Friday, November 29, 2013

Studio C, Banjo & Jack

.....let me hasten to add, however, in other, lighter news somewhat pertaining to that religion . . . we, in this household are hooked on a comedy show that is produced out of BYU.  Really, I, we . . . think it is one of the best, funniest, cleverest comedy shows going at the time--brilliant even. 

One thing, yes, among others, that I DO like (and actually share, because of my upbringing) that the local LDS culture has produced . . . is a particular, dry, somewhat dark, non-p.c. . . . sense of humor.
It is a kind of gallows humor that Mormons tend to have--I think developed from their rough beginnings, stalwart pioneering history . . . and amidst all the rules, laws, ordinances, WORK etc., that they labor under.  A kind of dry, slightly sarcastic prison camp humor . . . . . heh. . . .

Anyway, the show is called "Studio C" and is in its 3rd season I believe . . . and episodes and bits are on Youtube . . . most of which are quite refreshing, culturally relevant, and downright guffaw-producing.  The writing and acting and sets are amazingly well done . . . and it is all clean, though, with a funny darker twist sometimes that pushes the envelope . . . but not too far.

We look forward to it every week. . . . Some our favorite recurring bits are "Captain Literally" . . . "Ann the Librarian" . . . "The Worst (doctor, teacher etc.) in the world" . . . "The Shoulder Angel" . . . . "Mr. Ecklestone" . . . and . . . well . . . there's a bunch.  They really are a talented, funny collection of talent and I expect some will be moving on to "big" things (ie., Matt Meese, Mallory, Jason Gray, Whitney. . . .)

Also, I might mention that Jackson (our one LDS son) wanted to spend the night thanksgiving night and brought his cute, big "golden doodle" dog "Banjo" as well whom we adore and tend once in a while.  He (Jack, not Banjo) is so busy with his band, and school and work and new marriage that we don't see him often . . . but he had a break and his wife has to work today for black Friday, so he decided he wanted to come over late last night and stay up with Isaac . . . like old times . . . and play video games.  We don't talk religion . . . he knows where I/we stand . . . and I early on got the message from God that it was all in God's hands and sovereignty where it would go . . . going forward . . . so . . . we just have a good time and put the elephant in the room outside in the snow while he's here and "drama" is no-where near our little peaceful domicile, God be praised. . . .

God bless YOU . . . and you and you too and YOU especially :) .. . . . and thank you for checking in here as I keep plodding away, reveling in, studying in, growing in hopefully, for and by the Holy Spirit of God Almighty! . . . .

Which Comes First?

"I know the Book of Mormon as received by Joseph Smith is their authority and new progressive revelation over the Bible. Do they generally just regard the Bible as "good literature"?
--LL's comment excerpt from last post.....

Indeed, it has got to be one of the most heinous things Joseph Smith ever did and I would suspect will relegate him to the "lowest", "darkest" levels of Hell.  That is, that he cast doubt on the Word of God by teaching that it was "true only so far as it was translated correctly." 

The L.D.S. "Articles of Faith"  which is, in essence the Mormon creed of basic beliefs (specifically 1:8 of the "A of F") says it like this:   "We believe the Bible o be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly; we also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God."

It is quite convenient for keeping the cult members in line, for when you point out just one of the many place that L.D.S. doctrine totally contradicts the Bible, they will shrug it off and say, "well, the Bible has mistakes in it, corruptions, bad translations etc."

Now, the Book of Mormon, which was and still is touted by cult members as being the "most correct book of any on earth" (which is a quote from founder Joseph Smith.)  Never mind that there have been around 4000 changes and corrections to this boastfully asserted "most correct book of any on earth" . . . and a lot of them have not been minor.

The religion (L.D.S.) is a disaster, full of logical fallacies, contradictions, dark history, and replete with blasphemous teachings and practices. 
For instance, Alexander (my son) was just bringing up the other day how it had recently struck him how openly, blatantly blasphemous it is that that the LDS have brought back the veil in the "temple."
THAT ALONE . . . is a horrific thing which ought to cause any Bible believer to shudder. . . .

As we know, when Jesus was crucified and died, the holy temple veil was torn FROM TOP TO BOTTOM (showing it was of God) . . . and symbolized that because of Christ's perfect sacrifice, there no longer was a barrier (the veil) between man and God and that we could approach our Lord directly and boldly (see Heb. 4:14-16)

But the young conjurer and cult leader Joseph Smith, during his heyday of trying to keep his various and growing polygamous dalliances/"marriages" secret, stole some Masonic ceremonial ideas and incorporated "the veil" . . . deciding . . . uh . . . that God must have made a mistake when He tore it in two and removed it. . . . For ol' philandering Joe brought back the veil and it is now one of the most "sacred" (secret) parts of the sickening, blasphemous and occultic temple practices, whereby members reach through the veil to learn and impart their secret handshakes, secret names etc., which are to be used later (in the afterlife) TO GET INTO HEAVEN!  Yikes. . . .

Your question, LL, reminds me again of the priorities and values of the LDS in general.  They are NOT Jesus and the Word of God . . . as they are for born again Christians; but instead center on the idols of the cult.

A fellow we know, Dave . . . who use to go to our same Bible study group . . . has since developed a local cable TV show called "Have You Experienced Jesus?" . . . where he often hits the streets and simply asks Mormons and/or Christians . . . various spiritual questions related to the Bible and doctrine.  His last show . . . I think in episode #27 . . . he hung around downtown and "Temple Square" and asked Mormons "What is the most important thing in your life?" . . . and then he went to some other places, outside Christian churches, ie., and asked Christians the same question.  He gave no prompting or cues where HE was coming from personally, but just let them give their straight answers . . . then it was edited so that the clips basically went back and forth between a Mormon giving their answer, then a Christian, so that you could see the real, stark, un-manipulated responses AND CONTRAST.

In nearly every case when the Mormon was asked "What is the most important thing in your life?" they answered "family" . . . or in one case "family . . . and having a good time."  Sometimes they put "the gospel" first, by which they mean THE LDS church's teachings (NOT the Biblical Gospel), or they say "the Church" is the most important thing.   Whereas, EVERY Christian, without question, answered "Jesus" . . . or "my relationship with Jesus." 

Just as the LDS usually put the Bible behind the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, the Pearl of Great Price in importance . . . they also put their idol of "family" ABOVE Jesus and relationship with Him. 

It was a clear, stark example of the cultic, idolatrous mindset, and you can see it for yourself here:

We do not point out these problems with the Mormon/Joseph Smith cult/religion for any other reason than that we are deeply concerned and alarmed for the eternal destination of its followers' souls.  Not to mention the temporal, current burden that its members struggle under, trying to WORK their way to salvation and beholden to what is basically a money, power and land-acquisition corporation which purports to be the ONLY true church on the earth and effects its machinations using the Lord's name in its very title (although "family", "the church" and the LDS "gospel" actually are preeminent.)

For instance, recall when the late LDS "apostle" Bruce R. McConkie gave this admonition concerning those who focus too much on Jesus: 

"Some ("holier-than- thou" students) begin to pray directly to Christ because of some special friendship they feel has been developed. In this conception a current and unwise book, which advocates gaining a special relationship with Jesus, contains this sentence - quote: "Because the Savior is our mediator, our prayers go through Christ to the Father, and the Father answers our prayers through his son. " Unquote. This is plain sectarian nonsense. Our prayers are addressed to the Father, and to him only. They do not go through Christ...You have never heard the First Presidency or the Twelve...advocate this excessive zeal that calls for gaining a so called special and personal relationship with Christ...never, never at any time have they taught or endorsed the inordinate and intemperate zeal that encourages endless, sometimes day-long prayers, in order to gain a personal relationship with the Savior...I wonder if it is not part of Lucifer's system to make people feel they are special friends of Jesus when in fact they are not following the normal and usual pattern of worship found in the true Church." (Bruce McConkie, Speech at BYU on March 2 1982).
McConkie also stated:
"We worship the Father and him only and no one else. We do not worship the Son and we do not worship the Holy Ghost. I know perfectly well about what the scriptures say about worshipping Christ and Jehovah, but they are speaking in an entirely different sense - the sense of standing in awe and being reverentially grateful to Him who has redeemed us. Worship in the true and saving sense is reserved for God first, the Creator." (Ibid.).
It is not loving to hide the Truth.  It is loving to speak the Truth, though we are often hated and reviled for so doing.  Yes, it should be done lovingly . . . but at the same time, we sometimes need to "yell" . . . for when a person is headed, as if in a trance, straight off a cliff, the quiet, timid voice of alarm . . . does not break through to save. . . .

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Is It YOU or God?

Realizing you need a Savior. . . .
A helper? . . . someone to lift you up a bit, so that you can take it from there?
You realize you NEED . . . absolutely . . . utterly . . . completely . . . all the way . . . A SAVIOR!
Or, are you under the delusion that you have something to do with it?  All you need is a little help, then you can do the rest. . . .
The blasphemous Joseph Smith cult says you are saved by grace AFTER all you can do. . . .
Which is a lie from the pit of Hell, straight from the devil, which denies the FULL and COMPLETE "IT IS FINISHED" work the Messiah did on the cross.
Did Jesus come to save SOME of those He died for?  Or did He save ALL THE FATHER GAVE HIM>  What does scripture--the Word of God--say?
Jesus said He would lose NONE . . . NONE! . . . that the Father gave Him.
So, if Jesus died for "all" then how come so many still end up in Hell?
He failed?  It wasn't quite "finished?"
Who saved you?
Who saved you? 
God . . . the SAVIOR . . . did it all.
Do you believe Jesus is Messiah?  Do you believe He is the only Name, the only way . . . that
leads to the Father, to Heaven?
What is it in you, as opposed to another, that makes YOU believe?
You?  YOU are the source and cause of your faith in God?
Faith is a gift.  A TOTAL GIFT OF GRACE with NOTHING that you add to make it work.
Does God share His glory with anyone?  No.  He says He doesn't.
What is in a person that wants to take a bit . . . just a little bit of His glory, His sovereignty
and say, "I did this"?
Everything boils down to:  You or God? 
Who first was jealous of God and wanted to take His place?
The Adversary.
And the history of mankind since the fall . . . is one flaming, corrupt, dissolute, destructive, prideful
trajectory away from God, fighting all the way, foolishly demanding, accusing, rejecting. . . .
Do you believe?  Do you have faith?
Where did that come from?  From you? A little bit?
Or is it ALL from God?
Was it a gift or was it something you worked out?
Do you need a Savior or not?
Were you dead . . . DEAD in your sins . . . or just almost dead and a small part alive?
His Word says you were DEAD.
And He and He alone gave you life . . . and the gift of faith
so that you could believe . . . and be saved.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Martyrs Abounding

Prayers for the modern martyrs
Like lambs for jihadi slaughters. . . .

 "The worst Christian massacre—complete with mass graves, tortured-to-death women and children, and destroyed churches—recently took place in Syria, at the hands of the U.S.-supported jihadi “rebels”; and the U.S. government and its “mainstream media” mouthpiece are, as usual, silent (that is, when not actively trying to minimize matters)."

Here are just three of the tortured:

And some scenes from one of the churches attacked by the "religion of peace":


We should be thinking of and praying for our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters daily; difficult as it is to see and/or be made aware of--what they are going through in so many places, hated for Christ's sake . . . by the combined enemies of God, including those who fund the violence, those who politically support it, and those who carry it out. . . .  

WARNING***graphic photos of the martyrdom:

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Old Timey Healthy Fun

Something I feel led to relate . . . because it is so unusual and refreshing and healthily escapist in these often oppressive, surreal, ominous times. . . .

"Contra Dancing". . . .

Our oldest boy . . . er, man now . . . Alexander heard a brief segment on the local alternative radio station about "contra dancing" . . . and, he being the curious and adventurous type that he is, decided to check into it. 

And now, he's totally hooked and loves it.  Some of you may already know about it, or even do it, but others may not, and it's possible for some of the lonelier types, who are finding it difficult in these times to meet "NORMAL" . . . traditional valued . . . people . . . in a drama-free environment, these may be an option if there is a contra dancing group in your area.

Here's a blurb from the Utah group's site:

"Contra dancing is every good thing that you have heard about square dancing, with none of the bad things. We dance in longways sets like a Virginia Reel, but everybody gets to dance instead of just having one active couple. We dance to live music, teach all of the dances, and welcome newcomers. You can walk in off the street knowing nothing about contra dancing and still have a great time."

And from Wiki:

 "Contra dance events are open to all, regardless of experience. They are family-friendly, and alcohol consumption is not part of the culture.[13] Many events offer beginner-level instructions for up to half an hour before the dance. A typical evening of contra dance is three hours long, including an intermission. The event consists of a number of individual contra dances, divided by a scattering of other partner dances, perhaps one or more waltzes, schottisches, polkas, or Swedish hambos. In some places, square dances are thrown into the mix. Music for the evening is typically performed by a live band, playing jigs and reels from Ireland, Scotland, Canada, or the USA. The tunes are traditional and more than a century old, or modern compositions which follow the same form as the traditional pieces."

It happens, at least in our neck of the woods, that most of the people who come to the dances are Christian and the dances are usually held in church halls.  But the diversity of the people, from what Alexander tells us is incredible!  All walks of life . . . all ages from young to old . . . all body types.

It is a unique setting where people aren't there to "hook up" . . . to be "see and be seen" as in the bars.  It is old-timey social fun--the kind that has been popular through the ages, and especially in early America where folks gathered regularly and on holidays, maybe at someone's big barn or in the town center . . . families, singles, young and old . . . to simply dance, laugh, have a good time, learn some moves . . . accompanied by excellent, high-stepping various forms of live folk music.

Last night Al went and said that afterwards, a good handful of the people all went to Village Inn together to have coffee and dessert and talk well into the a.m. hours.  One old farmer travels down from Idaho every time there's a dance, and almost every one in the group last night was born in another state . . . a whole range of occupations between them--TRUE, un-compelled, good ol' fashioned American diversity.  Some from the military, school teachers, a master beer brewer, a top shelf pastry chef . . . and more.

Beginners, as Al was not that long ago, are made to feel welcome, and it apparently doesn't take too long before a complete novice is getting the hang of it, as everyone there is helpful, accommodating, good humored and otherwise agenda-free.  It's all about the dance.  And Al has had a fantastic, laughing, enjoyable time every time he has gone, which is usually every couple of weeks--or at the very least once a month.  It is also ok to just go and watch at first, if you are extra shy or insecure, but don't worry, the spirit there is so joyful, lighthearted, GOOD old fashioned . . . that you will find yourself participating happily before you know it.

It really is a remarkable and unique thing, this "contra dancing" . . . in a day of technological addiction, social alienation, stress and dysfunction . . . where people are able to find and remember (almost in an historically genetic way, as in, it's in the DNA) what it is like to simply meet and laugh, non-creepily touch and mingle with fellow humans, strangers even, who are there for the dance and incidental socializing . . . not to mention the exercise, laughter, smiles, and learning of new, fun, entertaining skills.

Just thought I'd mention it, because of how fantastic it has been for Alexander, who, like three of our other boys, find it difficult to meet others these days who are not drug addicts, communists, feminist man-haters, superficial hipsters or "co-dep" dysfunctional nightmares. . . . Sorry to be a bit harsh, but it IS rough out there for young Christian men in a town mostly of Mormons or rabid partying anti-Mormons . . . here in L.D.S. "Zion". . . .

The Utah contra site lists a few other groups in nearby states . . .

There are dances and groups all over the country that get together regularly . . . if you just google contra dancing in your area, if interested.

Seriously, I would recommend it strongly for any who feel isolated or lonely or even just interested in getting together with people in a still living, GOOD old fashioned, truly diverse AMERICANA kind of way . . . . fwiw ....

God bless and thank you for checking in here . . . .

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Deadly Incognito

"The Fallen Angel says, 'I am thy heaven, there is no other hope.'  The Prince of this world says, 'There is no other world.'  The Tempter says, 'There is no judge.'  The Accuser of the brethren says, "There is no pardon.'  The Liar sums it all up by offering us a world without obligations or sanctions, closed upon itself but recreated unceasingly in the image of our complaisances, 'There is no reality.'

Finally, Legion speaks the ultimate blasphemy, 'There is nobody.'

The modern world (and each of us in it) in the measure in which it dreams of deifying man by his knowledge, or in which it denies transcendence, or in which it gives itself to the empire of power or of passion, or in which it drowns the individual in the irresponsible anonymity of the masses -- the modern world (and each of us in it) surrenders to the law of Satan. 

By the same stroke it becomes incapable of knowing whom it is really serving. . . . Thus Satan's own action serves to hide him from the eyes of the one he dominates.  Satan disappears in his successes and his triumph is his incognito.  The proof that the devil exists, acts and succeeds lies in the fact that the intelligent world does not believe in him anymore."

De Rougemont

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Being Poor In Spirit

"Blessed are the poor in spirit"  --Jesus

This is what I am talking about . . . coming to God empty handed, ready to submit to whatever He reveals Himself to be and how He wants it . . . HIS will be done.

Versus . . . those who come to God with a basketful of ideas, opinions, arguments, contrary viewpoints . . . "rich" in the spirit, loaded . . . full . . . NOT an empty vessel.

The poor in spirit falls on his face before the holy God, speechless . . . nothing to add, nothing to contradict . . . naked, hands empty, ready to receive. . . .

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

As He Is, no more, no less.....

 . . . . . so . . . this is the starting position I am convinced one must proceed from. . . .

This is the attitude, the mindset, the placement of the heart . . . that one must have to be able to at last land in the whole truth.  It is a subtle distinction, and missed by most as for many, they think this IS where they are starting from; but indeed they often are not.

It is a fork in the road, apparently minor at first, but if you take one way, you go down an altogether different road and end up at a complete opposite destination, far from the other.  If you take the proper road, you are on the strait and narrow and arrive at truth.

. . . .So . . . what I wanted was THE truth, whatever that would be.  If the impersonal, "oversoul", all-is-Being Hindu concept of God, the "Brahman" was true, then that is the God I would serve and worship and follow.  If it was Krishna or Vishnu, the personal Hindu God, with all the related teachings and lifestyle, then THAT would be the God I would submit to.

If it was the Tao . . . that was the primal truth . . . then I would study Chuang Tzu and Lao Tzu and attempt to fully apprehend the Tao. . . .

If Zen was the right way, then I would devote myself to the practice of "zazen" (sitting quietly, doing nothing) would be my all in all.

If I had found the Mormonism was true, then I would devote myself completely to that.

If Buddha had perceived and then taught the highest truth, then I would become a Buddhist. . . .

Same with the Sikhs, the Sufi's, shamans or perhaps what the American Indians believed with their holistic, Great Spirit, communing with "nature" . . . as the ultimate "way" . . . to apprehending God.

WHATEVER it turned out to be, in my quest, my interest was NOT in finding a "path" that necessarily suited my personal tastes, analysis, reasoning . . . but simply finding what THE TRUTH ACTUALLY IS . . . finding THE ONE TRUE AND LIVING GOD . . . and then submitting.

Because, I realized that, being a mere creature, finite, limited . . . it had to be . . . that whatever God was the TRUE God . . . He, or She or It . . . would be God to me and I would have to accept what He/She/It ACTUALLY turned out to be . . . whether I personally liked it or not.  It was patently and obviously foolish to me to imagine ever resisting or arguing or questioning God, being but a mere creature . . . so . . . I was prepared to serve Whoever or Whatever . . . turned out to be THE TRUTH.

At times, when finding this or that "path" to have flaws and logical inconsistencies or producing "bad" spiritual fruits . . . I did get discouraged and slightly wondered if maybe there was no "truth" to be found, above all . . . or perhaps it was just too beyond human grasp . . . . . . .But such moments didn't last long, as I was compelled to believe that there HAD to be . . . an ultimate, final, whole truth . . . and that it had to be such that a person could finally find it and follow it.  I saw too much obvious order and logical consistency in existence and creation . . . to think that everything was just random and pointless.  My heart, my soul yearned for TRUTH . . . and for a God to serve, and I could tell this was not just some fanciful wishing, as the atheists suggest, but a real, SPIRITUAL impulse and compulsion.

I dare say, that if I had found out that God was even something like the dark gods of Hinduism, like Kali or Durga . . . or the selfish Satanic idea of god . . . and it turned out to be THE ONE TRUE GOD above all . . . I would seriously have to consider following it, REGARDLESS of my feelings and antipathy against such a being . . . BECAUSE . . . ABOVE ALL . . . above my own personal ideas, notions, feelings, analysis, reasoning, etc. I realized that if GOD was GOD . . . and I, a mere mortal, I must bow down and submit to that God.

Thankfully, to say the least, the one true God . . . is NOT a god of darkness and evil, but a God of love, justice, holiness, creativity, mercy, grace. . . .

As it all turned out, there was and IS an actual . . . final . . . complete . . . absolute . . . whole TRUTH . . . and ONE TRUE GOD . . . and He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob--the Biblical triune God . . . Father, Son, Holy Spirit . . . . . And His burden is light, His yoke easy.

But even in this, I dare not pit my own personal predilections, tastes, opinion against Him and His character as revealed through sacred scripture.  Just as I was prepared to submit to the other "gods", taking them as they were . . . I am prepared to submit to the Lord, AS HE IS.

And I thank God that He is as He is, for He is a marvelous, wondrous, exciting, ominous, awe-filling, holy, merciful, loving, fantastically creative, PERSONAL being. . . .

And the more I delve into His nature and history in space-time . . . and current presence . . . the less and less I bring my own ideas and opinions to how or what He "ought" to be . . . and just See and realize and enjoy Who and What HE IS, fully believing and accepting that He is GOOD, righteous, perfect, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, loving AND just.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Talking Back To God

"But who are you, a human being, to talk back to God? Shall what is formed say to the one who formed it, 'Why did you make me like this?'"  Rom. 9:20

This is one of my favorite, top verses.  It is part of that fulcrum position, which puts everything into the proper perspective.  It is where the humanist--the one who puts man above God--is exposed.

It is what happened in the Garden.  Eve doubted the Word of God--she questioned God's wisdom and went her own way--the humanist, self-referential route.

In all my earlier seeking for God, my primary objective was to find truth . . . THE truth . . . whatever that would be.  I did not want a God just to fit with my own predilections, reasoning, temperament, pleasures etc.  WHATEVER . . . WHOEVER . . . God is . . . . . . THAT is what I wanted.

And this is the way to seek God . . . to be ready to submit to whatever, however His is, whether it fits with your personal notions or not. 

But the rebel says, "no, I will not submit to the Christian God--to the God of the Bible, even if you can PROVE to me He is real and the one true God.  I hate that God!"

Rather than twist and contort scripture to fit one's own idea of how God is--what His character is like--we are to go to scripture, read it and see . . . and there find the revelation of God's character as He truly is.  Who are we, the mere created, to question God?  It is absurd . . . and the height of foolish hubris and arrogance . . . to challenge, question, change . . . the revealed character of God . . . just to fit our personal taste.  That is not submission.  This is not surrender.

No.  What we want to do . . . is seek God . . . AS HE IS . . . and go from there.  Let His revelation be what it is and show Who He is, whether we understand fully, or are discomforted or not. . . .

THAT is where wisdom is.  THAT is the place, the approach . . . which then . . . opens up the understanding and allows the Holy Spirit to teach and show and reveal truth--regenerating truth . . . to the awakened, living soul within. . . .

Monday, November 18, 2013

Quick Note re ongoing topic

Thanks "ICollectChristianDebates" for your exegetic comment on "Shawn McCraney's Witness" post ... There's a couple things related I want to cover a bit more in that area.... The underlying debate/topic ..
Doctrines of Grace .. I am ever interested in and apologize if others are not so much if that's the case (I don't really know) ... but I find it to really be a/the spiritual fulcrum issue in the Christian Way ... in THE Way .... upon which so much depends and derives from ... hence, when someone gets it wrong, they tend, as I have been trying to stress, to continue down further erroneous routes, stacking error upon error, if they are an analytical type, as Shawn is . . . . .

So, just a quick note of acknowledgment here... and back asap with more.. God bless

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rampaging Streets Revisit

Excerpts from previous blog post 9-2-11 "Time Of The Rampaging Streets":

. . . . NOW we are entering a time I would call the time of the street rampages. . . .  I am led to warn and encourage preparation for the coming trouble on the street.  Riots, flash mobs, roving gangs, home invasions, etc.  And now, the signs are becoming clear that this will indeed be a notable development.  And I just think it is wise NOW, rather than later, to consider what one will do in a violent situation.  Uncomfortable to address and delineate . . . but necessary, I think.  At least, that is how I'm being led in the matter--to consider it NOW, rather than be surprised or caught suddenly unawares.

What level of self-defense is acceptable?  Indeed, is there a duty to self defend, one's self and others?  Passively lay down?  Organize a group in the neighborhood, some trusted men, women, with a plan for if and when chaos arrives?  I don't think it will be anything like Rwanda.  But it will be allowed to get pretty bad in certain areas, as it is all intended to be the pretext for police state rules which the people will clamor for in dread fear. . . .

Excerpts from previous blog post on 8-14-11 "Calling All Men--Buck Up!":

You, man, had better be preparing to protect your wives, your mothers, your fathers, your grandfathers, your grandchildren--ALL who are weaker, when the dumb, brute face and hands of senseless violence comes to your door.

Man, you should be rehearsing scenarios in your mind, what you will do in a given crisis situation.

The roving mob are themselves cowards who seek "easy targets".


"The situation ... is horrendous," Gerard Araud, France's ambassador to the United Nations, said last week after the Security Council was briefed on the swelling bloodbath in the former French colony.

The religious aspect of the bloodletting has heightened alarm since the Muslim attacks on Christians reflects similar conflicts involving Islamist militants in Somalia in East Africa, Nigeria in West Africa, as well as from Mauritania eastward along the Mediterranean rim, all linked to al-Qaida or its regional affiliates.

"If we don't act now, and decisively, I will not exclude the possibility of a genocide occurring," warned Adama Dieng, U.N. special adviser on the prevention of genocide.

A terrifying new ‘game’ that’s already caused deaths in Syracuse, St. Louis and New Jersey is sweeping the nation, and it preys upon unsuspecting people walking the streets, anywhere.

A recent report from New York-based CBS 2 shed light on the growing trend, displaying unsettling footage of teens participating in this game – which goes by the name ‘Knockout’ – and involves randomly targeting passersby, with the ultimate goal being to knock them out with one punch as they walk by.
One victim shown in the footage was 46-year-old Ralph Santiago of Hoboken, N.J., who was found dead with his neck broken and head lodged between iron fence posts.


Over the last week, a relatively new phenomenon called Flash Mobs, has swept through Chicago. Three sporting goods stores took the brunt of the damage, as large groups of thugs entered Sports Authority stores in Chicago and then proceeded to ransack the stores.

Earlier this year, we ran an article that featured a number of these flash mobs that turned violent, including one in Detroit where a group of criminals stormed a gas station and the violently beat and robbed a clerk.


I know and relatively respect the differences in interpretations of this passage, but myself, I think it implies very practically what it seems to. . . .

"But now," he said, "take your money and a traveler's bag. And if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one!"  --Luke 22:36

Friday, November 15, 2013

Pre-dawn Ode

In the night, when all is quiet, in the pre-dawn . . . I love to go to God . . . and there I find my lowliness and exult in His preeminence . . . in His holiness . . . and how I am nothing and it is all for Him . . . and I revel in His grace . . . that He made me and then gave me gift of faith and eyes to see His reality, His truth . . . and this transports me above all things in this fallen realm and I am safe and thankful for His loving mercy. . . .

Thursday, November 14, 2013


A friend mentioned an old post that he felt pertinent at the moment from 2008, so here it is,
God bless
This is a heavy duty time right now.

You MUST be making reparations, repenting, getting familiar with the experience of austerities, self-denial, going forward/not looking back; if possible, getting a bit more exercise and cutting back on food and any medications which help keep you dulled to any degree . . . .

You will need all your wits about you! We are very close to incredible events–global transformation is on the doorstep and just a couple of “occurrences” away. And it is NOT the “happy-happy-joy-joy” “global transformation” the new agers are fantasizing about.

No, it is a malicious, cruel, cold, calculated worldwide police state. Oh, you that have enjoyed some freedom while you could . . . political, social, mental, emotional . . . . . . for we enter a time of compulsion and force, compliance and conformity.

It is, and will be increasingly difficult to even communicate, for now everything written, said, is scrutinized . . . . . files kept . . . . . Even though I mean no one any harm ever, nor threaten established order, rendering well unto Caesar; a friend to all, helpful, forgiving, simply discussing and enjoying fellowship directed at and about God, the Father, as denoted in the bible . . . . .

But . . . that’s the sad, lame thing about evil. It hates GOOD. It hates God. It/he hates any and every one who loves and seeks Yahweh . . . . and the whole system is designed to sidetrack, divert, crush, control, punish etc., all who seek and serve the Lord, Mashiah, the Father; and it is now building to a crescendo of vitriol which has been devised and brewing for centuries.

Now, the technology is in place and operating (so they think) to finalize the assault on man, goodness . . . on God the Creator, in full rebellion, out-and-out frontal WAR on the children of God, the saints, the elect, and His very creation as naturally ordered.

We are very, very close now . . . . .

Things will happen where many of the things we take for granted each day; for example, consulting the internet news, writing and communicating with new and good internet friends . . . . will be changed and stopped. People will find themselves suddenly isolated, with little idea what is going on and where it is going on . . . . . . Many you now think of as friends and rely on . . . will not be there . . . . .

SO< it is time quickly and surely to become as independent as possible . . . . . Remember, there really are just three actors to immediately concern with: God, the devil, and you. Every moment is a stage where you are moving closer or further from the Father. The diversity of life and experience . . . is a bit of a bluff. Not much is really going on actually, though there are a million and one diversions, eye and ear candy; whereas, the Truth of the situation is quite simple and boils down to pure and sincere submission versus rebellion and self-will.

As freedoms are drastically severed WITHOUT, in the external . . . then we must make fast friends with INNER FREEDOM. There is no more time to spare.

YET, one can always be calm, at peace, even though intense . . . when turning to the Lord. In fact, though we must swiftly get our acts together . . . ever we are faced with the need for patience, WAITING ON THE LORD and not rushing to false spiritual experiences, rushes. The Truth and the Way . . are like the still small voice . . . like the mustard seed . . . like so much that is of God’s creation . . . . there is a simple, quiet, intense beauty to it.

Confession, to the Lord and repentance are the order of the day. Consciences must be cleared as much as possible. The enemy will use every dirty trick to fool, cajole, guilt-trip, accuse, malign; and our HOUSES must be in order, swept clean and purified, so that the wicked CANNOT take root, find “hooks” in our raiment, by which to drag us down.

It is time. We are here. Much trouble and chaos is on the doorstep; it is time to take a deep breath, get oriented, gird up, put on the armor of God, of righteousness, and prepare for (spiritual) battle.

Soon enough, it will all be over, and the tears shall be put away, and a feast and much rejoicing.

Until then, it is time to prove mettle, loyalty, determination. And this is easy, for HE IS LOVE and he loves each individual, even though we don’t love ourselves…. HE DOES!!!

Hold on. Get ready. Hold On. Go.

your brother in Christ Jesus, thomas

May 20, 2008

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

In Loving Contention

"Every heresy, if brought to the touchstone, will discover itself here. . . ."  Spurgeon

I believe this is true, what Spurgeon is saying, and was roughly my point in describing how I have observed it close up, in the fall of McCraney, as he has steadily been adding more and more unbiblical doctrines in his teachings, all, I dare say, derived from the initial position in placing man above God, stacking error upon error to support the initial mistake.  Why bring it up?  It is a clear and present object lesson, for one thing--the arc of heresy, and we are to contend earnestly for the faith once delivered.  Going along to get along, compromising, elevating ecumenism over the standard of truth . . . have all led to the now generally moribund, corrupt, dead "church" . . . at least here in the West, and America especially now.

It is loving and caring . . . to speak the truth, which truth is the Word of God, IS God, and the greatest treasure and purpose of ALL of life. . . .

Here I a few more points that in the related matter, which I find unassailable based on scripture, fwiw. . . .

"Free will" is represented by "Arminianism teaches" below.
Arminianism teaches: '... and as many as believed were ordained to eternal life.'

Arminianism teaches: "For many are called, but few choose."

Arminianism teaches: "Make your decision for Christ.:
THE BIBLE TEACHES: 'All things are delivered unto me of my Father: and no man knoweth the Son, but the Father; neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal him.' (Matt. 11:27)

Arminianism teaches: "I accepted Jesus as my personal saviour."
THE BIBLE TEACHES: 'Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you (John 15:16). Also: But when it pleased God, who separated me from my mother's womb, and called me by his grace, to reveal his Son in me.' (Paul's testimony in Galatians 1:15,16)

Arminianism teaches: "God can't save you unless you let him, it is your choice."
THE BIBLE TEACHES: 'So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy...Therefore hath he mercy on whom he will have mercy, and whom he will he hardeneth.' (Romans 9:16, 18).

Arminianism teaches: "God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life."
THE BIBLE TEACHES: '(For the children being not yet born, neither having done any good or evil, that the purpose of God according to election might stand, not of works, but of him that calleth:) It was said unto her, The elder shall serve the younger. As it is written, Jacob have I loved but Esau have I hated.' (Rom. 9:11-13).

Arminianism teaches: "God wants everyone to be saved."
THE BIBLE TEACHES: 'And he said unto them, Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables: That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand...'(Mark 4:11,12).

"... and I will go as far as Martin Luther, in that strong assertion of his, where he says, 'If any man doth ascribe of salvation, even the very least, to the free will of man, he knoweth nothing of grace, and he hath not learnt Jesus Christ aright.' It may seem a harsh sentiment; but he who in his soul believes that man does of his own free will turn to God, cannot have been taught of God, for that is one of the first principles taught us when God begins with us, that we have neither will nor power, but that He gives both; that He is 'Alpha and Omega' in the salvation of men." (Charles H. Spurgeon from the sermon 'Free Will A Slave' (1855) referring to Luther's book The Bondage of the Will which is listed with other resources on this topic after this article).

"What is the heresy of Rome, but the addition of something to the perfect merits of Jesus Christ the bringing in of the works of the flesh, to assist in our justification? And what is the heresy of Arminianism but the addition of something to the work of the Redeemer? Every heresy, if brought to the touchstone, will discover itself here. I have my own private opinion that there is no such thing as preaching Christ and Him crucified, unless we preach what nowadays is called Calvinism. It is a nickname to call it Calvinism; Calvinism is the gospel, and nothing else... nor can I comprehend a gospel which lets saints fall away after they are called, and suffers the children of God to be burned in the fires of damnation after having once believed in Jesus. Such a gospel I abhor." - Charles Spurgeon, A Defense of Calvinism

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lazarus Come Forth!

I think this is an excellent and rare exchange . . . showing the two approaches in the dispute and question of the "election"/"free will" debate . . . with Dr. James White interviewing Dave Hunt.  I have listened to every debate I can find on the topic, available on Youtube . . . and generally, I observe that it seems the Calvinist is usually far more read and studied and well versed in scripture and using proper exegesis . . . whereas the Arminian tends to jump around, cherry pick, and keep running to emotional or ad hominen pleas.  I know this is a generalization . . . but its what I've seen and heard to generally the case.

In this interview, fairly early on, White points out where Hunt has quite blatantly misquoted a scripture (Mathew 23:37) in order to buttress his Arminian position.  Hunt doesn't acknowledge the misquote and hurries to a bunch of other verses as if to quickly change the subject (rather than honestly respond) and overall this seems to be his mode.  White tries to keep him on point, over and over . . . but Hunt regularly starts rambling, sidetracking and eventually gets to the usual OPINION-based refutation, (I'm paraphrasing):  "I just can't believe a 'loving God' who wants everyone saved would predestine some to Hell....."

Now, admittedly, I listened to this interview with a bias toward the Reformed position . . . but I didn't always listen to these kinds of exchanges with a bias.  My bias has developed FROM listening to these . . . along with studying the issue on my own.  Like I say, in every one of these, I find that the Calvinist is far more serious and specific and sticking to the scripture, using solid, Biblical textual exegesis and hermeneutics . . . whereas the Arminian almost always just ends up saying, "I simply can't accept or believe in a God who would ____________" . . . . . .

The question basically boils down to which of these propositions are true:

          --Jesus saves . . . . .(perfectly, completely ALL of whom the Father has given Him)
          --Jesus saves IF . . .(man allows Him to)

Logic was mentioned . . . and I'm a big fan.  I've been neck deep for over a year in all the pre-suppositional apologetics I can find (looking at Bahnsen, Van Til, and the current crop of theological logicians such as Sye Ten Bruggencate, Jeff Durbin and a host of others) . . . .

And, since "A" cannot both be "A" and NOT "A" at the same time . . . I don't see how you can say "Jesus saves" and "Jesus saves IF" are both true.

Put another way, is God's grace . . . sufficient?  Or only necessary?  In terms of logic, they cannot BOTH be true at the same time.

God's grace is either utterly, completely, perfectly sufficient . . . to save . . . regardless of a person's contribution to the salvific conclusion . . . . . . "It is ALL God's grace, NOT of works, lest someone could boast"

OR, God's grace is only necessary for salvation, AND then the person must ALSO . . . (work/choose) accept the gift of grace . . . for grace to come to it's salvific conclusion.

Now, I am not saying that people don't choose or don't will to be saved through grace.  They do.  But they only can do . . . because GRACE first came in and raised them from spiritual deadness to be ABLE to so choose or will.  Dead in trespasses and sins . . . means DEAD.  Not a little bit dead but ALSO a little bit alive.  There is that logical problem again.  You can't be both DEAD and ALIVE at the same time. . . . . Lazarus was not a little bit alive, so that he could respond to Jesus and "rise from the dead" . . . . He was dead, dead, dead. ALL the saving power and will to life came from JESUS.  There was no cooperation, no synergistic accommodation on the part of Lazarus.  It was all one way, from God's sovereign decree to the dead man.  Now AFTER coming alive . . . Lazarus could then walk, take steps, move, act, choose . . . but the power of grace came FIRST.......

Friday, November 8, 2013

Into God, Lovin' It

Its my birfday...i'm 89 . . . thanks LJ:) if it weren't for you I'd never have anything to open, heh, ol' has been that I am ... Among other things, way glad you found a copy of "The Earth Is Not Moving" by Marshall Hall.... wow I just looked at Amazon and apparently that is now quite a rare book now...Much thanks, Alexander is excited to read the book as well.  I am quite convinced, but still interested in further study, that just as the Bible states, the earth is not rotating nor orbiting and it is just another of the great lies that we have been fed simply in order to discredit the Word.
Anyway, thanks again, you are ever a kind and thoughtful dude and much appreciated...

As are you PP:) ......Now, re Dave Hunt ... The first book I read on the subject of the "free will" debate was several years ago . . . called "Debating Calvinism" . . . which is a back and forth between Dave Hunt and James White.  At the time I knew nothing about either man.  My first impression from that exchange was that Hunt was mostly offering ad hominens and emotional rants with little serious exegesis, while White was painstakingly trying to keep Hunt on point and answer objections from scripture, rather than emotional opinion. 

I agree with your critique of my "logical waterfalls" . . . simply in that I was writing a bit of a polemic describing a certain type of person and not everyone who believes in "free will" and I didn't have time to make that clear and mainly just wanted to get my point across in especially the particular case I was considering, Shawn McCraney in this case..... I do not believe that everyone who teaches "free will" is a false teacher . . . but was just trying to show how it often starts, that someone who really is a champion of that . . . can, and often does, end up continuing down the road to universalism, open theism, Molinism etc.  I do know that there are lots of "Arminian" leaning pastors who also believe in eternal Hell and have a way to simultaneously believe in God's sovereignty AND man's free will choice.  I don't think that they are consistent in their teachings, but I don't ascribe to them heresy necessarily or as being utter "false teachers."  Besides being in a hurry to get my basic thoughts down, I also didn't mind that they might end up being provocative and hopefully draw some disagreement and further discussion on the matter......As a bit of an object lesson too (though I don't expect it will ever reach the person intended) I allowed myself to slip into the type of generalizing, hyperbolic, cartoonish kind of broad brushing . . . that I find the other side usually tends to operate from . . . ie., calling the Calvinist idea of God as a "monster" . . . "it makes us all automatons, puppets" . . . etc.

Anyway, since I first started seriously looking at the matter, listening to both sides (and I don't buy the Norman Geisler attempt to synthesize the two in "Chosen, But Free" which is supposedly a middle view, but really is just another disguised attack on the doctrines of grace).....I have found (at least so far) that every verse that implies the "free will" stance and seems to contradict God's ultimate sovereignty, does nothing of the sort, but in context and looking at the Greek/Hebrew as well, actually confirms the so-called "Reformed" understanding. 

I do really love this topic and consider it of the most vital importance and would say, like Luther did to Erasmus:  "I give you [Erasmus] hearty praise and commendation on this further account—that you alone, in contrast with all others, have attacked the real thing, that is, the essential issue. You have not wearied me with those extraneous issues about the Papacy, purgatory, indulgences and such like—trifles, rather than issues—in respect of which almost all to date have sought my blood (though without success); you, and you alone, have seen the hinge on which all turns, and aimed for the vital spot. For that I heartily thank you; for it is more gratifying to me to deal with this issue, insofar as time and leisure permit me to do so.”

Indeed, it was this matter of synergism versus monergism . . . what the Catholic church was (falsely) teaching . . . versus what propelled the Reformation (the "doctrines of grace" and mode of soteriology) . . . that . . . to me . . . distinguishes everything . . . down to a final point. 

Honestly, regarding Hunt's arguments . . . I have long been less than impressed, along with Geislers' (putting aside Geislers' apparent dishonesty and political obfuscating in other matters (re the Ergun Caner fiasco/fraud).  

From both his writing in "Debating Calvinism" and "What Love Is This?" I'm sorry, but I totally agree with  Phil Johnson's take (of Grace To You Ministries) and, was my near exact impression when I first looked at his arguments.

"In short, Dave Hunt’s book is a digest of every hackneyed argument ever brought against Calvinism. He brings together both the best and the worst of anti-Calvinist thought, blending and repackaging it all in a format that is easy to read and understand. He gives the impression of thoroughness and scholarship. And he aims to convince the na├»ve that this difficult subject is really quite simple.
            I normally like to begin every book review by saying something positive about the book. There’s simply not anything good I can sincerely say about this book. It is seriously flawed by a number of significant shortcomings."

 "Another major flaw in Hunt’s book is the abundance of faulty arguments: question-begging circular arguments, poisoning the well, ad hominem arguments, appeals to emotion, hasty generalizations, appeals to ignorance, non sequiturs, appeals to tradition, slippery-slope arguments, straw men, and so on. What Love Is This? is glutted with logical fallacies. It would make a fine “how-not-to” model for a course on basic logic. One reviewer, John Barber, writes, “Hunt apparently hopes that these logical fallacies will, if repeated enough, discredit Calvinism”


I am just being honest here . . . . I certainly don't mind the challenge, in fact I dig it :) .... and had hoped to engage McCraney on the matter, civilly and seriously, but he exploded in an emotional freak out, called me an "idiot" and hung up both times, lol . . . . .

I much admire the way Dr. Michael Brown and James White have debated the subject, friends as they are and have teamed up together in other debates when they took on Anthony Buzzard and the Unitarian (anti-Trinitarian) view of God. . . . Have you listened to those debates?  I think there are two of them ... plus I thought White did a fair and excellent job in reviewing a couple of Brown's radio programs where Brown did "Calvinist Call-in" thing . . . and you could hear both sides--what Brown's answers were and then White's responses .....Some of those programs I think are here:

Anyway, God bless you and I mean it.... love you ..... AND you and you, you too...! :)
I love talking about God, pondering His character, His ways, His Plan... everything to do with Him, trying to understand, although knowing we will continue to fall short here at least, if not forever... with so much of Him to love and know and learn .....

(sorry...late for work... heh... no time to check typos... hope there aren't too many...:)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

God According To Fallen Imagination

If you believe in free will--that people have complete freedom in and of themselves to choose or not choose God . . . then, to be consistent , if you continue in your own reasoning, you will likely end up a universalist (everyone gets saved in the end) and an "open theist" (God doesn't know, doesn't control what happens, but sits back, watches and waits to see how everyone's free will wraps up The Plan.) 

The main problem people have with the alternative view (that God is absolutely sovereign, the Author of the beginning AND end of The Plan) is that they can't imagine, can't emotionally handle the idea that a "loving God" would ie., . . . create an eternal punishment--Hell, let alone, send anyone there.

This is because . . . they don't know what divine love is and have their own, human opinion of what it is or "ought" to be, and they do not understand or appreciate how awful sin is, nor how holy and perfect God is.  They project and create a God (an idol) in their own minds as to what a so-called "loving God" would be like (usually, much like themselves) and reject What and Who God really is, as He has shown in His Word.

They complain about the holy, just, sovereign God and create their own to suit their emotional tastes.  But lets look at that--at their god. . . .

 But, the universalist, 'open theistic" god . . . is simply NOT the God of the Bible.

Their god . . . creates a world . . . throws the dice . . . allows sin and the devil to enter and plunge the whole creation in chaos . . . but wanting above all to let people have "free will" . . . . . and then he sits back, waiting, hoping, wishing, wanting people to somehow struggle through their lost, sinful condition and choose him . . . but if they don't, then they will go to hell . . . and he (this god) makes his perfect Son go to earth as a sacrifice, to be brutally tortured, beaten, mocked, scourged, hung on a cross, murdered . . . but that doesn't quite do the job . . . because people, with their "free will" can still reject the offer . . . and go to hell forever . . . . . He (this god) WANTS everyone to be saved . . . but allows that many won't be, because they didn't choose right . . . . . so we have a something like an incompetent, weak, begging, hand-wringing god . . . who made a world where he knew that many would fail, even though he wanted them to succeed . . . but oh well . . . "free will" is more important than anything . . . . .

So, the person continues thinking, "well, that can't be how it is" and they go looking for a way to make it not so harsh, and they start looking for loopholes, ways to twist scripture . . . to say that maybe hell is NOT eternal afterall . . . and thus, not so bad . . . so it must be that EVERYONE gets saved eventually . . . . . . (after a purgatory, or "spirit prison" experience) . . . . so the person can preserve their notion of a "loving god" . . . .

And . . . and . . . pretty soon, you are no longer in the Bible, nor talking about the God of the Bible, but instead . . . have concocted a whole different god and word of god . . . according to one's own ideas, emotions, imagination . . . . . . . . .

VERSUS . . . the God of the Bible . . . Who is absolutely sovereign . . . who accomplishes perfectly and exactly WHAT HE WANTS . . . . does not wait and rely on man to achieve what HE wills . . . Who is utterly holy, loving, merciful, gracious AND perfectly JUST!

If hell is not real and not eternal . . . a place from which we need to be saved . . . then what was the purpose of sending the Son, to bear the wrath of God, due humanity . . . to be scourged and crucified on the cross?  If the cross doesn't save perfectly, exactly ALL for whom it was intended to save . . . then what kind of god does such a thing?  What kind of god sends His only begotten Son, pure and innocent . . . to die so miserably on the cross . . . if it is still up to fallen, lost, dead-in-sin humanity . . . to decide whether the sacrifice was successful or not?

But still the budding idolater says, "what kind of 'loving god' would send some people to hell and not save everyone?"

I would say . . . as the Bible says . . . the same loving, just, holy and sovereign God . . . who ordered Joshua to destroy Jericho, every man, woman, child of the place . . . . . the same loving, just, holy and sovereign  God who sent fire to rain on and destroy Sodom and Gomorrah and all their citizens . . . . the same loving, just, holy and sovereign God who drowned the whole earth, and all its inhabitants except for the few He saved in the ark . . . . the same loving, just, holy and sovereign who willed His perfect, innocent Son to bear the sins of the world, and be bloodied and crucified--put to death like a common criminal . . . . the same loving, just, holy and sovereign . . . who says this: 

"Wherefore art thou red in thine apparel, and thy garments like him that treadeth in the wine vat? I have trodden the winepress alone; and of the people there was none with me: for I will tread them in mine anger, and trample them in my fury; and their blood shall be sprinkled upon my garments, and I will stain all my raiment. For the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come."

Beware the false teacher . . . who, in not being able to understand or accept the whole character of God, seeks to change God's revealed character, rather than submit, twisting scripture to fit the false teacher's own vain, self-referential, emotionally driven, idolatrous IMAGINATION, and woe to that false teacher who then preaches this different god . . . from the pulpit, leading others astray, away from the inspired Word, preaching their own opinions and ideas in It's/His place . . . . . and woe to the people who, knowing better, follow instead false doctrines which are pleasing to hear and satisfy the flesh, who follow a man rather than God . . . for the sake of comfort . . . where fear of discomfort reigns above righteous awe and holy fear of God AS HE IS!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Terrrorist Fraud Mandela

Aren't you sick of lies?  Bold, laughable, insidious, treacherous lies?  Especially when they are designed to paint what is evil, violent, God-hating, tyrannical . . . as noble and good?  Is it the flesh side of me that thanks God there IS a Hell, where those can go . . . who pervert and upend the truth in order to enslave, impoverish, oppress, torment, torture, steal and rape? 

I see that a new communist propaganda film is coming out, care of Hollywood, care of Harvey Weinstein, a Jew.  How sad, that one of the race who have been themselves so often subjected to tyranny, violence, subjugation . . . makes tons of money and garners gushing plaudits from the adoring world as he white-washes and practically grants sainthood to the communist, God-hating, man-tormenting terrorist Nelson Mandela.

I see President Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) will be there to host a special White House screening of the despicable propaganda piece.

Mandela admitted guilt to organizing 156 separate acts of violent terror at his trial in South Africa.  Bombings of civilians, much like the Boston bombings . . . murder and torture of farmers, women, children, old men and scores of innocent civilians . . . as he led the terrorist group  "UmKhonto we Sizwe" . . . which was financed and armed by the Soviet Union, Fidel Castro and Moammar Gaddafi.

I have a video of his then wife, Winnie Mandela, shouting at a rally of ANC thugs (African National Congress, the communist political party headed by Mandela and which overthrew South African government) . . . that she (and her husband, Nelson) would "liberate" South Africa with their "necklaces" . . . which they did.

The "necklaces" she referred to and one of the chief weapons in their militant arsenal?  They would attack (mostly innocent blacks or any who resisted) . . . by capturing victims in the streets, then putting a rubber care tire over their heads and arms, pinning them, then fill the tire with gasoline and light it on fire, burning the "resister" alive, while Winnie and her thugs danced and chanting in psychopathic glee.  She herself was charged and convicted of torturing to death a 14-year old boy named Stompie.  SHE HERSELF tortured him!  That was Nelson Mandela's WIFE at the time of his "heroic" "liberation" of South Africa. . . . I hear a movie is being made about her too, "the mother of the nation."  That oughta be rich.... blech...!

This is from the man, given secular, humanist "sainthood" throughout Western society, especially in dumb, uneducated, communist-brainwashed America spearheaded by the current White House occupant and coup figurehead . . . and all the foolish liberal sycophants marching in lockstep to their own Marxist/Socialist/Communist oppression, torment, enslavement and doom . . . the much honored and touted Nelson Mandela, Marxist saint. . . .

Here's ol' uncle Mandela with (un)lovely murderous wife Winnie and fellow Soviet communist Joe Slovo giving the Marxist fist salute in front of "ol' hammer and cycle". . . .

Here's sweet ol' uncle Mandela going for a big, soft bear hug with fellow murderous tyrant Fidel Castro:

Oh, since the communist's "liberated" South Africa? . . . . Murder, torture, child rape, theft, vandalism, poverty have all sky-rocketed . . . as expected.  There is a systematic genocide underway of the remnants of the white population in the rural areas, where slaughter and torture is common place against the family farmers, men, women and children, being brutally targeted, their property stolen, then left to rot. . . .

It is astounding to me . . . that the president of the United States, along with perhaps millions of fawning fools, are paying respects to this atheistic, God-hating, man/women/child-killing communist thug, Nelson Mandela . . . as we ourselves . . . are being systematically set up for much the same fate, by the same ghoulish, socialist criminals, . . . as he perpetrated . . . with much thanks to the greedy, God-hating, America despising, hell-loving movie and popular culture titans, such as Weinstein . . . and barely a peep will be made . . . or heard . . . at the atrocity of it all.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Holy Ministry Of Now

Let not familiarity breed "contempt".  It is a sign of the apathetic, lazy, flighty and immature . . . to become hardened to what is near . . . and then casting about, looking over yonder . . . to covet that grass that appears to be greener elsewhere.  Too many are those who neglect service, respect and ministry within their own sphere, but go running abroad, to more exotic locales in order to "serve".

I think of the activists who devote their lives to some "big" cause, fighting and sacrificing for it, while neglecting, for instance, their own children or spouses or close friends.

A steady, solid, persevering teacher of the Word is overlooked and abandoned for the latest "new thing". . . . The so-called "seeker" goes running to hear novel, fantastic tales or some new, unusual interpretation of scripture . . . or rushes to the feet of the latest guru on the scene . . . until that become "familiar" . . . . and "old."

We imagine travelling to far off and exotic villages, edgy adventures and colorful thrills . . . in order to "serve" . . . while we ignore or shrug off serving those nearest to us.  We want to make a "big splash" . . . "change the world" . . . "make a difference" . . . be at the forefront of some "new" angle, getting attention or large following . . . instead of operating perhaps smallish, quietly, invisible to the world . . . in our own little corner where God has placed us.

More often than not it is really just the same old ego and self seeking disguised in assumed grandeur, avoiding real work and real service--rejecting the kind of service and work (for God) that is usually only witnessed by the Lord and perhaps some of his angels.

When that urge to "go big" comes along, look to see if it is not actually just a ruse, a distraction and sideroad being offered up by the enemy . . . so as to abandon the real and quiet and often thankless (unnoticed by others) close in work and service which God has placed before you.  Let not the familiarity and mundanity of current reality be a place where the enemy sneaks in and tempts, with his promises (lies) of flash and excitement and change, and derails you from the steady, blessed, organic, holy ministry of NOW and from the common, usual people in your immediate vicinity.

Oh, sometimes He has a calling . . . to take you away and put you in strange and new fields of harvest; but more often than not, the "old man" is simply trying to pull you back into currents and onto roads . . . that will lead away from where God has put . . . and kept you. . . . .   

Friday, November 1, 2013

Lean NOT On your Own Understanding

This is the big difference.  Nothing--or hardly anything--is as critical to truly knowing God and actually follow The Way . . . as this. . . .

You go to His Word . . . and let it be what it is.  You start with what it says and go from there.  Go in with no presuppositions, no agenda, no opinion . . . read what He says and shows about His own character and the way He has set things up--what He has done in space-time, what He expects, what He will do in the future . . . and rather than judge Him against your own inclinations, ideas, tastes, expectations . . . you simply look at it, realize you have no right or authority to contradict or argue, and, like a child . . . observe WHAT IS . . . and submit.

Nevertheless, you will tend to analyze, question and reason through . . . and wrestle with what He has proposed . . . BUT EVENTUALLY, sooner or later, to be reborn and mustered into the Fold, you will drop your agenda and accept what is--what He is, as He is that He is.

"But I don't think a 'loving God' would ______________ (fill in the blank)."

"I can't believe there really is a place called Hell where punishment goes on forever. . . . "

"I can't imagine a God who would choose some people (ie., the Jews, the 'chosen people') over other people to be the ones to bring Truth to the world. . . . "

"I think God would only want me to 'prosper' and be 'healthy'. . . . "

"It's the 21st century . . . surely God now is ok with homosexuality and gay marriage. . . ."

However, in all such cases, the so-called "seeker" approaches God and His Word . . . with preconceived ideas and presuppositions . . . and then wants to fit the truth into that.   Rather than take God as He is, which is holy, good, perfect whether we currently understand it or not.

Oh so much! . . . depends on truly, honestly realizing "lean NOT on your own understanding" . . . and "My thoughts are not your thoughts, My ways are not your ways." 

The moment you leave that initial position, and begin to reinterpret, refashion . . . error steps in . . . and then error starts stacking upon error, to support the foundational error . . . until you are no longer any where near truth or understanding, but living in a self-made edifice of lies and rebellion, calling it good and worshipping IT . . . instead of the real, one and true, living God.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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