Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy "A Thousand Points Of Light"!...naw...

It is the air they breathe, without God.  The default position in those of the world is to celebrate the "light bringer" Lucifer--lauded as "the first rebel" by Saul Alinsky . . . and our city, Salt Lake City is loudly and giddily proclaiming its allegiance to fallen angel religion tonight as it rings in the New Year with "the largest disco ball in the world."

They call it "EVE" and from its inception I have always recognized the hidden motif of celebrating the mother of rebellion, Eve . . . who (according to occult tradition) defied the sovereign patriarch God, questioning His authority and setting humanity on the path of "illumination", "godhood" in its own right. . . .

Hence, the giant mirrored disco ball--which, in occultic significance, as it reflects the lights and lasers . . . represents "a thousand points of light" . . . as well as being a symbol of modern, pagan, Bacchanalian revelry.

They also use the term "Winterfest" throughout the media literature for tonight's "Eve" celebration, which has also become a premier chosen replacement for the holiday and term "Christmas"--officially so, for instance, now in the Britain. 

Humanism . . . which is blending into "transhumanism" . . . is the religion of the unbeliever; the power and ability of the human to overcome, to achieve immortality, become godlike of his or her own means.  Lol. 

While the fact is, he or she cannot take another simple breath unless God allows it. . . .

They use to set off fireworks on New Years here--a very American tradition.  But, ostensibly to combat "global warming" and go "green" . . . that fun, old tradition has now been replaced with the lowering of "the biggest disco ball in the world."  Way to go, Zion.  "Stay classy Salt Lake". . . . Lol.

We shant be attending the festivus tonight, even though Jackson's band is one of the featured musical acts.  Not because of all the annoying and pathetic pagan folderal--we are quite able to be "in the world" while not being "of" it.  It turns out to be more of a logistical problem.  And yes, it is with mixed feelings and concern that I am tracking with Jack's steady progress in the music business.  As most of you know . . . I myself got right up to the gates of entry but had to turn away as, at least my case, I saw too clearly the selling of the soul to proceed and I just wouldn't do it.  I don't believe, however, that every artist who "makes it" must sell out--God is ultimately in charge--but no doubt there are myriad threats and challenges along the way as one becomes more "successful."

Thankfully, discussion of such things--my own experience and decisions re "the world"--has been constant in our household as the boys grew up and they are each very well aware of the many pitfalls and tricks of the Adversary, and Jackson is no exception.  Though I do not belabor the issues when we fellowship, I am one to make the occasional side comment and subtle warnings when I see the opening . . . and from our scattered talks on ie., "the biz" . . . I know Jackson is being cautious and smart as he continues to navigate the mine field.  All in all, I trust God in everything and know that, however it all pans out, His will . . . will be done . . . perfectly.

Happy New Year.  I expect it to be a doozy. . . . Prepare accordingly:)

Monday, December 29, 2014

Psychopolitics' Work Is Done

"By psychopolitics our chief goals are effectively carried forward. To produce a maximum of chaos in the culture of the enemy is our first most important step. Our fruits are grown in chaos, distrust, economic depression, and scientific turmoil. At least a weary populace can seek peace only in our offered Communist State, at last only Communism can resolve the problems of the masses.

A psychopolitician must work hard to produce the maximum chaos in the fields of ‘mental healing.’ He must recruit and use all the agencies and facilities of ‘mental healing.’ He must labor to increase the personnel and facilities of ‘mental healing’ until at last the entire field of mental science is entirely dominated by Communist principles and desires.

To achieve these goals the psychopolitician must crush every ‘home-grown’ variety of mental healing in America. Actual teachings of James, Eddy and Pentecostal Bible faith healers amongst your misguided people must be swept aside. They must be discredited, defamed, arrested, stamped upon even by their own government until there is no credit in them and only Communist-oriented ‘healing’ remains. You must work until every teacher of psychology unknowingly or knowingly teaches only Communist doctrine under the guise of ‘psychology.’ You must labor until every doctor and psychiatrist is either a psycho-politician or an unwitting assistant to our aims.

You must labor until we have dominion over the minds and bodies of every important person in your nation.

Psychopolitics is a solemn charge. With it you can erase our enemies as insects. You can cripple the efficiency of leaders by striking insanity into their families through the use of drugs. You can wipe them away with testimony as to their insanity. By our technologies, you can even bring about insanity itself when they seem too resistive.

You can change their loyalties by psychopolitics. Given a short time with a psychopolitician, you can alter forever his loyalty of a soldier in our hands or a statesman or a leader in his own country, or you can destroy his mind.Use the courts, use the judges, use the Constitution of the country, use its medical societies and its laws to further our ends.

Do not stint in your labor in this direction. And when you have succeeded you will discover that you can now effect your own legislation at will and you can, by careful organization of healing societies, by constant campaign about the terrors of society, by pretense as to your effectiveness make you Capitalist himself, by his own appropriations, finance a large portion of the quiet Communist conquest of the nation.

By psychopolitics create chaos. Leave a nation leaderless. Kill our enemies. And bring to Earth, through Communism, the greatest peace [absence of opposition] Man has ever known."

[Given by Lavrentiy Beria, Marshal of the Soviet Union, chief of Soviet security & secret police under Stalin . . . in 1933 . . .  the above are excerpts from a speech he gave to a congregation of American academicians visiting Moscow in the purposes of sending them (the American saboteurs) back to the U.S. to take over our basic civil & government institutions, "mental health" industry etc.  This is the kind of information I became aware of in the mid 1980s which led me to realize, while recognizing the fruits of such efforts all around me, that we were on the verge of falling to Soviet style communism, albeit disguised under "political correctness" . . . here in a once God-fearingAmerica.......bro, T]


Westward the Tide, Gary Numan & Don't Ruin Christmas

Ahh . . . Christmas without Christ. . . . I observed the sad irony of--or heard about, actually--the family fights and "drama" that goes on in too many households during the time meant to remember and celebrate God's arrival in flesh . . . to this earth.  The "reason for the season" is lost, apparently, on most.  I thank God--and indeed I really did and do, because it's all Him!--that we managed through the swarm and hustle . . . to go "drama"-free . . . and while hectic, had sweet times with our boys and their wives (the two that do have wives).  Jackson and Meagan (and granddog Banjo) spent the night Christmas Eve and were tickled as little children to wake up here the next morning to share our mellow, snowy and fire-crackling modest but thoughtful exchanges and Alexander, his wife Skye-Kaihikina & son Indy came by in the afternoon and ended up spending the next night (because of the blizzard) . . . into breakfast the next morn. 

Btw, if I haven't mentioned it, Al's wife Kaihikina is due for their first child together roundabouts this coming April. . . . It was all very nice indeed, and truly, the belief in and dedication to Jesus all around was a protective balm that kept at bay all that internecine bickering and backbiting and emotional explosions that seem to infect so many (without Him) this time of year.  It COULD have been insane, explosive and stressful . . . as, because of working in St. George up until the Saturday before . . . and the way my draws go . . . we couldn't even begin to go shopping and prepare for everyone until Tuesday, the 23rd!--it all worked out, although a bit of a daze and blur, heh. . . .

We also have a tradition going back to when our boys were little boys that has served well to keep everyone in good spirits, and which we also successfully use on other holidays, trips, birthdays and general outings . . . where we say "don't ruin Christmas" if anyone starts leaning negative or snippy.  It makes everyone chuckle and tends to "clear the air" so-to-speak. . . . I have found that just a bit mindfulness and preemptive intention to stay cheerful and positive goes a long way in these typically stressful and emotional times. . . . At the first sign of moodiness, me or wifey will say, "don't ruin Christmas" . . . which now always stops any negative trending.  Most times, grousing and nitpicking is just thoughtless, habitual mind-chatter, which the light of awareness and conscientiousness effectively and genuinely dispels. . . . Keeping in mind, above all, that our object in this life is to "glorify God" in all things . . . is the key to honestly and powerfully crush usually petty and lurking troubles. . . .

In music news--which I've always got an ear and hand on . . . Jack's band Westward The Tide . . . is playing here in Salt Lake at the big downtown New Year's Eve party, called "Eve".  They will be opening up for the headlining "Fictionists" . . . and Jackson says they will be playing 4 of their new songs.  In a week or so, they are piling in a van and heading off to L.A. to do some serious demo recording with a relatively bigtime L.A. producer (who has worked with Gwen Stefani and No Doubt among others) who loves their work-- as they prepare for their upcoming next album and possible signing with a major label.  We will get to tend "Banjo" yay!

Also, the other morning they performed on our local CBS TV station, "KUTV 2News This Morning", where you can see Jack's spiffy new hair-do and new rock'n'roll boots Meagan got him for Christmas (making him now about 9 feet tall!, heh). . . .

In somewhat related news . . . very slowly (but hopefully surely and ongoing) when there is a stolen moment of time . . . Jack is helping me with my own . . . someday . . . new album.  We've started one song, which he wrote, on which I will sing and play some piano and guitar, which is a very cool song I must say . . . though at this rate I expect it will take a couple of years to finish.  But that's ok.  I have become extremely patient in my olden days and just continue to leave it all up to God how it will go, if it goes. . . . I have also had some preliminary talk with Zeph about doing some more musical work together, in some fashion--I'm hoping this project of mine of Jackson's (which also I intend will include input from Al and Isaac.)

Speaking of music, Isaac bought online and burned me two new albums that I expressed interest in and I'm blown away by both of them.  I don't like much (any?) of the new music I hear but I'm very pleased with two ol' survivors who've come up with their best work in years.  Prince and Gary Numan.  Yup.  Prince has a couple new things out, but it is his "Third-Eye Girl" project which I got and really like.  Actual, real, heavy but melodic ROCK'N'ROLL!  I'm so sick of the whiny, goatee-beanie hipster-poser cr*p that is so prevalent the past several years . . . and have been wearing myself listening to old Kansas, Yes, Led Zepp etc., just to satisfy my wailing guitar and synth jones.  But Prince sounds refreshed and . . . on this album at least . . . is not singing about sex thankfully, but just presents some awesome, heavy, catchy electric guitar-heavy riffs with this girl-band 3rd Eye Girl and interesting lyrical topics. 

Then ol' Gary ("Cars") Numan.  An old fave of mine back in the early 80s.  His new album "Splinter" is stunningly good!  If you like that sort of music (heavy, industrial, steampunk atmospheric synth).  Which I do, as I like all kinds of music.  It is just an incredibly impressive work he has just come up with, seemingly out of the blue. . . .

Next to "the forgotten" or "never heard from" . . . I love "survivors"--those who've been around, floundered, then returned with a 2nd or 3rd wind--usually better than ever.  Ha ha . . . yes, part of it . . . is in getting old . . . I like to see my fellow aging comrades still "kickin' butt and takin' names" lol so-to-speak.  I loves me a survivor!  I don't like quitters . . . apathy . . . lukewarmness . . . riding on laurels. . . .

So . . . there.....


God Bless and Protect you in this new (and expected to be intense) year. . . .

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Having Faith In Your Spiritual Destiny

He knows when you are sleeping, He knows when you're awake; He knows if you've been bad or good . . . and when you're good . . . it's for His sake!

And yours.  Thank God. . . .

If you ever feel alone, forgotten . . . always remember that He is there, HE IS HERE! . . . NOW!

And He loves you  more than you can understand.  It may seem like He is gone--or your mind will play tricks to have you believe that He is angry with you and shunning you.  But this is not the case.  If you are a parent you know what it is like to care for and love so deeply your child, yet at times because of that love . . . you have to hold back, not interfere. . . . The greatest good for the growth and development of your little loved one consists in sometimes you taking a "hands-off approach".  Because you love them so much and you, with your maturity, know that life is hard and the little one must develop--it is in their best interests on occasion that you seem to remain aloof and just watching from afar.  In fact, however, you are intimately concerned and observing closely and will step in if truly needed; but often, even though it may be misunderstood or misinterpreted as being uncaring . . . out of love you maintain the self discipline to let he or she stumble, recover, learn important lessons.  Much--I dare say MOST--of this life is like that as it happens with God's infinite love and care over OUR little lives--over HIS "little ones." 

And it is our faith that pleases our divine Father.  Indeed, it is impossible WITHOUT faith to please Him; for the one who finds Him must believe HE IS and that "He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him."  --Heb. 11:6

All the frustration . . . all the disappointments . . . all of the loneliness and despair . . . all of that brooding deep sense of something being missing in this life . . . is but the innate, God designed longing to find and know Him.  Even to know Him intimately.

That certain emptiness and lurking anxiety which is always there, no matter what else happens or whatever else is achieved . . . is the proof that HE IS and that only HE can fill that void.  And He is present everywhere.  He is with you all of the time, and aware of you specifically and intimately, whether you are taking note of Him or not.

What He enjoys is when you stop . . . in the midst of life--amidst surviving, be it in contention or in repose when being entertained--that you recall His presence to your mind and heart.  Remember He is always there, always here . . . NOW! 

This moment . . . the moment to come . . . the one after that . . . and so on . . . forever.  He is there with a fatherly love and concern and intention for your best end.  He is here to see to it . . . that you WILL arrive . . . eventually . . . and perfectly . . . at the meeting place for your destiny.  Your destiny, designed by His sovereign will and creative hand . . . WILL FINALLY be perfectly achieved.  There is no doubt about it. His will WILL be done; none can stop it.  He is God; He is OUR God!

If you ever feel that His Spirit is far away or unconcerned with your little life . . . hurry up and put this blasphemous thought away.  This is a lie from the devil.  EVERY MOMENT His Spirit is watching over you and guiding down to the finest details exactly what He knows is best ultimately for your spiritual destiny!

YOU HAVE A SPIRITUAL DESTINY written in Heaven, by the Author of creation, and many small and presently seemingly insignificant parts play a role in the overarching holy scheme.  Nothing will be lost.  No thing . . . will be for nothing, whether you are aware of His continual love, care, guidance and presence or not. 

Relax in this knowledge.  Have faith in His goodness and interest in your unique, personal welfare.  If He has "stepped back" for a time . . . and seems to "just" be allowing this or that to occur to you, never forget that His "hands off" approach is just as "hands on" in its purpose as when He is operating blatantly and obviously. 

The over-doting, constantly interfering, controlling, manipulative parent or caretaker is not showing love when he or she exercises constant, ubiquitous engagement.  Rather, they are projecting their own agenda out of their selfishness, more concerned with what THEY are getting from the relationship and conforming it to THEIR personal goals and purposes, usually to the indiscriminate harm of the victim; but out of genuine love and concern for the subject . . . the selfless and Godly caretaker often has to stand back and gently guide with self restraint, to allow for inspiration, revelation, growth and maturity.

God, of course, is the perfect Master of all of this.  He has a vast and unfathomably complex creation and family He is loving over and guiding simultaneously (as it appears to us) and so, our specific needs are fit into all of the tapestry He is weaving, perfectly in their own designated place, which we can't see or understand from out limited, narrow viewpoint.

But this is where we can please Him.  By having and showing our FAITH that He has everything under His loving, masterful design and control. 

And any moment we desire, we can know, with that faith, that He is present . . . here . . . now . . . with and for us individually and collectively, whether His guiding hand is obvious to us or not.  He may be "hiding" or standing seemingly aloof, like the good parent does when keeping a caring, watchful eye over his or her child, letting them play, work, learn, live, grow, develop etc. but not "hovering" or stifling.   A good parent knows when to lay back . . . and when it's necessary to step in with a more active engagement, if that is what's called for . . . considering the best interests of the child or subject at the time.

Know this.  Have faith in this; that He is always present, loving and caring over every detail of your existence.  Nothing is insignificant or valueless in His divine plan--in His majestic, cosmic, material-spiritual tapestry. . . . Whether you can see it or not.  Whether you can see Him clearly at the moment or not.  He is there, He is here, NOW . . . working out your spiritual destiny so that it will finally reach beautiful, artful, wise, holy perfection.  Amen.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Cosmic Christmas

There appear to be about 100 billion galaxies in the universe.  The largest known galaxy (IC1101) looks to be roughly 5.5 million light years wide . . . 50 Milky Way galaxies could fit across it.  It takes a purported 225 million years for our solar system to travel around the Milky Way.

The humongous star Betelgeuse is 950-1200 times bigger than the size of our sun.  About one-million, three-hundred-thousand (1,300,000) earths could fit into the size of our sun.

So . . . about 2,127,774,087,928,000 Earths could fit into Betelgeuse. That's 2 quadrillion.

Astounding . . . mind-blowing isn't it?

Meanwhile, you have about 10 trillion cells in your body.  If you stretched the DNA in all the cells out, end to end, they'd stretch over 744 million miles.  The sun is 93,000,000 miles distance from earth . . . so, put end to end your DNA could reach the sun and back about 4 times.

Monarch butterflies travel 3000 miles, migrating to Mexico for the winter.  The travelling butterfly never meets its parents but somehow manages to find its way to the same tree it parents and grandparents made it to.

And God, our Lord . . . SPOKE this all into existence.  And He deigned to be born among the lowly, in a dirty, animal grotto, amongst the beasts.  To take upon Himself the punishment we deserve for ignoring--nay--hating this very same astounding Creator. . . .

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Divine Light & Imaging

Now . . . at the same time, I know that having a perhaps more correct comprehension of reality or theological truths is not the same thing as being ie., a "better" Christian.  There are plenty, if not a majority of believers who care very little for maintaining a consistent systematic theological framework, yet they put to shame scholars, apologists, theologians etc., in their genuine exhibition of the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, kindness, gentleness, peace, longsuffering etc.)

And we understand this:  " . . . if I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing."  --1Cor. 13:2

We have seen that there are even pagans and flat-out atheists who excel in gentleness and charity over some believers; and if works and being a "good person" counted toward salvation this would be significant (if one were to presume that the "fruit of the Spirit" and good works actually derived from the bearer and not from God alone.) 

But that was not my point.  Mainly, I wanted relay how I've seen it that imagination is (as a divine ability and gift) that which distinguishes animal from human mind and the greater it is, results in the mind that is able to perceive the reality of God versus the one that just can't.  A definition of imagination is:
"the faculty of imaging, or of forming mental images or concepts of what is not actually present to the senses."
The ability to love--to Godly love--is related to this.  Believing fruit--Christian character . . . is found here.  As I see it, the great trick to learning how to ie., "love your enemies" and "love your neighbor as you love yourself" is caught up in the ability to empathize; to "put yourself in another's shoes".  Again, this takes imagination.  Sociopaths, narcissists, psychopaths . . . lack empathy. Their little world is all there is and all that matters.  Others . . . are unreal to them.  They live in a narrow, flat, one-dimensional realm.  Whereas, the person who--through their mind (which is connected to their heart and emotions)--can imagine and virtually experience the pain, ignorance, suffering etc., of another, and is then able to feel real compassion and empathy for that other person. 
Another critical factor in all of this is "light. " And by that, I mean the "light of truth"; the Truth . . . Who is Light . . . (Who we know is Jesus, the Lord.)
When the Spirit of Truth indwells a person, real spiritual Light necessarily indwells as well, and this Light illuminates the inner world, the world where imagination exercises her divine creative abilities.  It does no good to try to conceive of various concepts, truths, principles, potentialities (visualizing them in the mind in order to see and understand them) IF it is dark within that mind and so, not can be seen!  The more Light there is, the more you are able to understand and perceive, in greater depth, complexity and richness.
Those without the Light of Christ (thus without the Light of Truth) are stumbling in a brittle, childish, flat, crimped and cramped dark world of selfish, animalistic subjectivity.  Not to mention, combined with a ridiculous component of immature, ignorant, boorish arrogance, suppressed vitriol and unthinking hubris.
But the believer, having the gift of Light and Truth . . . and thus, inspired imagination, can actually love such people . . . because the believer can "see" what a pity and tragedy it is to live in said darkness; also they remember that they too were once there . . . and ONLY by the grace of God, have they been enabled to SEE!
Indeed, this ability to imagine is vital to the Christian walk in so many ways.  For instance, consider the person who grumbles and complains and feels a victim, "picked on" by life . . . who then covets the "good fortune" of others, resentful, stewing, agitated. . . . AND this can be, and probably has been any of us to varying degrees at different times.  It is difficult to watch the wicked prosper while the "good" and decent seem so often to get used, abused and neglected. . . .
It is a horrible state of mind, however, to be in for the professing believer--that of complaining, resenting, coveting and feeling short-shrifted by life, by God. 
But come to the rescue, inspired imagination!  It is a quick antidote to consider (truly imagine!) how much worse things could be!  If we are struggling here, ie., things breaking down, tight always on money, scraping by, scammed by some grifter . . . or whatever . . . all one has to do . . . is think of the fact that right now, this moment, some poor believer is being brutally robbed, beaten, tortured, starved, raped . . . for simply their faith.  Or, even beyond that, believers or not, millions of men, women, the old, children . . . live in abject, desperate poverty, ie., having no clean water, little to no food, no hope, subject to sickness and disease . . . and they are feeling humans all the same as we are, who suffer just as we would in such a situation.  Is it not a quick thing to utilize the power of imaging . . . to get out just such a selfish, grousing stew-pot when feeling marginalized by life?  AND to then immediately feel and have a real, deep sense of personal gratitude to God in knowing "there but for the grace of God, could be I!"
Also, HOPE lurks in this attribute.  We can quite well imagine some fantastic, wonderful, near perfect, glorious things to possibly look forward to in Heaven, can we not?  And as we can also imagine the depths of evil and suffering in this world, in either case, the Bible lets us know that what we have to hope for . . . is BEYOND either of these in intensity, meaning, depth. . . . The trials of this world, bad as they are, are not worthy in intensity to be compared to the glories that will be revealed in us in the hereafter!  So God says. . . .
The small, pinched mind . . . does not remember--if it ever even noted in the first place--the many times that God has intervened, blessed, gifted . . . in a life.  The broad mind, full of Light, which can envision, compare, contrast, analyze . . remembers the good things that God has done, recalls them to mind regularly, gives praise and thanks, and continues to grow in grace and glory and truth.
Intelligence, light, peace, goodness, growth . . . and so much more . . . are found in God, Who IS the Light . . . Who IS the way, the truth, the life.  Darkness, chaos, death, ignominy, ignorance, pettiness and so much "less" . . . are found in turning from God. 
Turn to God, and get the Light--the way, the truth, life eternal. . . .

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Small minds . . . narrow-minds, knee-jerk bigotry,  . . . myopic vision . . . unthinking prejudices . . . one-dimensional,  uncritical fundamentalism, unconscious traditionionalism, rigid legalism, humorlessness, apathetic indifference, lukewarmness . . . sociopathic narcissism, short-sided, literal, unimaginative, no curiosity, shallow, indifferent, complaining, eternal victimhood, parasitic, derivative, angling, opportunistic, calculating, jaundiced, jaded, petty, sectarian, subjectively self-absorbed, trite, clich├ęd, sophomoric, unoriginal. . . .

And I could go on. . . .

What I am describing?  Well, atheism, for one thing.  One of the more profound realizations I think I have ever had in my ongoing ponderances of the Almighty, and, more specifically the distinction between those who are open to and believe in His reality . . . versus those who remain skeptical and doubting . . . is that . . . it is largely a matter of imagination--the ability to comprehend in the mind and to visualize a broad number and various types of things, concepts, principles, meanings etc., . . . versus having a mind that is more one-dimensional, leaden, animalistic.

Surely a major difference, for instance, between a goat's mind and a human's . . . or any animal versus a human . . . is the inability of the one to imagine--to have in mind a number of different and contesting types of concepts, images, meanings, purposes, time frames, etc.,--and then reasoning about them to determine potential values and meanings. 

The way I see it, the ability to "imagine" and comprehend and to hold in mind a broad array of competing propositions and meanings . . . it what it means to be intelligent.  And it takes intelligence (of that kind) to believe in God.  The narrow mind, the myopic, the shallow etc., simply cannot "see" far enough to recognize the brute and consequential necessity that there MUST be a God for all of this (including transcendentals such as morality, justice, logic) to exist in the first place.

Ironically, having a healthy, broad imaginative power and ability is what actually syncs you up to reality--what shows you the reality of things.  The small- and more simple-minded reflexively accuse those who Believe as being "childish" or "immature" or prone to fantasy; but in fact, it is the other way around.  The unimaginative, who cannot conceive of more than just a couple of basic propositions or concepts, tend to project their own base subjectivity onto everything and everyone around them.  It is THEY who live in fantasy--the fantasy of the "real" the "natural" world.  They cannot comprehend more than just the basics of life--to eat, to hold territory, to compete and garner materialistic provisions, much like their similarly dumb, uninspired comrades--animals.

Now, there are degrees in all of this.  It is not black or white, imagination/intelligence versus NO imagination/intelligence. . . . And to that end, I will add something that probably might twerk certain types of people off (not around here but in more staid zones). . . but I believe it's true . . . and that is that I think this same ability to comprehend . . . via intelligent imagination is what gets a person to recognizing the likewise necessity of so-called "Reformed" theology.  Again, it would appear to some, in knee-jerk fashion, that "Calvinists" are more "rigid" . . . "narrow-minded" . . . "unimaginative" . . . but I find it is just the opposite.  And this is when I discovered the profundity of the importance of "imagination/intelligence" in comprehending God and truth . . . as I wondered why some people can "See" ie., the truth of Jesus and the Bible . . . where others, seemingly smart, simply can't . . . and likewise how some cannot "See" how it is that God MUST be sovereign over all.  It actually takes more "imagination" (not in a childish fantasizing way but in an analytical, Einsteinian, rationally penetrating way) to see that the so-called "Reformed" interpretation of Biblical truth (while not perfect) is the highest and best and most complete view of reality. . . . Another place I believe this general truth is shown, is for instance in the founding of America.  At least in principle, and in general operation for a while, I would easily say America was the greatest country in history that we know of.  The principles of "unalienable rights" . . . freedom of conscience . . . government of laws versus men . . . "self-evident truths" etc., mostly came 18th century Reformed "Calvinist" thinking.  The constitution, if you look at and analyze it, is wrought all through with Reformed understanding and concepts, and it is a historical fact that most of the more influential founders and related founding principles came straight out of the Reformation, especially of the Presbyterian/Reformed variety.  Yup.  Look it up..... :)

Whoah.... Anybody twerking at that.... heh....? Er, I mean tweaking......

Hmmmmm.... well, back in a dash.... God bless

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

If You Say You Do--Then DO!

. . . back in the mystic red rock plateaus . . . listening to Glenn Beck as the day gets underway. . . .

He is giving one of his typical (as of late) sermons, talking about wanting to be more empathetic--about all the pain people are in, especially this time of year.  Emotional, heartfelt stuff, as usual . . . and with the usual pleas, advice and attempts at comfort:  "We just need to trust one another" . . . "you're not alone" . . . "we need to be real humans and stop being cruel to each other" . . . . . . .

All vacuous, faux-soothing vapor.  Empty, powerless humanism--of the kind "Illuminati" pop songs are made of, ie., "just believe in yourself" . . . "live your dreams" . . . "all we need is love".

While it's true, in a Biblical sense "all we need is love", it is only helpful advice if we know that God is love . . . and thus what we really need is God.

"Trust one another"?  No.  Put your trust in no man, no woman.  That will lead only to more depression, frustration and finally ruin.  TRUST CHRIST!  THAT is what, Who to trust, and trust ALONE!

And guess what?  You ARE alone.  You came into this world alone, and you will leave alone, and you will face God alone to account for your life.  You may have a hundred friends on the ground, and 10,000 on Facebook . . . yet you are still alone.  UNLESS . . . you have God.  Then, and only then are you finally never alone.  The world can go mad, can all come against you or fade or explode away; but so long as you are indwelled by the Holy Spirit . . . you will never be alone again.  THAT is the message Glenn consistently fails to assert, as he looks from side to side, to himself, to his comrades, to his family, to his fans . . . for comfort.  Which he has plenty of, so it must seem like good advice, for in that sense, he is not alone . . . and thus, thoughtlessly, he projects that comfort onto his audience.

But what about those who really are alone?  Who have no one to "trust"?  Who have been used, abused, abandoned by family, friends, strangers?  Hearing humanistic claptrap like that only adds to the despair, for there seems to be no hope.


It is amazing how a person will turn to a million and one things . . . yet never turn to God.  It's always hope in something or someone else.  And it always fails.

Whenever there is fear . . . trepidation . . . anxiety . . . jealousy . . . insecurity . . . the answer is NEVER to look sideways for help and succor.  There is only ONE hope!  Do you trust God or not?

If you say you do, THEN DO!  I am sadly amused by so-called "believers" who fret . . . and panic . . . and covet . . . and compete . . . and live with so much on and off-again spates of anxious turmoil; for their state belies their professions.  Their condition tells on their testimony. . . .

If you say you believe in and trust God . . . THEN DO! believe in and trust God.  Not just when things are going your way.  Any humanist knucklehead can do that!  But when the chips are down--when the creek's rising and the moon's full--do what you can, then TRUST GOD, which ever way it goes. . . .

But here is what people do instead.  They say they trust God . . . until it looks like things might not go their way.  Then they pray, ask, cajole, barter, and would bribe God to have it go their way, assuming that if it doesn't, then God must not have been in it.

No, whether it goes "your way" or not . . . GOD IS ALWAYS IN IT!  If it goes another way, then you trust that God has His purposes . . . and they are perfect, good, holy, loving, just and intentional.

"Every man knows where his duty lies, but no man is smart enough to see the way to his best interests."  --Stanley Vestal, Jim Bridger biographer

God sees the BIG picture.  HE knows what is ultimately best for a person, so of course we should trust Him implicitly in ALL things!

. . . .Then Glenn went on to gush that he is the "luckiest man in the world" . . . because, ie., he has "good women in his life" . . . his wife, daughters, etc.

Which again, just goes to show that his head and his heart are not FIRST in the Lord, but in the sideways--in people.  "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks."  --Luke 6:45

First off, there is no "luck".  It's impossible to be lucky in a universe created and controlled by an absolutely sovereign God.  Attributing anything to "good luck" is but another slap in the face to He Who bestows all.  Any and every thing of good, of value, IS OF GOD!  Give GOD the glory!

Someone with God foremost in their mind and heart . . . always thinks of, thanks and praises God--even in casual conversation, or at least in thought--above every thing and every one else.  But where He takes second fiddle in one's soul, a hundred other things will get the accolades beforehand.

Do we call ourselves "believers"?  Do we claim God?  What kind of witness to His reality do we give the God hating world when we whine and complain and fret and pine and fear for ourselves or for anything?  The pagans can do that!  The atheists, the humanists, the idolaters hold that field well enough.

To be holy--to be after holiness--is to be apart . . . is to be set apart, other, different . . . unique in the world.  There should be a difference between the believing and those who deny.

Those who deny look to anything besides God!  Those who claim to "trust Jesus" . . . SHOULD, IN FACT and in act . . . TRUST JESUS!  Don't just SAY you do.  DO IT!

Amen?  Amen!

(p.s. Yeah . . . , I thought about adding a 4th "M" for Masonic . . . but . . . then I thought Mormonism is basically the same thing and has it covered--also "Mystery Cults" could be in there . . . but again, Mormonism is basically that as well, in a near perfected form . . . so I left it at that:)

Monday, December 15, 2014

What A Disgusting Swamp

I'm glad I gave up on politics a long time ago.  What a joke.  What a cheap charade.  How pathetic are the Republicans caving in to Marxist Corporate Totalitarianism.  Obviously, the NSA has the goods on most, if not all of them--and is using it.  The only two worth note I can look on with any favor are still Cruz and Mike Lee.  This is why I didn't bother getting all hot and bothered about supporting Romney.  He's as sold out as the rest.  He wasn't gettin' in regardless, but even if he had, he'd be no better.  Besides, one duplicitous, sneaky Joseph Smithian at the top tier is enough--the despicable Harry Reid.  And Karl Rove (without Romney) does more than enough damage on the so-called other side with the blessings of Moroni, undercutting, back-stabbing (like Romney, Hatch, McConnell etc.,) the last remnants of any nominal constitutionalists. . . . Marxists, Mormons and Muslims . . . the 3Ms . . . driving the ship to ground. . . .

Sorry, but the evidence is sitting there to see, if you're slightly more than half-witted and have an eye open.

I just note the fetid swamp that the whole thing is in passing. . . . Who bothers with the mess?  The writing is on the wall.

Meanwhile, onward, Godward--where the real action is! :)

p.s. Mike Lee is an M, I must admit . . . and seems to me to be one of the most sincere politicians up there, so I can't paint with a wholly bigoted brush . . . . Also, I like Jeff Sessions, Trey Gowdy and Louie Gomert, fwiw . . . which ain't much 'cause these types are in such a minority.

And that's about it for my political talk for a while..... back to bigfoots and the bible....heh..

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dreadful Anniversary

In dishonor of the sandyhook extravaganza anniversary . . . I just cut and pasted below a list that is on ol'glp listing just some of the many anomalies, oddities, contradictions, confusions, obfuscations etc., related to that ominous day..... There are a number of great video expose's on the whole thing... quite a charade they've pulled and portends much evil in the future--a la the coming "disclosure" of our "real" creators/gods. . . . . I may have to remove this though as I know at least once upon a time glp had software that would not let you re poste anything from their site.. a weird partying midget showed up instead, lol ... so if there's a midget below instead of the info... oops... and I will remove it asap....
In no particular order...

-Newtown Bee interview quoting the supposed Sandy Hook principle Dawn Hochsprung talking about the event taking place, yet she is said to be the first one that was killed

-Armed out of town SWAT officer found out back of the school with a recently fired assault rifle (said to be hunting), which is said to be arrested and placed in the FRONT of a police car and escorted off, never to be mentioned again

-Sandy Hook nurse Sally Cox found hiding in a closet of the school just feet away from the supposed police command center setup inside the school, yet isn't found until ~1:30pm (almost 4 hours after the school had been deemed secure by CT police)

-Sally Cox stating that she recognized the suspect as the son of one of the Sandy Hook teachers (cough Scott Vollmer)

-Reports stating Nancy Lanza worked at Sandy Hook Elementary as an active teacher, when she didn't

-Sandy Hook families given 24 hour police escorts/watch for months after the event took place, something that was never done before for any past events of this nature

-Complete lack of emotion from family members during interviews after the event (Robbie Parker you are the worst, but Carlee Soto you are a close 2nd!)

-Families creating donation pages the same morning as the event took place

-Lack of computer activity at Sandy Hook Elementary after 2010, only starting back up again a week prior to the shooting event in early December 2012

-Blatantly photoshopped images being used by top MSM sources (the Parker Family "my baby has no legs" one being one of the most blatant, but the Soto beach image & Soto class photo are pretty pathetic as well)

-Lack of suspect Adam Lanza from any/all Sandy Hook class pictures (as he is said too of attended the school in the past)

-Complete lack of evidence of a mass evacuation of hundreds of kids (all we have are a few images of 1 line of kids coming out the front of the school)

-Complete lack of blood associated with the event they tell us happened (400+ students evacuating a school with multiple locations of complete slaughter didn't track out a single footprint of blood? What about the girl was "hid under the bodies of her friends" and then is said to of ran out the back of the school towards the firehouse (yet isn't seen by anyone, and also didn't track out a single drop of blood?)

-Contradicting info about what weapons the suspect is said to have as well as which weapons were responsible for the actual murders, contradictions which lasted for literally weeks after the event took place (Carver saying AR did the killing, while most the news was parroting that only the pistols were used)

-2 EXTREMELY similar, YET different videos of police removing a gun from the suspects car in front of Sandy Hook later that night (one a shotgun, the other an AR)

-The black Honda parked in front of the school said to belong to the suspect Adam Lanza's mother, actually belongs to scumbag Chris Rodia, a criminal with a past MO of using mentally challenged to do petty crimes for him (this is written off by saying that Rodia was related to a separate traffic stop happening at the same time that happened to go over the same police channel as the Sandy Hook chatter, yet this is shown to be untrue as the license plate number they read off during this "unrelated incident" turns out matches the license plate of the car being towed from in front of Sandy Hook later that day)

-Contradicting eyewitness testimony from children said to of been in the gym at the time of the incident, which state that police came in, asked if the suspect was in there, told the kids to hide, and then ran off down the hall, moments later the power goes out and more shots are heard being fired (when the official story was "Adam" had already killed himself prior to police first entering the building)

-2 totally different accounts of how the event went down (one group includes a power out early in the event while the other group involves the power out happening at the end of the event, one group includes smoke while the other group doesn't, one group includes key locks (requiring a hero janitor) while the other group involves electric pass code locks (which stopped working due to the powerout), one group saying the event involved 2 suspects while the other group saying it involved 1 suspect, one group saying they heard the actual shooting happening while the other group only hears shooting over the PA system (and the list goes so on).

-After the event the students are moved to a magically vacant nearby school (Chalk Hill) which is then renamed to "Sandy Hook Elementary"

-After the event the original Sandy Hook school is locked down as a highly restricted crime scene, and remained locked down until after it was completely demolished a year later

-A supposed double murder the night before the Sandy Hook event (Dec 13, 2012) on the same street as Ryan Lanza lived, where it is said that a mother/farther were killed by their son in a home, an event that later turns out to not of happened (it is also interesting to note that to this day the caption of Ryan Lanza's arrest on basically every single MSM site out there states the date as Dec 13, 2014 and hasn't been corrected to this day)

-Adam Lanza's online SSDI death record states he died on Dec 13, 2014, a day before the event takes place (this was written off as an incorrectly entered online date, or inaccurate/untrusted online data, but a FOIA request that got a physical copy of the Statement of Death also states the death date as Dec 13, 2014)

-DHS child disaster response training (involving 30 parents & 30 children) taking place on the same day (Dec 14, 2014 9:00am-4:00pm) as the event just 10 minutes away from the school, scheduled to start at basically the same time as the Sandy Hook event is said to of initially started

-EMS school active shooter drill (Dec 14, 2014 9:30am+) going on in the next county over (Putnam) at the same time as the Sandy Hook event is taking place (Putnam EMS then called off the drill mid way when word of a real-world event taking place was received, but when they offered assistance to the real world event the CT police told them to turn back as the event was under control, even though at this early stage of the event, the situation was still said to be ongoing)

-Saint Rose of Lima school also holding a school active shooter drill later that day (which is still to this day denied even though photographic evidence has come out proving it happened)

-Video of Saint Rose of Lima school shown on multiple MSM outlets later that day, being raided by police, with the caption passing the raid off as being at Sandy Hook

-Multiple dark black robes found outside of the suspects car outside of the Sandy Hook school

-Multiple reports of a purple van with 2 men wearing masks & dark robes (dressed up like nuns), driving school to school that day (I have had multiple PM's from people in CT about this which have provided me a bit more info on this element which for the most part is never discussed...)

-Wacky Dr Wayne Carver stating the bodies were removed in the night using unorthodox vehicles to avoid detection

-Dr Carver months before the event helped changed the laws in CT, restricting public transparency into death records

-Complete lack of medical response to the victims involved in the event (as they were all basically declared dead within the first 8 minutes of the event)

-Standard FEMA staging area outside of Sandy Hook Elementary, with complete lack of panic in the responders actions (most of which are just standing around and chatting with each other)

-Giant signs by the Sandy Hook Firehouse stating all visitors must check-in (which is a standard protocol for an active exercise environment and is never done for real-world events)

-Gene Rosen and all the hilarity surrounding that joker and his multiple contradictions related to that day

-Complete lack of panic at the Sandy Hook Firehouse (especially from the kids, which seemed as calm as can be considering we are told some of their friends just minutes prior got brutally murdered)

-Unexplainable supplies at the Sandy Hook Firehouse that wouldn't normally be there without some prior planning (including mass bottled water, multiple port-a-potties (the company that provided them, when asked for details about the order, says they can't discuss it as the matter is deemed "classified") , and a large amount of Christmas trees out back of the firehouse which based on the official script were later said to of been donated in the days following the event to commemorate the victims of the shooting (so how were they at the firehouse the same morning as the event took place?)

-Adam's computer destroyed so badly that not a single bit of data is recoverable (which anyone in the field will tell you is not a simple thing to do... if you smashed your computer with a hammer into 100 pieces, put it in a bag and tossed it into the ocean, if recovered within a somewhat short period of time, most of the data would still be recoverable (at least many different fragments of data would be)).

--Destroying all evidence and threatening people who dispute the official story.

--FBI Crime Report lists 0 murders for Newtown, CT in 2012.

--The Strange Purchase date and price of Samdy Hook homes

--- "Everyone must check in" sign at the firehouse

- Port a potties and water at the firehouse

- Reporters interviewed an aunt afterwards and she stated, "There is one in every family - in their family, it's Ryan." No mention of Adam at all. Cannot locate this video anymore.

- At least one body found at Ryan's home in NJ reported. Ryan didn't keep to the script as he went to work that day. That clip seems to have disappeared as well.

- Photoshopped pic of Adam and his father on steps.

- Odd items in Adam's basement room - same glasses as Ryan, Ryan's ID, games with no way of playing them.

- Guns that supposedly were owned by mother were illegal in that state.

--1. Only two ambulances were called in the first half hour of the response, and even they weren't called for 5 minutes after the first 911 call.

2. No one kept the only route to the school clear.

3. By the time regional ambulances arrived, they couldn't access the school.

4. Officials decided in retrospect that the school parking lot had been "too dangerous" for ambulances, even though little kids and parents were hanging out in that same parking lot.

5. Danbury reported four patients from Newtown had been brought in by 10:25 a.m., even though CSP spokesman Vance said only three patients went to Danbury.

6. The Sandy Hook press secretary, Stephen Sedensky, said the last gunshot was fired at 9:40 a.m., even though multiple gunshots and people's reactions to those gunshots can be heard as late as 9:51 a.m.

7. Newtown police on scene didn't report two rooms full of injured victims for at least ten minutes after discovering them.


Friday, December 12, 2014

A Food Bank? Wha...?

I'm not sounding an alarm here. . . . I already did that quite a while ago.  Since then I have mostly tried to relate here real, practical spiritual advice that I believe will be the most helpful kind of preparation for the coming times.

I have tried not to waste your time and am humbly honored that you have taken your time to check in here amidst all the other distractions, interests and overall media din.

Again having been down here in mystic St. George . . . I happened to have one of those striking dreams a couple days ago, perhaps worth a mention.  The scenario and advice depicted seemed to have that certain quality where its more than just the mind percolating odd and random events; instead it felt like a communication, something intended to be taken note of.  Anyway, it affected me that way and I've had a slight, ominous sense of foreboding ever since.

I'll try to be brief, as I know other people's dreams can be a somewhat tedious affair when retold. . . . It was brief anyhow and vague in most respects, though not the bigger picture. . . .

I was in an urban setting--a town or city of sorts . . . with people about, doing business, going to work, hustling and bustling.  Then some kind of news was spread.  Something was happening or had happened of startling note and all were abuzz . . . fear and trepidation began rise in the populace.

People were talking, "what do we do?  what's next?" etc.  Some were asking me, looking to me . . . wondering how to proceed.

At first, I was cautious.  There have been many false alarms and threats, yet things have gone on pretty much like before though with a fairly well ongoing deterioration. . . .

But as I stood there, paused and taking in the import of things, it was as if a voice or an inner communique came to me to get my attention.  "This time, it is on," was the gist of the message.

I looked around.  I pondered the significance of what seemed to be a sudden "sea change". . . . And I knew, yes, it is finally coming down--what I . . . we . . . have been partly dreading and expecting and generally sensing.  

What to do?  This answer that finally came to me . . . seemed kind of odd, not what I would have expected or have expected.  But again, not rushing into panic or doing things just for the sake of doing something . . . at least in that dream . . . it started to make sense and I was presented with a simple, though ambitious game plan of action . . . which addressed both how to weather through . . . and how to be of genuine help and service to others, especially those like "widows, the aged, children". . . . 

I was "instructed" to start a project--an organization, a mission, so-to-speak.  Again, not what I expected and not what I am inclined to do in terms of its details and subject. . . . And it focused on food.

Food. . . . There is going to be famine and many will go hungry and suffer thereof. . . .  At least, this was the message conveyed to me in the dream in that situation portrayed in the dream.

I was "instructed" . . . to begin right away collecting a dollar here, a dollar there . . . and start something like a food bank.  A food bank?
"Yes." was the answer, "and it will work; it will grow into something big and be of great help to those in need" . . . is what I "heard". . . . I was then shown something of the near future which depicted a big, devastating crash of "the system".  Everything was going to change, grind to a halt.  Something had happened that changed everything . . . and food . . . was going to be a big problem for many.   But there was a way--but it needed to be acted on quickly. . . . 

Anyway, that's about it.  It felt like a heads-up.  I don't see myself actually doing that.  I'm not so sure that that actually was a direct instruction or command, or if it was not just a general alert that we are truly on the precipice and then my mind made up details from there. . . .

But I suspect there's something to it. . . . Which I will ponder and pray over more--unless events happen soon that make it obvious and near. . . .

Indeed, strange stuff is going on.  There is a sea change going on in many respects.  I do tend to believe now that 2015 is a big kick-off year to the "final phase".  I think the "mopping up" I've mentioned before is about done, and now comes the clamp down.

If and when . . . it gets hard to stay in touch . . . please note again the p.o. box, for as long as that lasts. . . . And, I sincerely have made it a point to put things here that will be of real, tangible use in the days to come--some things that you can take away and will be of use ongoing, that won't be dwindled away, confiscated, ruined. . . . You know, when the people selling preps and other stuff say, "well, 1st get spiritual prepared . . . then . . . buy my ______" whatever it is they are selling.  I agree that has been good advice, but I don't think many really mean it or understand what it actually means to be "spiritually prepared."  

Having full, robust faith in the absolute sovereignty and goodness of God, is key among provisions--which is what I have emphasized.  THAT will get you through where most everything else may fail.  And to recall that ALL things work to the good for those that love and serve the Lord. . . . 
God bless and strengthen and purify you now and in the days ahead.....

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Nephilim In The Woods?

"I'm lost in a trance . . . they're staring through the curtains  . . .
I can't go out that window . . . and then I'm lifted out . . . "  [lyrics from my song "Lost In A Trance"]

I have not spent a lot of time researching this, but from an initial investigation I don't believe this photo has been debunked.  You may have seen it already. . . . It is a photo taken by some hikers in Bulgaria, I think in 2013.  I find it interesting that most descriptors of it use the term Nephilim.  It also looks like a giant "grey" alien.  I do believe that the "greys" are demonically connected, if not outright demonic and thus are related to or flat-out are . . . the fallen angels.    I  have seen an FBI document discussing "alien" beings as coming not from another planet but from another dimension--an "etheric planet"(though not on the "astral plane"see below what the FBI file actually states re this).

Just a reminder . . . to be ready for when "they" set up the big reveal--the big "disclosure". . . .They have orchestrated the story pretty well and many, many people from new agers to so-called science types like Richard Dorkins . . . (and I wouldn't be surprised to see Stephen Hawking as well, falling for and promoting it ). . . will jump at the chance to accept these inter-dimensional beings as being our creators and new saviors for the planetary crises. . . . Imagine then a "chip" they produce which purports to (and maybe even does) prolong life and give special powers and abilities . . . for those implanted . . . etc., and etc., and VOILA! . . . a deception so extensive and devious . . . that were it not God's will to the contrary "EVEN THE ELECT WOULD BE DECEIVED"!

You may not be here to see this great charade unfold . . . but if you have children, they likely will be . . . and so, I would advise at some point educating them on this intricately planned deception so that . . . when you're gone . . . they don't fall victim to it.  If you take such heed, then congrats, you are the means by which God protects His elect. . . . . (interesting site)
(see page 22)

(excerpts from the document noted above describing,analyzing the "ufo" phenomena and "contact":  "1. Part of the disks carry crews, others are under remote control

2. Their mission is peaceful. The visitors contemplate settling on this plane

3. These visitors are human-like but much larger in size

4. They are not excarnate Earth people, but come from their own world

5. They do NOT come from a planet as we use the word, but from an etheric planet which interpenetrates with our own and is not perceptible to us

6. The bodies of the visitors, and the craft, automatically materialize on entering the vibratory rate of our dense matter

7. The disks posses a type of radiant energy or a ray, which will easily disintegrate any attacking ship. They reenter the etheric at will, and so simply disappear from our vision, without trace

8. The region from which they come is not the "astral plane", but corresponds to the Lokas or Talas. Students of osoteric matters will understand these terms.

9. They probably can not be reached by radio, but probably can be by radar. if a signal system can be devised for that (apparatus)  

Addendum: The Lokas are oval shape, fluted length
oval with a heat-resistaning metal or alloy not yet known
the front cage contains the controls, the middle portion a
laboratory; the rear contains armament, which consists essentially of a powerful
energy apparatus, perhaps a ray."

P.S, on a related note . . .. . . .  . . .
Is your Pastor part of the REMA response team?

"He learned of the government’s plan to enact martial law as well as to implement forced population relocations. Mansfield emphasized that when martial law is enacted, the enforcement would be immediate. In other words, family members will be separated from each other and part of the training that the clergy received was how to comfort separated family members.
Pastor Mansfield emphasized that the FEMA/DHS drills were predicated on bioterrorism. The pastors were trained to go to homes were people refused to be relocated by the authorities and  their immediate job was to convince the reluctant to willingly go to the relocation camps. Ostensibly, this was to be done in lieu of sending in the SWAT teams."

The Holy House Of Cards

 I have been reading a book I randomly pulled off my shelf, which I've had around for years, old, yellowed, brittle, published in the 1885, "The Life And Works of Washington Irving, Vol. 2" . . . and have been going over his highly detailed accounts of the adventures of Christopher Columbus' discovery of the "New World".

I am astounded to learn just how wild, intense, incredible, dangerous and intrepid were the experiences of this devout, mystical man and his crews throughout his various voyages and expeditions.  Pick any one month of his years of exploration and political intrigues with "the sovereigns" Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand and each one could provide more than enough adventure, detail and drama for a thick book or epic movie. 

As I've been enthralled with the various tales of Columbus' (mostly mis)fortunes and astounding recurring encounters with threat and near death--as often happens when I'm looking into different human histories--I am struck by how much that is fantastic that has gone on in such lives . . . is forgotten, uncared for and/or simply marginalized later into a few trite paragraphs of coverage.  Truly, as Solomon recognized, "all is vanity."  Or, as Kansas melodically reiterated a few decades ago, "all we are is dust in the wind."

It reminds me how insignificant and vaporous the details of a life generally are within the cacophonous march of time and the multitudes, even when a life is filled with extreme high adventure and so-called "accomplishment".

Then I thought of God.  And how--because HE IS, and HE IS WHO HE IS--each and every life is precious, indispensable . . . whether it is led quietly in the shadows or blazing atop some pioneering outpost.  And a type of analogy came to mind. . . .

Let's say the wicked--the haters of God who seek to build their own kingdoms like to build according to the pyramid style.  Such movers and shakers put themselves as the capstone, while beneath are the many stones (lives) they stand upon to have made themselves the pinnacle of some glory.  They do the same thing in macro, where they construct a scheme--a "pyramid scheme"--via politics, wars, interpersonal machinations and social engineering.  Notice that in a pyramid you can take out a stone here and there and the edifice will still stand.  Single stones (or lives) that have gone in to make up the Babel tower can be discarded while the capstone (the self-glorifying architect of the pyramid) yet remains. 

Individuals in such a scheme are interchangeable, not important in and of themselves . . . they can be pulled out, broken, tossed aside and the thing still stands.  "The end justifies the means" . . . "individual sacrifice for the greater good" is a common by-line within any God-hating cult of personality or totalitarian pyramid scheme.

God's way, however, is more like a "house of cards".  Every single card (life) is absolutely critical, whether at bottom or top, within the whole architecture of the structure.  No card (no life) is inconsequential, regardless of face value (ie., 3, queen, jack or ace).  If you remove even just one component, the whole house crumbles.  God values and has a purpose for each and every individual in HIS scheme.  None are superfluous.  Every life is fitted perfectly into the vast, intricate detail of His plan and construction.  And because it is so delicate yet so huge, it is obvious that BUT FOR His omnipotent, omniscient power, it would fall.  He holds it all together.

And there is nothing left to "chance".  There are no accidents, no frills.  Every part is divinely placed according to His overarching goal--that His glory be manifest.

Such were my thoughts pondering so many lives led . . . "great" and "small". . . .

Monday, December 8, 2014

"The Slaughter in Soweto...'ll be nuthin' like Toledo...."

" . . . violence in the suburbs when the Marxists roll into town. . . ."  (from my song "Violence In The Suburbs" written in 1988)

I just saw a photo of the massive fire in downtown L.A., on the heels of continued reports of protests, minor rioting and general anarchic outbursts throughout the country. . . . And something popped into my mind.  I think it was the last show I did with Zeph Daniel when he interviewed my a few years back . . . and I had just had a compelling dream (the night before?) which I was describing.  My memory is not so great . . . but if I recall correctly . . . the just of the dream was the "minority" population of the big cities was getting and giving the word that it was about time riot and cause mayhem.  And somehow there were fires involved as well.  I remember, I think, as I was giving the interview, looking down into the valley of my own city seeing a fire suddenly springing up and I took this as a bit of a sign/confirmation that this was possibly a legitimate interpretation of just such coming events.  Fires were going to be set as part of the strategic and contrived protesting, rioting . . . so that official first responder resources would be stretched thin and distracted to maximize the effect of the chaos. . . .

Anyway, seeing the headlines today . . . I thought of that.  I think that interview, fwiw, is on my YouTube channel. . . .

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Nothing & No One To Fear

Familiarity breeds . . . apathy . . . and negligence.  Who gets caught up in and upset by . . . the absurdities of the day?  Who thinks there are actual, legitimate "issues" being protested and debated, spontaneously erupted on the scene . . . in order to be addressed, redressed, solved . . . ?

Why, despite the anger and frustration of "the public"--in every town and country . . . against the "powers that be"--does nothing really change and the march towards a global Idiocracy continues unabated?

Because many don't know--or if they do know, they've forgotten and keep getting caught up in daily mind control--that . . . there is indeed a "New World Order" agenda standing above it all, manipulating, guiding, controlling . . . all the issues of the day.  People are not being allowed to "think" on their own, nor to analyze and reason; but instead everything is being devised and directed by a global cabal, "the elite", for the purpose of "one world government" ruled by the few in all things financial, political, cultural, artistic, philosophical, medical, and especially spiritual.

How is it possible that there can be such precise coordination and crafting toward this single agenda, the world over, in so many diverse countries and societies?  To the unimaginative (and thus, relatively unintelligent mind) this charge seems improbable, impossible even.  There are just too many moving parts; too many people to control and synchronize for such a "conspiracy theory" to really take place.

But such an opinion is the result of no education on the matter, and lack of understanding of the supernatural components which envelope it.

For those with the Eyes to See it, it is quite obvious that, above all, there is worldwide hatred and assault on Christian culture, beliefs, faith.  Jesus and the Bible are the main targets always.

When you realize that the Bible is true--and that it clearly describes and warns of the very situation we are presently in--then all things start to become clear.

And it is quite simple to then observe and comprehend.  An unseen, supernatural hand is particularly orchestrating the chaos and controls. . . .

There IS an evil, world-influencing demonic power and order which rules through the ancient, Satanic families and cabals, and has through the centuries.  They have had a plan for world domination since the Fall and have been putting it into place all along the way.  A New Satanic World Order is what we are witnessing being finalized . . . hence the constant, obvious assaults on all things Christian and Biblical and on Believers themselves, worldwide.

If it were not for the restraining Hand of God . . . the place would have been overrun long ago already.

But in all of this, the Lord has His supreme plan, and, although the fools of evil think that they actually have a shot at overcoming God's ultimate agenda with their own, those born of the Spirit of Truth--of the Holy Spirit--are not swayed or demoralized, nor frustrated with the onslaught of ubiquitous, vile degeneration.

The unfaithful dies a thousand deaths, the Believer only one--the dying to one's self.  So long as you are unsurrendered to the Lord, every shifting wind moves you--every threatened horror takes hold, and the Enemy is constantly seeking to distract you with such.

But the sold-out, purchased and owned by Christ . . . are impervious to trends and threats and the machinations of the insane, flopping-about living dead.   The demons and their willing subjects strain continuously in "science" to prolong their mortal stations.  But all in vain.  They each will stand before the creator and judge of their souls and receive their just due.

The Believer is already immortal and even now walks his or her steps into eternity.  All is vanity besides adoption and discipleship under the Master of the universe.

Just as Moses lifted up the fiery serpent on the staff, so that those who would look upon it would be preserved through all calamity . . . so is it that the elect look upon He Who was lifted up, and remain safe through all the storms, assaults and trials of this short but intense mortal life.

Let the din and the noise and the vain and spiritually incoherent mutterings of the Satanic rabble carry on around you.  Look always to Jesus--focus on Him, on His Word . . . FOR REAL!  Not haphazardly, not lazily, not distractedly, not with your own will manipulating meanings and interpretations to suit your secret egotistical dreams--but in full abandon, relying wholly on HIS righteousness and work to save you.

Then, the news of the day--the old, doomed agenda of the Satanic globalists rages about you as so much fruitless noise, a dire cacophony for them, but little more than the insensate babblings of a brook or tumbling rocks. . . .

If you truly trust Jesus . . . then all of this nonsense and blather should not touch you--should not sway or unbalance you.  Let the dead bury the dead, they have their reward.

Your reward is eternal life, perfected, holy, divinely glorious . . . in communion with your likewise perfected brothers and sisters of God's own family.  Praise God.  There is nothing and no one to fear.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Back In The Saddle

Yeehaw...andele andele!  I back!  ....finally figured out a nearby location where I can post from... At "Irmitas" . . . an excellent authentico family-run Mexican food little diner who are kindly letting my hop on their wifi...

Have paint brush . . . will travel . . . if need be--if that's where the next work is......
The last time I worked in this town in a similar situation was in 2004.  St. George, Utah.  April 16th . . . was the night I peg as when I got saved--had the "great dressing down" by the Lord Himself and began to see the Light.   It was a wild, intense, spooky at times, supernatural experience, the whole thing, culminating in a 3-4 hour long "vision".  Some of the things I "saw" and experienced I have talked and written about. . . . Some are just too otherworldly and I dare say spiritual to put into words.  Words can't convey some of the spiritual reality I "saw".  There was also some very strange and scary demonic activity preceding that night . . . and a kind of "men in black" side story that was also threatening the situation just prior.  One day I will expound more on all of that.

I'm working at a different location this time, for a couple of long-time clients . . . doing what has become a bit of a specialty as of late--"graining"; transforming ie., their white, metal garage doors and white front door and casing . . . into looking like rustic, knotty, grainy oak wood.  I will take some video of it at some point, showing the process and results. . . .

I must say, there still seems to be a supernatural quality to the area around here.  The house I'm at/working on . . . I find a bit spooky at night.  Lots of strange noises that don't make sense, and a general, overall mysterious, slightly ominous quality all around--perhaps just owing to the red desert expanse, bluffs, cliffs and caves that seem to be ubiquitous.  I've not been to Sedona or the Four Corners area--both of which are famously mystical, otherworldly locations, but suspect this ambiance and aura I'm sensing is related.  Last night . . . I was taking a break from the graining and sat on the back porch just looking into the dark, desert night . . . and was literally startled to my feet as there sounded like a giant person or creature was suddenly jumping up and down on the big, echoing metal roof above.  Problem is, the roof isn't metal.  It is Spanish tile. . . .

The sound was huge, deep, pulsing, like booms which even slightly rattled and vibrated the windows and shutters. I really thought someone was climbing or jumping around on the awning and/or roof above me . . . but when I stepped out into the grass away from the house, I found that the booms were coming seemingly from far away, maybe just beyond a big, dark butte I could see the shadow of in the distance a couple of miles away. 

Anyway, it was very odd and disturbing.  I was going to get my video camera which has decent audio capabilities to try and capture some of it . . . but, of course, it began to fade and finally ended. 

We sometimes hear big, distant, unaccountable booms up at our house back in Salt Lake . . . but this was different than anything I've ever heard.  Is there a military base nearby?  I didn't think so, and it really didn't sound like that.  It had an infra-sound, low-frequency quality to it . . . and a non-locality quality that made it seem like it was coming from a side dimension, breaking through to this one, then slipping back away.....

Hah.  My fertile imagination wants to fill in the gaps with something really cool, lol.  BUT, it was indeed very strange, startling, and spooky. . . .

Anyway, gotta get back to my knots and grains. . . .Headed back home tomorrow . . . then at some point back again . . . will now be able to stay in touch and continue the all important God talk and general cosmic commentary as per usual....
God bless,

Brother Thomas ©2015

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