Sunday, March 29, 2015

Stuck On A Snag?

How do you know when you've hit a snag?  When you find you have been "walking by the flesh".

Jesus said, "walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh."

What is the fruit of the flesh?  It is rotten fruit.  The deeds of the flesh are things like "jealousy . . . strife . . . outbursts of anger . . . envying . . . disputes . . . drunkenness. . . ."

Do these negative emotions rule the day?  Is your mind always roiling, peering into others' motives, anxious, disturbed . . . ready to accuse, control or punish?

To varying degrees then you are walking by the flesh and NOT walking in the Spirit.

The "flesh sets its desire against the Spirit."  They are at war; but when you keep your mind in thoughts that are rooted in the flesh you are choosing sides in that war and demons are your generals and will run you through the day fulfilling their tasks.  You are working in the trenches for the army of darkness.  You are an enemy of God, of truth and light, salt and life.

What a dangerous, disrespectful game to play.  What mockery before God to claim His name and ways and then go about working against God all the day long in thought, feeling and deed, throwing in with His enemies!

Whereas those who walk by the Spirit produce different fruit and show other kinds of deeds.

"The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control." 

Do you have peace?  Joy?  Patience?  As in, are you patient with the mistakes and blindness of others?  Are you kind toward their immaturity, their weaknesses?  Or are you haughty, swift to anger, resentment and envy?

When contentions arise--which are common and consistent in this fallen, dark, misguided world--and someone were to peep into your mind would they find gentleness and self-control?  Or would the way of the flesh be there raging on with thoughts of hate, sneering critique, self-righteousness, resentment?

In the walk of sanctification, if it is real, increasingly there ought to be a habit of reigning in the tendency of the "old man"--of that old, unregenerate self which supposedly was nailed to the cross and died with Jesus.  But is he still there raging away, directing your thoughts and emotions regarding others?  Maybe the "old man" is not so old or dead after all?

The beginning of the Master's teaching, through Paul, on the fruit of the Spirit versus the deeds of the flesh starts with the bold statement:  "For the whole Law is fulfilled in one word, in the statement, 'YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.'"

If you walk by the Spirit then this should be a real effort and intention to attain.  But instead, is it still just you pitted against all others?  "King Me" against the world, against God?

Where did you get the idea that you are owed something?  Where do you come off demanding this and that because you are so special--such a "cut above" everyone else?  This is not "loving your neighbor as yourself" but instead is the clarion call of the devil himself who says, "I am best!  I am above all!  Serve and worship ME!  I deserve all obedience, all reverence.  I am the most important of all creation!  Look to me, look to me!  Satisfy ME!"

Whereas the disciple of the Lord is wanting to please others before self; is always lifting up others, putting others first, sacrificially.  The one who walks by Spirit is always saying "less of me, more of He", which means, more of the others while lowering myself in genuine humility.

God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. 
This is not just a quaint saying to be quickly set aside as one goes back to the business of hating and trying to control others because of prideful, selfish agenda.

You are either walking by the flesh or by the Spirit of God.  You cannot be doing both for they are in opposition to one another, at war continually.  There is no respite.  "For the flesh sets its desire against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh; for these are in opposition to one another, so that you may not do the things that you please."

Gentleness, kindness, goodness, patience. . . . It is easy to be experiencing these things when all is going well for you.  What challenge is there then?  Of course you can be kind, giving, patient, when your life is going well and full of abundance.  What test is this?

Which is why God chastens those He loves and wants!  It is when you are beset, troubled, suffering lack . . . that you are able to show the true condition of your heart, your mind and spirit.  Woe to those who--when things are going better than usual--only become more angry, jealous, impatient, intolerant, controlling, demanding!

But in all seasons, whether good or bad, rain or shine, the true disciple of the Lord remains unfazed and continues steadily exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit.  And this fruit should be increasing, not shriveling and dying.  The follower of Jesus is attached to the vine, which is attached to the root which is fed by ever-living, refreshing  spiritual waters!  Onward and upward the believer goes!  They have been reborn and on a path of supernatural regeneration, actually changing from an old, sinful, dark, hateful soul to one of light, love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, self-control and the like.

The old ways are dead and withering away.  New life, new power, new growth and depth of Spirit ought be blooming in the heart of the authentic believer who has put their full trust in the work and perfection of the Lord, God, Jesus Who leads the Way, and no more relies on small, petty self whereby to operate.

Still stuck on a snag?   While claiming to be a Christian?  Best be demolishing it once and for all and get on with the business of witnessing to the world the truth of Christ!  Otherwise, you are still in the employ of the enemy ranks with but moldering ghouls as your guides--a way which leads to more darkness and death and worse.  Get on with it!

"Let us not become boastful, challenging one another, envying one another.  If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit"!

[see Galatians 5:14-25]

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Oldie But Goodie

An oldie but goodie--KGB defector describes the communist takeover processes of which, we are in the final phase.  Take special note how the gathering of information on everybody leads to sudden, quick strike executions.  "Can't happen here" says the uneducated, techno-obsessed, brainwashed typical fool.  Wrong.  It can, and will.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lying For The Lord

When I was 19 I taught Sunday school in the Mormon church.  I was preparing to go on a mission for the church.  Always being a studier, reader--interested in spiritual matters and the theology behind them I was reading all I could find on the teachings of Joseph Smith and other "prophets" and "apostles".  It was during this study that I discovered that LDS doctrine teaches that The Fall was essentially a good thing.  It was a "fall upwards". 

I read the LDS "Articles of Faith" and the church's once favorite intellectual and one of the "twelve apostles" Bruce R. McConkie and learned that God gave Adam and Eve two conflicting commandments:  "Be fruitful and multiply" and "Don't eat from the Tree of Knowledge".  Problem was, it was only by breaking that second commandment that the couple would attain the kind of physical bodies whereby the commanded procreation was made possible.  The Book of Mormon also states:  "...if Adam had not transgressed.... they would have had no children; wherefore they would have remained in a state of innocence, having no joy, for they knew no misery; doing no good, for they knew no sin....Adam fell that men might be;" --BM, 2 Nephi 2:22-23

"Properly understood, it becomes apparent that the fall of Adam is one of the greatest blessings ever given of God to mankind" --McConkie, "New Witness for the Articles of Faith, 1985 p. 87

As it has been taught, God essentially lied to and misled Adam and Eve.  He wanted them to disobey on the one hand, to fulfill His purpose on the other.  And thus, you could say, in a sense, what Satan did was really a good thing.  "Gee, thanks Lucifer."

When I read these things--and it happened in one day--I was chilled to the bone.  It was the end of my faith in the Mormon religion and its "prophets".  Immediately I thought of the dire, insidious ramifications of such foundational doctrines.  I saw that in some sense I must be grateful for Satan.  And after all, that wouldn't be such a stretch for Satan is both Jesus' and my errant, literal brother according to LDS theology.

I immediately saw how these doctrines must form the basis of a worldview which would be fine with "the ends justifying the means."  If God could deceive and trick for good purposes, then certainly I should be able to.  Like Father, like son!

As I projected out in my mind the consequences of maintaining such fundamental beliefs I saw how any criminal, sinful act . . . could, in the end, be justified using this logic.  Hey, so long as the result is for "Godly purposes" . . . anything goes!

And I realized at once this could not be a true teaching.  This doctrine could not be of the one, true and living, holy, perfect God.  I knew enough of the Bible to know that the Father was not a God of confusion, of contradiction, of tricks and deceit.  No, that would be the devil's purview.

I left "the church" at that moment and began my quest to find the REAL true "church".

Now, I mention all this in relation to my recent post lambasting certain prominent political power players like Karl Rove and Harry Reid.  Having now for years studied the history of the LDS church, and having lived among Mormons, both family and friends, growing up in Salt Lake City . . . I see clearly how this "ends justifies the means" foundational thinking has driven and contoured the church and its people since the beginning.  Joseph Smith was an unapologetic liar.  Many of the early church leaders, "prophets" and "apostles" lied and deceived ( ie., re polygamy) the public and their own church members, wives, but always justified it as okay so long as it went to "building up the kingdom of God." 

Shifting, relativistic "truths" and doctrines have been endemic through church history . . . and I hate to say it, but casual and more serious lying among Mormon people, between friends and family, to church leaders, members . . . is so common that it is a naturally acceptable form of social discourse and function.  Honestly . . . while most Mormons are relatively decent, hard-working, generous, fine people . . . throughout my life and travels, I have never met a people more comfortable with "bearing false witness".  It is a trait that started with their founder and has been employed by church hierarchy ever since.  And it has flowed down and throughout the body membership almost now like a ubiquitous genetic characteristic.  "Hey if prophets Joseph Smith, Wilford Woodruff, Brigham Young . . . and even GOD can do it, surely I can, right?  For 'kingdom of God' purposes . . . of course and by-the-way. . . ."

Well this is why power brokers like Rove and Reid, Romney and Orrin Hatch are so dangerous, devious and destructive.  I am quite sure this is how they justify what they do--the lies, the deceit, the under-handed dealings--imagining to themselves that what they do is ultimately for good.

The dangerous, occult and science fiction-based brain-washing cult of Scientology uses a similar mode of operation called "for the greater good".  Any underhanded, criminal, cruel, deceptive means is allowable so long as it is for "the greater good" of the church and/or the world.

Islam also has employs this convenient tactic you probably already know, called "taqiya" where it is permissible to lie to unbelievers for purposes of advancing the goals of Allah, ie., world domination.  Which is why their entreaties to being a "religion of peace" and political compatibility with our Constitutional form of government ought be treated with diligent, righteous skepticism.

As I believe that the same demonic "angel of light" appeared to both Mohammed and Joseph Smith, I am not surprised then to see how similar are many of their beliefs, goals, methods and doctrines.  Mormons also seek world dominion, and will likewise employ less than openly truthful means to attain it.

Hence, the opportunistic convergence of a ie., a Karl Rove, Harry Reid and Grover Norquist where each share the common ethic of the end justifying the means and all share a common enemy:  citizens and believers who adhere to absolute, self-evident truths and Bible-based law, culture and morality.

I think these are more despicable than the outright atheist would-be totalitarians as they attempt to put a "Godly" purpose behind what is nothing more than the same old greedy, fallen, power-hungry, lording spirit of iniquity.   

 The hottest rings of Hell surely must be for the wolf in sheep's clothing, who claims God--Who is The Truth--while utilizing lies and the Father of Lies to achieve their utterly worldly and self-serving ends!

Here is a choice clip from the LDS missionary training school teaching young "elders" how to lie for the Lord. . . .

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Conspicuous "3 M's"

[Warning:  this is not a very well focused semi-diatribe, written on the fly, after a day of monitoring several different fronts . . . but nonetheless, here'goes fwiw:)]

Mormons, Marxists and Muslims . . . oh what a tangled web they weave . . . together sometimes, at the highest heights of political intrigue, treason......I've mentioned that unholy triumvirate before.

But I hasten to add, on the brighter side, at least one preeminent Mormon is calling out one of the worst for his "spineless piratical whorishness"--but more on that in a moment . . . and no, I'm not referring to the "lying wonder"/destroyer Harry Reid. . . .

Now, Marxism is just the ruse a certain genre of criminal gangster/bankster monopolists utilize to befuddle puddin' headed sophomore's, goateed hipster knuckleheads . . . Hollywood dolts and most college professors . . . as a cover in actually exploiting the poor, killing competition and exercising totalitarian criminal control by the few. . . .

But I can't help but be continually struck by how certain powerful Mormon operatives remain at the crux of America's surrender to the NWO . . . apparently in partnership with Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating operatives.  I have to wonder if the stunning similarities between the methods of Joseph Smith and Mohammed aren't resulting in their common ground alliance at the highest levels of political power, as it is resulting--ah, but I digress with rambling verbiage. . . . [I must add, while piling on the gluttonous, slimy Karl Rove and his being a "member in good standing"--there are many fine Mormon individuals, people I love, some wonderful one's I have and continue to work for on occasion and some I respect even in power, like Mike Lee.]

Let's cut to the chase.  Things are getting hot.  The game is afoot and folks are pushing the pedal now toward the end game, as more and more of the "unwashed masses" are finally beginning to catch on.

So, it looks like to me, the pre-game is about to go live.  The gloves are coming off--on all sides.

Kudos (I hate that overused word) to Glenn Beck for finally calling out the despicable fellow "The Church" member Karl Rove.  AND for taking on the shady, (I think rotten-to-the-core Grover Norquist.  Mormon Rove and  Norquist have had the GOP by the throat for many years now and I would suggest are two of the biggest reasons why the Republicans continually betray and attack their conservative "base" and are largely responsible for allowing the Marxist (secret Muslim Brother?) at the top to be wreaking the vast amount of damage that has been accruing over the past several years.

I think people like Beck have been aware of the perfidy for quite a while regarding these two treacherous buddies (Rove & Norquist) but have genuinely been afraid to say too much too openly.  But yay, Beck is at last exposing their wicked deeds and this will give others (I hope) some added courage to join in.  Norquist (who appears to be a secret Muslim Brotherhood operative and obvious NWO shill in the guise of a "fiscal hawk" conservative) is being tapped to join the governing board of the NRA, which would be disastrous for 2nd Amendment rights.

"I think Grover Norquist is one of the best people in Washington," Hatch told The Salt Lake Tribune. 

And there is just a lot to this unfolding drama and story which I can't get into here and barely want to as I like to stay focused on the spiritual reality which matters most.  But, all of these things will have an affect on believers, as all of these scoundrels are up to their eyeballs in Christian persecution and destruction of Christian culture and values . . . as they race toward global (Satanic) government, working on it's final phases. . . .

Just thought I'd mention it all in passing, as I expect things will be getting hotter and hotter, so-to-speak . . . on all the various fronts where liberty and individual rights are being assaulted amidst the takeover.

Anyone who isn't too familiar with Grover and wants to know more might check these things out:

Here is an excellent compiled expose on the recent Beck/Rove/Norquist kerfuffle, especially showing who Grover is and his links to Karl and America's enemies:

Here is a chilling expose on how close the civil war came to almost break out already (but patriotic vets, "oathkeepers" etc., came to the rescue to hold it back for a few more "days"):

On another front, here is what some are doing, ie., Sherrif Mack in organizing constitution-upholding Sherrifs across the country as a last line of defense against martial law, civil war breaking out:

Glenn Beck excerpt on the Norquist controversy:

When good, weary people say, "well, at least he'll be out in 2016" I must say, I never feel too confident in that eventuality.  I'm not so sure . . . this time.  I suspect the plan it to get things so stirred up and in chaos . . . that elections might have to be postponed.  I know we've been hearing that fear for a long time . . . but that doesn't mean that it won't finally prove true.  What with Jade Helm and all the other quickening signs. . . .

While it's always time to "get right with the Lord" . . . it truly seems like now more than ever (at least in our lifetime) this is true, urgent, and essential.

God bless
Praise God


Monday, March 23, 2015

As A Bird Hastens To The Snare

There is no broader way to apostasy than to reject God’s sovereignty in all things concerning the revelation of himself and our obedience.

When the Holy Spirit does his work of regeneration in the hearts of men he does not come on them with great powerful feelings and emotions which cannot be resisted. He does not possess men as evil spirits take possession of their victims.

To suppose that whatever God requireth of us that we have power of ourselves to do, is to make the cross and grace of Jesus Christ of none effect.

Without absolutes revealed from without by God Himself, we are left rudderless in a sea of conflicting ideas about manners, justice and right and wrong, issuing from a multitude of self-opinionated thinkers.

So unspiritual are many men’s minds, and so unsavoury their judgments, that they reckon men’s happiness by their possessions, and suppose the catalogue of their titles to be a roll of their felicities, calling the proud happy, and advancing in our conceits “them that work wickedness,” Mal. 3:15; but God will one day come in with another reckoning, and make them know that all things without Christ are but as ciphers without a figure,—of no value.

The custom of sinning takes away the sense of it, the course of the world takes away the shame of it.

In the divine Scriptures, there are shallows and there are deeps; shallows where the lamb may wade, and deeps where the elephant may swim.

It is not the glorious battlements, the painted windows, the crouching gargoyles that support a building, but the stones that lie unseen in or upon the earth. It is often those who are despised and trampled on that bear up the weight of a whole nation.

It is not the distance of the earth from the sun, nor the sun’s withdrawing itself, that makes a dark and gloomy day; but the interposition of clouds and vaporous exhalations. Neither is thy soul beyond the reach of the promise, nor does God withdraw Himself; but the vapors of thy carnal, unbelieving heart do cloud thee.

Let our hearts admit, “I am poor and weak. Satan is too subtle, too cunning, too powerful; he watches constantly for advantages over my soul. The world presses in upon me with all sorts of pressures, pleas, and pretenses. My own corruption is violent, tumultuous, enticing, and entangling. As it conceives sin, it wars within me and against me. Occasions and opportunities for temptation are innumerable. No wonder I do not know how deeply involved I have been with sin. Therefore, on God alone will I rely for my keeping. I will continually look to Him.

Your state is not at all to be measured by the opposition that sin makes to you, but by the opposition you make to it.

Steadfastness in believing doth not exclude all temptations from without. When we say a tree is firmly rooted, we do not say the wind never blows upon it.

God has work to do in this world; and to desert it because of its difficulties and entanglements, is to cast off His authority. It is not enough that we be just, that we be righteous, and walk with God in holiness; but we must also serve our generation, as David did before he fell asleep. God has a work to do; and not to help Him is to oppose Him.

On Christ’s glory I would fix all my thoughts and desires, and the more I see of the glory of Christ, the more the painted beauties of this world will wither in my eyes and I will be more and more crucified to this world. It will become to me like something dead and putrid, impossible for me to enjoy.

Clearly the Holy Spirit is not merely a quality to be found in the divine nature … He is a holy intelligent person.

All that men do in the world is but seeking to supply their wants;—either their
1) natural wants, that nature may be supplied; or their
2) sinful wants, that their lusts may be satisfied; or their
3) spiritual wants, that their souls may be saved.
For the two first, men without the gospel lay out all their strength; but of the last there is amongst them a deep silence. Now this is all one as for men to cry out that their finger bleeds, whilst a sword is run through their hearts, and they perceive it not;—to desire a wart to be cured, whilst they have a plague-sore upon them. And hence perhaps it is that they are said to go to hell “like sheep,” Ps. 49:14, —very quietly, without dread, as a bird hastens to the snare, and not knowing that it is for his life, Prov. 7:23,—and there lie down in utter disappointment and sorrow for evermore.

The greatest sorrow and burden you can lay on the Father, the greatest unkindness you can do to him is not to believe that he loves you.

(John Owen:  John Owen, called the “prince of the English divines,” “the leading figure among the Congregationalist divines,” “a genius with learning second only to Calvin’s,” and “indisputably the leading proponent of high Calvinism in England in the late seventeenth century,” was born in Stadham (Stadhampton), near Oxford. He was the second son of Henry Owen, the local Puritan vicar. Owen showed godly and scholarly tendencies at an early age. He entered Queen’s College, Oxford, at the age of twelve and studied the classics, mathematics, philosophy, theology, Hebrew, and rabbinical writings. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1632 and a Master of Arts degree in 1635. Throughout his teen years, young Owen studied eighteen to twenty hours per day.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

"I Never Knew You"

Could God save the whole world if He wanted to?  Of course.  Is He going to save the whole world?  No.  He has chosen a fold out of the world--not based on their qualifications, but based on His own good pleasure.  He is God, ruler, sovereign and does what He will.  There are those who struggle with this fact, who fight it and try to find every way out of accepting it . . . and there are those who See it and are simply grateful that He is Who He is and does what He does as He wills to do so.  Who dares to second-guess the Creator?  Only the fool.

Did Jesus pray for the whole world?  Was He "all-loving" (from a human perspective and idea of "love") in that He hoped everyone would choose to accept Him? 

Well, if you place your full faith and trust in the Word of God, you must say no.  If you "depend on your own understanding", applying your own reason and inculcated traditional thoughts, then you will want to say "yes".

"My prayer is not for the world, but for those you have given me, because they belong to you."  Jesus said as found in John 17:9.

"Peter has told you about the time God first visited the Gentiles to take from them a people for himself."  --Acts 15:14

Do you contend with God?  Do you challenge Him . . . arguing from your own light . . . that it is not "fair" or "loving" that He does what He will?  Those who reason from their own light undoubtedly do and one of the first ways they go about justifying their opinion, which is contrary to the plain meaning of scripture, is to argue that the verses do not really mean what they say.  "Did God really say you must not eat from any tree in the Garden?"  the serpent craftily asks; and he is constantly asking seekers through worldly propositions "Does the Bible really say________?" in order to have them question the wisdom and will of God, supplanting THEIR OWN predilections in place of obedience to divine authority.

Where is it and at what point have so many denominations departed from the truth to land into selling a cacophony of errors?  It appears always to be at the same point--in questioning the veracity, purpose, legitimacy of the Word of God.  It is what launched Joseph Smith's "new revelations", what takes the Jehovah's Witnesses away, the Moonies, scores of "Christian" cults, the Roman Catholic church and all the liberal, world-loving errant sects in Protestantism. 

Just because Paul said it, does it really mean that women are not to be in spiritual headship over men--to be pastors and heads of households?  Just because Moses wrote and Paul reiterated it, does the Bible really say that homosexual practice is an abomination before God?  Do "liars" really have their part in the lake of fire?  "Does the Bible really say_______?" the serpent ever asks (until his final judgment.)

There is no shortage of unclean and familiar spirits, and of demonic partners and God-hating unregenerate human pontificators who will rush in to support the seeker who is having problems with God's holiness and sovereignty.  The moment someone turns away from the cross and from Christ a hundred voices and enticements will surge in to fill the gap, and they are capable of producing "spiritual experiences" . . . "positive feelings" . . . "emotional and psychological encouragement" to win that wayward soul away hard and fast from the rock of truth, into the winding, shifting, morphing but colorful and plentiful illusions and mirages that would supplant the inexorable plan of God.

Bottom line, the unregenerate, fallen man or woman . . . hates God, hates truth but loves darkness and lies.  But Jesus, Who is the one, true God in the flesh says, "My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me."  --John 10:27

Notice how the deceivers always assert above all that it doesn't really matter what you do or believe; God's uncritical grace is all there is, anything goes as ultimately ALL will finally reach The Kingdom. . . .

But the Bible states something quite different.  To these charlatans and false teachers, many who claim to be in His service, He will say, "'I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS."  --Mat. 7:23


Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Ubiquitous Pied Piper

Ah yes, Lee re your comments in "Alongside The Ship Of Fools" . . . the idiotic, hackneyed book,  "Conversations With God".  Just as the sheep know the Shepard's voice, so too do those who are lost seem to recognize the voice of their Pied Piper."

It is remarkable how similar the message always is from people from different times and places who claim to be "hearing from God" . . . "channeling their higher self" . . . who are mediums of some "ascended master" . . . who communicate with "extraterrestrials" . . . who talk to "the dead" etc.

It's always something like "all paths are equal" . . . "all is one" . . . "Jesus was just one of many 'enlightened' light-bearers" . . . "we need to focus more on the environment and 'sustainability'" . . . "the 'sacred feminine' is to be pre-eminent over old, out-dated 'patriarchy'" . . . "God is all-loving, non-judgmental" . . .  "good and evil, 'light and dark' don't really exist but are just two necessary opposites to be balanced" . . . "dualism is wrong, 'oneness' is right" . . . "there is no absolute, objective reality, 'reality' is what you make it through will" . . . "you get what you want through 'the law of attraction'" . . . "reincarnation happens until you 'get it right'" . . . "life is just for learning" . . . "we are all God" . . . etc.

Which is all basically a mash up Advaita Vedanta Hinduism, witchcraft, Marxist claptrap, Marxist feminist theory, half-baked Gnosticism . . . and all in all, "the doctrines of demons."

This demonic tripe is especially insidious when it is cloaked in Christian verbiage and would subsume Biblical characters and concepts into its mix, a la, the atrocious book "The Shack."

My own father-in-law, who also got deeply caught up in the Urantia Book, would probably repeat verbatim what your fellow also believes.  They are hearing from the same voice, albeit the Pied Piper, The Deceiver.  Chances are, your once step-father . . . will soon be channeling "deity" or some other "higher spiritual beings" himself before too long.  That's what usually happens on this path.  And it is a dangerous development if it so goes. 

I know you are familiar with the story, but for others who may not be I'll quickly recap what happened in my father-in-law's case. 

Sadly, it was I who introduced him to the Urantia Book, back in the late 80s . . . but when I discovered it was a fraud I quickly tried to warn and alert him to it . . . and when I became born again later, I implored him to get away from its teachings and all the combined New Age "we are God" mysticism he was steeping in.  There is a movement attached to the Urantia Book where all kinds of people are claiming to be channeling various advanced spiritual beings, including "Jesus/Michael of Nebadon". . . .  At first, Bill was content to go to little meetings and listen to these channeling sessions . . . but before lone, his ego was chomping at the bit to be one of the more special ones as well and he too was eventually operating as a "medium".

When I last saw him, and tried one last time to save him, he was a completely deteriorated, physical and mental wreck, obviously demon-possessed, and within days had taken a shotgun to his own head--the ultimate, selfish, devilish act.

Again, all of this "we are one" . . . "I am God just realizing Myself" New Age demonic doctrine is a big allure to the self-centered, infantile, narcissistic, megalomaniacal tendencies of the typical fallen, wholly depraved, unsaved individual who is now embarking on the "spiritual path" as cover.

Definitely, prayers are in order.  It is a subtle, highly dangerous and deceptive path.  It is nothing short of following the whispers of the Evil One, "Did God really say _____?  You too can be (like) God!  Just turn away from Him and lean to your own understanding. . . . "

It is the anti-Christ, One World Religion of the "new age" and will probably be mandatory . . . though the Elect will always reject it.

Heh . . . I dare you to give him this blog post . . . his soul is on the line. . . .

Thursday, March 19, 2015

"Realistic Training"

Hmm.... well this is interesting.... Looks like trial runs to me, ie., maybe for when some people refuse the mandatory vote (for The Party) laws they are floating......
Darn, looks like they will be right where I wanted to take a couple of my boys camping . . .  as we are one of the lucky states to be involved.... It's getting harder and harder to find some peace and quiet around this joint ain't it.....heh.

The New Abolitionists

I have been checking out all the different new "Abolitionist" movement videos.  As in "Abolish Human Abortion/AHA" . . . and am very impressed with what they are doing.  Many of them are young, pre-sup based apologists, using the Gospel to proclaim that abortion should not just be quelled or diminished or finessed BUT ABOLISHED.  It truly is a modern day holocaust.  Around 3,500 babies per day are being brutally, violently slaughtered in mothers' wombs.  I always thought the rape and incest exception was inconsistent, illogical, as the child produced itself is nonetheless innocent and precious in its own right.  The Abolitionists, contrary to many "pro-life" groups agree.  The AHA movement is consistent, Gospel based, bold, loving . . . and willing especially to confront the apathy of the comfortable churches.  Here is a great example of one of their activists taking on a typical high school "genius" and which shows the utter vacuity of the secular, "pro-choice/murder" position. . . . It's only 7 minutes long and well worth the gander........

And here is hope for the future, I believe the children of Scott Herndon who is an AHA activist and heads up the Northern Idaho contingent of the movement.

How awesome is this?  Yet, think how horrified secular, atheist types would be to see this wonderful, Gospel centered children, thinking them "brain-washed" . . . while the secularists have no problem letting their own kids get brainwashed into drugs, anti-freedom, anti-Christ, anti-life, pro perverse sex, evolution lies and fantasy, global warming fraud, socialist utopian GARBARGE at the government schools every day......!

"Following in the footsteps of former abolitionist movements, we aim to end one of the greatest human miseries and moral evils ever to be entrenched in our world. Human beings are created in the image of Almighty God, the very Creator of the universe. The weakest and most helpless among us have been subjected by this wicked culture to accepted, legal, and systematic destruction.
We call for the total and immediate abolition of human abortion. We are simply attempting to answer the question: What does Christianity look like in a culture that practices Child Sacrifice? And put our answer into action. "

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Alongside The Ship Of Fools

That is a very interesting and poignant point you brought up JC re Rosaria's autobiography which you read.  The fact that "sin infantilizes a person". . . . So true!

There are a number of instances my wife and I are aware of and have discussed this very issue together . . . of certain parents and even elderly relatives and acquaintances we know . . . how immature they have remained.  These are people who are not born again.  Maybe it is just because we are surrounded by mostly L.D.S. people . . . but it seems as though this church especially creates "adults" . . . who remain in a state of arrested development.  They just won't and don't grow up!  And they will have children, usually a lot of children . . . who become teens and young adults . . . who must contend with, compete with . . . parents who act as juvenile as themselves.  We know a couple of cases that are simply shocking and sad where the children are floundering and about to get into real trouble . . . because the mom and dad . . . are so selfish and immature and busy trying to stay and play young . . . that they cannot fulfil their parental responsibilities except only in a haphazard, usually overly emotional way.  It's like 14 year-olds (in 50-something bodies) raising 15 and 16 year-olds. Many of them are into their 2nd or 3rd marriage . . . broken families left and right . . . and all in the church that claims and promotes "families are forever." 

But, I know it's not just them.  Infantilism is the order of the day, of the whole culture right now.  The militant homosexual and LGBTetc. lobby is manically powered by the same self-centered, juvenile, narcissistic, emotional fuel.

If these were sincere Bible readers, they would know there is a time to "put away childish things."

Paul wrote, "When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things."  --1 Cor. 13:11

If you look around it seems that regardless of actual physical age people are speaking, thinking and reasoning "as a child."  A lot of this also, I believe, has to do with the highly successful attack on fatherhood, men as fathers, the fathers' role, spiritual masculinity. . . . Broken families, step-fathers, single moms, boyfriend "fathers" etc.  The kids are never growing up . . . as they have no model to follow or even know what it looks like to "put away childish things".

Thanks again . . . cultural Marxism, Marxist feminist theory, "sexual liberation", anti-God, anti-Bible, demon doctrine agenda. . . .  Not!

And then, men not being men, acquiescing . . . refusing to fight for truth and Godly issues. . . .

This is somewhat related:  My wife and I were driving home form the market, talking . . . over our concerns about various people we know or know of, or people our boys tell us about that they encounter ie., at work, "the public" etc., . . . and it just seemed to both of us that everyone is going practically stark, raving mad.  A general insanity seems to be brewing all about . . . except . . . EXCEPT, I dare say, among the Christians.  Okay, that's a broad generalization I know, but really, it does seem that those folks who are not born again and locked on daily to the anchor of the Rock, to Holy Spirit and His revelation . . . are really starting to lose it.  I'm not including Christian-in-name-onlys--nominal Christians, for they seem to be getting just as unstable and stressed out and volatile as the rest of the Godless.

But really, it's as though just below the surface, skin deep, people are barely holding it together and many are careening quite out of control, making big life mistakes, delving into perversity and corruption and sin and addiction . . . to increasingly extreme degrees.  As we were noting this disturbing trend . . . I wondered if it might not get to the point where . . . yes, the whole world, except for those born again in the Spirit, followers of the Truth . . . otherwise become stark, raving madmen and madwomen . . . thinking and acting violently evil all the day long.   I know that you could say that in our fallen state we already are in that condition . . . but what I'm seeing is a clear ramping up overt insanity, instability and madness.  Perhaps something "as in the days of Noah" where it got to the point that God had to wipe the slate clean because the corruption and wickedness was so deep, so wide, so pervasive and continuous. . . .

And without the hope of Christ, I get it.  I mean, I can imagine if I didn't have the hope of Christ's victory over death and sin . . . it would be a dreary, pointless affair, this life and this world the way it is going.  It is with sadness, concern and compassion that I witness so many floundering and stressing and sinking because they simply will not submit to the Lord and the Way of truth.  Not that becoming "born again" suddenly solves all your material problems or physical stresses--BUT it does transform them in such a way "that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them."

And your eyes and emotions and thoughts and ears and heart . . . are pulled away from this sinking ship of fools . . . toward eternal hope, eternal life in the light of truth, glory, holiness, in fellowship with the loving, just, perfect, righteous God of the all in all!

The answer to the growing madness . . . is so close . . . and yet so far. . . .

And again we must say, "there but for the grace of God" would I be . . . IN, rather than alongside, this ship of fools, praise God.

"As for me, may I never boast about anything except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Because of that cross, my interest in this world has been crucified, and the world's interest in me has also died."  --Gal. 6:14

Monday, March 16, 2015

Rosaria Butterfield

"Salvation begins with God's sovereign initiation--not with my intellectual assent to a worldview, or a set of moral ideas or a desire to be happy.  It is a dangerous lie to say Christians are merely people who believe in Jesus. Even the demons believe in Jesus.  After God's sovereign invitation, after the Holy Spirit removes the heart of stone and replaces it with a heart of flesh we fall on our faces as we hear the still, small voice of God."

This is a quote from Rosaria Butterfield.  She "is a writer, speaker, homemaker, and former tenured professor of English at Syracuse University. Butterfield, who earned her Ph.D. from Ohio State University in English Literature, served in the English Department and Women Studies Program at Syracuse University from 1992 to 2002.Butterfield is more widely known today for the autobiography she published, "The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert: An English Professor's Journey into the Christian Faith," in which she tells about her transformation from a postmodern lesbian professor to a wife of a Reformed Presbyterian Church pastor and homeschooling mother."

Hers is a great story, a potent and clear example of God's sovereignty in action, of election, of the power of pre-suppositionalism, of Reformed (Biblical) theology--theology "that matters."  Her discussion of Romans 1 at 13:40 . . . showing the relationship to Genesis 3 and Eve's desire for self-serving autonomy . . . is really something . . . considering her background.  Also her thought provoking perspective on homosexuality (and Biblical) showing it as a "consequential" sin more than "causal" . . . . 

Anyway, Rosaria provides a profound, important witness to our post-modern, Romans 1 culture.....

Sunday, March 15, 2015

To Mortify Daily

"Do you mortify? Do you make it your daily work? Be always at it whilst you live; cease not a day from this work; be killing sin or it will be killing you."  John Owen

This great quote relates to the potential for daily drift.  It is so easy to slip into old habits, old ways of thought.  The grooves wrought of unregenerate, sin-led thinking are still there . . . and it is almost something like this:  It is as if, through daily mortification, prayer, repentance, genuine communion in and with the Holy Spirit . . . you are able to hover in the air . . . above a moving, coursing stream below.  You are aloft, "above it all" . . . untouched by the ways of earth and, in this case, scurrying waters beneath you.  The longer you float, the more you find you are in rarified air--in what seems like veritable celestial air of a different kind and quality than that of the heat and gravity and stench below.  It is like you are actually translating almost into a whole different dimension, where angels and Spirit traverse. . . .

If you grow weary or distracted . . . and cease daily mortification--if you relax and quit maintaining effort, forget your task . . . then before you know it, you have sunk back down and hit the running stream.  Perhaps it is not moving so fast at the point you dropped into it, and its temperature is not too different from your previous rarified air.

But it is nevertheless moving.   Gradually it flows . . . and wends its way . . . down, down toward the sea of nescience, headed for the ocean of tossing waves, storms, danger, darkness and chaos.  But for now, you are just drifting along the brook, no big changes, no shocking problems . . . drifting along
floating with the current . . . away, away from where you had once celestially floated "above it all", untouched.

Days go by, and suddenly you realize that you don't recognize the scenery.  The surroundings have become strange and dark.  Shadowy figures lurk in the brush and follow.

 Well, actually you do recall this threatening landscape, and it is with deepening foreboding that you do, for you remember now that this is a place that you once held you in, entrapped and you fought so hard to get away from, striving upstream as you had . . . but now here you are again!  You are in a bog, a morass.  No way you could quickly maneuver to float again "above it all".  Now you've got muck on you, your legs are snagged, tangled in undergrowth.  And, having been here before, you know that the whole course of the bog is ever flowing downward . . . to the torrential sea where chaos reigns and there is real terror at not being able to escape at all!

Oh, what have you done in your laziness!  In your complacency!  Drifted away to wretched old haunts!

Now you must fight, struggle again to get free--get away from the pulling, entangling danger, back to that sweet place of airy flight and regenerating distance!

Which you will.  But time and effort you have lost and put yourself in trouble yet again, and it feels as if you have tempted fate maybe one too many times.

Get up and away!  Stay away!  Make your escape good this time!  Return no more to the drifting, to the bog, to the dangers of the raging waters and storms and darkness!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Today's World Report

First of all . . . I want you to know I prayed for you--yes you.  If you suspect I mean you, then yes, you.  I pray for your protection, strength, resurgence, power, increased faith, peace, resurgence in spirit.  I really do find I have a general love for all people, even the enemies, for I see God's sovereignty in all things . . . but I have a special love and care for Christian brothers and sisters.  You are such fine people, the salt and light of the earth.  You take constant abuse, serve often thanklessly, quietly, steadily, are trashed, threatened, misunderstand, lied on, surrounded by evil, hated by the world; yet you carry on--proof of the reality and power of Christ, for without Him, you could not, would not continue, but you do . . . and it is a beautiful thing, despite the railings and calumnies thrown at you, the curses, vileness, and violence toward you . . . who merely want to see others saved and safe in the truth, in the Lord.  By God's grace . . . it is so . . . . . . .

As I mentioned before, probably too much, but hey, sometimes there's new readers . . . eh, anyway, I track a range of areas of interest and study, which my work allows me to do.  Something  quite apparent on the current events front . . . is how obvious it is that an overarching agenda is being foisted on the whole world simultaneously.  It has the same flavor, the same modus operandi, the same spirit everywhere it is pushing its weight around.  As we don't generally get much if any international news here in the U.S. on our so-called "news channels" it is easy to feel like we alone are being bombarded with an onslaught of left-wing, "progressive", anti-Christian, anti-traditional family, anti-monogamist, anti-patriot, anti-"Judeo-Christian Western culture, pornographic, libertinist, amoral, relativistic, subjective, anti-life, pro-homosexual, pro-sexualizing of children, anti-male, anti-father, feminist, Marxist, pro-"diversity", pro-illegal immigration, anti-free market, collectivist, anti-property rights, heavy-handed police state/surveillance state, "green" fascistic, state/corporate monopolist oligarchicalist, anti-progress, Common Core dumbing down, Agenda 21 "sustainability" propaganda, global-warming hoaxing, anti-gun, individual rights infringing, anti-Christ, anti-God, executive branch tyranny, racial politics/divisiveness . . . imposed agenda. 

But, its being implemented worldwide.  If you ever check into the alternative news sites and media reports in other countries, they are dealing with nearly all the same issues.  And the people--the regular "folks" as Bill O'Reilly and Obama like to say--DON'T LIKE IT and don't want it for the most part.  Oh yes, big swaths have been handily brainwashed to accept different portions of the agenda, but all in all, the "folks" are not happy and feel like something is very, very wrong and out of sorts.  It all has the "surreal" quality I've described before (which prior victims of tyrannical takeover have described just as they realized they were losing their country to some insidious, infiltrating invader.)

Taking this all into consideration I think it should be quite obvious to even the mildly observant and slightly more than half-witted . . . that there is indeed a conspiracy, global in nature and purpose, to establish a "one world government and culture".  If one looks further into it, it will be realized that at the top of the conspiracy . . . it is spiritual in nature, supernatural.  SUPRAnational . . . and SUPERnational.

Here is a story from Canada which shows some of the spirit and perp-types involved.........[It's about how a top Canadian "child expert" professor who had a hand in developing Canada's new elementary school sex-ed curriculum turns out to be a big pedophile (surprise, surprise).....

Here is a story from England (which is having it's own problems with lots of pedophiles in high levels of government being exposed by the Jimmy Savile case) about how the brave investigator Gordon Bowden has uncovered vast corruption and criminality also at the highest levels of UK government, (ie., Tony Blair, David Cameron) where, just like in the U.S., the insiders are using multinational corps and banks to loot the treasury, rob the people, hollow out the public holdings, and in general run the place into the ground......

And I can't go into all the examples here . . . but just know that many if not all of the same attacks, assaults, arguments that we are feeling the brunt of and hearing, and seeing tear apart the fabric of our society, economy, safety, traditions etc., are being hammered out likewise all over the place, to varying degrees.  Which I think is probably beyond mere human capability, seeing how thorough and ubiquitous the assault is . . . which goes to show the underlying SPIRITUAL nature of the battle underway. . . .

Indeed, it was in noticing this very thing that was one of the final lynchpins in my recognizing that the Bible (which predicted and described just such a situation) is true and is the Word of God, and Jesus Christ the only way out. . . .


Also . . . amongst my topical wanderings today . . . I came across another great video by the Abolish Human Abortion fellows (who are doing a fantastic job by the way, confronting the baby killing industry and the lukewarm so-called "Christians" who would rather not be bothered about it.
If you get a chance check out this video (by Danny Ehinger I believe) who stood outside a Presbyterian Church USA church (very liberal) where many of the members happily and sometimes mockingly showed their gleeful support of baby murder/sacrifice......

p.s. The Supreme Court is likely to give the go ahead on same-sex marriage as a constitutional right . . . and this will lead to a full frontal assault on the churches.... in a number of ways.  I suspect they will lost tax exempt status and some pastors will go to jail rather than comply.  This is right around the corner . . . many churches will not survive this assault.  Whether THE great falling away or not, there will be a great falling away by many in the midst of this controversy, as many will just throw in with Caesar . . . . On the bright side, the chaff will definitely be winnowed away from the wheat--a major sifting is bound to occur.  But it won't be pretty, that's for sure.  Buckle up.  Pray up. . . .

The Fool Goes His Own Way

I want to hit it again, because it is such a critical point--the "reasoning to" versus "reasoning from" God situation.

It also pertains to this clarifying verse:  "They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us: but they went out , that they might be made manifest that they all are not of us."  --1 John 2:19

When people say, "I use to be a Christian, but ____________" you know that "they all are not of us." 
For if you are reasoning FROM God, there is no way that God is going to lead you away from Himself.  Instead what is the case is that the "new" unbeliever never really believed in the first place.  They were always an unbeliever.   While professing to be a follower of Jesus Christ, instead the person was still keeping their self as the judge and arbiter.  They were yet to keep the very first commandment "you shall have no other gods before Me."

If you are a disciple of the Lord then HE becomes the Lord of your reasoning; for a man cannot serve two masters.  And in such cases, the unbeliever first and foremost relies on their own perception, opinion, intellect and weighs revelation against that.  It is impossible to have the Spirit of Truth indwelling and then go from knowledge of the truth into error and lack of knowledge.  So when someone says, "I use to be a Christian" . . . you can rest assured that they never were in the first place. 

If you start from God, rather than from fallen self, He will lead to greater and greater understanding and experience of truth, as He IS the truth.  Those who claim to have once believed only believed in an idol that they had constructed, which was a lie from the start.  Then they lose belief in that idol and make a new one to follow . . . until it also lets them down . . . and they make another, and another and so on.  "Everyone is senseless and without knowledge; every goldsmith is shamed by his idols. The images he makes are a fraud; they have no breath in them."  --Jer. 10:14
Those with the most staying power usually end up as "existentialists" or in some other form of nihilistic reductionism.  They collect at the bottom of the pool of utter absurdity.

But it is not quite right to say that they never knew God exists in the first place.  Consciously, they refuse to assent to His existence and Lordship, because deep down, they DO know He is real, but they "suppress the truth in unrighteousness."  "For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools,--"  --Rom. 1:21-22

Rebellion is at the core of it.

But oh how they like to carry on in their willful ignorance--in that rebellion!

"Fools have no interest in understanding; they only want to air their own opinions."

Here are some more applicable zingers from Proverbs 18:

"One who isolates himself pursues selfish desires, he quarrels against all sound wisdom. . . .  A fool’s lips bring strife, and his mouth calls for blows.  A fool’s mouth is his ruin, and his lips are the snare of his soul.  Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, but humility goes before honor.
He who gives an answer before he hears, it is folly and shame to him."


Monday, March 9, 2015

A Rescued Child

This is a great example why it is so important that those who are so called do go out and witness at abortion mills..... !

Saturday, March 7, 2015

"Deal Breakers" (Reasoning TO vs. FROM)

[note re Frew W. Anson below]

Robert Kirby is a local paper "humor columnist" . . . who usually writes quirky, edgy, personal pieces about his relationship to the L.D.S. church.  A recent column of his I read instantly struck me as a prime example of the difference between "reasoning to God" versus "reasoning FROM God".  It is that all important (eternal life or death, heaven or hell) difference between a "worldview" humanist philosophy vs. Biblical spirituality; man-centered positioning vs. Lord-centric.

It is the mind-set of a Shawn McCraney vs. that of a Jason Wallace; the philosophers and their gods and theories in Athens vs. Apostle Paul asserting revelatory truth. . . .

Kirby referred to the recent LDS excommunication of Kate Kelly [it was a big story here] who was pushing to have women included in the Mormon priesthood.  Because of the church's action Kate's husband has decided to resign his own LDS membership.  Kirby went on (in his humoristic style) to describe issues that would cause HIM to resign.  As in, what types of things would be "deal-breakers"?  If "the church" reinstated polygamy, for instance, he says "this would be a deal breaker".

What I found striking was Kirby's including propositions from God Himself and Biblical scenarios (not just LDS) against which he would have to take a stand--and basically reject.

And here we have once again the perfect example of THE TWO contrasting positions a person in this life can and must take.  There's only one of two ways to go.  You are either with the Lord, or against Him.

The moment you begin second-guessing God and Biblical revelation . . . you have taken the humanist, man-centered path, which is the essence of THE rebellion which inaugurated The Fall.  This is what Eve did.  She doubted, questioned then modified God's command.

Again, the purpose in referencing ie., a Kirby or McCraney is not to "attack" the person but that they are public figures and so perfectly typify a certain philosophy and position (the man-centered, humanistic, Rebellious-with-a-capital-"R" worldview.) 

When you hear the atheist, the agnostic, the New Ager, the Utopian, the Rebel etc., say (in reference to the long-time orthodox representation of the Biblical God) "well, if that's who God is, I won't worship THAT God" you have 1 Timothy 4:1 in action:  "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of demons."

Kirby writes, "I do not care how insistent God is/was that I build an altar and sacrifice one of my kids or grandkids to prove my love for him.  I might just as well worship Satan instead."

And this is a frightful example of worldly wisdom . . . bordering, if not well within, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, the unpardonable sin (attributing to God the work of the devil)!  He is in effect saying a God who would ask what was asked of Abraham is on par with Satan! 

This is a common example (Abraham and Isaac) used also by militant atheists.  Kirby is L.D.S. but his mindset is the same.  From HIS reasoning he looks at the God of the Bible and considers Him as if Satanic  He obviously does not really believe "without faith it is impossible to please God."  For we are Told that Abraham's faith "was credited to him as righteousness". 

The "reasoning TO God"/man-centered/humanist position hears what God says and mulls it over.

"Did God really say ___?  The translation must be bad . . . no one really understands the Bible anyhow.  I like this part and that part of the Word . . . but those other parts, not so much.  It must be that they don't apply today.  The God of the Old Testament . . . is not really God, but just an ancient, backward depiction of Him . . . the all-loving, all-accepting, non-judgmental Jesus of the New Testament as I conceive Him--THAT is the God I will follow."

A Believer, on the hand, believes.  Not blindly.  Biblical faith is surrounded by reason, logic, experience, thoughtfulness . . . but it is wrought in Spirit, the Spirit of Truth.  And a final point where the follower at last says, "God, I believe You.  I put my trust in You.  I turn from my own limited, fallen, degenerate perception and submit now my will and reasoning to You first."

Then, when you (the believer/follower) read that there is, for instance, heaven AND hell . . . or that Abraham was prepared to sacrifice his son according to God's command . . . you rest assured that God has a perfectly good, holy, divine purpose to it.  You don't start from your own opinion and try to fit God in THAT, and where it doesn't fit, reject it, calling it a "deal breaker". . . .

Kirby also decries God's command to the Israelites to conquer and destroy Jericho.  That would have been another "deal breaker" for Kirby had he been on the scene. 

Bottom line . . . the "wisdom of the world is foolishness to God."  --1 Cor. 3:19

While "the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God."  --1 Cor. 1:18

A strong warning must be included in these observations.  Those who start with a man-centered, interpretive position . . . trying to reason TO God . . . are bound eventually to submerge into a sea of errors, compounding them upon one another . . . until they are practically committing blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, attributing to God the ways and personality of Satan!  Woe to such!  Repent!

The other way is THE Way, which is to start from God's revelation, using IT as the standard against which to judge personal opinion, proclivities, worldly wisdom, subjective preference. . . .

"Don't you know that a little yeast leavens the whole batch of dough?"  --1 Cor. 5:6

One way leads to corruption, madness, full rebellion and damnation. 

The other Way leads to fellowship with God, eternal life and the perfection of Christ.

The crux of the matter, the heart of the matter . . . Kirby . . . is found in whether you reason TO God, creating your own "deal breakers" . . . or reason FROM God, Who Himself decrees what are the "deal breakers".  Are your "deal breakers" derived from reasoning TO vs. FROM God?  The difference is humanism vs. Bible, life vs. death, heaven vs. hell, truth vs. lies, Satan vs. God. . . .

NOTE: p.s.  Thank you Fred W. Anson for your kind words.  I have always appreciated the time and effort and thought you have put into breaking down the McCranyism controversy and providing related links and analysis.  Those wanting to see an excellent in-depth review of the latest kerfuffle involving Pastor Wallace should visit your fine site:  Beggars Bread at:

Thursday, March 5, 2015

It's All Good, Good, Good!

Thanks for your sharing that Lee.  I know I really love to be convicted.  That is the just the right place to be and is a sign of the ongoing (actually miraculous) process of sanctification.  It is a supernatural evidence of one's genuine faith.  And confessing activates the power and grace which then moves to make the real spiritual transformation of a soul on The Walk.

Having now lived a goodly chunk of years . . . I observe something ominous and profound which happens (or not) in peoples' lives.  It is this:  Many people , through self discipline, focus of mind, will-power, talent and dedication . . . can perform amazing, seemingly superhuman feats.  For instance, runners or other athletes can start from having an average, un-developed body and will . . . to becoming . . . over time . . . amazing specimens of near physical perfection and mental ability.  They transform radically from what they once were to practically a whole new kind of creature.

Some people can train their minds to have photographic memory and Sherlock Holmes-type  observational skills.  Some study and perfect the methods of entrepreneurship and business and learn to create highly successful businesses and financial windfall, over and over.

Others start out as shy, retiring, insecure bumblers--but then study and apply the rules and techniques of leadership and go on to become renowned inspirational leaders and teachers.

Yet, in almost all such cases I have witnessed or looked into . . . SPIRITUALLY such people rarely change at all.  SPIRITUALLY they are the same at the peak of their "success" as they were when they started.  Now, many of them mistake material, worldly success for spiritual success and will even pontificate on how to have great "spiritual" acumen . . . but when you look into their private lives, behind the scenes, and if you could look into their minds and hearts, most often you find great spiritual dysfunction and degeneracy.  They lie, cheat, steal, commit adultery, murder (in thought at least, if not also in deed) and they have nothing going for them except a profound love of self--never considering Jesus or the commands of God  In fact, they are usually flat-out servants of the devil, though they delude themselves to be "workers of light".

Then there are those who have an inkling that spiritual growth and development is to be preferred above material, worldly success . . . and they take on all kinds of "spiritual" practices and beliefs intending to become an advanced "spiritual" person.  Just think of all the New Ager types and self-help gurus and "experts" who claim to have "transcended" ego . . . selfishness  . . . "negativity" etc.

In nearly all such cases--and I've looked at a lot of them, up close and in depth--I observe that these "spiritually minded" people . . . are THE most self-centered, sensually obsessed, privately negative, devious, phony-baloneys of any I have met!

THE MIRACLE is when someone--a fallen human . . . born utterly degenerate and depraved from the get-go--ACTUALLY transforms from a person who is dead spiritually, deluded, enslaved to sin etc. INTO someone who genuinely begins to crave righteousness and correction from the Holy Spirit!  NOW THAT IS SOMETHING!

It is not uncommon to see people who have transformed themselves from a lessor physical, mental--even emotional state . . . into a paragon of the same.  Such "success" stories abound. 

But it is very rare to see or know someone who has changed--transformed--SPIRITUALLY!  Despite many self-deluded claims, it just doesn't happen that often.  There are plenty of frauds who on the surface portray an "advanced" spiritual state . . . but if you were to scratch the surface a bit, or look behind the curtains . . . or catch them off-guard . . . you will find the same "old man"/"old woman" just as unregenerate as from the beginning.  Nothing has really changed.  No transformation has actually progressed.  They cannot HONESTLY say, "I am not who I want to be, but I am not who I once was."  No . . . indeed, they are pretty much exactly just who they "once was". . . .

But I'll tell you this.  Such people, the false converts, the deluded still PRACTICING sin . . . are not troubled at their duplicity.  It does not bother them that they know they are living a lie for the most part.  No, their biggest concern is only in getting FOUND OUT! 

But to the one who has genuinely begun The Walk (with The Lord)--who has entered The Way (of Holy Spirit, of Christ)--it is always a troubling matter.  Their conscience is pricked when they realize a pattern of error or some habitual sin.  They genuinely WANT to overcome.

The dead-in-sin . . . unregenerate . . . don't care.  It does not bother them, their constant companionship with darkness and deceit.  Only getting caught is a worry for them.  So long as other people believe they are the paragons of "spirituality" they seek to display . . . then "all is well in Zion."

Which is a horrific situation . . . because what it really means is that they don't really believe in God.  They don't really believe that Anyone is watching . . . their inner reality--the REAL them. 

But when you have legitimate faith and belief in the all-knowing God, you know perfectly well that you are not slipping anything by Him.  Regardless of what good things people think of you, YOU know that GOD knows . . . the real situation!  And this gives you trepidation, as it should.  A genuine, holy and healthy FEAR OF THE LORD is the BEGINNING of wisdom!

The frauds don't really believe.  Or they have such a twisted, self-designed version of God--an idol they've fashioned from their own fallen  heart and mind--and an idea of what God OUGHT to be like (ie., "all-loving", "non-judgmental", "all-forgiving", heedless,) in such a way as to accommodate their particular sin proclivities . . . that they can transform their material lives in all kinds of fantastic ways . . . without EVER transforming one iota in terms of their actual character, soul, spirit. . . .

So, I know whenever I feel the sharp edge of conviction--which is all the time!, virtually every day!--I revel in it.  I am so glad!  I thank God!  I AM ALIVE this means!  My conscience is supple, living, breathing.  My heart is NOT a heart of stone, dead to spiritual reality; but is ALIVE, a real heart of flesh, living, pumping, breathing, seeing, hearing, feeling . . . those parts of this existence which ultimately matter.  This world--all the impressive feats and achievements of the worldly in it--passes away . . . and quick like!  But those matters pertaining to relationship with the real, one and only true and living God GO ON FOREVER!  All is else is burned in the fire.

But these moments of growth, conviction, repentance, brokenness, honesty in the Light of Truth ARE WHAT IT IS REALLY ALL ABOUT!  THIS remains!  This is where actual transformation happens.  This is where the miracle of one dead . . . being brought to life . . . and then entering the path of spiritual regeneration proves itself!  Really, everything else is pretty much filler, props and mere accoutrements to this supremely glorious activity God is carrying out in space and time, in His adopted children--the initial phase of ETERNAL LIFE being begun and existentially underway!

Now THAT is something!  The dead coming to life and ACTUALLY transforming into holy spiritual beings?  THAT is success!  THAT is a miracle!  And it is further proof of God, because it is easy to see that people don't really ever change (spiritually) regardless of how impressive their surface changes and material "growth" may exhibit.  Inside, they stay the same.  Oh, they often try.  They seem to have a nagging sense that material "success" and transformation is ultimately empty . . . so you will see them adopting all kinds of social causes and big world saving issues--being "do-gooders" and busy-bodies . . . projecting their own inner dysfunction on everything and everyone else . . . wanting to "change the world" . . . when what they really need is to be saved by God.

You (every authentic believer) can take comfort in the fact that you ARE convicted, that you DO care and realize your complete need for and reliance on God . . . and know also that He is loving and incredibly patient with us, merciful, full of grace . . . and that having begun the sanctifying and spiritually transformative work in us, He will finish it; and that we cannot lose our salvation, for He has promised that HE will not lose a single one of His sheep.  And the evidence that you ARE one of His sheep is that your conscience is alive and you are aware of your condition and yearn to be at last free of it.  Those without the Spirit indwelling do not fret such things.  This kind of talk just sounds like jibber-jabber, another language, boring, irrelevant, bears no conviction at all.

Praise God, this is all good, good, good!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Death To The Wicked

God is great, God is good. . . .

There is so much dysfunction all around.  I hear of things, I see them--people and families roiling in chaos and despair.  Oh that they knew how close by peace is to be had!  But they have no answer.  Parents, immature, acting like children, abandoning their responsibilities, chasing this way and that, always looking for the next pleasure, the next distraction, running . . . running . . . hiding from God, from judgment.  But they can't hide forever. . . .

Day after day, ongoing there is turmoil, angst, problems, drama.  Sinking in despair . . . then dashing to the next vain hope, the next temporary pleasure.

Many of them assume they have God, but they have nothing but shifting idols which are dead and provide no succor, no rest.  If they have the truth, then why do they flounder so?  Why do they leap from crisis to disaster to tragedy over and over if they are led by God?  God is not the author of confusion and mayhem.  His way is the way to peace and joy and strength and longsuffering, patience, gentleness, charity, love.

But they teem with envy, worry, anger and jealousies.  This is what drives them day to day.  Pride, vanity, self-seeking . . . constantly on the run to be satisfied yet never being satisfied but searching after every unclean thing--it is all spoiled and of no avail without God!

At least the pagans and the unbelievers mostly claim to have no edge.  They shrug and allow what may come with no special pleadings as to having found the truth, the way.

The worst are they who profess having truth and having found the way, yet in their hearts and thus in their actions--their fruit--no graciousness is displayed.  These are the worst who claim to speak for the truth and of God yet secretly they harbor all the wiles and methods of evil.  They are inwardly in confusion and of stone-cold hearts, unfeeling, uncaring, but with minds always angling for advantage and lordship over others.  False converts, false believers, hypocrites!

Woe to them for their penalty is greater who defame the holy name of Jesus where they assert His discipleship but they think and act as the world!  Just as the Jews who hated Messiah claimed to be "the sons of Abraham" and of the truth, Jesus rebuked them and called them sons of the devil.  For truly they hated God despite what they claimed, for truth was in their midst and they sought to kill Him!  So it is with fake believers, false converts who profess discipleship in the Lord yet hate His true people and revile His genuine followers and above all, His way!

Where the spirit of the evil one resides, within single souls, within households, there is coldness, hardness of heart, aloofness, hiding resentments and jealousies--with their lips they cry "Jesus" and "Lord" but with their hearts they murder and steal.  Liars and thieves and adulterers they are in fact.  Secret, rotten lives they lead.

Chaos, sadness, weeping, fretfulness and destruction . . . over and over . . . follows in their wake, regardless of so-called "good intentions".  They have no good intentions, but only seek gain and position and privately revel in the suffering of others, which they often themselves inflict.  Manipulation and deception are their tools, as they continually seek to control and dominate the weaker about them, who they collect like slaves and animals to be abused at whim.

Woe to these fakers and scoundrels!  Dire is the reward of the false teachers, destructive parents, back-stabbing friends!

Yet, there is a way out--a way to cleanliness and righteous progression, where the former sins begin to lose hold and continual walking in the light and love of the Lord becomes habitual.  There is a way out of the darkness and disorder, dis-ease and madness.  From blindness to sight.  From cold, dead heart to living, breathing heart of flesh.  From constant mistake and despair to victory after victory.

The old man must die.  The old woman must perish.  Death, death, death to the heathen heart who flounders in desperation after false gods and self-made idols!  First they must die who daily attempt to dethrone the Supreme Perfect Ruler of the universe and all that is--God, Father.

Death to the wicked; life for the righteous.  Away with the lover of darkness, away with the authors of pandemonium, bedlam, lawlessness.  Life and victory for those slain with the Lamb, crucified with Christ, who've died with Him at the cross.  There is no life of one's own.  There is only life in Christ, Jesus!  Let all the world and its keepers be liars, but God is true alone!

Come out from the whore!  Get away from stench of sin's decay.  Leave the boneyards and fizzling altars of the living dead--away from the dancing ghouls and jabbering fools!

"I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me."  --Gal. 2:20

Death to the wicked--an end to the madness and despair!  Life and freedom, hope and peace, charity and joy in God!  Forever!  Amen.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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