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GF to my BF's

Let us pray for the Jewish people, the first to hear the word of God.
Silent prayer.
Almighty and eternal God,
long ago you gave your promise to Abraham and your teaching to Moses.
Hear our prayers that the people you called and elected as your own
may receive the fulfillment of the covenant's promises.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

+    +    +

The noble Joseph when he had taken down Thy most pure Body from the tree wrapped it in fine linen, and anointed it with spices, and placed it in a new tomb.
Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, both now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.
The angel came to the myrrh-bearing woman at the tomb and said:
Myrrh is fitting for the dead, but Christ has shown Himself a stranger to corruption.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gracious Fire Unleashed by Truth

"Arminian" proponents tend to be horrified at the prospect of God's willing what they call "limited atonement" . . . . Surely God wants ALL to be saved--Jesus died for EVERY one . . . . So they say.

But is it not the case that the atonement in any case IS limited?  Because we know that all are NOT saved . . . .

The question here seems to be whether atonement is limited in EXTENT or POWER?  Not whether or not it is limited.  If Jesus came and died so that ALL might be saved, then his saving work is clearly limited in its extent . . . because all are not saved.  Yet, to me this view also would appear to limit his power to save as well.  He wanted all to be saved . . . but . . . apparently man's free will is more powerful to resist despite His intention or will?  So His power is limited along with the extent, according to the Arminian perspective.

However, if Jesus came for His sheep and His church specifically . . . and it is written that He will not lose a single one that the Father has given Him . . . then both the extent and power of His atonement are perfectly completed . . . . The extent of His will is achieved.

In the context of scripture and with scripture interpreting scripture, I can understand that when It says He died for "all men" and for "the whole world" . . . it does not mean each and every single individual . . . ie., Judas and Pharaoh . . . BUT for Jews AND gentiles alike--"the whole world" . . . NOT just the Jews as was previously believed.  And His elect come from every nation and tongue.  They are scattered throughout the whole world, within every race, each sex, all tribes.  Which is why mission work is so blessed and important.  As God decrees/WILLS both the END AND THE MEANS of salvation, He sends His disciples--His servants into the world to gather the lost sheep. 

I can tell you plainly and honestly that the more convicted I have become of God's Sovereign Grace (His superior free will to create an "elect" people) . . . it has not made me more casual or unconcerned about the Great Commission call to "make disciples of all nations"--to seek and save the lost.  On the contrary, I have never been more concerned, felt more compelled, nor filled with the flame of urgency than I am now. 

Looking at it from the "Arminian" side, I know that it appears as if believing in election would cause a person to be more lax and shrugging, saying, "why bother trying to save if God has His elect?"  But it simply does not go that way!  As the Holy Spirit gains more influence in the believer's life and as one becomes more and more conformed to the will and purposes of God, it follows that HE increasingly works in the person to spread the Good News, seek the lost, testify, and overall labor in the vineyards He has created for such purposes! 

Do we see that the great Reformed preachers and missionaries of the past were lax in their efforts to reach and teach and save?  Hardly . . . . 

Jonathan Edwards, who is practically the figurehead of the First Great Awakening, surely was not sitting on his "saved" laurels, as he stewarded revivals of whole towns and worked in hardship among the Mohawk Indians . . . .

What about Spurgeon, who preached to thousands for years and who even today has wide and deep influence?  George Whitefield is considered one of the most zealous and effective of  the Great Awakening preachers who came to believe and teach election . . . . In fact, the "modern missionary" movement was begun largely by "Calvinist "Baptists" such as William Carey, who, in 1792 took the Gospel to India, "founded 26 churches and 126 schools, and translated the Bible into 44 languages including Sanskrit."

I think it is no paradox or anomaly that the strongest arguments by Paul for election (in Romans 9) precede his greatest exhortations to evangelism in Romans Chapter 10 . . . .

It simply doesn't follow in experience, in reality, that so-called "Calvinism" destroys missionary zeal.  History doesn't show it.  Further, my own experience hasn't been such--in fact, quite to the contrary.  Nor has it instilled new pride or a conception of being "better."  Indeed, I find I am pleasantly destroyed in humility and gratitude and awe and righteous trembling at the mighty holiness and sovereignty and free will of God, knowing that I have done NOTHING . . . . NOTHING! to merit being "chosen" or in having some special ability to love and choose God where others have failed at the command . . . .

If I were to succumb to a type of the fairly common vitriol I hear when Arminian followers tirade against "Calvinism" . . . I might instead suggest that it is the "libertarian free will" proponents who are prone to egotism, pride, self righteousness and idolatry of man as they profess that man is the one who gets himself saved, who isn't ALL bad, and that the ones who do "choose" salvation . . . are more holy and intelligent than those who don't . . . .

While scripture says there are none good, no not one and none who seek after God.  Sooo . . . . . ?

I believe and observe that is quite possible for sincere devotees of either side of the debate to respect one another's strongly held position, such as the mutual respect and friendship I've seen between ie., Dr. Michael Brown ("Arminian") and James White (Reformed Baptist) . . . . I am myself a fan in many respects of a few (otherwise:) fine Biblical preachers on the other side . . . .
***   ***  ***

Here is an interesting tale of the great evangelist George Muller describing his stubborn realization of the truth of these things . . . quite similar to other stories I have heard from those who once rejected the reformed understanding . . . .

"When he first encountered the doctrines of grace (such as mankind’s total depravity and God’s sovereign election), Müller tried to reject them. He would later describe his initial distaste in his autobiography, “Before this period I had been much opposed to the doctrines of election, particular redemption, and final persevering grace; so much so that . . . I called election a devilish doctrine.”
But as he continued to study God’s Word, Müller reached an unexpected conclusion. He wrote:
I went to the Word, reading the New Testament from the beginning, with a particular reference to these truths. To my great astonishment I found that the passages which speak decidedly for election and persevering grace, were about four times as many as those which speak apparently against these truths; and even those few, shortly after, when I had examined and understood them, served to confirm me in the above doctrines.
Müller initially feared that embracing the doctrine of election would quench his passion for evangelism. But he soon found it had the opposite effect. Consequently, he noted:
In the course of time . . . it pleased God then to show to me the doctrines of grace in a way in which I had not seen them before. At first I hated them, “If this were true I could do nothing at all in the conversion of sinners, as all would depend upon God and the working of His Spirit.” But when it pleased God to reveal these truths to me, and my heart was brought to such a state that I could say, “I am not only content simply to be a hammer, an axe, or a saw, in God’s hands; but I shall count it an honor to be taken up and used by Him in any way; and if sinners are converted through my instrumentality, from my inmost soul I will give Him all the glory;” the Lord gave me to see fruit; the Lord gave me to see fruit in abundance; sinners were converted by scores; and ever since God has used me in one way or other in His service.
That perspective fueled Müller’s evangelistic zeal — from the 10,000 orphans he helped to care for in England to the over 200,000 miles he traveled as an itinerant evangelist, taking the gospel to dozens of foreign nations. Müller’s example is one of many powerful answers, from history, to those who would allege that an affirmation of God’s sovereignty in salvation kills evangelism."

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sheep and Goats

Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory, I have formed him; yea, I have made him.  --Isa. 43:7

 But now thus says the Lord, he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.  --Isa. 43:1

The sheep hear his voice, and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.  --John 10:3

I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me...  --John 10:14


Did Jesus come for His sheep?  And why were the sheep created--indeed, why were any created?  For God's glory.  He has a Sovereign plan and Jesus will not lose a single sheep given Him by the Father.

"All the nations will be gathered before Him, and He will separate them one from another, just as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats."  --Mat. 25:32

When we look at God through the dark lens of our fallen, confused, self-centered nature, we find it hard to accept that God chooses some . . . and not others.  That He made sheep AND goats.  But I get an inkling of His ways when I look at creation, at nature.  Why are there so many . . . billions of little insects . . . and animals, exquisitely designed, each one of them?  They live and move about--apparently with some seeming will--then die.  But do they really have will--free will?  No.  They are driven by their natures--by what some call "instinct."  Hunger, cold or heat, procreation . . . drive them about.  They are "alive" . . . . They have individual lives different from every other . . . .

But do they go to Heaven?  Are they eternal?  No.  God has HIS own creative purposes in them and they clearly exhibit His creative, intelligent glory along with the rest of creation slated for eventual destruction . . . .

So it is with the "living dead."  They move around, live for a time, make some trails and leave some product, but, they are just as driven, just as compelled by their "instinct" or nature to do the things they do.  Dead in their sins, it can't really be said that they have "free will" any more than the spirit-less creatures.  UNTIL they are born again . . . given a NEW heart . . . and finally gain LIFE.  I suspect that only then . . . is when something like "free will" begins.  Before that time all you have is a dead, God-hating, child of the devil in full-on rebellion against the Creator.

But I want to speak more on His glory and how ALL OF THIS . . . is designed for that; and who are we to second-guess, criticize and attempt to imagine a "better" way He achieves His ends?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Starting With His Glory

Hopefully not being overdramatic . . . but I dare say that the forces of darkness are quite active on all fronts; not just in the social/cultural/political external realm, but up close to a person, trying on all sides to thwart, prevent, block, stymie etc., the retelling of God's glory and purposes--the feeding of the sheep . . . .

But for me, I will fight through it, so that in whatever humble, small corner salt and light are to be represented, THEY ARE . . . . Which is what we all must do . . . and WILL do . . . who BELIEVE!

Meanwhile, I want to talk some more about God's chosen people . . . .

I am more convinced than ever, due to ongoing experience, but especially from scripture, that God is COMPLETELY Sovereign . . . and that Jesus WILL and DOES save . . . to the utter end . . . ALL the lambs that He has been given by the Father.  He is not a beggar, dependent on some supposed relatively "good" and autonomous "free will" of DEAD, SINFUL, GOD-HATING man.  He is a conqueror!  He is the perfect king and shepherd of the flock, and He came for His bride and will have her.  Not just some of her.  ALL of her!  Victory.  No defeat.  Satan does not win a single soul that the Father created for fellowship with Him in Heaven . . . .

Now, one of the foremost things to understand in comprehending the whole plan, as far as humanly possible, is to get some notion of the GLORY OF GOD.  Not just as an abstract, vague statement.  But this is what it is ALL about, in the end.  Glorifying God.  However, we cannot impose OUR small, petty, self-centered ideas about what glory is or how and why God would want to do such a thing . . . .

First . . . we must get out of the way, realize it is not really about US, but about GOD and His infinite, majestic, I AM THAT I AM creative, personal glory . . . .

Then, from there, we can easier understand why it is that He designs a people---a Chosen people--for Himself, for that purpose . . . .

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Is It Finished . . . or not?

What distinguishes the Gospel, The Way, Biblical Christianity . . . from ALL other religions or so-called "paths to God?"

Why is it such "good news?"

The answer is found in Justification, upon which all saving theology rests--it is the linchpin, the CRUX, if you will . . . . Are we justified by what Christ did . . . or only partly by what He did and then we must do some more?

Can you lose your salvation?  If you can, what "good news" is that?  Is it not a terrifying, depressing notion to think that someone completely "DEAD IN THEIR SIN" has to somehow yet be "alive" enough . . . to choose rightly?  And that God is dependent on that . . . rather than God chooses who He will and none who chooses shall be lost?  Which is the "good news?"  And why do some supposedly choose God, but other don't?  Is it because the former are better . . . more righteous?

Oh, the many subtle ways "works righteousness" keeps slithering into the plain, glorious Message!

When Jesus said, "It is finished" . . . was it really finished?  Did He finish it then and there?  Or is there still something you must DO?  Is God able to save all those He wants to save?  Or does man have the power to resist God, to thwart His Sovereign will?

Do we worship God . . . or the free will of man?  Does God save, or is it up to man to save himself in the end?  The world will answer one way.  Jesus, when he answered such a question, offended the thousands that were following Him who all went away angry, discouraged and rejecting . . . . Only a few remained.  Are many called but few chosen . . . or are all called and many accept?  What did HE say?

Is God's love the same for every single creature, or does He love some more than others, in a different way; like how we may love a friend, a sister, a leader . . . but we love our wife or husband or child differently?  Do we reject hard truths, perhaps because we don't understand them, and then create our own notions of how God OUGHT to be . . . and then make doctrine of that?

More . . . in a bit . . . .

Friday, March 22, 2013

Tears of a clown....

Heard this on Wretched radio . . . . Was immensely moving . . . .

Also, God willing, I have some recent ponderings and analysis to share re free will versus God's Sovereignty I hope to share, asap . . . tomorrow?  Arghhh... this schedule of late I'm on . . . a real time slammer . . . but about over ... which is both good and bad, heh....

Thursday, March 21, 2013

One Big Prong of the Marxist Assault....

A response to false teaching dangerous Rob Bell from Dr. Michael Brown, re the current battering ram of accepting Sodom as necessary and relevant --
This is the issue that will soon be closing down churches and sending pastors to prison . . . .

"In the days of the Maccabees, did the Jewish people survive the onslaught of Hellenism by adapting to paganism, with all its worldly appeal, or did they overcome by resisting at any cost, thereby demonstrating the power of their convictions? Did the early church survive the polytheism of Rome by bowing to the emperor, or did they overcome by refusing to compromise, even to the point of death, thereby pointing to a better life?
Remarkably, on Sunday, when the forum moderator tried to get Bell to take a firm position as to whether Christians ‘know’ the truth in some ultimate sense, Bell took the discussion in a completely different direction.
But that is the very heart of the problem. Bell’s celebration of ambiguity has become a dogmatism of uncertainty, and it is because of his lack of spiritual absolutes that he has wandered off the path, leading a generation in his wake.
The truth is that 100 years from now, either in this world or the world to come, history will record that those who conformed their beliefs to the culture were nothing more than a passing curiosity, while those who refused to compromise truth will be regarded as the spiritual heroes and torchbearers.
In the words of Charles Spurgeon, “Character is always lost when a high ideal is sacrificed on the altar of conformity and popularity.”

{{{The full article is here:

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

On The Flip Side, Imago Dei

On the flip side of the same coin, we are Imago Dei, made in the image/likeness of God.  Fallen, yes . . . . a shattered mirror which only reflects a semblance of the divine image . . . but in potential, a glorious, wondrous, beautiful and perfect being.

I tend to beat up on you here, because I like you.  I expect that, besides those few who spy and lay in wait to catch a faux paux, anyone who visits here to read has got to be as serious about God as I am, and so, isn't interested in happy-slappy talk, fluff, ear tickling, or worldly self-esteem poison.

So, I hammer away on the ego--the "old man"--as I myself appreciate and enjoy when I hear a "hard" sermon or teaching that convicts me . . . on a regular basis.

At the same time, I don't lose sight of the goal and of the blessed, awe-striking gift . . . we ARE, and are GIVEN, which is to be a child of God!  To know that God, the Creator of the universe, of all that is, Who can hold it all in the hollow of His hand He is so big! . . . Who always was, is and will be . . . . Who is perfect love, power, knowledge, mercy--a PERSON . . . Who made and loves us--who is divinely jealous for us . . . .

This life is hard.  We live under curse.  This is obvious to anyone with the "eyes" to "see" . . . . Our fallen nature is devious, consistently wicked, the enemy of God and desperately pathetic; yet He loved us to rescue us and now we have eternal joy, peace, fellowship . . . creativity . . . among other things to look forward to!  As wretched as we are, still there are flashes and reflections of our God in us, and as Christ lives in us, we see Him in each other, through the fog, gleaming in the darkness!  What wonder!  What hope!

Some will judge the earth with Him . . . . Crowns of glory will be passed around . . . . We will dine with the Lord and He will serve us, we who ran the race of faith and are mustered into the Kingdom! . . . . We have Paradise restored, new again . . . to inherit, and we will be blissfully comfortable and belong there.  Just as we barely understand or recognize the depths of our actual depravity and sinfulness in this life . . . we also do not in any way really appreciate the glory and reward that awaits us in the hereafter.  Glimpses are given . . . . We know that the troubles of this life are not to be spoken of, in comparison to the glory to follow!

We look around and . . . the trials and troubles of this life, for many, are horrendous!

Thus, the reward to come is not equally as good . . . as this place is "bad" . . . but even far beyond an equal comparison! 

Because it is so astonishing and glorious--what we have to inherit--He tries us now, and suffering is our constant companion, so that we remain in a place to be humble, broken, not puffed up, that we may be constantly seeking Him for solace, for friendship, for direction and meaning . . . .

Let us hurt and pray for those who "have it good", for nothing could be scarier and more alarming, than when "things go your way" . . . . We know He chastises those He loves!  What is it with these who seem to prosper and float easily . . . in a world--this world--ruled by the Liar?

God blesses and loves you today!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wretches Like Us

Nothing is more certain . . . than to gravitate always . . . to thinking you are better than you are.  The only thing standing between us and committing the worst of sins . . . is opportunity.  We like to imagine that we have progressed in our spiritual walk and are becoming more aligned with the will of God; and indeed, it would seem we have, judging by our actions, behavior . . . . But that is only because the right circumstance hasn't (mercifully) presented itself.  Every chaste person, given the right scenario . . . with a ready-made seducer, at the right time . . . will fornicate and/or commit adultery.  This is why God judges the heart and not just the act.  Under a certain perfect configuration of circumstances, the most devout will buckle and give in.  If it hasn't happened, it is not because you are strong or able to resist, but only because, by the grace of God, He has not put you in that situation.

Same with cheating, stealing, blaspheming and murder.  It is a great pastime of the self-righteous, which is all of us, to look at, for instance, people with money . . . fame . . . power . . . and condemn them for their deceits, licentiousness, greed, self-adulation . . . . And to profess that given the same money, fame and/or power WE would do only good things  with such "blessings" and resources.  We snicker and sneer at the worldly for their gross and obvious faults . . . yet, given the same privileges and assets, how long would it really before, to varying overt degrees, would we not also be indulging ourselves, our egos, our bodies?  Even the dictators--the oppressors of the people--the mass murderers and those who imprison and torment others who do not follow, obey and conform to the megalomaniac's agenda . . . . We shake our heads disgustedly and judge them, while we have murdered just as many or more, in our own hearts . . . . And given the same upbringing, genetics, environment, we too could and would be just as insane and malevolent.  There, but for the grace of God, would go we . . . .

It is not so much that "power corrupts" and "absolute power corrupts absolutely" . . . .

But, rather, that power merely reveals the corruption that is already in us.  Absolute corruption, where, if any good thing is done by us, it is only because God provided it in us to do.  Because "there is no one righteous, no not one" I must admit the "total depravity" of humankind, otherwise, if even there is a scintilla of "good" free will, then there is a scintilla of which to boast and God's perfect grace is diminished by just that much . . . which means His grace is not quite sufficient, but some little "good work" must be in there . . . .

Few things show so clearly the truth of these words than to watch when someone comes into money.  Before, they were humble.  They listened to others, searched for truth . . . appreciated their old friends and seemed well aware of their own weaknesses and faults.

But money or power comes along, and my how quickly things change!  Soon we have an expert.  We have someone who is easily offended and withdraws affections, using them to manipulate and control.  Some dive into pleasure and gluttony and are not long alive, usually meeting a wasted, pathetic end.  The more clever and disciplined begin philanthropic works to cover their growing self idolatry, where they can hide behind a veneer of piety, while they yet develop into only serving self despite the "spiritual" pretensions . . . .  

One of the most liberating, joyous, actually powerful revelations . . . to be had, is when you truly realize the depth and utter completeness of your own sinful nature; how there is NOTHING you can do to save your self--that there is NOTHING good in you, of your self.  And that, given the right opportunities, you would be just as bad or worse than people you often and so easily condemn.

It is only when we are weakest that we are made most strong.  Only when we finally die to this lying, cunning, fallen self, that we begin to find real . . . life.

And to realize what love, what grace, what mercy . . . is involved . . . that He gave HIS life--suffered the Father's wrath, in our place, so that . . . wretches like us . . . might be saved!

Praise God!  

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sword And Dove (review)

I've been meaning to say how impressed I was with the album Zeph "Zedjah" Daniel and Kel Rowley recently recently, "Sword And Dove".   11 original songs dedicated to the "Sovereign King" . . . represents a lot of patience, craftsmanship and work.  Having written and produced songs myself for a while I know how much it takes to put together that much material.  I was especially impressed with Zeph's production.  When you are an artist yourself but then in a producer's role, it is not easy-- and many simply can't do it--to maintain objectivity and respect for the artist's muse and vision and not override it with your own vision and/or agenda. 

I think Z did a fantastic and careful job working with Kel's material and augmenting it as appropriate with his great soundscape textures and overall coherency of "sound."  Really, that is not easy to do--especially with a new studio . . . . Kel's voice and energy are likewise exceptional and reminded me of a guilty pleasure fave album I use to listen to in the early 80's.  You wouldn't think so maybe, but Olivia Newton John put out an album then--I think it was the one that had "Let's Get Physical" on it--which had some other really great tunes on it . . . and John Ferrar the producer made it a unique ONJ album with extensive use of synthesizers and an overall mystical kind of motif that I was into at the time . . . . Kel's voice also reminds me of some of the better early Madonna tunes that I also liked, believe it or not, back in the day. 

But this is a Christian album, and I think honestly one of the best of any recently made.  I don't like a lot of the mushy-gushy "Jesus is my girlfriend" "contemporary Christian" music that is popular these days, and Sword And Dove is a fresh, innovative departure from that whole commercialized genre.

The music cranks up very nicely--as in, plays loud well!--which is another excellent feature--the quality of the recording clean, big, aurally spacious and punchy, which again shows Zeph's skills in this area.

Honestly, I give the album an A+ . . . for innovation, inspiration, quality and integrity; one of the best new independent releases easily of the year!  [I dig the cover art as well--perfectly fits spirit and tone of the collaboration.  Would make a great poster!]

Friday, March 15, 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Same As It Ever Was

That thread at glp looks like it has gone the way of trolls and shills as they say and usually do . . . so hard to tell if any truth to it, but I have heard from other sources that nasa itself recently put out a warning to expect to see more fireball/meteor-type objects hitting earth because of entering a space cloud of debris or something . . . . I also wouldn't be surprised if the same interests who are capable of spraying chemtrails nearly every day everywhere were also capable of creating a "fireball" storm . . . .

Meanwhile, whatever the case, nothing is more clear to me than the overall totalitarian takeover I've been expecting and seeing for years . . . which is here . . . and I've always thought the political/social/cultural "fireballs" and catastrophe . . . would be far more pernicious and oppressive and terrifying than any "natural" events . . . .

And that the only way to prepare . . . is the same age-old way to prepare regardless of the "times", as there have been political totalitarian AND natural disasters since the Fall . . . and that is to make God--the God revealed in Holy Scripture--the Lord of your life, above all other gods and idols, and to love Him above all else, including your life (your fallen, mortal, death-cursed life) and to realize that He is Sovereign and that everything you "naturally" do . . . is wrought from hating God and loving self, motivated by evil, so that, you finally surrender and the Holy Spirit takes over your life, purging and purifying out steadily the old, rotten and dead you, giving you a new heart and filling you with light and truth and beginnings of holiness . . . so that the lies and corruption of this world no longer have their hold on or in you--you are free--and growing in assurance and joy and conviction and humility steadily . . . so that the wicked may do what they will, but what you care most about is getting others saved before the end--before the final bell tolls, which it will . . . .

* * *

Okay, just for kicks and in case there are some new readers who haven't read this before and may be interested I am reposting a couple of the old fireball mentions, a brief one about my "St. George vision" experience back in '04 and then later the "Marduk" dream . . . .
2-7-7:    This is about the third or fourth time an instant–what I would call ‘confirmation–has followed mention of the “fireballs”…….So, I suspect and believe myself that they are going to be a significant event.

What are they? Well, for me, “fireballs” became something to note as part of a solid 3-hour incredible visionary experience I had on April 16th, 2004. Among a series of images, scenes I “saw” was one of large, house-sized fireballs hitting towns and areas . . . exploding whole communities to bits. It was nighttime when these were raining down, and the balls themselves seemed to be made of sort of pitch material, so that when they exploded on the ground, everything in proximity was sprayed with a near-liquid fire… that everything was catching fire all around.

2-22-07:    There have been a few times when very clear visionary experiences have occurred to me — I think everyone has them from time to time, and there is a distinct sensation accompanying these prophetic visions which is qualitatively different than, for instance, typical dreaming, imagination or hallucinations. They appear in the mind’s eye usually amidst a quiet, sober lucidity, and a spirit bears them which makes a point of attracting and holding the seers attention.

The visions seen . . . almost always feel imminent–as if they are about to happen, which is why so many visionaries crash on the shoals of date giving.

Unless told specifically otherwise, one avoids giving dates or timelines too specific, based on spiritual vision . . . but certainly one can prognosticate the timing of things using simple human reason and analysis. Sometimes these two modes of “seeing”a blend a bit, and, combined with the fluctuations that are occurring in the space-TIME continuum right now ……..well……….it is nearly impossible to predict dates . . . . . no doubt, for good spiritual reasons. We are, for the most part, MEANT to be in the dark . . . where FAITH can develop genuinely . . . . . .

But events . . . yes, they are seen and eventually arrive. At least for me, I am satisfied about the inevitability of various things I have “seen”–putting aside the potential dates for such.

One thing I fully believe is coming . . . relates to a dream I had during a very intense time of “visionary downloads”, about 2 years ago.

Forgive me for reprinting it here for those who have already read it . . . .

It was a quite unusual dream . . . very directed . . . very specific . . . and set before my mind’s eye in such a way that it was obvious to me that it was something I was suppose to see…….

Not because I have felt or “seen” anything about it recently–BUT, simply because I see that seemingly related concerns are continuing to pop up again…..I thought I would repost the original wording, recording of the dream which I had in May, 2005……….

For myself, I don’t doubt that what I saw in the dream of “marduk” will eventually come to pass. The way the news is being handled right now, for instance–the daily sensationalist, lurid diversions–is very similar to how I saw it in the dream ……… story after sidetracking story occupying the public attention . . . while a true threat loomed and drew near, unnoticed……

Anyway, here it is, a bit of a blast from the past, from the “lamb cafe” days …….. God bless


here’s the dream about ‘Marduk’ i posted 5-25-05:

“had a repetitive dream towards early morning today…….a couple of scenes/messages kept playing over and over like a repeating record or tape loop….two components switching back and forth….:

ONE PART was like seeing the pages of newspaper headlines and stories…and internet stories and different conspiracy theories and fringe topics…….with a voice saying that more than ever in the next weeks, stories and all kinds of floated theories would be put out as diversionary tactics………they were all diversionary…….


SECOND PART, where I saw outer space and an approaching ‘cloud’ of debris……..ob-jects… a big swarm ……and earth was entering or crossing its path……
and a voice said THIS is what’s coming, THIS is what ‘they’ fear and are aware of ………a giant rock storm from space…with objects of varying sizes……but devastating like a shotgun blast…… be hitting the earth…..and my mind thought of these and how they would manifest in the atmosphere and upon earth maybe as fireballs I’ve seen so starkly in vision before…. but also…….all kinds of sizes…….some harmless…..some not……….that increasingly…..they would start hitting… a trickling rain at first…a few here and there….over days, weeks….then increasing to virtual torrent……..eventually……

THEN, the scene would switch back to the diversionary headlines and geo-political events…..
then back to the vision of space and this cosmic debris cloud…..massive which the solar system was crossing paths with….or being struck by……..

On another level….the word “Marduk” kept being repeated…or associated with the alternating scenes…….

THIS went on for a while….in a kind of fitful sleep state…until I woke up……..

Don’t know if its just random subconscious babbling….or a direct message….or mix of both……….But it was stark and had a good degree of that ‘quality’ which prophetic type dreams seem to have………

just thought I’d register it, fwiw…if anything….
take care bros and sis’s……back to the fray…………….in Him for Him, my Lord and Master, Saviour, friend and Father….

thomas…… “ published 5-25-05, Lamb Cafe, by brother thomas,


When I had the dream I did not know what the word “Marduk” meant. I’m not sure I was conscious of even having ever heard it before. Back then when I googled it and checked around for what it might mean I was a bit shocked when I saw the results. Some of these are pasted below:

- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Marduk and his dragon, from a Babylonian cylinder seal · Enlarge … In the south
Marduk reigns supreme.

Marduk [mär’dook] (Sumerian spelling in Akkadian AMAR.UTU “solar calf”; Biblical Merodach) was the name of a late generation god from ancient Mesopotamia and patron deity of the city of Babylon, who, when Babylon permanently became the political center of the Euphrates valley in the time of Hammurabi (18th century BC), rose to the position of the head of the Babylonian pantheon.”

Ancient myths suggest that a giant comet may have visited the Earth a few thousand years ago, raining fireballs and meteors …. The Marduk-Tiamat conflict from Babylonian mythology, dated around 1400 BC. Tiamat, representing primaev-al chaos, gives birth to giant snakes, a horned serpent, assorted dragons and the like in preparation for a war with Marduk …. Other hints of an interest extending beyond the practical need for a calendar are to be found in the omen astrology of the Babylonians, which was largely fireball-based (a fireball is an extremely bright meteor), and in the widespread occurrence of icons apparently depicting comets, such as the omega symbol found throughout the Near East.

February 22, 2007

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fireballs anyone?

"There are many things, but first will be a massive clamp down on the
Something semi man made even though it will make no sense to hear
me say this. Watch the fireballs coming in the skies. They will continue, and
they will get much bigger. As big as football fields.
A long run of crazy
events are set to begin starting now, and they will pick up into the summer. All
will be accomplished by the end of his term!
I don't know how long I'll
be able to post."

The above was part of a strange post at website GLP . . . . It struck me because of the description of the fireballs . . . . Older readers here will recall my earliest of writings and talk show appearances discussing my dreams and "visions" of "riots and fireballs" . . . . The part about them starting small and getting bigger and bigger . . . is exactly what I have always described . . . . I will find and repost some of those early mentions and warnings asap . . . .
God bless

And yes, URGENCY abounds . . . :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Prepared In Advance

Let no person deceive us with vain words upon this dreadful subject. People have arisen in these latter days, who profess to deny the eternity of future punishment, and repeat the devil’s old argument, that we “shall not surely die” (Gen. 3:4). Let none of their reasonings move us, however plausible they may sound. Let us stand fast in the old paths. The God of love and mercy, is also a God of justice. He will surely requite. The flood in Noah’s day, and the burning of Sodom, were meant to show us what He will one day do. No lips have ever spoken so clearly about hell as those of Christ Himself. Hardened sinners will find out, to their cost, that there is such a thing as the “wrath of the Lamb” (Rev. 6:16-17).

Let us often look forward to the Judgment Day. There are many things going on in the world that try our faith. The frequent triumphing of the wicked is perplexing. The frequent depression of the godly is a problem that appears hard to solve. But it shall all be made clear one day. The tangled maze of God’s providence shall be unraveled. Every drop of righteous blood that has been spilled shall be required.

A true Christian has a good hope when he looks ahead: the worldly man has none. A true Christian sees light in the distance: the worldly man sees nothing but darkness. And what is the hope of a true Christian? It is just this, – that Jesus Christ is coming again, coming without sin, – coming with all His people, – coming to wipe away every tear, – coming to raise His sleeping saints from the grave, – coming to gather together all His family, that they may be for ever with Him. Why is a believer patient? Because he looks for the coming of the Lord. He can bear hard things without murmuring. He knows the time is short. He waits quietly for the King.

The world will not be converted when Christ returns. It will be found in the same condition that it was in the day of the flood. When the flood came, men were found “eating and drinking, marrying and given in marriage,” absorbed in their worldly pursuits, and utterly regardless of Noah’s repeated warnings. They saw no likelihood of a flood. They would not believe there was any danger. But at last the flood came suddenly and “took them all away.” All that were not with Noah in the ark were drowned. They were all swept away to their last account, unpardoned, unconverted, and unprepared to meet God. And our Lord says, “so will be the coming of the Son of Man.”

J.C. Ryle

[I have never felt such urgency as I do now . . . to please the Lord and to not grieve the Holy Spirit.  I have never known such prompting as now . . . to retrieve the lost--loved ones, strangers, friends--ANY who have as yet refused the grace of salvation.  Time is running out, and even then He will come like a thief in the night--oh the shock and horror in those whose hearts were cold to the transforming truth, whose eyes were deliberately shut against His clear revelation!  Then there will be no more time and the wailing begins which never ends!  Please saints reach out to those still lost, however you may, remembering that it is not your wit, nor your intelligence . . . not your personality or any tricks of debate which win stone hearts to Jesus, but God's Word and the Holy Spirit Who convict; but it remains to you to be the means by which He addresses them; your crowns await for  stepping into the good works He has already laid out for you to act through . . . .
"For we are His creation, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared ahead of time so that we should walk in them."  --Eph.2:10 ] brother, thomas

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Dangers Of Drifting

It is something I write a lot about . . . and imagine I will until the end . . . .

That is, the dangers of drifting . . . . (Heh, I hear a song or album title in that: "The Dangers Of Drifting")

But really, I am nowadays hyper-sensitive . . . and on the alert . . . for those times when, either the Spirit seems to recede and/or there is an exceptional amount of (gotta say it) evil oppression.

How easy it is for a day, and then another day . . . to slip by . . . where you don't really think much of God, of the cross, of His most gracious sacrifice--the Gospel, in a word.

Interestingly, as I have gone deeper and longer into the Word, and, I dare say, along in the "sanctification" process--The Walk--it is not so much that the old self, with the old thoughts and temptations and fallen promptings etc., have diminished . . . but, rather, I find I am just becoming more and more pained by them.

Which is good thing!

It is amazing and happily alarming to me . . . to have the experience, where, I just get done listening to an amazing, convicting sermon, or have spent a good morning in strong, earnest, Spirit-filled prayer . . . and then, just as real and sudden, have some horrendous thought or emotion strike my mind, as if no hallowed ground had just been created at all.  The devil comes roaring in with a vengeance!  "Oh, so you think you're getting holy?  How 'bout this--!" . . . and I instantly horrified at some notion or random day-dreaming that I awake to see inhabiting my being.

In the old days, before being Born Again and before being a sold-out follower in the Lord, I would not worry much and could shrug away these inner invasions and lurches of suddenly rebellious spirit . . . . Or, I might even go with it . . . only to wake up some time later, in the proverbial ditch amongst pigs and eating their food.

Nowadays, however, the regret and shame and humiliation which accompany honestly realizing that I am still a wicked, fallen sinner, and only by God's grace do I ever do anything worthwhile or good--I find most comforting and assuring that I am continuing on in the Pilgrim's Progress . . . .

Oh, how easy it is to drift--to become lax and falling back to old ways and the frivolous lack of urgency which accompanies one not constantly in reverence of God's awe-full truth.  Usually, when you find yourself in an ongoing funk, missing that wonderful sense of grace and peace that abounds when the Spirit is clearly present . . . it is because somewhere, lurking in the shadows of your heart, mind and being . . . is an unaddressed inner foe--some idol you yet cling to that you maybe thought you had moved beyond, but no, there it is, still rooting around in your subconscious causing disturbance; still residing like a hidden cancer in the corners of your heart.

Also, there is usually the idol-monster's sidekick, "king Me" who thinks they deserve better--that they are owed more than what they are getting.

What I do, when I discover these persistent, joy-stealing parasites, is to recall just how utterly destitute I am and would be . . . without Jesus and His saving mission.  I deserve NOTHING but hell, of my own.  And I make sure that these are not just words I repeat, but that I make an earnest and hard effort . . . to recall and know this fact! . . . so that at once, I am back to just feeling completely, desperately grateful to have been found by the Lord--SAVED!--and that any inconveniences and/or deprivations in the meantime, in these crazy doomed world, in no way compare!  Indeed, it is an embarrassment and shameful to even start to grumble or complain . . . when I think of what He did and what He went through, on behalf, when I deserved not one shred of it and STILL DON'T!

NOW . . . we're getting somewhere!

Next, I simply refuse to drift.  I will not accept any significant amount of time to accrue where I am not remaining and behaving prayerful and connected in relationship, within my soul, to and with the Holy Spirit and the Person of Jesus Ha Machiach.  I "stop the presses."  It is too dangerous and frightening . . . to continue walking through the day, around in this mucked-up wicked world, surrounded by God's haters and enemies, to NOT fight constantly to be close to Him.

It is up to Him then to grant some peace and light, but regardless of when and how and how much He does . . . does not change my determination to be in His holy shadow, close to His hem.  Evil and the entropy of this errant creation is not going to tear me away . . . . And I know, because I have the faith and believe, that He will NOT let me go, no matter how or what I may be spiritually feeling.  My faith is not based in feeling, thank God, or it would be prone to drift and wreck a hundred times on any given day.  My faith in knowing that He will not lose me, is based in reading and believing His Words and promises . . . .

"My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand." --John 10:29

". . .for he hath said, I WILL NEVER LEAVE THEE, nor forsake thee." Hebrews 13:5

". . . and, lo, I am with you ALWAY, even unto the end of the world. Amen." Matthew 28:20

I refuse, anymore . . . to be tempted into drifting; to be drawn subtly aware into laxness.  Especially now, I would suggest that the enemies of God and the principalities and powers which seek to harm, derail, confuse and destroy His disciples, are strong as ever and extraordinary measures are to be taken to hold fast to the truth, turning neither to the left nor the right, continuing along the strait and narrow . . . for many, HE says, will wander the broad and easy ways . . . which ends in destruction, and there WILL come a time when the gates are shut and there is no more chance to enter!

 "There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when ye shall see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets, in the kingdom of God, and you yourselves thrust out."  --Lk:13:28

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Making It Real

No fear . . . no worry . . . . . .
--Has got to be the state of mind, place of being as we enter into the days of tribulation and persecution.  The anti-Christ spirit is everywhere and spreading . . . . Militant global Communism's "long march" through the culture, through the government . . . AND through the churches . . . is wrapping up it's positioning and the final hammer blows are about to be struck.
Where do you stand?
With Whom do you stand?
Consider the many, many martyrs and persecuted Believers . . . who have, down through time, been willing to die--and happily--for the truth, with little thought or concern over their worldly affairs.
What state of mind must you be in, so that when the troubles are near and fierce, you remain calm, confident, at peace and even full of joy for the promise you believe and live by?
There is nothing, in terms of preparation, right now that is more important than to daily be becoming familiar with and living in and as that person--the one whose faith is strong, unshakable . . . . Jesus said, finally, have faith and love--with these two commands, all the rest fall into place . . . .
Pursue God every day, truly as if it were the last day and nothing else mattered but to be close to and pleasing Him.  Shun darkness, turn from sin, abandon once and for all that "old man" who died on the cross with the scapegoat, with the Lamb . . . .
Nothing is more sure than death . . . for one and all.  Don't be caught surprised when that day arrives, as it may come quicker than expected.
But what is to fear?  Nothing . . . NOTHING! . . . to those who have already final victory and who really, truly, deeply BELIEVE AND LIVE it!
The reality of the coming world, of ultimate justice and especially of ultimate grace . . . should be to you every day far more real than the to'ings and fro'oings of this corrupt, wayward, evil loving world, which is slated for destruction . . . and then comes the renewal--the new heaven and the new earth!
Don't let this just be intellectual, faint wishes . . . just words half read, barely believing but ignored in the moment-to-moment, day-to-day.
No, have it be REAL! Living faith! Powerful, convicted, broken, grateful . . . EVERY MOMENT--as often as possible, upon waking, while working, in the evening . . . .

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Astral Harassment

Going through some boxes looking for some old band photos and came across some of my old artwork . . . . This is one of a small series I did around age 15 or so . . .  (circa1977) where I created these strange amorphous semi-alien characters . . . in different situations . . . . This one was called "Astral Harassment" . . . .


As I awoke this morning . . . and was feeling the slight numbness and (arthritic?) pain that is fairly regularly in my arms after sleep (yay law of entropy and everything tending to decay!lol) . . . I suddenly became extremely grateful for hands . . . achy, calloused, or not . . . .

I thanked God for hands, for my hands . . . and imagined what this life would be like without them.  Oh, there is so much we take for granted!  There are a thousand and one wants and desires and longings that can haunt a person through their days--certain things that didn't pan out, unachieved dreams, wishes, deep hungers and passions . . . that never quite arrive fulfilled . . . .

But this one simple thing:  What if you suddenly had no hands?  Maybe they were taken in an accident, an attack, or . . . some are born with them barely working . . . .

For a few moments, I thought of all the things I couldn't do, that are daily "necessities", if I had no hands . . . YIKES!

I thanked God again!

I was also then vaguely aware of the million other little (and not so little) things, crowded there, huddling in the darkness just beyond the periphery of my consciousness, which we similarly take for granted--that we don't think of or thank God for . . . .

Lungs, light, fingernails, rain, flowers, flagellar motors, children's laughter, puppies, printers, reading . . . .

But hands--oh my goodness--HANDS!  The things you couldn't do for yourself . . . without . . . hands!

It also occurred to me . . . . That simple-minded protest and argument, made by unimaginative and black-and-white thinking minds, "If there was a God, why didn't He make a better world?"

I've actually heard some of these sadly arrogant simpletons (who fancy themselves as "scientific") describe condescendingly all of the flaws and mistakes contained in human design--how back bones aren't made well, how eyes could be designed better, how feet aren't made quite right . . . etc.

Sometimes, in a flash of intuitive revelation . . . of sorts . . . I see things. For a moment, as I considered hands . . . it was given to me . . . to apprehend . . . that even if hands were designed different, or if they were not created at all . . . EVERYTHING else would be different.  In God's intricate design and creation . . . the "butterfly effect" . . . is in full effect.  EVERYTHING He has made, including this world that was prone to sin and the fall that resulted . . . is PERFECTLY constructed--every movable part, every chemical, every weight and measure, every hand and all that every hand does or doesn't do--is PRECISELY made . . . for the maximum intended effect for what God wanted to do and what He wanted to result!  I doubt that you could change a single thing--not a hair out of place, without it ultimately affecting the rest of the whole creation . . . in time ("butterfly effect") . . . .

But, unimaginative, simple, black-and-white thinking minds, prone to self-idolatry and pride . . . tend to not think that deep.  They glom on to the half-baked, disastrously un-proven, shallow fairytale of evolution, for instance, and are content to move through the day, thankful (if at all) for dead, random, pointless, meaningless accidental forces and matter . . . .

More on this . . . in a bit . . . .

Sunday, March 3, 2013

How Goes The Prayer Life

So . . . when we abandon the pursuit of happiness and set upon, instead, the road to holiness . . . then we find happiness--a subtle and deep supernatural joy--trailing in our wake, nipping at our heels.  It follows . . . .

"Tell me how much time you spend alone with God and I will tell you how spiritual you are.
       Not how many meetings you go to.
             Not how many gifts you have.
                     Not how many sermons you preach.
                            Not how many records you’ve made.

Tell me what time you spend alone with God...
and I’ll tell you how spiritual you are." --
L. Ravenhill
A danger on the Way . . . is in learning much theology, talking about God, looking for new angles and novelties supposedly yet undiscovered in the Word . . . in looking at the world and condemning it daily, getting lost in fellowship while forgetting the object/subject of devotion . . . and so on,
. . . but failing to ever know God.  Where is the personal relationship, the interaction with Spirit?  The measure of our true spiritual fire and sincere submission . . . can be found in the measure of our prayer life.  How often, how intensely, how passionately . . . do we prostrate our selves before our very Maker, interceding on behalf of the lost, of rebellious loved ones, sustaining earnest loved ones, praying for hedges of protection, for strength, for light, for purity . . . ?
"A sinning man stops praying; a praying man stops sinning." 
"If you're going to be a true Christian, I'll tell you one thing amongst others: it'll be a lonely life. It's a narrow way and it becomes narrower and narrower and narrower."
"Are the things you are living for worth Christ dying for?" --Ravenhill

Saturday, March 2, 2013

"It Hated Me First"

[Brian Westley said...
"Sorry, no cookie. Humans will and always have defined what "right", "wrong", and "evil" means."]

Bingo!  You've found the cookie!  Indeed, humans will and always have defined what "right" and "wrong" and "evil" mean . . . because, as "says THE LORD JEHOVAH: I shall put my law into their minds, and I shall write it upon their hearts."  --Heb. 10:16
Because there ARE absolute rights and wrongs, good and evil . . . humans have always been led to establish them in laws, morays, taboos . . . .

[Anonymous said...
"my thoughts would be that when preaching in the true spirit of the word of God it wouldn't provoke violence...I have to wonder....but love would offer hope to an already lost and hurting world."]

With all due respect . . . I see that it is probably just the opposite of that.  If it were true that "preaching in the true spirit of the word of God . . . wouldn't provoke violence" . . . then are we to suggest that Paul, who was stoned, beaten, imprisoned many times over, for preaching the Word of God . . . did not do so in "the true spirit of the word of God"?

How about all of the other Aposteles, who, we think all but one perhaps . . . were beaten, crucified, stoned and each violently attacked . . . when they preached?  Did THEY not have the "true spirit of the word?"
And all of the Christian martyrs thereafter by the hundreds, the thousands who were likewise violently opposed, tortured, murdered . . . ?  Are all the Christians now sitting in dark, rat infested dungeons, being tortured, beaten, starved, executed . . . for their beliefs and often for their preaching of the Gospel . . . NOT "preaching in the true spirit of the word?"
In the early days of his public preaching John Wesley was many times assaulted, attacked by angry, violent mobs . . . . Who suggests that HE did not preach in the "true spirit of the word of God?"
And, of course, surely we don't suggest that Jesus, who WAS the Word . . . AND the Spirit AND God Himself . . . did not preach in the "true spirit"?  What was the reaction to Jesus?  Why did the people of Jesus' hometown, once He started to preach, chase him out and attempt to throw Him off of a cliff?  Another time, why did they pick up stones to kill Him?  Why, indeed, was He betrayed, beaten, scourged and crucified? 
Because the natural "man" HATES God and often violently reacts to the preaching of the Word of God.  The Gospel is offensive, foolishness to "those who are perishing."  --1 Cor. 1:18
The Bible is clear . . . that the world hates the Gospel and that the natural man is enemies with God.  Jesus said that if we are hated for His sake, we must know that He was "hated" first . . . . --John 15:18
False Gospel teaching does not provoke to anger or violence, on the other hand.  Look at the "mega" churches, such as led by Joel Olsteen and Rick Warren . . . . These false teachers are invited to the top levels of (worldly) government and the media.  Their watered down, tickling of the ears, "God is your girlfriend"/"God is your 'homeboy'" false doctrine does not offend and few in the WORLD have trouble with it when Olsteen says he doesn't like to preach that "Jesus is the ONLY way" . . . .
It appears the case, looking at the Bible's own description of the matter, and the records of all the martyrs, through the ages to the present time . . . that it is not only feasible--but to be expected--that the preaching of the Word of God causes violent, angry reaction in the unsaved and perishing.  It is a great offense to the natural, rebellious, fallen person . . . .

Indeed, God's love does offer hope to a lost and dying world . . . but His justice, His perfect holiness infuriates the renegade self seeker, who abhors that there will be ultimate consequences for his or her deeds--law breaking and rebellion . . . .
"Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for that is how their fathers treated the false prophets."
Luke 6:26
God bless and thanks for the comments and ponderings--I do enjoy hearing your thoughts and opinions.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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