Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sanctified Freedom Of Will

Opening the Bible today I read:

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, but in humility consider others as more important than yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others."  --Phil. 2:3-4

Imagine how that would be . . . to wake up and rather the first thoughts and actions being taken were not for one's own ambitions . . . but considering foremost the interests of others. . . .

But with attention and effort . . . you can train yourself to head in this direction.  It takes daily presence of mind.  A note by the bed or stuck on the bathroom mirror can help to remind you of the standard that is expected of us who pursue light and truth.

Then also, to have a consistent ongoing attitude of considering others as more important than yourself!  Who ever does that?  Oh, many delude themselves that this is what they do when they engage in good works, service, philanthropy . . . but most often if you scratch the surface you will find that rather than feeding others, the servant is feeding his own hidden spiritual pride.

Further I read, "work out your salvation with fear and trembling for it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure."  --Phil 2:12-13

Oh that we realized how truly precarious our situation is!  We float along, accomplishing and receiving so many things that are mindlessly taken for granted . . . even as if they were due to us, owed to us.  Oh that the curtain were parted and we saw how every breath, every slight movement--let alone any larger moves of existing--are all provided, given to us by Another.  Nothing is done of ourselves.  We couldn't exist for a single shred of an infinitesimal moment . . . but that Another is causing and upholding it!  

And if we saw how dangerous is the path we are walking in reality . . . we would dissolve in a flash of horror, I am certain.  Mercifully we are spared of seeing how relatively impossible our situation is.  In actuality we are like someone walking on a needle-thin tightrope . . . strung over a chasm of roiling, searing, flaming magma . . . whilst hateful, vengeful winged harpies by the thousand are swooping in and attacking us, to knock us off.  Oh how greatly do we take for granted and remain comfortably unaware of how much we are protected, guided, strengthened and sustained!

When we get even the slimmest clue . . . indeed, there is no way NOT to "work out our salvation with fear and trembling."

But lest we should take some pride even in that righteous urge and comprehension . . . look! Not even this small move toward holiness can we take any credit for, "FOR IT IS GOD Who is at work in you, BOTH TO WILL and to WORK FOR HIS GOOD PLEASURE"!

This is just one of the places in scripture I get the clue to suspect that, in the deepest, ultimate sense, we really don't do anything.  At the very least, we don't do anything good.  Here, He tells us that HE works in us . . . even to WILL . . . to work for His pleasure.  

I am endlessly fascinated and compelled by a mystery and seeming paradox here, I must admit.  And that is that it appears to me (and I experience it) . . . that the more we realize and accept and submit to God's absolute sovereignty . . . IN ALL THINGS . . . including even what we will to do . . . we gain our greatest and most profound individual freedom and power of personal will. . . . There is a deep and glorious and astounding purpose and result involved . . . in the process of our so-called "wills" becoming one with and in conformity . . . the will of God!

Praise God!  Worship God.  Crave holiness and work out your salvation with fear and trembling for He is loving, generous and merciful! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"And you will desire to control your husband"

In my first interview with Internet pioneer Zeph Daniel . . . the main topic I spoke on was the coming riots.  It became a bit of a watchword in the various shows and writings to follow.  Since that time, indeed riots worldwide and increasingly especially in "the West" . . . have become a staple of and in the NWO final phase "fundamental transformation" of "hope and change". . . .

It doesn't seem now so prescient or remarkable to suggest that "riots" will lead to the final police state lockdown . . . and many now are predicting this . . . but at the time it seemed "far out", "paranoid", "extreme" to warn of such a development. . . . But here we are . . . and it's looking more and more likely.  All planned, instigated--part of the scheme. . . .

Now, let me offend once again with some plain, hard truths . . . which, of course, constitute present day secular blasphemies according to the new, brainwashed "group think". . . .

A primary reason there can even be mass riots and a ready populace just waiting to be triggered into anarchic, violent action . . . is because of single mother households, feminized fathers and . . . (here we go for the "blasphemy"): women in positions of authority where they shouldn't be.

Oh, how often has it been asserted that if "women just ran the world instead of men" we would have peace, environmental protection, cooperation, end of war" etc.

But I suggest what you have--as the so-called "sacred feminine" DOES actually run the world, and where women are running households (whether men are in them or not), churches and many magisterial institutions (police departments, courts, high political offices) . . . what you have is what happened in Baltimore over the weekend.  Where women aren't actually "in charge" as is the case with the Baltimore mayor . . . you still have feminist ideology and feminine spirituality in charge . . . and this is simply against the divine order . . . and does not and will not ever work. 

And oh how it makes these demonically driven and often possessed feminists fly off with spitting rage to hear such a suggestion. . . .

Which alerts me further of its truth, for if the world hates it, and hates you for saying it . . . you are likely on the right path and speaking (Godly) truth.

Now seeing this and saying it has nothing to do with  having any personal anti-women sentiment or agenda.  In fact, as women (thanks to the fall, as it is Written) are prone to want to dominate and control according to the effects of the curse . . . it is far easier to just let them.  And far too many men have done just that.  Which is why we are at where we are at.  Un-Godly men who have taken the easy way . . . to seek after their baser lusts and indulgences . . . have been all too happy to let women run the show so that they can run off and continue living as little boys, playing . . . and playing . . . and never growing into manhood.  (see Gen. 3:16)

What you see in the Baltimore riots are scores of young men and de-feminized women (de-feminized in the sense of having abandoned their Godly womanly roles) running wild in the streets . . . having basically raised themselves or been raised by women who weren't mature yet themselves.  Children having (and actually NOT raising) children. . . .

And so, a few of the adults come out and try to tell these youths to have discipline and "act adult".  But it's too late.  Disciplining of the child starts right after birth.  Giving children no boundaries, no rules and basically letting them run the show since infancy . . . creates youths and young adults who . . . duh . . . have no boundries, no discipline, no sense of absolute rights and wrongs.

The deconstructionist, feminist culture we live in eschews absolutes and has it that everyone should "find their own truth". . . . Which is insanity.  And it is nearly impossible to put that genie of insanity and lawlessness back in the bottle once it has grown habitual in its ways.

I've seen and even known so many parents who, when their children start acting out in their early teens NOW suddenly try to start disciplining.  But it's too late at that point.

The woman is more prone to concern over feelings and not wanting their child to resent or be angry with them . . . so they let them run wild and try to negotiate and loosely corral the youngsters.  But, in fact, this is what actually causes the child to resent the parent, for the child craves direction, boundaries, rules, discipline.  They intuitively know that it is actually a LACK of love and caring which would let a child be the boss . . . knowing the problems this is later going to lead to.

Of course, all of this must be done in love.  Tough love.  We should follow the example of the supreme Father, Who chastises those He loves.  Is there anything clearer from scripture than that God has His laws, which He expects us to obey . . . and that there is a system of divine, eternal rewards and punishments accordingly?  Has God set up a free-for-all . . . anarchistic, post-modern (truth is relative) universe?  Or one of absolutes?  And one of patriarchy.  Yep.  There is a divine order and expectation for the way God intends family, culture, His church and society to operate.

You can like it or not.  You can argue and parse and twist His words to change the fact; but the fact doesn't change.  Instead, we have degeneracy, lawlessness, "silly women" and children running the show, running churches, running governments (behind the scenes) and the whole order groans under the resultant chaos and depravity.

There is blame enough to go around.  Fallen men (beginning with Adam) have been cowed and run off like cowards from their responsibilities . . . willing enough to let the fallen propensity of women to dominate and control . . . so that now, in the realm of humankind, the order is upside down.  Good is being called evil, evil is called good.  Things will not get better unless GODLY men reestablish and take back their ordained roles as leaders and spiritual heads . . . and GODLY women submit and flourish in their own rightful, ordained realms of authority and care.

Oh how this talk rankles the unregenerate mind of this day!  Few dare to say it, though more than you'd suspect know it is true and secretly wish it were spoken more and effected in actuality.

The problem is (thanks to the successful demonically driven government/cultural/religious agenda) that so many men who should be doing this . . . themselves were raised by single mothers and no fathers or by weak, woman-dominated fathers who dare not stand up to their controlling spouses and the feminist haranguing of society. . . .

How 'bout them apples. . . .

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Here Comes Trouble. . . .

Yeah . . . it looks like we're about to the end of the line here. . . . I've "seen" and known what was coming and started warning--well, since about age 13 really, but with the details for about 27 years now.  It has taken longer than I initially expected but it's coming due all the same.

Knowing this . . . I have deliberately focused on quality versus quantity of audience to share it with.  I haven't advertised or done much to promote myself and my message and deliberately managed to stay relatively small and more intimate.  I have also deliberately continued to write in such a way and deal with certain topics that would be unappealing to the dead and keep them away.  Who needs the trouble and it is a waste of time to collect a big "following" . . . of zombies. . . .  Yes, money can be made that way but that has never been anywhere near the objective here.

  I don't know that it will much matter in the end (being low-profile) in terms of what happens to me except that perhaps it has bought a little more time to continue warning and advising.  Whether you've known it or not, since I began sharing via the Internet--ie., beginning in the Lamb Café and with all those early shows with Zeph . . . and then through this blog . . . I have been primarily focused on helping any interested readers/listeners . . . to get prepared mentally and especially spiritually . . . and emotionally for what's about to befall.  It is going to take some serious spiritual/mental/emotional TOUGHNESS to face this thing and continue to honor God and the truth as deception and delusion and fear are the main enemies to be faced. . . .

It is obvious (I think) that the JH exercises are at the very least . . . the pre-positioning and staging of military assets . . . into those areas "they" have deemed to be most likely the most troublesome in terms of resistance.  I don't expect this "exercise" to have an ending.  Whether it goes "hot" in the beginning or not remains to be seen but there are increasing evidences that this may be "it".

I first heard about JH around a year ago.  Let's say I ran into someone who told me about an acquaintance . . . who had been in the military and bailed when he learned what was coming and expected of him.  He mentioned an operation called "JH" and said it was about disarming and establishing martial law . . . and he refused to have a part in it.  So he headed for the hills and made a hide-out and is planning to weather it out.  Luckily, I don't know the guy's name or where he's at or any more than that . . . except that I made a mental note about that name (JH) and have been keeping an eye out for if and when it ever went public.  Now it has, which lends quite a bit of credibility to the whole story.

Honestly, I don't believe there will be anywhere to hide . . . and, in general I believe we are to remain and be salt and light and a witness, whatever the cost, which I expect to be high.  Praise God.

As trying and terrifying as it may be to be caught up in such times . . . it is really a blessing for the believer.  Were we living in easy times . . . we would be prone to living as the world does and have no opportunity to stand for truth and for the name the Lord.  When judgment comes collectively upon a people . . . while it is a curse and a judgment and rightful punishment to the wicked . . . it is loving chastisement to the children of God . . . and never forget . . . "ALL things work for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose."  Don't let this be just some dry, quickly discarded verse . . . when the hammer comes down and the trials arrive.  Believe it.  Look into the circumstances and find how it is that God is purifying you toward perfection--toward conforming you more and more to His image.

I expect that most of us . . . will have our witness put to the test.  Consider that day now; don't wait for that moment, but rehearse what you will do.  By that I mean . . . don't be caught off guard . . . such that you make a decision in the moment of crisis or challenge . . . where you dishonor or reject God in panic or sudden cowardice.  He gave us advice for such a moment . . . which is to take no thought for what we will say but that the Spirit will guide us and speak through us but that is not what I'm referring to.  I'm just saying be alert and ready to face that time when you will be confronted with the demand that you serve the god of this world or THE God of ALL worlds. . . .

We are in much the same situation as when the Empire of Rome was finally sacked by the "barbarians."  We are surrounded, infiltrated . . . the walls are utterly breached . . . and the sacking is about to commence. . . . But life goes on.

Those who are in Christ have been born again and their lives have just begun . . . and will not end.  We are now strangers here, foreigners ourselves in the midst of enemy territory.  But He is with us always, through all.  Eventually, supreme justice will be done and the evildoers will get their reward, as will we.  The only safety is in Jesus, whatever happens to this crumbling, corrupt, doomed kingdom of lies, theft, murder and perversity. 

"Prepare your souls" was the phrase I heard in my mind when I was contemplating the state of the world and was born again.  Stay close to Him in truth and in spirit, every day now.  Events, when they finally break--when they pull the trigger and give the command, will happen rapidly.  A lot of things will happen at once and in the ensuing chaos is where they will move into their planned actions.  Remember Who you serve above all.  Love the Lord above everything and everyone else.  Many you thought were friends and family . . . will be anything but . . . as the unsaved will rush to save their own skins (as if they could.)  Keep eternity and the hereafter foremost in your objectives and purposes.  We all die regardless . . . so selling your soul and betraying the Lord--while it might buy you a few extra days or even years--will not be worth it . . . considering the final judgment to come . . . and eternity.

This is your chance to shine, to witness, to give account of the hope that is within you.  It is actually a great grace and mercy to be put into such times . . . for otherwise . . . we would remain lukewarm and slumber our way off the cliff to destruction.  Here we have the opportunity to prove to ourselves and others and to our Lord where our hearts and destiny truly resides.

Buck up.  Buckle up . . . "put your helmet on . . . we'll be headed for a fall . . .  the whole thing's gonna blow. . . . (but) Everything's gonna be okay. . . ."

Friday, April 24, 2015

Hey Dude

Well . . . the cycle of life continues . . . in many quarters . . . and we've thought for a while that not only could Banjo (our granddog) enjoy a little buddy when he visits . . . but in a slightly "service dog" sort of way . . . so would Isaac and Sky be helped in subtle ways . . . and Lindsay's been craving a dog now that she's become somewhat of a dog fanatic (quite against type, heh) . . . and I've been wanting one too.  We've had our feelers out for a year or so . . . and I really believe that if you are sensitive to it . . . God sets up a special pet for you, should you ask Him. 

Especially in this time where it seems that so many have practically lost their minds and/or are walking around in a NWO trance (God help them) . . . God's more innocent creatures are a needed and helpful refuge and respite. . . .

So . . . he arrived and the opportunity came up . . . and I introduce to you "Dude":


So now we have currently the cutest grandson in the world AND the cutest puppy!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Copyrighted Thought? Thanks TPP

Ya know . . . while everyone is looking at "the Hildabeast" (Hitlery . . . er, sorry, Hillary) or . . . the pathetically sad Bruce Jenner . . . or even Jade Helm . . . here is where the big, longterm damage often comes about:  multinational so-called "free trade" agreements such as is getting fast-tracked in the shadows right now . . . the "TPP" (Trans-Pacific Partnership).   The insidious effects of the TPP will be felt for generations--will alter the course of . . . well, just about everything. 

I remember when the few, the proud, the intelligent . . . back in the day were opposing things like NAFTA and GATT . . . and we were being called "conspiracy theorists" and "kooks" . . . and how now we look like veritable prophets . . . as virtually all of the dire predictions (rampant illegal immigration, job loss, wage depreciation, crappy goods and services, Constitutional Rights deterioration etc.,) HAVE ALL COME DUE . . . and we can see that the proponents . . . were/are just as we charged:  multi-nationalist, globalist, corporate-Marxist, anti-Christ treasonous and occultic scumbags. . . .

And they're back again . . . with more coming tyranny . . . with the TPP (note how suddenly Obummer and the phony Republicans can get along and agree on "fast-track" legislation). . . . That's because there IS a conspiracy to create a New World Order! Duhhh...... How foolish and idiotic do the scoffers and mockers look now!

Anyway . . . a couple of things that it means . . . is that the Internet will drastically change.  The big, giant Marxist-globalist-corporate-fascist-Masonic tyrants will assert copyright and patent control on just about every produced item and creative thought that is expressed.  It is already the case now that farmers are being sued for working on their own, bought and paid-for John Deere tractors . . . where Deere asserts ownership over the underlying software that is in the tractor regardless of physical ownership.  General Motors is wanting to do this with cars.  As in, it will be illegal to work on your own car.  (see link below)

What they are doing--in typical communist-fascist, corporate control-freak fashion . . . is basically legislating . . . away . . . through treaty . . .  effected by nameless, faceless globalist bureaucrats . . . soul-bought by the elite . . . TO END THE NOTION OF PRIVATE PROPERTY--PROPERTY RIGHTS.   Through the phony environmentalist movement . . . they are removing physical property rights . . . and through agreements like the TPP . . . they are removing INTELLECTUAL property rights. . . .  Don't think it too far fetched to someday be being required to pay royalties to Sony for certain (patented/copyrighted) THOUGHTS YOU HAPPEN TO THINK!

Hence . . . all the more need to transcend this Satanic cra*hole (pardon the language) . . . by becoming FREE IN CHRIST.  The TRUTH sets you free . . . so that while these psychopathic narcissist demoniacs attempt to control every aspect of your life . . . THEY CAN'T get to your soul, where it finally, and actually ONLY matters! And where God has drawn the line as far as what they are allowed to subjugate without your consent. . . .

While everyone is watching shiny objects and this or that on-the-ground threat . . . it is things like this, the TPP that end up doing the most and longest  and most insidious damage to freedom. . . .

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Seek Knowledge As For Treasure

I flipped open my Bible this morning wanting to hear from God and read this:  "Hear, my son, your father's instruction And do not forsake your mother's teaching; Indeed, they are a graceful wreath to your head And ornaments about your neck."

Then I read: "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; Fools despise wisdom and instruction."

I continued to read through Proverbs 1 and 2 . . . about the importance of knowledge.  And not just importance, but necessity . . . of knowledge--of the knowledge of God.

Earlier this morning I had just been telling my wife how often I am struck by the lack of curiosity in people.  How I might mention to someone, "God is the all in all to me . . . always was. . . . I was dedicated Hindu of a kind once . . . grew up around and in Mormonism . . . have studied and practiced a variety of "spiritual paths" . . . but am now settled as a "born again Christian."

Then follows the blank stare, the distracted, wandering gaze and no follow up.  Maybe a "yeah, I took a class in comparative religions in college--that stuff interests me. . . ." But no more questions, no real interest, no curiosity.

Or, there are those who "know it all" already.  They are like water-tight drums, sealed and concluded.  They are done being taught.  They cannot bear instruction.  Among claimed believers it appears to me that the falsely converted, who but follow their own idol disguised as if it were The Lord . . . are likewise unteachable.  They are not much interested in debate, exchange, issues, growth in true spiritual knowledge . . . but are often quick to pontificate; while the genuinely convicted are always ready to receive, to hear, to learn more . . . about God . . . from His Word and from elders in the faith. "Doctrine divides" shout those who have settled into the small confines of a few self-supporting biases and precepts. . . .

"A wise man will hear and increase in learning, And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel," . . . Wisdom shouts in the street, She lifts her voice in the square; At the head of the noisy streets she cries out; At the entrance of the gates in the city she utters her sayings: 'How long, O naive ones, will you love being simple-minded? And scoffers delight themselves in scoffing And fools hate knowledge? '"

Fools hate knowledge.  Strong feelings and emotion, however, these they will follow.  Many professed believers mistake powerful emotional experience among a single-minded group . . . as being "spiritual" experience.  But often . . . what they are experiencing is nothing of the sort.  Oh, you could call it a "spiritual experience" . . . but of what spirit?  Fans who go to a concert of their favorite artist or band . . . have just as strong experiences.  We've all seen the crowds of teenagers losing their minds, crying, fainting, screaming, dancing, smiling, cheering . . . in old Beatles or Rolling Stones footage. . . . I've seen Star Wars movie fans similarly emoting and experiencing ecstatic states of mind and heart during premiers of the latest franchise release. . . .

This is what happens also in a large number of churches.  The object is purportedly different (Paul McCartney versus "Jesus") which . . . usually just tends to add a dose of self-righteousness along with the idolatry for the professing believer--but in either case, what is really being emotionally connected to and triggering the highly charged ecstatic states . . . is yet . . . just another idol, but in "spiritual" garb. 

In my first stint as a "Hindu" I remember talking to fellow devotees of "enlightened master" Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh . . . and later in another phase of life with disciples of Srila Prabhupada--and in both cases they went on rapturously about how "spiritually" profound it was . . . to be there with the other disciples, in the same room as "the master"--that the intense emotional/"spiritual" feelings and stimulating experience of it . . . was such obvious evidence of "the master's" divinely channeling being.  They too would cheer and dance and shout and cry and laugh . . . for hours at a time.

But intense emotional experience (though it be under the roof of a religious building and with similarly minded "spiritually" focused comrades . . . does not necessarily mean that something of God is occurring.  All of these kinds of states can be whipped up and manufactured by charismatic skilled men/women . . . and even helped along by the "powers and principalities of the air", "the forces of darkness", "spiritual forces of evil in heavenly places."

But beyond some powerful "experience"--especially an emotional one--few are curious to investigate further.  Who needs knowledge "when your heart tells you it is so"?

But God says, "My son, if you will receive my words and treasure my commandments within you, make your ear attentive to wisdom, incline your heart to understanding; for if you cry for discernment, lift your voice for understanding; if you seek her as silver and search for her as for hidden treasures; then you will discern the fear of the LORD and discover the knowledge of God."

And then today is the added danger of so much constant distraction.  Rather than waiting in the quiet and searching out specific leadings, there is barely ever a gap of spiritual silence; but instead we seek daily a machine-gun fire of basically meaningless enticements and faux controversies as quick stimulation.  The endless seductions to the eye and mind and emotion offered by Twitter and Facebook, which drag the attention over here . . . now over there . . . back here . . . now this . . . look at this . . . constant noise and gossip and news . . . filling the soul . . . with pap that has virtually nothing to do with the real purpose and meaning of this very life in the first place.  For the most part it is no different than any other physical addiction which stands in the way of primarily honoring and glorifying God and pursuing deeper knowledge of Him.

10 for wisdom will come into your heart,
    and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul;
11 discretion will watch over you,
    understanding will guard you,
12 delivering you from the way of evil,
    from men of perverted speech,
13 who forsake the paths of uprightness
    to walk in the ways of darkness,
14 who rejoice in doing evil
    and delight in the perverseness of evil,
15 men whose paths are crooked,
    and who are devious in their ways.
16 So you will be delivered from the forbidden[a] woman,
    from the adulteress[b] with her smooth words,
17 who forsakes the companion of her youth
    and forgets the covenant of her God;
18 for her house sinks down to death,
    and her paths to the departed;[c]
19 none who go to her come back,
    nor do they regain the paths of life.
20 So you will walk in the way of the good
    and keep to the paths of the righteous.
21 For the upright will inhabit the land,
    and those with integrity will remain in it,
22 but the wicked will be cut off from the land,
    and the treacherous will be rooted out of it.
(Proverbs 2)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

(Spitting Out) The Devil's Milk

"Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."
"God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble."

Many prefer to gloss over this critical, profound, foundational message.  The collections of all the world's (false) religions are based in the opposite of this message.

The lost--the damnably depraved thinks he or she has something to bring to the table of spiritual enlightenment.  He thinks he has worked to develop some important spiritual attributes and is achieving God by a degree of his own merit.  She thinks she is naturally gifted in some ways and innately progressive--advanced spiritually.

And these are the delusions of a raving maniac, lock, stock and barrel.

Pride is the killer.  Subtle, sneaking spiritual pride . . . the most insidious of poisons.  It is the devil's milk upon which all in the world are suckled and weaned.

The fool, in his heart imagines there is no God and thinks he has achieved things of his own self-generated power and talents.  The deceived in her heart demands that she is due and owed something.

But the only way to approach God and be able to see and hear Him . . . is to approach utterly broken and empty, bringing nothing, for you have nothing whatsoever to bring except a defeated, surrendered heart, open, repentant and beseeching.

I remember ex-NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg's astounding (delusional) prideful proclamation:  "Pointing to his work on gun safety, obesity and smoking cessation, he said with a grin: 'I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close.'” 

 Here was some arrogant hutzpah that even the worldly noted was megalomaniacally vainglorious and over-the-top!

For me, it brought to mind another famous (and equally delusional) chest-pounding boast:  "I have more to boast of than ever any man had. I am the only man that has ever been able to keep a whole church together since the days of Adam. A large majority of the whole have stood by me. Neither Paul, John, Peter, nor Jesus ever did it. I boast that no man ever did such a work as I. The followers of Jesus ran away from Him; but the Latter-day Saints never ran away from me yet. . . . "  --Joseph Smith (And praise God for those that DO run away!)

Ahh . . . but here's the catch.  While it is easy to spot these obvious, pompous blowhards . . . and fling quick aspersions . . . ANY person who imagines in the slightest sense that they bring some self-generated quality of value or deserving to the Lord, expecting spiritual reward IS JUST AS DELUSIONAL!

And how very many are there of these! . . . Who sit in the pews, who perform "good deeds", who take on great causes, becoming subtly puffed up in their own works and self-image!  Here is but another shade of Michael Bloomberg or Joe Smith. . . .

"But aren't we going to be rewarded for the good works we do in this life?" someone asks, still fighting to hold their subtle ground (and hidden idol).

Indeed.  But what can YOU do that is pleasing to God?  Nothing.  Filthy, disgusting rags are all your so-called "good deeds" and righteous causes.  As the heart of man and woman is "deceitful above all things and desperately wicked" . . . what comes of it is tainted through and through, however much it is painted bright, powdered and perfumed.

The good you will be rewarded for (should there be any) will be that good which you allowed God to do through you.  And even that . . . you will not be able to claim!  For HE GIVES grace to the humble.  HE BLESSES the poor in spirit. 

There is no where to turn.  There is no little corner you can find where you will be able to claim deservedness and just rewards for YOUR efforts.  God GRANTS repentance.  Jesus Christ ALONE saves!  There is nothing you have done, do, or will ever do . . . in the slightest degree . . . that will warrant ANY of your spiritual salvation and growth.  It is ALL a gift of God, unmerited . . . and ALL redounding to His glory ALONE!

Ahh . . . but we fight for a piece of it, don't we?  Just a little scrap and plot here and there where we can secretly form a little idol of self . . . to put in between us and the honor that is SOLELY due to the Creator and Savior and His Holy Spirit.  How crafty we are!  How long do we hold out in the hidden recesses of our hearts and minds, where tiny Bloomberg's and Smiths still hold court and garner and horde the attention and accolades that should be solely and gratefully sent on to The Most High. . . .

Pray for a broken heart!  Pray for desolation of self and an end to all secreted idols!  Glory to GOD ALONE!  Pray to be defeated, taken out, demolished . . . that His righteousness, which is pure, can work through you as is His will, which will be done.  And then . . . you enter that great mystery . . . where . . . the more you realize and actually live out . . . that YOU can do nothing of yourself in His service . . . the MORE He will actually use you IN His service!  It is no wonder that the mystery, so profound, incomprehensible and wonderful . . . will take up the store of eternity to play out, in all of it's (presently) unimaginable and glorious permutations!

Praise God!  He alone is worshipful and praise-worthy!  Amen?  Amen!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Cycle Of Life

There's a lot of suspicious police state stuff going on eh?  The standoff at the mine (Galice) in Oregon has a Ruby Ridge/Wako feel to me though.  At one of these points, the Feds are just going to make a big point of cracking down on the uppity's . . . and then I think the whole thing will blow.  Which, of course, is what they want--a sufficient pretext. 

And a lot more activity as well. . . . The Wallmarts ("Mart. Laws"), Jade Helm etc. . . .  .

Anyhow, the cycle of life goes on, as it always has during such times.  Alexander and his wife had a baby (I think it was Tuesday--I'm out of town at the moment) . . . . A strappin' 8+ lbs. baby boy.  Me and wifey are officially grandparents....... Mother and son are doing well. . . . . .

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Putting 2 and 2 together....

Vaccines and chemtrails . . . ahh, what a fine little cocktail for "the folks". . . .

"..... the dispersal of the brain-modifying viral vaccine was tested in six different ways:

Six methods of ... virus dispersal were tested - high altitude release, water supply release, insect transmission, diffusion by a ground level object such as a car, diffusion from a stationary object such as a bottle, and infection of food supply such as cattle or produce.

As you take in the paragraph you just read, consider that now, nearly eight years later, we are witnessing the release of genetically engineered mosquitoes combined with outbreaks of bizarre neurological conditions across U.S. schoolchildren and mysterious health conditions all over the world.

The "high-altitude release" of this mind-altering viral vaccine has no doubt already been achieved through the aerosolized spraying of cities in crisscross patterns of aerosolized dispersal at altitude, often labeled as "chemtrails."

The Monster In The Closet

Do I believe in God?  Yes.  The God of the Bible, Who is a Trinity?  Yes.  And I believe the Bible is the Word of God, His --testimony to mankind, so-to-speak. . . .

Do I believe He is sovereign--the Creator in control of all things?  Yes.  Does anything happen outside of His will?  No.  And I do believe His Word which makes clear that everything is done and for the purpose of His glory. . . .

At the same time, from my perspective . . . I see a world that is writhing under the oppression of evil.  The injustice, the cruelty, the suffering, the criminality I can clearly see--is terrible to behold.  The pain, the abuse, the treachery and evil and violence done to men, women, children, animals even . . . is difficult to fathom--how it can be . . . in a world where God is sovereign over all. . . ? And that all things are for the purpose of glorifying God.

But because I believe what God's Word reveals about Him and the nature of this reality I figure there must be a way to reconcile such difficulties.

And what I have concluded thus far is this.  While pain and suffering are indeed very real . . . I suspect, in the bigger scheme of things, they are not as bad as they seem to us.  I think it is something like . . . how, for instance, a child will desperately fear something they are expected to do (ie., learn to ride a bike) which later becomes an easy and natural thing.  Or the child has a terror of the dark.  There is nothing there, but to the child the fear is as real as if a horrible, fanged monster is waiting to spring from the closet the moment the lights go out.  But later, as an adult that childish fear is laughed at--and the threat seen as not so bad at all.

While pain and suffering seem huge to us now, from God's perspective and from ours in our future glorified state, they will be an infinitesimally small thing, if a thing at all . . . once we enter the gates of eternal glory.

It's not as bad as we think it is in reality.  Our limited, small view magnifies it.  But, from God's view it is not even worthy to be spoken of compared to the rewards we are to inherit.

Because I believe in God, and have faith that He is good and loving and righteous, I must conclude that the suffering that is possible here . . . is not quite what we perceive or experience it as it is in the larger reality.

For one thing, compared to the thousands, millions, billions and trillions of "years", so-to-speak . . . that we will live . . . in a perfect, glorified, loving state . . . in the presence of God . . . this time is less than a speck.  God knows this. 

It's like a child who has a sliver but is terrified to have it taken out--mortified of that necessary but quick extra pain required to tweeze or cut it out.  I remember just such an incident from my own childhood.  My grandpa knew the sliver had to come out as it was getting infected, but I was scared to let him fix it.  He, however, knew the end from the beginning of that situation . . . and, while I protested the necessary increase of momentary pain . . . he knew better that it was a good thing to follow through and remedy the problem.  Afterwards, of course, I was relieved and grateful.  From my earlier, limited perspective . . . the affair was insurmountable--a horror, a pain that seemed larger than life.  Now . . . I regularly dig and cut out slivers I get while working, no big deal. . . .

So when I hear people vilify a God Who would make or allow a too often hellish world such as this, with all its pain and suffering and evil, as it appears from our limited and experiential viewpoint, I suspect . . . in the grand, eternal scheme of things, it is not really quite what it seems to us here, now.

Not that it is unreal, and not to ignore the actual pain and suffering extant--but just to realize that a just, holy, good, loving, perfect God must have it all exactly as it is . . . for His unfailing purposes, whether I can perceive that now or not.  It sounds flippant, but somehow I believe I can grasp it--and that it is made known to me deep within my spirit . . . that, as bad as it is, it's not as bad as we think it is or in the way we think it is . . . if you know what I mean. . . .

Sunday, April 12, 2015

If We Love, We Seek To Obey

I have noticed a certain, common line of self-justification repeated over and over among unbelievers when they are caught or found willingly engaged in blatant sin; and it is also quite common among purported believers . . . and, I suspect, falsely converted types ("Cino's"/Christians-In-Name-Only's).

It's a real sneaky one--a super effective trick of the devil. . . .

Several examples which I have seen, go like this:  A "Christian" is going to an abortion clinic or helping someone (ie., driving them) to go into the "abortuary."  They are confronted by "pro-life" "protestors" and respond with something like, "Hey, yeah I know this is a sin . . . but we all sin don't we?  And all sin is the same to God.  If you break one law, you've broken them all, sooo. . . ."

This kind of self-justification and defense of deliberate, conscious sinning . . . I see a lot in the homosexuality debate, used by those who want to allow for gay practicing/marriage members full inclusion into the Body of Christ.  "Hey we all sin, right?  He who doesn't, cast the first stone!  And since one sin is as bad as another and worthy of damnation in God's eyes . . . well . . . then we can't exclude or correct people based on a particular sin they are committing, right?"

But as always, the devil expertly uses partial truths to help slip in the big lies.

While it is true that the breaking of a single law causes a person to be ineligible to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven . . . as no unclean thing can enter there--we must be perfect to be with God--this does not mean that we are not then suppose to strive and please God and seek to obey His commandments.

Although it is Christ's perfection that gets us into Heaven . . . it also follows that when we are born again, we do not seek to grieve the Holy Spirit.  Yes we sin, but it pains us when we do.  We don't want to.  We want to be washed completely clean, living in righteousness in daily practice. 

Those indwelt by the Spirit are not able to glibly shrug off their conscious, deliberate sin with the remark, "Hey, we all sin--one sin is no worse than another."

If that defense were correct . . . in this world, at this time . . . then . . . a "little white lie" we commit (ie., telling someone they look good in some new pants when they really don't) is no worse than if we walked out our door, broke into our neighbor's house, raped and murdered their 6 year-old girl.

Jesus Himself made clear that there will be different degrees of punishment according to different degrees of sinful rebellion (see Luke 12:42-48, Matthew 11:21-24).  Peter also addresses this and affirms the truth of it (2 Peter 2:20-21).

Just as there will be degrees of eternal reward, so too are there gradations of punishment according to the evil done in a life, is unsaved.

So it DOES matter whether you, ie., take a paper clip from work that doesn't belong to you . . . versus . . . drive your friend to the abortion mill to help her have her baby violently murdered.

Indeed, what especially typifies the whole walk and progress of sanctification . . . is that we stop doing the (sinful) things we once did, albeit little by little sometimes . . . AND we also stop even desiring to do them.  Sometimes through old habit and momentary stumblings . . . we fail and make a sinful mistake.  But we certainly aren't pleased or nonchalant about it.  It hurts us to the core.  We repent.  We want to do better.  We are moving in the direction of increasing holiness. 

To one saved, in whom the Holy Spirit has taken rightful residence . . . disobeying God is never a cavalier, shoulder-shrugging proposition.  It is a battle.  War is waging.  We strive, we wrestle.  When we fall, we dust off, turn to God . . . and get back to it.  We know that Christ's perfected work is what saves us . . . but this does not leave us lukewarm and undesirous to do better ourselves.  On the contrary, we are more and more wanting to please God and NOT grieve the Spirit within.

This is no justified excuse: "All sin is the same, so you might as will go ahead and sin because you already are."  This is something someone says when they are yet unconvicted, and I suspect, yet unsaved in the first place!

This is someone who is NOT working out their salvation with fear and trembling.

"Dear friends, you always followed my instructions when I was with you. And now that I am away, it is even more important. Work hard to show the results of your salvation, obeying God with deep reverence and fear."  --Phil. 2:12

If we truly love truth, love God Who is Truth and the standard of Righteousness . . . then we will seek to obey His commandments--and desire and work to be pleasing to Him.  To claim His Name and then go on to ignore or openly flaunt His will is as if spitting in His face.  Who is not FOR Him is against Him--simple as that.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Truth Promoting Resources, A List.....

Recalling my conversation with the Reformed wrangler, where we enthused over different pastors and preachers we each especially liked . . . I thought I would make a quick, rough list of some of my favorites and the whyfors. . . . Some are on the earth now, some have moved on up the line. . . .

First off I would describe these preachers and pastors as sound.  That is a primary quality that must be there as I'm not interested in charismatic personality, wittiness, or supposedly "novel"  or "newly revealed" ear-tickling teachings.  Sound doctrine, consistency, adherence to the Word as it is . . . has got to be there from the get-go. [And I've no doubt forgotten and/or accidentally skipped a few . . . but these are a good batch of my go-tos . . . aside from the Word of God itself . . . for encouragement, teaching, inspiration.]

Besides that essential basis (promoting sound doctrine), then I think there is plenty of room for individual nuance and varying temperament to be on display.  One thing God is not short on is creativity.  All through the nature He created we see variation, uniqueness, individuality.  No two flowers, no two snowflakes, no two people are exactly alike.  And so, I love the fact that there are all kinds of sound preachers and teachers and evangelists who, while agreeing on the necessary "essentials" of the faith, nevertheless exhibit all kinds of different styles and proficiencies in expressing the Gospel.

Some are more dry and matter-of-fact.  Others are more emotional and heart-focused.  Some revel in the slightly abstract, deep and mystical . . . while others stick to straight lines of logic and maintain encyclopedic degrees of knowledge from which to draw.  So long as the foundational saving truths are there, anchored in Holy scripture . . . I count it a pleasure and a blessing that so much diversity is to be found among the Body.

Myself, I have a mind that likes to roam a broad range of information and sentiment, and so appreciate and draw from them all. 

Paul Washer . . . for passion and convicting.  He is easily one of my favorites and represents to me someone who is "all in".

James White . . . for clarity, precision, facts, historical knowledge, consistency of doctrine.  White has a brilliant, methodical mind and is unmatched (to me) for being thorough, studious, tireless, prolific in laboring in the field of apologetics.

Jason Wallace . . . is a local pastor I've mentioned regularly before.  Similar to James White for precision, historical knowledge (which I love) and consistency.  Around our house, I've knick-named him "the pasty gangsta" . . . as his appearance and demeanor at first glance bely a devoted passion for the Gospel and truth . . . and he is unafraid, unrelenting in his bid to confront modern errors and blatant sin both in the culture and in the loosely called "church".  I like and appreciate Jason a lot.  Solid, sound, perceptive, dogged . . . but also one who bears a "pastor's heart."

Jeff Durbin . . . I am always impressed with.  A young pastor . . . who is remarkable in the way he also confronts error and heresy, but with humor, a light touch, and a ton of compassion, gentleness for the lost.  He too is sharp as a two-edged sword--unwavering yet highly accessible, especially to the younger generations.  He is "hip", "relevant" . . . but not in a phony or manipulative way.   He can go from silly to searing within the span of a sentence or two.

Doug Wilson . . . I like because he is a bit abstract at times and brings a unique and unusual take on things.  I count on him to surprise me from time to time with an angle I didn't expect.  He also is a very quick wit and always brings that same brilliance I love that the others share.

R.C. Sproul . . . for his excellence in teaching method and style, broad knowledge (historical, doctrinal). . . .

[Now, also there is a whole batch of mostly "younger", mostly internet-based fellows that I also regularly tune in to and enjoy . . . who give me hope for the future . . . usually quite brilliant chaps in their own ways, Colin Pearson (one of the young and slightly brash but smart as a whip "new Calvinists"), Andrew Rappaport (Striving For Eternity),  Sye Ten Bruggencate (for his unswerving, un-apologetic adherence to pre-suppositional apologetics), Dustin Segers (has a brilliance, wide knowledge base and relatable style similar to Jeff Durbin), Keith Thompson, Tom of (Jude Three), James of "all4Hisgloryalone", "fivepointbaptist", "Bible Thumping Wingnut Show (BTWN) . . . and then there is Matt Slick (of C.A.R.M.) whose radio show and website are providing relentless, ongoing apologetics, solid for the faith. . . . Tony Miano for his hard working ethic and on-the-ground street preaching efforts (with sound, Biblical doctrine throughout), Jeff Rose of Jeremiah Cry Ministries and the various "Abolistionist/Abolish Human Abortion" groups . . . David Wood on all things Islamic. . . . Ken Ham (related to Creation science) . . . and for kicks sometimes Kent Hovind (re an entertaining exposition on the evolution/creation debate--his son Eric Hovind is solid.)  And there's "Fighting For The Faith" with Chris Rosebrough for a solid heretic hunting ministry done with humor but always poignant. . . .

Of those that have moved on, there is:

Francis Schaeffer . . . for his Christian Manifesto . . . and the great heart and practical applications of scriptural teaching and history he brings.  If I ever need a strong, compelling and convicting comfort I can count on Schaeffer.

Of course there is Charles Spurgeon . . . with his grand manner combined with authentic humility; Jonathan Edwards similarly but also with his vast intellect and mystical bent; Greg Bahnsen for his analytical prowess and pre-suppositional solidity. . .

Leonard Ravenhill . . . is similar to Paul Washer for me in his way of always bringing passion and conviction--emphasis on "always"!

Martin Lloyd Jones . . . for reasons similar to Spurgeon.

Donald Barnhouse . . . for his panoramic, big view style . . . his literary, descriptive qualities combined with a pleasantly severe old-timey style. 

John Bunyan . . . for obvious reasons I would hope.

George Whitefield. . . .

Calvin and Luther . . .

Corrie Ten Boom for her humble, practical, God-loving heart. . . .

A. W. Pink . . . A. W. Tozer . . .

(Some I don't often seek out, but do appreciate and enjoy from time to time:
 Steve Lawson, David Platt, Al Mohler, John Piper, John MacArther, Ray comfort, Alistair Begg, Greg Koukl . . .  Vodie Bauchum, Todd Friel for Gospel issues related to current events . . also Janet Mefferd is sound in that regard and I'm always checking into the latest edition of the "Unbelievable" podcast with Justin Brierly in the UK for interesting topical debates/discussions.)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Riders of the Purple Sage

Tres Hombres . . . Me . . . Sky . . . Isaac . . . went on what I believe and experienced is likely the best horse riding expedition available in the country, if not the world . . . both because of the wranglers and the location which is one of kind--in our home state--southern Utah, red rock . . . Zion's Canyon area.  Both Isaac and Sky really needed an experience like this as we have not had opportunity to do much in the way of vacations, getaways etc.   It's been a pretty rote, humdrum, grindstone kind of life for them (due to various factors).  This chance came up and I could feel God in it and so we took off for a couple days.  Hopefully the rest of the video (a lot more exciting) I took turns out and I can post a bit on my Youtube.

Meanwhile, at the horse ranch . . . I suspected something (awesome) from the sincere and right-on prayer the lead cowboy gave to the group before we headed out--turns out the young man is a preacher!  And not only that, as he and I got to talk afterwards--and he kept emphasizing "all things for the glory of God"--I began to suspect . . . and turns out the case--he's Reformed to boot!  A Calvinist cowboy!  He agreed that the main reason some Christians have an instant, negative reaction toward "Calvinism" . . . is that they simply don't understand it.  They have a cartoonish, bumper sticker knowledge of Reformed theology . . . which "theology" WE would say is nothing other than simply BIBLICAL theology--THE WHOLE counsel of God--not just those parts pleasing to the man-centered tendency of the fallen nature's interpretation!  Look at the context of the proclamation of the Holy Spirit through the disciple regarding teaching "the whole counsel of God":

" . . . .For I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole purpose of God. "Be on guard for yourselves and for all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God which He purchased with His own blood.  "I know that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock;  and from among your own selves men will arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after them."  --Acts 20:27-30

Who area the "wolves"?  I dare say they are those who leave out those truths which offend and challenge the humanist, man-centered mind.  They are the ear ticklers, the "prosperity" pimps and the just plain wacky who concoct from their own traditions and biases what they deem will be pleasing to listener, to gain following, build "kingdoms". . . . Whereas, the Gospel is offensive to the natural man/woman.  If it is all unicorns, sunshine and lollypops . . . and leaves out hard, dire truth.... it is nothing more than another lie, wrought from the father of lies . . . and all who cleave to it . . . go his place of eternal abode . . . where the unicorn becomes a slathering, malicious beast; there is no sunshine . . . and the lollypops are scorpions and snakes. . . .

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Anasazi Valley

Isaac, Sky and I are checking out the Anasazi petroglyphs above the Santa Clara river.  My novel takes place in roughly this area btw. . . .

Victimology 101

I guess taking offense is now the official national pastime, hobby, sport. . . .

A tweet here, a post there, an offhand comment in an interview . . . and you're off to the races. . . .

It is a wonder to behold how infantile, fragile, needy, precious . . . so many have become.  Touchy, defensive . . . always rooting around for some sleight to take to the bank . . . and grow with interest.

A giant need for people to grow up and stop being such babies. . . .

A lot of it has to do with folks not being able to handle the truth.  The truth hurts when you've woven a head full of fantasies and lies by which you govern about. . . . This over protecting of fragile egos . . . however, makes it so that no one does ever end up growing or maturing into an actual adult individual.  The cradle to grave crutches provided by "Big Sis/Big Brother" helps support the whole rotten edifice . . . which is only bound to crumble--and hard--at some point or another.  The truth always blazes through in the end.  A house built on sand, on the devil--the father of lies--gonna fall.

The proliferation of single mom households is also a major component.  Combined with immature "men" who--if they still are in the household--are run around like little thumb-sucking boys by feminist, culture-empowered female monstrosities.

Yeah . . . I think I'll throw my hat into the ring of truth and perhaps offend a little.  I blame men for ceding the ground that was divinely expected of them; becoming lazy, backseat riding momma's boys who are all too willing to let run wild the Fall-driven womanly need for control and power usurping--for if the man is truly serving God, submitted to the Lord above all and everyone else, then the situation would not have spun so far out of order.

But there IS a divine order and way of things.  And all who brook it through self-empowering megalomania . . . and then codify it into social taboos, norms, laws etc., bring us the confused, depressed, insane, relativistic mess of a world we have running roughshod today.

Federal Headship . . . is a much bigger deal and issue than most realize.  That is why it has been so undermined and suppressed as an important, critical truth doctrine to know and relate to.  Male headship follows from the same principles and all of this has been upended by the enemy of both man AND woman.  "The sacred feminine" is a principle . . . which is a lie straight from the seducer of Eve himself.  It started there and now is rising to full ascendancy. 

"Youths oppress my people, women rule over them. My people, your guides lead you astray; they turn you from the path."  --Isa. 3:12
"I will make mere youths their officials; children will rule over them."  --Isa. 3:4

And we ain't seen nothing yet. . . .

I plan to go more into this . . . in coming posts . . . fwiw . . . related to a current study and realization of my own on the critically important (and barely understood or recognized) doctrine of Federal Headship.

Victimology . . . I'm calling it.  And ironically, it appears to stem again from that childish fallen tendency to resent God's sovereignty and thinking Him "unfair."  Second guessing God, once again.

Atheists, pagans and believers in name only . . . tend to resent the idea that through one man all fell.  Just as they can't really believe that through one man . . . all chosen . . . will be saved.  Federal Headship shows in both cases . . . and is resented and misunderstood, rejected. . . .

By rejecting the principle of ordered "headship", however . . . nearly all have stayed a little children.  They rebel and will recognize no lead, no leader, no "headship" because THEY want to be the head.  But all that happens is an endless toddlerhood.  No growth.  No responsibility is found in this radical individualism.  It is just the little baby, the childish imp pretending and demanding to be god. . . .

More offensive truths to follow . . .  . .
God bless:)


Saturday, April 4, 2015

It's Either Fragrance Of Life Or The Death Knell

There is a most fierce and unyielding aspect to the preaching of the Gospel.  We are called to be witnesses--witnesses to and for the Truth, as it is.  We are ambassadors presenting a message to the world . . . and to the elect; there are only those two camps.  Presently, they are mingled.  We stand in the midst and proclaim the fulcrum, the pinnacle of all human history.  And when we do, whether before a crowd or just one or a few . . . it will fall one of two ways.  The message acts as a sweet fragrance of "life unto life" upon "those who are being saved" . . . or the knell of death upon those who are perishing.

What a profound, fearful, wonderful responsibility the King has bequeathed to his faithful subjects who are his anointed envoys!  What a mighty honor befalls necessarily the "called out ones" who call out!

There is no mushy middle ground.  There are none who hang in the balance, for the Sovereign has pre-determined all that He would to happen according to His divine, good pleasure and perfect will.

But in this, His great mercy and sharing nature is shown as He employs His children--His heirs to be the means by which the proclamation is made and causes so dire and glorious a reaction in either of the cases!

"But thanks be to God, who always puts us on display in Christ and through us spreads the aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place. For to God we are the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing."  --2 Cor. 2:14-15 

" . . . truth resisted deadens the soul. Hearts that do not break under the hammer of the Gospel grow harder than the nether millstone. The sensibilities that are not melted by the story of Calvary are frozen into obdurate impenitence. The will that does not bow to the motives of the cross grows gigantic in its mighty rebellion against infinite love. The mind that will not be enlightened by the streaming radiance of an atoning Savior will become impenetrable dark in its wilful blindness. The believers that will not enter the Canaan of sanctification when it is offered them, turn back into the wilderness to die. --Aaron Hills

Friday, April 3, 2015

BUT . . . GOD! Otherwise a knave as well....

Thanks again Lee for sharing your eloquent, Spirit-filled, awesome comments (see "Field Doctor" post).  I love conviction--crave it!  I think it is obviously an attribute of election and sign of regeneration--this seeking for and embracing of conviction. 

 A related line of convicting approach which helps me a lot in this is (mentioned before, but bears recalling as everyday is a new battle where the enemy never lets up thus we are prone to forget):

Well . . . first let me say, is it not maddening, frustrating . . . to witness and be subject to such ongoing, increasing hypocrisy and malevolence in the God-hating culture day after day?  When you are committed to the Truth, and the Truth lives in you, you are able to see the situation so much more clearly compared to what seems to be a general trance possessing the lost at large.  As in, the depth and degree to which the unsaved are operating by lies, subterfuge, hypocritical bigotry, intolerance . . . destruction . . . is exasperating to the maximum!  Let alone their debauchery and perversity masquerading as virtue--decadence and irrationality pummeled into the children, the youth, all ages; and the ubiquity of the anti-Christ, anti-moral, blasphemous and filthy agenda in all its various societal permutations--seeping into and coopting economics, history, sex relations, family, citizenship, morality, science, politics, religion etc.). . . .

It is natural to feel abhorrence, anger, resentment and defensiveness.  God and His people ARE under attack.  The world hates and wants to destroy God and His disciple, just as He said they would.

But the spiritual hitch for the disciple in observing and dealing with this fact is the tendency toward spiritual pride and self-righteousness.  Again, it is natural to look at these fools and useful idiots celebrating and championing their own and our self destruction (the devil's favorite trick being to foment and guide self destruction--"suicide" in one form or another), but where he slips in once again to catch us on the backside . . . is to then stoke in us a mode of self-righteous indignation.

There is no doubt the tendency to think, "Look at these fools, this filth!  Thank God I am better, at least, than them!"  We subconsciously think we are superior to them--smarter, more virtuous, more rational, more honest.  And for good reason.  Because . . . objectively, I dare say we are!

It's true!  The blindness, the delusion, the hypocrisy, the irrationality and illogic, the goose-stepping mob mentality, the lack of self control, the ignorance, the arrogance, the childishness/immaturity, the depravity . . . indecency, corruption, pettiness, diabolism and knavery--is obvious and on display when you have the eyes to see it!

BUT "such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God."  --1 Cor. 6:11

We were (in our own ways) just as bad . . . and still would be BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD.

BUT . . . GOD!

I have made it a constant, conscious habit to remember this when I am chagrining over the deplorable mental, emotional, spiritual condition of most people (and thus, the world) these days.  And it has worked.  (And again, of course, all of the thanks must go to God for even that--this is, the practice working.)

I believe we have very right . . . and even duty . . . to be outraged and fired with a righteous indignation at the behavior and modes of the worldly--of Satan's little helpers.  But the crux is in that distinction between a righteous indignation (for God's sake) versus a SELF righteous indignation (for our own sake.)

If God were to release us from His grace . . . we are just the same, just as rotten and bad and deluded.

Nothing--absolutely NO THING . . . of our own contributes to our being in a mercifully better OFF condition.

It's an old line, but stull just as true to say, "I am no better then any other--only better off . . . thanks wholly to the grace of God."  Which is a gloriously humiliating fact to be aware of!

Remembering this continually . . . only produces more gratitude, humility, subservience.  I, in myself, have nothing to offer, nothing to give.  All reliance and fortitude to weather the ongoing indignations (against God, not myself) is completely found in Him.

This also produces a powerful state and stance . . . whereby we are still called and able to mark and expose evil . . . in the strongest terms (based in love and concern) . . . while simultaneously preserving compassion and patience in the midst of warring with the enemy.  Similar to what you wrote (Lee) this takes the PERSONAL aspect out of the equation and puts us in the proper aspect of realizing we are fighting not flesh and blood "but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."  --Eph. 6:12

Then we are able to look at these deluded, mind and soul-controlled foot soldiers as but tools in the larger game.  They are not winning.  They are dangerously deceived.  Their doom is nigh.  They have no peace . . . but are driven be demons if not veritable demons themselves . . . and only the mercy and grace of God can save them too, just as He sovereignly pulled us out of the licking flames of hellish fire.

In recalling this, by no means are we then to stand down, because "hey, what right do I have to expose and oppose?  I'm no better."  On the contrary, taking self-righteous indignation out of the arsenal . . . we are left we a purer quiver.  We're not fighting on our own behalf, but for the honor and glory and good name of God!

Thanks again for providing the inspiration and entrée to round out this clutch of a message a bit further and deeper.  God blesses indeed.

"In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will,  in order that we, who were the first to put our hope in Christ, might be for the praise of his glory."  --Eph. 1:11-12

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Calling The Field Doctor

First off thanks for the encouraging comments on the last post.  Sometimes it all just comes down in a whole, clear, packaged flow and I just get out of the way and relay what I'm seeing/hearing.  It didn't end there.  There was a resulting supernatural event that followed that post, Lee's reference to it on Facebook and . . . well, I can't really go into specifics but will say that some things happened that left my wife and I saying, "this thing is REAL!  Praise God.  He answers prayers, He is present and involved personally and in close, intimate ways--no doubt about it!"

And it all relates to another reiteration I want to make and like to do so on a regular basis, having to do with getting through these increasingly hostile, threatening times.

While the dead continue to be appropriately oblivious to much of what is actually going on spiritually all around . . . I know that believers are very well aware that there is a full-out assault on Christianity and the followers of Jesus.  I don't think many, or any . . . of us expect it to be subsiding any time soon.  It looks to be ramping up and only getting even more direct and tyrannical.

I feel led to recall once again that it will take extra effort to stay strong and focused in the right way, through the onslaught.  First thing upon waking, before the worldly thoughts come barging into the mind I am making a concerted purpose to straightaway look to Him.  Not in a half-hearted, habitual way; but in a determined, imploring, passionate way.  Make the connection.  Don't leave until I do.  Then, regularly through the day, remember Him.  We each should, amidst the texts to friends, loved ones, checking tweets and facebook updates, the wretched news . . . deliberately take time, energy, thought, heart and put it into remembering upon Whom we rely and trust.  He must be included as a top priority--not just once a day or, worse yet, once or twice a week.  But mindfully, all through the day . . . and night.

And then, of course, upon sleeping, connecting again.  Whether "spiritual" feelings are there or not.  It is a mental intention first.  A change of mind--the place of repentance and of having a contrite, humble, repentant heart.

I'm not assuming you don't already do this.  Not being patronizing.  Just encouraging myself and anyone to press in all the more.  It is so easy to become lax and distracted amidst the bombardment of information and depressing news--nearly all of which, I believe now . . . is supernaturally designed as a live weapon in the spiritual battle raging--meant to distract and especially demoralize.
Which is why it is so important to remember His victory.  In reality, the battle is over.  He won.  We won, in Him and HE is the one who is actually in the "mopping up" phase!

And I find, that when I go extra--when I press in and make effort to call Him, to be close in remembrance and gratitude for His victory . . . and always seeking direction and correction . . . slow to talk, quick to listen . . . reveling in His grace and mercy . . . knowing His love . . . then I find He reciprocates!  There is a boost, and encouragement of Spirit Who responds; Who is real, living, engaged in and with us!

We are now in trench warfare, spiritual warfare . . . daily, hour to hour.  So too should our attention be directed to our General, our Healer, our field Doctor . . . our Protector and Sustainer.

This thing IS real; and He is really there and responds and strengthens us as the battle rages all around; praise God!:)

Brother Thomas ©2015

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