Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ankle Watch 2014! ...heh

I don't intend to make this "Ankle Watch 2014" . . . haha . . . but since it's about all that's going on for me at the moment I'll put in an update here and there. . . . Anyhow, I fancy myself a writer of sorts--which, if true--means that I should be able to take practically any topic and make it a somewhat interesting read if nothing else (ie., even if the content isn't necessarily something a reader would be usually be searching out.)

I did go to see our "doctor" (he's actually a "physicians assistant") . . . and while I generally like that he's a somewhat sardonic, cursory and flippant guy (who is like us where we aren't prone to hysterical or over-protective or unnecessary health and medical over-reactions to sicknesses and hurts) . . . it probably wasn't optimal that I caught him Friday as his last patient to see . . . and when he was about to bolt for a week's vacation. . . . As in, I think besides his usual "ah . . . it's no big deal" response, he perhaps was especially eager to pass off on the matter and "get outta Dodge". . . .

In his favor, he told me that he had had a similar type of serious injury playing soccer once (so knew things from personal experience), and he did prod and poke to his satisfaction that, if there were a fracture or break, things would have been much more sensitive to the touch.  He determined, by the looks of it and the description of the fall/roll . .  . that I have a 3rd degree sprain in the right ankle, a 2nd degree in the left.  He said in a 3rd degree, virtually all of the ligaments have torn apart completely, where in the 2nd, some more are still attached.  He got me a brace of sorts to wear and said he didn't think we needed to bother with x-rays (knowing I was keen on avoiding unnecessary costs if possible) and that it would just take a long time to heal.

Well, I'm thinking now I made a mistake in not insisting on an x-ray, at least for the right ankle.  As some time has passed, it still feels strange in ways the other one doesn't.  It also looks a lot worse and in places that don't seem to jibe with only a sprain-type injury.  I'm now strongly suspecting a fracture--at the very least, and maybe in more than one place.  I've got a nagging foreboding that it is the fibula, which would explain why I can put some slight pressure on the foot, as I was told the fibula is not part of the weight-bearing set-up.  But if it is the fibula, from talking to someone else who knows about these things, he said that surgery is sometimes the only option to get it to heal properly, otherwise, bigger problems ensue.


I think I will try another avenue today and go ahead and get the x-ray to get the matter settled.  I should have just insisted on that earlier, but I think I was in a bit of denial and was counting on it just slowly but surely getting better on its own.  The way it looks and feels at this point, though, I'm becoming more doubtful of that. . . .

Oh well, praise God!  And I do, in all things . . . genuinely trusting that He's in it all and maintains His is good and perfect purposes:)
Also, God bless and thank you again for abiding this slight excursion for a moment:)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Rejecting The god Of This World

When I see the doors to success ( worldly success) opening like magic for a person . . .  I view it with a strong sense of apprehension.  I have experienced it myself (before I was saved) to some degree and have seen it operate in others close to me.  There are obvious signs and markers of supernatural  "help" for that person.  It goes beyond just being "lucky" or "being in the right place at the right time" by "chance".  No, it is clear that unseen forces and guides are involved to quickly move the subject into contacts and connections which will speedily move them along the track to wealth, power and/or fame.  It is ominous, however, for we know that God chastens and disciplines those whom He loves and keeps.  His own will often be thwarted in many and diverse ways.  The world does not open its doors to the elect--it shuts them up and constantly harries the child of God.

The world is presently governed by the "powers, principalities and rulers of darkness" and they open the doors and help with the connections to "bless" those souls not within God's specific protection.  This is why we see so many who achieve great fame and influence and abundance who don't have the talents and abilities that would normally warrant such success.  But also there are those who are gifted who the dark side is especially eager to co-opt and it is generally true (I believe) that nearly all who "make it" up and out of the pack of the common folk . . . are allowed to do so because somewhere along the line they have chosen the world and it's rewards against choosing God and His rewards (which take faith and come for the most part later.)

The one who throws in with the "god of this world" . . . does not want to wait on God.  They want "it" now!  They also, somewhere along the line, have willingly acceded to the lie that you can have BOTH the world and God--that you CAN serve two masters.  Or, they secretly know they are outright rejecting God "for now" but imagine that . . . after they have had their fun, had their way, THEN they will turn to God at the last moment (which is still just another version of attempting to have it both ways.)

The successful test for the believer, in watching this and being the brunt of the world's abuses while the "wicked" seem to prosper . . . is in not succumbing to covetousness, jealousy, envy, resentment, anger (at God) for allowing this seeming injustice to carry on.  The Enemy will try to draw you in, pull you down . . . to the worldly level and response and if possible have you "curse God" as Job's wife urged when the test/demonstration happened to Job . . . and throw in with the world after all.

God's glory and power are revealed when the believer, against all human nature and power, continues to praise and glorify God despite the temporary (albeit severe) asininity of the situation.  A typical, fallen human will always resort to sinful reactions (be they subtle or overt) when so confronted.  But in that weakness, God's love and care and protection and power are revealed, as the believer (though maybe struggling at times and even falling) persists in refraining fully to succumb to the temptation to "fight fire with fire", "return evil for evil", "live by the sword" etc., or in other words, give up on God and give in to the Adversary's proddings, attacks, and/or bribes.  God tests, chastens, disciplines those He loves and keeps and the Lord advised that this would be the case for His chosen in this world, and He also warned those who are tempted "look back", to question, in effect the goodness and wisdom of God:   "No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God."  Luke 9:62

This whole place is set up in such a way that you can either attempt to have your "heaven" NOW (by siding with the "god" of this world . . . and take your punishment later (for the most part) . . . OR, you live with the eyes of faith, and count the riches of this world as nothing compared to the glory to come and the reward to follow for those who stand for truth and for Christ now.

Many choices and forks in the road present themselves in many small and big ways daily which hover around this premier spiritual battle, and woe to the one who has already so readily thrown in with the rulers of darkness, that God has left them alone and allows their present "heaven" to speedily proceed without much trouble or challenge.  It is in suffering and disappointment that we finally seek God--seek that peace and knowledge which surpasses all that the world has to offer.  When things are "going our way" . . . we tend to track swiftly toward pride, coldness of heart, damnable heresies, and Spiritual death.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Thank U...And "the butterfly effect"

Thank you, first off . . . for  everything.  I know your prayers have been of great help to me.  We're mostly among friends here, who understand such things . . . so I don't mind sharing this; that I am fairly certain this was an "attack" . . . because of some of the issues and areas I have recently been exposing and because of where my studies and intended application (hopefully forthcoming expose') have been led to pursue.  There were some things leading up to the "accident"--and the strange way it happened--which strongly suggest to me there was a supernatural element involved. At the same time, I can see why God would allow it and how it is able to use it "for the good". . . .

I know to the "secular" mind--to the unbeliever, this sounds like fanciful imagination.  They would be quick to say something like, (smirking):  "Ah, c'mon, sometimes, accidents just happen.  Not EVERYTHING is a 'sign from God' . . . or some big mystical, supernatural happening.  Gimme a break. . . ."

Whereas, those whose eyes have been open to the ubiquitous, ongoing spiritual battle in this world, know that actually NOTHING is outside of God's involvement and "concern".  There are no "accidents".  Everything is part of an intricately woven tapestry--every little stitch, every seemingly inconsequential "flaw" or "snag"--ALL of the components involved with the "tapestry" are necessary and connected and pertinent . . . to the overall Design . . . which ALL serves the purpose of ultimately revealing the glory of God.  Really, nothing is trivial.  I can easily show how, for instance, something so seemingly incidental, such as what color of toothbrush you last chose, can and does have profound effect which "reverberates" throughout the rest of creation.  I'm serious.  Or, how, for instance, what t-shirt you "happened" to put on one day . . . "changes the world" so-to-speak.  This reality has been recognized, at least in theory, as "the butterfly effect".

I believe it takes spiritual eyes to "see" this--what I am referring to and cannot be fully comprehended otherwise. . . . And it is a profound level of understanding, spiritually derived, when it is "shown" to you.  This also relates to why it is so important and spiritually efficacious to have a correct understanding of correct doctrine, by-the-way. . . .

It was when I was deeply studying and beginning to truly realize the nature of God's ABSOLUTE sovereignty and control and involvement with ALL things  (that is, realizing the doctrine of His "decretive will" versus, ie., the Arminian or "open theist" view that God is only directly involved with certain "important" things, but lets the rest generally carry on according to peoples' "free will choices" and the randomness/"accidents" of the "natural" universe) . . . that I was Shown how indeed it is that God is involved and directing EVERY THING toward His purpose(s); that there are no "accidents" or "random events" or inconsequential/trivial occurrences in the world of space and time.

 Re my injury . . . I still haven't decided whether or not to get an x-ray.  The one foot (of the two injured) obviously has some things going on that are quite a bit more serious than the other. . . .
Today I will do some more research and explore options. . . 
Again, thank you for your advice, prayers, support and commiseration:)  I pray God blesses you in special ways today and ongoing!  These are quickly very intense times; I believe the demonic realm is on the loose with fury and affecting all areas with greater intensity than ever. . . . Stay prayed up, as you do.  God bless

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Into The Ditch, Ow!

Wow . . . . . ow.....ouch.....

The snapshot image keeps popping up in my mind's eye--both feet snapped sideways in the dirt, looking and feeling as if they are just going to be dangling, broken as I drag myself out of the ditch.

Sorry, this is not for the squeamish . . . oww . . . .

So, it does also pop into mind on occasion how close to the edge I am . . . and that one thing, one big event, ie., accident . . . severe sickness . . . criminal assault . . . would be . . . well, quite the challenge.

And I always think of all the others who are similarly balancing, precariously . . . surviving day to day, week to week, paycheck to paycheck . . . with no insurance, no reserves . . . in this ever oppressive, lackluster economy with wages stagnated or going down . . . while necessities (food, energy medical care etc.) keep increasing.

Anyway, all I can ever really do in those moments of slight terror, heh--which is the equivalent of "looking down" while climbing a great height--is rush to my faith in God, trusting Him and praising Him in ALL things.  I find I am deeply grateful in so many ways . . . and humbled . . . at God's mercy, knowing well my fallen state and what (according to God's perfect justice and holiness) I actually "deserve" to get.  And I always quickly consider how much worse things could be and stay mindful of how much more rough it is for so many . . . and I pray for them . . . continuing to praise God in ALL things--even those that presently appear tragic and "unfair"--fully trusting that His will IS being done and that His glory is and will be revealed . . . and that "ALL things work together for GOOD to them that love God."

I was cleaning up at the end of the day yesterday, carrying a vacuum cleaner and full gallon of paint back to the homeowner's garage . . . and had to step down into a dirt ditch the landscaping Mexicans had earlier dug (for pipes) when, first stepping down, my left foot rolled . . . hard. . . . To catch myself, my right foot came down with all my shifted weight (going from the twisted left foot now to the right) . . . and it too "rolled" . . . and even harder!  It happened so fast, in an instant.  The snapshot image (still haunting me, aye!) is what I saw in that millisecond . . . where both my feet were turned practically backwards and up towards me in that dirt.  I fell, of course, dropping everything . . . stunned . . . and momentarily imagining the worst--that I just broken both my feet!

Now in shock, I managed to crawl out of the ditch and hobble, shaking and groaning a bit . . . into the homeowners sun room, where she was doing business on a computer, and fell into a chair, "Uh, sorry, I need to sit down."

The swelling of each ankle was proceeding fast and thankfully she had an ice-pack I could strap on at least around what felt to be the worse off of the two, my right ankle.

This job I'm currently on . . . is quite a ways from where I live (about a 30 mile commute) through horrible traffic (can take an hour and half sometimes) but I decided I didn't want my wife to have to come pick me up . . . and that I would attempt to drive home.  (For courage I imagined all the soldiers and pioneers who have gone before, often sick and wounded, where staying put was not an option).  Also the shock was still in effect and the pain, while bad, was not utterly debilitating.  Thankfully, my car pedals are sensitive . . . and I found you can brake and accelerate well enough with just a little tap, though I was praying for nothing unusual--ie., some knucklehead driver causing me to need to react fast and hard. . . .

Anywhoos....I made it home and crawled to the couch, in big pain and wondering just how bad it might be.  This is certainly what I didn't need right now where I have several exterior jobs (involving heights and ladders) that need to get done before the snow flies and I'm behind schedule on each of them.  I work by myself so I don't have a helper that could keep things moving along.  If I'm not physically on the job, putting in the manual hours . . .  then nothing gets done and no moola happens. . . .

Along with some other topics, lately I've been studying (so-to-speak) prayer--the power and purposes of prayer . . . and am a bigger believer and fan of it than ever before.  I would very much appreciate YOUR prayers (my beloved fellow believers, if you are:) that I may heal fast and be able to get back to work.  I can't imagine being able to climb or carry ladders anytime soon, as I can barely shuffle to the bathroom as it is, heh.... but I do believe, of course, that God can heal me fast . . . if He so wills . . . and that the power of believers' prayers are strongly efficacious!

I don't know yet if I should go to the doc and get ex-rays (the whole no insurance thing, oy) or what.  I don't think I've ever gotten injured this bad before, so I'm in new territory. . . . Been rather fortunate that way.  Neither ankle is black and blue, which is what I would expect if broken, they are just swollen.  I'm suspecting perhaps a fracture in the right one?   In that case, isn't it true that there's not much you can other than let it heal?

Well . . . that's about it for now.  God bless and thank you for listening:)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pounding Away

I think that was a powerful, important and Spirit-filled post I wrote Sunday . . . and I can't even get an amen?  Huh. . . . Sometimes I wonder. . . . But then I remember writing long ago that even if no one was bothering to read, I would still write.  I write anyway--always have--about my spiritual observations and realizations and confirmations . . . so I might as well put it here in case . . . well . . . just in case. . . .

Meanwhile, the worldly can't seem to engorge on ENOUGH useless, pointless garbage, day to day, hour to hour, minute by minute glued to their world government-issued personal electronic devices, maintaining the desired trance-state . . . so that the things of God seem dim, irrelevant . . . while mindless drivel seems all important and "they" continue seizing more and more social, political, economic, mental, emotional . . . and especially SPIRITUAL control of nearly one and all, while everyone's busy being mundanely entertained. . . .

Ahh, but the Lord always keeps His remnant. . . .

Yes, the demonic is flush right now.  I'm seeing "demonic flashing" (a term I coined for just such a time) . . . all over the place when out in public.  It's getting downright dangerous and volatile out there--so many on the edge of snapping, "losing it."  Everyday now I see several instances. . . .

It takes deliberate effort to break out of the demonic trance.  If you go with the flow, even being a "believer" it isn't long before you are in step with the subtle, hidden agenda, playing along, and you aren't even aware of it. . . .

It is amazing to me what people value . . . when all will be brought to naught in the end, unless it pertains to God--to the REAL God.  Garbage--"rubbish"--Paul calls it.  Yet, people think they can serve two masters, "have it all" . . . have one foot in this world and one reserving the Kingdom.

But no.  This is another subtle demonic lie.  You can't play both games.  In fact, it's not a game.  The world is a game, but the spiritual Way is real business, with dire, awe-full stakes. . . .

You've got to yank your attention away from the shiny objects the fallen ones want you to mesmerize over. . . . Which is what I try to do here--maintain a constant watering hole, oasis, touchstone . . . anchor point . . . where, for the most part, regularly, week to week, day to day . . . we will be looking at God--considering Godly things--keeping the mind and heart and soul focused on Him and what HE is doing in the world (not what the world is trying to do to Him, which is hate and insult and blaspheme Him). . . .

If I possess any kind of spiritual gift, it may be that He keeps me.  I don't wander far or for long if I do.  Consistent, Spirit-led attention and concern over Godly matters . . . pounding away . . . compelled and inspired . . . regardless of the change in times and seasons . . . may be what I can offer. . . . .

Anyhow, praise God always, with joy, in ALL things . . . and God bless you :)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Turning From The Demonic

"For I envied the arrogant when I saw the prosperity of the wicked. They have no struggles; their bodies are healthy and strong. They are free from the burdens common to man; they are not plagued by human ills."  --Psalm 73:3-5

"And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth."  Luke 12:15

Covetousness may be considered the demonic mother of all sins.  Is this not where Lucifer began his fall?  Yet, it goes largely uncontested within the believer and remains to wreak its ruin throughout the life . . . hidden, submerged, invisible, secreted deep within the heart and mind and often disguised in a cloak of professed piety, exhibiting itself in "righteous indignation" . . . "judgmentalism" . . . "religiosity" . . . austerity . . . asceticism.  As in . . . imagine the frowning, self-righteous, prim and "proper" old dame who derides the "worldliness" and "weaknesses" of others while she puts on a show "godliness", dressing modestly, attending church, tithing, abstaining from drink and lasciviousness, avoiding any display of indulgence or vulgarity. . . . Yet, in her dark heart, hidden, she secretly yearns for what others have--the pleasures they seem to enjoy, their freedom and apparent lack of care.  Her "spirituality" is actually a burden she bares resentfully . . . while her only joy is in silently or overtly condemning all those she judges as wanton sinners . . . and coldly delighting when tragedy hits the once "lucky". . . .

Or, there is the monk type who has "renounced the world" . . . presenting himself as though supernally content with his "chosen" poverty and avoidance of sensuality . . . "above it all" . . . "spiritually" stronger than all the rest--all the weak, indulgent "slaves to sin". . . . However, what is often the case, is that he tried to play the game of life, failed and settled for renunciation, where his ambition can stay cloaked in supposed "spiritual" pursuit . . . but where envy, private lusts, and hatred of the successful continue on but submerged and propelled through subtly sensual masochism via a  "self-mortification" (which is really just cowled self-ADULATION). . . .

Bottom line . . . is . . . that many believers who consider themselves free of the worst sinful acts (ie., rape, murder, theft, adultery etc.) are quite well bound by the mother of all such sins--covetousness.

And right on the heels of this, or perhaps preceding it, but nearby nonetheless . . . is faithlessness--the other profound affront to God . . . and these two are intimately linked.  For it is faithlessness in the goodness and sovereignty of God (that He is truly working all things for the good of those who love and serve Him) that leads to questioning and doubting and then looking askance at how others are doing . . . then yearning for and coveting what they have . . . jealousy and resentment then taking up residence . . . which then leads to anger and murder (of the heart)--desiring bad things to befall those whereat the coveting is directed. . . .

Thus, there is a demon of covetousness. . . . Those of the dark realm are tasked by the Enemy to stoke envy and jealousy in the heart and will assist in covering it with false piety and self-righteousness (which is but a cleverly finessed form of pride).

The great danger always in dealing with any evil spirits . . . is in engaging them--communicating with them.  They want your attention.  They want you to engage.  They want ongoing dialogue, for thereby they can draw you into their sphere of operations and increasingly distance you from the Spirit of God--from relationship with HIM.

By continuing to engage in secret covetousness . . . you are continuing to engage with the demonic realm.  You are in their house, under their rules . . . willingly . . . which allows them to assert more and more control . . . as you persist in acquiescing to the sin of faithlessness . . . listening ever more to the whisperings of "yes, you deserve more . . . yes God is holding you down . . . yes those others don't deserve what they get . . . yes, you are entitled to be angry, resentful, vengeful in heart in mind . . . yes, God has left you . . . so, come to the one who will finally get you what you really want as you so deserve, come to the one who dared to rebel against God so that you can be happy. . . . "

The answer to this dangerous morass, which can lead straight into the pit of Hell, or at least into severe constant demonic torment and oppression . . . is to cease the internal dialogue with Evil Spirit.  Turn to the Word of God, which speaks of His faithfulness and love and genuine care over the final condition and destination of your soul.  Repent and turn away from the dark side--turn to Jesus and regain your total trust and faith in Him--that He has all things under control and is working everything to His own glory, which you revel in--for which you are made (NOT for the glory of your self or the Adversary ), which may include you suffering while the unGodly appear to thrive.

Settle the matter!  Stop playing foolishly ON the fence, where, if falling, one side leads to Heaven under God while the other leads to Hell under Satan!  Decide the issue once and for all!  WHOM DO YOU SERVE?!  WHO DO YOU TRUST?  DO YOU TRUST GOD OR NOT?  If not, then give up the pretenses and throw in your lot with the one who has rallied some troops and is attempting to overthrow the King.  Just go ahead and get on with it--give yourself to Satan and let him provide you what he will.  It is true that the present kingdoms of this world, and all its riches and power and beauty are working at his behest.  Perhaps he will throw you some scraps for a time--some shine, some money, some sway and respect in the world.  Take your piece and go. . . .

OR, if you belong to God . . . and know He is the Way to freedom, to eternal life, to complete ultimate fulfillment of your self and all that is good . . . then finally banish this coveting of what the minions of Satan presently own and control and flaunt.  You know their days are numbered.  Can you not persist in faith long enough (which is not long at all compared to eternity!) to see through to the end?  Do you not recall the great sacrifices of all those saints and believers who have come before . . . to preserve God's precious Word and truth . . . what THEY suffered at the hands of the wicked for His sake, HIS will . . . knowing and trusting that His will WILL be done . . . and that all eyes will be dried and the saints will one day dine with the King victorious in great heavenly halls of joyous celebration, having OVERCOME!?!  Have you merely forgotten this, lost your way, OR, is it true you disbelieve and lack saving faith?

"So endure until your testing is over, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing."  --James 1:4


Or can you not wait for that?  For perfection, completion, lack of nothing?  Instead, you are willing to throw your soul away for a few fleeting moments of comfort and gain in a fallen world oppressed by the devil?

"May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."  1 Thess. 5:23

Be faithful and praise God!  Amen? Amen!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Souvenirs

Below is an excerpt from an article that just came out locally in the same paper that featured Jackson's band Westward the Tide...... This one is about my cousin Corinne and her new band ...who are also doing quite well.... Sheesh! Everybody's doin' music but me!  What gives... Lol ;)
"Golden-voiced Salt Lake City songstresses Marie Bradshaw, Kiki Sieger and Corinne Gentry have been involved in so many music projects with ties to Utah that it wouldn't hurt to have a Venn diagram handy to keep them all straight.
They started out as The Folka Dots; all three recently contributed backup vocals to top-shelf albums by influential singer-songwriters Jay William Henderson and Ryan Tanner; sisters Bradshaw and Sieger front electric Americana/country quartet The Hollering Pines; and the trio are also the three-part voice of Americana/country outfit The Souvenirs.
It's an impressive résumé for three musicians who started playing together around 2009 without any plans of being part of an actual band. Back then, they chose a breezy name, The Folka Dots, to reflect the fact that the project wasn't much more than a group of longtime friends getting together to play music for the fun of it. But to their surprise, The Folka Dots—a mostly acoustic five-piece that drew from folk, blues and Americana influences—started to get a following...............................

The chemistry among the group made for six effortless days spent in the studio, where The Souvenirs recorded I Ain't Happy Yet and also contributed to Tanner's Together Is Where We Belong. "We just didn't want to, like, overthink it too much," Bradshaw says. "We wanted to just trust everybody that was involved. They were invited because they were going to bring something special to the recording process. ... It was really, 'Let's get all the right people, and then the right album will just happen. And let's just get in the room together, and let's get in a circle and record this thing live and just trust each other.'"
Country/gospel album I Ain't Happy Yet is a mix of new tunes ("Paper Bag") and old Folka Dots songs ("Black Crow"), as well as a few classic covers ("Ring of Fire"). While "our songs have grown with us," Bradshaw says, the trio's songwriting is still as heart-pricking as ever, with an unflinchingly honest view of love, faith, family and—especially on the new album—life's many disappointments, bad luck, hard times and seasons of discontentment.
And The Souvenirs now have a moniker that more accurately represents their music and its often-weighty subject matter, as well as their aesthetic. It also helped bring about the rich, full sound of the album itself."

[The full article is here]

Friday, September 19, 2014

Safe Satanism For Your Child

"Satanists will be joining a national atheist group in handing out controversial literature to public school students in Orange County, Fla. . . . . . It is unclear when The Satanic Temple—which does not believe the devil to be real, and instead 'advocates for religious tolerance and pluralism'—will begin its distribution. Earlier this week, the district said that it had not yet received an official request to circulate the books and materials"

Like I just said. . . .


Characteristics of the Adversary and His Army

The dark side is quite real.  One of the main ploys of Lucifer and his top generals--especially coming into the "modern era" . . . was to convince the general masses of their non-existence.  True devotees of the Adversary know this, for the demons--the fallen angels--tell them. 

It is difficult when the wicked of the world seem to prosper so easily and to the highest levels of industry, the arts . . . government . . . society. . . . Indeed they are the "elite" of this world, for this is their master's kingdom . . . and no one advances (or very few, at least) in this world, whatever the career or "dream" path . . . without the "blessing" of the demonic government. 

Meanwhile, those who love Christ, who follow Jesus, are mostly held down, abused, ignored, mocked and made to struggle.  This is what Christ promised--"take up your cross and follow Me"--and it is because the fallen angels, under the chief Liar, despise the Lord and all who would be His.

They seriously believe that they still have a chance to defeat God in this great war;  that Jesus will abdicate this world and leave it for Satan and his legions.  The more the devil can conform this world to his image--can corrupt and pervert and twist and degrade this creation to something barely recognizable as something God made--the more he thinks he is winning and that God and Jesus will finally just have to abandon it.  Furthermore, the evil ones are not afraid of the fires of Hell or of punishment, as in the current state of their maintenance of some power, they are able to inure and immunize themselves to pain, just as yogi's or sorcerers or witch doctors etc., under the influence of demonic spirits, can accomplish seeming miraculous feats and wonders, such as enduring very otherwise painful tests and practices. . . .

The delusion and arrogance of the evil ones . . . is profound.  Even to the point that many of them, even to the highest degrees, believe they are on the "good" side, and that it is Jesus Who is the "bad" one.

God's glory is shown . . . where His followers . . . continue on in this wretched world, where they are like vagabonds and prisoners in enemy territory . . . wandering, fighting for every scrap of sustenance . . . maligned . . . persecuted . . . held down . . . YET they continue to bless the name of God and give their lives for the sake of the Son.  Despite the relentlessness of the dark and evil oppression of this world . . . they fight on, refusing to give in to the bribes, to the "beatings", to the temptations, which are monumental--especially for a fallen creature such as man--for in their hearts they CANNOT be broken, no matter how awesome or mighty the ghoulish army is that comes against them.  One believer, relatively alone and surrounded, in this world . . . can and does stand up to a world and whole unseen dimension teeming with snarling enemies . . . who are driven mad by their inability to conquer the weak, foolish, submitted, broken, yet authentic, disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Do not give in, though all come against you to turn you.  He promised us the world would hate us and hold us down. . . . We look to the greater, final glory, walking in faith, which defeats all who would turn us. . . .

Praise God.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Run from the Skats/Jesus is Only Way

Well . . . I will say this.  If you or anyone you know gets anywhere near "Skatology" of the Hellzon Le Grubber variety (with its current psychopathic psychotic leader "Biff Miscarriage" or "BM") please run--don't walk as far as you can get from them.  Wow, this is one psychotic bunch.  They will kidnap and abuse you and take all of your money and leave you an emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual mess. . . . More on them and the eery similarities to the Kolobians later . . . but no matter what, don't get near these poor, deluded souls or anywhere near their orbit. . . . Bad news all around . . . and dangerous. . . .

Meanwhile,  I just recalled . . . the day when I saw that it was Jesus . . . and Jesus alone . . . that HE was the one, the only Way. . . . It came at the same time that it became clear to me that yes, there is EVIL . . . in its very Biblical sense . . . in this world and mostly controlling it.  It was obvious that all the world and all evil were always focusing on Jesus and the Bible to destroy, and virtually nothing or no one else.  The attack is always against Jesus, Christians, the Bible. . . . Which makes it pretty obvious, doesn't it . . . what and Who the threat to the darkness is?

And along with this, after myself having chased several butterflies (different "spiritual" paths and gurus) . . . I realized that it was ONLY with Jesus that I ever was able to change in actuality.  Everything else was self-hypnotism, self-delusion, or worse, demonic influence. . . . But with Jesus, those better and nobler and holier characteristics that I yearned for always deep in my soul . . . were actually, for real, to be found . . . and not from my own effort or ability. . . . It was always like a gift, in imparting that He made. . . . I know this, that Jesus is the Way--the ONLY Way to peace, truth, light, love, life, faith, and the perfected immortality we all secretly crave. . . .

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Stairway to the Cult of Death & Lies

"Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
there's still time to change the road you're on. . . . Your head is humming and it won't go, in case you don't know, The piper's calling you to join him . . .
And if you listen very hard . . . the tune will come to you at last  . . . when all are one and one is all."

These lyrics are from "Stairway To Heaven" . . . and the excerpts here typify the subtle, saccharine clarion call . . . to doom, to damnation.

Are there really "two paths you can go by"?  Yes, that much is true.  But always with the truth . . . is the quiet, whispering lie that draws you in.  Draws you in where?  To the lying spirit that seeks to wreck your soul; that seeks to trick you into the maze of fallen self, which is the playground of ghouls and the demonic. . . .

 For instance, in this case, the set-up is good.  Yes, there are really only "two paths you can go by". 

God says, "Whoever is not with me is against me; whoever does not gather with me truly is scattering."   And, "In the path of righteousness there is life, but another path leads to death."  Yes, we have two paths . . . where one is AGAINST God, which leads to death . . . and the other, which is WITH God . . . leading to life.

But notice what the liar next says--and it is what all the liars say, who speak from the various multitude of worldly and spiritual platforms:  "In the long run there's still time to change the road you're on."

Is that true?  As in, is it right that if you don't quite get "the path" correctly at this point in time . . . no worries . . . for "in the long run" you will still be able to switch paths and get on a better one, even the right one?

I have been mentioning "cults" lately--describing their various and similar techniques of mind/soul control. . . . And indeed, there are myriad versions, concocted by myriad different "prophets", "gurus", "teachers" and "leaders".  But at the crux of it, there is really only one cult.  It is the cult of death and lies, charading in different forms and disguises.  Prominent in them all--a hallmark of THE cult of death and lies--is the notion that "in the long run there's still time to change the road you're on." 

While it is true (according to God's Word) that in THIS life there is time to change the path you're on . . . not so in "the long run."  The cult of death and lies will either promote the doctrine of reincarnation . . . or will say "yes there is only this one mortal life, BUT . . . in the hereafter . . . whether in some purgatory or 'spirit-prison' state . . . you will still be able to change your path and choose to be with God; perhaps after a certain period of punishment or purging."

THIS is a dangerous lie, which fosters spiritual laziness and engenders especially the tendency of a person to put off committing to God and attempting to have it both ways.  By "both ways", I mean . . . such a person will continue to pursue the world and the things of the world, while dabbling in spirituality . . . figuring that . . . they might as well "have a good time" during this life, self-seeking, pleasure-pursuing, money and sex and power-chasing, since . . . well . . . maybe later (in the next life) it will be easier to seek after the path of righteousness and the way of God.  Why "die to self", "take up the cross" . . . etc., only to suffer persecution now . . . while the lures of the flesh are so tantalizingly present and . . . the holy path can just be pursued later anyhow?

No, there is NOT "still time to change the path you're on" in the "long run"!  This, of course, is a LIE from the adversary to trick you into present complacency.  You may die at any moment in this life;   promises of something like purgatory and reincarnation . . . according to God's revelation . . . are lies; they are lies from The Deceiver who wants you to accompany him to Hell.

Now, back to those lyrics--which bear a very typical and oft used message by the cult of death and lies, in various delivery modes (ie., other songs, movies, culture, philosophies, religions, cults etc.),
it may also be metaphorically true that "your head is humming" . . . in the sense that something or someone is calling you, nagging you, pricking your conscience, so-to-speak.  Indeed, God's Word proclaims that everyone is born with a deep, though mostly suppressed, "knowing" of the urgency pertaining to this life's purpose and a certain, spiritually and existentially evocative questioning . . . and compulsion . . . to "find the truth" . . . to "seek and follow the true path" . . . which may be loosely described as a "humming" in your head. . . . But is it true that it "won't go"?

Again, we have the clever, parsing deception slipped in.  From the cult of death and lies' standpoint, if you throw in with it, no, the "humming" won't go away.  In fact, you will be FOREVER nagged and tormented by it.  And the cult leader does not want you to know that there is an answer--a way to stop the "humming."  He or she . . . will even stoke and intensify the "humming", the yearning . . . while endlessly presenting themselves and their particular cultic "path" as the eventual solution . . . which is maddeningly always just beyond reach (hence you need another "course" . . . another "degree" . . . another "ordinance". . . . )

But, in truth, there is a way to stop the "humming."  There IS a way to peace and rest, and it is when you are "with" Him, not "against" Him--He Who is the truth, THE WAY, and the life!

Now, as to "the piper's calling you to join him" . . . we have another sneaky, subtle mis-direction from the lying deceiver.  Yes, there IS a "piper" calling you join him.  But there's not just one.  There are TWO "pipers", each representing the "two path you can go".  The "piper" referred to in this song . . . is the leader of the cult of death and lies.  The author doesn't want you to know about the other Piper--that there even IS another "piper".  So, by omission, the words of the cult are attempting to lead you in only one particular direction; and that is to the realm of death and lies.

Finally, there is a suggestion--a proffered answer to the "humming" and to the calling of the "piper" . . . and it includes one of the favorite "axioms" of the devious cult:  "And if you listen very hard . . . the tune will come to you at last  . . . when all are one and one is all."

And here we have it . . . the bold, seductive and blasphemous claim that "all are one and one is all"; or put another way "as above, so below" . . . or, as some others say, "we are all little gods" . . . or, what is really being said, "WE are God/I am God".

Here is where we find the cult's foundational premise--the big lie.  YOU are god, I am god, we are ALL god!  And, of course, this was the big lie offered in The Garden, and still being asserted today, in so many ways.  It is woven in and throughout culture, art, poems, song lyrics, philosophy, religions . . . and drives right to that very issue which so infuriates and convulses the fallen creature's nature.  Here is where you find one and all rising to stand AGAINST the Creator, shaking fist in the air, shouting, proclaiming, "I AM MY OWN!  I AM MY OWN GOD!  I HATE GOD!  I REFUSE TO FOLLOW GOD!  I CHOOSE DEATH AND LIES OVER GOD!  JOIN ME TO THE CULT OF DEATH AND LIES!!!"

Every possible lure and temptation, draw and seduction . . . trick and trap . . . is used by "the world", by the cult . . . appealing to this basic fallen nature which surrounds this fallen realm and the degenerate creatures it holds.  "We are one" . . . "we are all the same" . . . "God is the same as us/we are the same as God" . . . "let there be no distinctions, no demarcations, no haves and have-nots, no higher or lower, no real "good" versus "bad", no difference between "light" and "dark"--"ALL IS ONE"!

And if the cult of death and lies does not manage to secure you in one of the various of its different divisions (particular, distinct "religious" or "spiritual" cult organizations) the cult will try and draw you in through business ambition, through hunger for fame, power, riches; or perhaps via a more refined intellectual, "scientific" allure . . . or by any one of a multitude of disguises, means and modes. . . .

No, there is no "long run" along which to change "paths."  There is a very SHORT run--a dash, to get it right--to get on the path that leads to peace, rest, GodliNESS and life!  The "humming" WILL stop . . . once you realize that not all IS one--but that there is ONE, TRUE and LIVING GOD, above ALL, through Whose pleasure and grace alone . . . you exist and proceed.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

WTT note and some truly Clear Water

Quick note... There exists a different version of the Westward the Tide performance where they focused much more on the band singing... I will try to get it up or provide the link to it... Thanks for all the kind and encouraging words re that:)

To dwell on the past simply causes failure in the present. While you are sitting down and bemoaning the past and regretting all the things you have not done, you are crippling yourself and preventing yourself from working in the present. Is that Christianity? Of course it is not.

The tragedy is that many of us are living desperate Christian life. Sunday comes and we get some strength, and then we lose some on Monday; a good deal is gone by Tuesday and we wonder whether we have anything left. On Wednesday it has all gone and then we exist. Or perhaps refreshment comes in some other way, some meeting we attend, some friends we meet. Now that is the old order of things, that is not the new. He puts a well within us. We are not always drawing from somewhere outside. The well, the spring, goes on springing up from within into everlasting life.

A depressed Christian is a contradiction in terms, and he is a very poor recommendation for the gospel. Nothing is more important, therefore, than that we should be delivered from a condition which gives other people, looking at us, the impression that to be a Christian means to be unhappy, to be sad, to be morbid, and that the Christian is one who "scorns delights and lives laborious days."

There is something essentially wrong with a man who calls himself a Christian and who can listen to a truly evangelistic sermon without coming under conviction again, without feeling something of his own unworthiness, and rejoicing when he hears the Gospel remedy being presented.

quotes c/o  of Martin Lloyd Jones (His sermons are great, btw, whenever you need the clear, cold splash of Gospel water thrown in your face:) God bless

Thursday, September 11, 2014

National Anthem 9/11, Westward The Tide

sorry... proud papa moment... I'm so fond and proud of all my boys...and I do mean all....

We just watched youngest son Jack and his band do the national anthem on 9/11 on ESPN ... and they did great! Sang it straight and sweet with perfect harmony... awesome job!:) "The next big thing out of Provo" the announcers said, "Westward The Tide...." ......

Anyway.. I taped it on the new gizmo c/o Z... Wonderin' about the copyright situation?  Does anybody know... can I put a "fair use" blurb of it on my Youtube channel?

Thwarting Quiboxitar

Real quick . . . I think I may change the names of some things. . . . Perhaps I was speaking of something else . . . perhaps not . . . but let's leave "perhaps" in there. . . .

Hellzon Le Grubber . . . is the guy--the insane, likely paranoid schizophrenic who devised the clever money-grubbing, power-mongering cult . . . Skatology, let's say. . . .

Anyway, I hope to elaborate more (thanks JC for the query) on the similarities between ie., "Young Pioneers" . . . "Komsomol" and other Communist youth groups and the way Le Grubber early on set up youths as his own royal guard, messengers and lieutenants. . . . Pol Pot did the same thing (utilizing youth), as most of his murderous soldiers were kids and teenagers. . . .

And of course, we had the "Nazi Youth" . . . and even now, present regimes are especially targeting the youth for mind control and indoctrination, as they will be used, like they were in Mao's psychotic China (during the "Cultural Revolution") to turn on the elders of society (on those who remember relative freedom before the takeover.)

Back in a flash (but first I have to "exteriorize" on a brief visit to Venus . . . to thwart an evil overlord there (Quiboxitar) who is engineering sea-water portals that he intends to transport to Earth through which he then plans to bring through human-like robotoids to assault the ports of most major coastal cities) . . . . oh wait, sorry . . . I thought I was Grubber getting a revelation there for a moment . . . .
anyway, back in a bit..... God bless you amidst all the madness!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

More Cultic Characteristics

Westward the Tide note for any such fans . . . . uh . . . I just found out that they (my son and his band) are slated to sing the national anthem at the first BYU game (against Houstan) of the season . . . which is supposedly going to be televised on ESPN this Thursday at 7pm Mountains Standard Time.  I don't know if the game will be fully nationally televised or just regionally.  And I don't know if they will air the national anthem part . . . but good chance they might.  Anyway, just thought I'd mention it--I know there are few fans of the band that check in here :)
OK, meanwhile . . . the truth must march on, come what may. . . .

I think this is an important topic--looking at the traits and personality types of cult leaders and cult operations . . . because I see so many versions and degrees of it everywhere, and especially as it pertains to the spiritual path--which is the most critical path of all in life--one must always be on the lookout for wolves and false teachers and mind controllers and "handlers" working to lead the seeker away to destruction. . . . I heard a recent comment from an ex-cult member which struck me:  "ANYONE can be caught up in a cult.  It's just a matter of being in the "right" place at the "right" time."  The more I pondered this comment, the more profound I thought it was.  It is quite true.  We   all have vulnerable moments in our lives.  Being confronted with a charismatic preacher or missionary or exponent of a well-sounding doctrine or group . . . at those weak moments . . . when our defenses are down, are strength or discernment marginalized . . . I see it is quite possible that ANYONE could fall into the snare. . . .

Knowledge of cult leader personalities and cultic mind control techniques are an antidote for that dangerous situation.  People "perish for the lack of knowledge" right?......

It is similar to understanding the signs and traits and methods of a "psychopath", within whose grasp it is easy to fall, and then suffer greatly under their control.  The way of TRUTH really is a way of freedom--the truth does set you free . . . while the charlatans, egomaniacs, narcissistic-psychopaths etc. always take away your freedom and subsume your individuality. . . .

Sadly, I note that these same characteristics and techniques I am studying used by the likes of Smith and Hubbard and other cult leaders to control groups . . . are being used by the government and especially the current administration.  All of this control of speech and thought in the vein of "political correctness" is nothing more than mind and thought control similar to that used by cult leaders and cults.  The best defense against it is in shining the light of truth upon all their operations--and by "their" I mean "they" who ultimately serve the workers of iniquity and darkness and evil, for this is the original source of all the trouble.  In all these cases, you will find the devil and the demonic realm hard at work to distract, dissuade, mis-direct and control . . . to get you away from God, from Christ, FROM THE TRUTH, which is why deception is always the major component to cultic control.  The "father of lies" . . . rules that whole realm . . . . .

Also, these things (cultic-like mind controls) show in personal relationships--spouses, dominating friends, bosses, agents, managers, domineering children even; like I said, I see this tendency to control through deception and self-aggrandizement existing in varying degrees in everyone, for it is a result and cause of the fallen condition.

Back to noted similarities between L. Ron Hubbard and Joseph Smith . . . both men were paranoid of plots against them and their agenda.  This is typical of pathological liars, for always they are anxious that their deceits may be found out and exposed.  And also, the hypocrisy of their lives were constantly under threat of being found out and published. 

For instance, L. Ron Hubbard railed against promiscuity, "free love", adultery . . . as did Joseph Smith.  Meanwhile, both of them were living personal lives full of promiscuity and adultery.  L. Ron Hubbard was a bigamist several times over, a constant womanizer and stealer of men's wives . . . as was Smith.  Smith gave a famous and fiery denial of the accusations against him saying,  "...What a thing it is for a man to be accused of committing adultery, and having seven wives, when I can only find one!" . . . at a time when he was secretly married to 25 wives.

Another glaring example of hypocrisy is how Hubbard decried the use of drugs, even medicine, and any form of substance abuse, while he himself was popping pills constantly, smoking pot and drinking whiskey nightly.  Likewise, Joseph Smith gave the "Word of Wisdom" as a "revelation from God" in the early 1830s which warned against drinking alcohol, coffee/tea, tobacco (and more), while he himself, up to the night he was killed in jail drank wine, drank beer, smoked cigars, drank coffee and tea, often publicly.  Wine was used in the early sacraments of the Mormon church and there are reports that some of the "spirit-filled" overnighters during temple rituals were fueled as much by whiskey as anything else.

Confession and the telling of personal secrets is another hallmark of cult controlling techniques.  In Scientology, the members are required constantly to go through "auditing" and various other kinds of interviews where they must confess all of their "crimes".  This even includes so-called "crimes" done in other lives, going back millions of years!  A dossier of highly personal and embarrassing information is kept on each member which then can be used for blackmail and coercion purposes.  In the LDS church, members are expected to confess to their bishops and discuss all manner of personal (usually sex-related) mistakes, and of course, in the Catholic cult we have the whole confessional system involving "priests" who likewise have the power to discipline and re-conform (rehabilitate) errant member back into the fold (cult).

It is scary to note that mafia groups and secret societies maintain similar requirements of members.  For instance, we have learned that the shady, dark elite "Skull & Bones" secret society has its new members lie in coffins naked where they must recount to the others all their sexual history, among other things. . . . 

[Note . . . . Is it not striking how disgusting and depraved all this cultish mess is compared to actual purity, goodness, holiness, truthfulness and openness of the Gospel and the person and message of Jesus Christ?]

Some other alike features of cult characteristics is the cult's tendency to shun "outsiders" and alienate the cult members from those not in the cult--especially those outsiders determined as enemies.  In Hubbard's twisted teachings, anyone who questions or decries the methods and cause of Scientology and its members is called a "suppressive person" . . . an "SP".  This is how and why families are often broken up in the cult.  If one member of a person's family starts to question the org . . . then that "SP" is instantly shunned, shut out and barred from contact.  

Sadly, there is a variant, not quite as severe but there nonetheless in Mormonism.  Ask any LDS member who has left the church while their family stayed in . . . and you will hear sad and harrowing tales of the "apostate" being ostracized, losing friends and family, jobs etc., as "the church" draws a wall around the remaining members.  "Apostates" in Mormonism are considered "of the devil" and assigned the worst of all outcomes ("outer darkness"/Hell) along with the devil and any others that actively opposed "the church."  Scientology is even more ruthless in their attacks on apostates, and will "gang-stalk" them relentlessly to bring them back in or drive them to suicide.

Bottom line on this is . . . is that if you leave the "church" in either case . . . you are bound to lose family, friends, jobs, property and anything else you once had in common with the cult.  And you will be actively shunned and sometimes even attacked.

This is typical cult technique, and typically psychopathic. . . . And if any questions arise in a member, the teachings and "doctrine" of the cult devises a bevy of mental tricks to induce "stop thought"--to instantly quash and block out rationality, reason.

In true Biblical Christianity . . . thinking . . . reason . . . rationality . . . is encouraged and developed.  Not so . . . in a cult.

What disturbs me as much or more than these examples . . . is where I find similar behaviour and organization technique in some so-called "Christian" congregations.  It is one area of Shawn McCraney's recent rants that I concur with in some cases.  Christian churches sometimes have these very same mode of control and hypocrisy at the top . . . and I find it abhorrent and disgusting.  At least in the case of Scientology, there is not a pretense of being "Christian" and preaching the Gospel. 

Secrecy . . . deception . . . hypocrisy . . . sexual dysfunction and/or promiscuity disguised as spiritual doctrine . . . physical, emotional, spiritual abuse . . . control . . . manipulation . . . prying . . . blackmail . . . coercion . . . guilt-tripping . . . money grubbing . . . power-mongering . . . enslavement and/or destruction of the individual . . . family splitting . . . child abuse . . . bigotry, racism . . . stop-thoughting . . . these are just some of the many, rotten fruits of cult leaders and cult groups in general. . . . 

Beware.  Come out of them . . . into the light of truth . . . that is Jesus Christ, the One True and Living God.  The rest is idolatry and devil worship in various forms and varying degrees. . . .

Monday, September 8, 2014

From Kolob to Xenu

I just finished reading "Joseph Smith: "Rough Stone Rolling" . . . which I found highly interesting and full of new details and historical nuances about the founder of Mormonism and that religions beginnings.  It is written by an LDS scholar, and so, is more than fair giving the best possible gloss on Smith and the early church . . . but reveals many facts that I suspect "the church" would have rather still kept in the dark.  A couple of things I had not really known about early Mormonism was that it started out as a rather intensely "charismatic" church.  One of the early selling points that the first missionaries held out to potential new members was that the "gifts of the spirit" had been restored and "the church" was a "spiritual movement" that produced "speaking in tongues" . . . "miraculous instantaneous healings" . . . "exorcisms" . . . "visions", "dreams" and "revelations from God". . . . The Mormon temple was billed by Joseph to be a place where the "saints" could expect to see and meet and commune with God "in the flesh"; the temple being a place where Smith said that "finally Jesus will have a place to rest his head."

Probably most enlightening to me in the read, however, was getting a much clearer picture of the personality of Joseph Smith and his closest comrades who brought about "the restored gospel."

Towards the end of my study on that early LDS history I also began to look into Scientology--one of the few cults/religions that I had never yet really looked at or studied.

And what is striking me is the similarities between the two modern "religions" and respective founders, Smith and and L. Ron Hubbard.

And what I am seeing overall is that type of personality and inclination, running full tilt in either of them--but which is also running in all of us to varying degrees!

Both men had an early-in-life longing to be extraordinary.  Visions and fantasy of personal, world-changing grandeur typified their messiah-like complexes.  Both were insecure and desperately craved to be respected, revered, and acknowledged as possessing traits and a purpose that went far beyond the "average" person.  Both were sexual predators, adulterers, drawn to minor-aged women, married women, and attempted to devise "spiritual" rituals connected to sex to justify their philandering personalities.  Both were tellers of tall tales--able to spell-bind listeners with fantastic stories, although Hubbard must take the cake for sheer audacity and prolificness of the pathological lies he foisted on those around him concerning virtually every part of his life and history.

Both Smith and Hubbard claimed to receive their special "revelations" from a supernatural being--Smith, from the "angel Moroni" . . . Hubbard from a female being he called his "guardian angel".

Both men tended toward paranoia . . . and were each unable to tolerate criticism; each could become extremely volatile when crossed, resorting to violence if needed when they lashed out at their enemies.

And the list goes on as far as the similarities in personality; we are dealing with a definite arch-type here . . . which I am seeing to varying degrees in all kinds of charismatic leaders and the groups (cults) they end up producing.

I would also say that both Scientology and the LDS church are rackets--financial rackets as you must "pay-to-play" in either of them, although Scientology's system of purchasing "spiritual enlightenment" and progress is most insidious, diabolical, blatant, and darkly controlling.  In either case, however, the bottom line is . . . if you don't pay up to the organization . . . you cannot advance to the "highest" levels. . . .

Scientology is the most overtly controlling of the two (controlling over members) . . . and the most blatantly obviously mind-control (also body control as they actually keep members in gulags of sorts, preventing them interacting with the "outside" world . . . and they differ markedly on the way they view and treat family.   One of the most wicked of Scientology's aspects, (among the many) is how it's leaders coerce and promote abortion among its members.  That, and the splitting up of families, separating small children from their parents . . . are to me the most heinous of its practices. . . .

Anyway, there will likely be more on this--especially my study of the personality types and arch-types that make up someone like a Joseph Smith, L. Ron Hubbard . . . and Muhammad (who is also quite similar in his character, history and resulting "new" religion).
Xenu:  Xenu also called "Xemu", was, according to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, the dictator of the "Galactic Confederacy" who 75 billion years ago brought billions[4][5] of his people to Earth (then known as "Teegeeack") in a DC-8-like spacecraft, stacked them around volcanoes, and killed them with hydrogen bombs. Official Scientology scriptures hold that the thetans (immortal spirits) of these aliens adhere to humans, causing spiritual harm.

Kolob:   Kolob is a star or planet described in Mormon scripture. Reference to Kolob is found in the Book of Abraham, a work that is traditionally held by adherents of the Mormon faith as having been translated from an Egyptian papyrus scroll by Joseph Smith, the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement. According to this work, Kolob is the heavenly body nearest to the throne of God.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Z Man Out-Of-The Blue

First off, I am moved to send out a big shout to Zeph Daniel/Zedjah.  I haven't talked to Zeph in quite a while . . . and out of the blue he sent me something that is going to greatly improve my video/Youtube abilities.  Wow.  Thank you Zeph..... Through the years, Zeph has been very kind and generous to me, always at times when a morale boost has been sorely needed.  I recall several years ago I had a personal conversation with John Moore (former Green Beret/RBN talk show host/PX expert) and Zeph's name came up and I remember John saying, "Yeah, Zeph's a good man" in such a matter-of-fact way that betold his own personal interactions with the Z man . . . and his unsolicited comment struck me.......

Anyway, it has been an exceptionally struggly time as of late--something I don't whine about because I know it is probably much the same for everyone else as the takedown of our society and culture continues apace . . . and I really do trust the Lord day to day despite the challenges.  Nevertheless, being human, it still gets a bit onerous and the stress levels have been definitely been ratcheted up . . . and so, this surprise, out-of-the-blue from Zeph was a bit of a shock and a thrill:)!

Not to be overly dramatic and please don't take it wrong . . . I still must say that this is a picture of how God works--unwarranted grace . . . an undeserved gift.  If you work for something then you are due something--you receive your wages, your compensation.  But the grace of God is utterly bereft of conditions.  The recipient does not earn grace, as the false religions teach.  The beauty and glory of God and what His Word says . . . is shown in His unmerited favor, according to His own good pleasure and will. . . . There have been a few people through the years of doing this public "ministry" that have blown me away with their similar acts of unwarranted grace and Zeph was there from the get-go.

I don't know if it's "appropriate" or "tasteful" or whatever . . . to publicly address this like this, but then . . . I'm fairly well out of the loop anyhow and always a bit off the beaten path..... I am moved to do so and am not going to overthink it.  In this case, I will follow my heart, heh. . . . . .
Thank you Zeph

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Answering A Critic

Anonymous said...
"Shawn may be wrong regarding his position on eschatology which is a non essential btw, but his soteriology (essential doctrine) is correct and is something he has not changed throughout his ministry. Is there room in the body to be incorrect on non essential doctrines and still be in the fold? If yes, you understand salvation. If no, you have no business pointing out errant doctrines."

I agree that we can differ on various "non-essential" points of doctrine and yet be considered all part of the "Body". . . . But instantly, there will be some differences in interpretation as to what is and what is NOT "non-essential".  For instance, you say that Shawn's soteriology is correct . . . but I wonder. . . .

I (and many others) believe that it is bordering on (if not outright) heresy to suggest that WE can do ANYTHING to warrant our salvation--and that would include "choosing".  We would say that you, in your utterly depraved, fallen, dead-in-sin condition are completely INCAPABLE of "choosing" God, of "opening the door" to "let Him into your heart."  We would say that any idea of an individual being ABLE in any way (even in a small way, like, ie., "grabbing the life-line thrown to you as you are drowning") to act in such a way, that then, God's grace follows . . . is WORKS!  And we would say that works-based soteriology . . . is simply what Catholicism, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses and most all other cults teach. 

On top of this, Shawn also teaches that you can lose your salvation.  Again, I would suggest that that is also bordering on, if not outright, heresy.  If you can lose your salvation (which means that YOU can DO something to thwart God's will) then you are basically calling God a liar and a failure.  Was Jesus' work on the cross effective?  Did it only give the opportunity for salvation?  Or was it a perfect sacrifice that saved exactly who it was intended for?  Jesus said He would deliver to the Father ALL that the Father gave Him--that He would lose NONE.  So . . . if you can thwart His will by DOING something that loses your salvation--you have made God a liar and a failure. 

Also, Shawn is not exactly honest, which is a big problem for a pastor (for anyone, of course, but ESPECIALLY someone in a position of authority handling the Word of God.)
He keeps insisting that the only problem some critics have with him in regards to his position on the Trinity . . . is in merely whether he uses the WORD "Trinity" or not.  Which is not an honest representation of the issue.  It is not whether he uses the word "Trinity" or not which we have a problem with . . . but the clear fact that he REJECTS the DOCTRINE of the Trinity.  Most orthodox believers agree that that IS an essential point of doctrine.  It is another thing that separates the cults from Biblical Christianity as it goes straight to the essential character and nature of God.  If you teach that God is not three distinct persons in one being, being one God, you are teaching a different God than the one shown in the Bible.

At what point, when you are incorrect on nearly all the main "non-essential" points of doctrine . . . AND borderline or cross the line on a few of the essentials as well . . . do you in essence cease becoming a Christian at all?  Why do we say that Mormons and Jehovahs Witnesses are not "Christian"?  Because they teach a different Jesus and a different Gospel.  I am afraid Shawn has practically moved into that camp, when you tally ALL of his errant ideas and proclamations together.

He has said that the Bible isn't really for our time--that it was intended for a certain people at a certain time. . . . He says the 2nd Coming already happened.  He rejects the Trinity. He says you can lose your salvation.  He has taught that believers will be judged (at the Bema seat judgment) and may yet be sent to Hell. . . . He has suggested (I heard it myself) that God may not be omniscient, omnipotent.  He is a universalist, teaching that Hell is not eternal (which many consider an essential matter of doctrine) . . . . He teaches that one can be saved by other than the "name of Jesus" . . . and on and on. . . .

My big concern regarding Shawn and what he is doing is what was evidenced recently in one of his shows.  Well, more than a year ago, I published my worry that Mormons who had left the LDS church would come to him seeking real Biblical Christianity . . . and end up getting McCraneyism instead and thus, would end up more confused and disheartened than ever.  And this appears to be what is happening.  On a recent show of his . . . he had an atheist caller who called in to thank Shawn for solidifying his atheist worldview (and to "keep up the good work") and Shawn talked about  several people (new believers left from Mormonism) who had come to him saying that the things he was teaching was making them more confused and faithless than ever.  His message is NOT "good news".  Does not offer hope. . . . It contradicts the Bible and new believers are being demoralized by his attacks on other Christian churches, doctrines, pastors etc.

This was my fear and this is what's happening . . . and I sincerely worry about the responsibility he has in his position, causing so many now to stumble. . . .     

Yes, I agree, there is room in the Body to disagree on "non-essentials" . . . "adiaphora" . . . . . . But at what point, when you are disagreeing on so many non-essentials AND seriously muddying the waters (if not outright contradicting) on a few ESSENTIALS as well . . . do I not have a right to concerned and questioning Shawn?

Anyway, thanks for your comment and the chance to respond . . . God bless.

Monday, September 1, 2014

In His Holy Hands

This is a time to separate the goats from the lambs . . . and the goats in lamb's clothing. . . . I see all being tested especially hard right now. . . .

The distractions are astoundingly intense.  So, so, so much self seeking--same old thing.  The devil's mantra "I don't care" is everywhere, especially in the latest his songs.  Long ago I labeled it "IDC" and we've used it as a descriptive meme in our family for years . . . certain people are "IDC" we say, or controlled by the IDC Demon. . . .

It is nothing more than the same old response, "I don't care what you say God . . . I'm doing it MY way. . . ."

Everywhere the assault is on. . . .

But I do not fret, though buffeted by the loose ships and loose lips banging around in the harbor or out at sea. . . . I rest in the sovereignty of God.  If man's free will is ruling the day, then, yes, there is little hope--none actually.  But I don't believe that.  I believe what the Bible says--that God is in control of everything, omnipotent, all-powerful . . . perfect . . . just . . . good . . . holy. . . .

He will mercy who He wants, and punish those He will.  It's all in His mighty, holy hands. . . .

Brother Thomas ©2015

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