Saturday, May 31, 2014

NanoTech,Chems,InfoTracking,Eugenics etc. update

[note: please forgive any typos here... it was a lot to write and i'm late for work, gotta run, but wanted to get this out today, God bless]

"Fear those who by usurped power have the means to destroy man's manhood, thereby making him incapable of thinking, reasoning and bereft of the power of imagination; no longer a human creature, but a robot or zombie, prevented from fulfilling his Divine destiny by making it impossible to awaken the Soul."

I don't recall exactly when it was but it seems like in one of the earlier shows I did with Zeph Daniel ("Zedjah") about 7-8 years ago . . . when I gave my theory on chemtrails.  I don't recall anybody else at the time saying this, but I remember "seeing" it in what I called in those days a sort of "visionary flash". . . . I suggested as usual with such things, that there were several different agenda layers to the program . . . but that I suspected nano-technology was involved.  I said that were spraying, among other things, "nano-bots" to infuse into biological systems/bodies . . . for possible present and later activation.  I believe I tied it into the whole electro-magnetic "grid" also being set up at the time through ever ubiquitous phone cell towers and other frequency-generating/manipulating structures like HAARP.  I predicted that one day they would be able to target individuals and specific populations who "think a certain way" according to their particular brain-frequency signatures (ie., conservative, patriotic Christians' brains would generally put off a type of frequency "signature" according to their train of thoughts and "spiritual" inclinations . . . and could thus be targeted as a group for suppression/oppression/torment). . . .

I also tied a lot of the various related agendas into the "transhumanist" movement a la' Ray Kurzwiel's Frankensteinian objectives (merging technology with human biology) and encapsulated it somewhat in the song I wrote and recorded roughly the same time "Transhuman Psychotronic".

Recently I checked back into the subject, looking into some of the latest, best scientific and experiential research on the subject(s) . . . and . . . at least regarding chemtrails, this idea of them involving (among other things) nanotechnology has become a fairly well assumed part of the agenda by the leading investigators on the subject.  If you google "chemtrails" and "nanotechnology" along with "bio-engineering" . . . there are a number of interesting and well-made YouTube videos on the matter.  A researcher I only recently learned about when looking into the Sandy Hook psyop is Sophia Smallstorm, who has a done a few very well thought-out and researched videos on the subjects of 911, Sandy Hook, and chemtrails/bio-engineering.  I found it interesting that she said the same thing I did in a recent interview, that . . . in 2009 while studying the subject of chemtrails it "just hit me like a flash" that nano-tech was involved.  She said all of sudden she "just 'saw' it."  That is about exactly how it came to me also.  On an even further "out there" note I will just say that I suspect that God will continue to get "information"/Truth to people as He wills, circumventing the mind-control systems that "they" are enforcing . . . and it probably come like that, in "visionary flashes" of insight, outside the "normal" modes of "thinking" (which modes I suggested around 2006 were being taken over by a "tripartite layer" such that "original thought" was going to be mostly a thing of the past, as nearly all "thought" would be controlled through various means by the global governing techno-cabal.)

Another agenda item I said was going on received little attention, as it was not the "sexy" analysis that most "conspiracy theorists" were apt to come up with when analyzing apparent "false flag" events.  Again, it hit me in a flash--with a sudden "knowing"--what was really going on.  It was during the H1N1 Bird Flu outbreak/panic back 2009.  Most of the "conspiracy theorists" were giving portents of doom, the usual coming of "martial law" and possible spreading of the virus into cities to kill by the thousands, inducing mass hysteria and the police state we have all been expecting (which is already here, btw) . . . . . BUT what I saw was that these "false flags" were more about was THE TRACKING OF INFORMATION FLOW.  Who is saying what and where as such "events" happen. 
Well, this is just the conclusion that Sophia Smallstorm came to also, I recently heard her say in an her excellent documentary on Sandy Hook which I think she put out in 2013 called "Unraveling Sandy Hook". 
I found that interesting, that this is what she came up with after looking at the whole thing.  Yes, they are in for the gun-grab . . . but as she looked closer at the media reporting and information control and dissemination she saw patterns and, just as I suspected, what is highly involved in all this mess is "information control/tracking" as part of an overall, long-term social engineering project by the invisible cabal. . . .

Besides the disarming agenda involved with recent "false flags" . . . and the information tracking/ molding (which also is a huge part "Common Core") . . . "mental health" is going to be a new big issue "they" will be focusing on.  Who is "mentally healthy"?  This was a major component of the totalitarian regime in the Soviet empire.  Christians, of course, were considered the most UNstable mentally and were forced into "institutions" where they were highly medicated and "re-educated" to abandon their "religious insanity". You can see the "mental health" aspect of the agenda rearing up even now with the shooting in Santa Barbara, California (by Elliot Rodger).

Then there is this. . . . Part of the "agenda" we know is population control/reduction.  The militant homosexual agenda plays a role in this along with the destruction of traditional marriage and sex roles.  But also included I have learned is how technology is also being used, ie., through the ubiquitous installation of WiFi everywhere.

Oh, what a nightmare these children of the devil have in store for the world and have well underway!

But this is why--in seeing all this for some time now, and continuing to be proven mostly correct--I have shifted my own focus on how to react and deal with it.  There are many useless and noneffective ways to deal with it, pushed usually by folk with their own self-interest at the helm, but I want the real deal.  WHAT CAN BE DONE!  How to respond. . . . And, obviously, as believer, the response must be God-centered for it to have any spiritual, long-term effectuality.
For one thing, I have long been warning to be careful not to be caught up in the daily news and latest crisis cycle, flitting here and there, chasing the newest "shocking revelation".  What we need and should be doing . . . is to be locked on to the only Revelation that matters in the end!  DAILY!  Which is why I mostly continue to come here to write and focus on matter pertaining to our Lord specifically, taking the mind away from worldly mess and from where "they" are manipulating mass consciousness to be (likewise on a daily basis) for there fiendish purposes. . . .

". . . except possibly in the governing aristocracy, all but 5 percent of males and 30 percent of females will be sterilized.  The 30 percent of females will be expected to spend the years from eighteen to forty in reproduction, in order to secure adequate cannon fodder.  As a rule, artificial insemination will be preferred to the natural method.  The unsterilized, if they desire the pleasures of love, will usually have to seek it with sterilized partners. . . . Any woman desiring to have a child will have to apply to Eugenic State Authority for the necessary permission . . . if she is satisfactory, a list of suitable sires will be given her to choose from."

I'm sorry I can't recall the fellow's name and blog, but there is a guy who is fighting the installation of WiFi in all the public schools. He is a credentialed chemist--knows his stuff and is sounding the alarm. "Their" test market to begin the agenda is in Florida where they intend to fully outfit a district with mass WiFi capability.  Well, as it turns out, research on the matter shows that WiFi is a form of radiation.  And when it bombards a young girls body, it affect her reproductive system.  What happens is that where a young woman or girl produces eggs and those eggs are bombarded with radiation (ie., from WiFi) the egg "casing" hardens in defense.  In fact, it hardens to much that the "normal" method of sperm uniting thereat CANNOT OCCUR--the sperm cannot penetrate the hardened shell.  So guess what?  The only way she can reproduce is by use of a needle via artificial insemination!

You see, the long-term plan is to eliminate "normal" procreation and replace it with a Eugenic form of scientific reproduction, such that only the "fittest" will be allowed to sire and the children will be brought up by the state.
Anyhow, here are a few more quotes from an old book I've had on my shelf for years called "The Age of Treason" by Dr. Clymer, published in 1959, predicting quote aptly much of what is going on now:

 "Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible . . . as a rule artificial insemination will be preferred to the natural method . . . . To those accustomed to this system, the family as we know it would seem as odd as the tribal and totem organization of Australian aborigines seems to us."

" . . . Education should aim at destroying the free will, so that after pupils have left school, they should be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished. . . . Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between the rulers and the ruled will increase until they become almost different species."

"The enemies of God and mankind, by their own admission, have used, or plan to employ inoculations for the purpose of destroying mental balance, making it impossible for the minds of children to develop beyond a more or less moronic or robotic degree. . . ."

"However – and I want to make this very definite and very positive – the real reason behind fluoridation is not to benefit children’s teeth. If this were the real reason there are many ways in which it could be done that are much easier, cheaper and far more effective. The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination and control and loss of liberty…I was told of this entire scheme by a German chemist who was an official of the great Farben chemical industries and was also prominent in the Nazi movement at the time…”

“Every vigilant human being should be concerned with several important factors involved: The methods or means by which it is possible to change man’s characteristics as easily as the animal’s. Man is a warrior by nature, the protector of his family, and his own rights and privileges; an individual, a free man… A being who has wrought great things and who, if not interfered with, will do even greater things. This being is to be turned into a lesser female; unable, even unwilling, to defend himself, much less his family or country; becoming a slave…”

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Truth From John

Jesus spoke these things; and lifting up His eyes to heaven, He said, " . . . all whom You have given Him, He may give eternal life. . . I have manifested Your name to the men whom You gave Me out of the world . . .  I do not ask on behalf of the world, but of those whom You have given Me . . . I do not ask on behalf of these alone, but for those also who believe in Me through their word . . .   Father, I desire that they also, whom You have given Me, be with Me where I am . . . "  --John 17 highlights
"This is the will of Him who sent Me, that of all that He has given Me I lose nothing, but raise it up on the last day."  --John 6:39
Does Jesus ALWAYS do the will of the Father?
So does He lose any?
Yet . . . we know that not all are saved, right?
But if Jesus loses NONE that the Father gives Him, then who are these that end up lost?
Surely it must be those who are NOT given to the Son by the Father.
There are an "elect" . . . and there are "non-elect".
If God wanted to could He save everyone? 
Does He everyone?
Whose will determines who will be saved, God or man?
Surely it must be God's will. . . .
The Father gives an "elect" to the Son, which "elect" the Son DOES NOT LOSE.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Not Deceived

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.  --Mark 24:24

What blessed assurance is this!  If it were possible . . . even the elect will be deceived.  But it's not possible.  The elect, by God's will, will not be deceived. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Decreed Witness & Worship

Thanks Steven for the comment, it was encouraging and nice to hear:)

A couple more thoughts. . . .

My position I can back up with scripture; it is not just me philosophizing with feet planted in mid-air.  At the same time, if I hear of or find scripture that tells the contrary then I am happy to change position.  Again, I always want to emphasize that the Word of God has got to be the touchstone, the anchor for determining truth. 

And at this point I don't see how it can be any other way.  All that happens is by the decree--by the will of God.  Nothing . . . NOTHING . . . happens outside of His perfect intention.  Within that, I have to conclude that this includes all that I myself think and do.  At most--and it is in itself a truly astounding, mysterious, wondrous thing--I am a loci of individual consciousness, a witness to all that God is and does, by and through me . . . by and through everyone else . . . and ALL of it redounds to His glory that HE IS and that this is HOW He is.  The original rebellion . . . and all subsequent rebellion is in the complaint against Him that it all ought to be a different way.  The rebel does not like HOW He is. They say things like "if the Christian God is the true God, I could never worship a God like that!"

But I go further and say even this rebellion . . . must be part of His intention as well.  What we have is a DEMONSTRATION of what life and existence looks like when it goes against God and His will.  The perfect, sparkling, beautiful diamond shines most and best against the dark, black background.  An attribute of God is "loving relationship".  As He is a Trinity, there is loving relationship between three Persons, the Son, the Spirit and the Father.  To show the wonder and glory of this, He makes a creation filled with persons, with whom He intends to have infinite, loving relationships.  To demonstrate and clarify and deepen the meaning of this . . . in His creation He decrees that there will be a rebellion, a falling away--a demonstration of what life and creation looks like when it goes against His character, His will, His way. . . .  And it is a horrible, untenable thing to behold.  But it also provides the opportunity to demonstrate other attributes of His character, which are also His glory:  mercy, grace, love, longsuffering, justice.  Only HE can remedy the situation, so He sends His Son, God Himself to redeem a portion of lost mankind, a remnant of the Fall, even though they do not deserve it . . . even though they are born rebels who hate Him . . . and these will be saved and perfected to become eternal heirs in His unending glory. 

All of this if for His glory; although unregenerate people cannot understand this.  They look at such a phrase or notion through the lens of their darkened, carnal and corrupted minds.  "What is He?  Some kind of tyrant who needs adulation?  Isn't that a bit egotistical, that God needs everyone to bow down and worship Him or else they get sent to Hell?"

And without the aid of the Spirit, these actually are not unreasonable analyses. . . . I remember thinking the same thing when I was a young man searching and pondering.  But what this comes from is a mind that is asleep, or even dead you could say.

As in all such cases, what is utterly not comprehended in the very first place is the basic, mind-blowing realization . . . that there is a God at all!  And that God is a Person!  It is astounding enough that there is ANYTHING at all; but that above and beyond and prior to all . . . there exists the I AM THAT I AM!

THEN, to realize that not only is there an all-knowing, all-powerful, omnipresent Being above and beyond and before all creation, Who is Self-existent . . . but that He is also a Person (three Persons actually) and that His innate attributes include things like beauty, love, justice, faithfulness, artistic creativity, holiness, honor, chastity. . . .

Just the brute fact of all this . . . should be enough--well, actually IS enough--to cause a living, sentient soul to fall to their knees in awe, righteous fear and trembling, and want to immediately shout praises of wonder and appreciation to such a Being!  Anyone who says, "why would I care about going to Heaven . . . if all we're gonna do is stand around and worship God?" . . . is not alive and therefor does not comprehend the immensity and profundity of the fact of existence itself, let alone that there is a Personal, benevolent Being at the basis of it all, with Whom we can have personal, ongoing relationship!

Another problem in such cases, mentioned oft before, is that such people (the "living dead") likewise do not comprehend how perfect, holy and good God is and especially in comparison to how corrupt, debased, perverse and wicked the fallen are.  We tend to compare ourselves with other people and think, "I'm not so bad.  I haven't killed anyone!  I haven't robbed a bank or raped anyone. . . . "

But we are not going to be judged by comparison to man's standards or other peoples' worse sins.  We are judged against God's PERFECT law and character, for "no unclean thing can enter Heaven."
Besides that, regardless of whether we have committed acts such as murder or rape . . . Jesus gave the dire news in the Mount Sermon . . . that our HEARTS are what are judged, not just the acts.  We are ALL murderers of the heart, adulterers at heart. . . . 

Anyhow, going back to the beginning point in this writing.  I can tell you the God I DON'T worship or believe in.  That would be a God who created a world and peopled it, but then was surprised when things went "wrong" . . . taken aback that there was rebellion . . . and then thought up a remedy, "I know!  I will send my Son!" . . . IN THE HOPES THAT . . . as many people as possible would CHOOSE to accept the sacrifice . . . with this God pacing around Heaven, hoping, wringing His hands, "pick Me, pick Me!  I want ALL of you to be saved . . . but I am powerless against your free will, so pleeeease  do the right thing and accept my offer of grace. . . . " --A God who creates a universe not certain how it will all go . . . who tries to intervene here and there in history to save the day, but mostly watches from afar, hands off, broken-hearted at the failed creation, trying at best to influence people to choose Him . . . but watching sadly as many choose instead to run off with the devil to Hell. . . .

No, that is not the God I see in the Bible nor one I would be excited to worship.  Instead, I worship a God who is completely, wholly, righteously, perfectly SOVEREIGN!  Who reigns like a KING over ALL of His creation.  Who decrees from BEFORE THE FOUNDATIONS of the world WHAT will be, HOW it will be, WHO will be in it and what their roles will be in HIS DEMONSTRATION OF THE GLORY OF HIS MANY WONDROUS ATTRIBUTES, which attributes and character I am deeply, brokenly moved to acknowledge and worship, for He has deigned to create me as a LIVING WITNESS to His glory, in space and time . . . and in time and time to come!  AMEN!


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Do We Do Anything?

I am always open to new information, deeper understanding and will abandon a strong held belief if I come to realize it is in error.  One area I have been fascinated in for most of my life is the nature of individual consciousness/existence within/without omnipresent/omniscient/omnipotent God.  From "my own" reasoning and what I believed were flashes of revelation/insight from God I had long held the pantheistic view.  It always made the most sense to me.  That is, that ALL is God, God is all.  Individuality is only an illusion of sorts--a sort of deliberate particularized "Self-forgetting" by God--God sort of "playing" (in Hinduism called "leela").  Moving into traditional, orthodox Christian theology I had to move from that belief to one that holds that God is quite distinct from creation, from the creature.  We are NOT God.  Although we can be "one" with God, and are indeed commanded to be "in His will", so-to-speak. . . .

Something that drew me to the last version of Hinduism I believed in (Gaudiya Vaishnavism) was that a concept called "achintya-bheda-tattva" which means "simultaneous oneness AND difference".  It says that we are both distinct from God AND one with God.  I once used this concept myself to try and reconcile free will with God's sovereignty, and I know that there are those who continue to assert that the Bible teaches that we both have our independent free will AND God is sovereign. . . . Nevertheless in Gaudiya Vaishnavism the teaching was very insistent that, while we can be "one with God" . . . we ARE NOT GOD.  God is God . . . and we are creatures.  It was also a monotheistic form of Hinduism.  

Currently, I am quite convinced of the "Reformed" understanding of Biblical theology.  God is absolutely sovereign.  I tend to go a bit further in my own beliefs though than even most hard-core "Calvinists" but also say that I am open-minded and still studying the issue.  

What issue?  Whereas most Reformed thinkers will say that we DO have "free will" . . . but that it is confined within our nature (whether fallen or regenerate) I am not so sure that we do anything. . . . 

Following up on my last post, I tend to believe that about all we really do . . . is just be a witness.  I believe we are given a sort of experience that we "do" things with "individual will" . . . and I do think that God has made us as unique individuals . . . and that we experience life and existence as if we were independent and autonomous . . . ultimately . . . I am not so sure that we actually "do" anything at all in and of ourselves.  I tend to believe that God is the prime mover behind all apparent volition.  Yet, I also accept that we are responsible for our sin.  I also have some ideas on the problem of evil--where people say "God is not the author of sin" . . . counterposed against those verses where God makes clear that creates "light and dark" and the "wicked for the day of destruction" . . . which I might share sometime . . . although.......

........I don't know if this line of thought interests anyone or is just a pet area of mine . . . but I ponder it regularly and have for years, this paradox. . . . Perhaps as time goes on I will share more of my analysis and thinking and scriptural study on the matter. . . .

Anyway, just thought I'd throw it out there........
God blesses you, praise God,
a witness.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


It "all" fairly well boils down to this:  In our fallen, spiritually blinded state of consciousness . . . we do not appreciate the glory of God.  His glory includes His magnitude, His holiness, His loving, just "nature". . . .

Alongside that, we think ridiculously far too highly of ourselves.  In fact, that's pretty much all we think about, though sometimes it is disguised in our acts of assumed "selflessness".  It is a glorious thing to be graced with the Eyes to See in ourselves what wretches we actually are--when we catch that glimpse of--even in our presumed "good" works of "selflessness", in giving and serving--how even then there is self interest involved.  If feels good to do things for others and almost always there is at least a very subtle trace of spiritual pride and self-righteousness. . . . In this world, in our condition, it is practically impossible to truly do anything that is not tainted with a degree of sin, of "missing the mark".  But again, I say it is glorious and a wonder and a fantastic grace from God when you can See this truth and are not led away into the pretense of being somewhat righteous, a "good" person.  This is what it means to be "poor in spirit".  Mathew 5:3 says:  "BLESSED are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven"!

It is in this desperate state that we finally realize and accept our complete, unmitigated need for a rescue, for a Savior.  And even though we are not honestly seeking God, but only clever, self-crafted idols dressed up as a quest for God, He demonstrates His glory by condescending down to us, giving us the Eyes to see our desolate situation so that now we DO yearn for His deliverance; all glory to HIM--nothing in ourselves to boast of. . . .

In all of this . . . what I tend to see most of all . . . and I continue to suspect it is a profound, mysterious, endlessly wondrous truth in the whole thing at its core . . . is that what we have from the start . . . during the middle . . . and ongoing into eternity . . . is DEMONSTRATION AND WITNESS.

What do I mean by this?  Well, I can easily see enough content for a book describing more in depth and detail what I mean and what I think is a primary revelation to be had in this whole experience (of creation, life, judgment, heaven, hell etc.) . . . but fundamentally what we have is that God is demonstrating His glory.  He is an expressive God.  And He is into relationship (a basic attribute of His shown in the mystery of the Trinity, being three persons in one being). . . .

"Demonstrate" to who?  To WITNESSES.  Most people who think in general terms of religion, spirituality, God etc., think that scriptures are about having rules set down--how to behave, to become "a better person", and secrets, techniques, methods, practices etc., for how to reach God . . . when the truth is much more interestingly and somewhat deceptively simple and straightforward.  It is more about BEING A WITNESS.  We are WITNESSES to the glory of God.  This is our design, what we are made for, to be witnesses!  God's glory is on display; all His many wondrous, awesome, frightening, inspiring, mind-blowing attributes are here, put out in time and space creation . . . with creatures made to participate as WITNESSES to the DEMONSTRATION.

When Paul and the other apostles went out to preach the Gospel, did they spend their time and breath and words teaching spiritual techniques of "the Way"?  No.  What they primarily gave was TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ, His death, burial and resurrection and how it fulfilled holy scripture.  They were WITNESSES to His life and mission and this is mostly what they preached.  Subsequent followers, even through the coming age of the martyrs . . . stood on their faith, their belief in the story of Jesus and His witnesses. . . .  God's wide-ranging, deep, personal, good and holy attributes had been demonstrated through ancient history, recorded . . . and then through the Son's mission to redeem a lost and fallen people, to be kept for Himself for eternity--witnesses from time past into  forever, to God's unending, unfathomable, worshipful glory!

note:  thanks dear writer for asking about my son Alexander and the fires.  He is still in what they call "red card" where they train intensively . . . for I think a couple of weeks . . . before they are available to be called to fires.  He still has a week of that, where he is at the base not too far away from where we live.  But then, yeah, he could be sent a number of places, but most likely will remain in the state, although you never know..... He is also expecting around July to be called up to go to "Academy" to train for "structure".  That means he would be mustered into one of the city "structure" fire departments, which is kind of the goal for all fire fighters who aren't in a structure department yet, and that is something he has wanted since a little boy who wanted "to grow up to be a fireman" heh:)
Thanks for asking... I will try and remember to put in updates as the season progesses... God bless

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Examples of Sumbission

Another example of what I've been trying to communicate for a while here regarding the difference between being truly submitted to the Truth versus delusionally just continuing to follow the self while claiming to be follow the Truth. . . .

When I use to follow what I might loosely call "my own reasoning" I couldn't imagine that God would be the kind of being who would "punish people forever" in Hell just because they didn't adhere to a specific set of beliefs.  I didn't believe in a God who created Hell.  It made more sense to me that we would or at least could ALL reach God--become identified with deity, being but small sparks of that deity anyhow, although it might take eons and millions of rounds of incarnation.  THAT made more sense to me than the idea of a "judgmental" God who sent "sinners" to "hell".  My own reasoning was very similar to that of Shawn McCraney's on Hell and what you hear many atheists and agnostics say.  They simply cannot, will not believe in a God who would send people to eternal torment for so-called "sinning" in one brief life on earth. . . .

But now, I confess and believe The Word of God and in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and that Jesus is the only Way.  And I am submitted to His Word, whether I personally like parts of it or not.  I still have discomfort with the doctrine of Hell, although I believe I understand it much more deeply than ever before and that the Spirit is revealing God's glory in it as my unfolding regeneration continues.  Regardless, despite my own predilections or theories on the matter, the Bible is clear.  There IS a Hell, Jesus warned of it, and God WILL send unrepentant sinners there to suffer eternal damnation.

Also, consider "gay marriage". . . . Personally, I do not enjoy seeing two dudes full mouth kissing on my local t.v. news every day and night.  I personally don't believe that it is good for children to be brought up by "two mommies" or "two daddies" but instead I believe they should be raised by a mother and a father, man and wife, married hetereo-sexual couple.

BUT . . . if there were a passage in the Bible that said something like "God also made the effeminate, that they too may join in marriage and raise adopted children" . . . REGARDLESS of my personal opinion or predilection . . . I would have to support gay marriage, whether I myself liked it or not.  I am SUBMITTED TO THE WORD.  In this case, the Word supports what my own inclination is--that it is not to be condoned--and so, even though all of society supports it and persecutes those who don't, I MUST stay true to the Word of God on the matter. . . .

(I perhaps have more to say on this...... gotta run.... but back in a flash... God bless you:)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

On Being "Sincere"

When I was a "Vaishnava" (devotee of the Hindu version of God, "Vishnu") I believed that a seeker's sincerity was mostly what counted to God.  In fact, over the years, throughout the various permutations of "spirituality" that I studied and practiced . . . I assumed that if a person were truly just sincere . . . then it didn't really matter what doctrine was believed or followed.  God would know that your intentions were right.  Also, it meant that even if you had the utterly correct doctrine, followed it most all ways, if you were not sincere, then it would count for nothing, or very little.  I also believed that there was a sliding scale of "exaltation", again basically based on your sincerity.

Shawn McCraney railed this same general message last night on his show.  Again, he excoriated those who "follow men" . . . who are "religious" . . . who put "correct doctrine" above all.  If you are sincere, regardless of your religion, he was practically saying, then THAT is what God only cared about.  So long as "love" was your guide. 

I heard a clip of Glenn Beck blasting "right-wing Christians"yesterday saying the same thing.  He was savaging those "so-called" Christians who are complaining about his speech at Liberty University, calling them "monsters."  It was obviously the same spirit that Shawn was exhibiting, and which I am seeing more and more it seems.  The Mormons usually will say the same thing when talking about their own salvation.  If asked, "do you KNOW you are saved?" they will hem and haw and say, "I believe so. . . ."  If pressed whether they have given up all "ungodliness" as the Book of Mormon tells them they must to get into Heaven, they will admit that "no, not totally . . . but God knows my heart--He see I'm trying and sincere and I am counting on that--"

It is also what I hear most of the atheists and agnostics say to varying degrees when I listen to their confrontations with street preachers and in debates. . . .

Heresy makes strange bedfellows. . . .

All of this comes simply from a person having a MAN-CENTERED worldview and personal filter.  It comes from NOT being submitted to the Word, but rather, starting with one's own predilections, emotions, imagination etc., then trying to fit scripture into that.

And this, is something you either can See . . . or not.

If "sincerity" is all that matters, then it doesn't really matter if you have the right Jesus, the right doctrines and history or even the correct picture of God.  So long as you are sincere, you can be a Shinto priest making sacrifices to ancestors and animal spirits. . . .

Oh how I am grateful to be rescued from that morass and wilderness of subjective, eisegetical wandering, wondering, error and vain hope. . . .

Most who push this sort of thing, you will find, secretly think quite highly of themselves.  THEY are "sincere"!  THEY are really "trying" to find God!

When we KNOW from His Word that NONE seek Him!  None do good!  Only when GOD HIMSELF grants new life to a soul and gives them a new heart, opens their spiritual eyes and the Spirit teaches them the TRUTH . . . are they then going to TRUTHFULLY seek God! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Choice Bits

Wherefore all theology, when separated from Christ, is not only vain and confused, but is also mad, deceitful, and spurious; for, though the philosophers sometimes utter excellent sayings, yet they have nothing but what is short-lived, and even mixed up with wicked and erroneous sentiments. calvin

Without absolutes revealed from without by God Himself, we are left rudderless in a sea of conflicting ideas about manners, justice and right and wrong, issuing from a multitude of self-opinionated thinkers.  john owen

No more soul-destroying doctrine could well be devised than the doctrine that sinners can regenerate themselves, and repent and believe just when they pleascharles hodge

 They go and set up free-will with the heathen philosophers and say that a man’s free-will is the cause why God chooseth and not another, contrary to all scriptures.  Tyndale

Monday, May 19, 2014

Some Notes & Responses

Just got back from a jaunt down to St. George Utah to see Jackson's band Westward The Tide play.  we had never seen them play live yet.  I took a few little video clips of the performance and if he says it's ok I will try and get those up on my YouTube channel.  They are really great live--we are so proud of what Jack's done musically in just the year or so he really started applying himself to it.  More in a bit on all that.....
Hey JC .... I have heard the Spetznaz report in a few places .. but most recently heard it from a talk given by Sargent Major Dan Page at an Oathkeepers meeting in Missouri.... Quite a blunt and dire assessment from Page, who has been in all kinds of military theaters over the years and knows fellow officers at the highest levels confirming what he saw, knows and has heard about what's happening and about what's about to come down.  I found it especially interesting his mention of the "zones" that the U.S. and the world is going to be carved into for NWO government.  It is kind of spooky and strange how many things I got right when I did my satirical  NWO bits as "T-Ray: Regional Director for the New World Order" back in 1990-91 on our local major talk radio station.  I did one  guest appearance with a host named Sam Russell where I talked about the NWO environmentalist agenda and said that the country would be divided into 10 "Zones", the state boundaries basically abolished and that people were to be forced out of their cars and into light rail, bicycles, and rickshaws, heh... and that the U.S. was basically slated to be just one big "national park" for the world's elite to come to as we the citizens were to be left as service workers at that "park" . . . with us all crammed into "smart" cities and overall America being de-industrialized and just left to go back to its "wild" state.....  If you listen to Dan Page, he talks about there being, I think, 10 "zones" intended for the U.S. to replace the states....pretty much like I satirized/predicted 24 years ago!  I also did shows talking about a plan to take people's children from them and put them into opposite type families (opposite race, sexuality, culture, religion etc.) in order to create "diversity" and break down "tradition" ..... I thought of this also when Sargent Page talked about the "education camps" being planned for children, taken away from their parents... much like happened in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.....  Ahhhh, isn't totalitarian, left wing socialism/communism great!

Here's a link to Page's talk, fwiw:

Friday, May 16, 2014

Beware The Rotten Fruit Smattering

It is becoming clearer to me all the time, as time goes on and the Spirit reveals more depth and nuance within His perfect Word . . . that many who fancy themselves followers of Jesus . . . really only follow a "Jesus" they have made up in their own minds.  Armed with a few select verses which support their self-made idol, they are constantly ready to critique and disparage any whose God does not match the idol they hold fast to within, usually with the charges of "legalist", "religious", "Pharisee" or the easy, go-to catch-all "heretic".

On the other hand, just because many are quick to produce the charge of "heretic" . . . does NOT mean that there aren't indeed real heretics. . . .

So, who's got the right One?  Where is the real Jesus to be found?  And does all this parsing and dividing and judging and discerning really matter?  Again, many end up just not wanting to be bothered by it, and so, shrug away the search for truthful answers, content to remain with whatever version has happened to develop in their own minds.

Almost all will claim, in any case, that their testimony relies on experience WITHIN.  Indeed, all of these have some sort of internal "experience" of what is deemed the "spiritual"--of "God"--but how is one to determine whether that "experience" is truly of God . . . or only of imagination, or worse, of demonic mis-directions. . . ?

This is where study of the Word comes in, and where I become suspicious of those who do not look to God's Word, except in superficial, emotional or subjective ways and tend to call those who DO go to the Word and propound It vigorously "legalistic" . . . or "controlled by religion".

Man-made "religion" is one thing, and all along has been a problem for the real disciples of Jesus--indeed, it was the "religious" who clamored for His silencing and death. . . . But just as often, I observe that many of those who attack "religion" are shouting from just another ditch.  They have constructed an idol in their own minds of who Jesus is--what following Him means, and usually it is not so much based in the authority of Scripture but derives from personal inclinations, pet theories, vanity and hazy, emotionally hatched thinking.

I don't mean to imply that ONLY those with a broad, thorough knowledge of Scripture are capable of "following Jesus."  JESUS the Person saves, not Scripture.  And plenty of babes in Christ, ie., new born again converts in disparate lands--the jungles of the Congo, deep in the Amazon rain forest, far off in desert caves, or alone in some large pagan city--have neither fully understood nor even known of much Biblical doctrine/history at all.  But if they are true converts, truly born again, they crave to know more.  I have in mind a video that recently made the rounds of some new Believers in China who finally got their first shipment of Bibles.  When the box arrived they opened it with awe and precious care, breaking into tears as they handled the Books reverently, thankfully, joyously.
Others like these dear ones sometimes only have had one Bible to share among a whole Church or village and they would pass it around, righteously coveting it.  Some have cut it into parts so that each might have a precious portion to pour over, then trade it amongst themselves.  Bottom line is, those who are truly born again yearn for MORE of the Word and want to delve into It deeper and broader and get it right!  Those who only want an idol--who only want certain verses that they can twist to suit their personal imagination or demonically lead cult of understanding, tend to marginalize the whole of the Word, focusing instead on select portions which buttress their own agendas.

I don't know of any authentic disciples who are content with a smattering here and there of Scripture and who do not want to learn more and study to "show themselves approved" to handle and wield the holy Word of God.  The false ones exalt their ignorance into something noble, claiming that "spirit" trumps what is Written, forgetting that Jesus Himself was always pointing to Scripture to validate His role and that It "might be fulfilled."  These are they who constantly getting "words" from the Spirit, most of which (not surprisingly) CONTRADICT or pervert what He established in His Revelation to us.

Does anyone have a complete and perfect knowledge of Scripture, or of God's character?  No, not among mortals and I wonder if we EVER will.  I suspect that one of the great thrills of Heaven will be a continual and endless unfolding to our appreciation and understanding an ever deepening witness to Who and What He Is.  But woe to those who have tasted of the fruits of His Spirit and eat from His table, but then take that smattering and run . . . to concoct self-pleasing doctrines and then begin constructing a different God, an idol (which is nothing but a mystical hash of self) while condemning those who yearn and strive to stay in TRUTH, whether the Truth is pleasing to the self and one's idol or not. . . .

These are they for whom the warning passages of Scripture are given; those who do not "abide in the vine."  These are they who eventually leave because "they were really never of us."  --1 John 2:19

"By their fruits you will know them. . . . " besides actions, means the DOCTRINES that such preach.  If someone is teaching what is not found in the Scripture, which is to be our guide, then you will know that "teaching" derives from a different "Jesus"--one formed in their own mind and wicked, unregenerate heart.

"Nothing so much prevents men from entering the strait gate, and becoming true followers of Christ, as the carnal, soothing, flattering doctrines of those who oppose the truth. They may be known by the drift and effects of their doctrines. Some part of their temper and conduct is contrary to the mind of Christ. Those opinions come not from God that lead to sin."  --Mathew Henry commentary on Mathew 7:20

Thursday, May 15, 2014


When the story first appeared regarding the radical Islamic terror group Boko Haram kidnapping the 300 or so school girls . . . I thought, "That's odd . . . why is this in the news?  The Boko Haram, established in 2002 by Muhammad Yusef has been attacking and murdering Christians by the church-load for over a decade.  Why do Hollywood celebrities, the Marxist "mainstream media", the left-wing Godless fascist regime, et al give a c*ap NOW, all of a sudden?"

I immediately smelled something fishy . . . above and beyond the hundreds of tortured, burnt and slaughtered Christian men, women and children that have been steadily murdered by the Islamists in that region of Nigeria.

In fact, Christians are being hunted down, tortured, raped and murdered ALL OVER the Middle East and Africa these days since the petty tyrant and his regime have come to power, mostly with the State Departments' help, and so . . . it struck instantly as odd that some attention was finally being given to the Christian genocide.  But as I thought about it, pretty quick I had a working theory underway, which has only been confirmed since the hash-tags and recent reporting. . . .

I have been writing lately about the great awakening of Christianity in Africa--how it has been rescuing and transforming that long troubled continent . . . and we have had several countries there--once bastions of homicidal Marxist/communist regimes . . . actually coming out as "Christian countries" now.

This is a problem for the Satanic global elite. . . . While they've been busy trying exterminate Christianity from the Middle East (via Islamic wars and "revolutions" in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt) Africa has been off the radar and been steadily being transformed by the regenerative effects of the Gospel.  Barry DID go on a tour there recently and told all the governments they needed to go gay, but he was mostly rebuffed and sent home packing.

Well, this will not stand!  So, what I realized was that the attention so suddenly and oddly being payed to 300 Christian kidnapped school girls in Nigeria . . . is really just a means to get the Christian Nigerian government back on the radar . . . and the whole affair will be used a means to try and topple that government and get it replaced with a radical, terrorist Islamic/Marxist state. 

The hashtag episode . . . is an agenda  and the beginning of getting going a broad social media network and awareness through which the revolutionary agenda can be hurried along.  I suspect that deals are already being made with the Boko Haram . . . where they will be funded and armed by Barry and the gang to continue and upstep the war on the Christian Nigerian government.  "Gay rights" will be . . . (excuse the pun) . . . the blunt end of the ramming rod used to batter down that government in the media and "public opinion".   The Haram will probably be paid off somehow to release the girls to show that "hashtag diplomacy" works . . . and they will be promised expanded support for their future Christian genocidal activities. . . .

A bit cynical?  Heh, this is probably giving "them" TOO much credit for good intentions.  The truth is probably even ten times more cynical and horrific, so disgustingly depraved are our current "leaders". . . .

So, anyway . . . bottom line . . . I think all this sudden attention being paid to Nigeria is part of a larger plan to pay attention to Africa in general . . . and start the revolutionary work of establishing GAY over the whole continent, set up communist and "Islamic" tyrants . . . while exterminating as many Christians as possible--to stop and reverse the trend of the Evangelization of the continent.


In other news . . . we can't leave out the Moloch inspired global baby-murdering agenda.  Abortion and AIDS cases have been plummeting in those countries in Africa that have gone Christian . . . which the billionaire Marxist globalists don't like (they like AIDS and murdering babies for population control of "undesirables") . . . and for the Moloch agenda in general . . . the United Nations is considering making it "law" through treaties that Pro Life speech and advocacy IS EQUIVALENT TO TORTURE. . . .

Yep.  Astounding, isn't it . . . how degenerate and wicked these Godless pagans can be?

So, not only will saying "homosexuality is a sin" be illegal . . . but saying "abortion is murder" will be considered torture. . . .

Here is the news on that:

"Last week, questioners on United Nations Committee Against Torture called pro-life speech “torture.”
This move is part of a broader push by the radical abortion lobby to essentially criminalize the pro-life movement."

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Flash Points (follow the rainbow)

Just some somewhat random notes and thoughts I had yesterday......
--"climate disruption" heh, (replacing "global warming" and "climate change" as the new propaganda meme to use to continue the imposition of global government controls on every individual and the practical end of "private property"  The "environmental movement" is, of course, a craftily devised scheme to help with the imposition of a sort of fascist/communist/pagan one world government . . . for the purposes of stamping out Christianity and the Bible. 
If there is so-called "man-made" "climate disruption" going on . . . I could say yeah, ok . . . and I know why.  YOU devilish bastards are doing it with your now thousands and tens of thousands of flights spraying aluminum and barium and whatever else ungodly cocktail of chemicals via your admitted "bio-engineering" . . . "weather engineering" global chemtrail program!  After at least 15 years or more of this crap, yes, it might finally be the case that you knuckleheads are finally achieving your "climate disruption" agenda (which is also, I suspect a part of Agenda 21 to relocate large portions of the population from rural areas (affected by "man-made" chemtrail-caused drought . . . into cubicle "smart" cities, where your slave labor agenda can get underway . . . with your "commi core" education agenda having taken affect and sufficiently dumbed down and mentally enslaved a new, vast generation of slave laborers. . . .

--Re Donal Sterling, the typical left-wing, democratic  racist billionaire hypocrite. . . . This is actually a story about private property rights, free speech and due process--all constitutional rights supposedly guaranteed by the Constitution, but now being publicly rescinded through social media mob rule.  "Social justice" is really what's being established here, over and above "equal justice" . . . and those who understand the founding principles of the country realize that individual (natural, God-given) rights are suppose to be enjoyed by all, even the reprehensible. . . . What is happening now is similar to what happened with the propaganda campaign against smoking.  They picked an easy target, smokers and smoking, and got everybody to climb on board ostracizing the "bad behavior" . . . saying it "affects the collective" . . . and have successfully made smoking a supreme evil, while elevating pot smoking and other, actually more harmful behavior. . . . The point is, however, not the smoking, but the ability of the state to target a group (ie., smokers) and a behavior (smoking) and turn it into enemy number one, with the complicity of the populace.  I warned at the time for those being unthinkingly duped into climbing on board the attack wagon, that one day, it would then be something else, ie., "soft drinks" . . . "salt" (see Bloomberg and New York) . . . then "fatty foods" . . . "sugar" . . . . . . Now it is also "Christians" . . . "home schoolers" . . . "the Bible" etc.
With Sterling, the precedent being set is that "social justice" outweighs "equal justice" before the law and that mob rule, directed by the "attack wagon" . . . trumps Constitutional Rights.  Soon, it won't just be some hypocritical, disgusting, racist billionaire . . . but ie., a "Bible thumping pastor" who, said . . . in the privacy of his church or home . . . that "homosexuality is a sin".  Then he will be attacked, his church taken away, and his right to preach denied, according to the mob rule, directed by the same devilish elite who are foisting "climate disruption" by-the-way. . . .

--(place saving note to self....something I thought of yesterday..... I want to address Judas . . . "that scripture may be fulfilled" . . . related to God's decree)

--The creepy Denver Airport Mural. . . . . I suspect, as do others, that it is script--a projection of the would-be overlords plans for the near future.  It occurred to me that the big rainbow in the pic . . . goes shooting off from the left to the right.....and ends in a war scenario with the scary Nazi-looking stormtrooper stabbing the dove of peace . . . . I'm wondering if that scene depicts . . . what we are in now, with the aggressive "rainbow" agenda being foisted . . . from the "left" . . . and that before too long we are then going to see the rainbow end . . . over there on the extreme "right" . . . in war . . . of a type that would require gas masks......Note, the rainbow leads straight to the stormtrooper, up his if he himself is derived therefrom....hmmmm.....

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mind/Social Controls cont.

I might mention here also that this ploy of mind/person/social control has been well employed by the Communist party since its heyday.  WHATEVER the "party" decrees is what is to be followed, even it flatly contradicts the day prior's policy.  The initial pact between Hitler and Stalin in WWII is a clear example of this in action.  Germany (the Nazi's) and Russia (the Commi's) were allies in the beginning.  All the press in Russia was favorable toward the National Socialists (Nazi's) of Germany and to Hitler.  "Overnight", when Hitler broke the pact, the Germans became "glavny vrag" ("Number One Enemy") and Soviet propaganda switched on a dime to demonize their fellow socialists.

In Marxist Communist ideology, change is the only constant and man his own lawgiver . . . so, being unmoored from God's standard . . . policy, propaganda, friends and enemies can switch in an instant.  There are no "absolute" principles, no law giver but The State.  This is also the notion of what's called "positive law" versus "natural" or "God's" law . . . and always leads to the tyranny of men.  It is why America's founders (knowing and believing in "God's Law") created a "nation of laws" NOT a "nation of men" and this is the chief difference between a "Constitutional Republic" versus a "democracy" or socialist dictatorship. 

In any case, it is well worn technique of social and mind control . . . to put authority in a person, a "man" versus in the transcendent, absolute Divine.  Under the former, people lose their ability to reason, to think and just follow the strongest or most devious personality. 

Today this mind control technique is often observable in many daily news stories.  A report will come in saying for instance that the unemployment rate is lower, ie., 6.3 percent . . . but then in the same report they will something like "more people have left the job field, (lost jobs) than at any other time in the last 30 years".  Often you will here in news stories two completely conflicting stated facts cancelling out each other, so the story makes no sense.  This is to break down discernment, independent, logical thought . . . as shown in the book "1984" so well . . . so that the subject gives up thinking and just starts to follow..........

Saturday, May 10, 2014

More Thoughts On Mind Control/Shawn/Cultishness

("guru" mind controls continued) . . . . . Now, I know Bhagwan (now known as "OSHO") used certain mind control techniques on purpose--he knew what he was doing, though I think he sincerely thought it was for the "good" cause he espoused (which was to bring his followers into "enlightenment"/"God-consciousness").  The ends, to him, justified the means.  Then there are others who are simply criminals from the outset and have studied mind control techniques and use them for ulterior motives--to fleece flocks, use and abuse.  Shawn, I know has long been fascinated with social movements and groupthink  and studied them as well, but I think his use of certain techniques is largely unconscious and he also is generally well meaning.  He has left Biblical teachings, however, and is now unmoored from God's standard and so is casting to and fro driven by his own reasoning, personal interpretation, feelings and ego . . . which results in heretical influences affecting his message and purpose.

Many observers have noticed and commented on it, that within each of his shows/teachings on one of the theological subjects in question . . . he will contradict himself, flatly and blatantly several times over.  The effect of this on his "followers" is the same as what I experienced under Bhagwan and what happens in virtually all cult situations.  Ironically, Shawn has pointed out and criticized the very same thing when it is done by the L.D.S. Church.  Because the Church is also unmoored and has left the sound standard of Biblical doctrine it too is often caught in glaring contradictions and doctrinal floundering; and how "they" gloss over it (ie., when something that "prophet" Brigham Young taught as revelation at General Conference conflicts with a doctrine the Church NOW teaches) is by using the out of "modern revelation trumps previous revelation" or "the current 'prophet' trumps a past 'prophet'". 

Bhagwan use to do something very similar (as do most cult leaders.)  Only he often added a twist.  If he said something today that flatly contradicted something he said yesterday . . . he would say something like "both are true".  He would go further and say that really, what was "TRUE" was whatever he was saying at the moment, because he was God incarnate, and that THAT was the main point, not necessarily this or that proposition he was giving.  The way of mind controlling followers was to present conflicting "truths" and illogical axioms . . . so steadily and persistently . . . such that the hearers mind . . . ("ego") . . . finally gives up trying to use reason and logic to keep things in order . . . and just surrenders to the "master"--to the leading cult personality.  THEN it just becomes, WHATEVER they say, however nonsensical or irrational it is . . . is what goes!

I don't believe Shawn does this on purpose, but is a symptom of his having left orthodox doctrine to follow the musings, speculations, feelings, etc., of his own mind and predilections (and, perhaps even darker spiritual influences who relish blasphemy, false doctrine, scriptural confusion etc.) . . . . And the danger is, of course, those still "following" him because of his charisma, intellect, "edginess', uniqueness, personality etc., are likely doing the same thing as most cult followers end up doing, which all leads to fast idolatry.  Because his recent methods and "teachings" on "essential" doctrines of Christianity have been so confused, conflicted, contradicting etc., the tendency is for those followers to just give up following rationally and trust HIM as a person, WHATEVER he is presenting.  "Whatever the 'prophet' (or 'guru') says today, whether it contradicts yesterdays message . . . or what's been written . . . is what we follow today. . . ."

There have been a plethora of examples of this with Shawn, as mentioned above, which many have noted . . . but here's an example from just other night of what I mean:  Shawn has for a while been pushing a theme that we can "throw into the trash" various wrong-headed doctrines of Mormonism; likewise from "evangelical Christianity" . . . "Calvinism" . . . "Arminianism" . . . WHILE saving those things from each that are "correct" . . . in order to create a sort of synthesis of truths . . . to be kept. 
Well, the other night he mentioned the disturbing (to Biblical Christians) recent event of Glenn Beck delivering a "sermon" of sorts as Commencement Speaker for the Christian university Liberty University.  Shawn (rightly, I would agree) deplored Beck's agenda to "link arms" (as a Mormon) with "fellow believers" in common cause to fight a Godless culture. 

BUT, Mormons and Christians do NOT believe in the same Jesus, nor espouse the same Gospel, so "linking arms" as we do . . . in this way . . . is dangerous teaching (as per "Be not unequally yoked" --2 Cor. 6:14).

Yet, at the end of the same show, Shawn reiterated HIS teaching agenda . . . to find "common ground" between "correct" Mormon teachings and ie., those of "evangelical Christianity" which he thinks are right. . . . In other words, while he deplored Beck's effort to "link arms" . . . Shawn promoted his to "find common ground". . . .

Another example (typical of his currently muddled exegesis) is that he reiterated that same night . . .  "narrow is the way" . . . and that "few will find it" . . . yet he has been teaching for a while a kind of universalism (contrary to his denial of such) that "Hell is not eternal" . . . and that "love wins" in the end--that God will . . . eventually save everybody! 

So . . . is it "narrow" or not? 

Again, the contradictions and confusion abound. . . resulting from leaving what God says in His Word . . . to follow one's own temperament, reasoning, feelings, predilections, speculations etc. (because one thinks God's way is too hard or un-befitting a "loving" God.)

Shawn makes it clear that he is exasperated with . . . and fails to understand why he can't be allowed to speculate and entertain and teach alternative theories and ideas contrary to accepted Christian orthodoxy.  He calls "Pharisee" anyone who wants to insist that there IS orthodoxy and certain "essential doctrines" of faith.

And I CAN relate to his tirades and sentiments on a certain level.  When I was a seeker . . . when I was 12 . . . 14 . . .16 . . . 17 years old and even into my 20s and 30s . . . I too speculated and imagined and entertained all kinds of vying, alternative "spiritual paths", "scriptures" and "teachers".  I didn't like it when "dogmatic" people tried to tell me "how it is", considering them narrow-minded, "legalistic" . . . "Pharisaical" even. . . .  

But once I got SAVED . . . and the "scales" fell away . . . and I was made ALIVE . . . and able to SEE the TRUTH of God's Word--HIS ABSOLUTE STANDARD . . . then certain basic, essential points of the Gospel have been put to rest.  I believe.  God is the "Lord of my reasoning"--His Word is the standard.

No, I haven't stopped thinking or speculating over some of the harder issues and doctrines.  I continue to be curious about certain things.  I still wonder at some of the mysteries--those things left Unsaid.
I am by no means done learning, and am more voracious than ever to learn about God, His ways, His entering into our history, creation . . . and how it all relates. I am fascinated and in awe of it all!

But I HAVE been subjected to His Word!  When I was young and searching and questioning . . . when hearing of certain "Biblical" views or teachings, I would think "this doesn't seem right" . . . or "I don't think a 'loving' God would do such-and-such" and I would concoct other theories to placate my unease or disagreement . . . or look for a writer or "spiritual authority" who posited an alternative that was more to my liking and predilection. 

But now, BEING SUBMITTED, I look FIRST to what God says, how HE says it is . . . and THEN I find myself adjusting to THAT, regardless of my own personal or pet notions, God willing and in His time and way. . . .

And I will note here . . . that an amazing and almost unspeakable thing has happened in that submission.  SPIRITUAL EYES AND UNDERSTANDING, practically wordless . . . in my Spirit . . . is unveiling to me some of what were before inscrutable mysteries and seeming conundrums. . . . Those things that use to bother and confuse me . . . about this world, harsh reality, the "problem" ie., of "evil and suffering" . . . God's "wrath" . . . His justice . . . His doing things for "His own good pleasure" . . . His purpose of "glorifying Himself" in all things . . . I now am able to see with SPIRITUAL EYES and understand them to a deep and ever deepening appreciation and comprehension . . . BECAUSE . . . I believe . . . by being SUBMITTED to God's Word . . . and NOT intervening with my own noetically flawed reasoning and emotions. . . .

Why do I and others continue to "pick on Shawn"?  For one thing, indeed because we love him and care for his soul and the souls of those he continues to influence.  It is a very serious matter, what a PASTOR preaches and teaches presumably of God's Holy Word!  And we (as Believers) are commanded to discern, judge and even name false teachers publicly, since it is such a serious matter!

Because, in my lost and seeking years . . . I have been involved in (what Christian orthodoxy) would consider "cults" [from Mormonism . . . to Bhagwan . . . to the Urantia Book . . . to various other forms of Eastern thought such as Zen, Sufism, Vaishnavism (Hare Krishna)] . . . but then finally being rescued by Christ and being taught THE Gospel, being BORN AGAIN in SPIRIT and in TRUTH . . . I am led to share some pertinent concerns about this matter, in love, trusting God is Sovereign nonetheless . . . while knowing and appreciating that He also uses we weak, flawed vessels as His MEANS for effecting His will, reaching out and correcting and teaching . . . here in space and time . . . on earth . . . at this space and time. . . .

God bless:)!

Friday, May 9, 2014

A Supreme Mind Control Technique

When I was a "sannyasin" . . . a "renunciate" . . . a "disciple" of the now infamous "guru" Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh . . . I eventually caught on to what was in essence a very effective and tricky mind control technique he used to get and keep his followers.  (This was in the late 70's).  He was the master of it.  I since learned it was a technique used by the likes of Jim Jones, Charles Manson and many other less sinister but equally deceptive "teachers" . . . "prophets" . . . "gurus" . . . ."charismatic leaders" . . . . . .

But Bhagwan elevated it to a virtual philosophy--even a "religion" in and of itself.  Rather than use the technique but hide it . . . he boldly came right out and admitted it was his "way" . . . and that it was the "highest way" even and THE method for taking someone out of ignorance and spiritual bondage into "enlightenment" . . . God consciousness. . . .

And it is simply the technique of teaching completely contradictory "truths".   One day, for instance, Bhagwan would say you must strive and fight and practice etc., to reach "enlightenment" . . . then the next day he would say it is impossible to reach God through striving. 

He would say one day that you must WANT to find God above all else or you would never make it.  Another day he would say that only when you gave up trying to find God . . . THEN you could find Him.

In one teaching session he would say that the way to "liberation" or "moksha" . . . was to totally renounce all desires--to be "desireless" . . . Buddha taught.  Your ego was the problem and only when you completely lost your ego and all desire . . . could "satori" be achieved.  A week later he would teach from the Tantric ("left hand path") that . . . you must grow your ego and satiate every and all desires . . . THEN the ego would "fall away" and "nirvana" would be reached. . . .

(to be continued)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

place saver

...some quick notes as a place saver and to remind me what I want to address further..... mind control gurus work, what they do psychologically to mentally and spiritually enslave their followers....the necessity of an anchor, a rock, an absolute standard....Shawn's contradictions, illogic caused by being unmoored ie., re beck, narrow the way, hell, "linking arms", "common ground"....orthodoxy not coming from churchy phariseeism but from study AND imagination/openmindness (explain) but primarily from Lordship over one's reasoning......when I was 14 was the time of theorizing, speculating, all kinds of views, philosophies, scripture....then maturity and growing in the Word......

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Seed of McCraney's Heresies

Tonight will be another sad episode from Shawn McCraney. . . . Wow, has he gone off the rails!  When the red flags first started showing up I thought someone needed to start addressing it and so I did and was the only one it seemed for quite a while . . . but eventually a lot more people realized where he was going with things and a few other bloggers stepped in to keep a running tab of the heresies, so I've backed off for the most part.  Here is a link to a site that has done a good job organizing the overall trend of Shawn and responses from such as the like of renowned theologian Rob Bowman trying to intervene:

My first alert to potential trouble goes way back to when Shawn was exegeting Romans 9 giving it the typical, man-centered, Sovereignty twisting Arminian spin . . . and even just prior to that  (when he was in Romans 8) when he lambasted the "once saved always saved" notion.  At that time he tried to say that "no, nothing can separate you from the love of God" as per Romans 8:38 . . . "BUT", he then added . . . "you can separate yourself!"

Well, sorry pal, but that means someone CAN separate you from the love of God and your salvation is NOT secure.  It means WORKS!  I remember turning to my wife in the meeting and whispering, "the temple . . . you gotta go to the temple then. . . ." She looked at me perplexed and I explained afterwards:  "If YOU have to maintain a certain kind of "love" . . . and keep yourself "in the vine" as Shawn was saying . . . then it is really no different than the Mormon teaching that you have to go to the LDS temple . . . in order to achieve and keep your salvation. 

If there is something YOU can do to "lose" your salvation . . . . . . If YOU can separate yourself from the "love of God" . . . then it follows that some type of "WORK" is necessary for salvation!  Sorry, there's no way around it.

So was Christ's sacrifice complete or not?!  Was it "FINISHED" as He said?  Or did His dying on the cross just mean that now . . . if YOU can keep it together . . . THEN you will be saved?

One is man centered, based on man's will . . . ABOVE GOD'S; the other keeps God's sovereignty COMPLETE and absolute and perfect!

It was then that Shawn started building heresy upon heresy, though it didn't show up for about a year little when he finally came out and started preaching no Hell, universalism, no Trinity, the Holy Spirit is not a person . . . and so on.

Once you leave the plain meaning of the text, because YOUR feeling or personal reasoning has some problem with it . . . then you are off to the races of heresy, which is especially dangerous if you are in the position of a teacher. . . . .

Monday, May 5, 2014

Who Did It All

"Our faith itself, though it be the bond of our union with Christ through which we receive all His blessings, is not our saviour. We have but one Saviour; and that one Saviour is Jesus Christ our Lord. Nothing that we are and nothing that we can do enters in the slightest measure into the ground of our acceptance with God. Jesus did it all."

 "In the infinite wisdom of the Lord of all the earth, each event falls with exact precision into its proper place in the unfolding of His divine plan. Nothing, however small, however strange, occurs without His ordering, or without its particular fitness for its place in the working out of His purpose; and the end of all shall be the manifestation of His glory, and the accumulation of His praise."

"He who begins by seeking God within himself may end by confusing himself with God."

B.B. Warfield

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Possible Mitigations Considered, fwiw

There are some potentially mitigating trends, issues . . . I see which could obviate the grim scenario I've described, for what it's worth (fwiw).

It appears the poles have flipped in the world, and what was once called "the dark continent" Africa, steeped in superstition, witch doctery, tribalism and whatnot (according to the "civilized world") is now blazing in many places with the light and love Christ--a beacon to "darkening" "West" and "1st world" which is plummeting into perversion, blind relativism, lawlessness etc. 

Similarly stunning is the rise and flourishing of a spirited, fresh and vibrant Christianity in those countries where it was not so long ago severely beaten down, attempted to be erased, in Eastern Europe, Russia, China. . . .

I am not convinced yet that the political leadership, ie., Putin in Russia, is sincerely allowing the resurgence of Christian morays and culture finally recognizing its superiority as THE positive societal force, or if it is a ruse, but the fact that so many "on the ground" are sincerely rediscovering the Bible's matchless standard as guiding force for the world . . . may overwhelm even the devious intentions of political opportunists. . . .

Also, I would say . . . that even IF ie., Putin is truly taking up the banner in upholding, defending the collapsing values of "Judeo-Christian inspired Western civilization", as some suggest, there are no doubt still old Soviet types within the power base that may take back power and join in with the "bankster" globalists to enforce the establishment of a Godless NWO.

Currently, although the Marxist, pro-Muslim, anti-Christian regime controlling America is having an increasingly hard time keeping all of their lies and scandals and crimes hidden with help from the state-controlled "mainstream" media . . . and even some of the denser of their supporters are finally starting to question just a teeny bit . . . I don't see them going "quietly into the night."  They have got the reigns of power and are desperately, rapidly spreading their comrades and co-conspirators throughout all corners of the government, many of them unelected bureaucrats who will remain to continue the takeover and destruction of the old America.  Now that some of their obvious cover-ups are getting some exposure, there is the grave incentive for them to retain power because of possible criminal charges that could follow if they lose power. . . .

I just don't think that will be allowed to happen.  "They" will put into play some horrific event or events to distract and derail the tightening "noose".  Besides, there are too many in the so-called "opposition" who are already blackmailed and/or bribed to make sure things don't go too far in forestalling the coup.

I hope I'm wrong, but so far, besides the possible mitigating factor which suggests that Russia truly has changed and left its God-hating, subversive, world-domination ambitions behind as real, Bible-based Christianity restores its people, all trends seem to be showing the deliberate slide and destination toward a pagan, anti-Christian, pro-Satan, Islamo-Marxist, perversity-promoting totalitarian police state in America and "the West" . . . ruled by the trillionaire, criminal elite., and that "they" are on a stepped-up timetable to beat the somewhat awakening masses to get it all established and in chains . . . so, pre-planned economic collapse, terror attacks and war . . . are near in the offing . . . probably starting especially in 2015 and through to 2020 for the general wrap up.

I know many (including myself) have expected it all to come down sooner than this, and I suppose it could still drag on as time flies by . . . but it would appear that this time, we may indeed be on the real brink........

Whatever, heh. . . . :)

I'm just making some passing notes and comments.  Really, I continue to make it a point to stay focused on God, His Word and the world to come.  With that perspective, as terrible and sad as watching this evil decay have its brief moment in the sun is . . . it's all quite petty and inconsequential in the End.  God rules.  God is glorified in everything.  I wholly trust Him in all of this.  I don't for a moment think things have gotten away from His divine plan and control.  Praise God:)!

Friday, May 2, 2014

May Day (late) Report....

may day, may day.....

A traditional "May Day" update . . . a day late--it's been a busy week, Alexander our oldest is getting married tomorrow......

Anyhow . . . yeah, the state of the takeover, er, the collapse . . . the demise, destruction of a once relatively great country as I've been noting with a few prognostications on the communist holiday May Day. . . .

As I've been saying for a while, as I see it, it's over . . . and we are merely in the mopping up stages.  But the mopping up stage has only just begun in earnest . . . and I have little doubt that at some point, as "the resistance" (what the commi's call "reactionaries") becomes more obvious and somewhat organized in places, there will be a period of violence and heavy-handed oppression.  The velvet glove will come off the iron fist smashing down. . . . It is easy to see the pretexts being set up and the "enemies of the state" being created ahead of time in the peoples' minds so that the people will mostly cheer on the suppression of the "reactionaries" or at least stand idly by.  "Racists, bigots, homophobes, Islamophobes, xenophobes, anti-woman, capitalist, fundamentalist religious extremists" is what the last patriots will be labeled as they are isolated, de-humanized, then taken down and out.....

Jihadists are pouring into the population, quietly and diffusely across the country . . . Spetsnatz commandos from Russia are coming in by the hundreds (I've even heard "by the thousands") every month, being stationed around the country on military bases and sifting into local populations--so too are other special forces teams. . . . A million-plus man army has been coming in across the border, now scattered in every state, city and even rural towns . . . many with a hatred of America and eagerly awaiting the signal to effect revenge and "reconquesta". . . .

Our own military is being same-sex sexualized, feminized, demoralized, defunded, hollowed-out, politicized, de-Christianized . . . increasingly staffed with foreigners, subversives, God and America-haters . . . vast purges well underway from the top down . . . .

An internal police force is being rapidly funded and armed and staffed with psychopaths, spread through all the many and varied domestic bureaucracies . . . . . . We are being monitored, recording in nearly all our private dealings, conversations, transactions . . . . . . watched constantly so that any small pretext can be used if necessary to take each out individually if they desire. . . .

Drug use and pedophilia and hyper-sexualization are being encouraged--even being indoctrinated into the children at early of history . . . so that the generations now coming up will have no affection nor attachment to anything traditional but will be ready, willing and able to overthrow it all, doing the bidding of their new, mind-controlling masters. . . . They will be turned against their parents and any family who do not tow the party line .. . .

I suspect perhaps a series of false flag terror strikes will finally occur . . . maybe in several different cities at once . . . or some other type event . . . to trigger the economic collapse . . . .

I have only always been half joking over the years when commenting, "see ya in the gulag" as I do expect there will be gulags, re-education camps. . . . I see now the groundwork being laid, which was always necessary for the final phase of takeover . . . to have a very big and public riff between "east and west" . . . .between Russia/China and the U.S. . . . which we see starting in Ukraine . . . . that it won't be surprising or out of the blue . . . when the "communist Bloc" eventually attacks and invades the shores, while their operatives are causing mayhem and chaos within. . . .

...... And . . . more thoughts I have on the matter, but gotta run ..... But generally, expecting all this for a long time now .... and now seeing it quite obviously taking shape ....our submergence into the coming, collectivist, God-hating, man-centered New World Order . . . is why I have spent most of my time working on the SPIRITUAL side of the answer and focusing on that near daily here . . . rather than merely keep reporting on the obvious and what has already been stated .......

God bless....
Always remembering GOD IS SOVEREIGN, NOTHING AND NO ONE escapes His perfect, holy will.....
back in a bit......

Brother Thomas ©2015

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