Saturday, March 31, 2012

Think Again

[Some bad news . . . . ]

It's fairly common . . . if you were to ask someone, "do you think you're a good person?"  They will hem and haw a little bit . . . "well, pretty much . . . I try to be . . . yeah, I think I'm a pretty good person."  They will usually admit to not being perfect and wanting to do, to be . . . "better" . . . but overall . . . yeah, a fairly decent person . . . .

"Do you think you are going to Heaven?"

If they believe in an afterlife . . . they will usually hesitate . . . ponder . . . and say, "I hope so . . . but . . . yeah, I think I probably will--anyway, I hope so, yeah . . . ."

Now, a false, deceiving spirit . . . will be present here, comforting the self assuring person . . . "yeah, you're probably going to heaven . . . you try to be good . . . you're not perfect, but who is, right?"

The Holy Spirit, however, will take His sword and say, "What is heaven like?  What happens in heaven--what to people do there?"

The fairly knowledgeable responder will answer, "Give praises to God . . . . There is glorying in God's presence."

The Spirit asks, "Do you give praises to God now?  TRULY?  Is your main thought and purpose and desire right now in this life . . . to give glory to God?"

And the answer is most likely to be . . . no.

Then why do you want to go to heaven?  You have no desire to see God, know God, serve God, love God, praise God NOW . . . so why do you say you want to go to heaven to do that?  Because that's what someone told you happens in heaven?

But, is this your heart, now?


So will you really be going to heaven?  Why should you?  Why would you even want to?

Is it not true that actually, nearly all of your thoughts--IF NOT all of them--are centered around your self and glorifying your SELF?  Are you not constantly seeking after security . . . pleasure . . . money . . . love . . . entertainment . . . things . . . FOR YOUR SELF?

And is it not more true that you rarely, if ever think about praising God?  In fact, if one were to look at the total of your thoughts and desires . . . very little is there that is on fire for God; but rather, mostly you are on fire for your self.  If anything, you are mostly seeking to hide from God . . . to run from Him . . . to avoid Him . . . or, at the very least, PUT OFF UNTIL LATER truly, desperately, whole-heartedly, emotionally, continually facing Him.

Is it not more the case that you intend sometime later to "get serious" about God . . . but first you work to secure your standing in this present material world?

When He says "Seek you FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness--" . . . is it not actually the reality that you are seeking 5 to 10 to 100 OTHER things first . . . and then, maybe, when you expect to   feel more like it . . . THEN you will seek Him more intensely?

When people say they want to go to heaven, what they are really saying is that they want to go to a place where they can finally have and do what what they want . . . to make themselves happy.  Why?  Because that is what they spend their lives doing and wanting on earth, in the mortal life.  They just want more of this life and without all of the hassles.

Here, they do not desire God, nor seek Him so much as they search for their self.  "Who am I?  Where am I?  What do I want, what do I need?  How do I get it?  Where can I find it?"

So, why does such a person say they want to go to heaven . . . if that very same self must in fact DIE before reaching heaven . . . ?

I typed the question, "what do you do in heaven?" and "Yahoo! Answers" provided a thread where the more honest ones wrote:

--"No one really know what happens in heaven, but to me it's hell if all you do is worship one god forever"
--"Exactly why heaven is so unimportant to me... why would I want to spend eternity alone, and licking the boots of the christian God?"

A self proclaimed "believer" might read those replies and respond, "How awful such comments are! What horrible pagans, atheists to say these terrible things!  Of course I want to go to heaven to worship God for eternity!"

But . . . really?  Are you doing that now?  Do you "Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength" today?  Or is that something you intend to get to later?

Or, in fact, is the MAJORITY of your heart and strength . . . devoted to OTHER "interests"?

Many disguise their self interest within philanthropic projects . . . "good works" . . . doing "good and nice" things . . . in being "productive" . . . and so, when asked, they reply, "I think I am a pretty good person . . . and I will probably go to heaven . . . "

Yet, in truth, their interests and their seeking and their desire has little to NOTHING to do with God directly.  They do not seek the Lord first, but instead seek a world of their SELF, surrounded by their own works, in which they can boast and take pride . . . .

The Lord will not be fooled by such . . . .

Standing before Him . . . all the pretenses will be stripped away.

Did you sincerely . . . foremost . . . want heaven--to be with God?

Then why did you not, IN TRUTH, IN YOUR HEART, LIVE so when you had the opportunity?

No, you wanted something else . . . He will say, I never knew you . . . .

And you will go to that place you were always seeking anyhow--a place WITHOUT God--that place where He WAS not first to you . . . .

"Do you think you are going to Heaven?"

"I hope so . . . but . . . yeah, I think I probably will--anyway, I hope so, yeah . . . ."

Perhaps . . . you better think again . . . .

[next . . . some good news!]


proposed with spirit led love and concern,
for myself and others,
for God,
brother, thomas

Friday, March 30, 2012

V versus H

Why do you beat the air and run in vain? Every occupation has a
purpose, obviously. Tell me then, what is the purpose of all the
activity of the world? Answer, I challenge you! It is vanity of
vanity: all is vanity.

St. John Chrysostom


I saw the snares that the enemy spreads out over the world and I
said groaning, "What can get through from such snares?" Then I
heard a voice saying to me, "Humility."

St. Anthony the Great

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

About Face!

Come on saints in waiting, be of good cheer!  What are you facing?

Do you face the world?  Are you looking at the hatred of the enemy?  Do you see their armies arrayed on all sides, harrying your every step?  Are you facing fear . . . worrying about your provision . . . ruminating on what will befall you in the midst of battle?  Do you face your past--all the mistakes . . . your lack of courage, your weakness, your fallen wretched tendencies . . . so that you face guilt and shame and remorse, turning over and over again and again in your mind your failures?  Are you facing your pathetic attempts to be good, to be of good cheer, your lack of truly caring for the suffering of others . . . how you don't really love, though you know you should?  Are you facing others--looking at what they have, how they seem to prosper, maintain health, beauty, position . . . facing their facebooks . . . being tweaked at their boasting, their bragging . . . ?

What are you facing right now?  Which way are you looking and where are you turned?

Are you facing your seeming relentless inability to stay in God's will?  How you struggle within and without?

Maybe you are facing your pride . . . conscious of it, but every time you try to be humble you find just another subtle way to revel in your own attributes . . . .

No, no, no!  About face!  TURN THE OTHER WAY!

There is only one of two ways to face.  You are either facing the world . . . or the Lord.

About face!  Turn and face the perfect one!  The enemy wants you caught up, bound, beaten and stewing on your fallen, failed condition, as if this were news!

But instead what you should do . . . is lose yourself in the contemplation of . . . and wonder in . . . and thanksgiving to . . . the PERFECT, victorious, wholly HOLY MASTER . . . of your life.

Lose yourself in looking at His perfect mission--His FLAWLESS character.  Stop facing your sin nature and the depravity of the world, lamenting your powerlessness to change either.

HE has substituted His life for yours--imputed . . . HIS spotless character for yours--and THAT is what God sees in you!

Of course, you are yet aware of all the rest . . . and the trials of a saved soul working in the fallen world will be a part of your mortal walk . . . BUT, you do not face them . . . by FACING THEM.  YOU, instead FACE GOD, be turned toward Jesus, for He has ALREADY destroyed and defeated ALL of your failures, your sins!

By "facing" Him, I mean . . . that you stop allowing your attention to be consumed by a thousand-and-one--so-to-speak--concerns and details of your awful condition.  At some point, He has made you aware of this, which is when you KNEW that you needed Him and were born again . . . .

And for the new creature to develop and thrive . . . you will be wanting to now devote your attention--WHAT YOU FACE--squarely and directly upon the perfect and victorious character of The Saviour, The Messiah.  Look at HIM.  Lose your self in love of HIM.

Do you recall being "in love"?  How all the world and it's troubles seemed to not matter anymore . . . because you were so enrapt, so "in love" with another?  The world could all go to hell and you and your love couldn't care less!  As long as you were together . . . .

THAT is the same condition . . . the disciple must be in with the Master.  It is a marriage--bride and bridegroom . . . and let all the world fade away--let the dead bury the dead . . . for YOU . . . are focused solely on the pleasure and beauty and wonder of your love.  You are ready to die . . . without a thought given . . . for your love . . . .

The attributes . . . the character . . . . Everything they do--the way they do it, every small thing . . . is pleasant and thrilling to behold.

Well, this mortal experience of love between creatures . . . is just a type and shadow--a beautiful and charming one even--of what is intended to be our ULTIMATE loving relationship.

Either you are facing the Lord--His light blazing countenance--His perfection . . . and becoming lost in that . . . . OR, you are facing the fallen, dark, miserable world and your fallen self in it . . . .

About face!  Turn around and face your Lord, your Master--He whose righteousness WAS already made yours!

Then . . . you will find . . . that by having your attention on Him . . . through His gracious power of drawing Spirit . . . you will begin to change . . . to take on more of HIS qualities . . . which you so admire . . . .

This alone . . . beats ALL the thousands of mystical practices and techniques and esoteric and ascetic disciplines and rule following and law abiding . . . that tries to change a person's soul character.  THIS is the closest thing to a "secret" there is . . . what "magic" would attempt to achieve, but always fails in . . . .

What are you facing?  HIM . . . or NOT-HIM?

brother, thomas

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The fish doesn't know it's wet.  Neither do most recognize the stew of sin they swim in.  Day and night, we breathe iniquity like it's air.

Inhale . . . sin, iniquity, depravity . . . exhale sin, wickedness, death . . . . So natural--such a normal part of daily so-called life.  It is so prevalent that you don't notice it anymore.

Sin?  What sin?  Don't talk to me about sin!  Tell me how wonderful I am.  Tell me I can have anything I want if I just learn "the secret" . . . or now, "the magic."  Don't bring me down with your negativity.  I want to feel good about myself.  I love myself . . . .

Do you love God?  NO!  Is He the first thought on your mind when you awake?  Through the day are you thinking about Him . . . talking to Him, listening for His direction?  And at night when you fall to sleep is He on your heart, or is it just the sights and sounds remembered from the day . . . worries, plans, desires for your self . . . as you fall to sleep?

Worse yet are those who claim to love God--to have been "saved" by God . . . but then nothing in them changes.  They call themselves "Christians" but they live just like the unbelievers and just as the pagans and world lovers.  Money, sex, greed, lust, lying, cheating . . . and not even aware of it.  Like the fish, they don't even know they are wet.  Drenched in sin!  Day in, day out, the same old wretch, claiming His Name but never changing and living just as the unbelievers do.

Here is how you know if you have really been baptized in the Spirit or not.  For if you have, YOU WILL START TO CHANGE, TO TRANSFORM!  Though you yet sin, you no longer look to sin.  You repent and lament your fallen nature whereas before you didn't really care about it--in fact didn't really recognize it.  But now you do!  And you want--you CRAVE that He changes you WHOLLY, COMPLETELY.  You loathe and detest that fallen nature and want it AWAY from you!

But look at the unbeliever.  They revel in iniquity.  They even glorify it in song and in their dress--in their words and habits.  It is all around and they notice it not.  "What sin?  What's the big deal preacher?  Chill out 'Jesus freak' . . . ."

Hey, it's just another day in the water, in the ocean, swimming around.  Yeah, maybe I'll check a few blogs, watch some t.v. . . . go to work, go to school . . . eat something tasty . . . another day . . . lukewarm, no big deal.


Lazy, lukewarm, satisfied, tepid, weak, enervated, careless . . . self loving, smug, not worried, not broken hearted to the point of tears about the unsaved . . . .

I pray you are as fired up as I am about God!  About Jesus!  About NOW, today getting ahold of the Holy fire, the Spirit!  Are you considering the brothers and sisters RIGHT NOW being persecuted around the world by godless, atheist humanists and communists in China, Russia, Cuba . . . by radical, violent Muslims in Africa . . . by radical hateful Hindus in India--children, women, pastors . . . attacked for their faith, threatened with death because they WILL NOT betray their dedication to Jesus Christ . . .?
Are you disgusted and do you mourn with me the false teachers in our churches preaching prosperity doctrine and love of self . . . talking about explicit sex at the pulpit . . . saying you can have it all--you can be worldly, love the things of the world AND God?

Wake up!  Shake yourself!  Come out of the fog, the heart numbing stupor of sinful indolence!  Let it NOT be the water you swim in for around you is a holy fire which burns away the sinful malaise~!  PREPARE TO MEET YOUR MAKER!  It could be today!  The Kingdom of God is at hand!

Do not party and truck with the dead!  Do not shrug and laugh it off!  BE A FOOL FOR CHRIST!  Be considered a madman to the world.  Let them mock and scoff and scorn--these are your stripes!

THANK GOD for His mercy that He has found you and saved you and forgiven you!  Be on FIRE for the Gospel!  DIE, DIE, DIE TO YOUR SELF!  Be done with it!  Live ONLY for God!

Please do not slog through another day, wishy-washy . . . half-baked, half-a**ed . . . half awake, groggy, unappreciative . . . nonchalant THAT HE SUFFERED AND DIED FOR YOU!  FOR YOU!!!

Come on now, WAKE UP and repent!  And give thanks!  And spread the Word!  You are His hands, His eyes, His heart, His mind, His mouth . . . commissioned to SHINE HIS LIGHT through YOU to the world!  THROUGH YOU He chooses others!  Through you . . . HE awakens others!  Through you . . . His story is shared, told, preached, shown!  Do NOT be lazy, lukewarm . . . the days are short . . . and then come the days when none shall work . . . and you do NOT want to be lamenting that you did not do your share!  There is NOTHING more important . . . at this point . . . NOW . . . in time . . . in this age!

Praise God!

Your brother in love, in Christ,

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Need To Succeed

This is a tricky subject and I pray I can do it some justice . . . .

"Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary."--Gal. 6:9

This life is about rewards.  If it were not, there would be no point in it.  Is it not clearly the case that everything we do, we do to achieve a certain result?  The Zen practitioners especially seek to escape this reality by attempting to kill desire--cause and effect--by obliterating the self through determined meditation on "nothingness."  But they cannot escape the fact.  For in their very attempt they are trying to achieve a certain desired result, even if they call that result or goal "nothingness."

The Christian Way is altogether different and superior above all.  Yes, there is a death to "self" . . . but only so that God's intended self for you can exist.

One self must die so that a new self can be born and thrive.  It is not intended that your individual self be obliterated so that some vast impersonal self is all there is.  Such an idea and practice is an affront to the Creator.  He deliberately created individuals, each one unique and special in His creation and to destroy any one of them is an assault against His will and purposes.

A story is playing out and the divine script says that we each have a fallen self which is only a mere, dark, vague, warped version of our true and ultimate self.  Because we have no wisdom and no goodness in us, we abandon our own attempts to seek perfection and throw ourselves onto the mercy of the Lord, and then HE begins a wholesale transformation, renewal and eventual replacement of our self.

Within this process . . . He has magnanimously provided that we are able to experience a relative degree of individual, free will effort.

By grace alone are we saved . . . and in this we are equals, with no demerits; as in, when we arrive into the full Kingdom of God--there will be no sense that someone is lessor . . . in the Kingdom.  Not like here where we can look at people and say "this one has less" and so we feel sorry for them, or "that one has more" and there is envy . . . . No, in Heaven ALL will be restored to complete, satisfying, glorious composure and there will be no sorrow or envy.

AND ALSO . . . there will be added reward resulting from the works we do here, now, while in the flesh and in this fallen state.

"Store your treasures in Heaven . . . . "
"Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again."
 "Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously."

We are encouraged to DO . . . to ACT . . . from our salvation . . . and told that if we do it WILL be acknowledged and rewarded by God.  But if we do for the praise of men, then it is dead--NOT a treasure stored in Heaven, but sown in the fallen world which world is destined for destruction.

Those whom the Lord has brought deeper into grace . . .do good works without thinking.  It has become a natural, almost instinctive compulsion in them . . . to do good at every turn.  It is just who they are.

But not all of us are there yet.  We still have inclinations to do things to benefit first our self . . . and then, if we can finesse it so that it also helps someone else, great!

Well, do not fret.  He is a most merciful Lord.  He has made it so that, even if we don't feel like doing a good work, nevertheless . . . if we force our own hand, against our fallen nature--because, regardless of our feelings or inclination we believe and have faith that we SHOULD and thus obey--such efforts will be counted in our favor.  Not to please man, of course, or to show off to the church or the world.  But to show God that our faith is with Him, DESPITE the present condition of our Walk . . . .

We all are born with an innate desire to please, and this should not be crushed or destroyed as, ie., the Buddhists or Nihilists or Existentialists would have us do.  Rather, we take that desire to please and wholly focus it on pleasing God.

We also have a natural, created desire to achieve, to progress, to see fruits of our labor.

This too should not be ignored or "renounced."

Rather, it is to simply and directly and completely be used--put to work--in the labors of the Kingdom.

Go ahead and embrace your need to succeed, to be secure, to acquire, to be "the best" you can be.  Just have all of that innate drive--with which all are born to various degrees--directed towards your mansion in Heaven!  Of course, in this world that will mean that you become a servant . . . a giver . . . longsuffering . . . a lover of your enemy . . . a turner of the other cheek . . . one who endures . . . .

You will suffer many abuses for His Name's sake.  You will pray and tithe and serve and love . . . mostly secretly so that the world will hardly notice your good works, and may even call them evil or foolish.

But the Lord has made it clear in His Word that your works will be accounted for and that you are to find joy and purpose in their multiplying.

And so do not grow weary in doing good . . . do not lose heart even when He is rebuking you through some phase of trial . . . . Endure . . . endure . . . for you are meant to succeed in the highest, most perfect sense . . . . And He says give yourself FULLY to the work of the Lord . . . and that it will NOT be in vain--this you can count on!  There WILL be divine, glorious, perfect, awesome RESULTS from ALL that you do in and for Him.

We all are created with a need . . . to succeed . . . .

It is just a question of . . . to what end?

To an end that is part of the fallen, doomed to fail world of man?

Or to the guaranteed, willed to eternal glory . . . Kingdom of God?

I must say, it thrills me . . . to know . . . that I have life left to live . . . the next few minutes . . . hours . . . days . . . months or years--whatever He wishes . . . AND THAT there is opportunity to WORK in the vineyard, to store up treasures in Heaven . . . to know that my Master is watching, noting and will reward me.  HE placed this desire to please and prosper in my soul . . . . The devil tried to twist it to his fallen ends . . . . The Lord came down and saved me and places in my heart to desire HIS perfect end!

Nothing could be better!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Foul, aint it?

It is despicable but no surprise that the race baiters are stoking the fires of race war . . . .
The usual opportunistic agitators (frauds) are out milking the situation in Florida--Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakan etc. saying "blacks are under attack" . . . .

Where were they when that 13 year old boy a couple weeks ago was doused in gasoline and lit on fire "because he was white" by two blacks?  Was it not just last summer that the roving gangs of blacks were flash mobbing downtown shops, malls and fairs . . . attacking people randomly because "they were white"?

Every day people are robbed, assaulted and murdered for "being in the wrong neighborhood"--being the wrong color and how long would a white teenage boy Trayvon Martin's age last walking alone in Compton or East L.A., Harlem or downtown Detroit?

But we are in the season of mega hypocrisy and communist race agitation . . . and approaching the violent phase of the revolution . . . the riots and civil unrest . . . and every circumstance will be used by the soulless ghouls to stir up discord, disunity, hatred, resentment . . . in order to finally collapse the civil order and compel . . . communist dictatorship.

These "social justice" charlatans are disgusting--self seeking, self promoting hustlers who care not one whit about black people except to use them as pawns in their lust for prominence, wealth and power.

Like the Kony2012 propaganda meme . . . people sure are jumping to conclusions without knowing the facts, aren't they.  For one thing, the story was reported initially as a "white man shooting and un-armed black teenager."

Have they yet started mentioning, for one thing . . . that Zimmerman is HISPANIC?!  Ah, but don't let the facts get in the way of a good race baiting agitprop campaign!
We don't know yet, but it may turn out that Zimmerman was the one heard screaming for help in one of the released phone recording . . . that he was attacked, beaten bloody by Trayvon . . . before shooting.  I don't know.  No one knows at this point.  I agree it is a terribly sad situation--any child being shot and the family's loss is grievous, of course.

But what the socialist/communist agitators are doing with this sad situation is disgusting and deplorable, where suddenly we now have Barry telling us in ominous tones that "we as a nation must do some soul searching" as if WE are somehow responsible for what some Hispanic guy did to a black teen in Florida?

A once gang member (now reformed) Jose' once told me about . . . and showed me the park . . . where he says he and his Mexican gangsta friends use to "hang blacks" who wandered in their territory.  They were at war, there in East L.A. the Hispanics and the blacks, you see . . . .

Maybe someone should do some "soul searching" about that . . . eh?

Well, it's ridiculous--tragically ridiculous . . . and pathetic . . . the lengths the left wing goes to destroy unity and peace, for it is in chaos and unrest that they seize power . . .though . . .  as mentioned out the outset not surprising.

This is continuing to look like the summer of riot . . . the gearing up of the Occupy threatening to go into its "trouble making phase" . . . the supposed "war on woman" . . . and now "war on blacks" . . . .

It's all classic communist agitation . . . . The wisdom of Godless man-worshiping on display, doing it's thing, destroying and causing chaos in order to rebuild from ashes--the new utopia, the "new man" . . . "heaven" on earth . . . .  Foul, ain't it . . . . 

Francis Fox Piven:  "“There is room for all of us. Religious leftists, people who think peace is the answer, those who think that wholesome food is what we really need, ecologists and old-fashioned Democrats, Democratic Socialists, Socialists and Communists . . . . We can work together because we have a really huge task before us, transforming America and the World.”

Friday, March 23, 2012

A Mighty, Holy, Light Shield and Lance . . . .

Sometimes . . . the darkness surrounds . . . . There is an opening in your armor, and the enemy rushes in to pierce . . . . Or the harrying of the ghoulish unseen putting stumbling blocks in your path . . . . Or a misunderstanding with a friend becomes complicated, gets worse, bringing sadness . . . . A foolish mistake--an act done impetuously, unthinking but now with dire consequences which must be faced . . . .

Whatever . . . . A most powerful way to dispel the darkness and scatter the enemy . . . is to turn to praise and thanksgiving--worship and gratitude.  On the spiritual battlefield, which is the real and only battlefield preceding all other battlefields, this acts like a mighty Light shield and lance.  The thanks and praise . . . blinds the enemy, hurts their "senses"--is painful like fire, and blocks their further advances and jabs them like the Holy Name pierces them through--they want to flee from such a place where gratitude and worship of God are making a stand . . . .

Hurry and take the mind off of the errors, and away from stewing on the problem or attack . . . and recall all those things to be thankful for.  Even in the most difficult of situations, there are so many things to be grateful for, provided by the Lord.  And then praise Him for all--the joy and the pain, the good times and the suffering--for ALL OF IT works to the good for those who love Him!  How profound and wonderful is that?! 

The devil must flee when a worshipful heart and a praising spirit comes into your soul--this he cannot tolerate, for he covets that praise . . . and nothing defeats him quicker in a dark moment than when you shift from feeling sorrow for yourself . . . to feeling TRULY and sincerely thankful FOR EVERYTHING and, in recognizing and believing that EVERYTHING is sovereignly designed by the Father, you want to worship Him, like the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders falling on their faces at the throne--nothing is more obvious and compelling . . . than the desire, the pleasure . . . to give thanks and praise to the Creator of the Universe . . . knowing that you were created for His pleasure!

Are you one who felt a jab in that?  Are you someone who . . . recoils slightly within . . . when you hear that you were created for God's pleasure . . . instead of He for yours?  THAT is the devil.

The follower of Christ turns away from that rebellious recoil . . . and presses more intently . . . to find those thing to be thankful for and to unleash the spirit of worship within, happy to be submitted.

Anytime you feel the powers of darkness needling into your space, your soul . . . DISPEL them with an instant dash of praise and thanksgiving, and at once, you are aligning with God's will and ultimate purpose for your destiny.  This is mighty powerful--a holy weapon, capable of slaying whole battalions of the attacking dead who would pull you to the grave . . . .

Amen, Hallelujah!

  Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good;
For His lovingkindness is everlasting . . . 
  Oh let those who  fear the LORD say,
“His lovingkindness is everlasting.”
  From my distress I called upon  the LORD;
 The LORD answered me and set me in a large place.
 The LORD is for me; I will not fear;
What can man do to me?

  The LORD is for me among those who help me;
Therefore I will look with satisfaction on those who hate me.
  It is better to take refuge in the LORD
Than to trust in man.

  It is better to take refuge in the LORD
Than to trust in princes.

 You pushed me violently so that I  was falling,
But the LORD helped me.
  The LORD is my strength and song,
And He has become my salvation.

  The sound of joyful shouting and salvation is in the tents of the righteous;
The right hand of the LORD does valiantly.
 The right hand of the LORD is exalted;
The right hand of the LORD does valiantly.
  I will not die, but live,
And tell of the works of  the LORD.

  The LORD has disciplined me severely,
But He has not given me over to death.
 Open to me the gates of righteousness;
I shall enter through them, I shall give thanks to  the LORD.
 This is the gate of the LORD;
The righteous will enter through it.

  This is the LORD’S doing;
It is marvelous in our eyes.
  This is the day which the LORD has made;
Let us rejoice and be glad in it.
  You are my God, and I give thanks to You;
You are my God, I extol You.
  Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good;
For His lovingkindness is everlasting.        

Psalm 118 (portions)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Heeding The Clarion Call

Quite a few years now I have been monitoring the situation, so to speak . . . expected certain developments and then watched them roll into view, on the ground.  For instance, when the big bailouts and "stimulus" moneys were being thrown around I said that one of the actual main purposes for the dispersal of the millions and billions of dollars . . . was to fund revolutionary cadre's in the final strategic push for totalitarian control.

In other words, that huge chunks of the money were going to be laundered through front "projects" but ultimately intended for social agitation groups like the unions (SEIU) . . . Acorn . . . "Occupy" and hundreds of other "social justice" outfits; which are basically just gangs--communist revolutionary gangs--designed to cause trouble, protest, agitate, threaten/intimidate etc.

And I can see now that this is indeed what is going on and is about to get a whole lot worse.

One of the "fronts" right now is the "freedom of speech" front.  Of course, in the totalitarian takeover, one of the primary areas of battle is speech/expression/language.  Talk radio has been a major force in stalling the takeover and the one area that the left has not (YET) been able to subdue.  But this is all changing and it will be a very different landscape within the year. 

The assault on Rush Limbaugh is the spear point of the attack, and has received lots of attention, but what you may not know is happening is that in nearly every city and town . . . right now, there is a full bore campaign going on to target local and syndicated conservative talk radio.  Stations and hosts are being picketed . . . letters are being sent . . . threats . . . boycotts . . . and it is all coordinated and funded from (I suggest) the piles of money that were extorted from the American people and funneled to left-wing revolutionary activist groups.  The activists are saying things like, "you don't have enough minorities in your programming . . . you don't have enough women . . . you don't have enough homosexuals" and they are using the pretext of "local control" to transform or shut down the targeted (conservative) stations.

Under the guise of saying we need more "civility" in our "public discourse" . . . and more "diversity" . . . what is actually meant . . . is that we are to have complete UNIFORMITY of the "politically correct" worldview.  Which worldview . . . is simply communist party line . . . hidden behind the so-called causes of "equal rights" . . . "civil rights" . . . "women's rights" . . . "multiculturalism" . . . "diversity" . . . "green" . . . .

The Internet and churches are also being "conformed" . . . so that . . . when anyone dares to publish or preach . . . something which goes against the "accepted" . . . "politically correct" party line (which is nothing more or less than Marxist ideology/propaganda) . . . then that person or persons . . . will be targeted, boycotted, protested . . . shouted down . . . threatened . . . fined . . . eventually imprisoned . . . forcibly medicated . . . and/or even tortured and executed.

The strategy is to make everyone cower, keep your head down, stifle your alarm, go along to get along, while the dictatorship continues and increasingly steals or destroys your property, your children, your family, your (physical) freedom, your city . . . your country.  If you protest or object you will be called an "extremist" . . . "dangerous" . . . "domestic terrorist" . . . "radical" . . . "racist" . . . "homophobe" . . . "misogynist" . . . "religious fanatic" . . . .

The Lord, however, is gathering His people--drawing them IN . . . to Himself.  This is happening spiritually and even materially where He is connecting believers in fellowship where they can encourage and sustain one another during this trying time.  You should be noticing it right about now.  Either you are being "funneled" as I mentioned . . . more intensely and directly towards His righteousness and cause . . . OR . . . you are finding yourself getting deeper in bed with the world.

You are either beginning to really crave and yearn and find joy in the things of the Spirit and the Word . . . and in His divine presence . . . OR . . . you are finding yourself repulsed by the name Jesus and Biblical teaching.

You are being inspired to greater love and respect for the teachings of the Gospel--wanting more and more of it . . . thirsting and hungry for that "Food" . . . . . . OR . . . you are inclined to mock and sneer at the religious . . . to malign and hate them . . . and yourself to bask in carnality, moral degradation, blasphemy . . . RELISHING the anti-Christ spirit . . . .

They cannot steal your soul!  Your house, your wealth, your "freedom", your country . . . yes . . . but, as a disciple of the Lord, you realize these were never yours anyhow.  In fact nothing is yours. 

But if ever there was a time to understand and hold Mathew 10:28 . . . it is now and in the nearing days . . . .

"Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."

A clarion call has gone out . . . in and throughout the Spirit--the Body of Christ--to double down on your salvation.  This life is fleeting--a flash, come and gone, dust to dust.  However, ETERNITY stands and reaches It's holy hand TO YOU . . . in the Person of Jesus . . . and it is the KINGDOM OF GOD sounding in your EARS . . . which makes this den of thieves, liars and murderers PALTRY . . . as it crumbles just as fast as they think to erect it.

There's only TWO WAYS TO GO right now . . . .

And you are either serving ONE or the OTHER master . . . .

Praising God and giving thanks,
your brother believer, thomas

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"Last show... predicted the beginning of the money on the streets.... Americorps... internal Obama army... ss .... unions.. thugs... enforcing party line/rule....."

--FREEDOM, PEACE ... AND LOVE: are the watchwords ..... CHILL OUT... COOL DOWN time ... as people and events and tempers ARE BEING STOKED .....
To stay true .... in the citizen/render unto Caesar way .... 
To avoid being "triggered" into incriminating act .... BE ABOUT PEACE! be a peacemaker .... wanting no trouble ... follow the law ..... do what is right.... treat others in golden rule ...strive to LIVE A BLAMELESS life--as much as possible ... .THIS IS PROTECTION and brings comfort .... Along with THE LOVE, loving one another as the Lord loves us! ..... MUST BE REAL! ...... It is necessary to have this mindset to face the times coming .....

--Flip The Polarity: When you REACT you are in the clutches of wizards ..... You break their HOLD through Jesus Who is CIRCUIT BREAKER DELUXE ..... following this simple recent rule of mine: "mercy on the gang stalkers" ..... you switch the polarity .... Do NOT be baited into regretful actions ...... remember the warning years ago to watch what you say... SOMETIMES things will be said THROUGH you that are not you.... to get you in trouble.... Same with actions ..... You must think on and be like Jesus... this breaks the circuit of mind control (occult and technological) . . . . and through having MERCY, LOVE for enemies, ie., stalkers....tormentors....
This is how to beat the accompanying paranoia ..... For there WILL BE MANY of these ... spies, provocateurs .... EVERYWHERE .....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mixed Metaphors: Funnels, Gates and Fire

The great funneling . . . amidst the refining fire . . . along the straight gate and narrow way . . . .

Sometime after the great dressings down . . . He then begins to burn away the dross--stripping away all that is superfluous to full, untainted service to Him and Him alone.  This is part of the process of dying to self, losing one's life to get life eternal.  It's real, serious business.

The temptation comes in wanting to cling to "old friends"--literally, sometimes old friends . . . but also old habits, coveted patterns of thought, attachments to certain emotions and passions.  Real character transformation  gets underway and it is often scary and painful.  But what else is there to do . . . but to go with it?  You can't go back.  You can't continue mucking in the mess that was "the old man"--of the lineage of Adam.  Onward you belong to a new race, a new lineage, a creature being made new.

You will watch and pray and trust, as He strips away those things which you did and are, which are of The Lie . . . and to help, the Holy Spirit starts giving you new kinds of taste and appetite.

What you once craved and couldn't get enough of, now begins to taste bitter and unfulfilling.  Oh, you will, out of habit, still visit the well--that rotten, poisoned well, but increasingly it makes you sick . . . and ongoing you long for only that which comports with the way of righteousness.  A taste for the holy develops in your "mouth" and a steady, growing hunger and thirst for righteousness brings you back again and again to drink from the water of life.  And it satisfies. And in that satisfaction you want more . . . and more . . . !

Where once your soul was scattered in all directions, pursuing this . . . chasing after that . . . you find a winnowing down to only those things which are aligned with His loving will for you.  He loves you and wants you to enter into peace and that security which transcends normal earthly understanding.

Eventually, you learn to trust His leading and thrill that you have Heard Him--you get the gift of knowing that indeed, He truly does only want what is best--even glorious, perfect--for YOU . . . specifically.

As the refining process continues . . . and as you progressively cease fighting His will in the affairs of your life--you find that He is drawing you to an ever-diminishing pathway.  The walls are narrowing--the opening is becoming more focused, and you--like a dam of water being pressed into a tiny hole--gain increasing pressure, speed and definite direction . . . as He "funnels" you into His service and His service ALONE.

All the wandering--all the slack, and broad, moldering banks which once contained your wide girth of a dissipated soul, are left behind, as the water gets streamlined . . . along a channel--which is the straight and narrow way.  And like gravity pulling, drawing the water down--He draws you . . . toward Himself . . . and away from all that is unworthy of a child of God--of the King of Kings.

He will demand faith . . . for you to proceed.  And He will give you the faith you need . . . to proceed.

The great funneling . . . is underway.  By focusing and narrowing a force of energy, you make it "hotter".....

"He will sit like a refiner and purifier of silver . . . ."  He watches over you . . . bringing your temperature to just the right point . . . hot enough but not too hot.  How does a silversmith know when the silver has been finally refined?  When he can see his image in it.

Eventually, the Lord will narrow your way, through The Gate . . . and it will seem like you are dying, losing everything--so much of you (which was actually dross) will be taken away.  But if you continue to go . . . He has simply brought you to the straight and narrow gate--you are in the great funneling . . . getting purified in His transformational fire . . . so that . . . all that is not for Him, of Him . . . is gone, and His reflection He can see . . . in your purified ("clean") substance.  You are done, when He sees His image in you . . . .

[Mathew 7:14; Malachi 3:3]

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Moments compiled . . . Part 2

 Ok, so this is the reading list since last September, 6 months ago.  The last book I mentioned was by Frank Waters, "The Man Who Killed the Deer" . . . (Waters is a southwest U.S. Native American author, poet, philosopher--interesting fellow and great writer capturing life on the reservation and culture clashing), which I finished last September.

[Besides the staple--ongoing reading of scripture . . .
I generally have 3 types of books going, which I'm reading, simultaneously.  One type is simply for fun--escapist . . . and these usually historical fiction based on historical events and characters, though sometimes good ol' fantasy and/or science fiction fills the bill.

The other type is spiritual . . . inspiring--usually the story and teachings of some saint or holy person from the past.

The third type is research.  For a while this has been focused on Native American and paleo-indigenous peoples . . . ancient archeology/anthropology . . . etc., . . .  AND books (and listening to recorded interviews and lectures) about the craft of writing . . . .]

So, since last September . . .

1--One of the most pleasurable reads I've had in a long time is a book sent me by K.S. It arrived out of the blue and sat around for a month or so before I had a chance to peruse it . . . and upon perusing, I was immediately hooked and had a hard time putting it down.  I can't believe I hadn't heard of it before.  "The Gurus, The Young Man, And Elder Paisios" by Dionysios Farasiotos.  While the book is, generally speaking, from the Orthodox viewpoint, I found much in it with which I could relate.  The author retells a prodigal spiritual journey quite similar to my own, tracing through worldly libertinism, the occult, self-help mind control techniques, and especially his journey to India and through "Eastern mysticism".  
It's just a blunt, honest and incredible account of the supernatural happenings that attend that particular mindset and seeking, which I have been through myself.  My oldest son Alexander borrowed the book and devoured it--loved it, and now his wife is reading it.  It's just a great read.  Enlightening, inspiring, haunting (the supernatural events described), but also simply fun--a page turner.

2--K.S. later sent another book which I read called "Orthodoxy and The Religion of The Future" by Fr. Saraphim Rose . . . written years ago . . . which fortells the anti-Christ spirit of the New Age and Ecumenical movements, among other things.  Constance Cumby sites this book as the book which really woke her up to the same dire issues.  Rose shows prophetic prescience in his vision of the flavor, style and "doctrine" . . . of the coming one world anti-Christ religion. 

3--"Ghost Dance" by John Norman . . . a historical fiction novel . . . is about a Sioux warrior during the time of Wounded Knee Massacre . . . and his relationship with a homesteading white woman/teacher on the prairie . . . . decent book.....

4,5,6,--For several years now I've been on and off reading the colorful history of Scotland through the author Nigel Tranter, a most prolific writer and scholar . . . who has, it seems written about every single notable character in Scottish history.  I found his books randomly . . . just grabbed one at a used book store because it had a guy with a sword on the cover . . . about Robert The Bruce . . . who'd I'd heard of and was intrigued by . . . and ended up reading the whole trilogy on "The Bruce" . . . . My wife has Scot blood and, I found out later, can trace lineage TO Robert the Bruce . . . and Mary Queen of Scots . . . so, that angle has interested me as well . . . . Anyway, last fall I read Tranter's trilogy about Rob Roy's clan "The MacGregors"--all three books a great and fun read based on historical events of tumultuous, family and freedom loving Scotland . . . .
"The MacGregor Trilogy:  "MacGregor's Gathering", "The Clansmen", "Gold For Prince Charlie".

7--As part of my research . . . I read the short but eye-popping book "Lost World of Giants" by Jonathan Gray, which is just basically a laundry list of giant bones and giant archeology found but hidden, suppressed . . . . by the "scientific" party line . . . .

8--More research:  "Unearthing Ancient America" compiled and edited by Ancient American magazine editor Frank Joseph.  This is again a compilation of purportedly hidden, suppressed archeological "finds" which tend to show support the "diffusionist theory" . . . that there has historically been a lot more world travel and mingling of races and culture than what has been "officially" taught.  There are biblically based archeologists and scholars, like Jonathan Gray and Steven Collins who I trust more in the matter, but the Ancient American magazine does add some interesting discoveries in the mix.  Frank Joseph, however, is a dubious fellow . . . and knowing his troubled Nazi/pedophile background and current Pagan stance . . . well, this whole area of study is like a minefield.  For instance, Wayne May, the publisher of Ancient American magazine is Mormon and many of the articles and stories found therein are crafted to support the Book of Mormon's authenticity.  Also, that charlatan who makes my skin crawl Glenn Kimball is a buddy of these guys . . . . A lot going on in this field of study . . . which I parse through and, quite honestly, appeal to Holy Spirit Spirit of Truth . . . to guide me through to avoid the myriad agendas and mis-directions . . . .

9-- "The Gila River" by Gary McCarthy . . . novel about Apache and Pima Indians interaction with Jesuits and white settlers along the Gila River....

10--"Columba" by Nigel Tranter . . . another in the Scottish history interest . . . about the great missionary Columba spreading the Gospel in Celtic Scotland . . . . This was a fascinating and even inspiring read showing the admirable zealousness of early Christian missionaries who braved pagan lands and culture, most times almost single-handedly . . . .

11--I have an affinity for the lost and forgotten . . . and so, on a lark, I will sometimes just pick up and read some obscure book . . . knowing that this was some person's, some writer's earnest endeavor--it was highly important to them, yet the book is barely read, if at all, anymore . . . and often I find rare gems this way and I love the idea of reading someone's work who has been lost in the dustbin of history, yet here I am giving it new life in my life, appreciating and respecting their effort . . . if ya know what I mean . . . . One of these was a beat up old book I grabbed used for a dollar called "Life of St. Stephen Harding" by J.B. Dalgairns published in the late 1800s.  It is about Saint Stephen, one of the founders of the Cistercian monastic order in the spiritual volatile 12th century.  Stephen "discovered" . . . St. Bernard of Clairvaux who is one of my favorite Catholic saints . . . .

12--"Empire of the Summer Moon" . . . a beautiful book about Quanah Parker (ca. 1845 or 1852 – February 23, 1911) who was a Comanche chief, a leader in the Native American Church, and the last leader of the powerful Quahadi band before they surrendered their battle of the Great Plains and went to a reservation in Indian Territory. He was the son of Comanche chief Peta Nocona and Cynthia Ann Parker, a European American, who had been kidnapped at the age of nine and assimilated into the tribe. Quanah Parker also led his people on the reservation, where he became a wealthy rancher and influential in Comanche and European American society. With seven wives and 25 children, Quanah had numerous descendants. Many people in Texas and Oklahoma claim him as an ancestor. [wiki]

 13--"Skinwalkers" by Tony Hillerman . . . a book stumbled upon . . . but will be reading more from this author who turns out to be quite beloved and respected as a supsense/mystery writer . . . with his stories taking place on "the res" . . . Navajo Indian police investigator Jim Chee . . . the accurate portrayal of reservation life and old Indian customs . . . a good, clean, fun read . . . and helpful to study in relation to writing craft . . . somewhat related to my own area of study and fiction writing . . . .

14--"Madam Bovary" by Gustave Flaubert . . . I'm just finishing . . . is a book I'd of course heard of as a classic . . . but wow, it sure is!  I include it as part of my research on the craft of writing--to analyze how a masterpiece looks . . . and, indeed the writing--the descriptions .  . . and especially the psychology depicted by this 19th century author is astounding.  And timeless!  I've never read a more apt depiction of the "modern" . . . fallen mind.  I could write a pages and pages about this book, but won't, thank goodness . . . but here is a tidbit from Wiki which roughly captures the essence:  "Madame Bovary, on the whole, is a commentary on the entire self-satisfied, deluded, bourgeois culture of Flaubert's time period. His contempt for the bourgeoisie is expressed through his characters: Emma and Charles Bovary lost in romantic delusions; absurd and harmful scientific characters, a self-serving money lender, lovers seeking excitement finding only the banality of marriage in their adulterous affairs. All are seeking escape in empty church rituals, unrealistic romantic novels, or delusions of one sort or another."

15--"No Regrets: The Life of Edith Piaf" ...what can I say . . . . occasionally I like to read the lives of people--icons . . . like Sinatra . . . Howard Hughs . . . Elvis . . . Bowie . . . . Piaf . . . I had heard of but before my time ... .but was intrigued for some reason and simple curiosity . . . and to just be random--read about something and someone I've had no interest in, because of no knowledge of . . . just to put stuff in my mind that I wouldn't normally be drawn to . . . for diversity's sake I guess . . . . A firebrand of a little, talented lady .. orphan . . . rags to riches . . . amazing talent . . .  alchohol/drug abuse . . . same old tale "I did it my way" . . . crashed and burned . . . the arc of the charasmatic . . . so often . . . .

16--"The Way of the Pilgrim; And, The Pilgrim Continues His Way" R.M. French
[ The 19th century Russian spiritual classic on prayer, "The Way of a Pilgrim," and its sequel, "The Pilgrim Continues His Way," have long fascinated those who have stumbled on this winsome tale. First published in Russian in 1884 under the title, "Candid Narratives of a Pilgrim to His Spiritual Father," this religious masterpiece recounts the adventures of an anonymous Russian pilgrim who roams the vast Siberian steppes reciting the Jesus Prayer in order to obey Christ's injunction to "pray without ceasing."


CURRENT readings in progress:  "The Dark Night of the Soul" by St. John of the Cross, "The Little Flowers of St. Francis" by Raphael Brown . . . "Totemism" by Claude Levi-Strauss . . . . "Monsters" by Brad Steiger . . .  "Understanding the Bible" by John R.W. Stott . . . "Writing Historical Fiction" by Rhona Martin . . . .
"Writing A Novel" by John Braine . . . "If You Want To Write" by Brenda Ueland . . . "Setting" by Jack M. Bickham . . . . "How To Write Action Adventure Novels" by Michael Newton . . . "Conflict, Action & Suspense" by William Noble . . . . Various historical books on of Native American life and culture . . . .

And on CD audio book from the library, listened to during commercials on talk radio during my commute:  

--"The Reformation" by Patrick Collinson ["In The Reformation, one of the preeminent historians of the period, Patrick Collinson, offers a concise yet thorough overview of the drastic ecumenical revolution of the late medieval and Renaissance eras." review]

--"The History Of Christian Theology" by Phillip Cary [Provides an overview of the development of Christian theology, from the writings of St. Paul and the formation of doctrines in the Middle Ages, through the Protestant Reformation, to the Vatican Councils. review]

Coming up I am looking at some Dostoyevsky . . . I read "The Idiot" in my early 20s . . . but really need to read "The Brothers Karamazov" . . . also Solzhenitsyn "The Gulag Archepelago" . . . some more Tony Hillerman . . . "Calvin: A Life" by Emanuel Stickelberger .  . . "The Spirit Of Protestantism" by Robert McAfee Brown . . . "Solving The Mystery Of Babylon The Great" by Edward Hendrie more Indian books and more books by and about holy people . . . and whatever else I happen to randomly select to give life to some obscure forgotten author, heh . . . . .


And, of course, Bible reading and sermon listening and discussion . . . goes on apace . . . throughout......

take care, friends,
God bless you each one and all today and forever,
b, thomas

"The Way of the Pilgrim; And, The Pilgrim Continues His Way" R.M. French

[ The 19th century Russian spiritual classic on prayer, "The Way of a Pilgrim," and its sequel, "The Pilgrim Continues His Way," have long fascinated those who have stumbled on this winsome tale. First published in Russian in 1884 under the title, "Candid Narratives of a Pilgrim to His Spiritual Father," this religious masterpiece recounts the adventures of an anonymous Russian pilgrim who roams the vast Siberian steppes reciting the Jesus Prayer in order to obey Christ's injunction to "pray without ceasing." Apparently a wise old monk collected for posterity the captivating accounts of the pilgrim's exploits and his increasing understanding of God's providence as he commits himself to a life of prayer. The manuscript, which began to circulate privately after the pilgrim disappeared headed for Jerusalem, is reissued here in an updated translation adapted for American readers. The pilgrim's charming tales and dedicated life-style are an inspirational challenge for all who would discover their own spiritual roots, pursue the contemplative life or assimilate their piety to our modern society. Many keep this unique devotional book close at hand for they have found it a comforting source of hope when they encounter trials along life's way.]

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Amidst the Glorious Grind Part 1 (of 2)

Like the wonders of the continuous saving of 10% of all earnings put at the employ of compound interest (so I've heard) is one of the secrets to wealth building, even for the peasant, so too can little steps taken add up to many miles walked . . . and paragraphs or a page and two read (or written) here and there . . . compiles to libraries consumed and/or tombs transcribed.


What I mean is, in the instant case . . . my oh my how much fun literature, sacred scripture and edifying knowledge can be read . . . even if you just use a few spare moments of the day, here and there to do it, but on a consistent basis.

If I could, I would be reading almost constantly.  And writing.  But I can't--as in, I have no time or opportunity to ie., sit in a chair and just read a book, so am content with little moments found here and there . . . and slowly but surely, it all adds up.  

In terms of writing . . . hammering away at this blog, for instance, over the years, has equaled 6 or more fair-sized books worth of material.  I have written 40 or so new songs in that period and managed to record about 25 of those in some fashion or other.

Just through researching as time permits . . . bits by bits, but consistently . . . and writing a paragraph, a page or two . . . even sometimes just a sentence every day . . . I have reached the 100 page mark of a first draft on my ancient Indian history novel, though I must admit at this rate it will be a while until I have, hopefully, a decent final draft.  

I am going to finish it and make it the best possible piece of writing I can.  Primarily, I want it to be a good read . . . and then have some levels to it, so that . . . it can be taken as simple fun, edifying (hopefully) escapism . . . AND . . . also advance some possible insights, theories . . . on another level.

I do have concern, though, about what kind of market might be available . . . by the time it is complete.  As in, there may by little to no market at all . . . if we're in the midst of all hell breaking loose, which I don't think is out of the question . . . . Or, a more glaring obstacle . . . is how the political/social climate might be.  

When the communists take full control of a society . . . freedom of expression, of course, suffers drastically.  Everything produced . . . must be "politically correct"--must conform to the godless, Marxist/socialist view of reality . . . or it simply won't be allowed to see the light of day.  "Social Realism" is the loose term of art describing this.

We are very near that sort of stifling control already.  The current attacks on "conservative" talk radio and "politically incorrect" religious expression, will eventually lead to actual legislation criminalizing certain kinds of "speech" and expression, as it has done already in many socialist countries--as it is and was in China, Cuba and Russia still today.

According to communist doctrine . . . ALL "art" must serve the purpose "of the revolution"--no music, no painting, no poetry, no literature . . . is to be allowed in the public domain . . . which does not SUPPORT and enforce . . . communist policy and beliefs.  Sadly, it all becomes a drab, grey, superficial world, as individualism and free-thinking creativity is run through the ideological smasher . . . producing a sort of pink slime--an "inoffensive" . . . "pro-social justice", bland, nonthreatening, unchallenging "enlightened" . . . paste . . . now considered proper art.

Also, the "liberal" minded gatekeepers are constantly on the lookout for stifling and even "black listing" any expression which may positively convey "traditional values".  It is the objective of the communists now running our institutions to stamp out, malign and destroy art or craft which seeks to promote or encourage the classical Biblical world view:  ie., the pre-supposition of their being moral absolutes, right and wrong, even that there is such a thing as "truth."

The godless, communist agenda must establish a norm of relativity--there is no "truth" except what the "collective" says it is at any given point in time.  What was "true" or encouraged yesterday . . . MAY NOT be today.  It just depends on what the "party bosses" decide the current agenda is.  People must be prepared to change on a dime, what they support or attack, depending on the direction of the "leaders".  [Sidenote:  This is exactly how the Mormon church operates, it might be noted.  For instance, even though polygamy was taught as a NECESSARY and divinely ordered institution by the prophets Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, today, the "prophets" say it is wrong and so, the people are expected to ignore the contradiction and just simply follow . . . "truth" being relative and all, depending on the CURRENT "leaders'"  direction.]

But, I will never kow-tow to this horrible, life and art killing agenda, so . . . we'll just have to see how it all pans out.  I'm just saying that I expect it will be increasingly difficult and near impossible, as the communists firm up their dictatorial power, to produce creative, honest, original art, music and literature.  Besides the opportunistic, spineless industry "gatekeepers" . . . there will be hordes of mindless, soulless ghouls who will be directed through social media to attack, boycott, terrorize ANY "artist" who dares to create works which do not tow the party line.

And, more importantly, this situation will be especially pronounced regarding those teaching God's Word.  Preachers, pastors, writers, speakers, bloggers . . . will be likewise targeted with increasing vitriol and violence, should they dare to continue to promote the "traditional" world view taught by scripture.

Hearts, minds and souls will be won . . . when sincere seekers shall look upon the stark contrasts . . . of those dark, prideful, self-seeking "social activists" screaming and enforcing that good be evil and evil be good . . . versus the light-filled, humble but fearless, activists FOR GOD, who will NOT be silenced--will NOT be bribed and threatened into submission to LIES and the Father of Lies . . . .

In part 2, I am eager to share some of the fascinating worlds, dimensions and truths visited over the past half year, all from just moments found here and there, amidst the glorious grind . . . some, thanks to you I might mention :)

God with you today, now . . . .
a brother, thomas

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vain, Raging Imaginings . . . of the Heathen

The heathen rage and imagine a vain thing.  King David, around 3000 years ago remarked on this, and the Bible, being the Word of God, applies just as much--even more, if it's possible--TODAY!
There is nothing new under the sun. 

A thousand-odd years later, Apostles Peter and John had been arrested, arraigned in court . . . condemned . . . and threatened to desist from preaching about this Jesus of Nazareth.

" 'But to stop this thing from spreading any further among the people, we must warn these men to speak no longer to anyone in this name.' Then they called them in again and commanded them not to speak or teach at all in the name of Jesus."  --Acts 4:17-18

When Peter and John returned to their people--the church members--and told them of what had happened, the group prayed and recounted Psalm 2:1 adding "the kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together against the Lord and against his Anointed One."  --Acts 4:25-26

And so it is today.  Nothing makes the wicked rage and protest . . . like the truth.  And since He is the ultimate truth . . . just mere mention of His name, let alone His teachings and warnings . . . sends them into hateful, often violent, shouting frenzy.

But "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"  --Isa. 5:20

I'll tell you . . . something lately I have felt in the spirit like at no other time.  The kindling wrath of God.

In our city, the hapless Governor signed new legislation which would require the public schools to teach "abstinence only" in sex education classes.  No more explicit discussion of sex acts, homosexuality, diverse self pleasuring practices etc.

And the capitol rotunda was filled last night with screaming, shouting, angry protesters, many who had brought their small children, to DEMAND that public schools teach the children sex explicitly, in depth and with no tinge of moral judgment. 

Another story, which my wife told me she had heard on the radio . . . was about a Christian woman, an activist of sorts who speaks on the proliferation of underage sex trafficking, prostitution and the dangers of the pornography industry .  . . where she was on a plane headed to attend just such a conference . . . and a fellow in the seat in front of her was looking at violent "kiddie porn" on his laptop.
The Christian woman complained to the flight-attendant . . . and . . . well, the other passengers and the flight-attendant attacked the Christian woman for complaining saying it was none of her business what the guy was looking at (though visible to all) . . . and nothing was done--the man was allowed to continue his viewing.

When I see these instances, and especially  the God hating, family hating, Bible hating "liberal" faction currently raging and agitating in the public square these days . . . calling evil good . . . and good evil . . . like never before . . . I feel the wrath of God looming.  One day, everyone will have to publicly account for what they have done to either STAND for the cause of TRUTH--which is Jesus . . . Or, their rebellious, violent hatred of the Lord and His people . . . will be shown and . . . they will be judged . . . according to their works and which side they stood and fought for.  They know not what they do, but I pray they get a clue quick . . . for He will not tarry forever.  There will be an end to it . . . and at that point, it will be too late.

Oh, how the heathen rage at such a thought!  They want to spin and twist and pervert endlessly with no consequences . . . . Never do they want to account for the beast they have served.

But account they will, and WOE! 

And so it must be, because God is GOOD . . . COMPLETELY, WHOLLY GOOD, so, therefor . . . He cannot truck with bad, with evil.  It MUST go to its own place.  And God is JUST.  Absolutely just.

But in their vanity, the heathen imagine a reality where anything goes, with no justice, no accounting, which is the height of foolishness.  Woe . . . to them . . . I can feel . . . hovering . . . more than ever--He has just about had a gut-full . . . of their nonsense!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Carnal Mind Vs. Spiritual Mind

"For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace." --Rom 8:6

Most of the time and much of the problem . . . is that we are caught operating from the carnal mind.  I have written and spoke of the importance especially in these days to using the spiritual mind.  There is a world of difference between the two . . . literally.

Those caught in the worldly, or "carnal mind" . . . do not understand the distinction.  The "spiritual mind" is NOT simply the carnal mind crammed with "good thoughts" . . . mystical ideas . . . willed "positive thinking", though this is the general trap into which most stumble.

In my early days of seeking I met many such people . . . new age or Eastern mystic types . . . who had filled their minds with and followed various "spiritual" concepts . . . shunning what they considered "unenlightened" habits and ways of thinking . . . but there was always the sense that these self-conceived "spiritual people" . . . were actually seething deeper within.  Nothing had really changed in them deep down.  It was all still there--lust, greed, envy, pride--but they kept a lid on it and then just piled on top of the lid "good karma", positive attitude, uncritical tolerance, "non-judgmentalism", "living in the moment", etc.

All still operating from the carnal mind . . . but just cleverly gilded with rainbows and fairy dust; while a sneering monster lay hungry and angling, hidden below the surface.  "Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof . . . . " --2 Tim 3:5

Many Christians do the same thing.  On top, for outward show and even with good intentions, there is the mushy gushy facade of fellowship, clean living, and championing of "correct doctrine" . . . while lurking in the shadows is a contentious, jealous, territorial, self-righteous and prideful Machiavelli . . . who thinks to win God's favor and gain exalted status in The Body . . . through good works and "stamping out corruption".

The problem is . . . that the carnal mind, designed to work in a world of time/space and matter, by its nature, operates . . . to survive and "win".  If you follow certain rules and principles--laws--and excel at them, then you will "progress" . . . to greater security, power and influence.  Survive and thrive . . . of the fittest.

Spiritual mind "operates" from and for . . . an whole different world--a different reality.  The Kingdom is inverse of the fallen world, and so, Its characteristics tend to reflect from the (carnal) world in direct opposition.

As in, "For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it."

And, "Blessed are the POOR in spirit . . . .
        "Blessed are they who MOURN . . . .
        "Blessed are the MEEK . . . . "

To the carnal mind, a statement like this makes no sense whatsoever, and is, in fact abhorrent:  "But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty . . . . " --1 Cor. 1:27

I must mention the Mormon religion here because it is such a quintessential example of a religious system based in the carnal mind.  The allure to the carnal mind is all there . . . with the crowning achievement of WORKS resulting in attaining GODHOOD and the "Celestial" (highest) heaven!

The system devised by Joseph Smith appeals to pride, vanity, LUST even . . . but cleverly cloaked in a semblance of Jesus and Christian righteousness.  The carnal mind analyzes:

"You mean . . . if I follow all these rules and "ordinances" . . . laws and principles . . . and do it better than everyone else . . . I can Lord it over my own world and universe?  And have continuous sex with a physical body with hundreds, maybe thousands of "goddesses"?  I'll take it!"

Meanwhile, a person with a spiritual mind . . . has been brought to the place of a spirit of true repentance (been "dressed down", as I say) . . . shown by God what they really are . . . and lays broken, destitute, poor, weak, and knowing itself an utter failure--a wretch, sinful, fallen and dying . . . .

And says, "Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.  Take me over,  remake me.  Let no more awful thing come from me, but only what YOU want of me.  I quit.  I surrender.  I submit!"

The spiritual mind does not look for ways to impress God so as to boast.  It does not try to INVEIGLE (win over by wile and ingenuity) its way to perfection, to power, to status, to self respect . . . like, for instance, the L.D.S. do with a 10 page checklist of "good works":  Tithing - check, temple work - check, sealed in the temple - check, secret handshake - check, memorized oaths - check, accept "calling" - check, bear testimony - check, and so on . . . and so on . . . and on . . . and on . . . (it has been estimated there are over 4 thousand rules and laws a Mormon must adhere to and follow "faithfully" . . . to warrant entrance into the "Celestial Kingdom" . . . and even then, you still will have to get Joseph's Smith's ok to get in!

There is a full court press underway--I'm sure you've noticed--a raging assault . . . upon every mind, heart and soul right now . . . to mold, direct, and completely CONTROL the carnal mind of each . . . to steer it and it's possessor . . . straight into the clutches of Satan and headlong for Hell.

So long as you are operating from the carnal mind, you will be caught in this spiraling (downward) maelstrom . . . for the devil runs the fallen world and the carnal mind is part of the fallen world.

And how serious is it?  The scripture says that "to be carnally minded is DEATH." 

Submitting to the Lord, however, bestows the spiritual mind--which is "life and peace."  Now, your mind--and thus, YOU . . . no longer to be "run" by the devil, by the machinations of the fallen world.  Now, you are "run" by God, Who stands sovereign above all--the author and judge of death, life and peace.
Spiritual mind is the ONLY way to go.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Poor Confounded Wise....

We were talking about God again out on the front stoop in relation to the night sky, the stars, the heavens--"Again? Is that all you ever talk about!?"

[Ha ha . . . YES!  Pretty much!  What else is there?]

And Sky expressed his wonder at how the universe--cosmic space--how it goes on forever (in his quaint, limited but blunt deafspeak . . . .) "It's crazy," he said, "that space just goes on and on . . . like . . . there is no end . . . it cannot stop . . . just goes and goes . . . . "

I love to think about that sometimes.  It gives me an immediate sense of the unfathomable awesomeness of God--knowing that He is even BEFORE and beyond that!  GREATER than the infinite boundaries of the universe!

I remember being about 7 years old, sitting in this little phone booth nook in my neighbor friend's house, where I could shut the folding door and make it dark . . . and I had a "Litebrite" toy in there, but somehow I started contemplating infinity, imagining being in a space ship and headed for the edge of space . . . but then realizing that it could not possibly end . . . . What would be behind the end?  More . . . something . . . would have to keep going.  There could be no end!  And to think . . . that somehow, some way . . . God is like that--would have to be!   Beyond and above and before and after and sovereign even over the vastness of unending space . . . beyond and master even of nothingness!

And then, because of what the Bible tells us, to realize that He is personable!  He is not some "force" or impersonal intelligence, aloof . . . . But He is loving, wise, omniscient, immutable, merciful, omnipresent, holy, rational, self sufficient!

I then like to think how It says we are created in His image.  There is something profound and holy even in the form of our bodies--the way He designed our appearance.  It is a spirit of rebellion and disrespect which wants to distort, pervert, change . . . the body . . . a fallen spirit of desecration of the intended "temple".

While we know that He is spirit, I would not be surprised to find that His spirit, in a real and objectively perceptible way will be in an "image" similar to what we have ourselves as an image or likeness.

Why not?  Darkened and earthly minds jump to a conclusion that . . . if there is a God, surely He is beyond any form or likeness that we can conceive.  They laugh at the idea that God is "an old man with a white beard" sitting on a throne in heaven somewhere.

But, what if that is just about exactly what He is like?  Why not?  It very well could be . . . that there simply is a being--a person . . . Who always was . . . always will be . . . Who is omniscient, omnipresent . . . Whose inherent nature is love . . . Who actually--though in spirit--LOOKS something like the human form.  And that it just is what it is.  "I AM THAT I AM."  Whether an earthly mind can comprehend it or not . . . it may simply just be the case. 

It is because of the uninspired, false narrative of "evolution" and supposed "scientific thought" that has infected our collective understanding . . . that we assume that God, if He even exists, MUST be something so different, so alien, so transcendent . . . to the human form.  Also, the devil has always been interested in maligning the image and form of humanity and has sought through the ages to demean, pervert, twist, and disparage the human creature, because he was jealous of it in the first place. 

But I tend to believe that the idea of the Father . . . may be much more like the proverbial "old man with a beard" than being some incomprehensible, formless "intelligent force" . . . .

One reason I tend to think so, is because when I do . . . I instantly feel a deep and dignified sense of honor and humility . . . to be created so . . . . And it follows that I find I want to honor "the temple", respect its usage and expression.  A real feeling of the sacredness of our image comes in . . . and a profound gratitude and worshipful attitude accompanies the idea . . . combined with that unique, quiet but powerful "ring of truth" sensation, as if the Holy Spirit is testifying to this being a great and wonderful mystery.

Also, I can see how the modern trend towards transhumanism and altering DNA--altering the human "form"--would be a likely agenda of the Adversary's . . . who wants to "deface" and pervert the creature "made in the image of God" . . . like how pagans and rebels for ages have tended to mar the body with tattoos and piercings and intentional deformations. 

Clever Godless theorists trivialize the natural human form saying we once were apelike and someday may look like something else altogether . . . maybe just brain stems plugged into biomorphic computers . . . .

Always, the unbeliever is wanting to run away from the plain words of revelatory truth . . . "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness . . . So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them." Gen. 1:26-27

I believe, according to His own Word, that He has parts--something like eyes . . . ears . . . a mouth to "speak" . . . hands which fashion . . . a mind . . . "emotions" . . . . From our fallen, ignorant, sinful state we tend to project onto Him our own fallen, ignorant, sinful attributes, but a perfect, holy version of these must be there and He has made us so that, even in our lowly condition, we are yet able to catch a "glimpse" . . . "get a 'sense'" . . . of His personal qualities.  For we are made in His image and those same qualities exist, even if infinitesimally, as part of our potential divine nature.

When I ponder these things . . . my inclination is to just fall down on my knees and praise and worship such an incredible, cosmic . . . YET PERSONAL being . . . this God, this Father of ours!

I think this is a perfect example of how "God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty."  --1 Cor. 1:27

Friday, March 9, 2012

Big Hat Tip: The Zeph Report at 10!

So . . . 10 years ago Zeph Daniel came on the scene.  Wow, like I said, time's short . . . and it flies too!

10 years ago I was just graduating from law school.  It was also one of the lowest points of my life.  However, scraping, as I was, the nadir of my spiritual constitution . . . a faint light was starting to prick through, and it looked like Jesus, returning to fetch me from a dark ditch, amidst brambles, beat up, dazed . . . but still fighting.

Fighting through myself . . . to find the truth--the peace and assurance I had been seeking all my life.  I had known Jesus before--He was not new to me, but like Thomas, I seemed to need more proof and so had tested and fleshed out practically every possible alternative, just to make sure . . . and had finally settled to the bottom of all such experiences, like a sunken, lifeless vessel--encrusted with supernatural barnacles and a hollow, worn-out haven where all manner of diverse and strange creatures could swim through, taunt, flaunt and dismiss at will.

A couple of years later, the night of April 16th 2004 . . . I was given the "great dressing down" where He showed me what I was and much more . . . and the next morning I was different--"recalibrated" was the term I told my wife, though in retrospect "reborn" is likely more apt a description.

But I still had some questions.  I've always been curious and fascinated by life and a watcher of the state of the world, believing it to be the end of days . . . .

I had randomly recorded a Coast To Coast with Art Bell  and was listening to it one day while working, and it was Zeph.  Immediately, I felt an affinity with the guy.  He was unlike the regular conga line of guests Art had been having on, as here was a fellow talking about the Satanic rule of the world, ritual abuse, and various other "fringe" topics but from a unique Christian perspective.

I had long been studying the communist conspiracy but certain matters still puzzled me, but hearing Zeph, it was like a light went on--a final puzzle piece snapped into place . . . a big "AHA!" moment . . . and it was really profound confirmation of my return to Jesus and the Biblical world/reality view.  Yes, communism (I knew) was well alive and cinching up its grip on politics and the culture . . . but SATAN--the devil . . . "Luciferianism" . . . was behind that!  A grand unifying theory which finally explained all the strange nuances and supernatural control I was also detecting throughout society and on the global scene!

That same day . . . I had a culminating vision . . . right there while I was sanding away on this front porch, overlooking the valley . . . where I saw Jesus . . . in the heavens . . . LARGE, above and overshadowing the earth . . . and the words, "I am the way, the truth and the life" . . . resounding in my mind and understanding . . . in a way that I simply . . . "saw" that this was TRUE~!

Shortly thereafter, I found Zeph's website--the "Lamb Cafe" forum and introduced myself and joined in the discussions there, impressed by the spirit and high level of analysis, fellowship and discussion going on.

I was also delighted . . . to find that Zeph was a fellow eccentric, lol, semi-tragic renaissance guy like myself, with multifaceted interests and love of similar modes of expression like writing, poetry, talk radio and, of course, music!  A bird of a feather . . . .

I also liked that his wife, Trish was intimately involved--a team, faithful, enthusiastic, persistent!

Soon after this initial introduction to Zeph and "the lambs" . . . a torrent of "visions" . . . dreams . . . premonitions and warnings followed . . . about the time of troubles to come, and come they have.

I received myself a strong prompting--well, outright instruction I dare say--from the Lord, when I asked "what to do?" . . . which was to start talking, share the things I had learned along the prodigal path and return to the fold knowing that it was not a unique route, but similar to others' . . . for fellowships sake and to reach to those still lost in worldly illusions--as, like Zeph and others of like mind, a new urgency was upon us . . . to prepare . . . materially, if and how possible, but of course, especially spiritually.

Thanks to Zeph and his generosity . . . he provided me an instant forum to throw my own 2 cents worth in, and every time I have talked with him, whether "on air" or privately . . . I have been edified.  Many confirming spiritual "synchronicities" have occurred along the way, encouraging . . . enlightening . . . related to Zeph's prolific expressions, though we do not communicate that often . . . yet an uncanny parallel of messages, warnings, promptings etc. have continued to run along . . . .

I know Zeph is misunderstood by some.  So am I . . . though, aren't we all . . . misunderstood or misinterpreted?  I have always tended to value and appreciate those who push boundaries--who are eager and hungry to learn, investigate, explore.  I personally have little taste for those who paddle around in the safe harbor . . . finding it "lukewarm" . . . dull . . . dead.

But give me someone provocative, challenging, startling! heh . . . So long as, at the end of the day, humility reigns them in and, no matter what, despite excursions, the ship returns to dock, to anchor, TO THE ROCK.  And I have always found this in Zeph.  I think it has been a great service, and often a thankless one probably in some respects . . . how he has put himself "out there" . . . NOT tried to keep up some sort of "perfected" pretense . . . but has allowed the "public"--strangers basically, to watch and listen in on his own journey--his vulnerabilities . . . which he has not tried to shield behind some holier-than-thou facade--as so many would-be "prophets" and "prophetesses" do.  He won't be flattered . . . and does not try to sugar coat his thoughts with relativistic accommodations--ie., "we've all got our own truth"--but goes ahead and speaks the truth . . . risking losing some fast "friends" . . . and pissing some people off--hey, too bad. 
And I have admired this quality from the beginning.  It was one of the signs, when I really didn't know him that well, which let me know that he was NOT trying to build a cult or collect followers . . . as so many other charismatic and talented types do.

There are some cosmic things going on with Zeph . . . which I believe I have seen from the beginning of knowing him . . . alluded to on occasion, though I don't want to get into that except to say . . . that something special is at work . . . though it seems to confound the "wise" I have noticed . . . regarding Zeph's ministry, and I have had it confirmed to me that Holy Spirit is involved . . . and I'm sorry if some people's ego's are tweaking right now, lol . . . but . . . well . . .

All in all . . . I am quite thankful for Zeph and Trish . . . and the people they have introduced me to . . . "the lambs" . . . Angie . . . Frankie and so many of YOU . . . who I would not have the great blessing (and I mean that!) . . . BLESSING! . . . to meet and write to and hear from and feel . . . . blog to and share music and ideas and spirit talk with! . . . . It is because Zeph invited me on air and let me loose and they encouraged me get a blog set up and let other people know about it . . . otherwise . . . I'd still probably be writing notes to myself--monologuing to my poor wife and kids--writing and recording songs that no one would hear . . . and well, I can't really overstate how much this has all meant to me and how I appreciate it--the whole thing! :)

Zeph is a generous man, you should know.  And he is, I think, one of the pioneers of online alternative spirit/news/prophecy/WORD etc. audio/art/ministry.  This whole genre of online "talk radio" . . . which has brought out so many interesting and otherwise unknown guests--writers, thinkers, pastors, teachers, oddballs, saints, artists . . . etc.  I am not sure, but it seems to me that Zeph got quite a few people started on their way, or at least a major boost, bringing on guests who really weren't known, but worth a listen and some with some real profound wisdom and knowledge to share--some who have gone on to do their own shows.
I think Zeph was instrumental in helping expose the whole hidden world of ritual abuse, especially against children, and he introduced ideas that once seemed almost too far out and shocking . . . but which NOW are commonly accepted, normal parlance . . . .

Hey.... So I'm carrying on a bit here . . . . But I've been wanting to say this for a while and when I heard it was the 10 year anniversary of the Zeph Report . . . it seemed like a good time to give you my thoughts and heart on the Z man . . . .

It's been a wild and blessed ride . . . with more to go:)

God bless you all and thank you for being here.  Happy Z Report Anniversary Zeph and Trish!  Thunder and Lightning . . . to the end! :)

 ya'lls brother in Jesus, thomas

Brother Thomas ©2015

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