Sunday, March 30, 2014

To One Crying Out In The Wilderness. . . .

A while ago an odd comment popped up for one of my older posts back on Tuesday, October 25, 2011 entitled "A Roaring Borealis and my qmpdt" . . . . . 

The comment was from one called "Town Crier" and is this:

 "When we were children we are told of a mystical, magical god that loves all and is just. We are told that governments exist to provide us with justice.
We are told that the cure for despair is hope but having existed in this world for for over half a century I have come to learn a greater truth about god and government that is far from the mystical and magical lessons we are taught in childhood.
Unfortunately many of us would rather continue to drink from the pap than take up a knife and fork and fill ourselves with reality.
I hope and pray all will go well for those in despair."

I've been meaning to address it (this old comment), though there is not a lot to work with . . . besides some insinuations, but I think I got the gist of it.  For the first time, just now, I clicked on their name "Town Crier" and was taken to what I assume is the person's blog, which doesn't look like its had any action since 2012.  The name sounds familiar . . . maybe from Lamb Cafe days?  Forgive me if I should recall. . .  My memory especially of late is . . . well . . . getting a lot of holes (although I don't think it's just me--I hear lots of people nowadays complaining of memory loss at a rapid rate . . . and I suspect we are all being subjected to something in that regard) . . . . 

Are you still around "Town Crier"?  You claimed in your last post to be "dead" (on the inside) and just awaiting physical death. . . . Lots of despair there and I'm sad to see that you were quite abused as a child and beyond, and that you decided to take the route of self pity (a quite practical mode of coping I want to assert).  I DO NOT say that as an attack or disparagement whatsoever!, but say it in the manner of merre clinical description.    This is indeed a very cruel world.  Many, many people have suffered greatly, unfairly, horrifically, I know.  There are various responses one can make.  You alluded to those who respond in kind, becoming, ie., psychopaths themselves, lashing out, hurting others as they have been hurt.  Then there is the self pity route, where you just give up, too tired and beaten down to fight let alone respond positively.  Definitely, I would say the self pity angle is better than, ie., the serial killer or likewise abuser reaction, for at least then the cruelty/abuse etc., is not perpetrated on other "innocents".

Some are destroyed by their torments, like you say "dead" inside, giving up on any hope for a final good outcome.  Some recover and go on to lead what "they" call "productive" lives, and you wouldn't know what they had been through unless they told you, so "normal" have they managed to convey themselves.  Some . . . become saints and are actually able to truly forgive their tormentors and go on to spread love and healing and service for the rest of their lives. . . .

Surely it has got to be one of, if not THE hardest thing to understand . . . how such cruelty and suffering exists in a world made by "a loving God."  Failing to comprehend it is what leads so many into atheism, agnosticism, "humanism". . . . And surely also . . . it has long been the devil's greatest ploy, as with Job, to attempt to destroy faith and love for that God . . . in such a world where . . . the devil is allowed to run his mayhem. . . .

I thank God that He is perfectly just . . . and loving . . . and that all things work for the good for those who love Him.  The tormentors WILL be receive their due.  God's children WILL have their tears wiped away--there will be no more pain and suffering for them, and this frightful, mysterious, awesome world . . . and our time in it . . . will be but a microscopic blip of time in the annuls of a glorious eternity . . . a grain of sand compared to the expanse of cosmic space and trillions of stars.

Anyway, give a shout out, if you are still kicking around, T.C. . . .

Here is their blog . . . a place of sad, despairing poetry and some genius, I dare say, fwiw.... God bless

Friday, March 28, 2014

Family Music & Worldly News
"Westward The Tide:  Sorry Soul"
Well, Jack's band's album is released today . . . "Sorry Soul" . . . . The photo above is from their front page feature on the music industry site NoiseTrade. . . . Pretty exciting for them.  The album can be had on Itunes.  Last I heard it was around #30 on the charts . . . but will probably be moving up and down for a while.  Jackson has been quite savvy about the whole thing, very business-like, level-headed and not carried away realizing it could blow up (go big) or . . . piffle out, as every one is getting their Warholic 15 minutes of fame nowadays.  From my observation, though, I see an ongoing auspiciousness in their trajectory and continue to expect doors to fly open.
A couple of years ago re another matter concerning Jack, I received a blunt, direct message from God (I believe so, anyway) where He assured me that He was in charge (of course) and to trust His Sovereign hand in this, as in all things.  He showed me some things . . . and from that moment on I was chill and trusting on the matter(s) involved. . . . Praise God:)

In other family music news . . . one of my cousins is also in an indie-folk type band and has done quite well for a while with them, at least around these here parts.  Her name is Corinne, she's a sweet, talented girl . . . and their band is/was called The Folka Dots.

I see on their website that they are now pursuing various projects and her new band is called The Souvenirs.  She is headed out to Nashville to record their debut album.  Here is her new site:


Now, what I know you really want . . . is to hear new music from me, right?  LOL.....riiighht.....heh..

Well, regardless, I expect to playing a song live with Jackson and Al and Isaac at Al's upcoming wedding in May and may record that (he's marrying a Hawaiin "Disney" princess, btw, .  . . no . . . really . . . heh, kinda is... more on that later...)

And uh, . . . Jackson says he wants to work with me on an EP of songs .... which would be fun--I sorely miss not writing, recording and playing, old duffer or not . . . so we'll see; though I suspect things may get quite busy for him soon and . . . it could be a while . . . . . .

While he's not a musician, he likes to interview them . . . and not sure what the latest is with him and his clothing line, but fwiw, here is another cousin, Chet who was on the Real World MTV a few years back .... funny, talented guy Chet...heh....

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shawn McCraney Goes JW and Starts Juggling the Unpardonable Sin

On a personal level, level to level . . . just hanging out or if Shawn were just who he is and it was a high school sleepover with buddies pontificating . . . or brainstorming about politics, philosophy and even religion in general . . . I like Shawn.  He's a funny guy, entertaining, charismatic, quirky . . . and I relate to his non-conformist, "anarchistic", iconoclastic tendencies.   I too have generally looked at where the "crowd" was going, and have taken that as a cue to go the other way.  I've always identified more with the outcasts, the "weirdos"--those NOT in the popular clique, etc. 

It's nothin' personal, in other words . . . my grave concerns are over what Shawn McCraney is teaching, preaching and/or postulating. . . .

He is a PASTOR!, claiming to be a serious, true follower of Jesus and teacher of The Word.  He promotes that what he's about is offering "where Mormonism meets BIBLICAL CHRISTIANITY face to face."

His whole operation is said (by him) to "give God a chance to make sense."

And now, in his latest show . . . I dare say he is verging on . . . if not REVELING IN . . . the blaspheming of the Holy Spirit!  Yikes man~!  His current foray into theorizing on God's character (as he trains his philosophical guns on the Holy Spirit) has more in common with Jehovah's Witnesses than anything resembling "Biblical Christianity"!  [The JW's teach that the H.S. is not a person, but more like just a "force" as part of their rejection of the Trinity.] 

As much as he keeps trying to (dishonestly, I believe) insist that he only has a problem with the Christian use of the term "TRINITY" . . . it is obvious that he has a problem with the whole "Trinitarian" aspect and doctrine which forms a fundamental core belief of the classical, orthodox Christian faith.  He called it "garbage".

And now he's calling the common, foundational teaching/belief in the Holy Spirit (as a Person) GARBAGE!  He actually even called the Holy Spirit "a third wheel" . . . implying that the Holy Spirit is like that tag along, pesky character who crashes the party that you wish would leave.  "Three's a crowd" he said, and suggested that the "Father" and "Son" are probably even annoyed by His (Holy Spirit's) presence!

The disdain bordering on contempt which Shawn showed for the idea that the Holy Spirit is a Person--the third Person of the Trinity, was shocking, grieving, alarming . . . and, as I am suggesting, bordering on, if not diving into . . . the one "unpardonable sin".

The "blaspheming of the Holy spirit" . . . is when you attribute to the devil . . . the operations, power, glory, workings . . . of God, of His Holy Spirit.  It was shown when the Pharisees accused Jesus of having and using the powers of the demonic (rather than the Holy Spirit) when he performed miracles.

22 And the scribes which came down from Jerusalem said, He hath Beelzebub, and by the prince of the devils casteth he out devils. --Mathew 3:22

Jesus goes on emphasize that "anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven."

31 And so I tell you, every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. 32 Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.  --Mathew 12:31-32

Again, despite his protestations to the contrary, Shawn continues to assert the heresy of Modalism--that God just manifests in different ways, ie., as Son . . . the Word . . . Spirit . . . fire . . . wind . . . etc, and there are NOT three Persons in one Being from all eternity.  This has been obvious to anyone with half a sense who has been witnessing his assertions and diatribes about The Son recently.

But I was shocked (along with others in the room watching) and alarmed . . . to see the disparaging, mocking tones and terms Shawn was using when he started to now address The Spirit--the Holy Spirit, and I'm wondering how he is not directly addressed in Jesus' warning to those who "speak against" Him (The Spirit.)

These things are not grievous to one who does not HAVE the Spirit residing and operating within. "What's the big deal?" . . . the unbeliever jibes with scornful perplexity.  What's the big deal about theorizing all kinds of new (actually old) different theories about what, who God is . . . or whether Hell is eternal or even real . . . or if the 2nd Coming has already happened or . . . any number of speculation contradicting basic Christian belief and doctrine?

To the disciple, however . . . to the sold-out, purchased-with-Christ's-blood believer . . . these eventually become combined, all-out assaults, blasphemies, character assassinations . . . against the very revealed, true, delivered-to-the-saints CHARACTER OF HOLY GOD!  The Spirit is grieved at these calumnies!  It is THE DEVIL who mocks, ridicules, twists, perverts God's Word and depictions of the nature, character, purpose of God!  Why are there so many warnings against false teachers, false prophets, false "christs" . . . if not because it is such a serious and looming matter?

The apostles did not say, "go ahead and speculate, come up with your own ideas about Who God is and spread those around in His name; it isn't really a big deal if you get a few things wrong; God doesn't care; just be entertaining and artsy and 'sincere' and He'll overlook it."

No!  Paul said let that person be ACCURSED, whether it be he, an angel or any other who dares to preach "another gospel"!

The TRUTH MATTERS!  How many saints, disciples, apostles, followers, teachers, preachers, prophets have given their lives to preserve and relate THE TRUTH?  

And we cavalierly spit on their martyred, broken bodies throwing around vain and self-serving speculations (my opinion, fine) over whether they got it right or not, as if it's no big deal to contradict, undermine, blaspheme Holy Scripture/God's character?

It's a big deal.  It's not a shrug of the shoulders hanging out with high school philosophy buddies bantering about. . . . 

Shawn holds himself out as a shepherd, a teacher and preacher, pastor of the Word who has the eternal responsibility of souls, of the Lord's sheep in his care!

So, this is why, even though on a purely secular, humanistic level, I like Shawn, get a kick out of him and his eccentric character . . . but am deeply concerned and must continue to speak about his handling of the Word of God; for we are to be "good Bereans" . . . and are to fight for and defend God's merciful revelation, delivered to the "saints" once for all!

Monday, March 24, 2014

More Shocking Fruits from the God Haters

Ah, the disgusting, demented fruits of atheistic secular natural scientism continue to astound, don't they?  In the atheistic worldview--the world without absolute right and wrong, according to the character of God, there is nothing "wrong" with the story below.  In fact, why NOT take the handicapped, the mentally "challenged", the weak, the sick, the old . . . take all BUT militant man/God-hating feminists, militant homosexuals, Gaia-worshipping environmentalists, select minorities (those similar to those in power, ie.,) and put them ALL in the ovens--the ultimate, biodegradable "green" energy--to heat the leftists' and progressives' and humanists' homes and factories!  What would be "wrong" with that in a Godless, moral-less, purely "scientific", evolutionary-theoried worldview?  NOTHING!  So, are we surprised to see horrors like this operating at full tilt in the Godless wreckage that is the 21st Century United Kingdom?

If Jesus weren't coming back to set this mess straight, this planet would be, under these self-worshipping, a world of ghastly horrors . . . against which only Hell itself could compete for depravity. . . .  

"The bodies of thousands of aborted and miscarried babies were incinerated as clinical waste, with some even used to heat hospitals, an investigation has found.
Ten NHS trusts have admitted burning foetal remains alongside other rubbish while two others used the bodies in ‘waste-to-energy’ plants which generate power for heat."

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Christian Genocide, Deathly Silence

It is difficult for me to get too excited or worried about anything personal or much else . . . knowing the atrocities that are occurring to Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East (and elsewhere globally) right now.  . . . . Slaughterhouses for Christians and non-Muslims who will not convert, heads lined against the walls, bodies hanging from meat hooks, "human sacrifices" by the scores and millions are transfixed by a missing plane?  And the moral outrage of the day is shown in 20-somethings crying, shrieking and protesting because homosexuals couples can't "marry" and adopt children with complete ease in every state yet?

This sort of thing is what was happening to Christians prior to the time of the Crusades.  The Middle East, North Africa was the crown of Christian civilization . . . until the Muslim invaders poured out of Arabia, murdering Christians, desecrating churches, torturing men, women and children by the thousands, subjecting cities and towns and villages by the thousands, holding all in bondage, servitude, degradation . . . until the cry for help was eventually heard in the relative calm of Western Europe.  And so, noblemen, with mostly good intentions and heeding the call to rescue gave up their wealth and comfort to somewhat staunch the bloody rampage of Islam through the once Christian lands.  Yes, it was war, and atrocities and needless bloodshed on both sides occurred, but the cartoonish snapshot of the Crusades as being merely an excuse for so-called economic "Western Imperialism" is a lie perpetrated by the usual suspects:  haters of God, of Christianity, the Bible, of Jesus--secularists, atheists, communists and pagans together making the propaganda that now infects the majority of minds brought up in state education institutions and "popular" media.

The persecution and outright genocide of Christians has drastically surged in the past 4-6 years worldwide, as the West turns it's decadent, gay-focused head and while there are plenty of missions and reports to and about the "underground church" . . . very few actually bother to help in real and tangible ways, ie., such as Rescue Christians do where they have gone into these dangerous areas and rescued out Christians in imminent danger of torture and slaughter.  God bless them!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Beware The Shine

There is nothing good without God.  If you have two men; one, let's say is a Zen Buddhist--a fine fellow . . . it would seem.  He is calm, giving, well balanced mentally and emotionally, gentle, kind.  He possesses a pleasant demeanor derived from lots of introspection, meditation, deliberate self control. . . . Many might consider him a saintly man.  He is artistic and highly intelligent.  He smiles on all people, whatever their beliefs and behaviors, believing that all will eventually find their way to "god" . . . or to their "higher selves" or whatever ultimate reality turns out to be. . . . He is prepared to be wrong in his chosen spiritual "path" and accepting of others who "choose" different "paths."  The world lauds him as a "spiritual master"; students travel far to sit at his feet.

Then there is a somewhat abrasive man, not very deep philosophically, yet he is a pastor who fully sees and believes the reality of Jesus as sole savior, the one, true God.  You would find him perhaps not a very sensitive man, nor is he especially nuanced.  Things are cut and dry, black and white with him.  But he preaches the Word straight in a white-washed, ramshackle country church, to mostly old women and a few country bumpkins.  He knows, however, he is a broken vessel and at least tries not to interweave his own pet ideas and theories into his sermons, but just teaches orthodox, basic Christian doctrine from the Bible.  He wears cheap suits out of style and looks like a used car salesman.  But he believes Jesus is the only way to heaven, to salvation, and he would die on that hill.

Dig a little deeper, however and you will find that the Buddhist harbors a subtle, though craftily well-suppressed pride in what he has achieved through his meditation and asceticism.  He believes HE has done through through his own ability and effort--reached this "saintly" state. . . .

In truth, all of his "goodness" is a sham.  "There are none who do good."  Without belief and submission to the ONE TRUE GOD . . . all is an illusion, dust and ashes, tinkling brass. . . .

A broken vessel with rough edges, but who teaches straight from the Word of God, who is submitted to the Lord . . . is worth more than all of the world's elegant teachers, with their sublime doctrines and intricate spiritual philosophies, even if they do good works and have a show of immense confidence and composure.  For their professions are like the wind, come and gone, and of no substance, outside the one, true faith,  "the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints."

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

No Vanity Project Here

I hope . . . someone . . . a few would be great . . . realize that you have here at this little blog outpost probably one of the most accurate Geo-political prognosticators and analysts  regarding current global political/military developments . . . that . . . uh . . . is writing.

I see these overpaid, just-coming-to-the-party consultants now appearing on the cable news networks giving interviews, saying, "golly, it looks like ol' Russia is trying to put the Soviet Union back together . . . huh . . . whattaya know!" and . . . well . . . it sucks to be me sometimes, heh, lol.

A painter, scrapin' and chippin' old flakes, stuck on some rickety ladder, watching the world go by, just as expected . . . and warned. . . .

I suspect and hope that some of you have stuck around because you have realized that this is not a vanity operation, which . . . well, I observe so many others quickly veer into. . . . But, rather a genuine effort to share, at least amongst a few with discernment, the ongoing insights to what is happening and what it is all about . . . meanwhile . . . and straight to the bitter/glorious END!
Praise God:) and God bless you:)!

[Anyway, here is just a minor sampling of a few of the things I have been for years here now . . . wanting to alert you to. . . . . ]

posted Oct. 5, 2011:

 "I wrote recently to watch for the bear coming out of hibernation--Russia, who has been strangely invisible and seemingly out of the loop (all staged, btw) suddenly being in the news again, getting more involved, eventually to come save the day as the great liberator and equalizer against the "ruinous", greedy "capitalist America" . . . .

Then it was reported that Putin is back and looking to return full force to power (as if he were ever out of power--again all theater) . . . .

The economic destruction/warfare has been successful, utilizing Soros-style global hedge funds and instigating national policies designed to fail, implemented via useful dupes and self-important fools . . . This has been the plan all along--written of, projected long ago, by the Kremlin puppet masters--for Russia to lead a (communist) EURASIAN bloc of countries.
ALONGSIDE and in natural relationship . . . is the legitimized persecution of Christian believers, which will grow side by side with global police state."

Posted April 10, 2010:
The Bear is back. The mask will come off soon. Now that the U.S. is unilaterally disarming (long-time KGB goal) . . . and has a Marxist in the White House . . . Russia will start to shed the charade . . . . It will start PUNISHING and recapturing those countries which made efforts to escape the communist, Poland . . . . . This is just the beginning . . . .

Posted June 6, 2009:
 "And the rest of the teetering, old and bloated, corrupt politicians seem either in on the deal, blackmailed or bribed to let it continue . . . this raping and transformational "CHANGE" of America into a full-on Marxist-socialist-communistic/fascistic state.

SO, it has been planned for a while . . . but Russia has been grooming its image and planting the pre-positioned subliminal programming . . . using publications like Pravda and through various agents here and there and everywhere . . . . THAT RUSSIA is the new hope of freedom! RUSSIA is where you go to get the truth! Russia is America's hope to escape the clutches of communist dictatorship!

It is ALL a military attack and strategy--something i have told you about called "total war". And it is ongoing--all the things you are seeing are part of it. They are not disconnected or haphazard societal evolutions or garden variety corruption. NO! It is a long-planned, well orchestrated, multifaceted military takeover, using all means available to destroy the intended enemy. They use the economy, mental health, moral environment, political distractions, foreign adventure diversions.... EVERYTHING contributing to the collapse of America . . . is part of a planned MILITARY TAKEOVER by a foreign power. Simple as that. You can watch it unfold very clearly when you learn to see it as that. Then everything makes sense. It's all on purpose.
Global Communist Dictatorship is the end game. They are using the greed of the global corporations to effect it. Many of these will eventually, after their usefulness, being bled dry, then cast out . . . as you are already beginning to see.
Meanwhile the transfer of wealth, resources, intellectual property etc., will continue at neck break speed to China and the other new manufacturing centers, but all run by the communist regime.

Watch, as the foolish conservatives and impatient patriots . . . increasingly look to Russia and China for salvation. Don't be fooled. It's a complete set-up. It's called the "scissor technique". You run to one or the other of two falsely portrayed saviours . . . and get caught--cut between the two."


Posted Dec.12th, 2006:  

One of the greatest sleight-of-hand tricks of all time has been effected and is now coming to a close. The magician has disappeared, but is about to re-emerge from behind the well-crafted ‘curtain’.

While investigators and the common curious have been given ample scraps of clues to see portions of the hidden hand–ie., moves made by Jesuits, Masons, Skull & Bones, and other connected occult-based operatives….the BEAR, the hammer and sickle has been using a time of self-imposed hibernation and is about to run from its cave, ravenous and attacking all in its path.

Few know about the concept of ‘total war’ which dedicated adherents to Marxist-Leninism employ in their long-term objective for world domination. Orchestrating that certain components and players of ‘the conspiracy’ be revealed is taken by the duped to be progress, whereas it is actually only playing further into the beast’s plans.

It is meant and allowed that the populace know to a certain degree, the plots and cabals which are arresting freedom and Judeo-Christian western culture. The come-uppance of figure-heads, such as Bush Jr., and other phony ‘conservatives’ is all theater designed to give the illusion that ‘the people’ are making gains in uncovering and reacting to the ‘hidden hand’.

But it is nothing more than the show trials of the old Soviet Union, where old party leaders, even Stalin, were allowed at certain points to be criticized and sometimes operatives were even outed and executed….all just to keep the people somewhat appeased and left with some sort of sense that justice was being answered in their imprisoned, slavish lives.

Meanwhile, world communism….the TRUE, FINAL military arm of the conspiracy (not the American military, as conspiracy-theorists usually assert) has steadily increased its grip on the few remaining countries and pockets of political and national independance….secretly, with different names, undercover, behind-the-scenes this has been going on….encircling and infiltrating the U.S., so that, when the curtain finally falls,…..the citizen will be shocked into complete terror and complacency that the takeover has been so complete.

The final moves in this chess match are now being made. The final death strokes were always designed to coincide with a devastating financial collapse of the dollar, combined with a stranglehold on energy and food resources. Recent moves by Russia to retake total control of oil resources are signaling that the end-game is drawing near.

The ‘total war’ concept is simply a strategy whereby the once fledgling and backwards soviet machine planned a long-term operation, targeting ALL facets of the enemy (ultimately Christianity and traditional American culture, sovereignty etc.) for infiltration, diversion and then full Marxist conversion. Drugs, pornography, relativism, pluralism, diversity, attack on family/purity/manliness, sexuality-focus/perversion, generation-gapping, materialism, hedonism, cultural guilt, icon-debasement, disarmament, financial corruption, educational corruption, corruption of the courts and law….ALL means are used to undermine and destroy the enemy from within….wtih the instigator feigning weakness….as glasnost and perestroika implemented……but with continuing massive military build-up and encirclement……these are the means of TOTAL WAR.

This has all been expertly effected against ‘the west’, orchestrated from the Kremlin, while the common folk have been distracted, placated, lulled and diverted to a hundred other issues and ‘enemies’.

There has been no death of communism. It is triumphing in every sphere. One of the final stages of takeover is the upstepped direct attacks on churches, signs and symbols of Christianity, but with the co-opting and promoting of ’sanctioned’ politically correct churches. Individual believers will increasingly find themselves without a place to go…fearful of speaking out…isolated…targeted…and ultimately, many will pay the ultimately price defending and proclaiming their Lord. There is simply no way this will be avoided.

But, as the whole purpose of this life–as this world has gone–is NOT comfort, materialism, personal dreams, etc….but, rather, just a stage where a soul gets a chance to exhibit its greatest love (God or mammon)…….nothing in these coming events can do anything but serve that ultimate purpose. Temporally, and temporarily, yes, it may be difficult and very uncomfortable at times….lol… say the least……But, when the single purpose is kept in mind….and one determines to be victorious whatever the cost……WE CAN KNOW that the troubles of this world are NOT WORTH MENTIONING in the same breath as the glories to come.

There is NO comparison, so great the reward for all those who fight the good fight….who endure until the end!

Ultimate victory has been promised to all those who believe on His Name! No matter how dark, how clever, how evil, how underhanded and devious and powerful the hidden hand of our Enemy seems to be……it is POWERLESS to overcome our interior life of conviction and commitment to the Truth, To God the Father, through the conquering power of our Savior.

Actually, these petty, pathetic strategists, who only seek the glories of THIS world, and are content to get it through causing pain and suffering and misery…murder, lies and theft and perversion….HA! what fools these will turn out be! They have missed the one key component to victory in a war….which is….yes, a TOTAL WAR…as it considers the eternal value and position of the everlasting soul!

Let the total war go on. Let it encircle us all about… it does and will increasingly…….

Praise God that victory was already won! The war is actually over; fools, with your tanks, and tortures, and mind control, tricks and lies!

LOVE CONQUERED in the TOTAL WAR!!! Haven’t you Heard? Haven’t you Seen? What? You can’t BELIEVE it?

Well, then… lose, comrade. Bloody conquest for but a moment, comrade…yes…..but the war is already over…..your global dominion is but a fleeting illusion……it is YOU who have fallen into the trap! Das Vidanya….

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Missing Planes & Gravity Waves

Re the missing Malaysian plane . . . I would tend to think outside the box on such things.  It was kind of a quirk that the day that the news first broke on that, I had just earlier in the day listened to about 3 hours of a great interview with Gian Quasar, an expert on the Bermuda Triangle, which is indeed a real mysterious place, with 100s of legitimate disappearances over the decades and still continuing.  He had mentioned that there are a few other similar areas like the Great Lakes and what I immediately thought of . . . a place called the "Devil's Sea" or "Dragon's Triangle" which is near Taiwan, up to Japan, just northeast of Malaysia:  "This area is said to be a danger zone on Japanese maps, according to Charles Berlitz's books The Bermuda Triangle (1974) and The Dragon's Triangle (1989). He states that in the peacetime years between 1952-54 Japan lost 5 military vessels with crews lost totalling over 700 people and that the Japanese government sent a research vessel with over 100 scientists on board to study the Devil's Sea, and that this ship too vanished; and finally that the area was officially declared a danger zone."  Wiki

But I don't think that's what happened.  I would tend to think something like this:  Did we not learn after "911" of things like Northrop Grumman's "Global Hawk" remote control system which can control jets from a distance via computer interface?  Perhaps it is something like this.  Maybe it was a test of a new similar system; testing the ability to take over and remote control aircraft from afar.  What about the suspicious pilot they are focusing on?  What better plane to test on that one with an eccentric pilot on board who could ostensibly be blamed for hijacking?  The plane may have been crashed into the depths of the Indian Ocean . . . or landed at a predetermined safe haven to be outfitted later for other purposes (ie., loaded with nuclear weaponry).

Another purpose that could be involved is simply sleight of hand.  Perhaps the above is true AND while everyone is locked onto the "missing plane" news cycle, other more serious developments are going on, ie., what Russia is doing on the ground up around Ukraine.  For some reason, I also keep getting the inkling that the many recently suicided bankers may be somehow related. . . .

In general, I think that what actually happened is far from being revealed on the surface reports, and that what is going on in the background is likely quite unlike what anyone is imagining or being told.

And usually, there are several agendas at work, with simultaneous though different objectives being effected. . . .

Re the supposed discovery of "gravity waves" adding proof to the Big Bang THEORY . . . it is still early in the announcement phase, but even if it can be seen that the universe is expanding, it doesn't prove much if anything about HOW it started to expand/inflate.  Still the problem of something coming from nothing looms large over the various Godless creation theories.  The Bible itself describes God as unfolding, (ie., "expanding") the universe, as part of His creative act, so if "science" discovers an "unfolding" universe, so what?

"He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in."  Isaiah 40:22

"The LORD wraps himself in light as with a garment; he stretches out the heavens like a tent . . . "  Psalm 104:2

"This is what God the LORD says-- the Creator of the heavens, who stretches them out, who spreads out the earth with all that springs from it, who gives breath to its people, and life to those who walk on it:"  Isaiah 42:5

Then there is this basic caution:

"First, let’s point out that we’ve seen public leaps to conclusions end badly before, as recently as 2012, when a principal investigator for the Mars Science Laboratory’s SAM instrument said “This data is gonna be one for the history books.” It turns out we may have overreacted (Universe Today). The speculation about tomorrow’s announcement appears to come from within the physics community, not the general public, but we should avoid getting ahead of ourselves."

"Press announcements are all well and good, but the real meat in this story lies in the BICEP2 team’s research, which can be accessed via a prepublication copy submitted for review. Their results are available here and here.
The real story is opening ahead of us, as these results continue to be verified, replicated, and applied to existing questions, creating new ones about our universe’s expansion."

Friday, March 14, 2014

The New "Cosmos" Fantasy Show

I see that the anti-God, anti-christian, blind-faith religion of "scientism" is back . . . with a vengeance with the new, highly funded and promoted new "Cosmos" television series.

What a pathetic joke and fraud.  Seth Macfarlane, "Family Guy" creator has helped with getting it on air and is executive producer. 

Seth is a virulent anti-Christian bigot.  "Stay away from the church. In the battle over science vs. religion, science offers credible evidence for all the serious claims it makes. The church says, ‘Oh, it’s right here in this book, see? The one written by people who thought the sun was magic?’ I for one would like to see some proof that there is a God. And if you say ‘a baby’s smile’ I’m going to kick you right in the stomach."  (Macfarlane)

The new updated "Cosmos" series purports to be about science.  It is not.  It is part of the wider agenda to brainwash "low-information" couch potatoes into believing that the Bible is myth, Christianity is "unscientific" and that man will eventually have all the answers.

The host, astronomer Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, is also another atheist, scoffing anti-Christian, anti-God arrogant fool and bigot.  Along with continuing to promote the anti-free market, collectivist-designed, pro-government fraud of "global warming" (now called "climate change", lol, because the planet is NOT "warming") Tyson already is suggesting as "scientific high probabilities such "Creation/Origin" fantasies as "multiverses", "big bang", "dark matter" and "black holes".  None of these have been proven using real science.  They are wild speculations requiring more blind faith to believe than those who have faith in the Bible and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The show will be loaded with all kinds of subtle anti-Christian bigotry such as the depiction of Giordano Bruno (17th century pagan astrologer) as being a champion of "freedom of scientific thought" standing bravely against the "evil", anti-science church of the day, imprisoned for his "brave" stance, taking up where Copernicus left off.  When in fact, Bruno was not even a scientist at all and was not persecuted for his "scientific" pronouncements, but because he was a practitioner of magic and promoted "Hermitism" as the one true religion, along with his practices in the occult.

I do find it interesting that 25% of the first episode was devoted to Giordano Bruno and the assertion that the earth revolves around the sun being the ground-breaking scientific thought of the day (against the "Church").  Which tends to confirm more than ever . . . that GEOCENTIRSM is actually correct and more and more evidence is proving it to be the case, and a big part of this program is to hurry up and continue to perpetuate the big lie (that earth is NOT the center of creation, the "apple of God's eye" so-to-speak.)

Anyway, look out.  The new Cosmos is going to be a wild ride of speculation, fantasy, anti-Christian bigotry, God-hating, atheistic/scientism propaganda dressed up . . . as supposed "science", with lots of flashy computer-generated images, intense emotive music, and impassioned pleas . . . for its promoter's cause: hate God, worship man.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Leaping From Idol Fortress

It's so true.  And either you can see it or you can't.  When you see it, it's clear, there's no mistaking.  On the other hand, you think you are seeing it, getting it, even defending it, but in actuality you are lost in a fog--perambulating about in an inner world of idols, lost in your imagination, thinking it real.

But there IS an objective truth and reality.  And there are only two religions.  The false one is an illusion, a self delusion, where your works and efforts and subjective ideas rule the day.  There, you THINK you are free, roaming in and through the constructs of your heart and mind (led by feelings and the mental pictures generating those feelings) . . . but in truth you are trapped in a cage and going nowhere.  It is a land of fantasy; but a land that if threatened, you will fight to the death to defend.  It is YOUR sacred ground, YOUR city of idols, and if any idol there is attacked it is as if YOU were personally attacked, for you are identified with the structures, to varying degrees.  If one idol is demolished, however, over which you fought to maintain, no problem, you will cast about and find another to take its place in your sacred grove.  And all the while you have convinced yourself that you are really in the good fight and that the personal sleights you feel are sleights to God which you are defending.  But they are not.  No, not in your idol fortress.  It's all really just you you are defending.

Then, you look out over the wall and see others with their cities of idols and scoff and scorn at them.  Somehow, you can see THEIR idols and their delusion, but yours . . . yours is interestingly invisible to yourself.  YOU are about God's business!  The others . . . ha! . . . THEY are frauds and charlatans!

Meanwhile, there is an objective truth, a real reality.  This is the world of the one, true religion; the one true God . . . who will have NO other idols before Him.  In that world you have seen and continue to see the depths and constantly re-asserting deception of your depraved, idol-creating self.  The battle is constant, and you work your salvation out with real fear and trembling.  For there, you also realize that left to your own devices, you neither would . . . nor could . . . EVER see the truth of things as they actually are.  Also, you have been shown that there is NOTHING you can do in and of yourself . . . that is pure.  All of it is tainted with lurking, petty self interest.   You are honest with yourself in this, admit it, and crumple to the ground crying, "God, save me from myself!"

This other religion, which is a world of its own--even the ONLY real world--is the one where you see that only The Lord can do anything to save you.  He did . . . and does IT ALL.  You can do nothing, other than that which He provides for you to do; and even that is just to see and repent and believe that . . . indeed . . . HE is the only way out; the only way out of the idol fortress, which is actually a prison and a graveyard, dressed up with a veneer of festival.

Day to day, the two lives are different--the one in Idol Fortress vs. the one in the One True World.

In Idol Fortress, everything is self referential.  Look at me, look at what I did, here is what I have, this is what I am doing, this is what I am going to do etc., and if you are better than average at it, you can get others to join in lavishing YOUR idols as well, gaining "followers" of a sort, which then works to confirm and justify that yes, you ARE doing something important; and its best of all if you can cover it with posters and art and promotions . . . that it is really all for God!  Then you can become indignant and self-righteous when others (competitors in the Idol Olympics) don't show what you think should be the proper respect (to the idols you've constructed and work hard to maintain.)  Of course, in that world, the world of self delusion, there IS great competition for who can produce the biggest, shiniest, most impressive idol, and, hopefully a coterie (or cult) of followers/worshipers to that idol, for others are in the game as well and vying for central position. 

But a clever bargain is made, whereby each Idol (factory) Fortress agrees to pay homage to the others, at least superficially, to maintain the peace and to continue the mutually supportive delusion.  It is no wonder that when the Prophets arrive, or preachers and teachers of the One True World (which is the eternal Kingdom) and declare the objective facts of the lie that is going on and the Truth to be had . . . they are shouted down, harangued . . . even beaten and many times murdered.

It is easy to belong to the false religion--to the false world and set up as an Idol Fortress.  It happens automatically, no effort required.  Just breathe in and join the parade, for it is the momentum of the day and the trends are always changing to provide a sense that progress and growth are happening and there will always be suitors and encouragers (fellow idol makers) who are buoyed by the company (though you're really all just marching around your own parapets, in circles, going nowhere.)  To find and live in the Real World where the one, true religion exists . . . is to go against the grain and is to be at constant war with the fallen and ever falling deluded self.  It is mostly a quiet, intense, unseen battlefield daily, striving to stay connected and mindful with the one, true living Lord--the one, true God.  When you find that you are able to keep clear and disentangled with the world of lies, what you have is deep, wrenching gratitude, for you know this is a gift--a grace and a mercy which you do not deserve, for you are no better than the others deluded, except only better off, for the King has deigned to hold and keep you.

If ever you hear the call, leap from that dangerous fantasy and run to His arms, daily, for the path to destruction is wide . . . easy . . . and all about.  The escape route to truth; to the one true religion, to the one, true world . . . is narrow, hard . . . and REAL.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Day In The Lie

It is only imperfection that complains of what is imperfect. The more perfect we are, the more gentle and quiet we become toward the defects of others.

We must truly serve those whom we appear to command; we must bear with their imperfections, correct them with gentleness and patience, and lead them in the way to heaven.++

Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength.*

Pity, forbearance, long-sufferance, fair interpretation, excusing our brother, and taking in the best sense, and passing the gentlest sentence, are certainly our duty; and he that does not so is an unjust person.^

Let us seek the grace of a cheerful heart, an even temper, sweetness, gentleness, and brightness of mind, as walking in His light, and by His grace. Let us pray to Him to give us the spirit of ever-abundant, ever-springing love, which overpowers and sweeps away the vexations of life by its own richness and strength, and which, above all things, unites us to Him who is the fountain and the center of all mercy, loving-kindness, and joy..>

Beware of self-righteousness. The black devil of licentiousness destroys his hundreds, but the white devil of self-righteousness destroys his thousands.#

Self-righteousness is the devil's masterpiece to make us think well of ourselves.<

According to the Bible the works of the "flesh" are of two kinds (though both are of the flesh): the unrighteous and the self-righteous.@

Ah, there is nothing more beautiful than the difference between the thought about sinful creatures which is natural to a holy being, and the thought about sinful creatures which is natural to a self-righteous being. The one is all contempt; the other, all pity.=

*Francis de Sales
^ Jeremy Taylor
> John Henry Newman
@Watchman Nee
=Alexander Maclaren

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Path Of The Righteous

"But the path of the righteous is as the dawning light, That shineth more and more unto the perfect day."  --Proverbs 4:18

No lukewarmness.  We are not to settle part way on the summit, pitch a tent and remain in the dark, windless confines of a man-made covering.  But this is what too many do.  Narrow is the gate and difficult the road which leads to life and few find it.

There is a way, however, which is the righteous path and you know you're on it because the light that you see in the distance grows brighter with every step.  Are you still sitting in your tent?  Perhaps you fear the rocky climb, afraid to slip and fall.  Then there are the sudden gusts of the enemy which flare up with greater intensity the higher that you climb--the closer you get to the shining summit. . . .

But the children of God are not to be mediocre.  Has the salt lost its savor?  How does one become mired, recoiled and greyish in some recess, comfortable in the darkness, wincing away from the exposure to winds and seasons?  

By not looking steadily upon the light!  Looking away at distractions . . . fussing endlessly over one's climbing accouterments . . . focusing on other climbers, their ideas, gear, pet theories. . . .  

If you come to the Word of God with pre-conceptions of how you think God ought to be, then try to make scripture fit to that, this is how you end up mediocre, lukewarm, stranded and non-moving in your tent.  Worse yet, many go on to build a little house there and then, to comfort themselves and justify their position, look for fellow travelers, followers even . . . to set up camp alongside, which then can spire so large that the dawning light is no longer seen at all, but only the camp fires of self-design--a village of shared idols.

Rather, the one truly dedicated to truth . . . comes to the Word like a child, open and willing to see whatever is there, to be taught and told by God Himself His ways, Who He is, How He has done things, looking neither to the left nor the right, but focused straight on the Lord, Who is the light.

By doing this, the dawn continues to break, grows brighter with each step.  When the enemy assails even fiercer, which he will the closer you get, all his efforts only then increasingly confirm the truth that you see and follow and pursue.

There is a righteous path . . . and we are to be on it, straight and steady, moving forward . . . until we reach the perfect day.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Remembering Our Destitution

Never forget how completely, utterly, absolutely in need we are of a Savior.  Daily realizing our total dependence on Him is crucial to maintaining that personal relationship which provides the strength, clarity, joy, confidence etc., to weather the daily assaults of the enemy.

How much do we need Him?  Well, some think they do things for God.  Maybe it's penance--acting in abstinence of pleasures and personal pursuits.  Others think they give of themselves for God; perhaps money, time, labor.

Here is the problem, however.  We are totally destitute.  All that we are . . . all that we have . . . all the energy, the muscles, the brain to think . . . belongs to God already.  We have NOTHING that is our own!  How could we?  God created us and the world ex nihilo--out of nothing.  If we manage to achieve some things in life . . . through our talents, our efforts, or are fortunate to inherit wealth . . . all of . . . is God's.  What can we give Him that He is not ALREADY the owner of?  How we were made, our abilities, any special skills . . . come from Him.  There is NOTHING we can do for Him or give Him that is not already His.  It is a delusional charade if we believe we have something of our own to offer.  All is His.  We can pay nothing for our sin, our transgressions.

So, we see that only because of Jesus do we have a way back to God.  Jesus paid it all!  Only God Himself could intercede on our behalf and cover us with HIS perfection.  He took upon Himself all of our iniquity . . . and not only that, accredited to us . . . His perfect, obedient works of righteousness.

This fact, which happened in space and time . . . should daily send us to our knees in unending, tearful gratitude.  We have NOTHING to offer.  All is His.  What He has, He freely gives to us, because He is merciful, so that now we do have something--His very holy perfection, set before us, and this is what God chooses to see, because He IS loving, gracious, merciful. . . .

Blessed are the poor in spirit . . . the meek, bereft, destitute . . . and who know it, coming to the Lord with arms empty . . . praising His name.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


So there's our boy . . . there in the middle with the hat.  Wow, his band has only been together a year roughly and they just won "Band Of The Year" in our big local entertainment paper City Weekly!  They beat out a bunch of other great bands in a play off gig up in Park City a few weeks ago.  That is Jackson's wife on his right, Meagan . . . which is cool.  They were up at our house last night testing out her new keyboard and we got to jam, which was fun--me and Jack wrote a quick silly song called Cinnamon Clover which we video'd and I hope to be able to post. . . . Al came home and joined in with his Spanish guitar and they played a Fleet Foxes song together, and Isaac was strumming along as well.  But back to Westward The Tide--they really are something.  Their new album comes out March 15th I believe . . . and it is very impressive.  Jackson writes all the songs, lyrics and music.  Very proud of him. 

A sidenote re this is that I may get a chance myself to do some new music, which I always am craving to do but . . . well . . . survival mode is always there buttin' in.  I've had an idea for a type of music I would want to do right now and told Jack about it and he loves the idea, and so, if things work out he wants produce it and play on it using his new skills and contacts, which is awesome.  Usually I have had to do everything trying to make something happen and its a nice relief to have some help that way.  Of course I would include my other musical boys, Al and Isaac . . . so that it would be a somewhat resurrected Larsen Ice Shelf project.  But we shall see.  I also pretty much expect that things are going to continue to move quickly for Jack his band and they just might blow up huge and we may just be dog-sittin' their cute Banjo (our granddog) while they are touring the world. . . .

God bless :)
bro, t

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

McCraney Goes Gnostic Manichean To "Clarify"

So, now Shawn is trying to clarify his teaching on the 3-in-1 God, still refusing to use the term "Trinity" or name the parts "persons" . . . but what he tried to explain last night now sounds like a polyglot of Gnosticism, Manichaeism and Zoroastrianism . . . yikes.  The more he talks, the more confused and errant he shows himself, sorry to say.

He seems to now say the "darkness" . . . that was on "the face of the deep" . . . represents evil (sooo, he's got evil and corruption BEFORE the Fall now) and implied that it is something like a co-eternal reality along with "the Light" . . . which is God.  [Why then did God, after creating, say that it was all good? . . . one would have to immediately ask.]

Anyway, he also says that God at His base "an all consuming fire."  And that "fire" . . . uh . . . creates "the Logos" or "Word" . . . which . . . becomes Jesus . . . but  . . . is not the eternal Son . . . and God is at His core . . . "light", "fire", "love" . . . and . . . and . . . well . . . there was something about the Morning Star and "Day" being capitalized . . . . and I'm more confused than ever just what exactly he is trying say . . . . . . And wondering how Shawn's explanation of the "triune" God is suppose to be better and more helpful to confused Mormons than the orthodox understanding of the Trinity?

Re his "God is light, consuming fire" business. . . .  The early heresy of Manichaeism taught that there were two coexisting realms . . . darkness and light . . . and that darkness got caught up, mixed with light . . . so creation is meant to extract the light from the dark . . . so that one day . . . the light conquers, in effect.  [Note, this sounds a lot like Shawn's idea that all will eventually be saved after a purging process, likely in the "fire" of God].

This gnostic idea of light fighting dark goes also back to Zoroastrianism and includes such teachings as creation is a process of progressive "emanations of the Supreme Being of Light" who eventuates into a "demiurge" who creates the material realm. 

[Uhh . . . this is basically what Shawn was saying in his "clarifying" presentation last night on his show. . . . .]

This is a pagan religion dating roughly from the 2nd century B.C.--a mystery cult of Persia.  Zoroastrianism taught that . . . all will eventually return to God (just like Shawn teaches).  Fire worship (fire being a sacred purifying agent of God) is largely associated with Zoroastrians and is a big part of their rituals.

. . . . . Here is the problem of not reading any "Christian theologians" or Christian history (as Shawn proudly asserts he only reads the Bible . . . except, note that he DOES read Marx, Gandhi, Steven Hawking and a host of secular, atheist, liberal philosophers, oddly. . . . .) . . . the problem is . . . that you tend to re-invent the wheel.  Shawn's weekly new heresy . . . is embarrassingly offered as some new idea that he has just discovered that will "blow our minds" . . . when actually, every time . . . it is an old, thoroughly discredited man-made, usually pagan speculation or gnostic tangent . . . ably dealt with  EARLY ON in Church history . . . by Holy Spirit filled men of scholarship and prayerful study.

  Seriously . . . Gnosticism and Manichaeism being offered as new, "mind blowing" interpretations of God? 

P.S. I have some exciting news re Jack's band . . . will share within days (no not my last big prediction re them . . . but pretty cool nonetheless and headed that direction) . . . . And I hope to round out my thoughts on the current Russia kerfuffle . . . to explain a puzzle about the whole ongoing American/Sino-Soviet relations that I know probably perplexes many . . . having partly to do with "moral equivalency" issues . . . . .

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Thoughts on the "final phase"

If my analysis continues to be confirmed by ongoing developments . . . I am expecting that for a while there will be the ongoing re-annexing by Russia of most if not all of the former Soviet satellite states with a virtual subsuming of the EU. Though the EU will appear to be independent it will actually just be part of the new Soviet bloc.  It is already mostly run by communists.  Meanwhile the destruction of constitutional America will continue, gaining pace as it has been.  I suspect "they" really do want to get rid of all the privately owned guns first before any type of actual invasion and presence on the streets.  This could take a while yet.  But it has started with the staged Sandy Hook "massacre" as we see now Connecticut leading the charge on citizen gun confiscation.  There will likely be another staged "massacre" since Sandy Hook and probably the Boston bombing went so well with the state-run media totally covering for "them" and despite all the evidence on line of a hoax, most people still buy the "official" line. 

I do not buy the "alternative" propaganda currently about the Ukraine, put out by Paul Craig Roberts types and others saying that a "right-wing" neo-Nazi cabal is actually behind the "revolution".  Please consider that this will also be the "official" line put out to the country and the world when the citizens of America (assuming they finally do) begin to actually revolt and hit the streets.  It will be called "right wing" and marginalized just the same.  This story line is obviously already well into development with the maligning of the "tea party" and any and all who are starting to speak out and oppose the present communist/socialist tyranny.  Unfortunately, as I've been mentioning all along, many otherwise sincere and concerned patriots will be fooled into thinking that Russia is the champion of national sovereignty, traditional morality . . . and even "freedom" and the comrades will be welcomed in as liberators (the oldest trick in their book).  Most people don't realize that is has been KGB-designed psychological/spiritual warfare that is behind the rampant moral decay, drug culture, "sexual revolution" and pervasive "anti-American" sentiment from the beginning.  So, the gullible and uneducated (on the issue) will be (as many already are) supporting and cheering on the very regime and special operations intelligentsia . . . who created the crisis in the first place.  Classic dialectical military strategy. . . .

Also, "they" want to have the major takeover occur timed with big time economic collapse . . . so, with gun confiscation still to happen along with that, I don't think we are on the immediate precipice, but events have been gaining speed for sure, time is flying . . . and whenever it all comes down, I expect it will still be sudden and a big surprise. . . .

Monday, March 3, 2014

Told Ya so. "Comes The Comrade" . . . .

Yeah . . . well . . . the Russia situation is pretty much going like I've always been expecting it would.  Not surprised at all.  I see that the "scissors strategy" is coming into view, as I predicted it would, where the supposed opposition between Russia and China dissolves, the curtain goes up, and it's shown they have been on the same side all along and will combine forces for the final takedown of "the West".  (The trick was flawlessly made, where China pretends to be counter to Russia so that the West floods China with money and technology, China being the "workable communists", with many idiotic Western elites and intellectuals even praising China's form of government/economy, so that the West in effect pays for the very military and technology that will be used to defeat itself, as China and Russia come together, the two blades of the scissors, to cut the decadent West to shreds.)

One of the key points I've been warning about publicly, since about the 2nd interview show I did with Zeph Daniel circa 2005 and which I mention in the below blog post of Feb. 10, 2007 . . . is another big trick that has fooled many, even many well meaning and otherwise perceptive patriots, Christians and conservatives.  This is the trick where Russia has made itself out to be the lone country/regime "standing up for Western, traditional values."  I predicted that many in the "patriot" community would actually be praising Russia as being more "conservative" and "traditional values protecting" than the America.  The West would be seen as decadent, globalist, "Illuminati", NWO etc., while Russia would be seen as the champions for "national sovereignty" and even "Christian values."  Russia's stand against the militant homosexual agenda, for instance, is looked at with longing and admiration by many who realize the demoralizing, corrupting, family and freedom-destroying effects of the hyper-sexualization of the culture, especially from the front of the militant, anti-Christian homosexual spear. . . . 

But do not be fooled.  Russia is not the champion of freedom, of Christianity, of "Western values".  Russia and China are not going to "liberate" America from it's decadent, perverted, corrupt government.  Russia and China are largely RESPONSIBLE for America's collapse of constitutional, free-market governance . . . combined with their allies on Wall Street.  Big money loves communism and communism loves big money. . . . They all hate God.

Anyway, the final phase of the plan appears to be getting started.  America will find itself surrounded (for the first time) on all its borders.  A large and well organized 5th column will activate from within.  Monetary/economy collapse will be timed.  Confusion, disarray, moral ineptitude, and personal as*-saving will be the weak and ineffective response (of the West).  And I got to hand it to them from a military standpoint.  They (the communists) have devised and implemented their strategy for global total control very effectively and with great patience, while, the self-serving, greedy, Godless leaders of the West have fallen into their hands just as designed and expected.

All in all, however, I know God is in charge and there is bound to be great strides made in the area of mission, as . . . folks see their worlds fall apart . . . their idols decimated . . . and perhaps maybe then they start to think about what really matters. . . . . .


posted Dec. 12, 2006:

"One of the greatest sleight-of-hand tricks of all time has been effected and is now coming to a close. The magician has disappeared, but is about to re-emerge from behind the well-crafted ‘curtain’.

While investigators and the common curious have been given ample scraps of clues to see portions of the hidden hand–ie., moves made by Jesuits, Masons, Skull & Bones, and other connected occult-based operatives….the BEAR, the hammer and sickle has been using a time of self-imposed hibernation and is about to run from its cave, ravenous and attacking all in its path.

Meanwhile, world communism….the TRUE, FINAL military arm of the conspiracy (not the American military, as conspiracy-theorists usually assert) has steadily increased its grip on the few remaining countries and pockets of political and national independence….secretly, with different names, undercover, behind-the-scenes this has been going on….encircling and infiltrating the U.S., so that, when the curtain finally falls,…..the citizen will be shocked into complete terror and complacency that the takeover has been so complete.

The final moves in this chess match are now being made. The final death strokes were always designed to coincide with a devastating financial collapse of the dollar, combined with a stranglehold on energy and food resources."
posted Feb. 10, 2007:

"One of the final stages of a communist dictatorship takeover and new government is that the original government of the target country will be in a state of crisis and no confidence perceived by the people. All its leaders are held up as crooks, corrupt and dangerous to the country.

"Then, the communists come in to save the day….save ‘the people’ from their own corrupt government……The communists come in as ‘liberators’ ……..and swiftly set up trials and punishment for those part of and complicit with the now removed and disgraced corrupt government.

"It is easy to see this stage being set perfectly before us. The purported crimes and disfunction of the current administration are designed to create antagonism towards American government in general……so that, even so-called patriots and conservatives and the churches….will RUSH HEADLONG to welcome the ‘liberators’ who ostensibly arrive to bring order, peace and justice."


posted March 2007:

" . . . . . Regarding banks and money and the lurking economic crunch . . . . a big squeeze is going on . . . . There is a ravenous beast now devouring throughout the land, scarfing up money, peoples' money in every small way . . . . preparatory to the big eco-meltdown, which is nigh . . . . . . . . The squeeze is on, and, as I've mentioned before, a massive looting is underway, below the radar, to sift out the last vestiges of 'free enterprise' and mom and pop operations--once the bulwark of the mighty American middle class.
Families will move in together . . . . People will increasingly be sharing the same housing, splitting the bills, circling the wagons . . . . IF YOU CAN sense this possibility coming in your own life, don't wait to long to make the changes needed to survive financially. The old economy is over. It's done. The mighty American middle class is swiftly becoming an historical aberration. The communists have won and the sooner you realize this and accept it and then make adjustments, looking ahead, the better you can avoid crisis situations where decisions HAVE to be made in haste and panic and often not optimally."

posted Nov. 9, 2010:

"...........Folks, it's almost upon us . . . . I've said for years . . . one day . . . it's going to be like someone flipped a switch . . . and then . . . all the revolutionaries--the millions who've been pouring through the open borders . . . and more . . . will activate. Grey terror . . . will quickly turn to red terror . . . and our so-called "leaders" are mostly and utterly clueless and will be befuddled and react in all the wrong ways . . . ."


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Upon Finding Living Water

We are to be holy.  The closer we get to the personal Presence of God within us the more we are repulsed by the profane.  Holiness, the sacred, that sense of the divine . . . draw the seeker toward God as a starving, thirsting creature is desperate to find water.  Nothing sounds sweeter to the one, who through serious and focused pursuit, longs for the singular quenching--the one thing that matters above all in such a desperate time.  All vain and false hopes have vanished.  The seeker is bereft, empty, "poor in spirit" . . . as every glittering distraction has been tried and found wanting.  No more will baubles and sounds and lights and personalities fill the void.  A temporary fix is no longer desired, the seeker knows better. 

Here, a grave and piercing ennui has taken hold as the one searching realizes "not this, not that"--that nothing truly satisfies that certain, unique craving.  It is truth that is wanted--unvarnished, plain, direct, tangible of a kind that answers all doubt and deflects the many hot darts continuing to rain.

Oh glorious day when it is realized that the water sought, the treasure longed for is not a "thing" . . . but a PERSON!  A holy Person!  And the drinking and taking in of that Person is real, ongoing relationship. . . .

Once you have tasted the holy, there is no going back.  All else and everything prior is but shifting colors and noise and shapes always passing away; but here is found living water which never fades nor dies, but is the source of life and life itself and joy descends as the wandering pilgrim is confronted with the astounding fact that His character is lovely, holy, just. . . .

A repulsion toward corruption and perversity of His created order follows--for all things false including those decaying trappings still clinging within increasingly disgust, and a yearning grows to be bathed in His effulgence--the radiating, purifying light of His being, so that the dark things hidden are exposed, die and dry away before His holy fire.

Now, the devil doesn't care if you are reading your Bible, going to church, doing good works . . . (many of his minions do all that) so long as your relationship with God remains cold, artificial and in name only.  But his hackles raise against you once you truly begin imbibing the living water, Who is Truth, and you begin establishing a prayerful, consistent, interactive  communion with The Holy One, for this was his great objective--to sever the connection between creature and Creator and come in between.  He will tell you to "forget it, you are too wicked, how dare you" and remind you of your past and ongoing failings to keep you in a cage, stunted, in his chains, wings clipped.

But do not listen to him, in fact, chase him away--resist!  Remind him that the evils you experience and the darkness that once enveloped you came from him!  Tell him, "All that is rotten, hideous, malignant and depressing came from YOU, the father of lies!  While all that is lovely, righteous, good, life-giving, beautiful, joyful comes from God and HE is Who I serve!  I am bought and paid for by the Lamb of God who conquered death and gives life eternal to His children.  Take it up with Him; I am saved."

Brother Thomas ©2015

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