Monday, September 30, 2013

grace under fire

“All truth is given by revelation, either general or special, and it must be received by reason. Reason is the God-given means for discovering the truth that God discloses, whether in his world or his Word. While God wants to reach the heart with truth, he does not bypass the mind.”  

“And yet some people actually imagine that the revelation in God’s Word is not enough to meet our needs. They think that God from time to time carries on an actual conversation with them, chatting with them, satisfying their doubts, testifying to His love for them, promising them support and blessings. As a result, their emotions soar; they are full of bubbling joy that is mixed with self-confidence and a high opinion of themselves. The foundation for these feelings, however, does not lie within the Bible itself, but instead rests on the sudden creations of their imaginations. These people are clearly deluded. God’s Word is for all of us and each of us; He does not need to give particular messages to particular people.”  

“If I murmur in the least at affliction, if I am in any way uncharitable, if I revenge my own case, if I do anything purely to please myself or omit anything because it is a great denial, if I trust myself, if I take any praise for any good which Christ does by me, or if I am in any way proud, I shall act as my own and not God’s.”  

“True virtue never appears so lovely as when it is most oppressed; and the divine excellency of real Christianity is never exhibited with such advantage as when under the greatest trials; then it is that true faith appears much more precious than gold, and upon this account is "found to praise and honor and glory.”
jonathan edwards 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wisely Assigning Fear

As I see it. . . .

It is no random confluence of events . . . the news of the president pursuing warmer relations with Iran, being open to negotiating . . . while at the same time vehemently rejecting negation with the "anarchists", "legislative arsonists", "suicide bombers" (conservative, "tea-party" Republican) American congress.

All the previous 13+ years' "war on terror" social, mental conditioning is now being turned around, like a big gun, from the foreign stage . . . to the domestic.

We will continue to see the government rather overtly now supporting and strolling arm in arm with what were just recently the supposed enemies in the "war on terror" . . . while targeting, attacking, oppressing . . . domestic "constitutionalists", "patriots", "fundamentalist Christians and in general, the average, middle-class citizenry.

I know this is not news to many of you.  I have been warning of it for years along with various others and some of you. . . . But now we are here.

There will be quite a few . . . who have been bravely sounding out along the way, boasting that they will not submit when the day comes, and expecting themselves to stand and fight or at least speak out.

The majority of these will actually crumble quite pathetically and quickly as the persecution commences in earnest.  And they will tow the "party line" . . . and deny their Lord . . . and even will be co-opted, becoming informants against their once brethren, just to save their own hides.  Judas's will abound. . . .

For whatever reason, I have been seeing and expecting this day--this turn of events--since I was a boy.  I am not surprised by anything that is underway at this time . . . the growing tyranny, loss of freedom, of country, and the demonizing of what is good--calling evil good and good evil--along with the specific targeting of God's people. 

Now, while the disciple is not ruled by fear, but by the Lord, fear makes a good 1st advisor. 

One of the most powerful and effective spiritual defenses to realize and maintain going into these cursed times . . . is this:  "Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."  --Matt. 10:28

A great protection and, paradoxically, comfort is this:  wisely assigning fear . . . for fear has its place, provided by God, as protector and motivator.  In context, Jesus was giving instructions to his disciples as He sent them out into the world as "sheep among wolves".  Here is when He tells them to "be as shrewd as the serpents and as harmless as doves."

He warns that they will be taken before courts, councils, synagogues, kings and governors--the "powers that be" so-to-speak--as they witness for the Truth, which He is.  He predicts that family members will betray, rebellion will be rampant against Godly authority, and "you will be hated because of Me."

"But the one who endures to the end will be saved."

In considering these kinds of persecutions against Believers, He does not say, "do not fear."

The natural reaction, He knows, WILL be fear, as life and property and security and health, family and friends, community . . . will be threatened . . . assaulted . . . taken. . . .

The question will be:  Who do you fear more?

NOTE. . . .  This is also why doctrine matters and is important to get right, through committed study, prayer, and Inspiration.

This is why I have been returning to subjects such as the reality of Hell and God's Sovereignty.

For instance, if you do not really believe in Hell and eternal punishment, then the fear of it gone.  So when the gendarmes arrive and threaten imprisonment or worse, unless you two the "party line" . . . and you thinking the consequences of denying the Truth do not include Hell . . . you may well deduce that it is easier and less onerous to just "play along" . . . "get with the program" . . . rather than stand and remain publically steadfast in your witness of Christ.

But if you believe the Bible and follow what Jesus Himself taught--that it is of no profit to gain the world while losing your soul . . . or it is better to "cut off your hand that causes you to sin" because it is . . . "better for you to enter life maimed than with two hands to go into hell, where the fire never goes out."  --Mark 9:43

Truly, NOW is the time to secure within just where your commitment stands, for if there is chaos and sudden persecution, the inclination will be to quickly revert to what is ACTUALLY most cherished in your heart . . . and if that is your self and your own safety and security . . . versus God . . . you will swiftly fold.

Is it TRUE you fear the One "who can destroy both soul and body in Hell" MORE than you fear the mob or the anti-Christ "authorities"?  NOW is the time to secure that answer, so that, somewhat ironically, you can enter the troubled times "fearless" as to what the world and its minions can do.

At this very moment, this is a very real consideration and exercise . . . for tens of thousands of Believers currently being persecuted for their faith, no rapture saving them from present tribulation.

Friday, September 27, 2013

"Anarchists & Suicide Bombers"

We are swiftly moving into the perilous times . . . by which we will look fondly back at this moment in comparison, as chaotic as it already is now.  This is a trifling. . . compared to what's progressing on the horizon, raging over the hill. . . .

This sampling of  "official" comments (see below) is a portent of what is to come and points to the atmosphere believers and/or "patriots" are going to face.  Tomorrow, hopefully, I want to expound on how I expect it will go and, in keeping with the emphasis of my writings here, I hope to provide some of the spiritual tools, spiritual "weapons" and defenses the targeted will need . . . to rightly weather the approaching persecution. . . .

These are not offhand comments by the elite, but are specifically intended, designed . . . to create a template through and by which the oppression will advance:

***Senior White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer on Thursday likened Republican lawmakers to suicide bombers amid a high-stakes showdown between the GOP and President Obama which could lead to a possible government shutdown or default.
"We are for cutting spending, we are for reforming our tax code, we are for reforming entitlements. But what we are not for is negotiating with people who have a bomb strapped to their chest," said Pfeiffer on CNN's "The Lead with Jake Tapper."***

***A pivotal period for the Senate got off to a nasty start on Monday, with Majority Leader Harry Reid ripping conservatives as “anarchists” and “fanatics” . . . . . “We’re not going to bow to tea party anarchists who deny the mere fact that Obamacare is the law. We will not bow to tea party anarchists who refuse to accept that the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is constitutional,” Reid said in a blistering opening speech.***

Thursday, September 26, 2013

burn it

Satan is ever seeking to inject that poison into our hearts to distrust God's goodness - especially in connection with his commandments. That is what really lies behind all evil, lusting and disobedience. A discontent with our position and portion, a craving from something which God has wisely held from us. Reject any suggestion that God is unduly severe with you. Resist with the utmost abhorrence anything that causes you to doubt God's love and his lovingkindness toward you. Allow nothing to make you question the Father's love for his child.

If any occupation or association is found to hinder our communion with God or our enjoyment of spiritual things, then it must be abandoned. Anything in my habits or ways which mars happy fellowship with the brethren or robs me of power in service, is to be unsparingly judged and made an end of-- 'burned.' Whatever I cannot do for God's glory must be avoided.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ted Cruz

As far as worldly matters go, I say . . .
Ted Cruz for president, Mike Lee for Vice,
and then bring back the gallows. . . .

Ahh, one can fancy for a moment, lol.....

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

You Will Persist

Heh . . . at the same time I realize . . . you simply can't See . . . until He opens your eyes.  Grace.  All He does is gracious.  He is not required . . . He is not obligated . . . He has no need . . . He is not bound by demands. . . . It must be the height of presumptuousness--those who think they can bind God to fulfill wishes, wants and dreams . . . by speaking a "word in faith" such that God is bound to answer and fulfill the specific request.  I believe He ALWAYS answers, but His response may be no apparent response, for He knows what is best to accomplish HIS will--not the individual, fleeting wills of myopic creatures who see so little of the over-arching plan and decree.

In grace, in whom He chooses, however, He instills a hunger, a thirst . . . to know the truth.  Also therein He places an ember, a longing so that the seeker desperately wants to see Him, know Him.

Even though it may take years, the seeker persists, unsatisfied with counterfeits.  Oh, for a time they may get bound up in this or that false teaching or swayed by some charismatic "teacher" . . . or be chasing novelties and mysteries, led this way and that . . . but always there is a gnawing within, to see, to hear, to truly reach and know Him . . . as the ultimate truth.

And whether you are patient or not. . . . Whether you run off the rails in exasperation, frustration yelling at the sky, "show me Your face, I'll serve you unto death, just let me know it is You!" . . . and even retire knowingly into false gods, lusts, passions, powers . . . who immediately satisfy and distract . . . HE WILL retrieve you!  You will persist, for you are not your own, but are the property of another and He will not let you slip away.  He has His perfect, holy reasons for letting you wander, wonder, exposing you to danger. . . . In this case, indeed the Father knows best!

Do not despair in the days of dryness, longsuffering and trials.  One day . . . He will reveal Himself and one day . . . this brief, brutish life will be as a dream while indescribable joy and beauty and majesty and peace and light and love will abound in, around, through . . . you, blazing thereafter forevermore into a thrilling, perfectly ordered, alive, free, real . . . eternity . . . with Him and your fellow siblings of His holy family. . . .

Monday, September 23, 2013

Black Error

I have to agree with martyr Stephen below as conceived by a very insightful woman, some 45 years or so ago. . . .

I am brought to this focal point daily, and it is only growing in intensity and comprehension, praise be to God.  Do we believe . . . or not?  Is this truly the Word of God that we sometimes read and carry?  Yes, yes YES!

All else pales!  Seriously . . . how can a person be apathetic, shrugging, nonchalant, minorly concerned . . . to consider that THE VERY GOD OF CREATION SPEAKS TO US AND SHOWS US THE WAY!

The casual eye towards issues such as the meaning and purpose of life, honestly . . . disgust me.  The lukewarm. . . . To be spat out!

How much time and energy and thought and emotion and money and attention . . . is spent on what ultimately . . . is meaningless, day in day out . . . with barely a thought, if that, put toward the One who provides EVERYTHING! 

I find it appalling.
God bless.

The men I usually encounter are either hostile and dull, or docile and dull, rejecting or accepting with equal lack of positive reaction.  In truth, the docile and blandly accepting disturb my spirit, for they are no warriors of God.

What He has spoken of among us is not womanish nor resigned nor meek nor flaccid.  It is a call to battle, as the prophets called, and Moses.  Our faith is not a faith for the eccentric and timorous and unthinking and placid and shy.  It is muscular and powerful; it calls for banners and trumpets and drums and battlements and all the strength a man can give it, and not soft words and hesitant manners and mild preachments.  It is strong drink, not milk. 

While it is tender and merciful toward the weak and the unsheltered lambs and ewes, and for those oppressed by man and hopeless, it demands that even those must gird up their loins after their wounds are healed and stand fearlessly before enemies and lies and Godlessness.  It demands an 'Aye!' to the face of God, regardless of persecution or death or exile and a joyful noise before the Lord.  Let not those who fear, come to us, nor those who would dilute the power of our certitude, nor those who would say, 'This may be so, but on the other that may be so, and should we not be men of kindly reason who not only can give answers but can listen tolerantly to questions and weigh them judiciously, remembering that perhaps those questions pose a truth of their own?'

The truth is of one piece.  It is true in all things or it is false entirely.  It must command all that a man is, or it can command nothing.  That is what the prophets have told us and which our Redeemer and our Savior has told us: 'He who is a friend of this world is an enemy of God.'  In short, the world is black error and you cannot serve error in the morning and serve Him at night.  'He who is not with me is against Me.'

Taylor Caldwell, from "Great Lion Of God" about the life of Apostle Paul

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ex Nihilo Absurdities

Ok . . . this is a rough . . . simplistic perhaps . . . analogy . . . "parable" of sorts . . . to help and try to change one's perspective . . . to better realize . . . the  teaching of God's Sovereignty--His sovereign grace.  All analogies break down at some point and are not perfect . . . but they can help, especially where the Spirit can lead the understanding . . . to "fill in the gaps" so-to-speak . . . to reveal some of the deeper, almost unspeakable truths . . . to spiritual soul. . . .

Here goes, fwiw . . . :)
It is our (fallen) "natural" position . . . to look at this world, this life, God . . . from and through our own ideas, presuppositions, feelings etc.  Then we judge Him.  We analyze this life, this world and question why it is this way or that way . . . troubled . . . because we presume to know how it could have been done better . . . according to us.

Especially regarding things in the Old Testament, that, to our modern, post-modern mindset are confusing . . . as we project onto God our personal (fallen) ideas of what a so-called "loving" God would or should do. . . .

A solid fix for this propensity is . . . to change the perspective.  Stop looking at God through your own, personal ideas of what is "right" and "wrong" . . . "loving" . . . "fair" . . . "just" . . . and instead start from His perspective.

Imagine this, for instance.  The great I AM THAT I AM is there . . . before time, before creation.  He is totally complete, sufficient, at peace, with Himself.  He needs nothing.  He is what He is.  There He is. . . .

An aspect of what He is . . . is in His character.  He happens to be merciful, just, loving. . . . For whatever reason and purpose in Himself, He decides to express, manifest . . . certain aspects of His character . . . such as His goodness, His justness, His glory (the fact that HE IS and that HE IS WHAT HE IS). . . .

Creatio Ex Nihilo. . . . Out of nothing He creates a gameboard with pieces, so to speak.  He creates life for the pieces.  Before they did not exist . . . now they do.  And He sustains them.  They cannot exist for one moment without His grant of sustaining power.

Do the pieces (the creatures) owe God anything?  Yes, they owe Him everything.  They are entitled to and due nothing.

He decides He wants His Son (one of the Persons making up His Godness) to be glorified, to be expressed, manifest and . . . out of no requirement, no demand, but just from His own good free will He creates and designs some of the pieces so that they will reflect perfectly the character of the Son, and yet will have their own individuality, who are created for that purpose and that purpose alone. 

Also, to manifest that aspect of His character which is "holy" and "just" . . . he creates some pieces such that they will reject Him, will hate Him, will want and pursue complete rebellion from Him, thinking themselves to be God.  They are not like the pieces that were designed to consciously and individually worship Him.  They are made such that they do not WANT to worship Him.

Now, to show His love for those who appreciate and glorify Him, as He designed them to, He reveals more of His character--the justice aspect which hates lies, perversion, rebellion--He punishes those who reject Him while glorifying those who love Him.

What argument can any of the pieces have against any of this?  One moment they did not exist.  Then He created them--every one--FOR HIS PURPOSES . . . and His purposes will be absolutely and perfectly done . . . according to His will.  Who has the temerity or right to question Him?  The pieces are not OWED anything.  By the sheer grace and magnanimity of God to share and show His eternal character, He made them.  If He chooses to maneuver them in their history on the gameboard in this or that fashion . . . it is entirely up to Him how He will do it . . . to best exemplify and accomplish what He is willing to do.

He reveals to us that He is good, loving, merciful, just, holy . . . and cannot "lie" . . . so we know that whatever . . . WHATEVER He does . . . is good, loving, merciful, just, holy, true. . . .

He also tells us, that even though He created us for His purposes, we are also responsible for our part, whether we love and reject Him.  This is mysterious and hard to comprehend from our limited view, but since He does not lie, we must accept it is so and trust Him.

Now, I don't believe that those who were created for "dishonor" . . . are the same as those created to serve and worship Him.  From our limited, post-modern, self-centered understanding and mindset, we think it is unfair that some are created for Hell.  They are not His "sheep."  They do NOT hear His voice. . . .

But it is not unfair.  First off, He can do what He will, and whatever He wills is good and just and perfect and holy whether we currently can understand it that way or not.

Also, just as a cow has no nature, no desire . . . to deep sea dive to eat shell fish, and so is not in mourning for such a lost opportunity to do so, likewise, those created for wrath DO NOT WANT GOD in the way the elect do.  They do not love God.  They hate truth. 

Those who love God and truth tend to project onto the "vessels of wrath" that they want God and truth just the same . . . but they don't.  They hate God and they choose to hate God and reject Him.  It is their designed nature.  So there is no "unfairness" to them . . . that they go to that place designed for them.

Knowing this, the sheep, the chosen, the ones so created and designed . . . are evermore grateful, thankful, humbled . . . that God made them to be His own.  And the exercise of His justice only thrills them all the more, for it reveals that much more of His awesome, amazing, incredible, I AM THAT I AM/HE IS WHAT HE IS . . . eternal character.

Is it not the height of delusion and arrogance . . . for ANY of the pieces (creatures), created ex nihilo (out of nothing) to question or argue or assume to have a better way of achieving God's will and purpose?

It is absurd, seen from this perspective. . . .

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


It is different than every other religion, than all the other systems which say "do, do, do" to please God.  In the Way, you realize nothing you can do is enough.  It is all about what Jesus DID!

Forget everything else for a moment.  Do you believe that Jesus is Who He said He was, is . . . ?

Forget how you feel about it.  Forget trying to make yourself worthy to be His follower, that He might accept you.  Do not worry that you don't have special or mystical or sentimental feelings about it.  Here is the simple, powerful, profound beauty of it.  Do you believe that He took on the sins of the world, took the punishment in your place, was resurrected?

Just focus on that--on the fact of that; nevermind your feelings or your full comprehension of the thing.  Simply believe that He is Who He says He is and did what the Bible says He did.

God meets you where you are.  Simply believe . . . and repent, sincerely, but don't pay much attention to whether you feel fully committed all the way.  You won't be.  You are fallen, a mess.  He knows this.  He died for that too!

Believe!  And rejoice!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Same As It Ever Was. . . .

Another perspective I find helpful to keep close . . . is in realizing that there is "nothing new under the sun."  Especially as it relates to our current cultural, moral, political rot.

Folks who don't read much and who have not been taught well . . . tend to believe that we are living in times that are especially bad.  "It's never been like this!"

Which, if you so think, can produce an inordinate feeling of despair and powerlessness.  "How can anyone be happy or achieve goals in this type of ghastly, oppressive environment!?"

Or, on the flip side, similarly uneducated, ill-read and usually narcissistically-minded people might think that things have never been better--that we are "progressing" in so many ways, evolving to a higher and more refined society, looking back on those in the past as "narrow minded" . . . "backwards" . . . "provincial". . . .

The truth is . . . culture, society, morays, taboos, politics, governance, entertainment, etc., goes in cycles, repeating the same patterns over and over.

Long before even Rome, it was well known among the better philosophers and historians . . . that successful Empires reached a zenith . . . but then, as the leaders became corrupt and decadent they began over-taxing, starting wars for distraction, pandering to the "street"--the "democratic" base "mob" . . . then came the police state, then chaos and revolution, collapse . . . then a burst of high-minded ideals from the rubble . . . and it starts all over again.

This has happened over and over and over . . . since the Fall.

From Republic . . . to democracy . . . to tyranny . . . to collapse . . . then revolution and a new beginning.

It has also happened many times . . . that the naturally (God-ordered) family-centered societal design . . . devolves into a society which starts to attack, undermine, pervert the familial order . . . so that licentiousness, rampant fornication, pornography, pre-eminent homosexuality become the "new normal" . . . as "old fashioned values" become anathema, targeted, maligned and practically criminalized.

As much as the self-infatuated and self-idolizing love to trumpet that we are "progressing" . . . "evolving" . . . in fact, we are in a very typical, tired old pattern, which is anything but progressive, and is, in fact, REgressive . . . back to a Godless, animalistic, narcissistic state of childishness, whereas the commands and laws and directives of God, especially as brought and revealed by Jesus are truly new, fresh, advanced, transcendent, inspired, "progressive" in the most authentic sense, in that they produce and promote actual spiritual and character growth . . . and real LIFE . . . (not death) . . . even to eternity!

Pedophilia, adultery, self-aggrandizing, homosexuality, lying, cheating, defrauding, ambition, pride, vanity . . . such as we see promoted as virtuous now in all levels of the culture . . . is the oldest trick in the book.  The technology is different, yes, but even that may not be so unique, as there is some good evidence that some quite high technological states were reached prior to the Great Flood. . . .

Some may say, "but look at how children are being sexualized so young nowadays!  Who in history had to deal with such a threatening culture?"

But we know that in plenty of cultures past, as today, children were bought, stolen, sold as sex slaves . . . even reared in kingly courts for just such a purpose.  In Greece . . . Sparta . . . of course, we know that it was common for young boys to be mated with older men, "mentors" . . . and in that society, no one batted an eye at the practice.  It was "normal."

I find it helps to remember these things--that we have been here before, many, many times through history, through the millennia. . . . Nothing new, same old thing.

Yes, these are violent times.  Oppressive.  But so too were other times.  The Romans would regularly sweep into towns and crucify "trouble makers" by the scores.  Whole cities were ransacked, slaughtered, by the thousands, reduced to rubble by marauding Muslims, Mongols, or whoever was the big, conquering army of the era.  People enslaved, raped, tortured . . . by the hundreds--old men, women, children, time and time again.

As rough as the current state it, most of us still live like kings compared to many "regular" people of the past, and even compared to billions who live in terrible poverty today, with no hot water, no fresh water, no plumbing, little food, rampant disease, roving gangs. . . .

I can, if I want, imagine that my life is hard.  While I am getting on in years . . . I have no security, no "retirement" . . . no health insurance. . . . We have not had a vacation . . . for years . . . where I must work, hard, toxic work . . . daily with rarely a break . . . just to stay even, with no real assurance that I will continue to have work beyond the next few weeks.  If I were injured or became seriously ill . . . I have no idea how I would continue to provide.  My "dreams" . . . the use of my "talents" has been a major disappointment--responsibility has overwhelmed any chance (so far) to accomplish much of what I would have actually wanted "to do with my life". . . . I could dwell on all this and become depressed or bitter.

But, just as easily, I can look at things another way and realize how incredibly gracious God has been.  How fortunate I have been to have what I have and be able to do what I can do.  I think of how hard others have had it, by the millions and billions who have lived--who live now--who have it so much harder, with vastly less opportunity . . . those I mentioned who have no water, little to no food, no permanent shelter . . . their children dying, being taken, enslaved . . . the thousands of Christians right now being persecuted for their faith . . . in prisons, losing everything to angry mobs, loved ones killed or taken. . . . Right now!  This moment!

Then I am chastised, convicted . . . in my mind and heart that I should ever complain or feel "slighted" by life!  God owes me NOTHING!  Every breath, every step, every thought, every feeling, every comfort, every family, any friend . . . ALL is graciously provided by Him, where, as a fallen, God hating sinner, I deserve nothing but condemnation! 

I make sure, in my soul . . . that these are not empty words, vain considerations, but in deep thought and prayer, I maintain . . . this grateful perspective . . . on all of this described . . . and find it most helpful . . . in likewise maintaining a certain detached poise and grace . . . amidst the current scene of today's corruption and natural sinful state exemplified by the world.

I doubt it can be remembered enough--how this life . . . is but a vapor.  A vain, noisy *puff* . . . that is come . . . and gone, but that a foothold in the eternal kingdom of God Himself can be secured all the while, meditating on His presence, His Word, His grace and sovereignty. . . .

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Leaping to the Anointed Perspective

One of the great, functional blessings given us by God in His revelation . . . is perspective.  It is also a powerful spiritual weapon, which I find can be taken up, like a sword or more like a shield, when I find myself adrift or under assault by the enemy.

If worry or fear or confusion are intruding, ransacking my peace . . . besieging my faith . . . quickly I can leap to a place of protection, security, defense and also begin fighting back, slashing into the darkness and the dumb, violent mob (of doubts, fears, accusations, etc.) . . . where once an acidic shroud and murky fog assailed and the harrying many fiery darts of the Adversary sought to overwhelm, now I recover . . . becoming, as it were, a pillar of light against that encroaching malevolent blackness to where the enemies must flee, for they live in the dark and cannot stand the clear, saving radiance of the truth, of the revelation I recall to my side. . . .

Perspective. . . .

I remember I am not in the game of the moment--not a member of any of the seething, teeming, contending tribes and gangs of the World.  My heart, my mind, my purpose, my meaning, MY LORD . . . is not of this world and does not serve its dark prince.  While the living dead--the rabble controlled and enslaved to sin--fight and maneuver, deceive and jostle and vie for better positions on the deck of this ship . . . which ship is headed straight and irrevocably toward a doomed, blazing and complete destruction . . . I am tending to real treasures which are safely stored in a transcendent, eternal realm. 

With the Divinely given perspective graciously provided me . . . by the very God and Creator of the universe--King above all--I immediately fly to the heights above the deathly mire.  My hope, my life, my future lies elsewhere!

Only if I remain as if still alive to that sinking ship--that dying, cursed world--do I suffer under its rules and laws and restrictions and deliberate torments. . . . But then I am dead to the living spiritual kingdom and shut from its light and glory.

But, where I have died to the flesh, though its remnants still cling, I can jump to that precious refuge He gives, recalling HIS perspective of me, my life, this world, the Adversary . . . and at once the anxiety and fear and torments start receding, for then they are all bluff and have no power over the destiny of my eternal soul--my true identity--which resides safe and absolutely secure within His Sovereign decree, such that no thing and no one can snatch me away or drag me down into that burning death reserved for those who reject and hate Him.

What is it all for?  Are we born into some family, at some seemingly random location in the land . . . indoctrinated by the current rulers over government and culture . . . to scramble for some means of survival, whether through handouts or this or that occupation . . . to secure an abode, food, some personal possessions . . . only to reach the end, grow diseased, aged or suffer some violent act . . . to die . . . and quickly be forgotten . . . eventually with all that we did, no matter how significant in the world at the time, to turn to dust, lost in the thousands of years of time. . . ?

No.  I am told I am made in the image of the very I AM THAT I AM--the self existent One above, beyond, around, in control of ALL . . . and that, in hearing and trusting in His Son, dying to the rest, I live forever, designed and conformed and perfected in such a way, that I will be a friend in His Presence! 

Everything else turns to rusty and useless baubles, when I recall and live that holy perspective, which He has given, that I should know.  The darkness flees--the temporary worries and fears diminish . . . in the blazing light and love and mercy and grace I realize He has bestowed, though I am not entitled nor worthy nor in any way deserving of such!

The mark of the elect . . . is in those who long, who struggle, who continue to search and seek and ask . . . to see Him, to receive the truth.  The dead . . . do not care enough to bother.  A few brief curious stints, yes, they might venture into "looking into things" . . . some minor study and maybe a pleading or two . . . amidst their otherwise total investment and care and focus on the temporary (doomed to destruction) fallen world.

But the elect--His chosen and designed by name--search and yearn and look and wander and fret and persist, sometimes even demandingly . . . "Lord, show me your face, let me hear, let me see you!  I cannot live without finding you.  I must know you!  I must know the truth!"

Thank God, if this burning fire is within you . . . for it will--IT WILL--be quenched at last!  And then the journey . . . finally and truly . . . just begins . . . !

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Trusting The Bible

I won't mention your name.  But I pray you don't mind that I address some of your questions here . . . as they are so poignant and profound and universal to that honest state of searching for truth . . . that I know others will relate and may be helped and/or encouraged.

When I was searching desperately for the truth I too heard the general canard that "the Bible was written by men and so, can't be trusted" . . . and that it had be mistranslated, "messed with", corrupted.  If you ask most people on the street who are not Believers, that is what they will invariably say.  I was also basically raised in and around the Mormon church, whose whole creation is based on the (wicked) proposition by Joseph Smith that the Bible is only valid "so far as it is translated correctly."

Quickly, as an aside, I want to say here that this is easily one of the most pernicious and devious propositions (of the many) that Smith foisted on his followers--to turn them away from the Word of God, make them doubt it, such that they look elsewhere for truth. . . .

But consider this.  First of all, if we presume that there is a God, Who, by definition, is omniscient, omnipotent, good and merciful . . . do we doubt that He would be able to provide us with a document, even using fallen, sinful men, which contains all that is necessary to help us reach and know Him to the degree that He wills?  Is it hard to imagine and accept that God, being all powerful--utterly Sovereign over creation--that He could make certain, through His power and control of all things, that His Word, His directions, His "story" be given to us, via the inspiring power of His Holy Spirit, even through the minds and hands and pen of otherwise fallen, sinful men?  If not, we would have to believe that men, in their corrupt state, are more powerful than God and able to prevent Him from doing so.

Likewise, does this Sovereign, all knowing God have the power and authority . . . to make certain that, between and among the various translations, despite men's weaknesses, His truth is nevertheless conveyed . . . such that a seeking soul looking for Him . . . will be able to find Him?

Now, like I said, I use to just accept, without much investigation, that men had managed to alter the written record of what God intended.  This was why I looked high and low, for years, mainly in what was proposed as they most ancient of spiritual texts--the Hindu Vedas--to find the earliest, most pristine record of God's message and instruction to seeking man.

Like so many, I thought the Bible had truth but other stuff too that was extraneous and compromised by sinful men's input.  Now I have a sure belief and reasonable faith that the whole thing is "God breathed" (Theopneustos).

But first, the Lord came to me and showed me my wretched, sinful state and need for a Savior--I was born again in the Spirit . . . and then I was able to See His presence and purposes throughout all His written Word.

A hunger and discerning interest steadily overtook and has indwelt me since that reborn time and in the years since among many related issues, concerns, questions pertaining to His revelation . . . I also looked at the issue of the reliability of scripture.

On this one issue alone I suspect I have spent several hundreds of hours investigating. 

And the more I continue to study it, the more I am delightfully astounded and appreciative of just how reliable, consistent, accurate, authenticated, PROVEN . . . it is that God's written (God-breathed) Word has been thoroughly recorded, protected and preserved . . . for us to access.

The Bible is by far THE most studied, analyzed and well preserved ancient document of ANY that exist in the earth today.  I learned that, contrary to what so many ill-read, prejudiced, uninspired and mostly uneducated (on the matter) critics assert, the fact that there ARE so many translations and scattered copies of the old manuscripts actually works to support just how well and accurately it has been maintained through the centuries.  God haters and Christian bigots will say there are thousands and thousands of discrepancies between the many hand written ancient copies of the text.

But that is simply because the copies WERE handwritten and yes, there are minuscule differences between them sometimes, like a letter missing here, a phrase worded with the noun before the verb in one place but the reverse in another etc., but, as I understand it, 98-99% of these variances are merely irrelevant scribal errors and usually just pertaining to subtle difference in sentence structure ie., between Greek versus Latin or English or whatever.  They DO NOT change the intended meaning.

Even Bart Ehrman, the famous anti-Christian textual scholar admits when pinned down (in debate cross examinations I have heard) that only about 4 or 5 of these translation variances are significant to POSSIBLY change the intended meaning.  And in these few, odd cases the Christian scholar was able to provide reasonable and ample explanation as to why there really isn't a problem with the textual differences and that they in no way affect the veracity and INERRANCY of the Bible's consistent message and record.

[For instance, you could write, "the blue sky" vs. "the sky is being blue" and tally 3 or more textual variants including the word order while in context the meaning is the same.]

Also, archaeologists (secular and otherwise) are regularly and ongoingly continuing to unearth evidence showing that the Bible's historical accounts (of peoples, kingdoms, cities, personalities, customs etc.) are astonishingly accurate.  I find that the more science we learn and honestly apply in all related analytical disciplines pertaining to the validity of scriptural assertions only continues to strengthen and prove the Biblical record.

The many hours I have spent looking at have only given me more confidence and faith that the Bible is exactly what it claims to be and that men have NOT been able to thwart its God intended preservation for us to have and use as the bedrock of our belief and worldview.

 What usually is the case . . . is that WE don't like what the Bible says . . . in some places.  Some of the stories and teachings and records personally offend or contradict OUR view of how things are or ought to be.

But when we finally get out of the way and allow God to speak and to show us His character as He will and does . . . then everything changes, the scales fall away, and the TRUTH of it, of Him, blazes from His Word, and there is nothing as comforting, confirming, sustaining, wondrous . . . as realizing and trusting . . . and being guided by . . . GOD'S revelation to and for us . . . in this fallen, sinful, dark, corrupt, hellish world.

I will continue with more on the other matters . . . (along with this, is desired) and thank you for giving me the opportunity to respond and share what I have learned in that very same search that you so sincerely, genuinely described. . . . God bless:)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

According To Your New Nature

Can a Ford pick-up truck drive into the ocean and sail to Cuba?  No, it was not designed to that.  A boat can, however, since that is what it is designed to do.

Can a snail fly?  No, not designed to.

Does a cow long to dive into sea and search for fish to eat?  No, that is not in line with its nature.  But it does have a nature and from that it chooses to walk over here, over there to much on this or that grass.

In the same way, yes, we have the ability to choose.  We have limited freedom of choice, but limited according to the nature that frames us. 

Romans 8:7-8 says, "For the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit to God's law; indeed, it cannot. Those who are in the flesh cannot please God."


Not, maybe can . . . if they try hard. 

The Bible is clear in a host of verses . . . that, under the bondage of our fallen, sin, fleshly, stone-hearted nature, we are framed in . . . and cannot please or choose God.  Yes, we are able to choose, like the cow milling about its fenced enclosure, whether to eat over here or over there, but beyond that, we will not choose anything outside our design.  Unregenerated, we are like animals.

We are dead like Lazarus.  ONLY when the Lord commands, decrees, does the dead man arise. 

He calls you by name, as he called "Lazarus" . . . "Come out!"

Before that, yes, you are doing things--making choices, acting, moving, talking, creating.  But it is all in vain and of death, weeds blowing in the wind.

But He designed you for more, before the foundation of the world, and wrote your name in the Lamb's Book of Life.  He chose you for eternity.  He loved you while you were yet dead.  Then He spoke life into you and gave you the ability to see and hear Him.  Now, according to your new, living heart nature . . . you choose Him.  You couldn't before. . . . In your state of sin-wrought death, nothing you did could please Him.  You could not hear or see or want Him.

But now, according to your new, living nature, designed to ultimately conform perfectly to His image, you want Him.  You yearn to be in His presence and to be more and more like Him.

There is nothing in this world, in this short, rough life . . . that compares to this gracious miracle.

Recall it daily amidst the storms and you will be seen through.  He said He will not lose a single that Father gives Him.  His sheep hear and know His voice.  What a magnificent, merciful wonder is this!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Mountain of Lies

This is something I have warned about for quite a few years now; here is an excerpt I posted in a blog July of 2010 which generally describes the concern:

"I have warned of this before: that the once conservative and even traditional patriotic factions of dissent . . . WILL BE CO-OPTED by the Russians/KGB/Communists . . . to the point someday, that conservative American patriots will be looking to Russia and China for their "inside info" and looking to the communist regimes to help "liberate" them from the "fascists" running America into the ground. Russia will be seen as the champion of freedom and the Constitution!"

I dare say this appears to be playing out rather exactly right about now. . . .

Meanwhile. . . .

Those who don't love the Truth . . . will be forced to love a lie.  Few grasp the horror and profundity of when "God sends them the activity of delusion that they would believe lies."  --2 Thess. 2:11 (Aramaic translation)

It is a terrible thing to observe someone who has been given over to strong delusion, because they do not love truth.  Lie stacks upon lie until their every word, every thought, every emotion, every movement . . . is nothing but a seething mountain . . . of lies.  The devil works his iniquities in such a mass, able to utilize all manner of blasphemy . . . with many ports of entry . . . into that beleaguered soul.  Only God can save such a one.  A supernatural blast is required to shatter the mountain, the heap, to hopefully leave the subject quaking, terrified and finally humbled as to their awful condition.

Do we well-wish the person lost in lies, that their iniquity may abound and that rewards from the father of lies continue to grant them easy passage in and of the world?  Or do we pray for destruction of that possessing monster so that the soul may be set free . . . in light, in Truth?

The first shall be last. . . . The meek shall inherit the earth. . . .

God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. . . .

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hoist Your Sail

“Let the water flow beneath the bridge; let men be men, that is to say, weak, vain, inconstant, unjust, false, and presumptuous; let the world be the world still; you cannot prevent it. Let every one follow his own inclination and habits; you cannot recast them, and the best course is, to let them be as they are and bear with them. Do not think it strange when you witness unreasonableness and injustice; rest in peace in the bosom of God; He sees it all more clearly than you do, and yet permits it. Be content to do quietly and gently what it becomes you to do, and let everything else be to you as though it were not.”  

“Despondency is not a state of humility; on the contrary, it is the vexation and despair of a cowardly pride--nothing is worse; whether we fall, we must only think of rising again and going on course.”  

“The wind of God is always blowing... but you must hoist your sail.”  


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pining For the Dead

Last night I had to go down the hill to get some milk for the breakfast dinner we were making.  Sky loves the breakfast dinner--scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, with waffles or pancakes.  He recounted to us what a tough, strange day it was at work.  He works in the meat department of one of the big "warehouse" stores, so sees and encounters lots of milling, grousing shoppers as well as many co-workers.  He noted how "everyone" was in a bad mood, irritable, negative and how some days just seem to be like that, as if a ubiquitous dark cloud affected one and all.  He's very observant, being deaf, of body language and all sorts of subtle expressive clues in behavior and demeanor. 

But he went on to say how he found himself excluded from the general malaise and irascibility . . . as he had done his usual thing prior to work--which was to pray, to connect seriously, sincerely with Jesus, with God.  He felt protected and immune as he worked in the unhappy hubbub, describing the others as looking like in a trance, the "walking dead", blank annoyed faces, stressing. . . .

As we talked with him about it, we discussed how hopeless and oppressive conditions are under the current regime and mad state of the world.  Not so long ago, there was a sense that . . . if things were bad, or you were having a setback, all you had to do really, was pick yourself back up, strive harder, and opportunity and change of circumstances could be had--you could work your way out of it, do something totally different, start over, and get back "on top of things." 

Whereas now, ironically, there appears to be little to no "hope" of "change" . . . as we are compelled to work harder and harder for less and less, with few, if any opportunities available to pursue on the horizon.

I am speaking in general terms.  Of course, there are still new and possible routes to escape out of the unrelenting, subsistence-level daily grind, but overall, as always happens under increasingly communistic/socialistic/collectivist regimes . . . innovation, creativity, ambition, profit and reward are drearily stifled as everything and everyone tends to just collect at the bottom--at the lowest common level. . . .

And what is on the horizon to look forward to (in the broader societal sense)?  Obamacare and another meddling war that could turn into world war 3. . . .

Without God, without a way to transcend the present morass, yeah, it's pretty grim out there. . . .

Related to what I was covering regarding the inner life of thought and feeling, this is a good example.  For if you are of the world . . . so that you "look at" the world, that is what reflects back in to your soul, in to your "inner courts", bringing with it all its related baggage (thoughts, ideas, concepts, emotions, contingencies, meanings, interpretations, etc.)  This is what fills you, and then this is what then reflects back out through your face, your words, your expressions, your movement, your visage.

Whereas, if you first and foremost, "look at" God, at Jesus . . . and keep looking at Him . . . through all, though you be in the world, you can be relatively unscathed, unmangled by it.  Your visage is not so deformed by its fallen, corrupt, perverse state, and you are a light to others . . . who may be ready for an escape, a "way out."

Aaaaanyway . . . I flipped to one of our local talk stations, as I drove for the milk and they were doing their Saturday night paranormal show--a local version of Art Bell's Coast to Coast.  The guest was a "medium" who supposedly sees and talks to the dead . . . and one of the radio hosts, a young sounding female was asking if the Medium could tell her maybe who is "around me" . . . "who are my 'spirit guides'" the hostess was asking.

And the Medium threw out various suggestions, carefully reading the audible clues in the hostess's reaction to see if she was on the right trail . . . which she really wasn't it was obvious to me . . . but what struck me was the hostess's reiteration that all she really cared about was just that somebody was there, on the "other side" helping her, guiding her. . . .

And I thought of that widespread proclivity in people to want to be contact with the dead, with "spirit guides" . . . with "higher selves" . . . with aliens . . . with . . . anybody or anything . . . BESIDES . . . the very one and only God who can and does come into people . . . to guide, to protect, to give meaning, to heal, to teach, to befriend. . . . How people will pine for some long dead relative to be present, but ignore and reject the Holy Spirit. . . .

Sad . . . and needlessly empty . . . that. . . .

Friday, September 6, 2013

Making Darkness Flee

"A little leaven leavens the whole lump of dough."  --Gal. 5:9

As regards my prior talk on "thoughts" . . . this verse could apply.  Also, obviously along with "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

I am always wanting here to push past the surface level acceptance of such admonitions and go deeper to where actual soul/character transformation takes place--where "sanctification" happens and
not simply intellectual acknowledgment. . . .

In the meta-physical realm where Spirit acts. . . .

It should be like this . . . . . . First consider those things in your life that had you being excited, expectant, thrilled, engrossed . . . maybe anticipating Christmas morning when you were a child, or your first childhood crush on a boy or girl . . . your first love . . . or if you into art or music, when you a writing or learning a song or focused on some subject to express--how it engrosses you to the exclusion of all else . . . or if you are into business, that thrill at putting together a big deal and finally pulling it off realizing how good the profit shall be . . . or if you were to inherit money . . . or win some jackpot . . . . . .

Or, on the other hand, there are the negative engrossing subjects/objects.  For instance, some people are locked onto world and current events, following every twist and turn by the day, by the hour, by the minute . . . or, if you are worried about some possible growing health issue; it's all you think about, worry about, researching it, treating it . . . or money problems, there never being enough, always scrounging, grubbing, working, parsing for it to keep things going . . . or a loved one that has gone astray, a child, who is always on your mind, everything reminds you of them, it's all you think  about . . . . . .

In any case, whatever you are "looking at" . . . I am suggesting there is a train of thoughts, which also attach to and trigger feelings related to that subject/object . . . which will constantly flow into your mind and occupy your inner space, your soul, your "temple". . . .

Somehow, in all that jumble, you try to include God, and give Him a few scraps of attention, but mostly all of your thoughts and emotions are related to what you "thinketh in your heart."  And that subject/object . . . brings with it . . . the leaven, which then infects and fills your being, all corners of it.

Now, people superficially and intellectually, as an idea, will appreciate the first commandment, "You shall have no other gods before me."

Likewise, ""You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind."

But they don't do it.  Well, WE don't do it, I should say.  Instead, a hundred other things or one or two in particular are focused on, and this commandment is just tossed into the pile with all the rest. 

Yet, this is the goal, the objective to our being and how it will be in Heaven where God is first and foremost and everything else revolves around Him and our devotion, worship of Him in all that we are and do.  Those who don't know God can't imagine how this would be wonderful, desirous thing; but those who have tasted His holy, divine reality have a sense of how incredible this will be!

We can strive for that state now and are commanded to, and to the degree we do, His presence begins to push out all the dross, all the ultimately meaningless nonsense that crowds our minds and hearts in this fallen world.  And the more you make Him the focus, the main subject/object, then thoughts and feelings likewise come in a train, filling up your soul, related to Him; and since He is Light, the darkness flees to that same degree.

This is a work, a "doing" that is blessed.  This is good work!  And you can pray for it if it is not there.  If you are not inclined (which the "natural" fallen "man" is . . . so NOT inclined) it is counted as a great and fine and laudable effort to fight for this in your life, in your inner being.  Getting "in the Word" is the means and also reading and hearing those who are all about the same effort, and, of course, praying always (being in a regular, ongoing prayerful state, in and out and through the day.)

People try all kinds of ways to keep out evil, to fight demons, to avoid the devil, but too often it is by using other idols, magic of sorts, focus on creatures . . . and too often this only makes the problem worse; praying to saints, chanting, using totems, pictures. . . . Whereas, if you simply focus on and "look at" God as embodied in the Lord, putting Him above ALL other affections and interests . . . the sheer holy light of His presence causes the darkness to flee.  When you are filled with His Word and in your mind are thoughts on, about and in Him, the demonic realm cannot abide.  You need not fight "them" in a coarse and proximate way.  Instead, look at Jesus, keeping fresh in mind what He did to save you there on the cross.

Not that problems or troubles or travail disappear.  But rather than them being the god you look at and serve and which brings a train of related darkness and confusion, you come to realize and live the FACT that ALL THINGS WORK FOR GOOD FOR THOSE WHO LOVE GOD.

[note to "J" re your request in comments... I mostly just use this for keeping track of comments on this blog, but you can go ahead and relate that to me at]

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wag The Dog?

Quickly I want to mention a dreadful thought that came to me yesterday listening to the various goofy news accounts of the Syria debacle . . . . .

It struck me that this may not be the big Syria moment, if there is to be one . . . just yet . . . but is really just theater to distract from the implantation of Obummercare, which is marching forward.  This takes the momentum out of the tea party types who are wanting to defund it as all eyes (and talking heads) focus on Syria.  Obummercare is so important to the last stage transformation of the country into full scale socialism/communism that it MUST continue on.  So that, rather than the big popcorn-grabbing-moment/final-shoe-dropping explosion into global chaos that most everyone is now expecting . . . instead, nothing much happens, except that for a time, all eyes are on the Middle East, while here, the "health care"/total-control-act becomes a done deal. . . .

Just a thought. . . .

Monday, September 2, 2013

Freedom's Twilight

For new readers . . . a brief recap interlude . . . re previous impressions written here in the blog..going several years back.... related now perhaps to current events unfolding, ...fwiw...

--Posted 12-12-06:    The final moves in this chess match are now being made. The final death strokes were always designed to coincide with a devastating financial collapse of the dollar, combined with a stranglehold on energy and food resources . . .
The ‘total war’ concept is simply a strategy whereby the once fledgling and backwards soviet machine planned a long-term operation, targeting ALL facets of the enemy (ultimately Christianity and traditional American culture, sovereignty etc.) for infiltration, diversion and then full Marxist conversion. Drugs, pornography, relativism, pluralism, diversity, attack on family/purity/manliness, sexuality-focus/perversion, generation-gapping, materialism, hedonism, cultural guilt, icon-debasement, disarmament, financial corruption, educational corruption, corruption of the courts and law….ALL means are used to undermine and destroy the enemy from within….with the instigator feigning weakness….as glasnost and perestroika implemented……but with continuing massive military build-up and encirclement……these are the means of TOTAL WAR.

--Posted 6-07-07:    "Syria . . . I’ve always been keeping an eye on Syria as an initial flash point to get the real hot war in the Mideast started ….I’ve expected that the things will not start so much with Iran but Syria . . . that the first big attacks, either by Israel or the U.S. will not be at Iran but Syria." 

-- Posted 7-08-07:     "For a couple of years I’ve been emphasizing Syria over Iran in terms of important triggers in the Mid East and suggesting that war with Syria would likely precede war with Iran. This came from a “vision” in the spring of ‘05 . . . . "

--Posted 4-17-7:    America was certainly never perfect–it was infested with secret society agenda from the start–but a true, vibrant, sincere Christian spirit honoring . . .  righteousness always ran alongside the machinations of foreign and home-grown occultic meddlers. . . . . . .
BUT NOW no more is even a semblance of the great ideas and experiments in enlightened self-government standing forth. No, the subversion is near complete, and the last two remaining bulwarks:

–free speech and right to self-defense are next on the chopping block to be vanquished from public life.

The twilight of the Republic is itself coming to a close, and a New Day . . . a New horrific Dawn is cresting over the horizon. . . .But that too, only for a time. . . . until all things be set right again, after much travail.  For those born of the Spirit–eyes and heart and mind focused on the Eternal Father, through His Son. . . . the way is not so necessarily gloomy.
In fact, thrill and joy and peace are attendant when one has ascertained the ultimate purpose to life and then lives each day in pursuit thereof.
A mind which lifts itself NEVER above the material horizon is doomed to be subject to the forces, personalities and laws of that material realm. . . . Which is little better than a hell-hole, though the ghoul can’t see it that way.
BUT THAT MIND which is enlivened by the eternally refreshing Holy Spirit of God, never sinks too low, despite temporary set-backs, AND IS ALWAYS driving forward towards that Heavenly City, which is real, where saints will congregate and live joyfully and peacefully reunited for all time to come.

--Posted 2-15-08:      Something’s afoot . . . it’s visceral; the hounds of war seem tearing at their moorings, nigh to being turned loose, beginning a new cascade of related events . . . . O Jerusalem, Canaan, Syria, Lebanon . . . do things begin to unfold now, quickly? . . . leading into crisis and …… new terrors, disrupting the usual election processes . . . bringing about this novel provisional-type governing body I’ve been thinking about? . . . . Many strange and forced maneuverings, new twists are accompanying this whole campaign for the executive this time around–forces, social “transmission belts”, triggers are being carefully crafted into place for deployment . . . .

The "Manchurians" are popping off almost daily now, creating final pretext for (private) disarmament . . . . The dread and ominous portent is recurring almost daily now, off and on, but always returning as if but incremental incidents, building to crescendo– yet to appear, but soon, new major “event(s)” . . . . .

I note that (those whom I believe to be) the Lord’s people, the lambs . . . are suffering immensely in many and multiplying ways . . . . the painful winnowing, separation, threshing . . . growing frightfully intense . . . . And my heart breaks and my mind whirls considering the private groanings and genuine torment that must be felt–is being borne by the same . . . 
Some, even losing faith, so broken down, confused, misdirected, tired . . . . . .
Yet, the trials, as hard as they are at present, are nothing, NOTHING compared to those coming–
But I tell you, I can see and hear what’s coming; and while it betokens the sovereignty and mighty and holy wrath of the Lord; it will be, honestly, difficult to bear, and the prudent are even now starting to brace for it . . . . . . Which is as it should be; remembering that it is only for a season, however harsh it may be. It ends, and a new day will arrive, blessed, sanctified, most holy and complete . . . . where magnificent destiny, for the family of God, awaits, resplendent!

But for a time, must we bear, these hounds of war and the brutes and bilious horde who are profligate thereby . . . .

But for a time . . . and then, it is the time of the meek, who shall rise, and take seat, among the very elect of heaven, all foes vanquished, demolished....
Take cover, Believer, staying pure, guided by the Holy Spirit, while these raging and mad hounds of hell/hounds of war wreak their final havoc . . . but for a time, but for a very, shortened time . . .

--Posted 5-28-08:   The constant haranguing of “Christians”, “Constitutionalists”, “Patriots”, “Fundamentalists” and American history and culture in general, in the schools, in movies, on t.v., etc., is all part of the mind-conditioning program of the Bolsheviks to destroy morale, will, freedom-culture, etc., and replace it with a “globalist, environmentalist” mindset, so that the final phase of the takeover can be completed with little resistance. What resistance there is can quickly be labeled “right-wing extremist”, “fundamentalist”, “conspiracy theorist”, “racist”, “nativist”, “xenophobic”, or any number of derogatory slanders meant to marginalize, disarm and isolate.

Meanwhile, the drugged up, dumbed-down, emasculated, feminized, mysticized, “greened”, foolish lemmings march off blindly, stupidly, ignorantly to their own doom and demise, taking the well-placed bait that “right-wing” “Christian” Bush is the reason for the nation’s “sudden” turn.

No, this turn has been coming for a long time. It has been planned and orchestrated with deliberate and careful and patient strategic planning and infiltration for decades and decades. . . .

--Posted 5-15-11:      "Purport:  I've long seen Syria as a big trigger point.  I think if the U.S. takes any military action in or against Syria . . . Israel does, as seems almost to be starting today in the news . . . then we will seriously at last be entering into the real first bullets of the 3rd Mid East related World War . . . . Russia will become engaged at the point . . . . It looks like the "octopus" I "saw" going into Pakistan . . . is now in Syria too . . . . Syria is a big deal . . . a major sign post, marker point, trip wire in the larger chaos operation ..... "

But for a time, must we bear, these hounds of war and the brutes and bilious horde who are profligate thereby . . . . But for a time . . . and then, it is the time of the meek, who shall rise, and take seat, among the very elect of heaven, all foes vanquished, demolished . . . .
Take cover, Believer, staying pure, guided by the Holy Spirit, while these raging and mad hounds of hell/hounds of war wreak their final havoc . . . but for a time, but for a very, shortened time . . . !"

--Posted 8-25-11:      "Meanwhile . . . I feel terrible about Libya right now.  I have the same sense of dread I felt when the 2nd Gulf War was being considered and sentiment stoked to invade Iraq, knowing that it would be a human catastrophe--much suffering and chaos at the hands of downright evil globalist operators.  Same crew is involved with this, obviously.  Even from a simple "mainstreet" analysis of the thing, what the hell business is it of ours or any other country to be bombing and meddling and removing sovereign leaders, whatever we think of them?

It will mean especially, more persecution, murder, theft, rape and pillage and plunder and displacement of Christians, among other innocent victims.  From the spiritual vantage, this is one of the simultaneous important goals of all this "nation" destroying/building going on in the Middle East.  Also, I expect that, just as China ended up with the oil of Iraq, China and Russia will likely be the main beneficiaries of the final new "Islamic/Communist/Fascist/Corporatist" Illuminati regime that results.  World communism, Illuminism, Wall Street, global corporations, "radical Islam" . . . are all working together to conquer the globe and create a new, technocratic, psychotronic, occultic/Luciferian, post-Christian world order . . . .

"Total War" is underway, on every front--economy, food, weather, geo-engineering, space, psychology, media, entertainment--ALL being steered toward the final objective . . . to DISPLACE the Lord as sovereign and install (demonically possessed) man as ruler and arbiter.   This is why I feel such visceral, mocking repulsion towards the footsoldiers like David Wilcock and such ilk, who are profiting from putting people into further trance-like delusion and false hopes, leading them far astray--diverting many well intentioned, naïve, earnest souls . . . using lies, magic psychology, and the literal power of Satan, blaspheming God, Jesus . . . and setting up THE metaphysical paradigm whereby it will be considered "enlightened" "spiritually advanced" one day . . . to imprison and even liquidate . . . "those who are holding back"/ie., CHRISTIANS . . . the planet/goddess entering "4th density" or whatever.  Sun and earth and self-worshiping fools will convince themselves that it is a great thing--necessary even--that millions and billions even die sooner rather than later, so that the "enlightened" ones can get this whole thing moving into "ascension"--into the "next level" of  "the Source's" cosmic evolution of consciousness!

Mercy, feeding the poor, healing the sick, comforting the destitute, protecting children . . . are paltry and old-fashioned notions . . . and can all be ignored and sluffed off as merely results of "their karma" . . . while the new age gurus press forward with books, dvd's, conferences, riding around in limo's and appearing on talks shows and RT  t.v. and meddling in civic institutions to "help along" the coming "transformation" into the ie., "5th world" of the Mayans . . . ."

--Posted 10-5-11:  "I wrote recently to watch for the bear coming out of hibernation--Russia, who has been strangely invisible and seemingly out of the loop (all staged, btw) suddenly being in the news again, getting more involved, eventually to come save the day as the great liberator and equalizer against the "ruinous", greedy "capitalist America" . . . ."

--Posted 1-29-11:  "So . . . of course, we know that these so-called "spontaneous" "democratic" uprisings . . . of the people . . . are carefully designed and orchestrated.  So-called "radical Islam" and "Jihad" against the West were long ago devised and manipulated by Moscow . . . by the KGB . . . as another battering ram to tear down the West, and eventually America and her allies.

One by one . . . "out with the old (faces) . . . and in with the new (faces)" like I said . . . is underway, now intensified . . . as part of the ongoing purge to eliminate any and all governments and their leaders who have even nominal allied relations with the West and America.  The Muslim Brotherhood is a creation, behind the scenes of Russian/International Socialist/Communist intelligence agencies.  Once established--once they overthrow the old faces . . . a totalitarian fundamentalist Islamic government will be the apparent face of the new regime . . . though, behind all, Moscow is actually in control.

Some of the objectives are, ie., to control the Suez canal.  The Panama canal is already controlled by the red Chinese.  Russia and China are tightening control of ALL the oil and energy and industrial minerals/metals regions . . . so that, eventually, the U.S. will have no resource of energy (while comrade Obama shuts down all national drilling and exploration) . . . so in time of war, the U.S. will not have access to the precious energy resources to conduct a meaningful defense.

Sadly, for the naïve and earnest protesters on the street, many who actually believe in their religion and think they are defying Western authority and corruption, they are at the same time being set up for destruction themselves.  World War Three . . . is being staged.  Once the so-called "radical Islamic states" are finally established all throughout the Middle East . . . and war with Israel breaks out . . . these newly "liberated" states . . . will be targeted for destruction in the melee.  They are being set up to provide an ostensible "enemy" . . . to then justify their obliteration.

Reports have surfaced that American intelligence is actually behind the revolutionary forces of regime change . . . NOT Moscow . . . but this is only partly correct.  The U.S. state department and intelligence services are long shot through with communist/pro Moscow infiltrators and provocateurs . . . so that, yes, you may be able to trace the revolutionary training back to Washington . . . but it is really just more KGB/FSB/SVR agents WITHIN the American government acting on behalf of the Kremlin, though under the guise of American agents.

In other words, Russia, China and all their satellite/subsidiary allies . . .  and soon ALL of the countries of South and Central America . . . combined with "radical Islam" are ALL IN IT TOGETHER . . . to finally unite and attack the dying, decadent, drugged out, feminized, homosexualized, weak, fluoridated, remnants of American free citizenry . . . .  Cut off from oil, from strategic minerals, broke, demoralized and in shock . . . the Republic is intended to fall like a ripe, rotten fruit . . . .

On the spiritual plane . . . the war is against Christians and . . . Jews.  When Egypt falls to the "radicals" the Coptic and few other Christians there will be slaughtered and chased out just as they have been by the hundreds of thousands in Iraq, Sudan and elsewhere."

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The ol' Garden variety synergistic dialectic.....

Ok . . . below is some free range thinking that got going as I sat down to write, addressing your comment, Jon . . . related to my "What You Look At . . . " proposition.

Heh, there is more I wanted to say on that, so this is just a beginning--a sort of stream of consciousness flow that resulted as I put "pen to paper" here . . . but I hope to get it more focused and clarified in a following piece, the point I am getting at, so, bear with me :) . . . but here is a start, it opened up a whole area of thought that I've long been fascinated with.....thnx

and God blesses you all! Yay!~
Thanks Jon for bringing up the dialectical process proposed by Hegel and then harbored . . . to be utilized by Marx in his socialist Utopian schemes.  Very interesting angle and contrast to what I was proposing . . . and got me thinking.  It made me recall a time I was driving along, contemplating the methods of evil and seeing how that very dialectical method typifies the Serpent, lies and his mode of corruption within the created order.  The dialectical approach, in this way, I suggest is diabolical at its very core--the essence of rebellion and sin . . . the standard for atheistic humanism, which is the scourge plaguing the earth.

Roughly, the "Hegelian dialectic" (for those who don't know) is wrapped up in the phrase "thesis-antithesis-synthesis". . . .

In the Garden, it looked something like this:  "God says--did God really say?--perhaps God meant this."

As pertains to our fallen condition . . . it is like this:  God--not God (but ME)--Me ("plus" God)

[Which again shows, I might mention, why I fall on the "reformed"/"Calvinist" view of things, as this is how the equation, roughly speaking, ought to look:  God--God--God!  Heh, :)

Synergism versus monergism, ie.: "Arminian" versus "Calvinist" . . . free will versus God's sovereign grace . . . also looks to be represented in these examples, I dare say. . . . ["synergism" meaning that God PLUS man's "free will" is what is necessary for salvation versus "monergism" which says that God's sovereign grace/will ALONE is what saves.]

So, the diabolical dialectic method goes like this: 

--God says "obey and glorify Me" (thesis)
--and rebellious man seduced by the devil replies "no . . .  ME! . . . I want to be the center of all
   things and be glorified" (antithesis)
--man says "I will use God for my purposes, to glorify me" (synthesis)

Or, also . . .

--God wants all to be saved (thesis)
--HOWEVER, man's "free will" determines who is saved (antithesis)
--only those who freely "will" to be saved, will be saved (synthesis)

Whereas, I would suggest that the whole dialectic proposition and process is basically diabolical and symptomatic of "Luciferian" philosophy (which philosophy is simply lying, a lie, error, rebellion etc.) . . . while what is truly the representation of things is more like a logical syllogism such as:

--God wills that all of creation shall serve and glorify Him
--God is sovereign over all creation
--all creation does and will serve and glorify Him (note, the God is glorified by His punishment of  evil and by the execution of His perfect justice)

And, also . . .

--God wants a "chosen" people, an "elect" for Himself to save
--Man cannot thwart God's wants
--God's chosen people will be saved

But I'm getting off topic into Reformed apologetics, which isn't where I was going with this, but . . . just noticed the intersect and so sidetracked a bit . . . but uh.... yeah, so back to the main point .... asap.....

Brother Thomas ©2015

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