Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Subtle Danger of Worldliness

There are the sins of carnality, of the flesh--indulgence, addiction, physical pleasures returned to. . . .

Then there is the sin of worldliness.  The first is obvious and of a lower order.  The second realm of sin is subtle and more dangerous.  "Religiousness", for instance, is of the worldly type.

There are those who by natural predilection are not so much tempted to the carnal pleasure of the flesh.  They look down on those whom they consider base, weak and vulgar.  The "worldly" however are susceptible to the great, sneaking evil of pride and self-righteousness.

They like to exhibit themselves as "better" because of things like their position, the "respectability", there success in living. . . .  "Worldliness" is not just shown in those who love the so-called "secular", perverse and corrupt "world" . . . but also in those who create a different "world" that may have all the trappings of "Christian lifestyle".   ANY "world" that come between the soul--the person--and God is a fallen "world" and an idol.

When such "worlds" become a source and milieu of pride, of the self-righteous variety, great danger lurks in the shadows of that "world" . . . for the enemy loves little more than to inhabit the trappings of "religiosity", especially under the banner "Jesus", while actually working to undermine, confuse, distract, misdirect and divide . . . with the same violent lust that you see in those who break into perceived holy places (churches, sanctuaries, etc.) to blaspheme, vandalize, destroy. . . .

Beware the one . . . who appears to have "conquered" "carnal sins" showing a certain subtly ostentatious display of austerity and "self control" . . . while their hidden "worldliness" is actually raging . . .  as they condescend, compete, lord over . . . fully given to the "world" THEY have created, inhabit and worship. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Post-Modern Knuckleheads Unite!

Wow.  I can't believe this article came out of a so-called "mainstream" publication.  (see article below) . . . . . . .

How maddening has it been to have seen this nightmare unfolding from the get-go?  And being called "fanatic" . . . "conspiracy theorist" . . . "right-winger" blah, blah, blah . . . by knuckleheads who don't read, don't study, don't think for themselves, swallow propagandist media pap like it was the air they breathe--yeah . . . I return to this point on a semi-regular basis, I know, but its cathartic ok?  I'm talking to some of my old friends and knuckleheads (my current favorite word to describe . . . KUNCKLEHEADS! lol) in my extended family, and in the general public . . . who accused me (and others of like mind) of being "extremist" "fundamentalist" or whatever . . . years ago when I tried to warn them what was taking place (in our culture and country) with their colossally ignorant condescension on display . . . knowing that we were going to have to so blatantly, painfully, dreadfully, disgustingly plummet into the s***hole before they would finally sit up, dust their blind eyes off and go, "wow . . . ya'll were right . . . duhhhhhhh........"

I reiterate this rant once in a while . . . because I know that a lot of YOU have had to suffer the same fools too--being marginalized, mocked, scorned by knit-wits and pseudo-intellectual doofuses who have no clue about what is really going on or how we got here, yet scoffed as if YOU were the dummy . . . . .  --ie., who have laughed and rolled eyes when we pointed to the sky at the chemtrails . . . or talked about the NWO agenda . . . of a dozen other threatening issues . . . about the intended takedown of America, of national sovereignty . . . of the "Luciferian agenda" . . .

. . . and ESPECIALLY of the war on Christianity--of and by the God-hating, Bible-trashing degenerate pedophile elite who control the media, the institutions, the government. . . .

And THAT is what is the bigger concern, btw.  It is one thing to be a small-minded, arrogant, "liberal" post-modern knucklehead . . . by which we are surrounded . . . who poo-poo the notion that there is a conspiracy for global, totalitarian, collectivist, anti-Christ dictatorship . . . BUT IT IS ANOTHER THING . . . for these same FOOLS (that's what GOD calls them in His Word!) to shrug and mock and blaspheme and belittle and degrade and minimalize . . . and disparage . . . THE TRUTH THAT IS HIS SON Who deigned to suffer and die and give his life . . . that those same rebellious, dark-minded fools . . . could have their sins wiped away, His righteousness imputed to them . . . such that they can be made to glorify and enjoy Him FOREVER!

THAT . . . THAT is the gravest idiocy on display by these dolts, these post-modern knuckleheads, united in their doomed folly . . . . which I sometimes am led to reiterate . . .

with all due respect, I might add, heh . . . . .


"That he is now the imperial president he used to bemoan is no long­er in dispute. The milking of perks, from golf trips to Florida to European vacations for the first lady, is shockingly vulgar, but not a peep of protest comes from his supporters.

Obama had a free hand to make a mess because they gave it to him. They cheered him on, supporting him with unprecedented gobs of money and near-unanimous votes. They said “aye” to any cockamamie concept he came up with, echoed his demonization of critics and helped steamroll unpopular and unworkable ideas into reality."


Saturday, April 26, 2014

False Flag and Only 2 Ways to go

Perusing the talk radio shows during my grueling commute the other day . . . I listening to Glenn Beck for a few minutes.  He was into one of his sermon-esque rants about the role of God in these times and I could only listen for a short time . . . as any time he starts giving his spiritual advice I always get so instantly grieved in the Spirit that I cannot bear it for long.  His Mormon theology so infects his reasoning that it is literally painful for me to hear him speaking of "Christian" values, addressing other "believers" . . . where part of what he asserts is correct . . . but combined with vital, disturbing rank error. 

He was saying something to the effect, paraphrasing, that . . . while the times we live in are so treacherous (agreed) . . . we are also in a time of "amazing miracles", and that he and others he knows are witnessing stunning "miracles" daily.  He went on to say, in effect, that if we are living "right" and on "the right side" that we should "expect miracles" . . . in fact, that we must "demand miracles" of God!

And that is when the pain started.  "DEMAND" miracles of God?!!  Yikes. . . .

But this is typical of where self-centered, man-centered, humanistic theology ends up; which is right in the lap of Luciferian theology. . . .

I switched the channel to a local talk show host (one who has been on the air here for years and with whom I've had some slight, past interactions) and he was talking about the need to reject "oughts" and "shoulds" . . . and how the universe is our oyster . . . just waiting for our commands . . . as we "create our own reality" . . . where we are the "gods of our own world" . . . and must resist any "authority" outside of ourselves, especially, ie., from those perpetrating the traditional, "absolutist" Biblical worldview.  He is also a Mormon, by-the-way, but a very liberal, new-agey, mystical type who "sees truth in all religions" and where the self is the final determiner of what is "right" and "wrong".  The only "evil" is that which would stifle us or get in the way of our "happiness" and self fulfillment.

With these two shining examples of "do what thou wilt-ism" (the devil's theology) disturbingly fresh on my mind . . . I've noted in the following days just how prevalent, ubiquitous this religion (which claims to NOT be a religion) is today. 

Yesterday, on the Dennis Miller radio talk show, Dennis had a guest on hyping a book (I think) called "Star Power"  . . . which is a book that looks at the "great movies" of the past to see how they teach ultimately "self empowerment" . . . how to "achieve your dreams" . . . "overcoming obstacles to self fulfilment" and so on. . . .

Then, occasionally flipping through the FM radio stations it struck me how nearly all of the currently popular songs . . . were about . . . "not taking it anymore" . . . not letting others "keep you down" . . . typified, for instance by Katy Perry's recent hit "Roar" which has lyrics such as "You held me down, but I got up . . . get ready 'cause I had enough . . . I went from zero, to my own hero . . . 'Cause I am a champion, and you're gonna hear me roar . . . "

Nearly all of the songs have the basic message, story . . . of . . . "I've been held down, kept back by 'you' . . . not gonna take it anymore . . . look at me, look at me . . . I'm great . . . I'm gonna do it my way now . . . get out of the way . . . I'm a winner if I say so . . . 'you' can't beat me, can't defeat me . . . no more following the rules . . . I make my own way . . . I'm doing it my way . . . don't hold me down, don't hold me back . . . " and so on and so forth. . . .

What is quite obvious to me . . . and to anyone with the Eyes to See it . . . is that there really only 2 things going on here--2 ways to go. . . .

One is in submission to God, recognizing HIS absolute authority and sovereignty over HIS creation, over HIS creatures,

versus . . .

standing up, shaking your fist at God, "demanding" He do this or that FOR YOU, for YOUR "dreams", for YOUR "self-fulfillment" etc.,

and really, there is no middle ground between the two.

Whose will be done?  Yours . . . or His?

When you hear these people carrying on against some figurative opponent--some one or some force that is "holding them down" . . . which they are bound and determined to "overcome" and "conquer" . . . all they are saying is "God, I refuse to submit to You!  I rebel!  YES I CAN!  DO WHAT I WILL is the whole of the law!"

Now, we expect the worldly, the lost, the unregenerate . . . to look to self as the leader, as "the way" . . . but what is most disturbing . . . and quite literally painful to bear in Spirit . . . is when Christianity and the Bible are used to the same effect.  But "believing in Jesus" and claiming the authenticity of the Bible . . . ought not be used as just another means of "self empowerment" and self (idol) worship!

This is why theology matters.  Man-centered interpretation of scripture, where MAN is in charge and determining outcomes (of ie., history, salvation) is just as devilish a doctrine as the outright Satanic religion/theology of "do what thou wilt" . . . ONLY WORSE . . . in that it uses God's Name and Word as a false flag, seeking safe harbors . . . among the true fellowship of Christ . . . then working to undermine and misdirect.

In everything, the discerning spirit must be mindful:  "Am I seeking to glorify SELF . . . or glorify God?"  There are still only 2 ways to go!

Friday, April 25, 2014

The Sad Fruits of Corrupt Doctrine....

Yeah . . . darn it.  I was afraid of this.  I didn't bring it up at the beginning but in my own mind when I first heard (right at the start of the Cliven Bundy event) that Cliven was Mormon . . . I was concerned.  But . . . I didn't want to openly pre-judge and in the initial interviews he seemed to have a pretty solid grasp of traditional Americanism and the issues of the day . . . so I hoped he might turn out to be . . . finally . . . a stand-up, principled poster boy for the legitimate "resistance" to the government's tyranny.

Why did the Mormon part concern me?  Well, in general their thinking is confused.  In liuberty and Constitutional matters . . . close, but no cigar. . . . They often will have a fairly decent grasp of American Constitutional Republicanism but the dire and deep errors of Mormon theology contain some serious logical flaws, and sooner or later this takes the day.  In order to persist in their belief in Joseph Smith and the L.D.S. religion, they necessarily have to overlook obvious problems and logical contradictions in their history and faith, and this creates a big, wide open gate (intellectually, spiritually, morally) for the Deceiver to enter in and cause trouble for the rest of their thinking and motives.

Then there is the problem that a lot of them have at their psychological core--where their religious doctrine maintains a "the end justifies the means" meme, which too often shows up in matters of business, politics, morals. . . .

You see, fundamental to the foundation of their theology and doctrine is the idea that God in essence tricked (deceived) Adam and Eve into committing sin because the Fall was "necessary" so that human spirits could get physical bodies . . . which is (according to Mormonism) necessary for achieving godhood.  (Some influential Mormon leaders have said the "the Fall" . . . was a "Fall UPWARD" for instance.)

What happens psychologically to LDS is that they see that God Himself was okay with lying or deceiving to reach His divine purposes . . . (the end justified the means) so . . . what's the big deal . . . if in a business deal . . . or political move . . . or whatever . . . if you deceive another . . . so long as your ultimate objective is "good" (ie., the building up of "The Church")?  It is not coincidence that Utah has long been considered (and too often proven in statistics) to be the fraud capital of the country.  Hey, if you can get over on a business deal (a land deal, ie.,) and screw a "gentile" over . . . and get a windfall . . . but then give a big fat 10% to "The Church" (for the building up of the "kingdom") . . . what's so bad about that?  I mean, God Himself used deception to reach His divine purposes (according to LDS doctrine) right?

And . . . well . . . The LDS Church has a long running problem of racism embedded in its core doctrines and early teachings, which . . . sometimes surface in those members who are outside the urbane sensitizing of the big cities.  The "prophet" Brigham Young said some terrible things about the "negroes" and I myself remember being taught in my "priesthood" class that blacks bore the "mark of Cain" . . . and were "lazy fence sitters" in the pre-existence . . . and that whiteness of skin was a sign of righteousness.  The lighter . . . the more righteous a person was.  We were taught that the American Indians were going to start turning white the more they learned and accepting the (LDS) "gospel".

So . . . yeah . . . I was concerned that Bundy might turn out to be a knucklehead, or a grifter, or found to be deceptive in the end . . . or seen as racist . . . and in some way, then end up tarnishing the whole patriot movement just when it least needs it.  Now he becomes the poster child for the "racist" "white supremacist" Tea Party, just as the media has been trying foist the image all along.

It's not true of course.  And whether some of the things Bundy has said are true or not . . . perception trumps reality these days, and the last thing we need is some country bumpkin getting full of himself and relishing all the attention . . . who then drags the whole liberty movement down a rat hole . . . because the ol' fool ain't got no sense. . . .

With the despicable Harry Reid (LDS) on one side . . . and Cliven on the other (LDS) I had an uneasy feeling from the start . . . but hoped against hope that Bundy would turn out to be as savvy and right on . . . as he seemed to be in the early days of the fracas. . . .

Meanwhile, don't get me wrong.  I love and mourn the LDS people.  It is MormonISM . . . "the corporation LDS church" . . . Joseph Smith and the other "prophets" . . . who I believe do not deserve respect.  Joseph Smith was a liar, a con artist, a sexual predator and above all a "false prophet" and blasphemer.  LDS doctrine is blasphemous at its core.  "The Church" is a money-making, mind-controlling scam, in bed with the NWO, toying with peoples' very souls and eternal salvation to boot!  NO good fruits can come from it ultimately, whatever temporary "good" deeds they do in the meantime.

I AM angered by the fact that between (LDS member) Karl Rove on the right . . . and (LDS member) Harry Reid on the left . . . over the last decade especially . . . we have lost our country and are in the early stages of a totalitarian Marxist/Socialist coup.  And, oh yes, I know it has been in the works for a long time and plenty of other self-serving traitors have been involved all along the way . . . but those two especially--during the Bush years and now well into Obama's--have been right at the core, at the levers and gates . . . of the final acts of takeover and destruction . .  . and yes, I do think you can trace that church's deplorable doctrine and teachings through each of their particular acts and justifications for the acts they have done (ie., in Rove's all-out assault on the conservative wing of the Republican Party while promoting establishment "RINO'S" . . . and Reid's--well, the despicable Harry Reid has done more probably than any man ever in the country to subvert, corrupt and destroy it. . . .)  If "the Church" were really "true" . . . they should have moved on him long ago, considering his personal corruption and lies, and excommunicated him with a flourish!

Anyway it's just sad, the whole thing. . . . 
And this was the last thing we needed (those who are yet legitimately trying to hold the line and give some push back to the takeover. . . .)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Responding To The Current Situation.....

ALL is not bleak, however. . . . 

I find it helpful to keep a broader perspective in mind where it would seem, in this country and the other "western democracies" everything is so rapidly falling apart and being subverted.  The Gospel thrives under persecution and the Spirit is strong when stripped away of lethargic, mind and heart-warping materialism.  The "church"--the body of believers--is exploding in China where it was attempted to be stamped out completely.  I heard a report the other day that China will be a country with the largest Christian population in the world in less than 2 decades!  And these aren't tepid, "your best life now" "genie-Jesus" lukewarm Christians, but thirsting, hungry, sold out, on-fire-for-Jesus Christians who love and revere The Word, willing to sacrifice all for the Truth.  Africa too is surging with fresh Christian energy, rapidly growing and transforming those dark regions where murderous Marxist or Islamic regimes not so long ago terrorized the populations.  The selfless, courageous dedication of previous missionary efforts is now bearing wondrous fruit all over the continent.  Same in Russia and in swaths of Eastern Europe once so severely repressed by Godless communism.  So, too in Vietnam, Korea and South America. . . .

The efforts to crush, outlaw, vilify, destroy Christianity in the West, especially now in America will not succeed.  God allows it in order to bring judgment upon a lawless, rebellious people and to cut off the false converts from the authentic sheep.  The "church" in America NEEDS a drastic cleaning up, winnowing and sifting.

Meanwhile, yes it is sometimes overwhelming to be amidst the overt, targeted destruction of so much that is good--which has been good in our society, based on God's revealed truth as it was exemplified in civil and governmental operations and structure.  A certain righteous indignation is natural and a lashing out--if not in action, at least in mind and expression.  There is the temptation to see the destroyers as worse, more evil people than ourselves; to accuse them while thinking ourselves better. 
Self-righteousness springs quick and hard. . . .

But this can be just as swiftly dealt with when we remember that, no, we are no better . . . only better off. . . . "There but for the grace of God" . . . we would be too.  Why can WE See where others are so blind and deluded?  Not because we are better or more spiritually apt . . . but ONLY because by God's own sovereign pleasure . . . HE has deigned to open our eyes and cause us to be witnesses to His truth.  There is nothing to boast of in ourselves. 

Remembering this helps assuage the indignancy arising within as we watch and are subject to the spreading evil madness infecting a society under judgment. . . .

What is to be done?  The same thing that should have been being done all along--which, if it had been done . . .  by more people, we would not be in this awful predicament!  That is . . . to live and spread the Gospel!  Believers should be examples of Christian virtue and be putting the Lord's commands into active service on a daily basis. 

What would change the current, malevolent political situation?  If more people believed and followed God's Word!  THIS would change everything.  Unless people (politicians, civil servants, celebrities, artists etc.) are under the yoke of Jesus (even if they agree politically, morally) they are yet under the yoke of the evil one.  "Who is not for Me, is against Me."  You cannot serve two masters. . . .

Changing the "system" won't ultimately change anything.  It will always slide back in the direction of its reprobate, degenerate leaders.  But if leaders and the influential love God, love Truth--are submitted to Jesus--THEN the system will reflect it and real change and restoration will happen.

We should be striving to live genuine Christian lives, showing by example the Lord we love and serve . . . and seeking to make more disciples of the only One who saves and is perfect.

This, ABOVE ALL, should be supreme in our response to the current, disheartening situation. . . .

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Not Bowing To Baal

I expect a big upcoming push will be for churches to lose their tax exempt status and/or their property tax exemption . . . unless they tow the party line on gay sexuality (celebrate it, don't condemn it, don't repeat what the Bible says about it etc.).  Speaking Biblically about ie., gay marriage is already practically illegal in other "western" countries as we've seen street preachers arrested for having "offended" a passer-by with their speech.

When the hammer really comes down here in the U.S.--when the tax exemptions for churches get threatened and revoked, many, many churches will not be able to survive.  There will also be strictures on published speech, ie., on the internet (blogs, videos) and in this, along with several other specific choke points (race, Islam, Bible inerrancy, creationism/evolution, "woman's rights", abortion etc.) . . . there will come a day when you will no longer be able to find, read, listen to, watch, any alternative perspectives, true or not, besides what the "party line" will determine is "correct".  Those holding to an "orthodox", classical Biblical Christian "worldview" . . . will be seen as dangerous, evil, enemies of the peace and state, insane, fanatical and so on; along with traditional, (truly) conservative political views.

If you are such a person, who still holds to traditional American political philosophy and/or Biblical Christianity . . . you are going to be made to feel quite isolated and alone, as if only you and a few other "nuts" believe such old "old-fashioned" madness.  It will be almost impossible to link up with other like-minded types, and even though you may still be in the majority . . . or at least a healthy, large minority of the population . . . you won't see evidence in any media, nor any longer at a nearby church that others share your faith, your point of view. . . .

Many who you may currently follow or consider leaders of the "faith" . . . of "truth" will buckle under the social and legal and even police pressures, if they haven't already.  They will justify their "new" take on things as not really being compromise, but just sensible under the circumstances . . . and they will no longer stand strong for truth and the Gospel, but will subtly join in with the rebellion parade and will even go so far as to start attacking those who will still not submit--who will not bow the knee to Baal.

Oh, there will be a sort of wishy-washy, cheap grace, God loves everybody equally regardless of sin, universalist, humanistic, man/woman centered, Christianity-In-Name-Only pabulum still available at "authorized" and "permitted" "churches" . . . but serious, sold-out Bible believers will be anathema to the culture at large (more than they even are already) and gathering together publicly will be difficult as it is ie., Islamic and communist countries.

But take heart . . . God will be glorified in all this nonetheless, just as He was during the time of Acts and the Apostles . . . when they too were scourged for their testimony and preaching.

Those of us who believe that God is completely sovereign . . . never have to be dismayed that, ie., evil is "winning the day" for we know that NOTHING will be happening . . . except that the Lord is allowing it . . . for His perfect and divine purposes . . . which all redounds to His glory, and we do not rue this.  We lift up His name under any and all circumstances, trusting that all things will work for good for those who love and serve Him above all.

Another thing to keep in mind as the situation develops . . . is that truth has a way of rising to the top and overthrowing lies no matter how much tyranny, compulsion, trickery, confusion and evil sows.  Those who shake their fists at God, create idolatrous gods to worship in their own minds and society . . . eventually rot from the inside out and crumble.  They can't keep it up.  It goes against reality.  Even with the technological and biological infusions they are creating to "change" human nature (ie., through transhumanism) they will NOT be able to subvert God, Truth, Biblical teaching etc., in REALITY.  For reality is against them regardless.  They are living lies, perpetrating lies and corruption and TRUTH will always win in the end; and we've been given the ending.

Also, remember the warning: "For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when He comes in His glory, and the glory of the Father and of the holy angels."  --Luke 9:26

Pray for those who crumple under the pressure, who betray, who side with the enemy, that they recover and return to the way of truth!  The greater the light given to a person, who then turns against it/Him . . . the greater the condemnation!

And never forget, there will always be a "seven thousand" remnant who WILL NOT bow the knee to Baal. . . . (see Rom. 11:4)

 I will be commenting more on this overall subject . . . here and there . . . as it continues to develop and oppress. . . .

Saturday, April 19, 2014

What New Wonder Has Occurred. . . .

 The tall, mailed figure of the Centurion, standing
motionless, leaning upon the hilt of his long, straight sword,
in a meditative attitude by the tomb,
was at length shut
out from the view of the retiring disciples, by the angle in the path which
turned in the direction of the gate.
(Something fearful must this
instant have happened, for the house has just shaken as if
with an earthquake. What can be the meaning of these wonders?)
Such, my dear father, is the history of the arrest, trial, judgment,
crucifixion, death, and
burial of the mighty Nazarene Prophet.
It is now nearly day-break, and I am not weary writing
you on so great a subject. I have been thus particular, not only
to enable you to see, as if you had
been present at all that passed, but at the request of my uncle, Rabbi Amos,
and also to give vent
to my own fullness of emotion. It was due to myself, who have believed in
Him so firmly, to
show that, although He was crucified and
is dead, the extraordinary events which accompanied
his crucifixion attested that He was more
than a man, if not the true Messias; and that, therefore,
there is excuse not only
for me, for being his disciple, but for all others who followed Him. You
can also perceive, my dear
father, from the honorable manner in which He was buried by the
eminent counselor, Rabbi Joseph, of Arimathea, that He was deemed by him innocent
of any crime worthy of such a death;
and that he believed Him to have been deceived, rather than a
It is this view of his
character, combined with his patience, his dignity, his forbearance,
his air of divine innocence on his trial, which makes us all still think
and talk of Him with
tenderness and tears.
All that remains to us of Him is his body, and to this we have paid the
homage of our reverential affection.
This morning Mary and Martha, with others, have gone to visit
his tomb in Joseph’s
garden, (as I have already said,) for the purpose of embalming it; and on their return we are to go to Bethany for a few days, until the violent hostility of the Jews
to his followers subsides. The Procurator is daily looking for four
legions of Roman soldiers from Syria, as a reinforcement,
when he will be able to protect us, and maintain completely the
supremacy of the Roman power.
Oh, that these forces had been here on the day of the crucifixion, for then, says Rabbi Amos,Pilate, conscious of military strength, would have acted freely, and saved Jesus from the hands of his foes.
I hear now the voices of Mary and Martha, in the
court of the street, returning from the
tomb. They are pitched to a wild note of joy!
What can mean the commotion--the exclamations--
the running and shouting all through the corridors and court? I must close,
and fly to learn what new terror or wonder has occurred. . . .

In haste, your affectionate daughter, 

(excerpt, "The Prince of the House of David")

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vignette: Nothing And No One Better Than This

And then there's something like this. . . . When I was young I read fantastic stories about "masters" . . . "gurus" . . . "God-realized" men who had amazing abilities and knowledge . . . and if you could find one--a "true" one--you could sit at his feet and learn the way to "enlightenment".  These fellows were said to be able to read minds, bi-locate, heal and more . . . but most of all, they embodied the Person of the Supreme Being.  It was said that God Himself would and did manifest, inhabit certain humans in this world and that, if you were seriously dedicated to the pursuit of God and truth . . . and submitted to a "realized one" . . . eventually you too could achieve THE "enlightened" state of God-consciousness.

When I settled on one particular Indian "guru" . . . who at the time resided in Poona India . . . I remember wondering if he were aware of me.  It was said that the disciple didn't choose the "master", but instead the "master" chose the disciple.  One also wondered if the "master" and "disciple" had been together in past lives, and such tales were often told and shared of this purportedly being discovered.

There was also the sense that the "master" was guiding me, even though we were a world apart.  Physical distance, time and space . . . were not such big barriers in this spiritual world, it was understood. . . .

Until that time, I had sought other "gurus" or teachers--a "master" . . . but had always found them wanting.  Oh, how I longed for a true "master"--the kind written about in the texts and histories; one who was truly "God-conscious"--a perfect representative of God Himself, the Supreme Being, THE One.  If I found him, I determined that I would renounce all other pursuits, all worldly endeavors to commit wholly to the path of what I believed was the purpose of human life, "Divine Self-realization" . . . "satori" . . . "enlightenment" . . . "oneness with the Divine" . . . . . . .

And this is what so many serious, sincere seekers desire.  Countless hundreds and thousands travel the world over looking for just such a "master".  Many find one they deem legitimate and do sacrifice themselves to "sit at the guru's feet" for years--even their whole lives. . . .

This is the yearning I briefly described in the two previous "vignettes". 

And what is so profound and worthily devastating . . . to find out . . . is that THERE IS just such a "master."  There IS a "guru" . . . a "teacher" . . . a spiritual "father" . . . who can and DOES all the things we seekers read about in the various spiritual histories and texts!  He knows your mind, your heart. . . . He IS with you always, watching, guiding, comforting, just as you imagined the others possibly were.  He DOES possess all knowledge, is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. . . .

He DOES know you from before time . . . and He IS the one Who chooses His disciples!

All the others are fakes, copies, wanna-be's.   JESUS . . . is the real, living, beneficent MASTER!

My desire to find a "master" . . . was not mistaken, not a vain hope or fantasy.  It was divinely inspired, as it is in you if you have the same yearning. . . .

Do you have that kind of commitment that the youth in the vignette had, as many have had, to sit outside the temple walls of some, ie., mystical kung fu monastery . . . in the snow for days? . . . but have it for JESUS? . . . THE ONLY ONE AND TRUE MASTER?  Are you as devoted as the young girl who realizes that all creatures will let her down and decides to renounce all . . . to join some religious order?  The Lord abhors the lukewarm. . . .

We search for the truth . . . because there IS a truth to be found!  We want a Master and to submit to a perfect Master . . . because there IS a perfect Master! 

Jesus will be your Master, and you will be His disciple, for real, every day . . . as you are made to find Him, love Him and be with Him . . . for all eternity.

Nothing and no one . . . is better than this.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Vignette: A Girl

There is a girl. . . . She is an idealist.  As a young girl she imagines with excitement the great and colorful potentials of life.  But as she grows, people and achieved goals always disappoint.  There is a longing in her heart for perfection and she thinks that if she tries hard enough, makes the right decisions, and works patiently on others in her sphere, bringing them along toward her own lofty ideals, she can finally create that sublime place.

She has some relationships with boys, few and far between, but these too fall short of her yearning, her ideal.  They are decent enough, as far as boys go--better than most even, likewise chaste and respectful, but it seems there is always something missing.  Their human frailties she tends to focus on until she sees nothing else and the thing dies on the vine over time, both sides sad and confused.

She hears of a place where young women like her have gone to escape the wiles of the world, where they devote themselves to sanctity and service.  Is this the answer, she wonders?  Within her burns a yearning, a craving that clearly can't be satisfied by the world, by men, nor even close friends and family.  There is something more--there must be, she determines!  Why else such a strong desire for it?  Who or what put that there if there was not the possibility of ultimate satisfaction?

She gives away all she possesses, says a few farewells, then enters the order to pursue the rest of her life in daily, steadfast, earnest service and solitude. . . .

[to be continued]

Monday, April 14, 2014

Nevada ground zero?

.....another vignette . . . for the girl . . . is following....but meantime real quick wanna just say that I don't think by any means is the bundy affair over...... No way 'they' would appear to have been defeated like that.... No, repercussions must accrue.  Would we not expect that an example against defiance must be made?  How dare the riff raff think they can oppose, especially with guns and horses?  No way.  Something wicked this way comes, I fear.........

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Vignette:To The Sanctuary Wall

Vignette:  To The Sanctuary Wall

The young man was always called "a dreamer".  When he participated with the other youth his age he got along well enough but he always seemed a bit out of the loop, distracted and somewhat aloof.  Where others were apparently content with the lot life had given them and moved along with the expected flow of maturing landmarks (studying for a career, carousing, looking for a mate, making connections, acquiring hobbies and interests) he was increasingly obsessed with finding answers to fundamental questions; primarily "what is the purpose of life?", "what happens when you die?", "is there an ultimate meaning to be discovered?"

Growing frustrated at the superficial and nonchalant answers that his peers and even elders tried to provide him, he began spending more time alone, studying philosophical and spiritual texts, meditating, praying, pondering . . . and wandering dissatisfied. 

Resentment and anger at the situation became his only companions besides the maddening silence offered by the universe, by the gods. . . .

He drifted into licentiousness and dissipation, for at least there was the pleasure of a moment to be had.  But this too resulted in frustration, compounded with guilt and a constant internal nagging that nothing could more stupid than this.  At least the others--while they may not have any satisfactory answers--were being relatively productive materially and often enough appeared to be having a "good time".

All along his meanderings he had heard of mysterious sanctuary, up in the hills, where it was said a wise man, a truly holy man indeed resided and taught selected disciples the secrets of life.  But to enter that place, you had to be invited.  You could not merely show up at the door, pound the knocker and demand to be let in to join.  You had to be accepted by the Master there.  It was his decision if you could enter or not.

Suffering several times at the hands of bandits, bullies and maniacs while out on the road, the young man also was attracted to the tale that the disciples there were expert in the martial arts.  They were taught how to defend themselves against attackers and how to protect the innocent and rescue victims from the violence and crime of the wicked and exploitative.  For the students of that place were not wholly reclusive but also at times went back to the outside world teaching, healing, proclaiming their Master's message.

Finally, hungry, cold and practically naked from his wanderings and accompanying lack, the young man found his way to the walls of the sanctuary fortress.  He knocked on the door . . . but there was no answer.  He pounded on the door as it began to snow, for winter was coming.

For days he cried out, "please let me in", and occasionally he would see one of the inhabitants appear on the wall to look down on him, then they would vanish.  He was being watched at least, this much he could tell, and this gave him some slight comfort. . . .

After weeks of starving and freezing, though, in anguish he decided to leave the place.  But he was now too weak to travel much and soon passed out in a nearby bramble.  He dragged himself to a small cave and huddled there waiting to die for more days and nights.  But he didn't die.  And as some of his strength returned his thoughts turned back to his quest.

No, he would not take this dissolute, incomplete result as final!  With a surge of new determination, he stumbled back to the sanctuary walls and kneeled in the snow, resolute that he would either die on that spot, or the Master would accept him inside.  He was not leaving in any case.  Life in the world as it was held no draw for him.  He knew--he knew there had to be more!  There must be a real answer to the questions clawing at his soul--some good and lasting purpose to all of this!

The young fellow, however was not going back--not returning to the world he had left behind, even if no answer came.  This was it.  This was the spot he would die on . . . or, the Master would bring him in. . . .

[to be continued]

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Nevada Twist

Awesome temporary result . . . in Nevada.  Truly, the people have had it.  The perversion, the communist crap, the lawlessness perpetrated by a literally a few compared to the many has awoken the sleeping, tranced-out giant and . . . well, Americans have simply had it with the cabal.  I suspect this only reprieves the eventual confrontation for a time, but, thank God for even a moment's respite from this wretched, ungodly, anti-American tyrannical slop that we've been suffering under for so long now!  Push back starts now.  Then, the underhanded, amoral, wicked response which will probably shock and awe.  Nevertheless, for a moment, if not longer, the people (not the insipid, puerile, flaccid, degenerate elite) have at last made a stand worth noting!

But these bastards are patient.  They have the long term power of the devil and demons on their side which goes beyond the mere lifespan of the current reprobate class.  However, we know the ending.  And either way you slice it now, it ain't good for them in the long run, reaping what they've sown.

The Nevada Stand Off

When I first became aware of the Bundy ranch situation in Nevada last Sunday my initial suspicion was that the despicable Harry Reid likely had something to do with it.  I also thought of the Chinese and how they are quietly taking over large tracts of property throughout the country.  Turns out this may be just the case.  I also thought of the Ukraine.  This is our Ukraine situation.  Not what's happening currently there but what happened under the Stalin and Soviet rule in the early 1930s.

Under the model that I have been predicting for some 20+ years, I would expect the "Soviets" (the Marxist/communist cabal who have long infiltrated our government and culture) to repeat the conquering program that worked so well for them in 20th century Russia and Eastern Europe.  A big part of that regime was to force the citizen off their farmlands and country estates into the cities where they could be controlled more easily.  To deal with the natural resistance of patriotic, country land owners, the tyrants took over the farms (and cattle ranches) and deliberately cause millions to die from the subsequent enforced starvation.

What's happening in Nevada is public kick-off to that pogrom though it has been underway for quite a while already, quietly, where already many thousands of farmers and ranchers have been bullied out of their way of life and off their property.  Cliven Bundy is important for them because he has resisted and typifies the traditional American patriot . . . and so needs to made a shocking, public example off.; kind of like the Branch Davidians--"you will submit and obey us or we will burn you and your women and children alive by the scores."

The folks here in Utah are watching this closely as the same situation has already been happening here but most expect will be ramping up following the Nevada example. A the local AM talk radio station where I once had my show a couple of the hosts are heading down there to stand with Bundy and it will be interesting to get their on-the-scene updates and observations aside from the state-run ("mainstream") media reports.  I do fear there will be violence as I heard one regular caller call in quite emotionally upset saying basically that he was fed up with the government's increased tyranny and he was taking his gun down there and may just . . . well . . . he sounded a beside himself, a bit unstable . . . and proclaiming he nothing left to lose.   I don't know who he is, other than a caller I've heard before, and it is those like him who've been pushed to the limit that I'm afraid will ignite a conflagration.

Another concern is that this whole trumped up (by the Feds) situation could be the fuse lit that finally kicks off the civil war they have been fomenting with increasing intensity.  Could it spiral out of control and give the pretext to . . . God forbid . . . drastically affect the upcoming elections--especially the presidential election?  I think, for once, many agree that if any of the presidents we have feared might cancel elections under a "state of emergency" this one . . . is the one most likely to actually do it......

Friday, April 11, 2014

Quickly Spotting The False Teacher

How to quickly identify false cults/teachers/teaching . . . and so, run.......

They do not teach that Jesus is God in the flesh.  If they reject that Jesus is God then they don't have the truth and you should get away from them.
Along with this, they will deny that the Son was pre-existing before creation.  He is not a created being.  He is God, the I AM, the alpha and omega.
Also, another thing false teachers will do . . . is focus on a minor issue . . . "adiaphora" . . . and elevate it to a major salvation issue.  For instance, those who insist that King James is the ONLY translation God authorizes.  Or, not eating meat.  Or that if you participate in cultural, "pagan" holidays like Easter or Christmas . . . you are damned.  Or, that you have to call Jesus by the name "Yeshua" . . . . . or one's view on the rapture . . . . . things like that which are actually NON-salvation issues, which you believe.  The cult or false teacher will take one or more of these and insist they you must believe a certain way or you are not saved. . . .

The main one though, is how they view Jesus.  It all boils down to this.  Is He God, the Messiah, who died and raised Himself on the third day? Or was He an archangel . . . or just a "mode" of God . . . or just a "great moral teacher" or whatever.  THAT is the test.

And to discern the truth of this matter, you must have spiritual eyes. It is discerned spiritual by the Holy Spirit, Who is also God.  And this is a gift from God, not something that YOU have the ability to do in and of your self. . . .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Be Caught Doing This

It is clear we are already under the judgment of God.  A police state abounds and grows by the day led by the tyranny of the perverse and insane, just as in the days of Rome and other great powers who were destroyed.  The church has been deceived into being passive, non-involved and so has let darkness run virtually unopposed through the whole land and now the price will be paid.  Those who have thought to be saved by being whisked away have been deceived by false doctrine and many of those will lose what faith they had as the destruction continues unabated.  Will it be conquering armies with the sword bringing the punishment?  Will it be fire from the sky, earthquakes, famine, pestilence, disease?  Perhaps all will arrive at once, for the betrayal of God's blessings on this land--the amount of light and grace that was given, then abused, is frighteningly large, and so will the corresponding judgments.

What is there to do for the believer watching this all, feeling powerless and seeing the apparent inevitability of the dire trajectory?

Well, this is nothing new.  It has happened many times in many places already throughout the world in history.  Even high levels of technology have been around before accompanying the wickedness.  "As in the days of Noah. . . ."

Our response should be the same as always.  And, in fact, it shouldn't really even be a response, but what we have already been doing all along!  What is that?  "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit" (Mat. 28:19) has been the charge since the Master arrived.

Notice, He did not say "go and convert" . . . but said "make disciples" . . . and there is a difference.  A large source of the problem where the Church has gone soft,  lukewarm, and flat-out heretical in many cases, is because the emphasis has been on gaining numbers, gaining "converts" . . . without then making disciples of those newly introduced to the faith.  These tend to become "false converts" who have given a quick heart-felt or mental assent, but have not truly repented and been born again to be regenerated by the Holy Spirit.

A disciple of the Lord is someone who dies to self and lives for Him . . . and daily walks with Him, growing in knowledge of Him, learning, becoming sanctified progressively, transforming materially into the new creature that already exists in spirit. . . .  It is no cheap thing.  It is the treasure of the universe against which all other passions, loves, covetings, dreams, possessions etc., pale vastly in comparison!

We are not to withdraw from the world; we are not to quit, run away, retire, hide.  We are to be engaged . . . boldly, unapologetically, unashamed, spreading the Good News in all stations of civil, political, spiritual society!  A soul going to heaven or hell is at stake, not this country or that!  If we love others as we are commanded, then we care the utmost for their souls and should not by selfish or shy in our reticence.  Whoever is ashamed of Him . . . He will be ashamed of them . . . on that Day!

Go and make disciples!  That is the answer to all the world's problems, chaos, violence, perversity today!  As judgment falls, be caught doing this already!
God bless you

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

In His Peace

"Peace does not dwell in outward things, but within the soul; we may preserve it in the midst of the bitterest pain, if our will remains firm and submissive. Peace in this life springs from acquiescence to, not in an exemption from, suffering."  --Fenelon

"If out will remains firm and submissive". . . . This is key to real peace.  Submissive to what?  To others, other creatures?  No, although sometimes that is God's will that we be.  But other times, in fact, we are called to resist and stand against the will of others and not submit.  For instance, as God is now pouring out his judgment on the nations, and especially America which has received so much Light in the past and was so blessed, but has turned away from God and now blatantly mocks and assails Him . . . it is clear that He has turned the rebels over to their reprobate minds.  They call good evil and evil good while gloating and parading their hateful rebellion against His laws, His very character. 

Is the believer, the disciple to submit?  To acquiesce in supporting the open rebellion?  No, at least not in relation to  standing for and continuing to assert the Truth.  We are not to go silent.  We are called to be "salt and light", beacons on a hill, to proclaim the Gospel truth so that those who hear His voice may be saved, while those who are children of the devil are compounded in their unrighteousness, for His wrath is poured upon them who, hearing the truth, refuse to believe it.

In all things, we are called to submit to HIS will and purpose.  Striving against His will when sometimes it calls for our suffering . . . is the main cause of dis-ease and confusion and depression.  Suffering gladly for His name . . . brings an unearthly joy and peace which puts the wicked to shame, and of which, regardless, they are in awe. . . .

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Little Seed Of Glory: Stop and Turn

"Those who are in fellowship with their Lord are no longer veiled from Him by the claims of this world and the afflictions of the worldlings, for they enjoy always the delight of being close to Him and the joy of having abandoned the visible for the things of the invisible world, the temporal for the eternal. . . . There is nothing to be despised in him who has refused to lay up treasures on earth, in order that he may secure unto himself the treasure of entrance into the presence of His Lord in the life everlasting."  --derived from a desert saint

It really cannot be repeated and recalled enough--the call to maintaining daily, constant adoration of the living God.

Ah, but so many things get in the way!  The whole world is in the way.  The other is in the way.  The self is in the way. . . . And here is where the temptation to pantheism steps in to give some reprieve and solace.  For if everything is God--if the universe itself (and thus all that is in it, which includes the world, the other and the self) is God merely disguised in multitudinous and changing forms, then by adoring, even worshiping that "everything", we think we are being holy and need not employ the difficult work of discrimination, of judging.

The pantheist says "all is God, so who are you to judge whether this or that is good or bad?  All is good, adore it all!"

But the Word of God says we are to discriminate, to judge; and we are commanded not to adore or worship the creation/creatures.  And thankfully, God has given us a sure, unchanging standard by which to judge things; which is why the worldlings hate and attack it constantly.  They want to be worshipped and adored, and play a game of taking turns worshiping and adoring one another . . . but God's Word forbids it, and the Truth seeker is amidst incessant spiritual warfare, whose main characteristic is to be either deadened or distracted from the supreme holy purpose of glorifying (adoring) the one, true and living God.

There should be nothing so alarming to the seeker/believer . . . than to realize he or she has gone days . . . without really remembering the purpose of life (which is to glorify God).  It is bad enough (and something we all do) to forget God for hours at a time, distracted by self and worldly concerns, but when days go by, let alone weeks, months or years, where we are caught up only in temporal, material, worldly and selfish interests . . . the remorse and fleeing to repentance ought be swift, fast and deep!

Is there anything more difficult, however?  Not only do we suffer from the mind-swirling noetic effects of sin (of the Fall), but our hearts, bodies and very souls are shot through with perversity and corruption.  Not to mention that the whole world is under sway of the evil one--art, religion, civil culture, science, technology, entertainment--the general thrust of secular society . . . are nearly all being used by the nefarious spirit to assault God and His people continuously, relentlessly, violently, occultly. . . . It is astounding and an apparent miracle in itself that any of us are able to break free to some small degree to genuinely Hear or See the Truth!

But even with God's grace, Who reaches down to shake us awake, and clear the scales from our eyes, it is virtually impossible to stay mindful of Him, His sacrifice, our purpose for longer than moments at a time; and most of the time we are woefully distracted, spiritually sloven and given largely to vain and selfish, animalistic pursuits.

There is one thing you can always do, though, even if you are not feeling it, to show your true, spiritual, Godly intent, which every righteous soldier in this battle should do . . . and it is to stop . . . in the midst of the malaise or confusion . . . and turn to God

So, let's say you startle out of the worldly trance and realize you have been drifting, getting far from Him, and you are sincerely alarmed.  Turn to Him and repent for your unmindfulness; ask that He help you remember your purpose.  This is a means of grace.  He wants you to want Him; He wants you to yearn for relationship with Him; for this you were made.  Just in showing Him that you care about this issue is pleasing to Him, whether you are presently feeling it or not.  Do not worry overmuch that your heart is not in it if it isn't, but let your mental assent lead the way.  You know you should be serving Him, glorifying Him and tell Him you know this, despite your falling short.

Just in this turning, this reorienting towards Him, however meager it may, is, in a sense . . . worth more than all the treasures of the world you could amass.  Here is the seed of your glory, for one day He will perfect you in this purpose and there will be no end to the joy it will entail . . . as you fully and completely reside in the purpose for which He made you.

Yes, now it is a faint thing, a dim light, a barely trifle moving. . . . But even this small thing--the awakening to the desire to please and serve and glorify Him in its tiny seed form . . . is bigger than the universe in its ultimate ramification!

Strive to be mindful, conscious, purposeful toward Him, amidst the noise and deflection, for this is what He wants to see in you.  Take comfort that you even care enough to try, to work out your salvation in fear and trembling.  He turns none away who do this, as He has promised, as His Word is true!  God bless you, saints-in-progress! 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Used By God. . . .

Used by God. . . . What does that mean?

For reals. . . .

What does that mean?  Is that what it's all about?

Is it all a matter . . . of our small selves . . . the impermanent selves . . . self . . . standing in the way while glory--real glory awaits, plus joy . . . and contentment . . . peace . . . settled power,
until we finally get it?  Get what?

Get what God Himself meant when He said that those who try to save their lives . . . will lose their lives . . . while those who give up their lives . . . for His sake . . . gain LIFE . . . as He meant it to be?

What happens . . . I wonder . . . if you truly get out of the way . . . put others first, because you put God first . . . and you . . . disappear. . . .

Is that when you actually LIVE?

Maybe you/I just keep putting gunk in the way, trying to hold on, hold out . . . some last
dying gasps. . . .

But what is called for . . . is complete departure . . . of the elf, the self. . . . 

So that . . . an empty vessel . . . can by used . . . by . . . the very God of the universe, of all
that is, was, would be, could be, wasn't, will be, I AM THAT I AM. . . .

Hmmm. . . .

Maybe gonna try that. . . .

For reals. . . .

God willing. . . . 

(reports either way, developing.......:)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

When Angry Men SEE

I remember several times I was angry at God.  It was never because I did not like the way my life was going; for as long as I can remember I have had no problem accepting the sovereignty of God--that He can have a person's life go any way He determines and it may not . . . in fact, likely will not . . . go the way a person dreams or imagines they would like it to go.

At the same time, I have never blamed God for my circumstances or for the "cards I was dealt" . . . which resulted in making my life a lot harder than others as far as opportunities.   It started out fairly auspicious (the circumstances of my life, growing up "privileged") . . . but due to the lustful selfishness of certain parental figures, it all blew up and I was basically left to fend with no help and no direction. . . .

Still, however, although from my "God is sovereign" worldview it would be GOD who is ultimately behind such turns of "fate" . . . it never occurred to me to blame Him.  I still always felt responsible for whatever condition or situation I found myself in and assumed . . . that . . . it was up to me to alter it for something "better" if that is what I thought best.

No, when I became exasperated, even angry at God . . . it was always because He didn't answer me the way I wanted.  I would meditate, study, ponder, plead, pray, cry, contemplate, study, plead, meditate, pray, cry out . . . deeply, passionately, desperately . . . for God to show me THE TRUTH--the WAY to follow in this life . . . and it seemed . . . there would just be . . . silence.  Oh, I could sense His presence, I didn't doubt He was there, which made it all the more frustrating, but always . . . the silence, no answer . . . with me just sitting there in sackcloth and ashes . . . at the end of my rope!

What I wanted was to be shown . . . which, of all the "paths" . . . or "religions" . . . and/or so-called "sacred" scriptures . . . to be found the world over . . . WAS THE CORRECT ONE?  Surely, I figured that if there was a God (which I always believed, or KNEW, rather) . . . and the purpose of life was ultimately a spiritual purpose . . . having to do with reaching, finding, pleasing that God . . . (which I also always believed was the logical, obvious case, except for my ventures into things like Zen and Taoism and similar "paths" which held out a "purposeless purpose") . . . then God MUST have left a book, a teacher, a religion . . . SOMETHING! . . . which was the map to reach Him and which described best . . . the nature of this reality . . . the purpose of life . . . God's purpose . . . codes or laws to live by etc.

When I would not get an answer . . . I figured I was left to my own for some reason (of His) and I would look into another possible avenue of answers.  But sometimes I would just get mad.  Why, when I am here pleading, begging, crying out for THE TRUTH . . . saying I will give my life to that TRUTH . . . dedicate myself wholly to It . . . Why God won't you simply answer and show me!?

And when still no answer . . .one or two times I would say things like, "well, then I guess I am the "evil one's" . . . because he certainly has designs on me and wants me" . . . and I would let myself drift into the enemy's path, for at least THERE there was some direction, some immediate objectives (ie., pursuit of pleasure, money, power, occult fascinations, etc.)

But, every time . . . that would turn into dangerous darkness and demonic oppression . . . which I still abhorred on some level, though ran with it . . . and God would come get me, time and again, drag me out of the mire and leave me to dry out on the river bank, but still say nothing. 

Eventually, for whatever reason HE had in His timing . . . while in the midst of one of those scary dark-side excursions . . . He came . . . and showed me my real situation--it was the "great dressing down" I've written of . . . and then there was only what I can call a "vision" . . . of seeing the Truth that Jesus IS the WAY, THE TRUTH, THE LIFE . . . THE ONLY WAY . . . to God; the TRUTH I had been searching for all along.  Only now, I could "SEE" it.  The scales had fallen from my eyes. 
Oh, I had prayed to Jesus . . . believed Him for years . . . since a child . . . along with my forays into other religions and so-called "masters" . . . . But now, I SAW that He was God, the Savior, and that the Bible . . . was His record, His authorized revelation . . . which told the true story of earth and man and reality, spirituality . . . . .

From all this . . . there is no question to me . . . that God chooses when He will reveal Himself.  And that the ability to SEE Him and His truth . . . is also a gift--a pure act of mercy and grace on His part.

Seriously, I never met anyone . . . that sought God harder and more honestly and longer than I did.  Oh, I know there are those who have . . . but I simply never met any.  For years and years, I strove to find Him trying this way and that . . . . ready to devote my life to Him if only He would reveal Himself.  If there was a way to earn, or work, or practice . . . oneself to the "truth" . . . I should have done . . . many times over.  But it was ONLY when God decided to show me the Truth . . . that I was able to see it.

There is no question in my mind . . . that faith . . . the ability to SEE THE TRUTH . . . and then to BELIEVE . . . is WHOLLY AN ACT OF GOD.  WE cannot do it in and of ourselves, no matter how hard we try nor earnest we think we are.  It is entirely UP TO GOD. . . .

Brother Thomas ©2015

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