Thursday, January 30, 2014

Remembering the Forgotten

Oh my heart is heavy thinking of the forgotten, persecuted--tortured--Christians still languishing in atheist and Islamic prisons throughout the world.  I think of and pray for them nearly every day and feel ashamed when I forget.  Please pray for them today. . . .

What ignorant fools this new wave of Western atheists is who attack, mock and seek to undermine and destroy Christianity and Believers.  Do they not know that when the Godless atheists come to power that most of those who helped to bring about the coup themselves end up in the same cells being tormented alongside the Believers they first imprisoned?

Ah, but they live in a devil-inspired fantasy that this time the collectivist Utopian agenda will "get it right"--will bring about peace, fraternity, abundance for all.  But it is a lie from the darkest, vilest pit of hell.  Every time it is tried oppression, depression, murder, poverty, etc., results for the vaunted "masses."  EVERY TIME!

With God gone--with the restraining power of Biblical teaching obstructed and outlawed--the inherent wickedness of man rises to the fore and an orgy of violence, cruelty, deprivation ensues, where the tormentors literally grow giddy as they burn, stab, strangle, poison, beat and break to bloody pulps their gentle victims shouting things like, "Where is your God now?  I am your God!  God is dead!  Man is supreme!"

What deluded, uneducated (though highly indoctrinated) fools are they who now openly blaspheme and curse God's Word and torment His believers in It, vainly assuming that if they can stamp out the convicting message of scripture, finally their filthy, self-centered consciences will be freed!

How disgusting and pathetically sad it is to see politicians--men AND women--championing the suppression of those wanting to protect precious, innocent life . . . waving high as a virtue the ruthless, violent slaughter of the unborn, calling good evil and evil, good.

Do not think it can't happen here, the outright bloody state barbarism launched against peaceful, selfless Believers, including accompanying gulags, torture and extermination.  For the heart of man (and woman) is desperately wicked and one only needs to look at any and every country that has decided to stamp out Christianity to see how quickly the perverse and murderous demonic spirit arises to torment and oppress one and all except the few elite who ushered it in, though they too often end up in its hideous maw.

Oh what lazy, apathetic fools are those who dare not speak out, to friends, family and neighbors about the dangers looming--no, LEAPING--over the horizon . . . those who hope to stay hidden, unengaged, left alone . . . if they just keep their mouths shut.  Then they will wonder as they sit alone in some dark, cold cell "does no one care about me?"  Well, who now is caring about the thousands of forgotten, abandoned Christian prisoners throughout the world, left alone to their Godless tormentors who tell them, "no one cares about you . . . you are hated . . . you are a fool . . . give up . . . give up your worthless God . . . people are enjoying their lives while you sit here left to die in suffering"?

It hit me with horror and sadness the other morning. . . . Again, one of those 4 am Spirit calls . . . I awoke suddenly and for some reason was feeling anxiety.  I pulled the blanket up over my cold shoulder, glad for the comfort . . . then the thought came like a sledgehammer:  Someone right now is waking up to the painful, bleak terror of another day--with NO physical comfort . . . alone . . . probably naked or barely clothed in some lice-ridden rags . . . in pain, with open wounds from the previous night's beating . . . starving, aching, lonely, family already murdered . . . no hope of release, with only more excruciating pain and suffering to look forward to . . . ?

And why?  Simply and only for believing in the Christian God--or maybe for something as basic as being caught owning or reading a Bible. . . .

Yet there are those who continue to insist that "man" is basically "good"!

No, in fact, every single one of us is potentially just as violent, evil, malicious as the secret police and torturers who this moment are beating, flaying, cutting and burning Christians throughout the humanistic world . . . BUT for the GRACE OF GOD!  We are restrained from the evil that we would naturally do, mercifully, praise God.  I dare say you are sadly deluded if you think you have some good in you that is NOT utterly and completely and only from, by and through God.  Were God not restraining the fallen, wicked hearts of men and women as He is, this whole world--every inch of it--would be worse than the most heinous gulag ever yet devised.  Don't fool yourself on this.  You need and have God's grace to be anything other than a sold-out devil yourself this very moment!

Because, however, I know that God is sovereign and in control and nothing outside of His will is ever done, whatever He allows--however disturbing or confusing it looks presently to my limited perspective and intelligence--I KNOW it is for His perfect purposes and wholly glorifies Him as He wills it to be and that ALL things work for the good for those that love Him . . . and I have faith in this, because His Word says this is so.  And I am a Believer.  I Believe and have faith!

How perversely ironic it is . . . that most often . . . it is those who complain about the suffering and evil in the world . . . and rail at God for it . . . become themselves, overwhelmingly, the very ones who then make war on God and His people and continue to cause and act as willing, eager agents for  the very suffering, unfairness and cruelty that originally motivated their initial complaints!

Let us not forget the Persecuted and Underground Church--our sweet, brave, loving brothers and sisters . . . broken, beaten, abandoned, cold, suffering valiantly for our Lord, His Name and People. 

Areas of the world where Christians face persecution include:
  • Afghanistan
  • Algeria
  • Azerbaijan
  • Bangladesh
  • Belarus
  • Bhutan
  • Brunei
  • Burma (Myanmar)
  • Chiapas, Mexico
  • China
  • Colombia
  • Comoros
  • Cuba
  • Egypt
  • Eritrea
  • Ethiopia
  • Gaza and the West Bank
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Laos
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Malaysia
  • Maldives
  • Mindanao, Philippines
  • Mauritania
  • Morocco
  • Nepal
  • Nigeria
  • North Korea
  • Oman
  • Pakistan
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Somalia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Tajikistan
  • Tibet (China)
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • Turkmenistan
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Uzbekistan
  • Vietnam
  • Yemen

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What Happened?

What happened?  What happened is that people who call themselves Christians were more interested in their benefits' packages than the fact that thousands of babies are torn limb from limb, burned alive, sliced and diced every day.  People who claim to follow the one, true, living God have shrugged as anti-God, false science propaganda permeated the public schools . . . along with explicit, perverse "sexual education" down to kindergarten levels.  What happened is that so-called "believers" were more interested in their careers, possessions, hobbies and ten thousand other self gratifications than preaching the Gospel and studying the Word.  What happened is that cowardly, selfish men allowed radical Marxist (anti-Biblical) feminist ideology to permeate their homes and churches.  What happened is that women who call themselves "Christian" instead have allowed themselves to be seduced by false promises of so-called "equality", abandoning their children (where they haven't murdered them for convenience) to being raised by strangers and/or the state, so they can pursue their "dreams" . . . "professions". . . .  What happened is that people calling themselves the "Body of Christ" are more interested in UFO's, aliens, secret societies, political conspiracies, MK-Ultra, "healing frequencies", multiverses, special "powers", "crystals", fortune-telling, necromancy, mediumship, and a hundred other exotic theories and tales RATHER THAN studying and living out the Word of God day to day. . . . What also happened is that thousands of so-called "Christians" flocked to mega churches where they were promised health and prosperity, demanding God be their personal "genie" to bestow all their wants, dreams, fantasies, desires, cravings . . . as they ignore the persecuted Church across the world, safe, soft and happy in their materialistic, Godless cocoons of carnal delusion.  What happened is that so-called "believers" kept quiet, timid while their God was  mocked, spat on, dragged through the mud and filth in picture and sound, in popular culture, in politics, in academia, while they yet continue to support it, buying the beast's merchandise to placate one another and their children, not wanting to "rock the boat" or be thought "weird" or "old fashioned" . . . though secretly they know better. . . .
What happened is that while the enemy--while God/Bible/Family-hating communists, fascists, homosexuals, nihilists, atheists, heterosexual adulterers/pornographers/perverts infiltrated the schools, government, journalism, music, movies, television, radio, science, sociology, philosophy, religion . . . the so-called disciples of Jesus did little to nothing, going along to get along, looking the other way, cowering, afraid to be mocked . . . and now all the institutions have been taken.  Men who preach and teach solidly the Word of God are ignored, sloughed off, while superficial entertainers are lavished and supported . . . because the children of the devil hate the truth but love lies. . . .
Is it (this life) about you?  Or . . . about God?  This test separates the wheat from the chaff . . . listen up, time is short and getting shorter. . . .

Godless, Satanic communistic tyranny is your portion now . . . you false converts, fake believers, phony disciples of Christ . . . and tonight your justly rewarded tyrant addresses you.  Here's your bed, now you will lie and die in it.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Precipice anyone?

This picture says it all, in a manner of speaking . . . .

Are we finally on the precipice of the big hurrah?  Well, at least one of many big hurrahs bumblingly created by the zombified darkened minded fools who worship idols.... ?  Soros and McCain plotting the next big thing at Davos . . . AS IF they had control over ANYTHING! hahahahaha


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Your Best Faith Now!

For a young mind and heart that recognized that life in this fallen world is "suffering", and imagining that if there is a God, there must be an answer--a way out of the suffering--the lure of Eastern mysticism was strong early on for me.  For did not Gautama Buddha say "life is suffering" and that there was a way out?  And not only a release from suffering, but it was to happen suddenly at last!  You would work at it (through meditation and proper understanding) and voila! . . . some auspicious moment you would become "enlightened"!  Most all of the Eastern religions I studied and practiced promised the same thing.  One moment you were fallen, lost, living in darkness, tossed in the "sea of nescience" . . . and the next, you attained "god consciousness" . . . nirvana . . . perfect knowledge . . . satori . . . "oneness with Brahman". . . .

Over time (years) and with lots of dedicated, sincere practice and study . . . while deep into the ancient Indian sage's work (Patanjali's "How To Know God") . . . I came to a conclusion (regarding which I had suspected for a while) that all of these "paths" I had delved into . . . were ultimately little more that different techniques of self-hypnotism.  [Later I also learned that they were also gateways to supernatural demonic powers.]

Oh yes, you can study and practice yourself into a continuous altered state on consciousness--something resembling a kind of mystical sainthood, and indeed, certain psychic and supernatural abilities would accrue that would continue to convince oneself (and others) that you had attained "super-consciousness" or "godmind" . . . "enlightenment" . . . but if one were still honest and brave enough to keep up a portion of ruthless spiritual discernment . . . you knew that deep down, at the core of your real character and personality . . . nothing much had fundamentally changed.  A heart, mind and soul of corruption, lies, passions, and especially subtle spiritual pride yet existed.  You were not truly free, but had merely convinced your surface ego that you were and you had learned how to play the role of one being "liberated" from "maya" (illusion).  If you kept it, before long you would be considered a "guru" and could collect followers (students/disciples.)

The "Christian" way is not exempt from a similar pitfall.  There is a strong tendency to imagine that being "born again" is but the authentic version of that "enlightenment" which is vainly hoped for in the Eastern religions.  There is the expectation that finally, once you are indwelt by the Holy Spirit and committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ--saved, born again--that at last you possess the kind of faith that can move mountains, heal, spring constant joy and provide "your best life now"!

False teachers, and I dare say even the demonically influenced and/or possessed prey upon this tendency.  The enemy knows that in this fallen world, and in our sinful state, there is a deep and powerful yearning to be done with it all--to be finally liberated . . . to be fully cut loose from the pain and suffering, drudgery and mundanity of the present material reality.

And so, many are duped into chasing after a kind of so-called "faith" that operates more like magic powers, which can invoke instant or quick tangible results to desires, cravings, dreams, fantasies. . . .
The seducer says, "If your faith is strong enough, right enough, you can have wealth, fame, ease, power, happiness, health etc,--whatever you want!" and when such things do not arrive, well, it is only because your faith was not good enough, pure enough or strong enough . . . keep trying!

But, as in all mistakes and sinful error . . . the self is only seeking its own good pleasure.  It doesn't love God, does not seek HIS good pleasure, though it may cloak itself in just such deceitful verbiage and "godly" accouterments, claiming to serve God, although it is all but self serving at the core and at the end.

Your "best faith now" is not that so-called "faith" which is nothing more than a typical, fallen (and sinful) pursuit of magic powers BUT INSTEAD is that real faith which is daily, steady, determined and able to bear selfish disappointments with grace and thankfulness, humbly submitted to God's purposes and powers above all! 

You have dreams, wants, cravings--a thousand and one desires clamoring for satisfaction, yet here you are . . . in this unfair, wicked, perverse, violent, God-hating world and culture, frustrated continually . . . like a drowning, soaking rat, barely clinging to but one solid crag of rock above the waves . . . amidst torrents, floods and raging tempest . . . yet you hold on . . . and will not be budged.  For you believe!  HERE is your faith!  You've heard the words of the Wisest of them all, Who told you the end from the beginning . . . and you BELIEVE and wait on Him, ignoring the temptation to leap off into the colorful, inviting boats promising instant results and safety, power and enlightenment NOW!  These are like the siren calls of the mermaids who look beautiful from afar, but once in their grasp, you realize they are vicious, murderous hags seeking your destruction.  They lured you because they hate you and your Rock.  But you are not fooled. 

God bless that faith and you in that faith . . . which intends to stay the course, putting up with temporary sleights, "personal failures", hurts and troubles--that faith which believes and knows there is going to one day be a tangible, true, vital release from bondage; that faith which stores treasures in the hope of ultimate salvation from the storms and strife, wholesale liberation from the Fall, from this current corruption. . . .

Your best faith now is not some parlor trick--some blast of Satanic shine giving instant (albeit temporary) worldly gifts, powers and pleasures . . . but is that faith borne of love of Truth, Who is the One living God, which faith bears with "all humility and gentleness, with patience . . . with one another . . . putting on as God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness. . . ."

What is most laudable and astounding to me . . . is that we are able, with the power of Christ in us--NOT to conjure quickly this or that sudden gratification for self--BUT to continue, day after day, trusting in the promises yet fulfilled, those already fulfilled, those to come, while persevering through the valley of death and tears, hopeful for the glorious end, bearing the trials and infirmities of ourselves and others, with meekness, grace and longsuffering, trudging the trail through paradise lost, yet BELIEVING til the end!

THAT is your best life now; your best faith now!
God is with us today, this very moment, as we go, praise God . . . !

Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Night Fun (among other things)

Ahhh yes!  What ought a Christian be caught doing on a Friday night?  Well, if not visiting widows and orphans perhaps watching a debate on Predestination between 2 preeminent Biblical apologists:  Dr. Michael Brown (probably my favorite Charasmatic/Arminian) taking the "Arminian" side and Dr. James White handling the "Calvinist". . . .
Along with many others, I really enjoy the genuine friendship and Christian brotherhood these two fellows share, even though come from contending sides of the issue and they are basically the model for how I hope to engage with other Believers holding different views, ie., my recent exchanges with Patrick.  I love it that Brown and White can go toe to toe on certain important issues/differences yet also are able to team up together to debate unbelievers, heretics and pagans on the whole other side of things.
Besides tending Jack and Meagan's cute, goofy golden-doodle grand-dog "Banjo", I suspect 3 to 4 of us in the household will be watching the debate tonight.
There is also one tomorrow that more covers the area (I believe) of cessationism, supernatural healing etc.: "the gifts" of the spirit.  This comes on the heals of the Strange Fire conference controversies in which Brown has been actively involved addressing, along, probably with some references to his most recent controversy appearing on the Benny Hinn show.
The debates will be on Revelation TV.  They are in Spain, so figuring out the time is proving a little confusing as on the RevTV website is just says "9 pm" . . . and I'm like . . . uhhh . . . what time zone is that? ... I believe it will be live today at 4pm Eastern Standard Time, but thought I heard White say the other day that it would rebroadcast tonight at 9pm Easter Standard Time (which would make it 7pm for us here in the Mountain Time Zone. . . . It looks like tomorrow's debate is scheduled for similar times (re live and rebroadcast). . . .
If anyone is able to figure that part out better (the times of airing, live AND rebroadcast), maybe leave me a comment I can check and post for when I get home tonight from work.... ? .....
This is the link to Revelation TV:
[In other quick news . . . our oldest Alexander scored 17th out of about 750 firefighters on the exam to get into "Academy" . . . which leads to the much desired "structure" outfits. . . . Meaning he is well on track to get a permanent position at a fire station, which he's been after . . . well, since he was a little boy.]
[P.S. Linda . . . if that is possible for you to do . . . that is awesome.  The "Church" has really fallen down on the abortion issue.  It is NOT a "political issue".   It is a SPIRITUAL issue!  The murder of some 3,500 innocent, God made babies in their mother's wombs . . . is a horrific tale of rampant, conscience-seared evil of this present world!]


Here is a song we heard in church recently by a talented young lady (Annie Rose) who is the daughter of one of our pastors.  I just think it is a really great song/idea and she has a great voice. . . .

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Really Unfolding Along Sanctification Path

Less of me . . . more of He. . . .

Another 4am . . . dare I say (yes) Holy Spirit encounter. . . .

Don't get this wrong--it's not self hating in the way the enemy seeks to have us hate ourselves.  He would have us hate that we are the Lord's and in His image.  No, this is a big station along Sanctification Path . . . where you are humbly tired of your self, your fallen self and just want more of Him in you, through you, in unity with His holy nature.  The Good News--the GREAT news is that we are justified already, it is finished, tetelestai . . . but as the walk goes on, the more sincere it gets and you continue to be made aware of the dross yet still clinging . . . and you want it gone, it pains.

You realize there are still so many things that you are and do which are still of the sin nature but, whereas before, you were often unconsciously oblivious to them, now they are like a burr under your skin.  You are sick and tired of the old self yet clinging.  There are little lies, small but sharp covetings, errant passions, lapses in self discipline, self serving impulses--really, a hundred and one slow-to-dissolve thorns--that yet cloud the water, irritate the skin and sneak into the air of purity.  More of He, less of me is what you want and crave at those moments of spiritual clarity. . . .

Thank God for those moments, which are far better than simply floating along relatively unconcerned.  His holiness approaches, and even from afar, the goal is perceived and the lure of divine character does His drawing work. . . .

And then, after a time, looking back, you are cheered to see that--while you are not yet where you want to be (where HE wants you to ultimately be), nevertheless you are no longer where you once were.  Indeed, you are changing, slowly but surely and steadily in time and space, part of history, a golden thread weaved through His sacredly designed tapestry, a shade, a color within His coat of many colors, real, redeemed, meant, for a purpose . . . unfolding. . . .

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Nothing Outside His Good Intentions For You

There is great comfort to be had in keeping this knowledge close in remembrance daily:  There is NOTHING that is happening to you which is outside of God's will . . . for you!

God is never surprised, confused, questioning.  He doesn't need to learn anything.  He knows all and is omnipotent.  By omnipotent, this means He can do whatever He wills and no devil, no creature, no person . . . can or ever does thwart His will, which is perfect and completes all He sets out to see done.

If enemies or troubles come against you, it is only because God has allowed it, for His perfect, beneficent purpose.  The thing for you to do in such a situation is to be humbly grateful that He is testing you, purifying you, to become the ultimate creation He intended specifically and personally for you to be, and to find the answer to the lesson that He is putting you through.

Nothing and no one is outside of God's will, including you, or He is not God.  You cannot defeat His creative intentions for you, nor can anyone or anything else.  All things work for good, for your good, because you love Him.  And why do you love Him?  Because He even gave you that capacity, which will culminate, one day, into perfect, holy fulfillment.

Hence, regardless of present circumstances, though they be sometimes dismaying, confusing, and replete with real suffering, there is always cause for celebration and thankfulness.  ALL of it is intended for your "best life" (not just "now") but forever.  Your "best life now" is not that life where your fallen, myopic, self-serving ego gets to satisfy every passing fancy, lust or dream; but exactly all of what God is putting you through as, like the Master sculpture, He carves and crafts and whittles and hones . . . eventually what will turn out to be a glorious, full of divine light and love being, meant for His own perfect, sacred pleasure--which pleasure He has intended to share and bestow on all He calls His own.

This mortal life is short and intense.  The blind, the dead, the deaf and mute (spiritually) consider it the all-in-all and so, are always fitful, anxious, fevered, beset by perverse roaming entities and passions desperate to make a stand until the bitter end.  But those imbued with Spirit know there is wondrous and thrilling glory beyond, and count all costs worthy to be borne for such an incredible gift--the gift of glorified, eternal life in unity with the very I AM THAT I AM Creator of everything.

WHATEVER you are currently going through, know that nothing that is happening to you is outside of God's divine, sovereign, kingly will . . . and that every shred of it--every pain, every tear, every spark and sudden flash of joy, is meant for His good and praiseworthy purpose for you personally.

You are not just some fringe part of some ambiguous collective over which the Creator generally guides toward some loose end.   NO!  He made you unique, specifically, personally, named and counted individually--one single treasure in and of yourself that He attends to from inception, through development, through to His intended end . . . no mistakes, no outside interventions, no missteps, but ALL that He puts you through from the smallest steps to the largest to everything in between HE ABSOLUTELY INTENDS and is mindful of, being with you always, loving you always, blessing you always. . . .

From our vantage, with earthly eyes, we see only a speck of light, and even that, as if "through a glass darkly" . . . but because He has given us His Word to guide and correct us along the way, we can know that every single thing we go through and struggle with . . . is divinely intended and meant for our own personal and ultimate good.  Amen?  Yes, amen!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

McCraney Trajectory Updates

Here's some update on Shawn McCraney's nose-diving digression from Biblical Christianity [there are a few people I know who sometimes check my blog for updates on certain situations that are relevant to them knowing I take some time studying the latest trajectories. . . .]

Dr. James White did finally address (on his program The Dividing Line) some of Shawn's attacks on "Calvinism".  White gave clear, Biblical refutations of each point that Shawn made and overall acknowledged the obviousness of Shawn's lack of knowledge (of the Doctrines of Grace) and general, typical, cherry-picking, superficial, and emotionally charged straw-man attacks.  White looked into the camera, addressing Shawn directly and continued his invitation to discuss the issues one-to-one for purposes of clarification. . . .

On Shawn's own following program he mentioned that he had heard that Dr. White responded but said he wouldn't bother looking at White's response.  So it appears that Shawn is determined to remain unteachable and steadfast in his superficial understanding of the matter, preferring his own imaginings, his own reasoning and self-generated assertions. . . .
Here is a link to White's analysis, which I think starts around the 29:00 minute mark. . . .

Finally, the subject of Shawn's increasingly bizarre and unBiblical teachings came up on Rev. Matt Slick's radio program that airs here in Mormon Zion.  A woman called in, without using Shawn's name but referring to a "prominent" pastor here who is noted for his Mormon outreach.  She said she and her husband had been long time supporters of Shawn's but that his track over the past year has become ever more concerning where, among other things, he appears to be promoting Universalism.  She and her husband had invited Shawn to dinner to discuss these matters, but she said he remains staunchly "unteachable", set in his ways. . . . Matt responded that he was aware of the situation but didn't want to get into specifics until he himself had a chance to meet with Shawn personally, but Matt did go on to rant a bit about the rank heresy of Universalism and how universalists, alongside atheists had tended to be the most vitriolic, antagonistic of his opponents when preaching the Word.  Matt also spoke some on the foolishness and unnecessary divisiveness of those who go out of their way to attack so-called "Calvinism" as Shawn has; where Matt asserts that scripture quite clearly shows that God is Sovereign, "draws" to Himself whom He will, bestows faith and the very ability to "choose" God from a position of being UTTERLY dead in sin etc.

I am expecting one of the next areas that Shawn will rock the boat will be in the subject of the Trinity.  From a few comments he has slipped in here and there, I suspect He is a modalist now, and/or something akin to "oneness Pentecostalism" . . . though he hasn't yet said as much.  I do think he believes in evolution and the earth being billions of years old.

Why bother which such issues?  Well, for me . . . my blog is kind of a catch-all regarding the various areas of interest and study I have at the time.  I don't do FacadeBook or Twitter, so matters that might normally show up in those more superficial venues (not using "superficial" derogatorily here, but meaning more "mundane" or "day-to-day") I have my blog as a sort of repository for whatever I happen to be following and interested in at the time. . . .

I continue, for instance, to track where Shawn is going because I know a number of people who are still (it seems) "following" him and a few that are sort of on the fence . . . and am concerned . . . that since he veered from solid Biblical exegesis (which he WAS very good at) and has moved into these other areas, I fear we have a cult-of-personality underway (where Shawn's novel and unique "takes" are overshadowing basic Biblical fundamentals) . . . and what is resulting is something now just as potentially (spiritually) dangerous as the false teachings of Joseph Smith . . . and so, I am compelled to warn the unwitting, fwiw. . . .

Friday, January 17, 2014

Some Ryle Refreshment

“Beware of manufacturing a God of your own: a God who is all mercy, but not just; a God who is all love, but not holy; a God who as a heaven for every body, but a hell for none; a God who can allow good and bad to be side by side in time, but will make no distinction between good and bad in eternity. Such a God is an idol of your own, as truly an idol as any snake or crocodile in an Egyptian temple. The hands of your own fancy and sentimentality have made him. He is not the God of the Bible, and beside the God of the Bible there is no God at all.”     

“One single soul saved shall outlive and outweigh all the kingdoms of the

“Those who confine God's love exclusively to the elect appear to me to take a narrow and contracted view of God's character and attributes....I have long come to the conclusion that men may be more systematic in their statements than the Bible, and may be led into grave error by idolatrous veneration of a system.”  
“Do nothing that you would not like God to see. Say nothing you would not like God to hear. Write nothing you would not like God to read. Go no place where you would not like God to find you. Read no book of which you would not like God to say, "Show it to Me."
Never spend your time in such a way that you would not like to have God say, "What are you doing?”  

J.C. Ryle

Thursday, January 16, 2014

P-8 Leaping To Illogic

Quick fun debates note . . . if you haven't seen it.  This ought be a hootenanny of a time!  Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis is going to debate Bill Nye (the jerky) Science Guy on Feb. 4th!  It will be live streamed I believe for free at 7pm that Tuesday night.... though not sure of the time zone.... Now that is some good clean fun!  Can't wait!

P-8  ... Patrick wrote: "Most of us have heard of some of the new revelations of physics and maybe even read or studied about quantum physics and particle physics.  These discoveries are turning our concept of reality and logic completely upside down.  Objects, particles and waves behave in ways that seem completely impossible by our 3D minds and macro-existence.  The only problem is that these strange behaviors (“spooky actions at a distance” – Einstein) have been proven over and over again in experiments and are undeniably the way God has engineered our sub-atomic world.  Not wanting to get too deep into the weeds, I want to highlight just one example: light.
Since the 1700’s, various scientists, including Newton, have debated about whether Light was a particle (photon) or a wave.  Various experiments through the nineteenth century highlighted and confirmed that light behaved both like a particle and like a wave AT THE SAME TIME.  This effect, called wave-particle duality, is an underlying property of all matter and is easily confirmed and observable by experiment.  The point here is to highlight as prime example, that in God’s creation (and in Light of all things – used to show God’s nature), that it demonstrates two mutually exclusive behaviors AT THE SAME TIME!
This is why I exhort all of us to embrace the entirety of Scripture and let the text stand and speak for itself!  If we begin to impose logical systems onto the text to help bridge perceived conflicts in our understanding we corrupt God’s teaching and His character and are in danger of judgment:
“And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” – Rev 22:19"

This is an interesting sidetrack as I have been looking into the history and context of the development of "quantum physics" for a little while now.  I suggest that you make a non sequitur leap when you say that just because light seems to show qualities of both a particle and a wave (2 seemingly contradictory things at the same time) that thus . . . man is both elected by God AND freely chooses at the same time.  That is quite a leap.

For one thing, there has been steady dismissal of the validity of so-called "quantum mechanics/physics" since its inception.  So, I am not so sure as you seem to be that
"'Quantum . . . and particle physics' have been proven over and over again in experiments and are undeniably the way God has engineered our sub-atomic world."

 In fact, I would argue they have not been proven AT ALL, except through creative, illogical math and fabricated "thought experiments".
Yes, certain "behaviors" have been observed by scientific observation, but just as in the so-called science of "origins" . . . "evolution" . . . "big bang" . . . the observers' biases, pre-suppositions and outright anti-Biblical bigotry cloud and distort and twist the interpretations to fit the "naturalistic" Godless paradigm.  Like Galileo . . . Kepler . . . and Darwin . . . Einstein . . . and the rest of secular scientists, I find it obvious (from looking at their own writings and theories) that one of their driving motives and distorting biases has always been to discredit God's Word and create theories and paradigms that explain creation and reality WITHOUT having to admit a Creator and purposeful universe.  The Special Theory of Relativity was concocted to explain the disturbing results of the Michelson-Morley interferometer experiment which showed time and time again when it was redone that THE EARTH DOES NOT MOVE . . . thus contradicting the whole Copernican Principle upon which "scientific" cosmology had been assuming and utilizing for centuries.  (And thus proving the Bible right again!)

I once purported a similar theory of "oneness and difference" when contemplating the seeming contradictions of man's free will versus God's complete sovereignty--it was something I borrowed from my Vaishnava (Hindu) days.  In Sanskrit it is called "acintya-bhedābheda-tattva" and this is a rough definition:  "As parts of God's energy, we're also equal in quality with God, but there's a vast difference in quantity. We're each infinitesimal sparks of spiritual energy, and the Supreme Person, Krishna/God is the infinite, supreme source of all energies."  I made a similar leap to say, "hey maybe we both have complete free will AND are under God's direct election AT THE SAME TIME." 

What changed my mind was studying the Biblical scriptures more closely, listening to and weighing the arguments on both sides, prayer and I dare say Holy Spirit confirmation.  I still accept that I could be wrong, being fallible and, if it is proven to me otherwise, I would happily switch camps and must admit that while my "Calvinist" view has not diminished my enthusiasm to preach, exhort and reach out to the unbelieving . . . I must say that if I believed that every one had a free will choice to salvation where Hell is in the balance, I think I would have to drop everything I am doing and mad-dash to the street corner shouting for all to come to repentance!   And that is all I would do!  I am reminded of the story of Charles Peace:

"Charles Peace was a gentleman who was condemned to death row in the United States. As is the practice there, the clergyman led a condemned man to his execution. He would, as he was going, read the Prayer Book liturgy, and as he was reciting it word for word he mentioned 'hell'. Charles Peace tapped him on the shoulder and said: 'Sir, do you mind me asking a question? Do you believe what you're reading?'. He said: 'Of course I believe what I'm reading'. He said: 'If I believed what you believe, I would crawl on my hands and knees to the four corners of the world across broken glass to warn people of such an eternity'. "

If it is true that every single person has the possible opportunity to hear the Gospel and be saved from eternal damnation, I can't imagine spending another minute on another thing besides screaming from the rooftops, in the city square, on the streets, in stores, door-to-door "REPENT, CHOOSE GOD OR YOU ARE GOING TO THE LAKE OF FIRE FOR ETERNAL CONSCIOUS TORMENT!!!"

P wrote: "This is why I exhort all of us to embrace the entirety of Scripture and let the text stand and speak for itself!  If we begin to impose logical systems onto the text to help bridge perceived conflicts in our understanding we corrupt God’s teaching and His character and are in danger of judgment."

I can only say that it was just exactly WHEN I embraced and understood better the "entirety of Scripture" that I began to see no evidence for man's "libertarian free will" and saw instead God's absolute sovereignty and decree over His creation; His holiness, His justice ALONG with His love, working together to show His FULL character (not just one side of it.)

I humbly suggest that what you are doing is "imposing" ILLogical systems onto the text (ie., fallacious quantum physics) to bridge a gap between what the text actually says and what you, leaning to your own understanding FEEL ought to be the truth.  Forgive me if that sounds a bit harsh, but then, you pretty much accused me of being in idolatry on my position.  But hey, it's all in good fun, I know, as aside from all this, as I have made clear to you before, I love you in Christ for reals (you have been unbelievably kind and generous to me always) and we are but here for a side-plate of robust "iron sharpening iron". . . . And honestly, like I say, I am always open to being proved wrong on things.  That is how I finally came out of Hinduism (by remaining nevertheless susceptible to correction), which I was fairly certain at one time (for quite a time) was the most correct version of theology/reality.  [I also once believed the Urantia Book to be authentic . . . but only until I saw the evidence that showed it was man-concocted, and on the spot I dropped it.]

I do find it somewhat ironic that you argue against using "man's" philosophies/"commandments" (ie., Calvin or Arminius) while yourself turning to generally atheistic, secular, usually anti-Christian men who've concocted various theories to describe creation and reality. . . .

" The revolutionary development of quantum mechanics occurred with breathtaking rapidity in the years 1925-1930. It is an essentially mathematical subject that can scarcely be described without using mathematical concepts that are usually unknown to persons whose education is limited to humanistic studies. "   Encyclopedia. Brittanica

"The idea of a quantum theory is a fantasy, to put it mildly. It is a fabrication concocted by natural (deluded) man, in order to justify his distorted view of reality. Energy does not move in quanta, it flows continuously. All the bizarre conclusions that are derived from the special theory of relativity, as well as quantum mechanics, belong to Alice in Wonderland, it is pure fantasy."

These are quotes from an article which I think puts the quantum biz in the right perspective:


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Growing To Love The Law

It is still early days regarding this, but I believe it is a signpost along the mysterious, wondrous path of sanctification; that is, growing to love the law.

 "Great peace have they that love thy law; And they have no occasion of stumbling."--Psalm 119:165

It dawns one day . . . the realization that the law expresses God's character.  If we don't love the law, we don't love God.  Indeed we are freed from the law by grace, which is a wonder all its own, but this should not put us in a disparaging mind toward the law.  In fact, out of deep gratitude and desirous to please the Lord, more and more, with each step toward paradise, we ought be finding ourselves following the law.  Lying, for instance, is no longer a knee jerk habit, even in the small ways, but it hurts.  Truth--telling the truth always, in gentleness and love becomes a great pleasure.  Learning not to covet . . . at first is a fight.  There is war between the flesh and spirit, and covetousness is put down with force.  But later, it becomes increasingly repulsive to harbor for even a moment, and instead a sincere, joyous mind of well-wishing and selflessness ensues . . . as love for God's character, which does not covet, as shown in His law . . . flourishes.

"O how I love Your law! It is my meditation all the day."  --Psalm 119:97

A statement like that use to make little to no sense to me.  The law?  Loving the law, the thing from which are freed in Christ?  But now, I'm beginning to understand. . . . It is the holiness, His character, His reality that we shall so love and praise, forever and ever. . . .

Because we are made in God's image . . . and we are to exemplify His character and ways, which is shown in the law. . . .And if we love God with all our hearts, souls and mind, and likewise our fellow creatures, we will be loving the law as well. . . .


On a different note . . . my youngest son Jackson asked if I would put up a link to where you can vote for his band "Westward The Tide" in a local contest that's going on here.  The winning band gets to play at one of the big outdoor summer concerts we have downtown.  Here are the instructions my wife just jotted to me:

"scroll down in band section, find "Westward The Tide" and click the dot, then click vote.  God to same site on smart phone do the same.  You can vote 1 time per day from each device until Feb. 3rd."

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pre-Supp Quickee

JC thanks for the question. . . .
I have been a "pre-suppositionalist" since even before I was born again.  In a way, I think I also was "reformed" in my basic worldview at the same time when I was 7 years old.  I was walking home from playing at a friend's house and saw a football lying on the grass.  I noticed it was flat.  I starting making up a song on the spot about it as I continued home that went something like this, as I presumed for some reason that it had been run over by a car:  "The football's flat, whose fault is that?  It was the car's fault, it was the car's fault. . . . But who made the car, who made the car?  It was the factory's fault that made the car. . . .  But who built the factory, it was their fault, their fault.  But who made the one who made the factory, it was His fault, His fault.  God made the one who made the factory who made the car who flattened the ball--it was God's fault, God's fault."

In my singing along logical analysis I traced all origin, all "sovereignty" back to God.  All effects must eventually come from the First Cause.  I figured that out on that day I can still remember it quite well.

Later, as I was several years into my intense study of politics, International law, the global communist conspiracy, the "exceptionalism" of the American Experiment, there were two books that profoundly affected my understanding.  The first, I read in 1990 when I was 28 by Judge Robert H. Bork called "The Tempting of America".  Here is where I really came to understand "originalism" and the concepts of Natural Law--God's law . . . which was foundational to the creation of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  (The other book was by Thomas Sowell called "Preferential Policies".)  Anyway, by the time I got to law school, I was convinced that all law, including moral laws and ethics must be grounded in a transcendental source--an absolute standard, such as God's law, otherwise all law and morality is subjective, relative, "progressive" or what is known as "positive law" which simply changes with majority whims or by militant minorities.  MIGHT makes what is right . . . which is antithetical to how American law and morality which was originally set up to be a "nation of laws" not "men".

In theological debate and apologetics, "pre-suppositionalism" (also known as "covenantal apologetics" (see K. Scott Oliphant) starts with the premise that the God of the Bible, the triune God of Christianity IS the only God there is and that He has revealed Himself to man such that we can KNOW that HE IS the one, true God, and that without Him you cannot even have rational thought or proof or truth of any kind.   And that God's Word is the foundation of all arguments for the truth of God, and that, as the Bible states, everyone already knows that the God of the Bible exists but they "suppress the truth in their unrighteousness".

So, a pre-suppositionalist, generally, does not bother using "evidences" or "evidential apologetics" to try and persuade the "unbeliever" . . . "putting God on trial" so-to-speak allowing the God hater to be judge over the evidence, but rather cuts straight to the chase by pointing out the the unbeliever in their very use and presumption of ie., absolute laws of logic, "proofs", "truth claims", axioms" is borrowing from the Christian worldview to even begin to start to make their case against God.

William Lane Craig is the top example of the apologist who uses the evidential method of debate, where he employs the Kalam Cosmological argument, or the Teleological Argument, or Historical proofs.  (see definitions below)

The Pre-supper says, "no, I'm not going to put God on trial before the God hater.  Everyone knows God exists and that He IS the God of the Bible.  I am going to expose their suppressed knowledge of God and the absurdity of their worldview which borrows from mine to attempt to refute mine."

Some of the modern proponents of pre-suppositional apologetics are Cornelius Van Til, Greg Bahnsen (r.i.p.), John Frame, Gordon Clark. . . .

The "new kids on the block" pre-suppers are fellows like Sye Ten Bruggencate, Colin Pearson, Jeff Durbin, Sean Boatmen, Jason Peterson, Tom Adams (Jude 3 Defense), Len Pettis "Mathew4Nineteen".

A really good and entertaining example of Pre-sup in action is when Sye Ten Bruggencate went on the "Unbelievable" radio show in the UK to debate atheist Paul Baird (who got his clock cleaned,lol"{C2CD1A87-7A50-498E-B5F5-773F4EE37E46}

Sye's interesting "pre-supp" website "Proof That God Exists" is also on that link.

That's a quick overview.  The recommended channels on my Youtube page also have a lot of pre-supp related shows and debates.  It's not everyone's cup of tea.  I find it very interesting that most pre-suppers tend to be Reformed and that those apologists who can't wrap their minds around it tend to be Arminian . . . although Craig sometimes uses presuppositional argument in his debates.

There is also a famous old debate between Greg Bahnsen and atheist Gordon Stein which shows how pre-supp demolishes the atheist/agnostic worldview in quick fashion. . . . This debate really set off the new popularity of the pre-supp apologetic:


Teleological Argument
A teleological or physico-theological argument, also known as an argument from design, or from intelligent design, is an argument for the existence of God, or more generally of some kind of intelligent agent of creation, based upon proposed empirical evidence of human-like design or purpose in nature.[1] The argument goes back to Greek philosophy but is today central to the creationist religious concepts of creation science and intelligent design which are presented as alternative scientific explanations in opposition to evolution theory.


Kalam cosmological argument

William Lane Craig formulates the argument with an additional set of premises.
Argument based on the impossibility of an actual infinite
  1. An actual infinite cannot exist.
  2. An infinite temporal regress of events is an actual infinite.
  3. Therefore, an infinite temporal regress of events cannot exist.
Argument based on the impossibility of the formation of an actual infinite by successive addition
  1. A collection formed by successive addition cannot be an actual infinite.
  2. The temporal series of past events is a collection formed by successive addition.
  3. Therefore, the temporal series of past events cannot be actually infinite.

Monday, January 13, 2014

A "Christ In Me" Moment

Christ in me.  It was early morning . . . I was praying beseechingly . . . and it was as if for a flash of an instant, I wasn't there, but only Christ was.  I am Christ.  No, the words that next came in their flash, was "Christ in me."  It was as if I touched the lodestone of all meaning, all succor, all safety, all knowledge . . . and I vanished like a sizzling vapor . . . and there was only God, the all consuming fire, Jesus Christ . . . as me, but no, the verse says "in me" . . . and for a fraction of a second I knew what that meant empirically, physically, in reality. . . .

"It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me."  --Gal. 2:20

I shall chase that meaning, that experience to the ends of my time.  One flash, to suddenly "get it" all, in a sense, the grave and profound import of that statement.  I have always suspected it was much, much more than the often superficial agreement we tend to make when reading it.  "Oh yes, Christ is in me, I am a 'believer'. . . . "  

No, it is not superficial (as suspected) but the all in all.  It is a foretaste of heaven--of that state we are to inherit where indeed, as the Son is one with Father, so shall we be one, in true, veritable unity.  Of course we will do His will, for His will lives in us, almost as us, through us.  We are still there, like a shining, conscious light of witness, attesting to and glorifying His radiant, sustaining, all powerful, benevolent reality.  Questions and shadows are gone--all is His light, His love, blasting through through all our space, yet we are there as well, cognizant, beaming, singing His praises.  Christ in me!
In ME!

Most of this leaden life seems to be tedium.  A drudge, a trudge . . . through the dark valleys, out and about through the vale of tears--struggle, fights, tiredness, disease and unease. . . . But, sometimes there are those illuminating flashes of Light, of holistic understanding of the omnipotence and omniscience and benevolence of the I AM THAT I AM. . . . I recall once, some 20 years ago, alone and in a very dark and painful condition, lost in despair, near hopeless, suffering immensely, I indeed prayed, and I then became certain of the presence of an angel--a comforter.  Perhaps it WAS the Comforter instead, but in my mind's spiritual eye . . . I detected the presence of a being of Light, and I was soothed and comforted--my pain taken away.  It was an impossible thing to happen under normal circumstances.  No doubt, it was supernatural.  And I knew--it was made known to me--that an actual move of compassion was made for that time . . . to alleviate the suffering I was under.  I've never forgot it.  Never quite experienced anything like it again, although I have been in similar situations since.

This was somewhat like that--this Christ in me experience.  A whole life can continue on after just one of these brief, blessed moments.  It is a strange, mysterious and mostly rare thing . . . from Above . . . I am fairly certain.  But I will be looking for more of it, either here or in the hereafter.

God bless and sustain you, each and blessed one,
your brother in Christ, thomas

Friday, January 10, 2014

Things Of Interest

I talked to Mills Crenshaw yesterday about doing a show on his "drive-time" AM talk radio program.  I know Mills a bit . . . and in fact created for him his introducing bumper/music for his show a couple of years ago which he is still using today.  He is one of the longest running talk radio hosts in the country on the 2nd oldest talk station in the country KTKK.  It was on KTKK that I did my "T-Ray: Regional Director for the New World Order" political satire series back around 1990-1993 where I was I a regular guest and also created bumper music and "bits" for a couple of hosts then.  I had my own 2 hour show on KTKK in 1999 but had to leave it when I got accepted into law school.

Anyway, I haven't done anything on AM radio talk radio for a while and thought it might be fun and interesting to do a show on Geocentrism . . . and Mills was excited about the idea, so, hopefully sometime in the next few weeks I'll do that.  Lol, it oughtta stir things up a bit--I expect some irate, astounded calls. . . .

In apologetics news . . . I see that William Lane Craig went head to head with a Calvinist (Paul Helm) on the "Unbelievable" UK radio broadcast with Justin Brierly.  Craig was pitching his "Molinism" idea, trying to come up with a way to present God as allowing for free will while absolving him from the ramifications of the lost going to Hell.  I will be listening to that today while working.  Quickly, I would just say that I do not agree with Craig's proclivity to go to human philosophy to solve Theological "conundrums" . . . such as "Molinism" . . . which, from what I've understood, was a theory concocted by the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic Church to combat the Doctrine of Grace and related Protestant Biblical re-assertions gaining ground at the time.  Roughly it is the idea that God, using His superhuman computing skills, ascertained which of all possible universes would be the best to create which would allow for the most to "choose" God while having the least end up going to Hell.  It's NOT a teaching found in the Bible.  But then, Craig often goes to human philosophy and man-made cosmologies and "science" to argue for the "high probability" that there is a God.  Me, I prefer the pre-suppositional approach, which is how the Bible puts it.

Also, it finally came to Dr. James White's attention that Shawn McCraney was attacking Calvinism.  White mentioned it on his Dividing Line program last week . . . which then Shawn mentioned on his internet show saying he welcomed White to engage him on the subject.  Which should be interesting.  I can't think of anyone better to demolish the cartoonish, emotionally charged calumnies that Shawn has been railing with than James White.  I haven't heard the program yet, but I see in the show notes for White's latest Dividing Line (1-9-14) that the two have now communicated and maybe Shawn will be calling in. I suspect it will end up right at the place I was trying to get to when Shawn hung up on me--which is to say that if Hell is real, then whether you believe in election or fore-knowledge, either way you have a God who knowingly (thus intentionally) created a world where many go to Hell, whether by design or choice.  Which is why I was trying to get at whether Shawn actually believes in Hell.  He is now saying he does (in a sense) but that it is just not eternal.  It is a purging place, where eventually, after an unspecified time of torment, ALL eventually are brought to salvation. . . . . 
developing.... as Drudge would say.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Geo notes 3

Note--both Hawking and Hubble said in effect the evidence tends to show earth at center, but they simply couldn't accept it--the implications being too horrific (the Someone put it there.)

Lol . . . scientist Kate Lauden (sp?) called it the "Axis of Evil" referring to the axis that stretches from earth to the edge of the universe which all cosmic background radiation is oriented by.  Why call it that?  Again, because of the implications, which are Biblical. . . . after initial space probe results showed the "anomaly". . .  so "they" tried again with the(Max) Planck probe space mission . . . took pics 10X more sensitive than Wilkinsen Probe.  Oops.  Found the same thing released in March 2013.  "They" made a statement saying there are anomalies with the Copernican Principle (which would expect the universe to have homogeneous CMB from the Big Bang.).  Bottom line is the results from observations of CMB puts earth at the center of the universe.  Even militant atheist, theoretical physicist/cosmologist Lawrence Krauss.  Here's his comment after analyzing the latest data from the Wilkinsen Probe made just in April of 2013:

"But when you look at CMB map, you also see that the structure that is observed, is in fact, in a weird way, correlated with the plane of the earth around the sun. Is this Copernicus coming back to haunt us? That's crazy. We're looking out at the whole universe. There's no way there should be a correlation of structure with our motion of the earth around the sun — the plane of the earth around the sun — the ecliptic. That would say we are truly the center of the universe."
-Lawrence Krauss

NOTE: God made the earth BEFORE He made the sun and stars.  Many people, including Christians try to come up with excuses or convoluted explanations to show that this wasn't really the case, because . . . according to MAN'S so-called "science" . . . the sun must be older than earth and is responsible for earth being able to produce and bear life.  But it makes perfect sense that God created earth before the sun and stars and moon if earth was going to be THE CENTER OF EVERYTHING, around which those celestial bodies revolved. . . .

Einstein invented a new kind of math to get away from have a center, an absolute fixed position--a mean, a rule.  If all is relative, then anything goes, so-to-speak. . . .

In Tesla's earlier and dreamier phases of thought experiments he considered a novel and global means for transportation.  He imagined a stationary tube that would circle the earth in the upper atmosphere like a doughnut ring.  Then he thought if you could somehow lift people and goods up to the ring, they could wait there at their spot for a time while the earth turned beneath and they could then be let down in on the other side of the world.  For instance, if the earth travels 1000 mph then in a couple of hours you could start out above San Francisco . . . wait in the tube for the earth to rotate for a few hours time, then be let down below to be in New York City. 

Why would it likewise not just be possible to float straight up into the air above Phoenix, hang out for about 10-15 minutes or so in a fixed position . . . and let the earth rotate . . . then float back down to land in Las Vegas? . . . IF THE EARTH IS REALLY ROTATING APPRX. 1000 MPH?

"Well the atmosphere moves with the planet. . . ."

Really?  And how does it do that?  What substance is the "atmosphere" made up of that is so powerful and thick? . . . that it moves a 600 ton aircraft (jumbo jet) in perfect unison . . . through the air . . . with the earth below? . .  . such that it is as IF the earth were stationary and the jet could fly this way and that (with or against the direction of rotation) and land precisely where intended?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Geo notes 2

Ok, this splash of notes are a bit more obtuse in some places, but I think the main clues and some basic info is here well enough to get some of the point across. Again, I apologize, these are quickly scratched notes to myself to remind and anchor for further research, and I just wanted to quickly share them . .. . . There is a little more after this I will get to asap transcribing....Also, I'm sure it is just coincidence . . . but I am having incredible glitchy technical difficulties since on this topic . . . God bless


The Sagnac (sahn-yawk) experiment in 1913 found absolute motion--not relative motion. " . . . Sagnac's experiment proved the existence of the aether, thus demolishing Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Complaints by two experienced physicists that when they were at university, they were never informed about this important experiment. When other experiments - Airy's Failure, Michelson-Gale's experiment (also not taught at universities!) and of course the famous Michelson-Morley experiment- a completely different picture of the cosmos emerges - with the Earth at the centre of the universe." M. Bowden.

"They" somewhat sneakily pre-program computers for GPS with an earth-centered, earth-fixed coordinate system to make them navigable using a fudge factor called the "Lorentz transformation."

"Special Relativity" was concocted by Einstein in 1905 to answer the disturbing results of the Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887 which (though intended to) could NOT show the rotation of the earth through a static ether. But some flaws showed up in Special Relativity because it didn't deal with gravity (uniform motion--same speed all the time or standing still is what it mainly dealth with.) So "General Relativity" had to add gravity and inertial forces . Where do they come from? GR says time/space are warped by matter. But note . . . this is still just theory--not proven. Bending light waves around the sun does NOT prove it. Nor perihelion of Mercury. There are no proofs.

So, ironically?, by adding General Relativity there is no difference between geocentrism vs. heliocentrism model because all is relative in GR. So you can have some inertial forces either way according to GR. GR says star field can travel any speed above the speed of light. Greater inertial forces ie., centrifugal can go faster than light can travel. Special Relativity says light speed is constant. GR says "no"--any speeds are possible. Anyway, the star field can go faster than light in either GR or no GR. Stars are embedded in ether.

Note, B. Bang problem is solved re explosion not slowing down and contracting ie., if the universe is infinite according to Hubble red shift. But if FINITE the B.Bang must come back together (which is a problem for Big Bang theory) . . . which is why Newton and Einstein needed an infinite universe. The "contraction problem". . . . So Einstein came up with a fudge factor. "They" still can't find the euation to balance out gravity versus energy to expand . . . so they invented the MULTIVERSE to get out of infinity vs. finite problem of B.B. contraction. They say BB is a production of a "mother"/other universe. They've brought back infinity in the form of having infinite "multiverses" going back and back . . . spawning B.B.s

"They" also needed "dark matter" to explain galaxies rotating faster than should be (accord. to BB). They say dark matter can lay between 2 universes, ie.,

Why all this bluff? To avoid geocentrism which DOESN'T need expansion and/or contraction. A rotating universe is ok. All gravity that would congeal into a ball under heliocentric/BB model (generated by the mass of the univ.) is compensated (in geocentric model) by centrifugal forces of the rotating universe. . . which keeps matter in its place (not contracting under gravity.) Note the bulge at equator is caused by centrifugal forces of rotating universe. Those forces are the same whether you use helio or geo-centirc model.

See also Michelson-Gale experiment . . . showing 23 hr. . 56 mins . . .4 secs rotation (universe rotates around earth). It falsified the heliocentric because it didn't show rotation AND revolution . . . only the 23 hr. rotation.

Monday, January 6, 2014


Latest Geo Notes (pt 1)

Below are some excerpts from some quick notes I took last week while working AND listening to some of the latest expositions on Geocentrism. . . . They were hastily scrabbled, and only scratch the surface, of course of some of the issues involved, but I'm confident the gist of the thrust of the exposing information is there . . . . . . 
To make the Big Bang work "they" need 96% more matter and energy in the universe . . . so "dark matter/energy" (called "dark" because you can't see it!) is theorized.  "They" need it also to fit Einsteins equations.  You have to insert dark matter and energy to make the model work.  But note, eminent scientist Timothy Clifton published in Scientific American questions whether "dark matter" really exists.  He suggests that there may just be a great "void" at the center of the universe.  He questions the basic assumptions of the Copernican Principle--that we are NOT in a special place in the universe, suggesting MAYBE WE ARE.  With his "void at the center" theory, "dark matter" is not needed. 

[You see, the problem is ongoing and includes the most recent observations of ie., distribution of "background radiation" throughout the universe . . . which DON'T support the Copernican Principle.  What do they support?  THE GEOCENTRIC MODEL!  But, since we can't have that (what the Bible says--that EARTH is at the center of the universe) . . . now "they" are suggesting a great "void" is at the center of the universe, which we are near . . . hence it is making things appear as if we are in a special region. . . . Bottom line, what they are discovering is totally consistent with the geocentric paradigm! Lol . . . as disturbing as that is proving to be to them. . . .]

This is one of the expensive, (I say desperate) agendas behind the Hadron Collider--to find "dark matter."  They haven't been able to find it out in space, so now they are looking more inward--bomb the proton of a nucleus of an atom . . . maybe its there!  Nope.

But they aren't giving up hope, no way.  They have to NOT show earth at the center of the universe, otherwise it means SOMEONE put it there.  It couldn't have happened through chance and time. . . .

Another problem they are having is that the speed of light is not proving constant.  Which contradicts Einstein's Relativity theory.  They sent 16,000 neutrinos from France to Italy in an experiment . . . where they arrived FASTER than the speed of light.  Lol, they blamed a "possible loose cable" somewhere for the embarrassing result.

The speed of light is not constant.  In over 300 years of testing, using 16 different methods . . .  the speed of light was shown to be slowing.  Light was probably 10 to the 10th power faster at the beginning of creation.  Which has all kinds of ramifications for radiometric dating.  (So when "they" assert that some fossil is X millions of years old they are assuming that light has always been constant since "the beginning" . . . which it has not . . .which affects the dating based on radiation . . . which means their presumptions are not correct.  Nor, is Hubble's theory of an expanding universe (from a "big bang") proving to be so water tight.  His theory demands an even distribution of (light) "red shift" throughout the universe, along with cosmic microwave background radiation ("CMB").  But several space probes, including one (Wilkinson) whose results were just published in 2013, March . . . show "patchiness" in the CMB (CMB being the "afterglow" from the supposed Big Bang).  And that the whole CMB is aligned along an axis from the edge of the universe TO EARTH!  The purported Big Bang "afterglow" is orientated around EARTH!, around our ecliptic and equinoxes.  And "they" don't have a good answer as to why just yet.  Now, if they admitted the geocentric model is correct, well . . . that would explain it quite well.  But that would mean the Bible was right all along . . . and that there is a God . . . who is going to judge them one day (yikes~!).

Here is a snippet from a science article on the results which shows them pondering their dilemma:

" As mentioned above, although the ΛCDM model is consistent with the overall picture as seen by Planck, it fails to account for these observed anomalies and the deviation of the power-spectrum at large scales. In addition, the three major elements of the ΛCDM model, i.e. dark matter, dark energy and inflation, still lack a firm theoretical understanding. Therefore, cosmologist should try to look for a model in which the recent observed features are no longer “anomalies” and are predicted by the model itself."

[A bit more from my notes to follow.  God bless.  You can trust God's Word!]

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Next Big Thing

I can't really tell if anyone is interested like I am in this subject, but I think it is a big deal.  I think it is going to be a bigger and bigger deal in the near future--possibly leading to one of the biggest paradigm re-shifts in history.

I'm talking about what I am increasingly convinced is the TRUTH of geocentrism--just as the Word of God teaches--that the earth is the center of the universe, God's special creation where He incarnated into the flesh to save His elect, His chosen eternal family.

The so-called "Copernican Revolution" which claimed a heliocentric (sun-centered) model of the heavens . . . was the first of the major modern blows against the then widely believed infallibility and authority of the Bible.  If scripture was wrong about how the heavens were set up, what else might it be wrong about?  The 6 day creation?  A literal world-wide flood?  And actual first couple, Adam and Eve?  Jesus risen from the dead?

Then came along the theory of evolution and the idea of the universe as a product of random chance and time--billions of years . . . life having no real transcendent purpose--just matter and energy banging around, "evolving" . . . with no ultimate spiritual meaning or end.

If earth is merely one of millions or billions of similar type planets, nothing special, flung on the fringe of an unexceptional galaxy . . . then man has no one to answer to but himself; which is the spiritual reason behind concocting the lie . . . and its ongoing maintenance.

Problem is . . . there is no scientific, empirical proof for the Copernican theory!  In fact, all the empirical evidence, including thousands of scientific experiments repeatedly show that . . . the earth is motionless.  It does not rotate; it does not revolve around the sun.  AND it is the center of the universe.  "Creative" math, mystical illogic and science fiction assumptions are being passed off as "proof."

When Edwin Hubble (of Hubble Telescope fame) discovered that his "red shift" observations tended to actually disprove the heliocentric model while supporting the Biblical geocentric one, he refused to admit it, claiming (paraphrasing) that if it were true that earth IS the center of the universe, such a fact is too horrific to countenance.  Why?  Because it meant that Someone (with a capital "S") made it that way!  Ie., here is evidence of God, a universe Creator and Designer. . . .

Stephen Hawkings has basically said the same thing.  There is just as much (actually MORE) evidence to show the geocentric universe over the heliocentric, but the implications are simply too ominous for the unbeliever to consider.  For if Someone made it that way--making earth the center of creation, for a purpose, then we are answerable to that Someone!  And humanistic man can't have that!

"Multiverses" . . . "parallel universes" . . . "dark matter" . . . "bending space and time" . . . "the General Theory of Relativity" . . . "Special Relativity" . . . "dark energy" . . . "the Big Bang" . . . are all vain and desperate attempts by unbelievers to explain creation and the universe WITHOUT GOD.  None of these things mentioned have been proven.  If fact, they are quite nonsensical and absurd when looked at closely, and many honest scientists, physicists have said so, though you won't hear of them in the tightly controlled, agenda-driven, propagandistic, "scientific" literature.  Just like the in the general "media" and "institutions of higher learning" . . . a vicious, nefarious cabal rules as gatekeepers guiding and controlling how information is formed and allowed to publish.

Note for example the promotion of the "Big Bang" (which is the unprovable, ridiculous theory of something coming from nothing.)  They need it.  Without the "Big Bang" and a universe being billions of years old, you cannot have evolution.  If the universe and the earth are much, much younger than "scientists" claim, evolution is impossible; the theory needs huge amounts of time and space in order for random time and chance to . . . somehow develop order and life . . . out of nothing.

But what is exciting is that even the most recent scientific cosmological experiments . . . along with the practical logistics of things like GPS satellites . . . are continuing to show that EARTH IS YOUNG, STATIONARY . . . the universe REVOLVES AROUND IT . . . and it is THE CENTER OF THE CREATION!  I will provide more information and evidence in the days to come supporting this.

And why would this be so hard to believe?  Of course God made earth the center of creation!  This is THE planet where He incarnated into flesh, as a creature, to save and redeem the fallen, corrupt world and humanity!  Earth is THE stage for the divine play of creation/fall/redemption!

I am here to tell you that this topic--this fascinating and exciting and spiritually edifying truth of geocentrism--is about to really start getting wider acceptance and notice.  For whatever reason, I have always had a knack for seeing big trends and paradigm shifting future events . . . ahead of the curve, and being considered a bit nutty for asserting them . . . until they are in everyone's face (like my early warnings of the "communizing" of America.)

This one is not a minor deal.  The implications are revolutionary--as big and even bigger--than the social, political, spiritual ramifications that followed the "official sanctioning" of such lies as heliocentrism, evolution, . . . Frued . . . Marx. . . .

You can trust God's Word.  ALL OF IT!  Not just parts. . . . No, it is not "mostly" correct in the moral and spiritual areas.  It is THE WORD OF GOD . . . and He does not, CAN not lie.  Just as there has been a growing, steady case AGAINST Darwinian evolution, because of the utter LACK of proof and evidence . . . the same thing is happening with the false, concocted theories of heliocentrism and the Godless Theory of General Relativity. 

I dare even say if you pray about this you will receive the impression of the truth of it like I did when I first came across it.  Since then, I've now also been finding the evidence--the SCIENTIFIC, EMPIRICAL evidence . . . to be overwhelming.

This earth IS a very special and purposeful creation.  SOMEONE indeed made it that way!  The whole of the rest of creation revolves around it--this place where the very Son of God was born as a human baby, both God AND man, to play out His Sovereign will, according to His own good pleasure.  And yes, we WILL answer to this Someone--account for our brief, tumultuous lives, whether we rejected Him or not; whether we worshiped HIM or lived as idolaters, putting ourSELVES at the center of a purposeless, chance, . . . meaningless, materialistic universe, inventing "theories" to hide the truth and steal God's glory. . . . .

Praise God! 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

P7-No Contradictions, Sound Logic

brother P wrote: "How do we reconcile these competing, conflicting ideas?  Calvinists reject free-will and embrace complete election.  Arminians reject election and embrace free-will.  They both can’t be right.  Again, I think this is where the danger sets in, instead of embracing the teaching of scripture EVEN IF IT SEEMS CONTRADICTORY to our minds these theologies impose a system of logic to it that’s comprehensible to men but does not represent the fullness of God’s revelation."

God’s logic and justice is so much higher than ours and yet we would presume to constrict him by our puny minds!  This is the danger that these doctrines of men lead us to and is what we must be on guard against at all times, creating a god who obeys our logic instead of submitting to His."

To be clear, "Calvinists" reject that man has "libertarian", un-fettered, neutral, FREE (so-to-speak) free-will.  I would say that man has "free will" . . . but it is only "free" within the confines of his fallen nature.  We are not robots, not puppets--we do indeed make choices, act this way or that--but we only can choose according to our nature, whether it is fallen, unregenerate . . . or, born again.

And I would agree, the "Reformed" understanding of men being unable to choose God UNTIL they are regenerated--made alive . . . cannot be true if the Arminian view is true (that men ARE able to choose God from their Unregenerate nature/state. 

I would say that in most cases (not yours, but in general), a person who takes a quick and superficial glance at scripture would think that both positions are asserted and there appears to be a contradiction.  This is a similar take you get from atheists and scoffers who will almost always blurt out fairly quick in an exchange "Well, the bible is full of contradictions. . . ."

To which, every serious student of the Word knows that all of the supposed contradictions can be explained and cleared up with proper, legitimate, exegesis with not too much trouble at all.  There really aren't contradictions in the Bible.  God is not an Author of confusion.

"Come let us reason together"  Isa. 1:18

The truth is reasonable.  Reason is necessarily logical.  I don't see any reason to PRESUME that when God also says "My thoughts are not your thoughts" that He means He has or uses a different kind of logic than we do . . . or that there even is such a thing as a "higher" kind of logic than "ours."
To suggest so, in order to explain away seeming contradictions in scripture . . . is a bald and floating speculative assertion. 

When one understands the difference between INDICATIVE versus IMPERATIVE statements in scripture, then these purported contradictions are swiftly made sense of.

A great example of this is James 2:26 which states: "For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also."

We know that works-based cults, like the LDS like to use this scripture to say, "see, you have to WORK your way to salvation!"

They use this verse as an IMPERATIVE:  "You MUST DO WORKS to have a living faith."

Whereas, we know, taking scripture together as a whole, and using context, this verse is INDICATIVE.  It actually means, "If we have true faith it will be shown in our works."

Another good example of this is John 3:16:  “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life."

The IMPERATIVE interpretation--which is the one Arminians use--seems to say that WHOEVER (anyone, anywhere, anytime) chooses to believe in the Son WILL have eternal life."

But since we know that the original Greek actually says--NOT "whoever believes" . . . BUT, RATHER "the believing ones" we understand that this verse is an INDICATIVE statement.  It is DESCRIBING the truth of the situation.  Indeed, correctly understand, using context and the whole of scripture (not just an old English verse plucked out of the air) it means, "For God loved the world (all men, Jew and Gentile alike) in such a way, that the believing ones (the Elect) will not perish, but have eternal life."

We, as Believers, are encouraged to be "good Bereans" . . . to pour over scripture, correctly divide it, wrestle with it, show ourselves approved, to be able to give a reasoned, sound defense of the hope that is within us.
It is not too much to ask or expect . . . the Believer to study a bit--look at the original textual meanings, reason out the context.  To do so is NOT trying to apply some alien or forced "logic" on things, but simply to do what God provides us able to do with the minds He gave us and with which He expects us to use and to GROW and deepen our knowledge and understanding of Him.


Brother Thomas ©2015

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