pleased to provide all kinds of internally embedded justifications and rationales to reject God as He reveals Himself to actually be . . . and devise another god more to the sinful nature's liking. . . .

Thursday, November 19, 2015

"Credo ut intelligam", Ways & Means

For as long as I've been led to seek God I've always been fascinated to learn more about His character.  I mean, this is GOD!  That there is a God blows me away; and that He is personal and attentive and involved from the largest, most stupendous operations (universe making) to the smallest, most intimate (reaching into discreet individual issues).

The key to truly, truthfully witnessing and appreciating His personal characteristics, personality, ways and means, style, nature etc., is to go to Him with empty hands and an open mind and then let HIM reveal what and Who He is.

What is usually done, however, and is the "natural" inclination to do . . . is to seek and go to Him with pre-conceived ideas of what He ought to be like; "ought" according to one's own standards.

"God would never do THAT!  God is surely not like such-n-such. . . ."

We are generally grossly unaware of the presuppositions, implanted and nurtured biases that we take to His table.  But where do we get the ideas that God ought not be, for instance, a "jealous" God . . . or a "wrathful" God?  Who is it through the ages that has put generally into the collective consciousness that ie., "a loving God would never do ________"?

False teachers, deceivers, enemies of God have from the beginning made a religious industry (using all kinds of different religions, cults, philosophies etc.,) out of embedding deep into the conscience all sorts of presuppositions that "God" surely is mostly one way and not another (ie., "all loving" . . . "unconditionally accepting of all" . . . "wants us to fulfill our self-centered ambitions").

We are born into a pervasive and deep milieu of pre-conceived ideas and beliefs of what God "ought" to be like and then we go looking for the god that fits that description, combined with a few of our own individual predispositions. . . . 

. . . .Rather than discover Who and what God actually is! 

I am most intrigued by those parts of His revealed Word which show His character and style to be contrary to what I would (and once did) imagine how God acts and "responds" when interacting with important characters in His unfolding salvific plan (and us in general).  [By-the-way, I'm highly intrigued and fascinated that He designed the world and its history to be one which hinges on having a salvific plan in the first place--as in, why did He not just create things perfect and leave it at that!  Now, though, I can see how it redounds all to His glory. . . .]

One such example I came upon recently is the case of Zechariah and Elizabeth, the parents of John The Baptist.

The priest Zechariah was burning incense in the temple when he was visited by the angel Gabriel. [Right there I find it so interesting that God created and uses angels to interact with humans--of all the things and ways He could do such.]  Gabriel tells the priest "do not be afraid" and goes on to describe the son he will have and his mission. . . .

Then, to me, a striking thing occurs.  Zechariah is  incredulous that this will all happen (because of his wife's age) and asks for proof.  Gabriel appears a bit peeved at Zechariah's doubting and so (God) struck the priest dumb, the angel saying, "because you didn’t believe what I said, you will be unable to talk until the day this happens. Everything will come true at the right time.”  --Luke 1:20

 That Zechariah had prayed for a child and that God heard his prayers (according to Gabriel) . . .  that God sent an angel to the priest announcing his role in the great salvific plan . . . and that he was struck dumb for his doubting--but just for a limited period of time--this whole train of events shows so much about the character, style, ways and means of God!  It is all so intimate, so nuanced, so blessed, so severe. . . .

And so telling of foundational issues pertaining to "spirituality". . . . 

I wrote about "truth vs. feeling" . . . and how the mental assent to the truth of a thing is superior to and must lead feelings in the business of being "spiritual" and knowing the true God.

But even before this, it is BELIEF (faith) which is the master key that unlocks the understanding and appreciation of the TRUTH of Who and what God is.  So grievous is the sin of unbelief that even though Zechariah was receiving an answer to prayers which would continue to be fulfilled, within that blessing his portion of doubt was made a fine example of!

Those who do not believe the Bible to be the inerrant Word of God or who only believe it MOSTLY or PARTLY is (true). . . will not be able to receive the revelation of Who God is and what He is like.  They will come with some deeply held (often unconscious) presuppositions which will taint the view and prevent them getting the truth.  But if you first believe that the God of the Bible IS the one, true and living God, then ALL of His ways and means and characteristics are rich in wonder, blessing, stupendousness, (intrigue and fascination for me) and understanding begins to flourish!. . . .

"Credo ut intelligam" is a statement made famous by Anselm of Canterbury which refers to this great master key to ever-going full and rich witness and appreciation of Who God is and what He is like: 
"I do not seek to understand so that I can believe, but I believe so that I may understand"!

And he adds, "and what is more, I believe that unless I do believe, I shall not understand."

And here is another aspect of God and our situation which He has created related to this. . . . The fact that "belief" is the way and means to salvation from God's wrath and damnation (belief in Lord Jesus)--out of all the ways that God might have designated as the route to find and be with Him in Heaven forever . . . is again, a great cause of interest in me.  That it isn't, for instance, endless study of scripture or the practice of long, hard physical and mental austerities or hours and days and years of mediation--but that it is "merely" BELIEF in Jesus Christ (and thus, His being Who He said He was.)

Going to His feet, empty-handed, "open" minded . . . ready to receive, believing He is God, good and just, loving and holy--perfect . . . and then letting Him reveal Himself as He will--is THE WAY TO THE WAY. . . .

But it doesn't end there . . . for more of His ways and means are there to be learned.  For "belief" (which I'm also equating here with faith) is a GIFT from Him!  Even this we do not bring to the table!


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Truth Vs. Feeling

I was thinking about the concept of "spirituality" . . . and how it is mostly mistaken to be a feeling.  Whether it is through Yoga . . . or "transcendental meditation" . . . or various of the "Christian" cult offshoots . . . or general "new ageism" . . . or Islam . . . etc., what is usually taken as "spiritual" signs for the followers, which keeps them following a particular "spiritual" path . . . is that strong FEELINGS are seen as the confirmation that the path is godly.

But similarly strong, and even ecstatic FEELINGS can be had from meeting one's favorite pop music or movie idol or rock group.  Or in pursuing and attaining some long fought-for personal goal.  Or from being in romantic love with another person . . . or from intense exercise/sports or from practicing austerities and physical disciplines. . . . Powerful, blissful, emotionally compelling FEELINGS may result and this is unthinkingly taken as a sure sign that one is on the right path or necessarily getting something "good".

Certain religious sects base their whole claim to legitimacy on the FEELINGS that the sect's dogma and fellowship produce.  "It must be true, because I FEEL so strongly about it!" (Ie., this is crux of LDS and some Charismatic ideology.)

Genuine "spiritual" experience (that is, spirituality which derives from the ONE TRUE AND LIVING GOD) is more about TRUTH than FEELING.  The Bible clearly confirms this.  (Ie., Jer. 17:9)

Many, many people have experienced and followed . . . and been doomed by . . . intense FEELINGS which ultimately proved to be based in pure (diabolical) fantasy.   (For who is not for Him is against Him).  Look at the emotions and array of powerful feelings that fantasy video games generate in the kids (and adults) who play them. . . .

Many have died, self-sacrificed even, to defend and/or fight for . . . a wholly theoretical and concocted belief system, whether political or religious.  The feelings wrought can be all consuming, yet the thing is an utter fiction at its core.

Real, life-giving, salvific spirituality . . . is about The Truth.  The more truth one comprehends and lives out, in and through the flesh--the more "spiritual" one actually is.  Feelings follow, but they should not be in the lead.  TRUTH should be in the lead.  Truth is the head.  If truth is treasured then the heart will be conformed appropriately.  But if feelings are treasured above all, the head will be lost in a world of delusion and "missing the mark" (sin).

A truly "spiritual" person loves the truth, come what may.  They seek after the truth in all things.  Lying, misrepresentation, double-mindedness, hypocrisy etc., become like hot coals increasingly not to be borne and to be rejected. 

Truth becomes more and more a refreshing water--sustaining "food" and "drink" (nourishment) for the living soul who seeks the final Authority and Truth at the foundation of all that is. . . .

Truth--which is known and appreciated by the mind, should lead the way; hence why repentance (metanoia/change of MIND) is so critical--foundational!--to the beginning of the only real Divinely Spiritual life to be had in this world. 

The devil tempts and entices through feeling more often than not it would appear (through pleasurable feelings in the body and those of the emotions).  False prophets, false teachings, demonic pathways . . . hijack the feelings and circumvent critical TRUTH-SEEKING thought and intention.

Those who do not love the Truth . . . will learn to love the Lie. . . .

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Wait 'Til They Raise The Curtain On (our "creators") The Aliens!

As I predicted and warned of . . . waaay back now around 2006 on one of my first shows with Zeph . . . don't be fooled by the Russians coming out as the purported standard bearers of "freedom" . . . "God", "country" . . . "family" . . . . They are neck deep in the instigation of all the chaos and horror you now see unfolding around you.  They are the bait trap.  "U.S. bad . . . Russia now good."  I said that many patriots and even "constitutionalists" would be looking to "mother Russia" for salvation, and just as I expected, I see the fools lining up for the gulags as we speak, er, write. . . .

It's all theater.  Dialectic strategy.  The ol' "one-two" "scissors" technique... (see Anatoliy Golitsyn)

They are all on the same (devilish) team, shuffling us like dumb cattle into the stockade--the digital stockade.

"France to push on with UN Climate Conference despite Paris terror attacks"  --Sydney Morning Herald, 11-16-15

Well, kiss my grits, imagine that!... I do declare, you'd think they were about to set up the one world government in earnest!  Not to let some "Isis" "slaughter" get in the way!

And how convenient . . . now we have Martial Law in place to make sure it all goes down smooth-like. . . .

I don't remember how many years ago I pegged that they would nail us each as a "carbon" unit to be allotted a certain amount of energy ration . . . or else . . . but here we go, so it will be.

Stick with me . . . so as to recall (slightly modified from my initial 1991 AM Radio release promotional bits) "Where do you turn for helpful hints on coping with New World Order mandates?  Brother Thomas! . . . Where do go to learn "new thinking" and "correct global attitudes", those hallmarks of the remade global citizen?  Brother Thomas!"

Praise Jesus.

"As individuals and Nations alike wait in anticipation for COP21 less than a month from now, described as the United Nations’ “legally binding and universal” update to the ever-deleterious Agenda 21, banksters at the supranational level have shown little hesitation in offering their seemingly sage opinions on how their usurious reserves will be put to use in enacting this “Global Sustainable New Deal.”

"Leading the charge on the Western front is none other than the Bank for International Settlements, the “central bank of central banks” as identified by Georgetown Professor Carroll Quigley in his magnum opus Tragedy and Hope. Echoing the credo of “sustainable developers” at the UN and World Bank, the BIS has seen fit to reinforce the meme that the problem of climate change cannot be tackled without complete digital serfdom in the form of an electronic, biometric global I.D.

Euphemistically entitled the “Identification for Development” (or ID4D) program by the World Bank, it represents their “unique” interpretation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals; a reading that’s as draconian as it is creative. The UN, World Bank, and BIS are calling for nothing short of a completely pervasive global surveillance grid to be implemented by no later than 2030, all under the auspices of “saving the planet.”

Like Days Of Noah And Babel

"Come back to your senses as you ought, and stop sinning; for there are some who are ignorant of God--I say this to your shame ["to shame, not spare, you"]."  --1 Cor. 15:34

I think it was like this in the days of Noah.  There was a unified, single global, technologically advanced civilization--which was also advanced in sin and evil.  We see the same thing nowadays, where there is an obvious attempt by a cabal of global directors causing there to be a single "politically correct" culture, regardless of individual peoples' unique traditions and morays; ie., the one-world culture promoted being pro "family planning" (pro-abortion), LGBTQrstuv...-celebrating, "green", collectivist, anti-"patriarchal", transhumanist . . . etc.

You can see even now how it is possible to so corrupt and enslave/control masses of people mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually . . . to the point where ALL will be so controlled unless and except that God preserves for Himself a remnant [where God "elects/chooses" out of the enslaved population a portion that will not be allowed to be subjected to complete subversion.]

After the flood, after God destroyed the ancient, thoroughly wicked one-world order . . . it didn't take too long and the fallen race, tempted and directed once again by Satan, tried again to achieve unanimous autonomy apart from God through Nimrod and the Tower of Babel culture.

All of this is repeating again, as is quite clear to those who have the eyes of truth to see it.

The level and degree right now . . . of deception and wicked agenda . . . is so ubiquitous . . . that it truly is to the point that every big "event" shown and styled through the mass media . . . must be taken with a large grain of salt.  And believers are to be salt--to be preservers of the truth throughout all of the ongoing, heaping and increasing deception that now inundates us at an hourly rate. . . .

"Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God: I speak this to your shame."

The ability now of the global cabal--the latter day Nimrods, through technological, supernatural and biological means to control the perception and analysis of what is going on . . . is approaching near absolute . . . such that UNLESS God had His own ELECT among the populace, who He preserves and who are thus themselves preservatives . . . all would be subsumed into the Antichrist agenda with not a spark left of light, of truth, of righteousness. . . .

The sophistication of the orchestrated events continues and grows . . . such that, the stupendous ones planned and are coming . . . will test and tempt even the Elect, so "realistic" they will seem. . . .

 Always . . . we must be "awake" . . . "sobered up righteously" . . . we who have "the knowledge of God" . . . and I thank God He will keep us through all of the horrendous and intricate deception that is occurring as we are being steered once again to an attempted "one world order" outside the will and purposes of The Creator. . . .

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Dangerous Schools

I think anyone, especially a Christian who has their children in public/charter schools in this day is . . . well foolish if not insane.  They are nothing more than indoctrination, mind-control cult camps designed to make your children mindless, cult-programmed drones--drones who can be triggered by prior programming to kill, commit suicide, riot and especially support tyranny.  They are Antichrist, anti-God, anti-country, anti-white, anti-family, anti-man, anti-humanity basically Satanic cesspools of dysfunction, perversion and nihilism.

Some have been fooled into thinking that charter schools are different, more independent and more like private schools.  But, in fact they are especially a vehicle for all kinds of fraud and abuse and in particular, as they come in the manner of the "Gulen schools of math and science" . . . are tied to the Islamic cult leader Fethulla Gulen who goal is a global caliphate via a resurgent Ottoman empire. . . .  

If you do have children it would be wise to learn up on these Trojan-horse charter schools, as they disguise themselves in very innocuous sounding names like Utah's "Beehive Academy"  . . "Sonoran Science Academy" . . .  "Pioneer Charter School of Science" etc.

This powerful, wealthy Gulen movement is nothing but another of the 5th Column element infiltrating the country to bring it down from within. . . . .
"The briefing illuminates the pattern employed by Gulen and his cult-like Turkish supremacist Movement to induce school boards to charter and pay his followers to establish vehicles for indoctrinating impressionable American students, usually under the guise of enriched science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education."

"During his visits abroad, Erdoğan has drawn attention to the alleged illegal activities carried out by the Gülen Movement, which range from conducting unlawful wiretapping to infiltrating key government institutions in an apparent attempt to oust the elected government and asked his counterparts to show sensitivity toward the issue. He has been telling foreign leaders that the movement aims to topple Turkish government and that Turkey no longer approves of its existence. He claimed that the movement is conducting outlawed activities under the guise of providing education abroad."

 "In the past, the Ottoman Empire could not defeat the West by the sword, so now Fethullah Gulen’s community systematically employs very different tactics to bring the West under Islamic rule. For profoundly anti-democratic goals they use America’s democratic values-freedom of speech, political correctness, tolerance, and multiculturalism-as tools for disseminating Gulen’s ideology. “You move in the arteries of the system without anyone noticing your existence until you reach all the power centers…until the conditions are ripe… If you do something prematurely, the world will crush our heads. The time is not yet right. You must wait until such time as you have gotten all the state power, until you have brought to your side all the power of the constitutional institutions in Turkey… The work to be done is in confronting the world. . . . "

 "A group of charter schools with innocuous names like Chicago Math and Science Academy are currently educating as many as 35,000 students in 100 publicly funded schools, make up the largest charter school network in the US. They promote an Islamic agenda, but receive government money, unlike other religious schools in the United States. These are the schools that are part of what is called Fethullah Gülen Community (FGC), also known as “the Gülen Movement.”

At Gulen Charter Schools, American students are required to carry TURKISH flags along with American flags

Thursday, November 12, 2015

An Evil of Evils. . . .

Covetousness is the source of so much sin and evil, in our lives and in the world.  Wanting what you don't have, wanting what others have or "get to do"--it shows an utter lack of faith and trust in God's provision and wisdom and is as good as a cold slap or spit in His face.

And now, so much of daily commerce, entertainment, political thrust, social engagement . . . is based on and driven by the wicked, demonic spirit of covetousness!  Facebook, which is not only the premier surveillance and private information gathering tool of the "one world" tyrannical cabal . . . it is also rooted spiritually in promoting the evil of covetousness--showing others what you have or do, that you want them to covet or praise. . . .

The majority of recent political violence and social agitation uses the sin of covetousness to stoke and control the minds of the weak and unwary. . . .

Covetousness has been . . . and is always used . . . by one side of committed guerrilla, infiltrating enemy forces, aimed at the targeted tribe, state or country . . .  to destroy the targeted group's culture, civilization, religion, family, military. . . .

In the violent, sadistic secular "humanist" collectivist movements of the 20th century . . . over a hundred million men, women and children were systematically imprisoned, tortured, killed under the banner of covetousness disguised as "class warfare" (stealing from the rich to, ostensibly, give to the poor).

It is a wicked, vile, destructive, demonic evil . . . covetousness!  It is idolatry (Col. 3:5) . . . in 1 Cor. 6:10 it is said to keep a soul from heaven and is the root of most sins: departure from faith (1 Tim. 6:9,10) . . . theft (Joshua 7:21) . . . domestic trouble (Proverbs 15:27) . . . murder (Ez. 22:12) and "many foolish and hurtful lusts" (1 Tim. 6:9).

It is the driving sin of the "one world" globalist tyrannical agenda which is right now wreaking so much suffering, death and destruction across the planet. 

And in the individual believer's life it is cancer and a scourge that devours grace, faith and perseverance. . . . It is the great enemy of sanctification and cause for the stunted, dry desert spiritual life of so many professing Christians--one they tend to overlook or disguise in some other guise (zealousness, church building, "discernment ministry". . . .)

I would say it is the big one to be on the lookout for especially in these times where technology and "social media" are such powerful, motivating tools and habits. . . .

It creeps in in the dark and finds a hidden corner of the soul and begins immediately spreading out to take hold of all areas of functional living--both as a lure and as a goad. . . .

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Wise Prepare

First off, I would like to ask for prayers for JC, a friend who comments here sometimes and his wife who is about to deliver their first child....

And for what is quickly upon us--we who believe--there is no time to waste in getting closer to God, humbled and spiritually prepared.  War, famine, invasion, persecution is already here and about to get much worse.  The wise prepare... the fool carries on unseeing, unhearing, not recognizing the signs and portents.....
A brother asked my suggestions for some convicting teaching preaching, and as I think everyone could benefit increased prayer, listening and study . . . here is a short list of those I would recommend who never fail to boost my moral, spirit and knowledge....
God bless and protect and strengthen you!
Martyn Lloyd Jones is a great, solid "old school" preacher who never fails to inspire...
  "Spiritual Depression"

If ever I want some conviction and to be riven to the core, Paul Washer is one of the best deliverers of searing truth in my opinion....
"10 Indictments Against The Modern Church"

 This is a classic sermon by Leonard Ravehill and in general his passionate preaching always hits the mark.... "Hell--No Exits"

This is a recent debate with Jeff Durbin, Sye Ten Bruggencate and Paul Viggiano against some typical knucklehead atheists using the "pre-suppositional" apologetic.

Jeff Durbin is one of my favorite new, young pastors...solid, quick-witted, Biblical:

This is my Pastor, Jason Wallace who always inspires and convicts me with his passion for truth, for God and uncompromising messages and preaching....
"The Preciousness Of Christ":

Amidst the current Muslim invasion and conquering of Europe and the West, this is a fine recent example of one of Christ's lone ambassadors standing up to the jeers, mockery, threats of the unbelievers--You may have seen this already, but what an example!  This should convict and inspire all believers!...

 This is a podcast (Bible Thumping Wingnut) I've been listening to fairly regularly over the past few years as I do like debate and apologetics... Matt Slick comes on every Sunday to take on atheist comers and I enjoy watching their groundless worldview shattered and destroyed and made to appear the absurdity that it is.....

Again, Jeff Durbin's videos and evangelism I've been tracking with for several years now...He's a brilliant, clever young fellow, solid, passionate in the Word....

I love the work of Francis Schaeffer--his preaching and teaching comforts me in a way that is unique and pure...
This is his classic "Christian Manifesto" warning of and accurately predicting the times we now are in: 
"The soft days of Evangelical Christians are past... only a strong view of scripture are able to stand the culture of relativism".....

Dr. Donald Barnhouse is some more good, old school preachin'
"Getting Back Into The Will of God" ....

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Only 2 Kinds Of Vessels

We are vessels.  A person is either a vessel for honor . . . or a vessel for wrath.  Either a vessel for the Holy Spirit . . . or spirit of anti-Christ.  There is no middle, neutral ground!

"Whoever is not with me is against me."  --Matt. 12:30

How stark, ominous and profound this is seems to be lost on many.  When you are going about your day, engaging with different people, it is true that they are either a child of God or a child of wrath, one or the other.

Are you filled with the Spirit to over-flowing so that wherever you go, the Spirit is spilling out of you--the graces of Christian belief and commitment influencing and touching all in your path?

Meanwhile, those who are of their father, the devil--who are filled with all manner of deceit, filth, adultery, lust, murder go about all the day spilling their own contents, one way or another on those they meet and engage with.

It is not often with the overt acts of ie., murder and lust--but it is all the same where their hearts and minds are concerned.  What is in the heart defiles a man, and it is always coming out in some fashion or another.  And if the vessel is not one who honors God, who belongs to God then by default (as there are only 2 options) it is a vessel filled with hatred toward the Lord and to all who love the Lord.

Think of this:  If one is not a vessel for honor--for holding and brimming with the Holy Spirit then that one is an anti-Christ.  They may deceive themselves to be neutral or not involved or unconcerned about the Lord's revelation and truth . . . but in fact, whether they confess it or not, unless they are a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ they are a witness for evil, sin and rebellion.  And for Antichrist.

"Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, 'I will never leave you nor forsake you.'”  --Hebrews 13:5

One vessel is loaded full with covetousness and is rich in (prideful) spirit.  The other is "poor in spirit" and relies on the Lord for all things.  Today, where money is losing its value, coveting and gaining and hording "followers" . . . "likes" . . . takes its place.  Greed and lust for attention and adulation is of the same spirit as that which breeds covetousness in general.  And it is not of God.

We see many seemingly miraculous things in life--great feats that defy natural laws and expectations.  Supreme athletes gain greater and greater perfection breaking records that once seemed impossible to achieve.  Stunning healings occur where a person wrought with some fatal disease or cancer . . . suddenly is made clean and whole.  We have seen people who can practice and self-discipline to attain incredible, astounding memories or physical feats which were thought unattainable at one time.

But one thing above all seems impossible and a boundary never to be crossed or defeated and you no doubt have seen it yourself.  That is . . . for one who is a vessel of wrath (of Antichrist) fitted for destruction it is impossible to hear and see the truth of the revelation of Christ Jesus.  While it is clear as day to you--the truth and message of God through His Word, regarding those who will not, do not, can not Hear or See the witness of Christ, there is nothing so impenetrable and closed shut.

Someone might say, "But what about Paul?  He was Antichrist, was he not, and then became a believer?"

And I will respond with scripture that, though it appeared otherwise for a time, in fact, Paul was a vessel "of mercy, which He prepared BEFOREHAND for glory."  --Rom. 9:23

Now, the call is not ours but God's to determine who is a vessel for which spirit, and so we are called to exhort to all.  But He grants us some discrimination in the matter and we are at some point, in some cases, to "shake the dust from our feet" and to no longer "cast pearls before swine" . . . and in any case, the Word never returns void; for when we exhort we are either helping to start the holy fire or fan it in a "vessel of honor" . . . or are we are heaping coals and adding wrath to the carriers of Antichrist spirit, compounding the judgment they were "fitted for."

You . . . me--we are either one or the other.  Everyone we meet and with whom we engage . . . are either one or the other.  The great lie is that there is some grey in the matter, some middle ground.  But there is not grey matter, there is either Light or Dark, life or death, Christ or Antichrist . . . and all should be warned of this. 

Friday, November 6, 2015


He gives us every breath; all that we enjoy.  He created us for His purposes and gives us the opportunity to glorify and enjoy Him forever--the gift of eternal life in a perfected state!

Not only that, He suffered unimaginably for us to redeem us from a fallen state where we would have been consigned to the one who hates Him and will be separated from Him forever.

There is nothing more profound, important, amazing, wondrous, critical . . . than this.

Every moment He is watching over and caring for us.  Are we going to take even a minute from our daily routines, personal goals, hungry pursuits . . . to think of Him?  To recall what He did and does and will do for us?

Oh if we could grasp one scintilla of His majesty and grace!  Omniscient and omnipresent, He is throughout the whole universe knowing each of the millions of giant stars and planets . . . while personally aware of and down to the single tiny ladybug!  He knows the count of the hairs on your head, every fish in the ocean, each and every deer running right now on all the mountains! 

Omnipotent, He sustains it all as if it were but a grain in His hand, in perfect control, never surprised nor defeated but with all things working to and for His glory, which is unending!

He knows our every thought, all our grief and struggle and will bring it to a righteous, holy conclusion . . . and then a new beginning.  There is nothing else but His purposes underway, yet how often do we bother to think of Him and His purposes?  Instead, we are enrapt with a thousand diversions all pointing back to ourselves.  Oh, if we think He might help US satisfy some desire of ours we will suddenly rush to call Him out, then once achieved quickly turn away and plunge back into the world.

Oh that we could glimpse the magnitude of what is going on here!  Oh that we were not so lax and forgetful and so prone to take it all for granted!

Oh, Lord awaken us today and every day to begin realizing your glory, your magnificence!  Pray, oh Lord, that we start to regularly, with increasing fervor and focus, think and feel on You and seize the gratitude and joy and love that ought attend our recalling of your Divine, Omni-wondrous benevolence!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tale Of The Firestarters (pt. 2)

The emissaries of The Light leave the comforts of their homes and travel far, deep into the dark dominion.  They go by ones and twos into high mountain villages where the tribesmen live in dank, lice-infested hovels.  They brave freezing temperatures, suffer frostbite and strange diets where malnutrition is a constant companion.

They slog their way into deep, disease-ridden jungles, living and sleeping amidst biting insects by the swarms, wild animals and cannibals.

They will find their way to the distant edges of deserts and wastelands, alone or a few together, baking in the relentless sun, short of water, constantly abused and threatened by highway robbers and petty brigands . . . deprivations of all kinds attending all they do.

And yes, always they are confronting animosity, persecution, rejection, and potential murder, for the inhabitants of the hostile kingdom naturally hate their Master and His messengers.

What beautiful, wondrous creatures these are who risk life and health and limb for no immediate gain to themselves but who labor tirelessly for the glory of Another!  How so unlike the denizens of darkness who work only for themselves though disguise that abject selfishness in myriad projects and purposes.

Now, while the ambassadors of The Master were once also nominal citizens of the kingdom of death and decay, now they have been awoken--a fire lit in their minds , hearts and souls--and are as foreigners, scouts, missionaries behind enemy lines.

Their Master tells them He has others of their kind hidden throughout the wicked kingdom--asleep and temporarily caught up in the diabolical trance of the realm.  The dark overlords work day and night to keep all their subjects in a deluded, mesmerized state and leap savagely at any chance to crush, marginalize and deny the missionaries of Light and would fully exterminate them if they could. . . . But these brave soldiers and healers continue to work under fire, undaunted, so believing are they that their Master is Who He says He is and that they will see His ultimate victory in the end.

The Master, Who dwells beyond all, tells His followers, "I have prepared the way for you.  My children are scattered here and there throughout the darkness.  I have chosen them already and put tinder in them and fuel.  When you go out, proclaiming my message, they will begin to stir and will recognize my call . . . through you.  I share what I have with all my children and I give to you the opportunity and privelege to share in my glory as I make you the vessels of my flame.  To you will be given the thrill and joy to call out with my voice and to awaken the sleeping ones, and to be the spark that starts a holy fire in them, which then begins to blaze and burn and consume, once it is started, all the darkness, disease, filth, error, meaningless and angst that is their makeup while so caught in the trance of the evil, rebel overlord and his subjugated minions."

And really, this is all there is and all there is to do.  For the emissaries of the Light and as vessels of the holy, consuming fire, it is to be carriers of that supernatural flame and to set about calling for those who will hear and listen; and in response, recognizing the call, the children of the Light will ignite, having been already prepared and join the ranks of the Master's agents.

There is only one of two ways to go.  One way is with the imprisoned--mind, heart, body and soul-controlled citizens of the dark and doomed kingdom of death; the other is the way of life and light and glory and goodness; to be awake and ablaze with the holy fire of the living God, and to be in His will forever.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Tale Of The Firestarters (pt.1)

A large kingdom sits sprawling across many different land surfaces.  It has jungles, deserts, mountains, coastlines, large rivers, swamps and towering, bustling cities packed with traffic, buildings and people. 

It is also a hostile kingdom, violent, cruel and perverse.  The people there revel in their rebellious natures and carry flags and wear emblems supporting and championing all their favorite vices. . . .

And, well . . . they do not consider themselves to have vices.  In fact, they imagine to have found the secret to life.  No right, no wrong; just follow your feelings and what gives you immediate pleasure and all will somehow work out in the end.  No rules, no labels, no after-life consequences--"do what you will" is the whole of their law.

But, in reality there are consequences to everything--to every thought, to every acted upon feeling.  And though they imagine themselves to be living in an increasingly boundless and progressive paradise (with only a few stubborn glitches and recalcitrants to finally be forcefully ironed out) . . . they are steeping in a stew of murder, theft, betrayal, cruelty, perversion, hatred, insecurity, depression, insanity and poisoned bodies.  All are subjected to a deep, programmed trance which prevents them from realizing that their proclaimed untethered, free-will libertinism . . . is a wholesale sham.  And from realizing that a vile and psychopathic cabal of just a few overlords (led by one supreme among them) has them under ruthless control and thoroughgoing manipulation.

While they pay much attention to superficial appearances--forever fawning over and detailing their presented images/facades--anyone with true, living and objective eyes can see that their insides are full to the brim with filth; that their hidden selves are monstrous and deformed, sick and decaying.

Meanwhile . . . something astounding is happening. . . without and especially within that dark and dissolute dominion--something occurs, which in any natural sense would seem an impossibility. . . .

A type of fire is set, here and there . . . which gives the lie to the overlords' contention that their tyranny is complete and that any such "fires" are unthinkable within their domain.

Although the overlords and their supreme ruler have worked it to have virtual management and control over their subjects beginning from the womb on through to the grave, in fact, a notable portion of the population is tapped from their midst or so transformed--even within that gulag-kingdom, such that all the dictatorship's control methods fail against those so rescued; and these former citizens of gloom start to become altogether different types of creatures, stark in their contrast to the deluded, entranced once fellow prisoners . . . as these newly alight radiate a new kind of light, power, beauty and purpose, as if from another world. . . .

It is a marvel to witness--and many do from other parts of the universe--these emissaries of light who bring a supernatural fire, which ignites and radically alters what were once basically mind-controlled beasts of the lowest order into beings clearly bearing the imprints of a blazingDivinity. . . .

Brother Thomas ©2015

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