Thursday, January 31, 2013

Driving To Systematic Theology and Other Fun Sounds

 . . . .Meanwhile, I usually have 2-3 books going, through which I plow alternately in bits and pieces, finishing roughly one every month or so; 9 times out of 10 they are on some topic of theology or church history . . . . Right now, I'm reading "Broken: 7 Rules Every Christian Should Break As Often As Possible" by Jonathon Fisk (2012) . . . also a great old book my wife found for me that I wanted for Christmas, "In The Steps of the Master" by H.V. Morton (1934) . . . and "The American Evangelical Story" Douglas Sweeney (2005) . . . .

The drive to work is usually roughly the same distance every day.  Most my jobs tend to be in the same general area of town, though not always, which is averaging lately, with the terrible traffic and bad whether, an hour to an hour and a half drive each way, sometime less if the roads are clear.

I listen to a bit of national and/or local talk radio to check the news of the day, then quickly switch over to our great local Christian radio station.  The station features a number a decent preachers and shows, including Chad Harvey, John Macarthur, R.C. Sproul, Dr. Michael Brown, Wretched Radio (Todd Friel), Dr. Michael Youseff, and several local Pastors of differing stripes.  I listen to that while I drive, sometimes praying as well over something or someone . . . and also will usually have a theological cd in the cd player to flip on when the radio programs to commercial or top of the hour news.  Just got done going through C.S. Lewis' "Mere Christianity" audio book on cd this way . .. . and now am into the 3rd disc of  20 from R.C. Sproul's "Introduction To Systematic Theology" series which he specially offered recently for a small donation . . . .

Because of the tedious, mostly repetitive, non-brain requiring kind of work I do (house painting) I am able to listen to audios while I work most of the day.  In fact, one of several reasons I continue to paint . . . and not, for instance try to find a job using my law degree and make better money . . . is because the painting allows me to study and focus on the Gospel and related matters . . . .

At home, though I'm still using cassette tapes, lol . . . I manage to get recorded off the internet . . . about 5 hours per day of various topics and speakers I am studying . . . . Over the past year and a half, for instance, I have listened to approximately 170 one-and-a-half- hour shows which include debates, dissertations, interviews, sermons and various apologetics presentations.  Between the radio station and the tapes I play while working and commuting I probably listen to 8-9 hours of teaching or preaching every day except Sunday. 

Some of the topics I have delved into include many on creationism vs. evolution, intelligent design vs. evolution (especially re "irreducible complexity", "fine tuning of the universe", old earth vs. new earth . . . DNA design signs . . . . . . I've listened to about 22 2 hour debates with William Lane Craig taking on various comers (atheists, Muslims) . . . about 25 debates and/or presentation by James White on such topics as Trinitarian vs. Onness . . . vs, Romanism etc.

And many others . . . classics included, like Walter Martin, Leonard Ravenhill . . .. "Unbelievable UK radio program" . . . Fighting For The Faith . .  Christian Answers . . . Paul Washer,  Sermon Audio, Steven Myer,  . . . a whole host of Christian street preachers and apologists towards Mormons like  Asaron Shafavolov, Matt Slick, Bill McKeever, Jeff Durbin, Andy Poland, the Tanners etc. . . . .

Some of the issues I have been focusing on:

Oneness, Modalism vs. Trinitarianism
Jehovah's Witnesses
Young Earth vs. Old Earth
King James Onlyism
Free Will vs. Election (Arminian vs. Calvinist)
L.D.S. history
Islam/Koran teachings
Theist vs. Atheist arguments
Intelligent Design arguments from science
"Proofs" for the Resurrection
Bible manuscript history
Catholic works-based salvation vs. salvation by grace
history of Pentecostalism
church history (Luther, Calvin, Edwards, Spurgeon, Augustine, Wesley, Moody)
The teachings of Apostle Paul
History of Missions since Apostolic times

If I could, I would be at Bible college or a decent seminary, getting my "pastors degree", heh . . .  but since I can't at present, I am doing my best to study the fundamentals of the various contending theories, doctrines and history etc., firstly because I simply love the topics and am motivated by the Spirit to dwell on the matters of the Spirit and church . . . and also, because I write this blog, I feel responsible to have some well thought-out basis for my opinions and offerings rather than just fling a bunch of half-baked suppositions based in emotion, un-examined "tradition" or uneducated opinionated hubris . . . .

Next, to finish up, I will cover what we do with our evenings and weekends related to this . . . as a family.... [After that, I have some thoughts on Heaven I hope to share, based on scriptural authority . . . . what it will be like in some respects . . . . What to be looking forward to!]

And, as I began this, recalling . . . my other point is to share what I have found to be helpful in NOT being caught up in the madness and deliberate sidetracking underway in politics and the media, so as NOT to start drifting from the Spirit and get lost in the temptations and garbage of the fallen world, which is so aggressive and pressing right now . . . .

[p.s. quick house keeping note . . . I have been a certain job for a few months where I have been under someone else's authority, making extra demands on my time . . . which is coming to a close, but has made it very difficult to keep up on any correspondence and communication . . . . Woefully behind on all that, which already usually the case . . . . I hope to catch up soon....]


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Solemn Desires to Immerse in All Things God

It has taken some ongoing practice and discipline . . . because the mind is so dull and prone to laziness (especially upon waking) . . . but first thing I try to do, and usually do . . . is . . . the moment of waking up, to immediately put my mind on the Lord and begin praying . . . to start the day.

Just attempting this quickly shows how bound by habit and body--self interest--we are.  When I started to make this a new habit, it was amazing how often, each morning, I would wake up, creak out of bed, get dressed and going . . . and then about 20 minutes later realize I had NOT first put my mind on Jesus or prayed . . . .

But this is a habit that can be developed and I find it most helpful in beginning the day focused on the right thing--which is actually on the right PERSON (the Lord, NOT me) . . . . And before you know it, it becomes habitual.  Now, of course the focus and pray should not be habitual . . . in the sense of just going through some rote, repetitive motions, verbiage, as if reciting a mantra or repeating a formula.  No, that is the whole point--to start the new start deliberately and consciously AWARE and sincerely centered on the person and purpose of Jesus Christ, God.  [NOTE:  jumping ahead a bit, it is obviously a good idea to bookend the day (upon waking, upon sleeping) with this kind of conscious, determined focus of prayer toward the Spiritual, toward God.  This means also that sleep time is simultaneously bookended, so that, hopefully, overall, the dream world begins to show the changed attention to the things of God rather than the things of self and world and flesh.  It is very exciting when your dreams start reflecting the ongoing, sanctified changes and renewing happening in your awake state.]

Early in the morn, after waking my wife and I together have coffee and a half grapefruit and "green" herbal/energy type orange juice drink, a shot of apple-cider vinegar w/cayenne and grade B maple syrup  . . . and usually talk about God--some doctrine or theology of current interest . . . and/or we watch an early half hour of Bible teaching/preaching and we might talk about the boys, family matters to be addressed or celebrated . . . . But nearly always, this early morning time is spent discussing or reading or watching something about God, about the Gospel . . . and/or applying it to daily life . . . then, if time allows I pray and/or listen to the Spirit as to what I will write here . . . .

[Now, quite to note . . . none of this is meant to say that by doing such things, it makes one "better" or curries favor with the Divine . . . . I find it always helpful to remember and remind, that "good works" and piety . . . is not FOR salvation, but come FROM salvation.  The welling peace and joy and comfort and excitement that accrues from consciously pondering the Gospel (that God came in the flesh as Jesus to conquer death, vanquish the Curse and save sinners) produces growing interest and solemn desires . . . to immerse . . . in the Word, Person, Spirit . . . and dwell there always (as much as Given to do) . . .  and to be intellectually and emotionally busy with matters, subjects, actions pertaining to . . . scripture and Spirit . . . . ]

And so, will hopefully pick up again tomorrow . . . fwiw, God bless........

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Guarding The Temple

Not every one can do this presently . . . because of . . . well, various reasons . . . .

And most probably don't want to any how, even if they could . . . .

I am just sharing what it is that I do to find myself as close to the Spirit--"separated", "called out"--especially in these times, for I personally believe that some major ju-ju is going on to derail, distract and dissuade current and would-be disciples from their appointed work . . . .

Indeed, between brain-jamming waves (causing forgetfulness and other disturbing mental conditions) . . . and the ongoing blasting/beaming of particular ungodly thoughts at the mind, plus the ravenous and roving familiar demonic spirits, combined with the onslaught of occult rituals, spells etc. aimed at Believers and "patriots" every day . . . combined with God's judgment "turning them over to a reprobate mind" . . . plus potential saturation with ELF, HAARP, microwave, radio and cosmic rays all gone wild . . . never mind the constant bombardment of pornographic songs, images, verbiage laid atop a daily, hourly slew left-wing, communistic "agitprop" . . . alongside hourly, daily slops of anti-male, anti-family, anti-Bible, anti-Christ propaganda . . . the likely drugging, poisoning through food, air, water, injection hammering the immune and nervous systems . . . .

Just to name a few of the constant challenges facing the Holy Spirit seeking, righteously-minded, world-rejecting seeker/servant of God . . . .

I don't see that you can make an effort of this, out of a dead-stop, so much as . . . it is just something that you find yourself doing, as the Holy Spirit indwells and inspires and leads . . . .

I do think it is a slightly alarming sign . . . if there is NO desire to be set apart, distinct . . . from the mess of the world.  As a Believer, genuinely converted, born again . . . the old self dies, despite it's continuing momentum for a time . . . . But, in general, you really do start to transform and become renewed into a new life and new ways of being, of acting, of thinking . . . .

Primary among such changes is the losing of taste for the "slime" and depravity of the world and its shills.  Where once there might have been a sort of compulsion to imbibe or dive into things that you knew weren't right . . . now . . . not so much . . . and getting less so.

In addition to a real, growing aversion to sin, falsehood, lawlessness, licentiousness . . . is a new hunger and thirst for the things of God--especially His Word.  You want to hear about His Word, want to read it, understand it more . . . and all manner of things pertaining to the Word, like the history involved, the stories, the various teachers and preachers, prophets and scribes who gave so much (often their lives) to get us the Word . . . .

You will find that songs, movies, television shows . . . which are packed with vile blasphemies and calumnies against God and His people, which promote sin and mock good . . . are increasingly intolerable for you.  They become literally painful to watch or listen to--the affronts and arrogance against God/truth . . . . Your speech changes . . . . If you use to swear a lot, you find you no longer are so habitually inclined and when you hear the Lord's name "taken in vain" it is like an arrow piercing your chest . . . although, not so long ago, you yourself might have tossed His Name around as a thoughtless, crass cuss-word . . . .

You will find that gossip is no longer so enticing--an uncomfortable sense of shame stirs within when you find yourself listening to or participating in ill-spoken words against another not present . . . when once it was your bread and butter . . . .

Drunkenness . . . sarcasm . . . secret schadenfreude (taking joy in others' misfortune) . . . hidden self righteousness . . . hatred in the heart . . . . All the old ways of the "old man" . . . lesson and begin to fade.  Not all at once, most likely, but for real . . . steadily, surely . . . with periodic backslides, yet quick repentance and moving forward again subject to the regenerating work of the Spirit.

All of this . . . is what happens as we take our "thoughts captive", turning them to the Lord, toward holiness and glory . . . .

With the unsaved . . . it is garbage in, garbage out.  With the disciple of Yeshua, the mind is getting cleansed, the heart becoming spiritual, GOOD thoughts and imaginations in, good thoughts out.  The disciple protects his mind and heart and soul, for the body is temple where the Holy One resides, and so we are careful what we allow to fill its halls and galleries, not forgetting the corners and cellar, but flooding it with the purifying, radiating influence of His Word, which is ALIVE and so, enlivens the temple . . . .

Oy, another snowstorm . . . and I've got to shovel out so that I can make the treacherous, long journey to work . . . . So, God bless you, and back asap with the sharing, fwiw, of what I/we do here daily pertaining to the above concerns . . . .

Sunday, January 27, 2013

As The Death Rattle Fades . . . .

There are only two kingdoms . . . .

One of God, the other of the devil.  Both are under God's ultimate authority.

The Deceiver's great trick is to bewilder and cause doubt as to the power of the evil one.  The Liar designs an environment of the seeming inevitability of his rule over the world and the lessor kingdoms of the world.  Why is it that evil appears to be continuously winning . . . and that the good and the meek are so constantly abused, beaten, conquered?  How is it that almost everything seems to be going the devil's way--lawlessness and immorality abounding and even prospering . . . ?

The answer is . . . found in the question.  It only "appears" and "seems" as though the kingdom of the devil grows strong.  It is only an elaborate bluff, by the Liar, to demoralize and distract away from what should be the Believer's daily confidence:  "It is finished!"

How can we forget that the Messiah is already victorious--that death is conquered and all the sinners saved who "believe in the Lord Jesus Christ."?  (Acts 16:30-31)

As you see the kingdom of the devil reigning and causing chaos, mayhem and darkness--its tentacles reaching now into every law and ordinance, corrupting all levels of government, controlling the police powers, infiltrated throughout churches and schools defiling the air with blasphemous, rank teachings . . . tearing apart families, homes, communities . . . where evil is being called good and good, evil . . . all you are seeing . . . is the last, fading momentum . . . of a cancer metastasized . . . spreading out through a body . . . which body . . . is a corpse . . . that is already dead.

What do we care that the remnants of a disease persist and consume . . . the last appendages of a fallen, dead body, laying there inert and ready to be dust . . . in but a few more moments?  For there is no life in the kingdom of Satan, but what only appears so . . . as the corpse lastly twitches and a final release of air shudders its members to a final close.

Meanwhile, despite what your fleshly eyes may be looking at, the kingdom of God is marching triumphantly along.  Does not that old fool yet realize that when he attempts to persecute the saints and so blatantly try to force his vain, violent and mad will upon the living Body of Christ, that the Body only grows stronger, purer and lean more to its conformity to the very image and person of God Himself in the Son Jesus Christ?

Countries, towns, cities may be lost and under the apparent control of the Corrupter Of Minds (2 Corin. 11:3) but the kingdom of God, invisible to the eyes of flesh, continues to grow as people throughout the whole world hear the Gospel, convert and are saved for eternal life.

As has happened since the beginning, the followers of the Lord are purified, blessed and gain clarity through suffering.  He sends judgments upon the gatherings of the elect . . . in the form of wicked rulers and with armies of both cultural and militant devils . . . so that the pretenders among the flock will be exposed and excised from the Body; for the false converts and wolves among the sheep . . . will not tolerate persecution for His Name's sake, but will flee from the congregation, showing their true faces--their unrepentant God-hating nature--and join with the demonic opposition . . . .

Good riddance.

We should not be anxious as we watch the flailing death spasms of kingdom of the darkness roar like a wounded and dying lion all about us . . . . We have no worries, no fainting fears, no concern to try and fix or better the condemned Beast . . . . But instead we know that His Words "will not pass away" nor will the "gates of Hell prevail" against His Church, His living Body . . . .

A disciple of the Lord does not stand fretting on the sidelines--whimpering, shouting or fighting over the perverse machinations of wretched kingdoms of man or that of the Evil One . . . .

Instead, we busy ourselves daily learning His Word, His Ways . . . relishing His victory over sin and death and over all the pride of the flesh . . . our love getting stronger, deeper and more earnest for the unsaved and more sincere and powerful one to another of His Children . . . letting the dead bury the dead, while we advance the glorious Kingdom, steady at the Holy work commissioned to us by His divine mouth . . . .

Why would we foolishly try to finish in the flesh . . . what was begun in the Spirit?  (Gal. 3:3)

Take heart and be of good cheer!  WE have won already, in Christ . . . it is WE who are in the "mopping up stage"! 

What care have we about "the world of carnal enjoyments, of godless pleasures, of the pursuit of earthly riches and reputation and sinful happiness. It carries on without Christ, following the counsel of the ungodly and being animated by the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that works in the children of disobedience (Eph. 2: 2) . Its religion is a form of godliness, without power, which has a name to live but is dead. It is, in short, unregenerate human society romping on its way to hell, the exact opposite of the true Church of God, which is a society of regenerate souls going soberly but joyfully on their way to heaven."  (Tozer, "Dwelling Place of God")

God blesses you with His power and purpose TODAY, understanding these things, holding fast to that which is true, such that the puff and bluff, smoke and mirrors . . . by that old fool serpent . . . do not dissuade, do not confuse, do no harm, but clatter away in your presence (which presence holds the presence of God) as but a powerless--maybe slightly annoying--fading . . . death rattle . . . .

Friday, January 25, 2013

Blasphemous Slop

"I declare I know no state of soul more dangerous than to imagine we are born again and sanctified by the Holy ghost, because we have picked up a few religious feelings.”  J.C. Ryle

It is becoming more clear to me than ever . . . the many who have had a few hard knocks, felt an emotional religious experience, "found God" . . . then have returned to their old life, old ways, general bad habits, living in and as the world does . . . all the same.  False conversion . . . . A big problem, and, as Ryle says, one of the most dangerous states of being to be in.

Because such a one . . . has stopped looking, ceased seeking, and sings to themselves "all is well in Zion" . . . and carries on driven by the same old worldly envies and lusts and ambitions as before. 

Whereas, we are to be NEW CREATURE in Christ!  That old self is to die and a new being to be born again, renewed, regenerated, separated, "peculiar" . . . . "The truth will set you fee" . . . . "It is no longer I who live but Christ Who lives in me" . . . .

OR, is it the same old thing, same old wine in a new bag is all . . . ?

One thing that ought to be happening . . . is a real, un-superficial change in the things you spend your time and thought on since "rebirth."  Is it the same old "garbage in, garbage out"?  Or is there a new sensitivity?  Things that you use to be able to watch, say, listen to, imbibe . . . no longer have the same draw or allure.  Oh, out of dumb old habit or a flashing moment of nostalgia you may yet partake of them (ie., certain types of music, art, drink, images, language etc.) again but for a moment, but overall, they don't have the same infatuation or pull that they use to.  In fact, now, when you slip or find your self in the old way . . . a fairly quick regret, remorse, REPENTANT heart ensues, and you want to get away from the old scene.  No more is there a "taste" for it.  "The thrill is gone", to quote an old blues tune . . . .

Not only that, but now, as the Holy Spirit takes lead in your regenerated, sanctified life--[assuming conversion was real and not false conversion]--but you are increasingly attracted to the things of the Spirit and the Word--especially The Word.   In fact, you can't get enough!  Vain and silly entertainments lose their punch, leaving you hollow and still hungry, whereas you can imbibe The Word and preaching and teaching on the Word all the day long!

Not exaggerating . . . .

All the day long! 

If you find that you really don't have much of a taste for topics and teachings Biblical, but only look into when you need an answer to a personal problem . . . well . . . chances are . . . conversion is not so legitimate.  Now, the hunger and thirst for righteousness does not always (nor often, it appears) come right away, immediately upon conversion . . . though for some it does.  But usually, it develops . . . step by step . . . along the Walk . . . gently, but steadily and surely . . . increasing.  The more you learn (in and about The Word) . . . the more you crave to learn and investigate more.  Hence the world sees this phenomenon of the "born again Christian" . . . seemingly obsessed with Jesus and the Bible . . . loving and attending fellowship with other Believers (at church or otherwise) . . . going to Bible study once or more additionally through the week, looking up quotes, reading scripture and on and on . . . to the point that such people are considered "religious fanatics" . . . "Jesus freaks" . . . "Bible thumpers" . . . .

But world, you just don't get it . . . .

You see, before . . . we were dead . . . and were drawn to the things of death, of this temporary fallen world, led around by our passions and sins and ignorance, led by others, driven by agendas . . . .

Whereas NOW . . . we have died to all of that. That dead person is no more and a NEW CREATURE stands in his place . . . who is drawn by the Holy Spirit . . . the HOLY Spirit! . . . and not the foul, self-centered, vain, prideful, eternally pointless shiny lights, bubbling flesh pots and seductive sounds . . . of the doomed damned.

Family, job, prestige, health, security, appetites . . . etc., for that old, dead creature . . . all come second now . . . to the knowledge and following . . . of the Cross--the Gospel--and the person of the Savior, Jesus Christ, God in the flesh.  For REAL!  NOT just superficially, then back to all the old ways and habits and allures.

But a real, living change . . . !

So, what to do . . . or, rather, what will you find yourself doing . . . in these days . . . where the culture and news of the day and even many pulpits and book-selling "guests" . . . new "prophets", technological gadgets, searing entertainments . . . etc., . . . are all vying so intensely
for your attention, sun-up through sun-down . . . ?

There is an allotted amount of time to a person's life . . . until God pulls the plug . . . .

How much of that determined and finite time . . . is SPENT . . . on the drivel . . . the dross . . . (however dressed up it might be) of the fallen world?  On the devil's amusements?

Enough to drift . . . away from the precious blood shed on Calvary? 

Oh, it's no big deal?  Day in, day out, reveling and immersing . . . in the putrid, blasphemous slop of the God-hating world?  And you call yourself a saint?  A Believer?

hmmmmm . . . .

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Being Separate (intro)

How to be separate . . . a holy people apart from the world?  Individually, as it comes down to you....

It is not something you will do unless and until the Holy Spirit Himself begins transforming your character, otherwise it is just "whited sepulcher" business.

But you can pray for the Spirit to change you . . . so that you no longer hunger and crave worldly things and instead thirst for righteousness.  Many, however, don't really want the change.  They still love to partake, indulge, revel in ungodliness.  So, the desire to move on from that is not strong, and not very sincere.  Then one wonders why no real change is happening.

I know what it takes for me, right now, with the full assault against our minds going on in the culture, to stay "in the Spirit" . . . . And I think anyone who is cavalier about it makes a serious mistake, thinking you can be immersed in the culture, looking at it, imbibing it constantly, and yet remain "set apart" . . . .

What are you doing?  How much effort, time, attention . . . are you giving to God and His Word and the work of His people?  Just asking . . . . Not to compare or condemn, but just to share and encourage that we confirm and convict one another in this Walk . . . .

Anyone who thinks they can fill their mind with tempting images, words, teachings, feelings, allowing such inside their "temple" . . . and still expect the Holy Spirit to reside . . . is fooling themselves . . . .

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Recall The Consequences....

I don't want to make my "thing" your "thing" . . . . But sometimes we find ourselves at similar places in the Walk and can shout through the din to one another, sharing notes . . . .

It is not hard to see with the eyes of the Spirit . . . that we are now running full speed into blatant blasphemous, immoral, God-hating societal rebellion.  Some say the sexual perversions now masquerading as practically a new "saintly" religion are not so much going to lead to judgment but are in fact ALREADY judgment . . . . "And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper--" Rom. 1:28

Anyway, it is also now not too hard to see that a total surveillance police state--as predicted by we who've been paying attention--is rapidly coming together.  Does anyone not see the converging of biometric technology, "national I.D." and the current political climate . . . into what is likely to be the "mark of the beast"?  Plus, add to this, the now state-sponsored and socially encouraged aggression, bigotry, overall civil and media assaults on all things "Jesus" and "Christian" . . . nationally and worldwide . . . and the signs of the times . . . are apparently drawing into clear focus . . . .

How do you, dear Christian, who have been living in the relative lap of luxury, comfortable, warm, safe, unperturbed, going about your own business . . . expect to stand strong . . . in the face . . . of withering attack?  How many, put to the test, will buckle under the initial wave of persecution?  Elsewhere, Christians are already suffering and dying for their faith, putting everything on the line for Jesus, Lord.  But many of them never had much to lose in the first place, besides their miserable lives.

We, in the "west" . . . however, have had it easy--very easy, comparatively, for a long time, and know little of the kind of social, political, physical torment . . . that is commonly meted out . . . on the Body.  Just as the body of Christ suffered, so too is the Body of Christ slated . . . to suffer . . . .

A great sifting will go on at the time.  Also, paradoxically, many of the elect will come to faith, witnessing the persecution, as has always been the case; if you cut down one, ten more spring in his or her place . . . .

Not to make my "thing" your "thing" . . . but just to offer a possibly helpful technique, "weapon" or "tool" . . . to use . . . to help stay true, loyal, firm, steadfast, and . . . continue to REFUSE to conform to the image of the Beast . . . is . . . indeed . . . to remember the teachings on Hell.

"Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth." Rev. 3:10

"And every spirit which does not acknowledge and confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh but would annul, destroy, sever, disunite Him is not of God, does not proceed from Him. This nonconfession is the spirit of the antichrist."  1 John 4:3

"And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth. And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image."  Rev. 16:1-2

"And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone."  Rev. 19:20

"And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years."     Rev 20:4

This life is a vapor, a poof, a quick, rough test of mettle.  If ever I should find myself in grave danger or under serious threat of any kind . . . and if getting shaky . . . what I will do, among other things, is recall the words of God regarding . . . his punishment for those who refuse Him.  Eternal, conscious torment . . . for those who chose anything BUT God . . . versus . . . living and reigning and living with Christ . . . .

As difficult and challenging as the persecution may come to be . . . for Believers . . . as the anti-Christ spirit continues to consolidate its grip on the social and political structures of the world . . . the temporary pain or discomfort . . . is nothing . . . NOTHING to be compared to existing throughout an eternity . . . in unending Hell.  I'm just gonna think on that . . . if need be and the temptation comes to entice me to betray my Lord or His people . . . .

In this case, appreciating the seriousness of sin and the terrifying ultimatum of Hell . . . is not morbid or negative . . . but simply helpful and realistic and buttressing . . . to recall the eternal gravity . . . of the situation--the dire consequences involved, for sure, as His Word says . . . .

Here is a great and useful thing to remember . . . when the knees get wobbly and the mind starts hemming and hawing . . . . RECALL the consequences . . . !

Sunday, January 20, 2013

To Stand In The Gap

The Spirit convicts me that it is proper, edifying and blessed--this recent appreciation of the seriousness of sin and accompanying apprehension of the reality of Hell.

Ah, but listen here.  I was never afraid of Hell growing up; did not think of it, did not really believe in it.  Like most, I couldn't believe that a "good and loving God" would really make such a place nor consign souls there.  Surely there must be a misunderstanding of scripture . . . .
"Did He really say _______ . . . ?"

Then, coming finally to the Truth--that day of repentance and awe when He showed me my true state, when I was born again, it was not fear of Hell which brought me in, but , rather an awakening to His presence and a simple Seeing . . . that He was indeed "the way and the truth and the life" and that only through and by Him was salvation attained--all the rest were false.

Nor now--even though He shows me the seriousness of sin and the reality of eternal, final judgment--is the awful gravity of such things my main motivating factor toward righteousness.  His love, His grace, His justice, His infinite power and glory . . . are what draws me onward . . . .

Nevertheless, when I asked for a greater "heart for the lost", what He shows me and makes my mind to understand . . . IS . . . the reality of Hell/seriousness of sin warned of in the New Testament scriptures and what Jesus Himself so often addressed.  Any fear and urgency now felt considering the matter . . . is not for myself, nor others already saved, but for those . . . who . . . in fact, are currently LOST! 

As the Holy Spirit continues His work on my soul, my character and path, it is the case that my own sin grieves me ever more; but it is a sweet grief.  I am genuinely grateful when He speaks to my mind and heart and shows me those suppressed and hidden parts of me which continue in hypocrisy, pride, vanity etc.  Because I am free!  I am already justified in the eyes of the Father, my sins forgiven past, present and future, for I believe in His Son and that His sacrifice, His propitiation is COMPLETE!  IT IS FINISHED!  So, there is no wallowing or dwelling on sin and mistake, lest that become yet another secret source of false humility and spiritual pride.  But there is a cheerful, quick and crisp acknowledgment of the "old man" still remaining and the gratitude in watching and experiencing the Spirit's ongoing work of regeneration, renewing, purifying--sanctification--so long as I continue in this mortal body and await the day of final judgment.

However, it was put into my heart not to become smugly callous or blissfully sanguine as to my own salvation . . . while others remain in the clutches of death, damnation and the Evil One.  This too, I believe, is a typical component of the sanctification process:  once we are ourselves Safe . . . He wants us to get busy with His mission in this fallen world, to save sinners; for He decrees that we are the means of His reaching others, as He at once begins to share His kingdom and calling with us--a holy people, a people of priests, spiritual doctors, ambassadors . . . .

It has also occurred to me that this line of thinking and general consideration . . . is extremely helpful during the troubled times we find ourselves in.  Here is a great and powerful tool and spiritual weapon the disciple can use . . . as the persecution of the saints and all-out assault on the Body bursts into full swing.

For those of you who truly appreciate the evils of this day and who recognize the signs and clearly and boldly see where things are going; and who has no intention of bowing to the feet of anti-Christ, but also smartly anticipating just how treacherous and challenging maintaining faith and loyalty is bound to be . . . please consider and take to heart what I believe is being revealed to me in all of this recent hellish focus and talk.  A powerful and maybe vital spiritual weapon to hold and wield . . . in the coming storms of the enemy . . . such as to keep you courageous, faithful, strong . . . set like flint against all the buffeting winds and missiles arrayed to dispirit, demoralize, terrify and, if possible conquer . . . the royal Family of God . . . who stand here in the gap, who will testify into the end, unvanquished, victorious, joyfully awaiting His arrival . . . .

So, more on this, if you don't mind . . . in a bit . . . .

God bless and brace you,
brother, thomas

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"My Children It Is TIme..."

Rhyme Of The Modern Parishioner
It happened in the vestibule
At ten one Sunday morn;
A haggard-looking church-goer
Sat plaintive and forlorn.
Then suddenly he rose and found
A hungry-looking Christian;
He took his hand, took him aside,
And asked him a straight question:
“You’ve read the Word; you know the Book;
The promises are clear.
But have you seen the living God?
Have you found Him here?
Have you experienced holy fire
The Spirit in His power,
A mighty wave, a rushing wind,
A flame that does devour?
Is there something more you’re seeking,
So high, so wide, so deep?
Do you find yourself frustrated?
Is church putting you to sleep?
Then listen well, your heart is ripe;
My tale I will tell.
This story is your story too,
And it’s your tale as well.
For thirty years I’ve been in church,
It seemed like a good show.
But now I’ve got to meet with God -
Do you know where to go?
I’m trapped in mundane worship times,
The praises have grown cold;
The preaching’s dry and dusty,
The teaching stale like mold!
Each service feels like a rerun,
The songs all sound the same;
The prophecies are so hollow -
Not worthy of the name!
Words, more words – they’re everywhere,
But oh there is a stink!
Words, more words – they’re everywhere,
But none to make us think!
We lack the heavenly Presence,
It’s clear we’re in a rut;
I’m desperate for revival -
It burns within my gut!
I’m love-sick for my Jesus,
So hungry for my Lord;
Just longing for my Savior;
God knows that I’m so bored!
Is there someone who can help me,
Who’s touched the real thing?
A man who’s heard from heaven -
With a word from God to bring?
Are there prophets burning with fire,
Servants who are ablaze?
Anointed and overflowing,
Appointed for these days?
Do they carry the Spirit’s burden,
And breathe the Lord God’s breath?
Are they set apart and holy,
Obedient to death?
I hear the words of the Master,
‘Come follow Me,’ He said.
If some Christians go their own way;
I’ll go with Him instead!
Oh please, don’t do as I have done,
And waste so many years.
Don’t wait and wait for endless months;
Move on! Outgrow your fears!
Forget the twelve step programs;
A seminar won’t do.
You need a touch from heaven,
To fill you through and through.
There must be change in your life -
A work of God that’s real.
Don’t fool yourself with worn clich├ęs -
Don’t let the devil steal!
Don’t miss out on God’s presence
Or let these hours pass;
Don’t stop your soul from hungering;
Get out of the morass!
Dear friend, you are not crazy;
Dear saint, you are not mad;
There really is a problem,
It’s true, you have been had!
There’s more! There’s more! Believe it!
There is that place in God.
There are holy visitations,
New paths that must be trod.
Will you get up like old Pilgrim,
And seek that better way?
Will you go forth on that journey
No matter what men say?
Will you go out now and meet Him,
And leave the crowd behind,
Forsaking dead traditions,
If Jesus you will find?
It’s not in another meeting,
A nicely packaged hour;
Another harmless service,
Devoid of heaven’s power.
It’s not in another teaching,
Three points to fill your head.
The Word is always vibrant;
But this stuff is so dead!
We need God to send His Spirit,
To fully take control,
To transform every member,
To come and make them whole!
Enough with man’s religion;
Enough with earthly plans;
Enough with our new programs;
Produced by fleshly hands.”
Just then in strode the pastor
His calling to fulfill;
Just doing his weekly duty -
Then he became frozen still.
For astir was that parishioner
He grasped the preacher’s clothes,
And grasped the preacher’s soul as well -
And in that grasp he froze.
“Oh pastor, enter the prayer room
And shut yourself inside.
Be emptied of competition,
And crucify your pride!
Pray for holy visitations,
Caught up alone with Him,
Consumed with heavenly vision -
That’s where you must begin!
You won’t find Him in a textbook,
Buried on page twenty-two.
He is the living God who acts -
He wants to move in you!
It’s not only the ‘apostles’
He’ll bless and send and use;
He will saturate your own soul,
If you will not refuse.
So arise, get up, pursue Him,
Jesus your true best Friend!
He is worthy of devotion,
He’s faithful to the end!
Why should you starve on crusty bread,
And crawl along the ground?
Your Savior is your source of life,
Seek Him, let joy abound!
Renew your life, refresh your heart,
Press in, take hold, pray through.
Put first things first, make God your goal;
What else have you to do?
Your Bible schooling stole your zeal,
Church life has drained you dry;
You used to have such childlike faith,
Now budgets have your eye!
You used to be so passionate,
So innocent and free
Now you’ve become professional;
You’ll preach for a good fee!
Oh, set your sights on higher goals
And not on dollar bills.
Live in the light of Judgment Day;
Ambition always kills!
Let Jesus be your daily Guide,
Put Him where He belongs;
And soon His presence will arrive;
His praise will fill your songs!
Simplicity will be your style,
Devotion your new goal;
Communion will become your aim,
God’s life will flood your soul!
Oh, take your eyes off numbers,
Church growth can be a trap!
Go out and make disciples.
Go out and bridge the gap!
Pour your life out for broken lives -
Let God your heart break too.
Take up the cross, deny yourself;
Just live His will to do!
Wake up, be brave, be honest;
Today – oh hear His voice!
Be ruthless with your schedule;
Seek GOD. Make that your choice.
You won’t find Him in your planner,
No committee has the key.
You’ll find Him when your soul cries out,
‘There must be more for me!’
‘There must be more than building funds,
And sessions past midnight,
And endless talks with leadership,
Disputing who is right.
Somehow I know I’ve been misled;
The model doesn’t work.
I’m not called as an executive,
Nor should I be a clerk.
I’m called to be a man of God,
A man who’s Spirit led,
A healer of the sick and lame
Someday to raise the dead!’
And with that cry new life will rise,
Your heart will be revived;
Heaven’s light will flood your soul -
You will not be denied!”
The parishioner then turned his gaze
Away from flesh and blood:
He looked to Him who sends the showers,
To Him who sends the flood.
“Today, O Lord, do hear our voice,
And pour Your Spirit out.
Saturate the thirsty ground.
End this spiritual drought!
Revive us with Your Presence,
Renew us from above;
Touch the flock called by Your name;
Come fill us with Your love!
Do greater works in our day,
Than that which You have done.
Bring the fullness of Your rains,
And glorify Your Son!”
That old church-goer spoke no more.
Another voice was heard.
Yet not the voice of flesh and blood:
It was our Father’s word.
And if you listen closely,
Beyond this little rhyme,
You’ll hear Him speaking clearly:
“My children, it is time.”
by Dr. Michael Brown 

Ditch . . . The Same Ol' Thing!

I don't really know if this is a difficult thing to track with or not out there . . . but I am convicted that this is the way to be looking at things right now.  The horrors of the secular-progressive God-hating culture now in full deconstruct/self-destruct mode are highly disturbing and agitating to watch unfold.  The obvious propaganda relentless vying to wrest away the last of our civil freedoms, including the right to free speech and self defense . . . .

The blatant and malicious blasphemies against God's Word in popular music, television and film . . . .

The wolves in the pulpits devouring would-be sheep and the churches conforming to the world accepting with open arms those who have no real interest in truth while shunning and ostracizing the real sheep of God . . . .

The infiltration of government by anti-Christ religion, while it persecutes Christians at increasingly rapid pace worldwide . . . .

All of these present evils . . . are NOTHING--are a speck of inconvenience . . . compared to the final judgment that awaits those who deny the sacrifice of the Lamb of God--who crucify Jesus afresh by their refusal to accept His gift, His grace . . . .

This world will come and go; trying to "fix it" . . . "make it a better place" . . . is only making it worse.  And then it will be destroyed.  But the SOULS of those living in it RIGHT NOW . . . will not just come and go.  They are eternal and will receive either glory or damnation.  THIS is the main thing to be looking at and worrying over! 

The Bible says that the saved have a mansion waiting for them--reserved for them in Heaven.  Likewise, on the other hand, those who reject Christ RIGHT NOW have a place reserved specifically for them in Hell.  Their conviction has already happened--those not saved.  Judgment will just be a time of executing the decision.  How terrifying!  A place reserved ALREADY in Hell for those that reject, refuse, deny . . . the Lord and what He suffered on their behalf.  Such brazen selfishness and rebellion . . . will not go unrewarded.  Justice must be perfectly met, otherwise there is not just and holy God and Judge.

This world has always been a den of iniquity, confusion, madness and violent revolt, since the fall.  It has always been tempting to stare at it, opine, weight-in, try to "fix", engage, to be imbued in . . . . Nothing new under the sun--same old issues.  Greed, lust, covetousness, adultery, power-seeking, vanity, cold-heartedness, idolatry and on and on.  Same old thing . . . . The only way to brake free from its clutches and experience something--the ONE THING new and ever fresh--the pure, renewing waters that flow from the eternal divine . . . is to surrender, submit, die on the cross with Jesus, all the way.  THEN, and only then, does real life begin!  Until then, only death masquerading as life--zombies, walking dead, living dead . . . muttering corpses stumbling about shouting vain insults and calumnies to and empty, gray sky . . . .

Indeed, this life . . . is a vapor, gone in a flash . . . all the nonsense and madness.  But the SOUL--it goes on . . . . In one place or the other.  THAT is the news of the day!  That is the issue to be watched and addressed.  THAT is the amendment to take place, to establish!  The rest of this mayhem is dust in the wind--a lot of sound and fury signifying . . . not much more than tinkling vanity . . . .

Oh that I could shake awake the sleeping fools (such as I have once been, admittedly!) to alert them to their dire condition . . . and point them to that hour glass where the sand is quickly running out!

Depart, I would say, the same old thing!  Get to the only one and true NEW thing, which is a Person, which is SALVATION and life eternal . . . in glory . . . with Almighty God!  

Monday, January 14, 2013

"Sparks Of the Fire . . . "

"The principal torment of hell lies in the perfection of that trouble now that, for the present, is upon the conscience, and yet you make nothing of this.  You treat it as if it were only melancholy, as if the wrath of God that shall lie upon the damned in hell to all eternity were only a frenzy. . . . It is true that God does, indeed, oftentimes, bless the horrors of conscience to the saving of the soul, to bring the soul to Christ, but horrors of conscience, in their own nature, are the beginnings of the second death.  As pains and sickness of the body of a man or woman are the beginnings of the first death, so wounds and horrors of conscience are the beginnings of the second death.

"And therefor God, many times, to keep men from being swallowed up in those torments, makes them feel those torments.  They have some sparks of these torments of hell upon their souls now that they may be delivered from the flames of hell to all eternity.  Trouble of conscience for sin is nothing else but God letting out some sparks of hell upon the soul.  Now what a mistake is this for you to think that this nothing but melancholy when, the truth is, it is nothing else but the sparks of hell upon the soul.

"Now, if you have slight thoughts of the wrath of God upon the soul, it is impossible that you should prize Christ, because you do not know what He suffered.  But a man or woman who has felt the wrath of God upon their souls in the wounds of conscience for sin, such a one has little intimation of what the Lord Christ endured for them.  Such a one can tell what Christ endured and can so prize Christ and love Christ [as] the principal thing Christ suffered for sinners was the bearing of the wrath of the Father upon His soul. His soul-sufferings were more than His bodily sufferings.

"IF you have a little trouble of soul under the sense of sin now, know it is but as a spark of the fire that blazed out upon Christ.  If you have one drop upon you, it is but as one drop of those flood gates let out upon the soul of Jesus Christ.
You who have slight thoughts of trouble of conscience for sin, whoever you are, this is a most certain truth.  These thoughts of your heart shall certainly be altered one day, though they are slight now.  This I dare affirm for everyone that has slight thoughts of sin and the trouble for it.  These thoughts of their hearts shall be altered.  You must come to know sin in another manner than you do now."

[I transcribed these little sections from a book I wanted and got for Christmas, "The Evil of Evils" by Jeremiah Burroughs, first published in 1654.  It's an ol' Puritan classic . . . and relates to the topic I've been addressing as of late, fwiw :)]

[Jeremiah Burroughs (or Burroughes) was baptized in 1601 and admitted as a pensioner at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, in 1617. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1621 and a Master of Arts degree in 1624. His tutor was Thomas Hooker.
Burroughs’s ministry falls into four periods, all of which reveal him as a zealous and faithful pastor. First, from about 1627 until 1631, he was assistant to Edmund Calamy at Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. Both men became members of the Westminster Assembly. Both men strongly opposed King James’s Book of Sports. Both refused to read the king’s proclamation in church that dancing, archery, vaulting, and other games were lawful recreations on the Lord’s Day.
Second, from 1631 to 1636, Burroughs was rector of Tivetshall, Norfolk, a church that still stands today. Despite the best efforts of his patron, Burroughs was suspended in 1636 and deprived in 1637 for refusing to obey the injunctions of Bishop Matthew Wren, especially regarding the reading of the Book of Sports, and the requirements to bow at the name of Jesus and to read prayers rather than speak them extemporaneously.
Third, from 1638 to 1640, Burroughs lived in the Netherlands, where he was teacher of a congregation of English Independents at Rotterdam, formerly ministered by William Ames. William Bridge was the pastor and Sidrach Simpson had established a second like-minded church in the city. Thus, three future dissenting brethren were brought together, all of whom would serve as propagandists for congregationalism later in the 1640s.
In the final period from 1640 to his death in 1646, Burroughs achieved great recognition as a popular preacher and a leading Puritan in London. He returned to England during the Commonwealth period and became pastor of two of the largest congregations in London: Stepney and St. Giles, Cripplegate. At Stepney, he preached early in the morning and became known as “the morning star of Stepney.” He was invited to preach before the House of Commons and the House of Lords several times. Thomas Brooks called him “a prince of preachers.”

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Most Pressing Issue Today

So I asked for a "heart for the lost" more than I already had.  I was, in this, also really asking to know my own condition--to know how close of a call it was to have avoided eternal torment by turning to the Lord and away from my own self-determination . . . .

This would be, I dare say, a typical operation in the process of sanctification.  That is, that the Holy Spirit put the thought, the question in to me to ask . . . so that I come to a deeper, more urgent appreciation of the stakes, for myself . . . and for others.

As I said earlier, it did not result in a sudden feeling or emotion so that, now when I looked at the dying world, my heart was instantly wrenched and I was compelled at once to jump in and try to save . . . .

No . . . although this (a feeling/emotion for the lost) is occurring in the meanwhile . . . .

Rather, He took me to The Word.  What does it say?  What has He said on the matter?

Also, He began to show me my own sins and the nature of sin in general . . . .

A main reason people do not feel or think much inclined to seek truth/God with impatient zeal is because they have no proper sense of just how terribly they sin against Him; how serious is the rebellion and hatred at their natural core against His glory and sovereignty . . . .

It is astounding, if you watch certain street preachers engaging the random public, how universal is the response when asked "Do you think you are a good person?" . . . that the responder replies, "Yeah, I think I'm a pretty good person overall--I try to be, anyway."

Certainly, one of the devil's great temporary victories . . . is in how he has lulled so many, throughout all of global culture, to live mostly unconcerned, uninterested and in denial of the awful, deadly seriousness of sin against God.  Nearly everyone thinks to some degree . . . that, while they are not perfect . . . overall, God is going to overlook their self-centeredness, their lying and cheating, their hearts of lust, murder, covetousness . . . and let them slide into Heaven with a pass.

But this is because they do not understand what it means that God is perfectly HOLY, JUST and GOOD . . . and that He can't, by His very nature, abide even the slightest sliver of sin/evil . . . in His presence, in Heaven . . . .

"Well . . . " they will cast about, recalling something vaguely mollifying, "but doesn't He also forgive?  Isn't He all about love?"

Yes . . . indeed . . . . He IS and loves righteousness . . . . Which means, He hates sin.  And yes, He is rich in mercy and will forgive . . . .

He will forgive those who turn to Jesus . . . alone.  "In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace." (Eph. 1:7)

"Well . . . I don't know about that," they say smirking, shaking their head in disbelief.  "I think God will overlook my sin, my 'humanness' whether or not I believe in Jesus; I'm a pretty good person overall."

But . . . but . . . that's not what He says!  That is not what is Written!  He said there NONE good, no not one!  "They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one . . . . They are all gone aside, they are [all] together become filthy: [there is] none that doeth good, no, not one."  (Rom. 3:10, 12; Psalm 14:3)

What He shows me, in the beginning to answer my request . . . is just how profound and stark and . . .  well . . . frightening the depth and reality of our natural (fallen) offensiveness toward God truly is!

A "little" sin . . . is NOT a "little" sin!  The slightest degree of sin is a thundering, blinding, shrieking, putrid flash throughout all created order and against the pure light and holiness of His perfect, divine, holy being! 

First . . . must come the conviction . . . of why so badly . . . so utterly desperately . . . we need our Savior!  Left to our lazy, comfortable, smug and nonchalant rebellious stupor . . . we have no idea how urgently and radically . . . we need to be saved!

THIS is what is MOST relevant right now!  Not the totalitarian takeover, nor the repression of civil and inalienable rights . . . the coming confiscation of guns, property and "freedom" . . . as important and pressing as those things are . . . .

But here is how to get through such times: turning to the preeminent issue--our eternal destination and that of our fellow citizens and loved ones.  Nothing is more immediate and crucial as this, and finding our strength, peace and comfort in the promises of His Written Word . . . .

Friday, January 11, 2013

Sorry, but pretty much nailed it . . . .

I was looking back through some earlier posts . . . analysis and predictions of generally where I saw things going . . . .
Here's a collection (below) of a few of the more relevant notices . . . .
Meanwhile . . . I wonder . . . . . . . hmmm . . .  have any of you received any apologies or acknowledgment . . . from those people who called you paranoid, extremist, fanatical, conspiracy nut, etc., when you tried to warn them about what was happening to our country and world? . . . .
Probably not--neither have I, lol.  I'm not sure if any of those arrogant dummies can even NOW see what's coming down . . . obvious as it is.
Stubborn, stiff-necked, prideful combined with clueless . . . has got to be one of the more pathetic and annoying combos . . . to suffer.  Then the fool says "there is no God" on top of it all! . . . wow . . . .
Meanwhile, as you make a stand for truth and God's Word, refusing to go along with the suicidal, evil-relishing, family hating, man hating, God and Jesus hating, self-centered "groupthink" . . . YOU are lied on, back-stabbed, undermined . . . . The devious and resentful  little imps eager to divide your family, your authority, sabotaging where possible, judgmental, accusatory and intolerant of your beliefs while claiming to be the "tolerant" ones who demand "diversity" . . . lol . . . . Diversity, that is, EXCEPT for YOUR kind! . . . you know . . . the Bible believer kind.  No.  That's where "tolerance" and "diversity" stop . . . .
However, I cannot mind too much they who mock and sneer and misunderstand and conspire . . . . As Believers for ages . . . have simply and earnestly preached the Good News . . . and been scorned, robbed, beaten, raped, tortured, burned, crucified, murdered all the day long for their loving efforts . . . .
The world . . . the lovers of self . . . the prideful . . . the perverse . . . the greedy . . . hate God, despise Jesus, shun the truth . . . and are natural enemies of those surrendered to the Lord and His grace.
Nothing new to see here . . . .
Indeed, they will think nothing of turning their backs on you, perhaps even "turning you in" or "reporting" you . . . and they will at least revel and laud when the state increases its persecution of the saints, gleefully cheering from the sidelines, these cowards and irresolute . . . they with no higher purpose than protecting and promoting their vying egos--staking out some little patch under the sun . . . as if they got to stay here forever . . . and as if they deserved something . . . other than punishment for their outright rebellion against the One Who created them and everything they have ever enjoyed . . . .
Truly, I am alarmed for their souls--for their recalcitrance in glorifying sin, shaking their fists at the Almighty . . . their refusal to submit and humble themselves . . . .
But alas, few there will be . . . who will find the Gate, it is Written, so we should not be surprised to see so many lost and determined to remain so . . . .
God bless and guide and fortify and fill you
in the coming days of darkness; for there the Lights will shine bright
and His Light, His blood has already conquered all, we know! . . . in Which and by Which
we live, we show . . . !
" . . . . . Regarding banks and money and the lurking economic crunch . . . . a big squeeze is going on . . . . There is a ravenous beast now devouring throughout the land, scarfing up money, peoples' money in every small way . . . . preparatory to the big eco-meltdown, which is nigh . . . . . . . . The squeeze is on, and, as I've mentioned before, a massive looting is underway, below the radar, to sift out the last vestiges of 'free enterprise' and mom and pop operations--once the bulwark of the mighty American middle class.
Families will move in together . . . . People will increasingly be sharing the same housing, splitting the bills, circling the wagons . . . . IF YOU CAN sense this possibility coming in your own life, don't wait to long to make the changes needed to survive financially. The old economy is over. It's done. The mighty American middle class is swiftly becoming an historical aberration. The communists have won and the sooner you realize this and accept it and then make adjustments, looking ahead, the better you can avoid crisis situations where decisions HAVE to be made in haste and panic and often not optimally."
(March 2007)

When I “look” it does seem that some major, large-scale changes and events occur and continue through 2012, after which, the nature of everything seems to be altered. I DON’T concur with most of the other “end time” predictors who say that 2012 is going to inaugurate a golden age . . . or trigger a cosmic “transition to 4th density” or initiate “mass ascension” into a “new age”. . . . . .

Truly, it is time to hold on, get ready, house in spiritual order and all that, as ya’ll well know, I know . . . . But especially, this will all lead to an increasingly malicious and violently antagonistic attitude against those who cling to “traditional” religion . . . to the bible . . . . The hatred and vitriol directly at humble, sincere believers will be alarmingly fierce and wicked, as it ramps up even now. . . . ostracization, persecution, discrimination, badgering, brow-beating, and on and on will be the reward for the faithful in the beginning of all this . . . . .
Look out, here it comes . . . .

"It’s amazing to watch the final transformation to full Sovietization of America, now just inches away. People thought I was silly, crazy, . . . when I said–as the Berlin Wall came down and Gorbachev was being hailed Man Of The Year and receiving the Nobel peace Prize–that it was NOT the end of communism in the U.S.S.R, but rather the beginning of the final phase of the communist takeover of the U.S. When the “wall came down”, it was the OPPOSITE of what was told. It was the beginning of the end of freedom IN THE WEST!

The constant haranguing of “Christians”, “Constitutionalists”, “Patriots”, “Fundamentalists” and American history and culture in general, in the schools, in movies, on t.v., etc., is all part of the mind-conditioning program of the Bolsheviks to destroy morale, will, freedom-culture, etc., and replace it with a “globalist, environmentalist” mindset, so that the final phase of the takeover can be completed with little resistance. What resistance there is can quickly be labeled “right-wing extremist”, “fundamentalist”, “conspiracy theorist”, “racist”, “nativist”, “xenophobic”, or any number of derogatory slanders meant to marginalize, disarm and isolate.

--big big urge in spirit lately... VISION CLEARLY about phenom of "DEMONIC FLASHING"..... this more than external events in world... crises and such... IS WHAT TO BEWARE OF and take seriously..... confirmed with metrolink crash.... and subsequent similar crashes.... and then just confirmed again with recent FINLAND gun killing in school 9 dead.... MORE OF THIS......... IT IS UNDERWAY>...... many prior seemingly normal people will snap... in horrific ways.....
YOU MUST BEWARE YOURSELF.... what is going on in your head..... thoughts.... urges.......
...DEMONIC FLASHING will be occurring to urge SUICIDE...... SUICIDES WILL drastically increase.... but often involved with the suicider taking out others at same time.... NO SUICIDE! don't do it.... its a trick, a demonic lure......
--I see gatherings so-called..... communities outside the police controls.... more in 2012-2014...... 16... gathering must "just happen" so to speak...

"Looking at how things are shaping up . . . it is easy to see the race-baiting and stirring of the pot, re the classes and races and gender . . . just as the Marxists always do when fomenting revolution and takeover . . . . It always eventually turns violent. Agent Provocateurs are used in all such revolutionary moments to both impugn the opposition, and to cause trouble in order to give pretext for heavy-handed police state crackdown . . . . The attacks on Joe the Plumber are typical of the kind of social ostracizing and individualist targeting that goes on in a communist campaign intended to make you yourself more reticent to speak your mind regarding the takeover. The message is, "shut up and keep your head down!" or you too will have your life exposed, raked over, maligned, targeted, sifted, pawed etc. and if you're less than perfect then you can expect personal trouble to your life, work and family. Shut up and let the takeover proceed, prole!......"
(Oct. 18th, 2008)

This magnificent walk to perfection BEGINS NOW! TODAY! and, patiently, we move forward, out of bondage . . . toward the healing, loving, familial rays emanating from Mashiah, the Perfect One, unspotted from the foundations! IT IS TRUE! Which is why "the world" hates it so much.... why the constant attack on Jesus and His followers . . . on chastity, purity, righteousness . . . . and the full scale drive into deeper perversion, sloth, indolence, adultery, pornography, murder, rape, pillage, theft, lies, cheating, corruption, HORRORS and more HORRORS . . . . . God blesses you today in this and forever forward--REAL progress; not the sham, man-made "progressivism" the Utopianists bring at the point of a barrel or syringe . . . . .
There are just two ways to go, at any given moment . . . . Which way are you headed RIGHT NOW? It must be toward God. And it WILL BE if you are His. You will find yourself increasingly LED in His direction, a sweet combination of your little free will enmeshed with His mighty and endless Sovereignty.

" . . . . the general ramp up gun violence is being fomented, triggered, because the left is again coming into ascendancy and they will be able to pick up the issue (gun grab/control) in relation to spates of mass (gun) killings...........ALSO watch for maligning of "militias" and "talk radio" again to further marginalize the "patriot", legit "conservative", nationalist factions....."
(Feb. 2008)

"Get ready also, now the Marxist/revolutionary coup d'etat is in the mopping up stages . . . consolidating the money into central authority/hands . . . . NEXT, the front will shift heavily to the cultural and spiritual battlefield . . . . .

It is about time for the maligning, STRONGLY and viciously of "patriots", "fundamentalists", "right-wing reactionaries", "constitutionalists" etc., and so, expect that some things will be staged, agent provocateur style . . . to make some supposed "right wing extremist" "Christian-patriot" look like a terrorist or an enemy of the state. . . . freedom of speech will be taken down ... along with freedom of worship and the right to self defense . . . . But especially, on the culture front . . . ANYTHING and EVERYTHING which still maintains a vestige of the "old America" . . . will be assaulted, attacked, smeared, undermined, infiltrated, debased, torn-down, targeted, and ultimately made to be seen as the enemy of "progress" and "change" . . . . . .
This is the time when a prediction of mine, to watch for some patriot group or church group . . . to be set up to do something abhorrent, to start painting the face of terrorism as.... you got it, Christians, patriots, secessionists, etc., Homegrown, domestic terrorism, in this form will be the enemy, not so much Mid-east types, though, like with McVeigh, they will try to tie them all together .... Nazi's-militias-right wing-Christian-patriot-Mid East terrorist- ..... all the same.... that will be the mind control operation .... tying that all together as the enemy of "hope and change" . . . . . . .
Be prepared for culture attacks in your childrens schools, against churches, in the media, on tv, in song, EVERYWHERE .... the onslaught will be harsh and constant . . . . . . for indeed, just as I have been warning for about 20 years ( along with others, of course) .... COMMUNISM won the cold war... everything is the opposite of what you've been told . . . we are in the final stages of a long-term, well orchestrated and implemented Marxist-socialist takeover . . . . . which is easy to see, if you've ever studied the issue . . . and will follow certain, well-established methods, as it continues to consolidate power and liquidate "enemies" of "the people" . . . . .
 (Jan. 14th, 2009)

Now, this all has to do with the transcendent spiritual mind I have previously referred to developing. The one that can escape external, psychotechnical "fencing", "corralling", of your body, emotions and mind .... going on right now .... A REAL AND IMMEDIATE CIVIL WAR inside YOU.

Your thoughts and emotions and conceptual constructs.... are hijacked, to varying degree, and used against you, within you. This is the REAL and most dangerous and immediate and important insurgency going on.... the most threatening "illegal invasion" . . . . . External events, stories, news items, dramas etc., are meant in the deepest sense . . . to distract you from the most important and imminent danger from infiltration, invasion that you face, every moment, day to day.
It is not the terrorists sneaking over the border.... the communist apparatchiks running your government ...... the encircling of hostile nations . . . the rising ire of patriots, fearful, organizing, .... police power shock troops ready to bludgeon, fema camps. . . et al . . . . BUT RATHER, the civil war going on with your heart and mind and soul, which is raging, which is all that you can really influence and control.
For it matters not what happens to your body, owned by the state . . . . But what and where you keep your mind and heart and soul free within, living by and through the Spirit of the Master . . . . . . . which saves, and ultimately retrieves one from all temporal dangers . . . . .

Specific lines of thought, including specific words/concepts, mental tones of mental speech (you thinking certain actual words) emit sonic/emotional/thought--signatures.... roughly in the realm of "frequencies" .... so, if you follow certain directed understandings (ie., New Age/2012/galactic core/galactic brotherhood/ etc.) then you will be susceptible to further input and direction. You will be seduced through supernatural/mystical/synchronistic experiences . . . to impress that you are on a "special path" . . . . guided by unseen intelligences . . . etc., so that you become further embedded/controlled/utilized . . . to spread the "new religion" . . . . .
Your ego will be subtly and publicly stoked in this way, fully ensnaring the would-be seeker--down a primrose path . . . . .

 And of course, there is spiritual preparation which trumps all and is something anyone can and should do. I believe this recent extended run of stresses and crises and challenges and daily struggle . . . is all grace given opportunity to learn and practice especially spiritual technique, learning amidst great ongoing suffering and trial. Too, the emotions and mind can be trained to not panic or lose balance, which usually amounts to NOT falling into habits of nagging, general negativity, cursing, envy, annoyed impatience, and a host of low order ego and emotional reactions . . . .

 One must rise above, constantly seeking the higher response within, in the realm of spirit, where all hope and purpose resides. THEN, all mere material concerns: those of body survival, the worry of the mind, panicked emotions, loss of courage, loss of "heart" etc., are affected and guided all at once from the superior vantage point. "Where your heart is, so shall your treasure be" . . . .
Soon, we know the revolutionaries will be upping the ante. It is designed and being allowed that a big bunch of the citizens are waking up to what is happening . . . . as the behind the scenes folk want a pitched battle between the two sides . . . not TOO lopsided, for there must be maximum conflict, requiring a roughly equalized force . . . and reactionary force . . . . by which to hammer out the synthesized end . . . . Masters of diabolical dialectic they are . . . . .

 So many things are going to be happening simultaneously . . . it will be near impossible to keep track or know how to react, which direction to take on a matter . . . . Mainly, I just wanted to say . . . if its rainbows and puppy dog tails . . . and cotton candy fluff one wishes for . . . there are plenty of new agey, "fourth density", "ascension 2012 indigo" sites which will blow perfumed smoke up yer arse . . . . But I'm here to continue to warn, condition, and truthfully tell what is around the corner, lest one be taken unawares . . . and thus, make panicked, ill-conceived decisions . . . .

 Hopefully, the years of preparatory "doom and gloom" warning has given SOME time and heart to think on these things and at least have a semblance of a plan . . . . . For when the serious decision time comes . . . one will need to decide quickly and surely, having already imagined such and such scenario . . . .

God bless and thank you, thank you for your support! Here we goooooooo...........

quick re 2012.... yes, I agree, now with all the hype and hollywoodization and tv promotion... it seems obvious that now.... it should just come and pass with nothing happening. The hype is suspicious.
For myself, though, I asked God . . . and He gave me two dates to watch. 2006, and 2012. So, I cannot dismiss it out of hand so quickly. What HE meant by "the end" . . . I am not sure. But I think in general I was asking about America at the time . . . . So, I'm wondering if 2012 my be the target end date for America, ie., when the takeover is complete and the Republic truly is no more . . . . . . ?

Through the introduction of radical "feminist" ideology . . . through "peace movements" . . . "anti-war movements" . . . through the importation of easy drugs . . . through spreading pornography . . . through creating "generation gaps" and a whole host of other destructive tactics they knew and intended to break down the traditional, biblically based Christian and Democratic-Republican order of the society.

Also, they discovered that "new age" teachings worked exceptionally well also, funding the Maharishi and Transcendental Meditation movement in the 60s, . . . which they linked inextricably to the environmentalist and anti-war movements of the same time.  

They knew that if people were focused on their own "personal" enlightenment . . . and eschewing traditional morays like patriotism and civic involvement . . . they could infiltrate and twist the society's institutions to conform with their onslaught of "progressive" Marxist ideology, without anyone even noticing.

And this they have done.  Presently, there is a knee-jerk "anti-American", anti-Christian, anti-male mindset to practically the whole of the population . . . and only with determined effort and study and real relationship with God can anyone break out of it.  Marxist ideology is ubiquitous now, as evidenced by the tyranny of "political correctness" in every nook and cranny of society, which "political correctness" was specifically designed by the KGB tacticians to paralyze and transform the targeted enemy (the U.S., the free "West" and Christianity).

I believe that much--nearly ALL of the current "new age" agenda--teachings . . . were designed, not by "enlightened ascended masters" . . . but, rather, gruff, deadly, atheist KGB agents rubbing their hands with glee recognizing that here was one of the most efficient and wicked battering rams devised to corrupt, transform, subvert . . . America's and the West's unique Christian identity and civilization.  One world.... harmonic convergences . . . ascended masters . . . reincarnation . . . ascension . . . "no war, no nukes" . . . etc. ALL DESIGNED TO DESTROY the defensive capacity of the targeted population, so that it will fall like a ripe, rotten, weak, squishy fruit into the hands of the Marxist conquerors.

But the fence sitters--those trying to have it both ways . . . Heaven abhors.  These are they who put on a "good" front--"go to church" . . . or do "good works" . . . as an outward show, but really, they don't believe in God within themselves.  They don't really believe He is watching and sees and records all.  They don't really take seriously that one day they will answer for the true position of their hearts.

So, they lie, cheat and steal--their hearts full of envy, jealousies, lusts, gain-seeking--but portray to the world that they are followers of God.  They are too cowardly and self-loving to actually, honestly throw in with evil, though that is where their heart resides . . . . They care more about their image and how others think of them, than making a stand either way and abiding the consequences.

And these the Lord despises and will spit out.

Meanwhile . . . right now . . . the forces of Good, of God, are taking away the scales over the eyes of Believers . . . and of all living right now, only these are remaining sane and decent.  God's people are also in their heyday . . . for where there is so much ubiquitous evil . . . there is great opportunity to prove and proclaim oneself . . . as a disciple of the Master.  No other "masters" are able to deliver right now. It is only through relationship and faith and devotion to Jesus Christ, Yeshuah Ha Mashiah . . . the Lamb of God . . . the Saviour . . . that the human being can at this time maintain relative poise and clarity.

The wicked and their cousins, the fence sitters (the lukewarm) are going flat out insane.  Have you noticed?  Their "world" . . . which has been their comfort, their god . . . is increasingly in chaos, and having no INTERNAL SPIRITUAL CENTER which transcends the temporary, the worldly . . . they are all becoming unhinged, rudderless, buffeting to and fro . . . confused, panicked; many driven deeper into intoxication, into money schemes, into embalming new age philosophies that tell them that they need not worry, but that, by the position of the earth . . . in relation to the galactic core . . . combined with coordinates of "sacred sites" . . . and with the help of "ascended masters" . . . and this . . . and that . . . THEY FANCY that they will simply be ushered into enlightenment . . . by proximity . . . .

No surrender to God.  No dying to self.  No acknowledging the holy mission of the Son of God . . . . No, not necessary, they fantasize.  It is all just going to "happen", ie., as we enter 2012 . . . . .

The living dead . . . are becoming . . . more dead . . . by the minute.

The LIVING .  . . are seeing clearly what is what, who is who, and the REAL status of the world.

The deluded are plunging deeper and harder into . . . delusion; truly going insane.  Many are just self-destructing, turning to schizophrenia, rituals, trance-states, drugs, sex . . . to stave off the growing realization of the times we are in and what is required to survive them.

And by SURVIVE . . . I don't mean PHYSICAL survival.  For NONE survive . . . physically . . . ever!  By SURVIVE . . . I mean the SOUL--the PERSON . . . the character . . . the INDIVIDUAL BEING . . . who lives mortally for a time here . . . but then . . . has a shot at ETERNITY.

How meaningless are all these machinations to "better the world" . . . to create new global currencies . . . . To set up foundations and develop technologies . . . for "sustainability" . . . WHEN NOT A SINGLE PERSON IS GOING TO LIVE?  All this effort  . . . and energy . . . and resources . . . and time . . . and devotion of lives . . . to what end?  Some abstract, collective "good" that . . . someday . . . maybe . . . a few people  . . . in the future . . . will . . . have a "good" life . . . for a moment or two?  That's it?

Utterly meaningless.  Pointless.  IF there is no God and no eternity.

All that's happening, is that insane people . . . are busying themselves with (eternally) irrelevant projects . . . so that . . . for a few, brief years . . . maybe they get their name in lights . . . or at the top of an article in a magazine . . . their picture in the paper . . . their name recorded in a history book . . . . ALL OF WHICH is little more than dust blowing in the wind .... here for a second or two ... then gone.... nobody cares, nobody will remember . . . . the earth will pass away . . . the sun will die . . . the universe will implode . . . . Pointless, meaningless, useless, vain . . . ambitions ..... THESE of the secular mind trying to "better the world" . . . or create their "utopias" . . . .

Yet, look at how they persist!  So serious, so self important with their titles and foundations and plans . . . .

And they are just children; toddlers craving a bit attention, but in suits, skirts . . . and driving nice cars.

Woopty do.


The Godless . . . are . . . dumb.

Which eventually just becomes asinine and clownish . . . as they parade around the town, on tv, in the "halls of power" . . . as if they actually were relevant.

But it's all just vanity and childish self-seeking; weakness, indolence and petty, laughable ego . . . .

And they are all going mad.

Meanwhile . . . those who have found the Lord; who the Lord has found . . . remain calm, stable, strong, decent, truthful, . . . and SANE; not taken by surprise by the "turn of events."  They already had the script and read ahead.  They knew what was coming . . . and they know where it is going.  The worse things get, the better THEY get.  Whereas the devil's children . . . just get worse . . . and worse . . . until they finally dissolve into chaotic, gluttonous, violent spasms of ego and body . . . . While he laughs and takes their soul . . . to fuel his fire . . . just a little longer . . . .

The scales are falling from the eyes of the saints.  They are seeing things clearly.  They are filled with compassion AND they are standing against evil, lies, and perversion of God's plan and creation.  They bear the GOOD NEWS that the GOSPEL saves lives!  That it is the ONLY doctrine that has the power to TRULY TRANSFORM the person . . . and, eventually, the world!

God is with us!  Our Father is present and sees all.  He is well pleased on ALL human efforts for Him, seeking His favor, and standing against the insanity of evil, of rebellion, of pride, of weak self-infatuation . . . 

BEAR UP brothers and sisters!  The darker it gets, the more LIGHT is profound; the more it reveals and clarifies!  This is a great time to live, to bear witness upon the fallen earth!  Time is short . . . and getting shorter by the moment . . . .

EVERY moment is sacred, precious, for every moment can be FILLED WITH GOD!  WITH THE CHARACTER AND SPIRIT OF THE MASTER! . . . .

Let the scales fall!  We are ready!  Get ready!  Be ready!  He is here now AND He is returning.  He returns NOW to those who seek Him and allow Him in their hearts, in their minds, throughout their bodies, sanctifying the earthly temple!  THIS THING IS REAL!

The scales . . . are falling . . . and He intends that YOU take advantage of this moment!  To BE, to SEE, to HEAR, to FEEL HIS PRESENCE . . . and then GIVE THAT TO THE WORLD!

THAT is the only work to be done here . . . of any . . . lasting consequence!  And praise God, YOU KNOW IT!

humbly submitted, your brother in YAH, Thomas

Brother Thomas ©2015

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