Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Presence Of Purpose...NOW

A time of such clarity . . . I cannot recall but for a few times . . . . I want to say the angels of protection are out and about in force--and too must say that of course, above all, the presence of purpose by the Lord is surrounding, enveloping, infusing, fulfilling, gently pressing, urging . . . and a holy urgency . . . allows . . . that communion . . . spiritual contact . . . between the saints . . . between believers, followers, disciples . . . is of a character, such of which . . . I have not experienced/witnessed before . . . . !

Ha! . . . speaking of clarity . . . please understand . . . something WAS actually said there . . . reported, actually. 

Perhaps . . . a bit more description to suss it out . . . what is going on . . . and the basis of my enthusiasm in these times, despite apparently calamitous externals . . . .

For one . . . I am not sure that I have seen a time . . . when so many are so troubled.  The deplorable condition of peoples' souls, bodies, being . . . is pitiful to behold.  A general collapse seems underway, in the personal lives and psychology--the very minds, soul . . . of folks . . . who have not GOD as their central, unifying objective. 

Oh, they have gods . . . . They indeed are being led, this way and that . . . assuredly, and, from day to day, throw their allegiance to some or other driving force--desire, want, need, wish, lust, envy, pleasure--.  Or, some who do feel an urgency to find a "higher calling" . . . are inventing one, or borrowing one from some teaching . . . or, they are reverting to teachings and religion that was inserted into their minds when children . . . . . taking a sense of comfort and security from that--mistaking an old, childhood familiarity for what their would-be eternal soul craves, which is familiarity with the one, true, living Father of creation . . . .

But what a shambles I see all around.  Minds and hearts . . . so confused, torn, pulled in disparate quivering directions, drawn and quartered . . . at the mercy of passing spirits and the pull of the world, because they have NOT yet given their hearts completely to the sovereignty of the Lord within--but still chase after shining lights and fancy baubles, inveterate monkeys bereft of transcendent Holy Spirit . . . .

Meanwhile--and there is no intent of boasting or gloating, God forbid!--I am seeing that to those who have found and been found by the mission of truth--found themselves in love with the Lord Jesus, simply--there is happening a profound bestowing upon them His grace and Spirit . . . a focus and longing, sweet and earnest, to enrap themselves in all things pertaining to His being and purpose, here . . . to this world.  And an ability to discern . . . is strengthened and emboldened . . . the disciple no longer so susceptible to tedious and habitual past mistakes, but rather, a growing intensity to abide . . . in all things truly of the highest spiritual nature, HIS nature and character.

And as to this "communion . . . spiritual contact . . . between the saints . . . " I dare say that, among the living--those presently, NOW, who exist . . . today . . . though scattered around the planet, are--yes, I must use the word--mystically united.  They are close.  Indeed, there are living saints, who pray for you, who may even "see" you and your (spiritual) needs . . . and work for the Lord, on your behalf. 

Here is a mystery . . . and a grace . . . .

Something is going on, probably because of the seriousness of the hour and the mobilization of the wicked, whereby the Body . . . has become . . . closely connected, and the gifts of the Spirit are tightly shared . . . and swiftly, so that, the "advancement" and blessings to one, flow . . . to the others.  Hence, our gratitude to one another, for the trials and self denials and self sacrifices, wrought by His hand within us, and so too . . . the thrilling responsibility, one to another, mortifying our selves, for the others' behalf . . . whereby, we are NOT alone . . . and all that needs doing in this respect, is to be continually determined within to stay connected to . . . the divine presence, shunning the lessor spirits . . . focused . . . on the ONE PURPOSE of our current existence: to be saved by God!

The presence of purpose . . . . The Presence of Purpose . . . is there, is here, now . . . today!  All else is a mess, noise, outright filth . . . and confusion . . . .

For such a moment, we are designed . . . .

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Year of the Termite

The year of the termite . . . .
Right now there is a full court press of evil being waged, obvious to believers.
One of the more insidious fields of corruption is in the churches.  It's going on now and will be relentless over the coming year.  It is a form of the "occupy" movement.  This movement is where the enemies of God and freedom are fanning out in aggressive, vitriolic packs to shutdown opposition to the takeover.  The purpose is to make the people afraid to speak up; make people afraid to speak out against the collapse and perversion of our institutions. 
It is like this:  A village is sleeping.  A few--some watchmen--are awake and notice enemy personnel slipping into the village, taking up position to enslave and slaughter  the inhabitants.  The watchmen, or any happening to be awake start to make an alert sound.  The enemy combatants rush up with a knife and threaten to slit the "alarmist's" throat.  Every time someone attempts to sound the alarm to wake the others, the enemies, who are increasing now--flooding in--threaten the "alarmist" . . . .
Or, closer yet, it is like a city council . . . deliberating on governing policies.  Enemies of the city infiltrate the council and start instigating policies BOUND to destroy the city, financially, morally, physically.  Every time an earnest original member on the council tries to speak up to warn . . . they are shouted down--drowned out by the enemies and made to appear as a "kook" or "extremist".  Eventually no one dares speak up anymore, but heads down, ignoring their inner alarm bells and nervous consciences . . . they trundle along, accepting the takeover meekly, going along . . . as did the German people under Hitler and the Russian and Chinese people under Stalin and Mao.
On the day of the 220th anniversary of the Bill Of Rights . . . we lose a major core of our rights through the abominable "indefinite detention" bill, where, now, just like Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia, the government can accuse with no trial, no evidence, no jury . . . and the citizen can be hauled away to some gulag in "Siberia" . . . . In the same "national defense" bill was the repeal on the ban against bestiality in the military.

Quite in your face . . .  yet there are many people who have no idea these things are going on still.  Or how serious and ominous such developments are.  Amazingly, they think things will eventually "turn around" and get back to "normal."

But there is no getting back to "normal".  It's over.  The country (America) is lost; the Bill of Rights standing in name only; the constitution in shreds and the structure of a tyrannical police state all in place with the final touches being finished off as we speak . . . .

The ugliest and most dire of the demolition projects underway . . . is what is happening now to "the churches."  Here come the termites.
At this moment, "change agents" . . . specific and deliberate infiltrators are inserting themselves into all the "mainline" denominations and kicking out the bible and Jesus.  New age and occultic concepts and practices are being sifted into the pulpit messages, displacing the Gospel . . . and it is an organized and planned subversion.  
Traditional pastors and sound biblically based churches are being systematically targeted and WILL BE especially and vociferously this coming year.  The pressure will be to "go along" with a new ecumenicism which seeks to "synergize" ALL the world's faiths into . . . a progressive, "new world faith" . . . .

Charlatan wolves, like Rick Warren, are in cahoots with the globalists, to transform "Christianity" into a mushy feel good set of amorphous beliefs that can be fused into the coming one world religion.

I know you all know this . . . as it has been underway for a long time.  But I can see that it is going to be bumped up a notch . . . in a big way . . . this coming year.  There will be a small army of "occupiers" of sorts who are going to be tasked with infiltrating and shifting traditional churches away from the true Gospel and it is going to be a real challenge for believers who continue to fellowship within churches.  There will be a real pressure to conform, shut up, go along and support the shift of message.  The devious purpose-driven agenda is, like termites, for these infiltrators to so hollow out the basic foundations of the faith that it can be merged into "common purpose" with all the other "faiths" . . . .

A sickening example of this in a big way is the "Synergize3! Pastor's Conference" in January. Southern Baptists, Assemblies of God, Nazerene Church . . . will share the stage with Leonard Sweet.  Sweet is at the forefront of new age "Christianity" . . . where he teaches of "Christ consciousness" . . . and favorably compares Kundalini "fire" and "Krishna's light" . . . to the "light" of the Holy Spirit, as if they are all talking about the same thing. 

There is going to be a major assault, beginning now, within and without, upon traditional bible believers.  The churches will be actively infiltrated and "eaten" from within.  It will take blessed courage and strength and fortitude to remain centered on Him through what's coming, but we will and will be purified, tested and honed.

And "C" . . . I believe that you will start to experience joy and peace this coming year at times and in ways as never before. 
While the tide of darkness wells and pushes over the land ever harder, so too, the Holy Spirit is meeting it through in increased vitality and strength through Believers . . . . This is also a feature of the coming year--an exciting one!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"I'm Better Than Jesus!"

Some might read here and think, "you talk about love and compassion, but look how you sometimes 'bash' the Mormon church, for instance.  What is Christian about that?"

Sorry to respond, for most of you . . . who understand quite well and easily "what is 'Christian' about that" since you are aware of the seriousness of following false doctrine and blasphemous parodies of the biblical Gospel, and so, this is redundant . . . but, I still get new readers here who haven't heard some of the reasoning.

Though, it is mostly pearls before swine, I fear.  [Now, that phrase sounds more derogatory than I think it really is, or how I mean to use it.  I find it more factual than demeaning.  As in, if one threw some pearls down before some porcine munchers . . . and also tossed some corn kernels, they would all be snarfed up just the same, the pigs not discerning any difference between the two.  I like pigs, by the way, so its no slam on piggies either :).]

But having been lost myself, years back, caught in the supernatural webs of other so-called "paths" and "teachings" . . . I know first hand how dangerous and subtle those forays can be.  Once entangled and enrapt .  . . and en-wrapped in them . . . except that God Himself comes to save you and pull you out, there is really  no way a person can discern how they are misguided and then extricate.  Powerful (dark) spiritual entities hover around and operate through the different cults and religions and so-called "paths" . . . and the solo explorer is no match for them . . . unless the Lord has decided to protect, ultimately, throughout the sojourn, and eventually come and retrieve the lost sheep.

And lies are lies . . . and intentional lies, proffered by some "prophet" or "guru" . . . or "saint" or "adept" MUST and DO have the POWER AND INTENT of THE FATHER OF LIES himself, behind them.

It is not a little thing, to devote your soul and current life . . . TO A LIE!  It's not something you can just shrug your shoulders over and say, "well, it may or may not be 'the true church' but hey, it's better than no church . . . and 'they' do lots of good things in the world, so . . . . "

A serious student of Truth and unflinching seeker of God MUST resist the temptation to settle into a "path" if it is not the whole, final end truth.  Yes, I went down roads, and invested myself in other "paths" but always with the over-riding intent to test them out, analyze their "fruits" . . . and, regardless of pride, if I learned that it was NOT the final truth, whether it had some truths, then it must be abandoned and the search continued.

I can't recall who it was, but one of the early revered Mormon church leaders said of Joseph Smith's claims and subsequent religion . . . something to the effect of, that, it was either the greatest blessing the world could know ("the restored Gospel"), OR, the most insidious, vile sham in the history of mankind.

Which is it?  I would agree--any would have to agree--for its claims, truly it must be one or the other.

And if it is a lie, then, it has got to be a lie straight from the pit of hell--straight from the devil himself, because of it's claims and assertions.

It's no small matter.  It cannot be something you say, "well, it's as good a church as any to be in--they do 'good' things in the world . . . . "

If it's a lie, it's a LIE!

Well, there are so many issues on which the Mormon church differs radically from biblical Christianity, that it doesn't take long for the sincere investigator to discover what's what.  But of all the sour notes, I only have to read Joseph's Smith own prideful boastings, putting himself ABOVE the Lord and the apostles, to know instantly that something is seriously wrong here:

"If they want a beardless boy to whip all the world, I will get on the top of a mountain and crow like a rooster: I shall always beat them . . . . My enemies are no philosophers: they think that when they have my spoke under, they will keep me down; but for the fools, I will hold on and fly over them.

All hell, boil over! Ye burning mountains, roll down your lava! for I will come out on the top at last. I have more to boast of than ever any man had. I am the only man that has ever been able to keep a whole church together since the days of Adam. A large majority of the whole have stood by me. Neither Paul, John, Peter, nor Jesus ever did it. I boast that no man ever did such a work as I. The followers of Jesus ran away from Him; but the Latter-day Saints never ran away from me yet.

History of the Church, vol. 6, p. 408-409 Address of the Prophet - His Testimony Against the Dissenters at Nauvoo.


"I boast that no man ever did such a work as I . . . Paul, John, Peter, nor Jesus ever did it."  He says.

Does this not make you, if you are a follower of the Lord, instantly sick to your stomach?  Joseph Smith, a man who committed adultery in his own house with a 14 year-old girl (among others) while his clueless wife continued to support his purported "revelations"?  Putting himself above the apostles and JESUS HIMSELF and bringing a religion that has, as its basic tenet, the blasphemy that Christ dying on the cross IS NOT ENOUGH, but that you must ALSO WORK your way into heaven?

I say boldly that such a spirit which offers this cannot BUT come straight from the devil!  How can it be argued otherwise?

And woe to any who worship this false prophet, as many do, and elevate him above the Saviour, saying that regardless of the sacrifice of the Son of God, ONLY BY THE AUTHORITY OF JOSEPH SMITH can a person enter heaven!  You cannot enter heaven WITHOUT the consent of Joseph Smith, adulterer, killer (of two men he shot when trying to escape the jail),bank fraudster (see Kirtland Bank) and magic conjurer (the Smiths were well known "folk magic" practitioners and seekers for gold and hidden treasures,using occult items and techniques).

"From the day that the Priesthood was taken from the earth to the winding-up scene of all things, every man and woman must have the certificate of Joseph Smith, junior, as a passport to their entrance into the mansion where God and Christ are -- I with you and you with me. I cannot go there without his consent" (Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses 7:289).

But, really, if there was nothing else, those boastful, prideful, self-congratulating words of Smith, putting himself above JESUS even, for heavens sake! . . . take the cake, and I would need to see no more . . . to be convinced . . . that a deceitful and lying spirit was at the heart of that thing, no matter the "good things" they "do in the world."

[Joseph Smith Sphinx statue in downtown SLC . . . made by admirer Thomas Battersby Child in "Gilgel Gardens" circa 1945-63]

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Season Of "Abundance"

Deeper depths . . . and higher heights . . . I am seeing for the coming year, beginning now, for those who are fierce in their sublimation of personal will to the will of God.

A powerful and honed ability to STAY in and with the Spirit is being bestowed on the faithful.  There are really only two ways to go.  One way leads into the chaotic labyrinth of fallen ego, resulting in despair, confusion, resentment and constant self-pity and blaming.

The other way cruises right past all the mess of self-love and anchors firmly into daily, REAL, relationship with the Saviour.

Finally accepting and LIVING "His will be done" . . . makes the disciple impervious to the ongoing temporal problems--which will only be compounding, as the whole world system is upended and transformed into the fledgling global police state--but those who have relied on self and others' fallen selves will find themselves at the mercy of evil rulers and demonic authority.

Many will turn to magic, disguised as it is in memes like "the law of attraction" . . . and "The Secret" . . . deluded that they can "will" things to "go their way" . . . and such will only become more infested with "familiar spirits" and powerful unseen entities . . . who are more than willing to provide "signs" and seeming "answers", though actually are only leading the childish "wisher" . . . into heavier and deeper darkness--AWAY from the Lord . . . and away from TRUTH and faith . . . . Lies and manipulation will be their only refuge, as they stack sin upon sin, simply in order to avoid submitting themselves to Jesus and obeying HIS commandments and HIS will.

But for those who welcome the truth . . . and who do not value their personal gain and status (in the world) above (the often unseen, still, quiet) "gain" in the SPIRIT and "status" before God . . . THESE are to be blessed for their continuing walk in faith.  It does not matter what the foolish and deluded in the world say about you--accuse you of--for you are use to it, for one thing, AND you have read and understood and taken SERIOUSLY the scripture that says just as the world hated the Lord, so too will it despise and accuse YOU when you are His true follower.

The devil has taught . . . through compromised (by him) "religions" . . . that ie., material wealth . . . is a sign of "God's favor" . . . and that status in the world and power and influence over others (in the world) is a sign of "being on the right path".

But this contradicts scripture and what the Lord has clearly stated would be the case.

HE said that while foxes have holes and birds have nests, HE has nowhere to lay his head.  The world rejected Him.  Mocked Him. And finally beat and killed Him.

How can it be, then, that the followers are GREATER than the Leader?  Why would it be that suddenly now the world loves and rewards the disciple of Christ?  When He said Himself, "if the world hates you, know that it hated Me first."

And He said that the world loves its own.  And they of the world "love darkness" . . . not the light . . . because their hidden deeds and motives are wicked, and the light shows on this and reveals them.

For those who find themselves loved by the world, they should pause . . . and tremble.  I have seen "church leaders" boasting about their power and influence in the world.  Men and women of wealth, renown, influence, status . . . dressed in expensive clothes, with expensive haircuts, jewelry, mansions . . . purporting to preach the Word of God, displaying great pride in all they have and titles and renown of their "friends" and "acquaintances" . . . implying, and sometimes outright saying, that such things--"blessings" they call them--are a "sign" of God's favor and proof that they are "doing His work."

But do these lofty and prideful "leaders of men" . . . not know that . . . for a time, the "ruler of this world" is Satan?  And that the "ruler of this world" is a great bestower of wealth and power and prestige, even offering the same to Jesus (Who rejected it, in favor of a life of poverty and service and destitution "in this world)?

Jesus warned His followers to expect trouble and disfavor "in the world."  He said, "because I have chosen you, you are NOT of the world, and the world will hate you."

Certainly, while not impossible, is it not expected to be a rare thing that . . . a TRUE follower of the Lord should be lauded and rewarded in this world, by those of this world?

What happened to those closest to the Man Himself; those who lived and ate and talked and walked with Him, and then taught what He taught in and by their lives?  Were they loved and praised by the world?

No.  They were accused, beaten, scorned, hunted, stoned, hung, burnt, speared and crucified.

Who imagines themselves better than the apostles?  I would like to meet that person.

Actually, no I would not, for they must be possessed, insane or foolishly delusional, and other than as a sad novelty, I should not wish to waste precious time in their company.

But, I tell you . . . and you know already if you have truly been "walking The Walk" . . . that there ARE rewards and blessings which come from God, meted as He wills, to the faithful.  But they are such things that the world cannot see, does not understand, and would not believe.

You will find, though, that only a few understand how and what this is . . . while "the world", should they happen to overhear or ask about what "you're about" will likely ridicule . . . and actually hate.

But the Believer knows that there may be times of providence, provender . . . and times of lack and struggle, yet being blessed with having a genuine thankfulness for ALL . . . is a treasure that the world can neither bestow or take away--hence a certain and unique "imperviousness" takes root and grows so that the opinions of the world have little to NO bearing on your ultimate destiny, where you stay firmly grounded despite the ravages of time and a demon-ruled world . . . .

A season comes upon us, even now, where, those who have . . . will have MORE; and those who have not, will have that little taken away--pertaining to fruits of the Spirit:
  1. Love
  2. Joy
  3. Peace
  4. Longsuffering
  5. Kindness
  6. Goodness
  7. Faithfulness
  8. Gentleness
  9. Self-control
 Praising God . . . and humbly submitted,
your brother, thomas

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Crowd: Love Bombs & Compassion Missiles

To the mundane mind . . . this recent discussion can seem like vague, mushy-gushy platitudes.  To one who has been witness to the power of Holy Spirit, it is familiar and invigorating!  Yes?  I'll say it, yes! :)

Indeed . . . it takes the greatest selfless courage of all . . . to switch to love versus reacting with resentment and vengeance.  To lay yourself bare, open and submitting . . . is the highest and most powerful of warrior capabilities.  Here is a fearlessness and faith that has brought down earthly kingdoms, conquered armies, vanquished mortal foes . . . has won over vast peoples in their villages, cities and towns, neighborhoods and even far-flung lonely outposts.  Once seen by a person caught up in the "law of the jungle" give and take--the living soul filled with Christ's love . . . has the power to shatter instantly all illusions and transform the witness's whole being . . . head to toe.  It has happened time and time again, through all the ages, since Jesus rose from the dead and Pentecost spread like wild holy fire through the disciples!

Then, disciples through the centuries, alive with that supernatural fire, have defied all fleshly inclination and themselves risen above the merely animal . . . to exhibit some small, yet searing fraction--shard . . . of DIVINE LIGHT--becoming lights themselves in a dark and confused world; so that, other seekers, in their sacred  moment of brokenness, can SEE that it is true!  And that HE LIVES!  The selfless acts of love and sacrifice and service now, to others . . . in the most expert of ways (because Divine Intelligence guides it) now continues on earth whenever and wherever . . . a Believer is walking, reposing, acting, saying, showing . . . . LOVE IN ACTION--the hands and feet of God NOW! . . . is your holy charge, which you are happy to do, because you are overflowing . . . and there is NO END to the font of life and love and joy, ultimately, which pours upon . . . and through . . . and spreading out . . . to others . . . of subtle, but searing, liquid holy fire . . . SPIRIT . . . of the stuff . . . from which our Father is made . . . and has His being! . . . . . . !


Crowds . . . especially this time of year . . . you see all types; often, that distant . . . lost in a trance . . . look . . . . uncomfortable . . . sometimes scowling, irritated . . . grouchy, grinchy . . . .

If I were alone--and this is something I am doing sometimes anyway--when finding myself out and about . . . in the crowds . . . .

Well, first, have you ever had this experience?  When you are in the crowd, waiting in line, or negotiating milling and shopping folk . . . wherever . . . seeing lots of faces . . . . You find that you can quick see through the shell of people--in a moment you feel and see their lot--the aggregate worries and stress and concerns, so far from God, from even realizing that they are ALIVE . . . in this incredible world . . . . And you are struck with a loving compassion, feeling their pain, their situation . . . in a flash--written on their face, in the way they walk, stand, wait . . . .

Here is a thing to do . . . if and when alone in that struggling milieu . . . . You can imagine (using God's lovely bestowed imagining/creative mind/heart abilities we all have) that . . . as you are walking by one of these people . . . you launch a visualized missile of sorts . . . made of pure love and understanding and compassion . . . and as you go by them, you "see" it firing from your self INTO them.  Arrows work well too.  A shot of graciousness, caring . . . sent from your bow . . . directly at them.  Love . . . love . . . love; a fellow wayfarer on this treacherous, stupendous, scary, exhilarating journey . . . .
From a distance, maybe waiting at a light in your car--you look over or around and spot someone you can tell is stressed out, harried . . . . And you fling a "bomb" from your heart and mind at them . . . which just includes a motive of blessing, of soothing, of caring--BAM!*#@8!+!!!  Exploding, visualized . . . on them, all around them, coating them.  I love you, in the Lord, and there's nothing you can do!  I see your angst and fretting and even nastiness . . .  and BOOM!  I overwhelm it with a visual of HOLY LIGHT BOMBING . . . and then go on my way . . . to find another target!

There is also "roiling love" . . . I've mentioned before . . . where you imagine big long posts of sorts . . . extending out from the center of your hubcaps, your tires . . . as you drive down the road . . . and these are turning, roiling, with the tires rotation as you motate . . . and swirling, fiery, flaming wheels out on the ends of the posts . . . reaching all nearby cars and even to the sidewalk where people might be walking . . . . and you plow through them all with this churning intent of loving, caring, commiserating, blessing! . . . mowing over all in your vicinity and path as you go . . . .

This is a great exercise and personal mind/heart/soul shifter . . . especially when you yourself are feeling down, maybe picked-on, slightly the victim . . . depressed or low.  Whether you "feel" the impetus or not, you JUST DO IT--imagine this--putting your mind through the act of doing it regardless of how you are feeling.  It is not necessary to have the feeling of love and compassion yourself, so long as you have the INTENT and WILL to bestow it anyway, even if just using a visual image like this.

Another extremely powerful technique . . . which sounds crazy and "counter intuitive" . . . BUT WHICH WORKS incredible well . . . is to imagine that you are taking in all the bad . . . all the sorrow, all the pollution, all the angst . . . breathing it in, taking it in . . . and then . . . the moment you start to feel any better, or any hope or joy or good AT ALL . . . you hurry and get rid of it.  Put it back out.  Don't hold it, keep it.  Hurry and put it back out, and get back to taking in all "the bad" . . .  .

Ironically? . . . what starts to happen is that you start getting filled so much with GOOD coming in . . . that you can't unload it fast enough. 

heh, try it sometime . . . .

You are blessed, incredible, beautiful people! btw . . . :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Before The Rain . . . .

I know I use the terms "spiritual" and "God" excessively.  I am aware of the concerns and valid arguments and critiques in certain current Christian teachings . . . to be wary of "subjective" "feelings" and "spiritual experiences" as they can be deceptive.  And that, of course, we should always be sure that we are testing everything against the Word, and it is therein that we get our supreme guidance.

I respect and acknowledge all such critiques and agree.  Just to note, for one thing, my use of certain words like "spiritual", "mystical", "God" (versus ie., "Father" or "Yahweh") . . . comes largely from my cultural upbringing and these are simply terms that I have grown up with, feel comfortable using, to refer to what I understand as biblical concepts and truths.  (The "culture" I was brought up in, by the way, was one where the Spirit led me into the deep study and experience of practically any and every "spiritual path" and nuance that I could get my hands on . . . . It was an isolated journey, pretty much, as, while I tried some different "churches" and "ashrams", I never really ever completely became "a member" of any--but always investigating and testing and, finding wanting, moving on . . . .

It's not a big deal . . . but sometimes I feel I can sense some reticence regarding the language and descriptives used . . . . Just know that I understand the dangers of subjectivism . . . and am careful as can be to not lead astray down that road, always aware and testing in prayer that what is being shared here is biblical; I just have my own way of expressing it perhaps . . . and, I do know that the language has long been hijacked, and especially in these times, so that it is difficult not to use words that have been taken and re-defined for subversive purposes.

Meanwhile, I am inclined to take some of those words back and assert them in their original intent and meaning.  Otherwise, if we avoid words like "spiritual" . . . and "mystical" . . . and a whole host of other subtle descriptives . . . we will be left with a barren, dull, legalistic language . . . devoid of the wonder and color and holy intrigue NATURAL to the "experience" of believing in . . . and following GOD.

I know there are people who won't use the name "Jesus Christ", but insist on "Yeshuah" or another variant.  I know that there is a line of thinking that believes that the word "God" is not proper, and almost a blasphemy of sorts.  Some say "Yahweh" was originally the name of a pagan god.

Anyway, I rely more on the truth of a matter--the truth in an idea or proposition being expressed . . . conveying itself correctly as intended . . . to the earnest, sincere seeker.  Just know that I never intend to advance any concepts and descriptions that are NOT based in traditional, common sense, biblical teaching.

Now, again . . . today I was impressed with the coming need, beginning NOW  . . . to be able to abide in the spirit of love--holy love, Godly love . . . for the things that are coming upon us.

I believe . . . and like many, see the signs . . . and the ongoing developments in society and the world . . . showing that we cannot escape dire ramifications, effects . . . of all the evil that has gone on.  AND, there are actually, fully dedicated humans and disembodied beings . . . who choose evil and absolutely believe that evil is necessary and right and actually a good thing . . . in the end.  They believe the ends justify ANY means, including wreaking havoc and mayhem and chaos and suffering and death, in order that a "better" species can result.  Too, there are simply those who are utterly devoid of light . . . and live only to ruin and plunder and cause harm.

The days ahead . . . will be trying, to say the least.  There will be wide spread shock . . . and stunned awe . . . . so much that many will go into a semi-state of madness and self-delusion in order just to cope.

The children of God will find themselves tempted to react with anger, hatred, resentment and even violence, just to cope, spawned through abject fear and terror at what is befalling the planet.

Truly, there is only one way to get through all this, and stay blessed.  When all around . . . are in a state of terror and hysteria . . . some completely shutting down, unable to function even; so that, you will find yourself (as the one with a head still on straight) in high demand to succor and soothe and outright help with many tasks--the bare necessities becoming daily pre-eminent . . . .

You cannot let your heart be drawn in . . . to the feeling of vengeance, which feeling shall be prevalent.  The betrayals unfurled--the hypocrisies and injustice so blatant--the lying and stealing and perverting of all that's good . . . will be so massive . . . that an emotion of indignity and outrage will be hard to suppress.  And, indeed, you will not be able to "suppress" it . . . but must . . . QUICK . . . shift into the holy love of God for all.  It is there.  You have felt it and been in it before.  Some are there quite consistently, God bless them!  But those new to the deep and heavy and holy spirit fire purifying levels of Christ in action--THROUGH YOU--well, there is no other way and . . . for the events coming upon us . . . we will need to become experts in Love, Holy Love, which rises above ALL, SEES all, loves all, and is a sacrifice continually . . . for others, and for God's loving, watchful eyes . . . .

He WILL have His people . . . in the earth, at all times.  The "church" will stand through it all--the holy, spiritual body of Christ, disparate, separated often, but HERE, and in all corners . . . to stand WITNESS and TESTIFY through holy actions, in this flesh, showing the grace and mercy and humility and GRATEFULNESS . . . supernaturally natural . . . to the child of God, one who believes and lives by faith.

The test of our real faith is come upon us.

Now, we will shortly see some serious separation.  The sifting has been going on, and gaining speed; but now we go into a time where it will be severe, up close, with immediate, blood and stone consequences.  Meaning, . . . it won't be theoretical or subtle anymore; but when and how . . . you make your stands . . . for the cause of truth and righteousness--FOR GOD--will start having "real world" consequences.  Fearlessness . . . and strong faith . . . to stand for God, in His love, will be required, with no fudging.

Here is where the actual mettle of souls will be seen and counted.  The decisions made . . . having real, eternal consequences--the stakes being the highest of all time!

You cannot fail . . . with love . . . with Godly love towards God and others . . . . Sacrificing your self, your temporary comfort . . . and suffering your self so that others' suffering is lessened . . . cannot fail, when it is inspired by the Lord.

When the rest . . . go mean . . . and operate through hate and vengeance . . . YOU go LOVE and operate through compassion, tolerance, fortitude . . . .

Immediately, in so doing, you will feel the instant comfort . . . which is not of this world . . . and confounds the "wise", the "wealthy" . . . . Immediately, you are on another plane, operating from the Spirit, and already on the golden path . . . leading to the Holy Kingdom Eternal . . . .

This is how it will go . . . . .
Begin practice now . . . so that you've got some "chops" . . . before the rain . . . fully hits . . . . . .

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Testing The Spirits

We often mistake any "spiritual" feelings for being THE (only) Spiritual feelings . . . which are safe.

As in, when we are pondering things of life and death, of God, the meaning of life, good and evil . . . it is natural to look for signs; some confirmation . . . .

People not cynical of a mystical element in life . . . look for . . . and receive . . . "inner" promptings, feelings, understandings/realizations . . . which are (to that person) fairly clearly of some supernatural origin.  We know--or believe, at least--that there IS something transcendent about this life--it has meaning, purpose, and somehow, intrinsically we know (or believe, at least) . . . that WE, individually . . . are important . . . and meant for some fashion of eternal cause/purpose.

So, we get answers.  Somewhere, some way . . . through reading, praying, meditating, thinking, feeling, analyzing--and flat out having supernatural experiences of interaction with higher intelligence--we eventually must find ourselves, and do, settling on a few answers and signs WITHIN, taken from inspiration and from the inner promptings/feelings/understandings . . . which those of a spiritual/believing/mystical bent of mind recognize as coming from . . . the spiritual dimension.

Now, have no doubt, there are many contending forces and "personalities" operating in the spiritual plane/dimension . . . who seek to draw your allegiance and attention.  [When living beings focus on another living being, the one focused on receives energy and power.  This is why ego-maniacism--self serving is so prevalent and vicious in the fallen world.  Beings cut off from God are driven to maintain their life force for as long as possible, clinging to "life"--but they are cut off from the Living God, and so, have been given a brief allotment of time in the ages to exist . . . until they finally die--cast into the eternal fire, into outer darkness.]

This is why nearly every thing, it seems, in this world is geared towards steering you away from God and TO the devil.  The devil is soaking up all the energy from living souls that he can, while he can, and, controlling as he does, all the institutions, all the money, all the power, all marketing, all war--WITHIN HIS SPHERE--he is able at every turn that you make . . . to be standing there . . . with a temptation, with a diversion, an entertainment . . . intended to draw YOU away from focus on God . . . . And, once you do, as you do--as we all do!--become distracted and follow the offered fruit, the diversion . . . then we are lost in the devil's sphere.  We fall into his world where the game is rigged, and so long as you are playing by his rules, he's got you and will toss you around the sick arcade like a pummeled pin-ball, bouncing around from sin to sin; depression to angst; to sometimes, c'est la vie stoic resignation "live for the day" . . . .

The great, ongoing mistake of the earnest Seeker . . . is to follow haphazardly many, if not most, of ANY of the "spiritual" promptings and "revelations" that come from "within."

That is, mistaking ANY spiritual experience . . . for THE Spiritual Experience.

THE Spiritual Experience . . . I mean to mean . . . is that of BEING SHOWN . . . that GOD IS . . . and that He is the Father of the bible . . . and that Lord Jesus Christ is the ONLY way you can reach His safe harbor--Heaven.

This one culminating Spiritual realization/experience . . . SPECIFICALLY! . . . is what the devil is all about diverting you from.  Every means available, he will try, depending on your particular personality, what will tempt you AWAY from discovering The Truth.

For instance, the mechanically, "scientifically" minded--who don't even believe in God and deride and/or pity those who do believe in God--the devil will use the ruse of pride of intelligence.  Such "scientists" will study and learn and memorize . . . "official" facts and explanations of the physics of life . . . and grow prideful, hard, close-minded . . . lost in their "knowledge" . . . and usually settling for a life of petty honors, doctorates, titles, "tenure"-status . . . as a minor celebrity in the field of "knowledge".
These are, in fact, some of the devil's favorite subjects/targets: "scientists" and "men and women of knowledge".
For these do not believe in the supernatural, and so, can be led by all kinds of hidden, occultic means, and can be led, through their petty and vain pride of self-importance, to do anything which will maintain their status in the world and sense of self-importance! [Meaning, ie., scientists can be given contacts, opportunities, FUNDING!, to pursue . . . ie.:  more devious and ominous ways to destroy human and all life; ie., intricate and subversive means to alter human DNA, thought process, biology . . . and so on . . . . ]

So, far from any ideas or concerns about God and "ultimate meaning", the UN-mystical types are easy to mislead and control and keep away from True Spirit and conscript into working for the plan of evil . . . .

But, here, we are more concerned with those seekers and personality types . . . who have no qualms about believing in God and searching for "the truth."  KNOWING, believing . . . that ANSWERS come from WITHIN . . . from the spiritual/Spiritual world.

Repeated now for the third time . . . the point of this writing . . . is to warn about mistaking any and every "spiritual" experience . . . for THE Spiritual Experience.

And here is the grand answer . . . . !

How to know if you are listening to the RIGHT "voices" . . . promptings . . . .

 [Because, I have been through it myself . . . and have heard from many and varied serious and sincere Seekers . . . that one of the ongoing and difficult concerns on THE Spiritual Walk is knowing what is What and who is Who--WHAT inner realizations and promptings are coming from The Holy Father/Son/Spirit--and what is coming from the Adversary, the Liar, the Arch Deceiver?!?!]

A quick and sure way . . . to quickly ascertain if . . . you are continuing along The Right Path or not . . . is to look for love.


OR, is God there! And you are instantly filled with increased and increasing LOVE OF GOD and LOVE OF OTHERS?

When you are hearing from God, you are instantly filled with compassion and interest and concern for others.
Also, you find you LOVE GOD and crave His presence and want to bask in the holiness and sanctity His reality brings.  You no longer find yourself engaged in schemes to get over on people--to "win" . . . to be "above" others, competitive and critical of others secretly within--.

No, . . . when the Lord is there . . . and you are walking on THE Right Path and engaging in THE Spiritual Experience . . . which is: DIRECT RELATIONSHIP WITH THE CREATOR . . . . then instantly you will find that your immediate interests involve . . . giving service to others.  You suddenly crave to LOVE others and want to alleviate their pain and suffering . . . .  ESPECIALLY . . . those who are difficult to love!

Here is GOD!  You will find that you are drawn to and filled with the capacity TO LOVE YOUR ENEMIES.

Because . . . when God is with you, and you with He . . . in relationship and communion . . . you are given the capacity to See!

You "SEE" with other eyes; truly Spiritual eyes.

You get the power and ability to see things as they really are . . . NOT as the deceiving devil would TRICK you into thinking . . . .

And you see that . . . your "enemies" . . . and other difficult and distasteful people . . . KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO.

They are damaged, subjugated, abused, ignorant . . . near-animals . . . operating on instincts and reflexes and psychological triggers placed in them by their . . . ignorant, sinful, damaged . . . parents.

A train of ignorance and misled generations, propagating evil, reflexively mostly . . . in the fallen world.

When Jesus is there, you See them, not as your enemies . . . but as pawns for your one, real, TRUE enemy . . . and that is Satan, the fallen one.  The Rebel against God.  HE is the one using the world and his slaves in the world to cause mayhem . . . and MOST SPECIFICALLY . . . to DIVERT you from realizing the One and True God.

So, you find you have compassion.  You realize, that, but for the grace of God, you too . . . would be ignorantly propagating evil and wickedness in the world.  Indeed you HAVE!  And only because the Lord came and got you, are you saved.

When He came . . . and knocked . . . you WILLINGLY acceded.  And so now, you must stay close to Him, by focusing on Him and ignoring the temptations of the world, in all their devious and subtle forms--MANY OF WHICH come in the form of "spiritual" or "supernatural" experiences, disguised.

If LOVE is not there, then, chances are, you are being deceived by the devil.  Other powerful spirits and entities operate on the "spiritual" plane and can infuse you with psychic and "mystical" sensations and synchronicities . . . "un-earthly" signs and coincidences . . . .

And many are so desperate for an answer . . . to their seeking, that . . . they cannot wait . . . and so, take whatever comes along, masquerading as a TRUE Spiritual Experience.

There are discreet demons . . . who rule over whole peoples, religions, countries, counties, races, tribes, cities, clubs, clans, families . . . etc.  ANY human "grouping" which can give a sense of belonging to something larger that one's self.  Here, the demon draws you in to "belong" . . . to a group . . . and conveys subtle and often "spiritual" feelings to seduce you . . . such as patriotism, "family pride", "racial pride" . . . loyalty to the fraternity, the clan, the "order", the cult . . . .
This tricks the person into believing they are a part of something more important than merely SELF, and so, akin to being on "THE Spiritual Path.

But, if you scratch the surface just a little bit . . . you will find . . . that EGO and self-seeking and self-importance is really all that is going on, disguised as service to the group.

Service to GOD is something altogether different.  It seeks no worldly reward.  Indeed, it doesn't hardly even see the world anymore; does not care for the world.  Concerns over status and placement and "success" in the world are puny, inconsequential . . . to the soul trained ON GOD. 
For, once you See Him, all you want to do . . . is to LOVE and SERVE Him . . . and, experiencing His character and presence . . . you likewise . . . want to love and serve others, even . . . and especially! . . . the difficult and "un-loveable"!

Misleading and diversionary VOICES . . . FEELINGS . . . "within" . . . can make you feel all sorts of mystical and fascinated ways . . . .

But when the Voice of God comes calling . . . you will find yourself thinking LOVE!~! Service, healing, helping, alleviating the suffering of others, especially the sick, the weak, the least, the crude, the ignorant, the old, the children, animals and God creations . . . . There is no tinge of self interest involved whatsoever--in fact, it repulses you.  You find yourself CRAVING goodness and REAL selflessness.

This is a way to test the spirits.  But you must be shrewd in this.  You must be wise as the serpent and know his ways and tricks.  For, the "fallen natural man" is so veracious . . . that even when a genuine spirit of love comes into the inner person, it is quickly absconded with and taken to be used . . . eventually . . . for some secret, subtle self gain.

The REAL spirit of love . . . GOD'S LOVE . . . just keeps going . . . never turning back in on self . . . but always going OUT . . . to others, to God.

It is possible . . . and WILL HAPPEN . . . that we will live CONSTANTLY in that Spirit of Love; never turning back in on self, to harbor self, to machinate for self "advancement", gain (against others.)

You must be ruthless with your petty self, that it not swoop in and, with the devil's help, try to steer the focus away again from God, to earthly, temporary things . . . .

God bless,

Sunday, December 18, 2011

An Holy Repeat! . . . and REPEAT AGAIN!

I woke up today with a head full of God, full of Jesus; been immersed in Him all morning.  I love it when His spirit is near, surrounding--can't get enough!

The unsaved might drop by here and react within, "oh brother, he's talking about God AGAIN . . . !"  To them it is grating, annoying, tedious, all this God talk.

But when His spirit has caught you, and you've seen the Light . . . you can't get enough.  You want more.  You crave it all the time.  You ponder over Him and your relationship with Him, how it is going.  You want to hear about biblical figures, stories, lessons, psalms, proverbs.  Everything involved with the Lord . . . is sweet and fresh and enlightening.  The WORLD is tedious, annoying, dull, grating!

And the Believer knows that it is dangerous for even a day to go by where HE is not foremost in your considerations.  The Spirit experiencer . . . knows . . . that the worldly concerns of the day can quickly overwhelm and displace the still, small, sweet voice . . . and all too soon . . . you realize that you have drifted into the currents of the flesh; your mind is occupied with a quivering stew of worries, doubts, vexation, axiety, wants and needs . . . .

No longer are you fixated on God, on the Lord and what HE wants and cherishes, but, rather, all your petty desires and vying infatuations ransack the inner temple, leaving it dirty and at last you may find yourself sitting in a grimy corner fighting with demons wondering . . . where did the Spirit go?  Why am I feeling suddenly all alone and lost again?

So, the earnest seeker and the determined disciple . . . fights daily to preserve the scents of sanctity--the inner incense waftings of Holy Spirit, from when He has come and met with you . . . and--knowing the fragility of pure spirit holding ground in this violent, physical battlefield--you return daily, HOURLY to confess at the altar and to imbibe the spiritual food and drink which is shared among similar Believers and teachers and fellow students.  There is nothing tedious or grating about it.  You crave to be in the company of like minded and like spirited individuals who also love God the Father above all and who also commune with the Holy Spirit . . . passing the flame of interest, of determination . . . back and forth, keeping it alive, never straying too far from constant immersion in His name, His teachings, His Spirit, His purposes! . . . for THERE, in that consistency . . . is found real joy, strong peace, chastity, integrity . . . HOLINESS!

The unsaved . . . tires of the name Jesus.  Oh, here and there, He can be mentioned . . . along with other so-called "teachers" . . . just one wise man among many who have come and gone . . . . But this carrying on, day after day, about Jesus . . . and "harping" on current events as if they all related to the bible . . . strikes the worldly as "fanatical" . . . "obsessed" . . . and just . . . well, "too much."

But to those who love truth, who find themselves regularly naked before The Truth and who thrive on more and more of their falsity being stripped away . . . and who crave perfection and purity . . . and who have tasted the incense of Holy Spirit and the accompanying atmosphere of sanctity . . . MORE and MORE of it, however, whenever . . . conveyed and shared . . . is the stuff of LIFE!  It is the foolish and prideful who have had enough of it.  The self loving and prideful . . . get hung up on the messenger and cannot see past the believer's personal faults and flaws, not understanding . . . that . . . in this world, in this time, the Lord works through imperfect vessels . . . BUT HE WORKS nonetheless through ANY and ALL who simply, genuinely LOVE HIM and who believe and through such . . . He speaks, when and where He will; and those who have realized this . . . are constantly attentive for His voice, for it is everywhere--He is CONSTANTLY knocking on the door of pride and of crystallized, fallen ego--and He loves to use the weak and the broken and flawed . . . for this shows His mercy and grace and glory; the self loving and the lofty are like hardened dark obsidian, opaque, dense, brittle--no light comes through them, for they are too full of themselves
and always conniving for displays, obsessed . . . NOT WITH GOD . . . but with how others perceive them and what their legacy might be . . . .

The naked, the broken, the poor, the weak, the spiritually "fearful" . . . are open . . . willing . . . eager . . . hungry . . . to hear His voice, whether He speaks to them from within and/or when He speaks through his childlike, contrite, repentant, demurring . . .  BELIEVERS!  The disciple gains a taste . . . and A SKILL even . . . to be able to (lovingly) LOOK PAST and HEAR PAST the unfinished character of the vessel . . . to recognize that part coming through which IS of TRUTH . . . . Where JESUS Himself is speaking and many times . . . obviously supernaturally answering specific questions that the disciple has asked recently.  The student learns to listen . . . all the time . . . and often to and through THE LEAST . . . for here is where God loves to exhibit His majesty and "supernatural" character . . . . NOT through the "powerful" . . . "elite" . . . and "wealthy" . . . . But very touchingly . . . and simply . . . through those who just love Him above all, and who have usually suffered at the wicked and perverse hands of the world . . . but who continue, through all . . . . . to remain focused, fixated . . . repetitively (though not ROTELY) . . . consistently, daily, hourly . . . ON HIM!

The Believer knows how tenuous staying in the spirit can be.  They have strayed before . . . gotten lost . . . become dead . . . and been rescued . . . knowing that certainly, NOT BY THEIR OWN POWER are they brought back into the fold--but that it HAD to be the Lord who found them and brought them back.  And the terror in the realization of how easy it is . . . to falter and . . . drift . . . and then realizing you've acquired a taste for sin . . . and stumbled into various addictions . . . well . . . the terror in knowing how serious and easy it is to be led or go astray . . . keeps one vigilant thereafter . . . and purposeful . . . in staying ALIVE in the Word and fellowshipping with other TRUE . . . Believers . . . and it becomes THE WORLD which is tedious and repetitive and stultifying . . . whereas you find no end to hunger for God and all things and people GENUINELY associated with Him!

Lol.  It was kind of funny . . . at the end of the talk yesterday with Zeph . . . . We stumbled into what ought to be the campaign slogan for the coming year, "Hope And Terror"!  Heh, I was saying something to the effect . . . of what an exciting and yet, scary time we are living in, and especially . . . having the sense of what is coming upon us over this next year's time . . . and I said it was full of "hope and terror" . . . and Z, adroitly . . . caught it--as he is a great listener! . . . and said that ought to be the new campaign slogan . . . :) And it is apropos on several different levels, pertinent at this time.  There is the sacred hope that all Believers share in the GOOD final outcome of all . . . . There is the fake hope offered by "man" and his self-serving machinations . . . . There is the terror that the followers of the demonic bring . . . in all they do, and they are even now intending to do . . . . There is the holy terror, fitting, that the disciple knows where they KNOW and have realized the profound stakes involved with all of this . . . .

My wife just asked me what I was writing about and I told her and she brought up . . . how, in seeking to maintain the Spirit . . . that you can simply pray and ask for a double portion of Spirit . . . and . . . you can get it!  Often, we forget to simply ask the Lord for His Spirit to be in us, to inspire us, to infuse us all throughout and within . . . !  The tediums of the world can make us forget how close He is and how willing and eager He is to fill us with His presence . . . . The Good News is . . . that if you come to Him with an open and contrite heart . . . and ask . . . His forgiveness, His mercy . . . He WILL respond!

And I feel led . . . also today . . .  to say thank you.  YOU . . . know who you are, where God is working through YOU . . . . . Especially, at this time of year, where so many demands and expectations are there; it is never taken for granted and I and my family . . . are humbled . . . and a lot more . . . that words fail to wholly capture . . . .

I am touched and blessed . . . that anyone bothers to come here and share . . . in this fixation, this daily "obsession" . . . "fanaticism" . . . :) . . . to talk about, think about, write about, pray to . . . pray with . . . all about God . . . The ONE true God . . . specifically--He of the Holy, most blessed and powerful name: Jesus!

Can't get enough of Him . . . . !
More, more, MORE!  Deeper, stronger, purer, holier, profounder, an Holy refrain . . . day after day after night after night after day after day . . . forever!

Double portions, I pray, FOR EVERYONE!  And then some!  An Holy repeat . . . and repeat . . . and repeat--THE refrain!
your brother always, in His name, thomas

Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's over . . . It's just beginning . . .

Zeph invited me to have a little year-end talk this morn on his audio at 7am MST...not sure if it's live? ....Been praying and asking what to say . . . . Keep being led to note that . . . really, 'it's over' . . . which was the catch phrase I showed up with 7 or so years ago in the ol' Lamb Cafe . . . . "2012 is the end" is another phrase I was told way back in '95 . . . and I still believe it is, though not "the end" of everything . . . but the end of a lot of things . . . bigtime . . . .
There is an occultic demonic component . . . which will become blatant and active . . . Major head games played on the masses re "et's" . . . and outright Satanic activists, soulless types who are chomping at the bit, like man-eating horses, to . . . wreak havoc . . . .
At the same time, I've never been more steady in the walk of faith--a super faith, which will be required to marshal through . . . fully accepting WHATEVER He sovereignly brings to pass . . . .
I am nominally concerned about what is being done to our bodies--some sort of poisoning or pummeling, I have no doubt about . . . and taking reasonably health precautions and proaction to hopefully stay strong as possible throughout; but again, His will be done . . . and I know that we are in a tough love situation, designed for a better tomorrow . . . . But no question, He loves us and cares for each of us individually and many of you are anointed vessels for His love and caring, experienced first hand:)!

I remind to take note of my p.o. box . . . as I would like to stay in touch as long as possible . . . even when the internet is disrupted and changed . . . .
Nevertheless, I expect to meet you in timeless eternity "one day" and it will be wonderful!

God blesses you, as you know, and I believe we shall not go hungry and will continue to see "miracles" and stunning faith-sustaining contingencies . . . having already witnessed many to date!

God is with you,
brother, thomas

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Never Forgetting

The interior life is the beginning of the blessed peace of the saints, who eternally cry, Amen, Amen! We adore, we praise, we bless God in everything; we see Him incessantly, and in all things his paternal hand is the sole object of our contemplation. There are no longer any evils; for even the most terrible that come upon us, work together for good, as St. Paul says, to those that love God. (Rom8:28) Can the suffering that God destines to purify and make us worthy of himself, be called an evil?

Let us cast all our cares, then, into the bosom of so good a Father, and suffer Him to do as He pleases. Let us be content to adopt his will in all points, and to abandon our own absolutely and forever. How can we retain anything of our own, when we do not even belong to ourselves? The slave has nothing; how much less, then, should we own anything, who in ourselves are but nothingness and sin, and who are indebted for everything to pure grace! God has only bestowed upon us a will, free and capable of self-possession, that we may the more generously recompense the gift by returning it to its rightful owner.

We have nothing but our wills only; all the rest belongs elsewhere. Disease removes life and health; riches make to themselves wings; intellectual talents depend upon the state of the body. The only thing that really belongs to us is our will, and it is of this, therefore, that God is especially jealous, for He gave it to us, not that we should retain it, but that we should return it to Him, whole as we received it, and without the slightest reservation.

If the least desire remain, or the smallest hesitation, it is robbing God, contrary to the order of creation; for all things come from Him, and to Him they are all due.
Alas! how many souls there are full of self, and desirous of doing good and serving God, but in such a way as to suit themselves; who desire to impose rules upon God as to his manner of drawing them to Himself. They want to serve and possess Him, but they are not willing to abandon themselves to Him, and be possessed by Him. (fenelon)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Knowledge is bliss......

Electronic concentration camp . . . .

My favorite foil . . . my friends and family who are dopily going about there tasks utterly clueless that the police state, country gulag I (and other "kooks") have been warning about . . . is well past ("conspiracy") theory and now a blatant fact; yet they still shrug and seem numb and lackadaisical about it all.  First, they use to laugh and roll eyes, saying things like, "that can't ever happen in America."

Now that it IS happening in America, they laugh and roll eyes, saying things like, "Oh well, the government has to protect us against terrorists."

Fools don't know that government has been creating and training "terrorists" all the way along--the whole story has been theater indeed designed for the very purpose of actually . . . GOING AFTER THE PEOPLE, not "terrorists".

I wouldn't say "ignorance is bliss", as these puddin' heads aren't really what I would call "blissful."  But I guess you could say "ignorance is untroubled."

I am relatively untroubled as well, though with full knowledge of what's going on.  My relative "untroubled-ness" will not be shaken when this thing escalates to nighttime knocks on the door, trains with shackles, guillotines, "detention" camps.  When the "velvet fist" removes its glove . . . they probably will finally be a little concerned; though these are people who didn't bat an eyelash at Waco or Ruby Ridge . . . .
Ahhh, untroubled through ignorance . . . .

At the same time, while more and more people ARE becoming aware that something is terribly wrong and agitating . . . I find myself increasingly prone to live on, almost now disinterested in the latest developments.  For one thing, I've already said it, described it--where it is going, how it is and will be, plenty of times, so there is not much more to say re that.  Yes, we have unmanned armed drones proliferating our skies, in use by both the federal and local governments.  Yes, the "fema camps" are real--hundreds of them and they are now being staffed, manned, set-up for operation . . . .  Yes, we have a communist takeover of our government, institutions, courts, military, police . . . . And yes, we have lost nearly all our cherished rights and freedoms, which will become starkly obvious soon . . . .

But I refuse to let any of these predicted . . . and now implemented . . . acts of tyranny . . . to rob me of my daily mode of life.  Creativity, family, love, dreams, simple enjoyment of BEING . . . of the gift of life, day to day . . . will go on.  Knowing what is going on . . . need not ruin one's peace of mind and transcendent purpose of living--which purpose has little to do with THIS world as it currently exists.

Living in a state of grace, of faith . . . supersedes . . . conquers . . .. vanquishes the petty machinations of demon-led, ego-maniacal goons dirtying up the water.  For there is other water, by which to live and live triumphantly, even in the worst case scenario.

And with the benefit of supernatural scripture, which foretells all and puts everything in sacred context, then, really, there are no surprises . . . and we can be at peace within knowing how the whole, crazy story shall end.

There is being "untroubled" because of ignorance . . . .
And there is being "untroubled" . . . because of KNOWLEDGE . . . .

For certain, I would vastly prefer the latter, because one day, ignorance will no longer be an excuse.  All will become quite plain and obvious even . . . . There will be no where to hide and demur; ignorance will no longer be safe haven.  Those who try to hide under the rocks . . . will find all their hidden places exposed.

Better to NOW come into the light, live in the open sun, open Son . . . receiving guidance and instruction and protection NOW, rather than slough it off and lazily "hope for the best."  Right?  Right.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Taking The Ball" and other peasant talk. . . .

[above is a drawing/water color I made when I was 15 , and just found, called "Taking The Ball", the only self-portrait I ever attempted...heh, notice the hoard of critics? ghouls . . . in the background all a-rage...]
Tolstoy said there is nothing in the world that should not be expressed in such a way that an affectionate 17-year old boy can see and understand it.  In his book "What Is Art?" he said, "art is not a handicraft, it is a transmission of feeling the artist has experienced."  He described art as like an infection--a feeling that is transmitted, which infects others and then they have it to.  And  the infection must be instant . . . or it isn't art.

"The business of art lies just in this,--to make that understood and felt which, in the form of an argument, might be incomprehensible and inaccessible . . . . The hindrance to understanding the best and highest feelings (as is said in the gospel) does not at all lie in deficiency of development or learning.  A good and lofty work of art may be incomprehensible , but not to simple, unperverted peasant laborers . . .  all that is highest is understood by them . . . . For instance, I know people who consider themselves most refined, and who say that they do not understand the poetry of love to one's neighbor, or self sacrifice, or of chastity.  So that good, great, universal art may be incomprehensible to a small circle of spoilt people, but certainly not to any large number of plain people.

"Critics . . . are people especially incapable of knowing what art is because 'they are erudite, that is perverted and at the same time very self-confident individuals.'  All that erudition, weighing, measuring, reasoning and comparing, spoils these critical people, makes them opaque and atrophies so that they cannot feel any more with the immediacy of a child or of plain people or of poets.

"Critics have always been people less susceptible to the contagion of art."

Replace the word "art" with "Spirit" . . . and a nice picture of the situation emerges, related to anointed discussions of matters gospel versus those who are merely repeating things they have heard, trying to impress, but devoid of the FEELING--the (sacred) INFECTION of Holy Spirit.  Such "experts" typically diminish "feeling" and sometimes outright assault and ban it as an acceptable component of "knowing the truth."
I say, because they are lazy.  And fearful . . . so want to play it safe.  The heart is a great deceiver, for sure, and trusting feelings alone . . . is a rudderless ship; a rudderless ship which many devious and ravenous wolves will be happy to climb aboard and steer . . . .

However, the sacred contagion of Holy Spirit fire . . . certainly affects the heart, the feelings--it is not a dry, dull, purely "factual" occurrence.  What glory, what beauty is there in "knowing the truth" if . . . this knowing is devoid of feeling?  Are we to be eternal robots, clattering around a sterile, perfect world, proclaiming, "just the facts, ma'am." ?

Love of God, love of truth, eagerness for Holy Spirit infusion . . . combines with passion, with feeling, purifying the same, commending it to holy cause . . . !  The experience of . . . and conveying of . . . love of God . . . happens . . . like real art.  It is felt, experienced and then spread to others, who catch it.  A child, a peasant, an affectionate 17-year old boy (or girl) should be able to catch it and quick!

And then, what is most thrilling . . . is, continuing to pass it back and forth, among those who have already caught it!  The importance and vitality of fellowship among believers . . . .

Enthusiasm means divine inspiration . . . .

"The more I think, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people." Van Gogh.

"I have read Locke, Bacon, Burke.  On everyone of these books . . . I felt the same contempt and abhorrence then that I do now.  They mock inspiration and vision.  Inspiration and vision was then, and now is, and I hope will always be, my element, my eternal dwelling place." Blake.

"The divine Blake" said his friend Calvert, "who had seen God, sir, and had talked with angels."

Monday, December 12, 2011

Pirates and Man-Eating Horses

Life long learning . . . is a secret to "staying young."  Provoking the mind with new information and upsetting hardened false beliefs keep the brain pliant and akin to the wonder so loved by the childlike mind.  Myself, I love history and it so vast that there is no threat of running out of new things to learn.  So many incredible tales or treachery, heroism, self sacrifice, faith . . . . It soon becomes clear, when reading or hearing about past societies and people, that the treason and subterfuge so evidently on display today . . . is nothing new.  Truly, there is nothing new under sun, and how!  Governments, kings and queens and rulers of various sorts have forever been manipulating the people for personal gain, subverting the culture, lying and stealing and murdering for mad ego's sake.  The great leap of understanding and implementation of America's early political structure was in recognizing the fallen nature of humanity and setting up a balance of powers to try and keep power's corrupting results to a minimum.  Foolish left-wingism, communism/socialism naively believes that humans are NOT inherently fallen and corrupt and that, through manipulation and force, society can achieve Utopia eventually.

But without God, this is delusional scheme . . . . Hence, the wisdom of the Founding Fathers who knew this and tried to devise a system to keep the people free as possible for as long as possible.  It's actually quite stunning to see how rapidly the current regime is taking a wreaking ball to all such protections . . . .

Anyway . . . aside from that sad scenario . . . a few matters I have learned recently, just for fun . . . .

Such as . . . Blacks made up about 30% of all pirates in the great age of pirates.  Also there were quite a few "Native Americans" who were pirates.  I did not know that.  Also, while a typical Royal Navy commander of a ship would make about 40-60 times MORE money than the rest of the crew . . . a pirate captain of a ship might only make one-and-a-half to only TWO times more than the crew.
And . . . while pirates were indeed interested in treasure . . . one of the main reasons sailors took up pirating and becoming part of a pirate crew . . . was in protest and to escape to often cruel and unjust practices of "official" ship captains.  Pirate ships were run quite democratically and a pirate captain would not long stay in charge if he mistreated the sailors on ship.  This is similar to American Indian chiefs.  Chiefs were only chiefs so long as they merited the position of leadership.  Heredity played a relatively minor role in succession.  A person's deeds and ABILITY were what determined leadership.  And there were different chiefs for different occasions.  As in, there was a WAR chief--a bold, strong, brave leader; and there was often a different fellow who was the CIVIL chief--who ruled in matters of camp structure and day-to-day living.  But even then such "leadership" was nominal.  Each brave was pretty much left to their own conscience how and when they would follow a "leader".  If the group lost confidence in the "chief's" abilities, a new "leader" would be chosen.  And, like on a pirate ship, most all the decisions were discussed and voted on democratically.  Very unlike the top-down, dictatorial style of the European mode at the time.
Also, it was rare, actually . . . that there would be a lot swashbuckling-type sword fighting on deck when pirates took over a ship.  In almost every case, the targeted (merchant) ship would simply surrender without a fight.  This was because . . . the pirate ship would have 50-75 rugged, ARMED fighters aboard, whereas a cargo ship . . . would have a small crew of maybe 5-15 soldiers, and a few hands on deck to run the ship . . . because the merchandise took up most the room.  So, once the skull and cross-bones showed up . . . most times, the ship would just surrender and hope for the best.
Usually, then, the pirate captain would gather the captain and crew of the merchant ship and ask the sailors how the captain treated them.  If the captain was a good captain and treated his men fairly, sometimes the pirates would take a small bit of loot and just let them go.  But, if the captain was a tyrant and maltreated his crew . . . well, various unsavory punishments would be meted on him, though "walking the plank" was actually not one of them.
Another thing . . . . Pirates didn't really bury treasure.  Oh, maybe in a few cases, but for the most part, pirates SPENT their treasure.  After a successful conquest, the pirates would hit the town and party it up until they were broke again.  They knew their lives were likely going to be short, so they didn't bother with "savings" and investment whatsoever.  They intended to live hard and fast and go out in a blaze of reveling glory.  In fact, some pirate captains INSISTED that the men spent ALL of their portion of loot BEFORE they were allowed back on the ship.  This way, broke, the men would be "hungry" and eager to go enthusiastically for more "prizes."
I enjoyed the lectures given by Marcus Rediker about pirates and especially like the compass design of his home page:
A few of the most fascinating pirates of the golden age of pirating were women, such as Anne Bonny and Mary Read.  "Captain Jack and the male members of his crew were tried on November 16, 1720, and were sentenced to hang. Anne was allowed to visit her lover in his cell before his execution, and instead of the consoling, loving words he was undoubtedly expecting, her scathing comments live on throughout history: "Had you fought like a man, you need not have been hang'd like a dog."

Something else I learned recently, while researching for my book . . . .That horses eat meat and can be quite the vicious killers!  This is shocking to a lot of people . . . but was well known before the 20th century.  In the old days, there was a healthy respect for the violent capacity of horses and some cultures and people were outright terrified of them.  There are quite a few historical cases of horses going rogue and terrorizing villages and town, hunting down individuals and ripping them to shreds.  War horses, in the past were fed meat, which was believed to make them stronger and more intelligent . . . and when in battle, the horses were as murderous against the enemy as the human soldiers.  Alexander the Great's famous horse Bucephalus was reported to be a man killer.
The Disney/My Little Pony fablization of horses is . . . just that.  A fable . . . and a false picture.  Horses can be deadly and have been used as guard animals to protect against wolves and coyotes and other predators.
Even now in Bhutan and Tibet, they feed their horses a mixture of blood, meat of offal.  Tasty stuff, they say.
But really, they do, still to this day.

Old explorers . . . back in the day . . . knew this about horses . . . and many times . . . when they were out in the wilds, but in more barren places . . . where there was lack of vegetation, the people knew they could feed their horses on meat to survive, and they did.  The South Pole explorer Sir Ernest Shackelton in 1908, shared a meat-based diet with his fellow exploring horse Socks . . . as there was nothing else in that cold waste to eat . . . .
The "Man Eater of Lucknow" . . . was a famous horse given to an Indian Maharaj by King George IV, who went rogue and killed numerous citizens:  
"On we went; still no sign of inhabitants – the houses everywhere closed – breathless terror reigning on all sides. It was not long before we came upon the figure of a youth, similarly mangled and destroyed, lying in the road, more towards the side, however. On the top of an adjoining house we saw one of the king’s troopers standing, looking intently up the road along which we were advancing.
‘What is the matter?’ I asked.
‘The man-eater is loose,’ was the reply; ‘wallah, but he has turned again. Look out for your safety, sahibs; he is wild today."

The fellow who recently did a complete study on this history and horse history generally is CuChullaine O'Reilly in his book "Deadly Equines".  He is an interesting guy.  He started "Long Riders Guild", which I wish I could be a part of.  They a group of folks, horse enthusiasts, who go on massively long journeys, totally on horseback.  He is involved now in an expedition to travel the world on horse.
 I like this quote from his website:  "Our time will seem as romantic in 1,000 years to the effete descendents of this current generation. Yet still you linger, believing those cowards who say that all the mountains have been climbed, all the white spots on the map have been defined, all the courage ever needed was taken from your grandparents. Such thoughts are not for Long Riders, they are for eunuchs living life on wheels full of emptiness. The world still belongs to those brave enough to venture out into its unknown dangers, and horses still stand eager and willing to take us there. The map of your life is yours alone to draw."


Sunday, December 11, 2011

All The Time In The World

There are the ongoing promptings, guidance, continuous conversation with Holy Spirit . . . which (should) happen daily, nightly . . . . Then there are the rarer personal meetings, direct with the person Yeshu, Jesus . . . .

Sometimes these happen in a dream.  Sometimes during waking hours . . . an experience which you have no doubt about.  These are cherished . . . and it seems generally the case that an individual may have just one or two a only a few of these encounters in a lifetime.  But just ONE of these is so powerful, that it permeates one's whole life from beginning to end.  You are changed at some deep, core level, never the same.  You have met deity, if only for moments; the effect so transformative . . . that you KNOW He is.

And that His character is HOLY.  A sacred air surrounds and emanates from this Person.  Different than other spiritual, supernatural beings, who, while also projecting a sense of otherworldliness, do not bring that unique, perfect combination of reverence, holiness, sanctity, purity and intelligence, humor, compassion and understanding.  Lessor spiritual encounters can certainly astound and impress, but an encounter with THE HOLY ONE is on a par strikingly distinct from all others.  There is a feeling of familiarity to it as well.  It . . . HE . . . is not "strange" . . . not a stranger . . . . He is someone you seem to already deeply know.  You know that He loves you also.  There is not any aura of "the trickster"--someone "messing" with you.

No, He comes at you straight on, but gently, though solid, firm.  All light.

The others have shadows.  Agendas lurk with them, though hidden.  They bedazzle and mesmerize, like the "miracle"-producing gurus and yogis of India.  Shamans, magicians, wizards, witches  . . . can impress, and the unwary are taken in and . . . taken over, before too long.

But, the sinless One--perfect from the beginning, has no shadows, no skulking issues, no tricks, uncomplicated . . . pure . . . direct . . . .  You See and feel and somehow know . . . that He has ONLY your best interests intended . . . .

I still love to recall a "dream" I had . . . several years ago, but the image and spirit of it still fresh . . . . And my wife likes to bring it up regularly as an encouragement . . . . Earlier in the dream I had been shown images of roving patrols going through the mountains looking for "hold-outs" . . . . This went on for a while.  But then, at the end . . . I found myself atop high mountain crags, on a peak, with a majestic panorama below, in the clouds . . . . We were at the very tip top of a pointed spire, snow capped, high above all, above everything it seemed, almost in another world, so high . . . . Jesus was there.  Somehow I knew I didn't have long with Him . . . but He was there to console and answer a question.  I asked Him, truly, how was it that He could be personally mindful of EVERYONE . . . ?  So many people . . . all through the ages . . . each person, with their unique wants, needs, concerns . . . from the least to major . . . . Really, was it true that He knew each one and cared . . . in detail ?  How did this work? 

He smiled, chuckled even, with the sweetest expression and understanding.  He said, "I have all the time in the world!" . . . I saw briefly, like a flash, into eternity . . . . He said that He HAD ETERNITY . . . to get to know and minister and love EACH AND EVERY INDIVIDUAL.  From our viewpoint, it seems like a lot, impossible, so many people, so many creatures . . . . But He said . . . He has an eternity for EVERY ONE, outside of "time" . . . so . . . it is not such an impossible thing at all.  And indeed I saw that He is able to commune and care over every single being, having ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD and . . . ALL ETERNITY to do so . . . .

And . . . I want to say, I see and experience Him . . . through YOU.  He also works through His followers, His servants, so that we are surrounded . . . WITHIN . . . and WITHOUT . . . by His eternal attention . . . .

Thank you Lord, thank you Jesus!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Christmas Story . . . .

I had sent demo tapes out . . . circa 1988 and got a couple immediate responses.  One, from a publisher in Minneapolis, home of Prince . . . the other, from Tallahassee.  The fellow, Charlie, in Tally . . . was a manager who owned a studio and was interested in having me come down to record and try to get a record deal.  We had two small boys at the time . . . Alexander and Skylar . . . and I had just bought a used Audi diesel car--white with blue interior and a sun roof.

We loaded up a U-haul trailer and hit the road--a long drive ahead.

Near the exit ramp to Rock Springs, Wyoming . . . out in the middle of nowhere . . . late fall . . . the car "threw a rod" and we rolled into town, coasting with the trailer. I found us a motel--got the car towed there with the trailer and went, "wow."

Undaunted, I called a t.v./video producer I knew, who I had done soundtrack work for and told him our situation.  On the phone, I offered him a stake in any forthcoming record deal, if he could help me out.  Amazingly, he was game and arranged so that we could get a U-Haul truck and keep . . . truckin'.

I sold the Audi to a local gas station/mechanic guy for $300.

We transferred all our belongings into the truck and I made a cool, little space, padded with blankets and pillows and sleeping bags . . . behind the cab, where the two boys could be.  There was a thru-door in the cab, so they were right there and it was all very exotic and exciting for them.

We spent one of the nights of the long drive, sleeping in the truck in the Ozarks, turning on the truck every hour or so for a few minutes to keep warm.

Somewhere, in southern Alabama, we started running out of money.  We were just a few hours away from Tallahassee and an apartment we'd reserved there . . . but getting low on gas and needing food.

I pawned an acoustic guitar and a microphone in small southern town . . . and we kept . . . truckin' . . . .

And made it to Tallahassee.  As we arrived late, we spent the night in the parking lot, sleeping in the truck again.

Charlie did indeed have a studio, but not much else and we were pretty much alone in a strange town, new culture (quite different from very white Salt Lake) . . . but pressing on with hope and a sense of adventure.

But didn't have a car.  Some sketchy days there for a while . . . but fairly soon I found paint work and we ended up  buying a piece of junk Volkswagen Rabbit for 500$.

Thanks to the Mormon church there, we were able soon to at least meet some people sort of like us . . . and we even went to church for a while.  My broad, sweeping generalizations about the Mormons . . . are here tamped down a bit, for, as I also experienced earlier in life, when I lived as a young man in California, that Mormons OUTSIDE of Utah ("Zion") . . . who tend to be converts, are much more sincere and earnest in there attempts to lead a Christian life.  They lack the materialistic, status-seeking, conniving traits more common here at the heart of "the church".

Because of our living in a totally alien culture and town . . . with no friends and few resources, the L.D.S. church there was a real blessing for a time.  Charlie basically ignored me once I got there, for whatever reason, oddly, and a couple of times I had to go the "bishop's storehouse" so that we would have ANY food, during those initial, scary months.

Christmas . . . was interesting . . . heh.  It was coming up to a little less than a week before Christmas . . . and I had no money . . . using what little I made painting to pay for our apartment and utilities and food . . . and I couldn't stand to see my little family so lacking . . . that, Lord forgive me? . . . I hopped in the beat up old Rabbit and tooled over to a nearby Albertson's grocery store.  Figuring that . . . they would be just thrown away in days anyhow . . . (so I justified it) . . . I just went and picked out a little, slightly shabby Christmas tree that was out front with the others . . . held it with one hand on the roof of the car . . . and took it back to the apartment.  Yeah . . . . I did . . . . A father in a tight spot, looking at his wondering wife and children . . . sometimes just does what he thinks he must . . . .

My wife was a little shocked and not so sure, but I promised to take the heat . . . and at least the boys would have a tree and it would be, for them, a somewhat normal Christmas.

We made popcorn strands . . . and colored paper strings and ornaments . . . and got some cheapo lights for it . . . and patched together a festive scene.

Besides the tree pilfering . . . another scene I recall, still with emotion.

A day or two before Christmas . . . we got a baby sitter and my wife and I went to the mall to shop for each other.  We each had 20$.  We split up . . . I went to Ruby Tuesday's . . . and sat there thinking, bewildered and had a drink.  In my mind, alone there at the bar, I wrote half a song, the first line I still remember, a country-style song, oddly for me.  "Make that a Margarita, sitting here . . . at Christmas time . . . . " it twanged with a melancholy melody . . . .

Then I ventured into the mall . . . and found a steak knife set I could afford on sale at nic-nac store.  I had a few dollars left and was wandering the concourse . . . when I ran into my wife . . . . She was empty handed . . . . and just looked at me with tears in her eyes and fell into my arms.  "I can't find anything . . . . " She cried softly . . . clutching the measly 20$ . . . . "No worries," I comforted her, "lets just be together."  I found some magazines for her to get me and that was that . . . .

Some people had sent some packages for the boys from back home and a few things for us . . . so there were presents under the tree and a few things showed up from Santa.

Anyway . . . there is not really a point to the story . . . just a story, one we recall from time to time, heh, especially this year, which bears some similarities, though I shant be lifting a tree this time . . . lol . . . . Christmas is a complicated affair . . . the expectations . . . the fond childhood memories . . . the stressed out folk racing around . . . the conflicts of who to visit, who's expecting what . . . then, the whole subtext of it not really being Jesus' birthday and the pagan elements fused throughout . . . . I dare say it seems to have come way too fast this year and has a strange dissociative quality to it like never before . . . . Time has got to be sped up these days . . . as it is flying so quickly, it's going to be over before you know it . . . and then spring and summer again . . . . I suspect as tribulation ensues, this quickening of time is what is meant by the encouragement of "unless those days were shortened" . . . so that, the worst parts WILL relatively zoom by . . . . . . .
Musical note . . . . I wrote the song "Taste Of Things" during that time and recorded it in Tallahassee in a fellow's front room.  Not too long thereafter I was recording at the Allman Brother's new studio, such songs as I Smoke A Pipe, Captain Action, Love + Politics, Supernatural Fire, The Metropolis, Violence In The Suburbs, Lost In A Trance (we had a raft of "abduction"-like experiences there in Tally), Loser, . . . and a couple others . . . .

God bless you all, take care,
bro t

Brother Thomas ©2015

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