Monday, September 28, 2015

Get Your Food Storage Now!

Yeah, I'm gonna pitch this . . . because I think it is critical right now and having researched and tried a number of different products I'm sold on Thrive Life food for food storage.  As I wrote a few weeks ago, regardless (but not indifferent to) the many obvious signs, threats and developing global/regional crises, I believe I got the "get prepared" internal prompting I've been keeping my eyes out for.

And it was strong--still is.  In the same way I knew we were going the full-on socialist/communist route in government and started predicting/warning about that . . . at a time when the common opinion was that "communism is dead" . . . and hardly anyone was pointing to hard left-wing political ideology and governance as being any kind of threat to our system (late 80s-early 90s) NOW I recognize an inevitable collapse of the economy as being imminent. 

While I totally believe and trust in God's providence and know that all such preparations may come to naught for many, I doubt they will for everyone.  Life goes on (until the end of course) even during wartimes, "natural disasters", tyranny and martial law.  People are endlessly creative and inventive and the drive to survive is always finding a way.  Also, I believe it is irresponsible and unChristian to deliberately not take some precautions and make preparations as able, expecting others to carry you.  If you can't do anything, that's one thing, but most everyone can do SOME thing . . . and there is also the part to play in being able to help others--at the very least, one's own household and extending out from there.

Thrive Life food was started not too far from where I live and I happen to know some of the people involved with its genesis and the care they've taken to procure the finest, healthiest, best tasting foodstuffs.  All their fruits are GMO free.  Same with all there vegetables.  Grains as well--GMO free-except for rice, which they are working toward also getting non-GMO.  Their meats are no GMO. 

There is no MSG in any of their items, which is fantastic for me as I nearly die anytime I accidentally get a big dose of MSG--can't tolerate it at all!  It's poison as far as I'm concerned.

Another thing that has impressed me having tasted many of their fruits and vegetables . . . is that they are picked ripe, which maintains the great flavor and nutrients.  I, along with about everyone I know, can barely stand to eat fruits and vegetables anymore got from the typical grocery store.  I love tomatoes especially and the store-bought ones are terrible.  Same with bananas, apples, pears etc.  Because the big-Farma growers pick everything green (along with being GMO and pesticided to death).  But Thrive's fruits and vegetables are flash freezed in their naturally ripened state, which retains 99% of the nutrients, color, taste and texture!  Truly, they taste awesome, even eaten straight out of the can before reconstituting.  My wife and I recently made a mix of their corn, peas, broccoli, celery . . . added a touch of seasoning, mixed together and came up with a snack mix of crunchy, healthy, tasty tidbits . . . which reminds me of a version of the Biblical "pulse" superfood that Daniel mentions and which I've had before years ago and loved.  (see Daniel 1:11-13)

Their products last 5-25 years and they've developed also a fantastic shelving system (they use to be known as "Shelf Reliance") which makes it easy to organize and use the food so that you don't end up wasting or misplacing any.  I love their yogurt bites, the corn . . . the beef is excellent . . . the various cheeses . . . and as my wife and I are big chili fans I must say their Thrive Express Hearty Chili with Beans . . . we agree is the best chili we've had!  It's fantastic.  So are their soups and sauces.  Well, so far we've been blown away how good all of the items we've tried are. . . .

Honestly, I am feel strongly impressed that we are in for seriously rough times, especially as it relates to getting and maintaining clean, healthy, decent food considering the political, spiritual, economical and "natural" upheavals we are little doubt just getting into in earnest. . . .

While the chain grocers' food continues to deteriorate in quality and taste and unhealthiness . . . I see the Thrive food as a virtually organic, convenient (shipped to your door) replacement.  If possible, I'd recommend getting an initial batch of essentials, then setting up what they call a "Q" whereby you can regularly get as little as 50$ worth per month or more ongoing to begin building up a store as well as replacing your usual store-bought garbage (heh, is that too strong? lol).  No, but really, much of what the store's are selling now besides the legitimately organic . . . I say can barely really be considered "food".

Even knowing for quite a while . . . where things are going . . . I've not felt until recently so strongly that it is indeed wise--critical--to get prepared as able.  It all still seems remote--there is a powerful "normalcy bias" going on . . . and many are flat out in a trance and don't realize the dire situation . . . but it is going to get real and get real fast once it collapses . . . and you'll be kicking yourself for not heading the warnings . . . even to be prepared for relatively minor disruptions to the food supply that will eventuate from growing "natural" disasters and likely terroristic "events".

Sincerely, I'm convinced we are at last on the precipice of the terrible things many of us have been seeing coming for a while.  Myself, I'm feeling a powerful impetus to get ready as able to weather the storms, God willing. . . .

There is a link on the side of my blog here . . . to get to my Thrive Life page where you can check it out if interested.  An email will show up there if you have any questions--I'm still learning the ropes but can get answers asap if I don't know them right off the top of my head.  I think this food storage is the best out there . . . for quality, taste, nutrition, convenience. . . .  And I think it's definitely time to start get serious about preparations, as able. . . .

God bless ya:)

Sunday, September 27, 2015


man . . . again today . . . i look up and i keep gettin' quake, quake, quake.....

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Play With Fire, Get Burned

This kind of thing was bound to happen.

"Ghost Adventures stars Mark and Debby Constantino were found dead in their daughter's apartment in Sparks, Nevada, on Tuesday, ET has confirmed.
In what police believe to be a related incident, another unidentified man was found dead inside Debby's apartment. According to Reno police, 53-year-old Mark -- who was estranged from Debby -- is suspected in the deaths of both Debby and the unidentified man. He also took his own life." (ET online)

There are so many dangerous and foolish practices going on--and at a time when the demonic realm is running amok, having so many "doorways" through which to enter.

This soothesaying, contacting "the dead", "ghost-hunting" . . . is all highly dangerous.  It is hard enough to keep the dark forces and entities at bay even when you're deliberately and daily walking the path of righteousness, but this dabbling in the occult and supernatural is asking, begging for trouble, though they all treat it like a game, a hobby, entertainment.

When I heard of this sad story I opened my Bible and heard from Jeremiah:  "Turn now everyone from his evil way and from the evil of your deeds . . . and do not go after other gods to serve them and to worship them, and do not provoke Me to anger with the work of your hands, and I will do you no harm."  --Jer. 25:5-6

Which shows that God is provoked to ANGER and may do harm to the disobedient.  How foolish and rebellious to insist that God is ONLY "unconditional love".  He has standards . . . and He expects them to be met, or else. . . .

Oh how the rebels hate this God!  The essence of the Luciferian doctrine and its adherants is to attempt to throw down this "tyrant" God and set people "free."  They actually are deluded to think that (ie., through CERN) they can storm heaven, kill or depose God and create a world of their own where Jehovah is excluded! 

"Yet you have not listened to Me," declares the LORD, "in order that you might provoke Me to anger with the work of your hands to your own harm."  --Jer. 25:7

And it is not just the obvious "ghost hunting" and overt occult dabblings that opens doors to demonic infiltration/infestation. . . . ALL the vain "teachings" and supposed "hidden knowledge" in its various superficially harmless forms . . . are doorways to the demonic.  And they will ALL end badly if continued in and held up against the plain, simply revelation of the Gospel.

Is it mean, hateful, narrow-minded to say this?  No, it is loving.  It breaks my heart and fills me with dread as I see so many casually playing with these devilish flames.  The house WILL burn down, it's only a matter of time.  Play with (demonic) fire; get burned.

Next, I happened to turn to this in 2nd Tim. 1:13:  "Retain the standard of sound words which you have heard from me, in the faith and love which are in Christ Jesus."

Do not depart from the plain, sound teaching of scripture and it will go well; but the first slight departure, which is always laid out as a temptation . . . may seem a small thing at first, like an inch deviation at the beginning of a journey . . . but the further on you go, having departed from the path, you finally end up a place that is far, far away from the original destination.

How casually people take His Word who claim to be His followers.  How eager are they to twist and change its meaning to something more suitable to fallen self's carnal inclinations.  And how lazy and strange it is to pursue the world's so-called knowledge and doctrines, by the reams, while barely ever taking time to delve into and earnestly understand Holy Scripture.

"Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth. But avoid worldly, empty babblings, for they will lead on to more ungodliness."  --2nd Tim. 2:15-16

Be diligent in studying the Word of Truth . . . and avoid worthless, worldly teachings that only lead to more ungodliness, and I dare say, in these times, likely demonization.

Those led by supernatural seductions . . . are drawn deeper and deeper in combination with unclean spirits.  And if you've ever heard them, they can carry on for hours about various (mystical/occult) theories and practices and philosophies . . . and how they apply such and such one; what works for this, what doesn't work for that . . . on and on their "knowledge" is displayed . . . but where it is often quick and easy to merely look at the fruits of their lives to discover if there is wholeness, peace, safety, lack of unnecessary "drama"--or, if it is not the case that great discord, confusion, darkness, witchcraft, calamity surrounds them, as in the case with this poor "ghost hunters".

Of such it is written, that they are:  "Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth."  --2nd Tim. 3:7

Oh the complexity and wasted time, energy, resources of the ungodly--of those who don't love God but love gods they make to justify their rebellion.  How busy they are trying to keep the whole house of cards together, which is bound fall as soon as the demon comes collecting his due. . . .

To me it seems clear we live in the times that is warned of in 2nd Timothy.

"But evil people and impostors will flourish. They will deceive others and will themselves be deceived.  But as for you, continue in the things you have learned and firmly believed, since you know from whom you learned them. . . . All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right."  --2nd Tim. 3:13,14,16

This is no time to be departing from the narrow, true and safe way, playing with fire where the enemy is full time seeking to burn. . . !

Friday, September 25, 2015

Spirit Without The Truth

Yesterday I touched on having truth without the Spirit.  There is also a sort of flip side to that, which is a pitfall.  Having spirit without the Truth.

This is old news, but bears repeating as so many miss or forget it . . . and so, go off on grand "spiritual" journeys . . . having "spiritual" experiences . . . where the Truth is not there.

The devil, demons, familiar spirits . . . often bring a "spiritual" experience.  Those involved with "new age" teachings, Eastern mysticism, so-called "white magic" etc., do have profound "spiritual" experiences on occasion.  If pursued deeply, these "spiritual" experiences grow and will even produce "supernatural" abilities like astral travel, clairvoyance, telekinesis, future seeing, remote viewing, remote influence etc.  To the one who does not have the Truth, but has these experiences, it is all too easy to become dangerously lost, as he or she assumes they are on a proper "spiritual path."  They will think and say, "look here, the proof is in the pudding.  This is getting me results!"

The demonic, supernatural side of things can also produce (for a time) ecstatic feelings, a "high", purpose . . . which the practitioner mistakes for being God, or angelic influence, or the Holy Spirit.

Many such "paths" are followed, which, while producing "spirit" (as they are directed by unclean and other evil spirits) lack the Truth.  Jesus is the life, the TRUTH, the way . . . alone.  There is no other way to God--to the one, true, living God, but through Him.

There ARE ways to other spirits and other "spiritual" experiences.  In all these dangerous (and ultimately blasphemous and idolatrous) cases you will see the practitioner minimize the man/God Jesus . . . along with marginalizing, minimizing the critical nature of His Word. 

The Bible, along with "the Christ" . . . will be just some other resources, along with occult knowledge, Eastern mystical techniques and practices, along with "positive thinking" pop psychology . . . and various subtle forms of sorcery and witchcraft . . . and whatever else is tempting at the time . . . which are used in a conglomerate ideology . . . in place of The Truth.

But, we are to worship IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH.  One without the other . . . is bound to result in "doctrines of demons."

As always, it boils down to whether you love Truth or not--Who is God, Who is Spirit.  If you don't, you will learn to love a lie.  And you will fight for the lie, defend it, protect it, evangelize it; just as the Born Again do when they have been revealed the Truth.

There is only one of two ways to go.  One is narrow, one is broad, wide. . . .

Just as Jesus was attacked, those who follow the narrow way . . . are ever being attacked as being "judgmental", "narrow-minded", "religious", "legalistic", "exclusivist", "harsh", "unloving". . . .

But it is among the most loving things in the world--to speak the Truth, regardless of consequences, to engage, as the Lord directed, to warn . . . to proclaim the good news.  Which "good news" . . . is not found in the false "spiritual" experiences and "paths/ways" of fallen humanity/angels.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Spirit AND in Truth

God is to be worshiped in Spirit AND in Truth.  There are truths in other so-called "faiths".  But not the Spirit.  You can have truths . . . but where the Spirit is absent you are bound for dangerous idolatry.  Nothing is so clear to me, now with eye that see, as those who create gods of their own predilections.  They will not conform to God.  They want God to conform to them; when He doesn't as shown in His Word, they ignore the Word, marginalize it . . . twist it . . . and then go running after other gods who better placate their ravenous egos.  It almost always ends up in some kind of mystical humanism--man centered, woman centered.  They may find some truths, and this they take for being THE Truth, but if the Spirit is not in it--if it is not of God, then it is but another spirit and ultimately turns out demonic, albeit dressed in "light". . . .

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lighting The Phoenix's Fuse

A secret Muslim, Jesuit and Commi walk into a bar . . . .Hey . . . wait . . . did everybody get raptured?  I was about to tell a funny joke. . . .Where'd everybody go?

No, I doubt it.  Besides, Mat 24:40-41, wherein one is taken and one left in the field actually refers to the wicked being taken up.  Amazing how that verse has been so twisted around and pulled out of context that many teach it means that the righteous are taken up.  Nope, it's the opposite if you read it in context.  But who has time for context?  Who has time to read!

Anyway, a quick note.  As the much vaunted Sept. 23rd arrives . . . with a multitude of potential scenarios hovering . . . I myself am curious about how one in particular is going to end up going down.  It actually will kick off on the 24th down in Charleston, West Virginia--a potential WACO, Bundy Ranch deal . . . or will it fizzle and no one will hear a word more about it?  Hudok, et al. . . .

What I'm quite certain of though, is that the Depository Trust & Clearing Corp. (DTCC) and its super-villainesque subsidiary Cede & Co., own everything . . . and are about to prove it . . . on a global scale.  I suspect this meeting between thing 1 and thing 2 (Mack Daddy and the Black Pope)  with Commi Red China prez Jinping shuffling around the edges . . . is not likely to produce a positive result as this seminal week's global decisions unfold. . . .

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Being One of Another World

The signs and wonders--the lying, deceptive signs and wonders--and especially the attacks and temptations targeting your inner life, your mind, your heart, your very soul . . . are such--and are only going to increase--that you have got to take the spiritual battle seriously.  It can't be a sometime thing.  It can't be a once a week engagement.  It can't be stuffed in among a hundred other distractions and passions and curiosities.

Oh what a slap in the face--a blatant disregard and shunning we give to God daily.  What garbage--yes, pure garbage and and rot and waste and meaninglessness are chased and wallowed in before the holy God Who gives us life; Who gives us eyes and ears and taste and minds, which ought be filled with good things, what is "true, right, noble, lovely" (Phil. 4:8).  But instead entertains what is base, lascivious, petty, shallow, passing, self-referential.

*"Sanctification is the work of God's free grace, whereby we are renewed in the whole man after the image of God, and are enabled more and more to die unto sin, and live unto righteousness."

**Holiness is God's crowning attribute, which sheds light on all of His other attributes.  Holiness is in a peculiar manner the beauty of the divine nature. . . . This renders all his other attributes glorious and lovely.  'Tis the glory of  Gods' wisdom, that is a holy wisdom, and not a wicked subtlety and craftiness.   This makes his majesty lovely, and not merely dreadful and horrible, that it is a holy majesty."

***"Those who have a weak view of God's holiness are prone to fashion God after their own image.  We must return to the biblical view of God's holiness.  We must remember Isaiah's vision of God on His throne, surrounded by seraphim who call to each other, "Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts!" (Isa. 6:3)

****"Mortification means continually putting to death every form of sin.  Owen warned that we must be mortifying sin 'every day and in every duty.'  He wrote, 'It will no otherwise die but by being gradually and constantly weakened; spare it, and it heals its wounds and recovers strength.'  We must continually watch against the operations of this principle of sin: ' in our duties, in our calling, in our conversation with others, in our retirements, in the frames of our spirits, in our straits, in our mercies, in the use of our enjoyments, in our temptations.  If we are negligent on any occasion we shall suffer by it. . . . Every mistake and every neglect is perilous.'
         "The complement of mortification is vivification.  Vivification is the quickening, or bringing to life of the new nature we have received from God.  We must not only seek to kill sin; we must also seek to do the will of God.  We must conform our lives to the standards God has given.  The Decalogue, the Sermon on the Mount, and other ethical teachings throughout the New Testament are not merely good advice; they are meant to shape the way we live.  'So the sanctified sinner lives as one of another world, not conforming himself to the sinful courses of this world, but being transformed into the likeness of those of the better world, (Rom. 12:2; Phil 3:20).

*Westminster Shorter Catechism, q35.
**Jonathan Edwards
***"A Puritan Theology, pg 529
****"A Puritan Theology, pg. 531-32

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Larry, Bob & Zack

Larry and Bob haven't seen each other for a while.  Larry lives out of town but came to visit.  They sat over coffee, catching up.

Larry asks Bob about a mutual friend Zack and how things are going with Zack's new wife Mirna.

Bob smirks a little . . . looks up . . . "uhh . . . well . . . " he responds with an unsure, slight grimace.

Larry presses and says, "I mean, is she good for him?  Do you like her?"

Bob purses his lips, obviously thinking how to answer.  It's clear he thinks there are some issues but doesn't want to speak bad of Zack and the new wife or gossip.

Larry, not really himself interested in hearing the details and just wanting to put the matter to rest and move on to other topics, ie., sports, work, vacations, cars, says, "Well, is he happy though?  Is ZACK happy?  'Cuz that's all the matters. . . ."

[Note, Bob has become a passionate, born again Christian since they last met.  Bob's worldview is typically post-modern, "everybody has their own path . . . whatever makes you happy . . . do your best" etc., and it will be alright. . . .]

But Bob is thinking, "hmm . . . oh dear, what a stupid thing to say, 'is he happy?  That's all that matters.'"  Bob is also thinking . . . Zack was a passionate Christian but his new wife is very worldly and has taken Zack of course.  Oh, they are "doing well" . . . in the world's eyes--just got a new boat and are remodeling their kitchen.  But Bob doesn't consider this "doing well".  In fact he's worried about Zack, about his soul.

Is it true that "if he's happy, that's all that matters?"  Perhaps Hitler was happy killing Jews and Christians.  Hey, that's what made him "happy" so. . . .  Radical Jihadists are happy beheading and crucifying Christians and raping little girls.  Is that all that matters?

But then also, is he really "happy"?  Is Zack "happy"?  Really, what he is . . . is energetically prideful, able to boast, confident that he is doing "better" than others.  This can look like "happy" . . . and maybe it even is.   But is that what this life is for?  Or is it to be HOLY?  "But now you must be holy in everything you do, just as God who chose you is holy." (1 Peter 1:15)

It is said, you can have your "heaven" now . . . and your Hell later, or vice versa.  God will often let those who hate Him and have no desire to serve and submit to Him--He will let them have a bit of the "good life" while on earth . . . because that's as good as it's going to get.  He turns them over to their master, the devil, who may reward them for a time with earthly gifts.  But to the one with the eyes to see . . . this is a terror.  This is a slow moving nightmare which ends badly, despite the temporary boons and treasures. . . .

No, Bob thinks, the point of this life is not whether Zack is pleased with himself and his new wife.  It is whether GOD is pleased.  What makes God "happy" so-to-speak . . . is "all that matters."  And Bob can see that Zack has stopped thinking of and thanking God day-to-day and is only focused now on social standing, the material assets he's acquiring, the satisfaction of his new wife, etc.

But Larry doesn't want to hear about that.  That just sounds "judgmental" and "negative."  Besides, Larry is also just doing what makes himself happy, which includes having an affair, and he doesn't want to get into any type of discussion about absolute right and wrongs.  No way. . . . He just wants a quick answer so that he can keep the conversation light, inconsequential--nothing that might prick the conscience and give him pause in his own case. . . .

It's the same world that Larry and Bob are looking at, but the point-of-view is altogether different and shades each one's perception to completely opposite ends.  To please God . . . or to please man . . . that is the distinction.  They do not both lead to the same place.  And being "happy" has nothing to do with it.  It is all about being holy.  

Serving oneself ("man") can never lead to holiness.  Only by submission to the one, true, holy, living God--Who holds ALL the cards; Who CREATED all the cards--is it possible to truly be happy, content, right with God and at peace . . . for the rest of eternity.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Earthquake Sensing

I can't find it through a quick word search . . . but not too long ago, maybe in early summer I remember making a sort of an aside mention that of all the various things being predicted and expected as coming big events . . . in essence, I kept "getting" EARTHQUAKE.  It has been a nagging premonition for a while since . . . off and on. 

Just two days ago . . . and again last night . . . I almost came here to post a quick warning or notice of this sense of earthquakes being a "thing" in the near future--very near future.  I felt it quite strongly, as I looked at it in my mind, so-to-speak . . . but then hesitated . . . thinking . . . what's the point in mentioning it?  Anyway, subsequently, I've heard the news about the large earthquake and tsunami today off Chile.  So, I guess I'll write a tad on it. . . . Just as an aside. . . .

I see a lot of things before they happen, and I'm not sure what to make of it but generally consider it simply something like a natural (albeit 6th type) sense thing.  I have nothing to with the occult or even seeking such information out--and I've deduced, over the years, except for noticing it in the mix of all other research, news, info etc., and for big picture type preparations and observations . . . it doesn't seem to have much purpose.  I also think it is dangerous and ill advised to spend much, if any serious, ongoing focus on.  It seems to be an incidental ability or attribute.   It could be something related to what animals--dogs, cats etc., apparently exhibit in sensing impending earthquake activity.  I keep it mostly to myself, though I will tell my wife some of the things sometimes, just to share . . . and because occasionally it may factor, as I say, in "big picture" decisions, direction we might be considering. . . .

As far as this strong premonition regarding "earthquake" . . . which nearly compelled me to post something last night before bed . . . I'll just say that I don't think this one today is all that it's about.  I suspect there is more.  Bigger . . . real big . . . "the big one" as they say.  I presume it won't just be one alone either or in one place.  However, as many expect . . . well . . . let's just say that my song "Good-Bye Los Angeles" . . . might not suffer from another verse or two . . . about Portland . . . Seattle.  Whatever it is . . . wherever it hits . . . I am getting that it will indeed be profound in its destruction and repercussions. . . . I hope it is not here, along the Wasatch Front, although we too are slated for the "big one", which is overdue they say. . . .

This business with the pope--this unusual Jesuit pope . . . and his visit is also something. . . . Why am seeing that they might somehow be related . . . in some way . . . at some point ("earthquake" and the pope)? . . . . I don't know--that just occurred to me that they might.

But enough.  I dare not go much further. 

Real, Real-Time Relationship, Grist For The Mill

It is something like no other.  Do you have this?  It is what separates angst from peace, hope from despair, confidence from worrying doubt.

Now, there is a healthy kind of doubt . . . which is not really doubt but more like a bottom-line seriousness, concern, conviction.  Ultimately, in that case, there is no doubt, but there is a constant wanting to please and "chagrinning" (sometimes I like to make up words that I think ought to be:) over one's spiritual missteps and falling short. . . . It's what keeps you honest, keeps you looking over your shoulder, staying alert and engaged in the ongoing spiritual battle.

But when speaking of what separates, for instance, "confidence from worrying doubt" . . . the doubt I am referring to is that doubt which is like an abyss.  There is no confidence there to fall back upon.  We want that which separates confidence, hope . . . from THAT kind of deadly doubt.

There are so many harrowing things at the moment.  Sometimes I wonder if what is wrong with me, causing these incessant headaches . . . accompanying some other disturbing symptoms . . . could be something quite serious.  I still don't know what is going on there though have been able to manage them so as not to totally debilitate me.  Also the general stresses and issues going on in others that I must help and bear, being the "head of the household."  Then, like so many now, I know, working, working, working--never able to really get ahead, but just hold on, always a little bit behind.  Also, the growing instability and insanity and outright evil which seems to be spreading and erupting in the society at large . . . and all the looming, inevitable crises which will only make all these matters that much more difficult. . . .

Yet, it never fails--I find if I turn to God . . . and engage with Him in real time, for real . . . there is that deep assurance and comfort which transcends all.  No matter what else, having faith in the Lord and remembering His victory and keeping that truth foremost in memory and affection . . . puts to rest all these other relatively minor challenges.  Oh, they are not minor in the sense that they are not worrisome, painful, disturbing, frightening at times.  But they are RELATIVELY minor compared to the bigger, all important issue:  What happens to the eternal soul?  This life is so much just short, brutish, unfair, trying. . . . But it is nothing--neither in time or experience--compared to eternity.

Where our heart is . . . is where we treasure.  If it is in this world, even though we claim otherwise, we will suffer immensely.  For it is all lost, doomed, and deep down we know it.  So no peace, no lasting joy can ever derive from being OVERLY attached to the things and even people of this world. 

But having a daily, earnest, deliberate faith in God, in His promises, in His hope . . . instantly transforms a moment of bottomless despair . . . into invigorating expectation, which subsumes present miseries, and makes them only grist for the mill--the mill of soul growth which leads to ever increasing purity and sanctification.  If we maintain and strengthen in faith, then our set-backs are not set-backs at all, but only grist for that divine mill, which is producing the stuff of life--of eternal, perfect, holy life.

If, when you turn to God, in these perpetual worldly moments of trial and angst, and no relief is found, then THAT is the order of the day!  It is a sign that something is missing and must be sought and found and made a part of one's daily life.  It shows a lack of real, real-time relationship with God.  Instead, perhaps there arebut empty thoughts and intellectualizations (another made-up word?:) ABOUT some notion of God . . . but God isn't really there.  No contact has actually been made.  You have an idea of God, but not His Person in your midst, in a familiar way.

This is the order of the day--the most important thing to be about, above all else.  This is the primary preparation and sustenance.  Get right . . . by getting close . . . to God, to the Lord . . . if He truly be THE Lord of your life. . . . Amen? Amen!
God bless you in this, I pray for us all. . . .

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Stamping Out The Sparks

" . . . there shall certainly be a resurrection of both the righteous and the wicked.  In view of this, I also do my best to maintain always a blameless conscience both before God and before men."  --Acts: 24:15-16

We ought be zealous to sustain a good conscience on our way to glory.  Woe to the one who has no pricking of the conscience.  It would appear God has deprived them of that taste of Hell which might motivate them to change course.  Instead, they will bear and feel the full weight of their guilt on the Day of Judgment.  Of all the horrors and disturbances in this world . . . I don't think any compare to the sight of those who have no fear, no dread, no sense whatsoever of their dangerous condition.  There is nothing more frightening to behold than the one who is secure in their way, buried in all manner of sin (lying, cheating, pridefulness, lust, adultery, blasphemy, cruelty etc.) carrying on as if all is right in the world and no great consequences will ever result.  

And no only this, but even more terrifying are they who go further and celebrate their seeming liberty from any sense of guilt or shame--who revel in their disassociation from God, calling it freedom!

Yet, how long do we ourselves carry on, continuing in sin . . . even though we have had the benefit of warning?  

Are there smoldering coals in your conscience?  Are there still corners of your heart where rebellion still lurks . . . in the shadows, where there is a suppressed, quiet but persistent gnawing away?

How much more blessed it is to be marching to glory with a good conscience!  

It is easy and somewhat pleasurable (not a blessed pleasure) to look at the wicked and marvel at how oblivious they are to the precariousness of their standing, showing levity and unconcern regarding eternal consequences.  But wait--.  Are we in any less precarious of a situation?  Perhaps not, if, having been warned in our consciences that we yet have unresolved sins and areas of rebellion which we know are there . . . but do not make effort to fight and dislodge--that we presume safety merely because we believe the Lord Who is He says He is?  The demons "believe and tremble".  Many who claim otherwise actually don't believe or tremble.

When you have been given some--even small sense of the majesty and purity and goodness and holiness and glory of God, the thought of continually offending Him with harbors of continuing sin, despite pains of conscience, belies the depth of your witness.  Those who have seen the glory of God, even reflected in His angels, are immediately humbled, devastated, compelled to worship.  

Those who claim to know God, but live the same day after day, and who are not immensely distressed by the sin still residing in their heart, mind, soul . . . may be no better off than they who flaunt God's law and celebrate their own wickedness.  For the former have no excuse, whose consciences are burning, gnawing, imploring for sanctification; while those extolling evil have no conscience to dissuade them, it having been seared to cold stone hardness.

Let us . . . who claim the Lordship of Christ be eager, energetic, deliberative . . . in sustaining a good conscience on our march to eventual glory.  Let us attend those sparks thrown up from Hell in our midst . . . before their smoldering catches blaze and begins to burn back down all the good ground we've gained!

What a great, encouraging feeling it is to be aggressively engaged in stamping out the vestiges of evil in our souls, that with each step we are gaining more and more light, peace, comfort, strength, joy, love . . . on our way to the gates of the eternal, glorious, celestial city of God.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Recoil, Run, Pull Away. . . .

We have got to get and stay close to the Lord in these coming days.  As we always should, of course, but more than ever, if possible . . . because of the spiritual enemies and attacks that are ubiquitous.  We should learn to have no boundaries in our hatred of sin.  It is a mistake and a danger to think of some sins as little and others as more serious.  The least sin is an abomination and direct attack against holy God.  God is holy, holy, holy.  He said to be holy as He is holy!  This is the standard.  It is a sin to shrug that command off and turn away without a fight (to become more holy.)  It is not a small thing.  It is disobedience, which God hates.  He hates lawlessness and rebellion, with a perfect, holy hatred. 
There should be no boundary, no limit, no resting in our hatred of sin, which is always against God and against Him first.  It is not that we sin against ourselves, against others, against nature, against creatures and systems and things.  We sin against GOD!  All such rebellion is rebellion against our precious, holy, perfect, wonderful Creator, Father.
We ought have no coupling with the children of wrath and disobedience.  We ought not walk together on a path, holding hands.  There should be no tether to our hatred of sin--that it only goes so far.  But it should be that encountering or playing with the slightest sin is like touching a radiating, searing, white-hot burning metal.  Recoil, recoil, pull away, run!
On the other hand, there should be no limit to our love of God.  It should not only go so far and then we hold it back.  Our love of God ought run on and on and on, growing, surging, spreading in all directions, so that all on our path are swept up in it!  We love God so much that then we are able to love others.  But not sin.  We should never love sin, but hate it to no end.  And grow in our repulsion and rejection and blessed hatred of it, for it is what is against and wars at God in every instance, from the so-called "least" to the great.  Praise God always, in all things, thanking Him always, humble in and for His grace and mercy.  Peace, grace, mercy, love of God--let these be the watchwords of the day, as we fight here, foreigners, travelers, strangers in a strange world and enemy camp. . . .

Friday, September 11, 2015

Feeling a Want of Grace is the Grace Itself

Perhaps the surest mark distinguishing true assurance from false . . . is its continuing imperfection: 'the faithful have not this assurance so perfect, but they are oft troubled with doubts and fears. . . .  But they that have this false assurance are most confident and never have any doubts.'

An unfeigned grief for the want of faith . . . is a sign of faith; to see and feel in our selves the want of any grace pertaining to salvation and to be grieved, therefore, is the grace itself.

Though God's decrees are immutable and no man whom He has predestined to salvation can fail to attain it, the surest earthly sign of a saint is his uncertainty; and the surest sign of a damned soul is security.

God kindles a spark of faith in the heart that is a 'will and desire to believe'.  But no sooner is faith kindled than a combat begins in which the soul must fight against and despair by 'fervent, constant, and earnest invocation for pardon.'  This combat never ceases, but it eventually produces a feeling of 'assurance' and persuasion of mercy.  Thereafter follows an 'evangelical sorrow' that is ' a grief for sin, because it is sin', and lastly God gives a soul 'grace to endeavor to obey His commandments by a new obedience.'

Even after one reaches the stage of assurance, doubts may continue.  If they ceased, that would be a sign that one had never had faith go begin with, but had merely deluded oneself and had not really entered in the covenant of grace.

True assurance comes only after attendance on the preaching of the word, and only after a period of doubt and despair.  The faithful can always remember a time when they had the spirit of bondage in themselves which wrought much fear, while whose with false assurance are never troubled with any fears or doubts this way.  --excerpts and paraphrases from "Visible Saints" by Edmund S. Morgan

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Communist Core

I've been saying this from the first time I looked at it--Common Core equals Communist Core....

“Common Core, in my eyes, is the same as the communist core I once saw in China,” Lily Tang Williams told the Colorado state Board of Education recently.
“I grew up under Mao’s regime, and we had the communist-dominated education – nationalized testing, nationalized curriculum and nationalized indoctrination.”
Her testimony was reported by PJMedia, which said she warned against comparing test scores of American children with Chinese students.
“I am telling you, Chinese children are not trained to be independent thinkers,” she said. “They are trained to be massive skilled workers for corporations. And they have no idea what happened in Tiananmen Square in 1989 where government ordered soldiers to shoot its own 1,000 students.”

And this is somewhat related... the court case in Italy on vaccine damage that I somehow missed...
P.S. I know someone, a couple, very well . . . who recently had a baby and did not get a single vaccine done on their baby.  The baby is growing beautifully... big, healthy, sharp, alert.... way ahead in growth and development than other babies same age which often are lethargic, cranky, small, spaced out... the difference is marked......
 "Based on expert medical testimony, the court concluded that the child more likely than not suffered autism and brain damage because of the neurotoxic mercury, aluminum and his particular susceptibility from a genetic mutation. The Court also noted that Infanrix Hexa contained thimerosal, now banned in Italy because of its neurotoxicity, “in concentrations greatly exceeding the maximum recommended levels for infants weighing only a few kilograms.”
Presiding Judge Nicola Di Leo considered another piece of damning evidence: a 1271-page confidential GlaxoSmithKline report (now available on the Internet). This industry document provided ample evidence of adverse events from the vaccine, including five known cases of autism resulting from the vaccine’s administration during its clinical trials (see table at page 626, excerpt 

Not Redeemed By Gold & Silver

[Anyone waking this morning will glance at US equity futures and happily note its unchanged-ness relative to weakness in Asia overnight. But behind the scenes of the last 12 hours was a total and utter farce of price discovery failure. S&P 500 e-mini futures have been halted twice (0551ET anbd 0612ET) in what one market observer exclaimed "looks like manipulation to me." So what exactly happened at 6:12am? . . . It appears the "markets" are starting to run our of excess room for the various central bank manipulations to take place without being utterly exposed for all to see. ]


I've been watching and learning a bit about the markets the past couple months--something I've never really cared about, not my thing . . . but am always interested in learning new things, so have been tracking a few different sites and prognosticators. . . . What is obvious is that the whole system is now unhinged from natural market forces and is being manipulated and propped up in the extreme.  Which only means that the bubble is getting bigger and bigger-which, by "natural forces" must, at some point nevertheless break.  I believe the reason "they" are suppressing gold and silver prices . . . is so they can scoop it all up at bargain prices . . . then, once satisfied, they will take their arm off the pressure . . . and it will explode. . . .

Meanwhile, I happened to be pick up and be reading James early this morning:  "Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries which are coming upon you. Your riches have rotted and your garments have become moth-eaten. Your gold and your silver have rusted; and their rust will be a witness against you and will consume your flesh like fire. It is in the last days that you have stored up your treasure!…"  --James 5:1-3

And also in 1 Peter:  "If you address as Father the One who impartially judges according to each one's work, conduct yourselves in fear during the time of your stay on earth; knowing that you were not redeemed with perishable things like silver or gold from your futile way of life inherited from your forefathers, but with precious blood, as of a lamb unblemished and spotless, the blood of Christ.…"  --1 Peter 1:17-19

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Off To The Races & some comic relief

It's Wednesday night . . . and its looking like tomorrow the 10th will be another crash day on the stock exchange.  This thing is coming down.  Oh, and Syria?  Did I not once say to watch Syria as an indicator of the beginning of the big tumult?  Yes, I did.  And that was when no one was even talking about Syria.  Well, I had a dream that tipped me.  The one that also had a "bear". . . . The migrant waves are being blamed on the Syria situation, among other things. . . .

Anyway, looks like we're off to the races.  I've been researching food storage and have found a good source that is still stocked up.  Basically organic, non gmo, picked when ripe, which makes a big difference.  More on that shortly. . . . Like I said, I've been waiting and watching . . . and only just recently got the internal word that yes, it is now really the last little while to prepare.  Everyday now I am feeling the onus . . . it's on. . . .

Meanwhile, how about some comic relief--some levity from the crisis actors:

Monday, September 7, 2015

Catholic Heresies

 I haven't addressed this yet--a comment made by a fellow who found my blog looking for Shawn McCraney stuff.  (see below)... I presume the commenter is Catholic--or, if not, at least is running apologetics for the Catholic Church.
He attempts to deny that the Catholic church teaches salvation or Justification by faith PLUS works; which is a ludicrous claim.  The crux of the Protestant Reformation was based on this very issue--is Justification by faith alone?  Or by faith AND works?  The Catholic church not only requires works of the believer in order to be justified, it also requires that the believer KEEP working to maintain merit, salvation.

The Canons that Keith provided very cleverly do not tell the whole story.  All they say is that man alone, without the aid of divine grace, cannot earn salvation.  What the heretical Catholic church DOES teach . . . is that provided one obtains divine grace (by going through the Catholic church) THEN man is able to earn and maintain Justification.

All these Canons say, which Keith presented, is that for man to earn his salvation/Justification . . . he needs the HELP of the "Holy Ghost" and "predisposing inspiration" (ie., "prevenient grace" which is NOT something that is taught in the Bible, but is a doctrine invented by humanists who cannot, will not abandon the idea of the supremacy of man's "free will" over God's.)

Since Keith went to the Council of Trent Canons to provide a deceptive argument, I will go them to show the lie proposed that the Catholic church does NOT teach that "we have to earn our salvation through our own good works", whereas the Bible teaches that it is by "grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast."  --Eph. 2:8-9

How do you explain this away, Keith?  Please, remember lying, dissembling, lying by omission, twisting truth, defending heresy etc., is very serious business.  You need to repent and put your faith ALONE in JESUS CHRIST ALONE.

Canon 9
If any one saith, that by faith alone the impious is justified; in such wise as to mean, that nothing else is required to co-operate in order to the obtaining the grace of Justification, and that it is not in any way necessary, that he be prepared and disposed by the movement of his own will; let him be anathema. 

Canon 14
If any one saith, that man is truly absolved from his sins and justified, because he assuredly believed himself absolved and justified; or, that no one is truly justified but he who believes himself justified; and that, by this faith alone, absolution and justification are effected; let him be anathema.

 " . . . Baptism is the first and chief sacrament of forgiveness of sins because it unites us with Christ, who died for our sins and rose for our justification, so that 'we too might walk in newness of life,'" (Catechism of the Catholic Church, par. 977).

 "Justification has been merited for us by the Passion of Christ. It is granted us through Baptism. It conforms us to the righteousness of God, who justifies us. It has for its goal the glory of God and of Christ, and the gift of eternal life. It is the most excellent work of God's mercy," (CCC, par. 2020).

Where does the Bible say we are Justified by baptism?  Nowhere.  This is a Catholic concoction.

 Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), par. 2010 says,
"Moved by the Holy Spirit and by charity, we can then merit for ourselves and for others the graces needed for our sanctification."
Oh really?  This does not sound like faith alone by grace alone:  "Merit for ourselves . . . the graces needed for our sanctification" ???

Let us turn instead to the Word of God:  "But if it is by grace, it is no longer on the basis of works, otherwise grace is no longer grace,"  Rom. 11:6

If you do not love the truth . . . then sooner or later . . . you will be handed over to the evil one and will learn to love a lie. . . .
Here is Keith's original comment below . . . and while I heartily refute what he posted, I do appreciate that he bothered to take the time to comment and that he even cares enough at least (about spiritual issues) that he contended.  Apathy and shoulder shrugging about God and Godly matters is the most abhorrent to me.  Be either hot or cold--lukewarmness is the worst!

I just found your blog while searching for shawn mccraney, and see you keep saying that the catholic church teaches we have to earn our salvation through our own good works, here is what the church actually teaches:

Council of Trent session 6

Canon 1.
If anyone says that man can be justified before God by his own works, whether done by his own natural powers or through the teaching of the law,[110] without divine grace through Jesus Christ, let him be anathema.

Canon 2.
If anyone says that divine grace through Christ Jesus is given for this only, that man may be able more easily to live justly and to merit eternal life, as if by free will without grace he is able to do both, though with hardship and difficulty, let him be anathema.

Canon 3.
If anyone says that without the predisposing inspiration of the Holy Ghost[111] and without His help, man can believe, hope, love or be repentant as he ought,[112] so that the grace of justification may be bestowed upon him, let him be anathema.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Christian Meditation

I observe and believe that one of the reasons the modern Christian church and Christianity has so widely become weak, ineffective, shallow, worldly etc., is because of the lack of Christian meditation being taught, promoted and practiced among so-called believers.

Of course, Eastern meditation is something altogether different and not to be practiced by believers.  Biblical meditation, however, is related to and as critical as prayer in producing real Christian  spiritual experience and growth, protection.  The Bible, God's Word, speaks often of meditation. 

"Isaac went out to meditate in the field toward evening --"  (Gen. 24:63)

"This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have success."  (Though Joshua was busy supervising the conquest of Canaan, the Lord commanded Him to meditate on the book of the law continually, Josh 1:8)
"When I think of You as I lie on my bed, I meditate on You during the night watches--"  (David speak of meditating on the Lord in the night watches, Psalm 63:6)

"My eyes anticipate the night watches, That I may meditate on Your word."  (Psalm 119:148)

"Tremble, and do not sin; Meditate in your heart upon your bed, and be still." (Psalm 4:4; also see Pss. 77:10-12; 104:34; 119:116, 48,59,78,97-99)

The Puritans--believers who are not known for shallow, over-emotional, imaginative spiritual frivolity or New Age-like doctrinal error . . . spoke and wrote much on the importance and even critical necessity of Christian meditation as being a regular, critical, habitual part of a believer's spiritual practices.

Thomas Watson (1620-1686) described meditation as "a holy exercise of the mind whereby we bring the truths of God to remembrance and do seriously ponder upon them and apply them to ourselves."

Christian meditation should exercise both mind and heart, intellect and affections.

"A true meditation is when a man does so meditate of Christ as to get his heart inflamed with the love of Christ; so meditate of the Truths of God as to be transformed into them; and so mediate of sin as to get his heart to hate sin."  (Edmund Calamy, 1600-1666)

If you want to grow in Christian graces and to become increasingly impervious to the vicissitudes of worldly trials, attacks, temptations etc., you should learn to make (Christian) meditation a daily duty, along with prayer and the reading of the Word.  What spiritual blessings ensue when this is done!  What sweetness develops all around the contemplation, study, mulling and practice of Biblical truths and practices!  There is nothing in the world like it!  The further you go in developing such practice, the more the world and all its threats, harrowings, entanglements upon your mind, heart and soul, begin to pale and become brittle, weak and fall away . . . and the more you start gaining a powerful hunger and thirst for righteousness and the things of God.  Such divine relations become so fulfilling that all other temporal comforts and appetites vastly loose their savor in comparison.

Powerful, serious and effective meditation should be daily, deliberate and set for a regular time.  It is, "when a person sets apart . . . some time, and goes into a private closet, or a private walk, and there does solemnly and deliberately meditate of the things of Heaven . . . [It] is a reflecting act of the soul, whereby the soul is carried back to itself, and considers all the things that it knows" about a particular Biblical subject, including its "causes, fruits and properties."  (Calamy)

Among the physical preparations a wise steward ought be making at this time, installing this Christian practice is crucial . . . in order to hear correctly and regularly the promptings and corrections of the Spirit . . . during calamitous times, to stay spiritually strong, safe, directed. . . .


Saturday, September 5, 2015

A War Without Truce

*"Satan's Device: Satan makes a strategic retreat for a time to draw us out of our position of strength (Josh. 8:15).  He permits us a momentary victory to 'swell the heart with pride'.  He lulls us into 'a spirit of security' and 'vain presumption'.

 Remedy:  We can overcome the devil by 'Christian sobriety and watchfulness' (1 Peter 5:8).  Christians in this world should not live like rich men in a king's court but like soldiers in the camps of war--'it is a war without a truce.'"

Here is a great sneaking danger.  The devil withdraws from his assaults and temptings on us . . . and we come to believe we have overcome.  We then drop our guard and assume a spiritual station which doesn't actually exist.  We think we are more advanced than we are.  And then subtle spiritual pride slips in and takes up residence, but we don't see it.  Instead we just feel a sort of hardening confidence and surety that we've got things well under control and are "doing quite well, thank you very much!"

We don't need our elders, we don't need advice from anyone, we become our own authority as humility is run from the camp and self assurance takes control.  Not assurance in Christ, but assurance in ourselves . . . perhaps along with another partner on the same track; and what you have is a miniature cult . . . soon being led by subtle doctrines of demons. 

It is said pride is the first sin to enter a person's heart . . . and the last to leave. . . .

Many times it is all the devil has to do--that is, to retreat from attacking us and even help things to go "our way."  Almost instantly pride enters in the back door as we begin assuming that we ourselves are the ones accomplishing "good" and "noble" and "notable" things; that we deserve a little credit and we start comparing our achievements against others, considering ourselves a "cut above".

The frightening part . . . is that this state of affairs can go on for a long time before we realize that we have actually long ago drifted from the path of righteousness (humility) and we have not been communing with God at all but rather have been taking cues from and pleasing demons!

Many, many "religious" people--especially even pastors and elders--fall into this hidden trap and grow quite prideful in their "spiritual" and worldly success, where it seems like they have overcome the devil and temptations and are finally being blessed; when in fact, they live in a false security and abound with pride cloaked in "uprightness" and "victory".

Which subtle pride God detests!  Even a "proud look" the Lord despises (Prov. 6:16-17).  Those whose hearts have become prideful--especially masquerading in spiritual trappings--are an abomination to the Lord!  (Prov. 16:5)

The proud heart is quick to see the defects in others while ignoring its own.  The humble see their own sin first.

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or to impress others, but in humility consider others as more important, better than yourselves."  (Phil. 2:3)

"The proud man believes he has accomplished what God and others have accomplished in him. He seeks credit for things which he cannot rightly take credit. Talent, intellect, abilities, health, and life itself are gifts from God."  (Harold Vaughn)

William Law said--and how true it is--"Pride must die, or nothing of heaven can live in you."

In any time, but especially in these times of rampant lawlessness and hatred of all things pertaining to God, and as one in the soldiers camp of war, the great hedge protecting the believer from the enemy's constant assaults . . . is humility. "Nothing sets a Christian so much out of the devil s reach than humility and so prepares the mind for divine light without darkness. Humility clears the eye to look at things as they truly are. . . . Pure Christian humility causes a person to take notice of everything that is good in others, to make the best of it and to diminish their failings. (Jonathan Edwards)

We ought be most on guard when it seems as if the devil has flown from our midst, so advanced are we.  But there is no truce, no let up in this spiritual war until the King and Judge brings HIS conclusion to all events.  Until then, humility must be our constant shield, avoiding like the plague vain presumptions and casual conceit. . . .

 "Spiritual pride takes many forms and shapes, one under another, and encompasses the heart like the layers of an onion: when you pull off one, there is another underneath. Therefore, we have need to have the greatest watch imaginable over our hearts with respect to this matter and to cry most earnestly to the great Searcher of hearts for His help. He that trusts his own heart is a fool."  (J.E.)


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Rest of Clump-o-dex

Okay, here are the rest of my scribbled notes from a stash of clumpodex I came across cleaning my paint supplies. . .  They are probably from 4-5 years ago.  These ones happen to have LDS related stuff and some Trinity references.  I haven't edited or corrected them but relate as is. . . .
--Brigham Young Journal Vol. 5 pg 331 "Christian God is the Mormon's devil", "All my sermons are considered scripture" (Ensign 2002 confirms that all such sermons are scripture).
--But no restoration [of Gospel] needed.  See Mark 13:31 "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away."  See also Eph. 3:21, John 10:35: "And you know that the Scriptures cannot be altered. So if those people who received God's message were called 'gods,' . . . "
--If you are Christian, why did your leader condemn, damn "Christianity"?  Also note re cry of "why do you bash us?" that you drew first blood ie., in the temple rite where the Protestant minister is shown as a minister of Lucifer. . . .
--Bible says polygamy an abomination.  Joseph Smith lied about being polygamist, other leaders have lied about it.  Book of Mormon preaches against it.  It's adultery.  J.S. married already married woman (11), had 14 year old wife in Emma's house.
--Joseph Smith had many failed prophecies (thus fails the Biblical test for a true prophet.)
--No evidence of B of M culture.
--re "Adam/God doctrine" by B.Y. . . . truth doesn't change vs. "progressive revelation".
--Brigham Young says blacks never to get the priesthood cuz of Cain's curse.
--Who is Jesus? Do you have the right Jesus?  John 8:24 says you must know "who I am" or die in your sin.
--LDS follow "Doctrine of Abrogation" where living prophet trumps a dead prophet, like Islam [where Muhammad's prophetic ministry trumps all prior prophets]
--Paradigm Christ...child orange...crescent spiral...jam sea [I have no idea why I wrote these words down together, lol].
--Idolatry means "adoration".  Any attribute stripped, taken from God-- we exchange the Glory/truth of God for a lie.  See Romans 1 Paul re wrath . . . because our propensity to take away glory of God's true character instead glorify Who God is.  If we blot His attributes our of His character we are not worshiping the true God but rather a false.  God is a God of love from scripture, also a God of wrath scripture.  You can't pick and choose.  True religion means worshiping God as He is.  So you must teach the whole counsel of God, otherwise participating in idolatry and breaking 1st commandment!  *Trust: It is real God or an idol--pick and choose?  *Invocation:  who do you appeal to?  the church? the stars? saints? tokens/totems?  The sins of a fallen race--refusal to honor God as God is and not to be thankful, ie., to wish we had a better lot, we deserve more ie., rather than thank God always.
--Eph 1 shows Fathers love.
--"Henotheism"  One major God with minor gods.
Carmen Christi: worshipping Christ as God. Phil. 2:5,6
--Note, the Trinity is unique; Within one being God there exists 3 coequal eternal persons. A rock has being, substance, not a person.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Stick In The Spokes Of Programming

I find it helpful to regularly throw a glitch into the incessant intended mind/soul programming that is going on, ie., especially through the various, ubiquitous means of the coordinated daily media narrative. . . .

One way I've mentioned before is to read old books.  Simply reading the thoughts and expressions and narratives of past authors in itself helps to immediately shift one out of the current nefarious (mind-controlling) paradigm.  All the more if those authors are inspired or Godly.  The Bible, of course, is supreme among writings for this purpose, but other works--even novels from past eras are efficacious as well in sticking a stick in the spokes of the NWO/Satanic brain-wash agenda.

Here is another method I employ on occasion for your sake.  Perhaps prompted by the Spirit and timed for His purposes in another's life . . . while organizing and cleaning some stuff I'd once had in previous cars . . . among all my tools and materials . . . I found some old "clump-o-dex" which included sporadic notes and inspired writings I did somewhere at sometime while working . . . probably when listening to some spiritual/Biblical pocast . . . or when I was pondering some spiritual issue or question. . . .

"Clump-o-dex"?  Lol, that is the term my wife and I have for what I carry in my pocket . . . which is a bunch of scraps of paper with phone numbers, notes, ideas etc.  A take-off of the ol' "rolodex" function. . . .

Anyway, these random notes are out of the present time--I throw them up here fwiw (for what its worth) as a poor man's "stick in the spokes" of the present media narrative programming. . . . I do not alter or fix, edit them (the grammar, political incorrectness is as is.)  Where I do expound in the present it is in brackets.]

Here are a few for starters.  If you find these interesting, amusing, or helpful, I will put up the rest.


--If you do believe in the inerrancy of the Bible, then the perplexing passages fascinate me.
--Re spirit recede--If Calvinism true, its a great help to weather thru.  Arminian could say yeah but lack of Spirit motivates to TRY harder for fear of losing salvation--But I say I never could, of my own be more "spiritual"--it was always false (ie., note lovey-dovey Crystal/Bill conversation = bad result for Bill).  Instead, I throw myself back onto faith, not works to get the Spirit back. [note: Bill was my father in law.  I found a cassette recording of a conversation of his with a "spiritual" friend where they are talking all new-agey "love and light" stuff and positive-attraction thinking, how great it is and works.  Bill ended up demon possessed, I'm convinced, and took a shotgun to himself in the head a year or so after that conversation.]
--Progressive Revelation--the truth is not what is written & absolutely know from the Word of God, but rather WHATEVER the current prophet says it is, even if it contradicts past "prophets" and the written Word of God Itself!  This example is the hallmark--the definition of cultism--of following and elevating MAN above the unchanging, sovereign God.
--"Christianity--'the religions of the day' are of Hell"--said Mormon "prophet" John Taylor, Vol. 6, pg176 Journal of Discourses.
--Apostle ("seer, revelator, prophet) Bruce R. McConkie in his book "The Millennial Messiah" pg.54-55:  "The church of the devil today is communism, Stalin, Nazism and is modern Christianity in all its parts."

Brother Thomas ©2015

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