Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Engaged In The Field Of Action

THERE is no peace to them that resist God: if there be joy in the world, it is reserved for a pure conscience; the whole earth is full of tribulation and anguish to those who do not possess it.
How different is the peace of God from that of the world! It calms the passions, preserves the purity of the conscience, is inseparable from righteousness, unites us to God and strengthens us against temptations. The peace of the soul consists in an absolute resignation to the will of God.
"Martha, Martha, thou are careful and troubled about many things; but one thing is needful." (Luke 10: 41.) The pain we suffer from so many occurrences, arises from the fact that we are not entirely abandoned to God in everything that happens.
Let us put all things, then, into his hands, and offer them to Him in our hearts, as a sacrifice beforehand. From the moment that you cease to desire anything according to your own judgment, and begin to will everything just as God wills it, you will be free from your former tormenting reflections and anxieties about your own concerns; you will no longer have anything to conceal or take care of.
Until then, you will be troubled, vacillating in your views and enjoyments, easily dissatisfied with others and but little satisfied with yourself, and full of reserve and distrust. Your good intentions, until they become truly humble and simple, will only torment you; your piety, however sincere, will be the occasion of more internal reproach than of support or consolation. But if you will abandon your whole heart to God, you will be full of peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. fenelon
I find no contradiction between the above sentiment and also presently being aware of the plans of the agitators . . . the civil war they would have . . . the racial strife being stirred . . . and for one to be prepared, as led . . . for what will become very sudden, hard, brutal daily realities . . . . The platitudes will disintegrate . . . and practical, real, inspired reactions must take to the fore . . . . There are duties and responsibilities and selfish cowardice disguised in a show of humility, "meekness" . . . passivity . . . will not necessarily be proper or actually "meek".  Meek may mean that one boldly stands up, proclaiming the truth, defending the weak, even physically, as one submits to the Lord's commands as they pierce the heart in any given moment of crisis.

I know what's coming and I cannot help but to alert and condition somewhat certain souls . . . who WILL find themselves in the thick of it . . . . We are to be in the world, and so, we work, pay taxes (which supports a military, abortion and all manner of atrocities), vote, speak our minds, raise children, make food, provide shelter, heal . . . all things in their proper place.  We are not recluses--passive observers, like the yogi's and Taoist hermits . . . but, engaged followers of Christ, in the world, but of Him . . . and this reality, here on this planet, right now, is the most current, leading edge, FIELD OF ACTION in the universe, where spirit manifests through body, actions, deeds . . . making a trail . . . affected by, and then, returning effect to the whole . . . .

Meekness is not dumb, blank passivity; but rather submitting to the will of God as His will speaks to each unique soul, personally, related to their own special destiny . . . within His all-encompassing Plan . . . . Which is why we are not to judge one another.  HE will judge.  Which is why we are to be careful the rules, the trips, the constrictions, the parameters we often feel compelled to enforce on others according to OUR own light.

Each has their own light, as it filters through their individual history/being . . . and we are but to love one another and let the Lord sort out the infractions as He will, later . . . . 

God will bless you,
brother t

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Feast For Eyes And Soul (the simple things)


Like trains of cars on tracks of plush
I hear the level bee:
A jar across the flowers goes,
Their velvet masonry
Withstands until the sweet assault
Their chivalry consumes,
While he, victorious, tilts away
To vanquish other blooms.
His feet are shod with gauze,
His helmet is of gold;
His breast, a single onyx
With chrysoprase, inlaid.
His labor is a chant,
His idleness a tune;
Oh, for a bee's experience
Of clovers and of noon!


TO make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,—  
One clover, and a bee,  
And revery.  
The revery alone will do  
If bees are few.

 [Emily Dickenson]

Like incidentally it came--a confirmation, like He does  . . . loosely perfect, in the natural, organic flow of His constant creating . . . .
I mentioned again the bees recently . . . and the sun . . . and while working, myself among the bees, posting my ladder in thick bushes and flowers, under the sun,
through sound waves, received by my portable radio receiving set, I heard a program . . . about bees, and a documentary, "Queen Of The Sun" . . . .
So, I'm confident, as to the question:  What is the discreet source of most of the large scale anomalies pulsing through this created world right now?  The answer is:  It is directly related to changes in the sun.

Meanwhile, do you know that when the hive, the nest becomes too populated, scouts are sent out to find a new home for the Queen and tribe/family?  They (the tireless, buzzing, soaring women) fly 5 miles or more abroad, in all directions searching for a new location to domicile--to make home.

Then each return to the hive . . . and do a "dance" . . . which is really just communicating/talking . . . describing the various locales they have discovered, and each of the scouts "argues" for the benefits of the place they found over the others . . . then the scouts go back out to check out the others' discoveries . . . and, finally, together, they deduce which should be the new destination . . . and then that contingent of the hive so designated . . . moves, en masse, to the new place, to start again.

Who needs magic . . . portals . . . ascension . . . aliens . . . when wonders like this abound on all sides, if one is simply aware of the inherent "magic" of God's creation and multitudinous creatures? 


The local farms are out with their wooden stands, displaying their wares.  I LOVE this time of year, when the fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peppers, corn . . . are there, for cheap!  On the way home I purchased some of all of these, for 6 dollars . . . and made fresh sauteed zucchini/tomato sauce pasta for my wife and Isaac last night, and this morning a modest but finely spiced batch of fresh salsa, to go on homemade tortilla chips and eggs.

Too, I am now craving honey--GOOD honey, after listening to the bee program . . . as it is truly a wonder food and good for the soul and body.  2000 year-old jars of honey found in Egyptian tombs and it still tasted delicious!  Amazing!  The Promised Land flows with milk and honey.  "Then their father Israel said to them, 'If it must be, then do this: Put some of the best products of the land in your bags and take them down to the man as a gift - a little balm and a little honey, some spices and myrrh, some pistachio nuts and almonds.'"

I can't help but stop by a couple of the yard sales on the "avenues" where I'm currently working, on the way to the job . . . peruse old books . . . . And I stumbled across a fantastic Indian bracelet.  I'm feeling the urge to start wearing a bit of Indian jewelry--not over much . . . but a little, maybe a turquoise and silver cross on a humble chain . . . . Didn't find that, but am now wearing this finely made sky blue and deep red beaded latching bracelet done in Navajo-like design . . . and got it for 25 cents! 


Today, I will finish staining the neighbor's fence--it's important to be a good neighbor . . . and then later, Jack has written a new song for our next Red Sky Sailor album which we will practice a bit.  He, singing and playing acoustic guitar, me on piano, Isaac on another guitar.  Jack has caught the cowboy/old west bug . . . and so this next musical foray will reflect that vibe and sound . . . .

Sky went on a date last night.   He is so excited.  It is hard to meet good girls these days.  (Yes, likewise, for the girls, it is hard to meet "good" boys as well.)  The girls are always shocked that my boys are chaste, polite, chivalrous, honest and clean living. And, so relieved! They are use to party boys, porn heads and cheats.  A lot of the girls now, having been "liberated" are much the same, which my boys don't like either.

Anyway, it went great.  She kept on about how sweet he is and how safe she felt with him.  We'll see how it goes . . . They went to Olive Garden, then watched last night summer thunder and lightening storm from atop the mountain we live on, then came home to our place and watched a movie . . . safe, good, clean, old fashioned fun.  She knows some sign language, which is cool.

[Bridal Veil]
All of this, for mere pennies . . . and the gift of salvation infused throughout.  I mean, how incredible is it and gracious by the King of the Universe to make it so that:  "The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach;
 9That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved."  Rom. 10-8-9

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fuzzy Thinking and the Jezebel Spirit

"I realize this is primarily a venue to encourage Christian men but, please don't call names like Jezebel, A strong woman that can defend herself isn't a threat to your manhood.

In the coming days, we're going to need strong bold men and women; we are going to join together to defend and protect the weak among us and that is not necessarily your wife.

Better to have a strong wife covering your back as you defend and protect the sick, the children, the elderly than to infantilate her by perceing her as weak and threatening her with the Jezzie label if she shows any intestional fortitude."
  [ D's comment on my "Buck Up" post]

Thanks for your concern....Actually, though this is not primarily a venue to encourage Christian men.  I've rarely directed specific comments at either men or women.  In this case, yes, I was primarily speaking to the brothers.  Thanks to strategic Marxist-based deconstructionism--"political correctness", "feminism", pornography--little boys and men have been under psychological and spiritual direct assault for decades now and far too many of them have become pathetic, weak, feminized, dissipated, useless fathers, husbands and leaders in "the Church/Body" according to their GOD given and directed ROLE.

I never said anything about encouraging or promoting the idea of the efficacy or desire to have a "weak" wife.  I was speaking to a very specific situation that is happening now socially and will only get worse.  That is, THUGS, punks, "gangsters" assaulting PHYSICALLY one's family.  If I am a man, and, let's say . . . 5 drugged-out, angry, violent young dudes, whatever race, decide to corner me and my wife and children and start beating on us, punching . . . kicking . . . whatever . . . I am not going to be shoving my wife to the fore and saying, "get 'em honey" . . . while I curl up in a ball in the corner.  Yeah, there are some tough broads out there and plenty of cowboys and soldiers were felled by Apache, Comanche, Cheyenne women when the chips were down . . . and indeed the women folk were the most vicious and cruel torturers of any captives . . . but I am hoping that for the Christian man, chivalry is not dead and am merely encouraging MEN to shake off the pervasive, de-masculinization designed to crush them so that the enemy--WHATEVER ENEMY, does not have a free pass to use, abuse, harm, rape, kill . . . one's wife and kids.

Jezebel is a real spirit and I expect to mention it when and where I feel led to do so.  IT--the wicked spirit-- doesn't like that, I know.  It is a spirit that especially hates men and seeks to make them passive, using witchcraft, sex and, nowadays "political correctness" to destroy the God-given, intended MANLY role of the husband, leader, father . . . .

There are plenty of strong women who operate under Holy Spirit.  I am married to one and we know and gratefully appreciate some others who have been a MAJOR blessing to our family, thanks to this opportunity to communicate and share via this blog.  Wonderful woman AND men, actually . . . .

Too, there are hordes now operating under Jezebel spirit and this spirit is one of--if not THE MOST--destructive spirits in the world today, ruling over our institutions, in the courts, in the military, throughout the government, and it is the power behind the puppet figureheads we call presidents and prime ministers.  It hates men and it hates children and it hates the traditional family.  It is in league with Lilith, the Queen of demons.

Many women don't know they are ruled by it, but justify their subtle tyranny and hatred of men and children and family under the guise of "equal rights" and "sexual liberation".

Jezebel would say right now, "Oh!  You don't believe in equal rights for women? Hah!"  And then go on to intimate that I am worried about my "manhood" being threatened.

When what I ACTUALLY JUST WROTE WAS "justify their . . . tyranny . . . UNDER THE GUISE of 'equal rights'" . . . .

Job's wife is another good example of this demon.  She was pissed that all their material wealth and status was being destroyed . . . and stupid Job just kept going on . . . blessing God and accepting his lot.

Anyway, I've written it before, several times, that I have been impressed that it has mostly been women in these times who are standing the strongest and boldest against the tyranny that is coming down upon us--there are a great number of them, brave, fearless, up-front, fighting socially, politically . . . the likes of Devvy Kidd, Michelle Malkin, Michele Bachman, S.C. Cupp, Palin, Laura Ingraham, Eagle Forum, Catherine Austin Fitts, Johanna Michaelsen, G or the north:) just to name a few . . . .

My point was just to encourage my brothers, who are being systematically targeted to be made inept, self-loathing, weak, subservient, and marginalized due to a real and specific military strategy designed by the enemies of America, Christianity, the "West" . . . and who are intent on enslaving the whole world and destroying the traditional biblical values of family life, and God-inspired institutions.  They are using militant feminism and political correctness especially, to do it--to "disarm"  man's natural and God-given role to be a leader, protector, provider, and defender.  Jezebel Spirit is the leading weapon in this niche of the battle.  Millions of women AND men are possessed to varying degrees by this spirit, and it is a doozy.  Most have no idea this spirit is what they are extolling and promoting, because it is disguised in various new social "norms" and agendas.

My other point was to emphasize that this is because men have NOT LIVED UP to their natural God-given role and have allowed family, church, state to fall to corruption because of their own individual weaknesses and corruption.  (Hey, for the weak, unGodly man "sexual liberation",ie., promiscuousness is fabulous as a timely, progressive advance in social/human evolution!  Whores and sluts abound!  Sex in the city!  yippee!) 

Gross, actually, and sad.  And Jezebel is thrilled.

Anyway, thanks for your concern.  I think you missed the whole point, but I appreciate the chance to clarify and further hammer the actual point home.  Of course I am not saying that only "wives" will be the "weak" to be defended.  And I was really talking about a more specific instance, ie., considering these gang banger "flash mobs" going on suddenly at fairs, shopping centers etc., . . .
Of course, it may be old men, young men, girls, dogs, cats, old ladies, whatever--whoever needs defending at the time in a given situation.....and by all means, if a strong woman wants to jump in and throw a punch or two, go ahead, any help would be appreciated . . . .

God bless,

Now go submit to your husband!

(:0 jus' kidding ...:)

p.s. Totally off topic ... I've never gotten the feeling that Elenin is a real deal--that it will actually do anything.  I continue to be more inclined to think that geo/weather warfare as part of the overall strategy to "overwhelm the system" . . . is most of what's going on . . . with diversionary stories proffered as cover.  That, and God's judgments . . . which, can be one and the same . . . . .

pss(soaring eagle, will you repost your blog addy ... ? I thought it was a real nice place and then i lost track of it and have been meaning to ask you to post it again, thx)

psss (re this hurricane ... i know the other day after I didn't post for a while ... i mentioned "I find that I am continuing to be led with heightened intensity . . . to prepare . . . for something." . . . . Then this Irene popped up and the media hoopla is astounding . . . . Is this the big thing?  No, there's more on the way--and more and more I think it has to do with the sun . . . like the bees told me :) . . . . but, this could be a big precursor--a pre-echo . . . . ?  It seems that when they hype things like this it usually is a fizzle . . . and it is the thing out of left field, unexpected that is the biggy . . . so i dunno . . . . But i do keep getting the inclination to say . . . watch . . . what the other hand is doing . . . . As in, while everyone is looking over there . . . something more important and dire is going on over "here" . . . sleight of hand maneuver ... just mentioning it ... as this thought keeps coming to mind around this hurricane hubbub.....}

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Natural Wonders . . . and a Glance At The Globe

But this is not to say that there aren't many wonders and fascinating "fringe" reality possibilities in this creation.  I don't doubt that there are portals of sorts into the other dimensions.  I accept that time travel is possible and probably occurs.  In fact, I think we all do it quite regularly and it is a natural attribute, God given, God directed.

When I talked to the bees and asked them what was their problem . . . they told me, "the sun."  Same thing when I looked into the reports of strange animal behavior, migration pattern anomalies, die-offs, relocations (animals where they shouldn't normally be) etc.  Got the same answer, "the sun."

I see and hear the Creator all through nature, His creation and creatures.  He is speaking all the time, as are His angelic messengers.  It is we who are closed, insensitive, shut-in to walled off perception in our minds and hearts because we allow the world's noise and constant demonic intervention and harassment to cloud our ability to SEE and HEAR.

The devilish side--the "occultists", "new agers", shamans etc. abscond with what are normal, natural God-given abilities and so-called "powers" and claim them for themselves.  Or, they invent some "channeled" "higher" spirit as the source . . . or some other "god" . . . or, they assert that THEY THEMSELVES have developed, or "evolved" to such an "advanced" state that the "powers" originate from them--their "advanced" self . . . .

It is always a simple matter of whether one is DISPLACING the LORD as the sovereign, ruler over one's self and all one is and has . . . with another "god" or with self . . . which ultimately is just replacing God with the would-be Usurper, Lucifer, Satan . . . .

As to reincarnation . . . I have some ideas I want to share . . . soon, fwiw.  I know some very fine people who tend to believe in it and I can understand why.  I did myself for many years, off and on.  There are many intriguing case studies current and ancient which would seem to support it's validity.  Because of current in-depth research I'm conducting related to "Native Americans" .. . which has again infused me with a strong sense of deep-rooted, ingrained, practically "hands-on" knowledge and empathy with their way of life and history--something that has been with me since the age of around 4 years old--I have also asked deeper in the Spirit . . . to better understand what is involved with this; with this sense that many people have of relating to a certain race or group of people or culture/mindset . . . spirit even . . . existing in the past.

An answer has come to me and I just need to find the best way to describe and relate it, as it both extremely simple and profound . . . and of a subtle sort that cannot be instantly realized because of the pervasively entrenched and ubiquitous mind control and false (reality/worldview) paradigm . . . under which we all suffer.

I will get to it shortly . . . just in case any one is similarly interested and has likewise wondered about such a thing . . . .

Meanwhile . . . I feel terrible about Libya right now.  I have the same sense of dread I felt when the 2nd Gulf War was being considered and sentiment stoked to invade Iraq, knowing that it would be a human catastrophe--much suffering and chaos at the hands of downright evil globalist operators.  Same crew is involved with this, obviously.  Even from a simple "mainstreet" analysis of the thing, what the hell business is it of ours or any other country to be bombing and meddling and removing sovereign leaders, whatever we think of them?

It will mean especially, more persecution, murder, theft, rape and pillage and plunder and displacement of Christians, among other innocent victims.  From the spiritual vantage, this is one of the simultaneous important goals of all this "nation" destroying/building going on in the Middle East.  Also, I expect that, just as China ended up with the oil of Iraq, China and Russia will likely be the main beneficiaries of the final new "Islamic/Communist/Fascist/Corporatist" Illuminati regime that results.  World communism, Illuminism, Wall Street, global corporations, "radical Islam" . . . are all working together to conquer the globe and create a new, technocratic, psychotronic, occultic/Luciferian, post-Christian world order . . . .

"Total War" is underway, on every front--economy, food, weather, geo-engineering, space, psychology, media, entertainment--ALL being steered toward the final objective . . . to DISPLACE the Lord as sovereign and install (demonically possessed) man as ruler and arbiter.   This is why I feel such visceral, mocking repulsion towards the footsoldiers like David Wilcock and such ilk, who are profiting from putting people into further trance-like delusion and false hopes, leading them far astray--diverting many well intentioned, naive, earnest souls . . . using lies, magic psychology, and the literal power of Satan, blaspheming God, Jesus . . . and setting up THE metaphysical paradigm whereby it will be considered "enlightened" "spiritually advanced" one day . . . to imprison and even liquidate . . . "those who are holding back"/ie., CHRISTIANS . . . the planet/goddess entering "4th density" or whatever.  Sun and earth and self-worshiping fools will convince themselves that it is a great thing--necessary even--that millions and billions even die sooner rather than later, so that the "enlightened" ones can get this whole thing moving into "ascension"--into the "next level" of  "the Source's" cosmic evolution of consciousness!

Mercy, feeding the poor, healing the sick, comforting the destitute, protecting children . . . are paltry and old-fashioned notions . . . and can all be ignored and sluffed off as merely results of "their karma" . . . while the new age gurus press forward with books, dvd's, conferences, riding around in limo's and appearing on talks shows and RT  t.v. and meddling in civic institutions to "help along" the coming "transformation" into the ie., "5th world" of the Mayans . . . .

I remember hearing that notorious self-aggrandizer and big shot wanna-be Richard C. Hoagland (and others like him) saying that the so-called "Arab Spring" is a great, marvelous sign of the planet "awakening" and that it's all leading to this new era of "people power"--the end of the bad old "Western" Judeo-Christian paradigm . . .  and oh, what a glorious thing it all is--this entrance into the new age . . . .

Nevermind such minor incidentals as Laura Logan's gang rape in the midst of the celebration (of the overthrow of an old, strategic American ally) . . . or the hundreds, thousands of innocent people shot, robbed, raped, murdered, like nearly the whole ancient Christian community there . . . and the coming imposition of totalitarian/socialist Sharia law by the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood . . . and the total loss of what little freedom the Egyptians DID have before . . . as now will happen in Libya and whoever is next on the hit list.  (I still think Syria will be a big trigger point--where Russia will finally start playing their more overt role in the coming staged global backlash/vengeance against the U.S. for all its (staged) meddling in other countries affairs.  (Where I say that the American military, along with NATO is actually in control of Russia already and is being deliberately used as a battering ram for global communism's interests so that America takes the blame . . . Russia looks like the good guys coming to save the day from "out-of-control" America . . . as in, just look how Leon Panetta, hah!.... a long-time Manchurian operative is in charge of "defense" . . . . )

Meanwhile . . . the people . . . the innocent on all sides, and especially "traditionalists" . . . "patriots" a la' the "tea party" types . . . and bonafide followers of Christ . . . will continually be seen to be taking the greatest brunt, conveniently . . . . as THAT is the main target of the whole operation in the end . . . . )

Oy.  Good thing we are already saved! :)
God blessed you,
brother, thomas

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Elijah and the Baal Weenies

Working late last night, sampling different late-night talk radio programs as I toiled, listening to my clunky old-school "walkman" cassette/radio player clipped on belt . . . I caught David Wilcock on Boast to Boast--er, I mean, Coast to Coast with George Noory carrying on about "The Law Of One" "channeled" material from "Ra" (the "sun god') . . . "6th density" . . . "3rd density" bullcrap (sorry for the insult to bull crap) . . . and learned that Wilcock still believes he is the reincarnated Edgar Cayce . . . come back to set some things straight and "help the planet" in this time of "2012" "ascension" . . . AND that he is also a reincarnation of the ancient mastermind who personally oversaw and designed the building of the Egyptian pyramids!  David is the chosen one today to transmit messages from RA THE SUN GOD!  Wow.  Impressive . . . .

Well, it's even bigger than that.  David claims to be the actual reincarnation of Ra the sun-god himself!  Is this incredible or what?  And right there on your AM dial, on Boast to Boast, er Coast to Coast with another great sage, George Noory!

Oh, don't worry.  Just focus on the positive and ignore all this messy "transition" to "ascension" stuff . . . like famine, war, rampant pedophilia, torture, earthquakes, flash mobs, drought, persecution, communist tyranny . . . etc.  This is just the goddess (planet earth) trying to wake our silly heads up so that we can "transition" to the next stage of "spiritual evolution" . . . . Hey, when you've got books on the NY Times best seller list and can dupe thousands of fools to fork over gobs of cash to hear you spout made-up, self-serving, self-glorifying cosmic gobbledygook at "divine cosmos" conventions . . . things are quite alright!  Stay "positive"!  C'mon, stop focusing on the "negative".

Although, . . . that's ok too, actually . . . because in the lying mess that is the state of current "spiritual" cutting edge . . . "light and dark" are "co-equal" . . . and so, hey, it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it--be "negative", that is . . . because it's all about "balance" you see . . . . Though . . . for some reason . . . there keeps being this emphasis to be "positive" so that we can "evolve" . . . which . . . tends to denote that there IS actually a benefit of choosing one over the other (ie., "light over dark")  . . . BUT . . . let's not look too closely at logically inconsistencies!  Hey, we got RA of all people, er, uh . . . of all gods giving us the what for!  And his new book is out!

Forget that old fuddy-duddy Pisces Age "Yah" dude.  We've now got "THE SOURCE FIELD!"  And David--I mean, Edgar . . . er, RA! . . . is here to guide us into the new 2012 age using ancient, lost Atlantean secret knowledge (I think he is also one of the great reincarnated Atlantis priests, so expert in that as well!) . . . which will include time travel, flying, and skipping around through space portals to other dimensions and worlds!

Oh, just in case YOU don't experience these new, coming powers . . . don't worry.  Your ASTRAL DOUBLE . . . ie., "higher self" IS . . . and you just can't quite perceive it yet . . . because you are still probably holding on to the old ways . . . the old timey "good versus evil" paradigm that is soooo last century!

Don't fret.  Your "higher self" is probably flying all over the cosmos with perfect knowledge and perfect love in the other density . . . and . . .  if you just buy David's . . . er, Ra's new book and channeled info . . . MAYBE . . . YOU here in this lowly, backward dimension (the one that still has Christians and "traditional" values cavemen in it) . . . will probably . . . soon . . . hopefully . . . eventually . . . "evolve" to your higher "density" and be able to get to that duplicate world . . . where . . . everything is . . . like . . . well, "heaven" . . . . . . only better, cuz in the new "density" . . . YOU get to be your own god and don't have to answer to or worship anyone else besides yourself!  Wildick, I mean, Wilcock can't wait!


These self serving pagan charlatans deserve to be mocked as Elijah did it.

And too many self-described followers of Jesus are being seduced into the outskirts of their lies and confusion.  Evolution . . . ascension . . . reincarnation . . . are part of the same ball of wax.  It is a ball of wax that WILL get melted by the white hot light of TRUTH.  No, there isn't "your truth" . . .  "his truth" . . . "her truth" . . . all acceptable in one plate of mystical mush.  There is TRUTH.  And . . . eventually, the Spirit of Truth reveals it to the steadfast seeker.  You will find that the gist of the mystical mush is that it always tends to DISPLACE God and replace with the importance of self.  I can and will explain why it is that we seem to "remember" other lives . . . other times . . . and find ourselves possessing knowledge and understanding which does not seem possible or feasible if it were true that we only live one life . . . . It has to do with seduction--the same old seduction that underpins and infuses the Liar's lies . . . since the first seduction in the Garden . . . .

I have always valued quality over quantity relating to fellow comrades in this battle.  Time is short and highly compressed right now.  There is no longer time, I've decided and am experiencing (at least presently) to speak on and to the various levels of understanding.  It's gotta be direct, quick and unconcerned about cowardly men and fuzzy thinking women.  Can't worry about stepping on eggshells and caressing touchy egos.  Not enough time for that now.  There are myriad locales where endless legalistic debates and fraudulent, mush-gush, phony new-agey "love and light" "positive" messaging goes on and the buffet samplers can gorge themselves aplenty with fruitless pap, useless in the REAL and pragmatic problems and challenges we ACTUALLY have upon us and coming hard, wide and deep!

It is going to be shocking to see just how many and how fast a lot of self-described "Christians" are going to join in with the regime rather than with standing for the TRUTH and for Jesus, who will NOT take up their cross, but will explain their treachery away with new age, "universalist" platitudes . . . and there will truly be FEW who are willing to STAND and proclaim, but will instead cower and conform and make excuses and convince themselves that they are still "fighting the good fight" . . . while cutting in line to be among the first who receive "the mark".

The prevaricating and compromise is beginning now.  For latter day, small "a" apostles . . . it will be much like the time when the "authorities" were asking around, hunting down, searching out . . . the followers of Christ . . . and many claimed--LIED--that they didn't know Him.

:) btw ... I'm not really targeting anyone specific so much as a type I'm seeing in my mind's eye, which I think it going to be becoming more and more prevalent ... and treacherous.... I am feeling so strongly led right now to ramp up preparations ... in all possible ways... of course with JESUS above all ... but, too some practical considerations... that I am certain we are quite close to some big event(s) ... probably unexpected... not even some of the things we are tracking .. or finding on the front page right now .... Peace, my friends! ...

Btw... kinda cool... just checked my soundclick page for the first time in days.... been soooooo overwhelmed with stuff lately... and Holy Man is number ONE on the Christian Rock charts! ...heh... a nifty little encourager... I'm still trying to live up to the words in that one, lol . . . . one day....  one find day :)....


Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Dying Animal Brings Dread

The result of sin is death.  Death hangs over all, but most just try to ignore it--push it away as some vague, far-off thing to be dealt with later.  But then this sets up the reign of the animal within.  The animal is simply about territory, food and sex.  Most humans live just on that level, only with all manner of gilded details.

Covetousness is animalistic--lusting over what another has and wanting it for oneself.  it's all about feathering one's nest.  So, from the dead, animalistic, sin state . . . the person is constantly comparing and fearful, worried about security and survival.  And it is a form of lust.  We lust, covet what is happening for and to others, lamenting that WE are not in a better situation.  Pity party ensues.  Woe is me. 

From the animal, brute eye, God is seen as Santa Claus.  He brings gifts.  If you are "good" then you should get more stuff.  Legalism enters and the childish notion that if one just says, "I believe in Jesus and the bible", then the gifts are expected to come showering down.

And all of this is myopically related to mortal, physical survival and comfort.  Santa, I ask for this and that--its on my wish list . . . and wait . . . and because I am "good" . . . then I expect to get presents, gifts!

When few or no "gifts" arrive as expected, then follows anger, resentment, blaming, subtle violence of the heart, a demanding and entitled mentality begins to form.  You owe me this!  I deserve this!  Do you not care or love me?  Then show me!

Silence from heaven.

More anger, resentment.  Some, (unlike Job who WAS good and DID deserve much, so-to-speak, but seemingly inexplicably lost everything) silently and eventually loudly curse God, in the spirit of Job's wife.  Yesssss . . . the devil likes this . . . curse God, curse your life, curse the "plan", hate and blame others . . . !

Finally, the selfish, self-pitying soul starts to consider means to TAKE what they believe they deserve.  Lying . . . cheating . . . stealing . . . murder, if necessary.

A plummeting whirlpool of self and life loathing ensues . . . cheered on by the demonic "you go girl!" . . .

And all . . . simply because one has not faced and accepted inevitable death.  And because one does not REALLY believe in God and the glories and joys of heaven . . . and so, does not have the sacred fortitude to wait . . . upon the Lord.  In HIS time . . . by HIS will is one's life laid out and, if He REALLY loves you, chances are, you will not see much of what YOU wanted manifest and come to--those presents on your Christmas wish list . . . .  No, He is more likely to frustrate your personal whims at every turn; because, He knows that if you get just what you want . . . even if you have smartly to only want "humble" things . . . even "modest" wants . . . He knows that you will soon forget Him and go back to living the fallen life of a doomed animal, never recalling or minding HIS will and purposes.

So, for those He loves and chooses for the holy, eternal realm . . . He must use suffering and frustration of personal goals and wishes.  Because, it is not about YOU!  Incidentally, yes, it is.  He loved and created you.  But for HIS own glory, which is a mystery we can only fathom in the depths of mystical faith--faintly grasping, through a glass darkly, His mysterious and inconceivable ways and intentions.

The devil shouts "NO!"  I want mine, now!  I will fight reality!  I will challenge God's rule!  I want what I want and I want it now! 

He bucks at the sovereign.  Get off my back, let me do what I want to, with no consequences!  I will redefine "good" and "bad" . . . switch them even, and, through controlling the world's leaders and celebrities--it's wealth and technology and demonic magic . . . I will so confuse reality and play to the people's innate fear of death and inner rebelliousness . . . that only a FOOL would seek to be meek, humble, surrendered to the Creator's harsh hand.  I will torment any and every silly weakling who decides to accept a life of lack and ignominy following "God's will" . . . and make them look like a crazy person.  I will lock them up, take their riches, attack their children, betray them constantly in their worldly affairs, like Job, beating them into submission to ME! 

This is what the devil says.

Meanwhile, the disciple of The Master has heard His call, and listens to His voice, daily, and is constantly at war with the fallen self which seeks comfort and pleasure and self-will.  Such a one is ready for the mocking, the deriding, the ignoring, the loneliness, the (temporary) hardships . . . because they've had a revelation, that HE IS . . . and that Jesus is KING . . . and that despite our natural, fallen, wicked state, the Saviour has come and conquered, and now . . . it is just a matter of time and continued submission to the Spirit and the Word--contrite . . . accepting WHATEVER one is allotted with gratitude!

The worldly cannot understand this.  They think it is madness and delusion.  They prescribe medication and gulags. 

Too many, calling themselves believers . . . are little more than believers . . . in Santa Claus.  Some guy with a beard who gives presents on one's wish list.  That is the extent of their comprehension of the SPIRITUAL life.  Which is not spiritual at all, but just a slightly glittered up version of dumb, brute, animalistic instincts and nest feathering proclivities . . . .

The true disciple . . . is a radical--a TRULY RADICAL break . . . from the ways of the world.  Here is one who is already experiencing the accouterments of heaven, which are not material objects and bodily pleasures . . . but treasures of the spirit, far more valuable, which cannot be corrupted or taken by ANY in the world, which are peace, insight, grace, humility, worshipfulness

Then, the baubles and lusts of this corrupt world begin to look shabby, petty, ugly, vile, no matter how dressed up by the demonic illusionists who sit at the levers of perception . . . .

It is easy to recognize someone on the Path of God . . . a disciple of Truth.  Do you dread their presence?  If they are coming, do you want to run and hide and avoid?  Or is this someone who brings relief, comfort, joy, and peace?  Are you excited to see their name, their face? 

Well, those wallowing in sin are not excited to see and be around such a one.  THEY react like the proverbial vampire (or Mormon, ie.,) to the cross.  Recoil and run away.  The light is painful to such.

But to those sincerely seeking and loving the Truth . . . there is no dread of the brethren or sisters enveloped in God's grace and spirit.  They crave such fellowship.

Are you dreaded?  By whom?  Do you live the animal life, worried about this animal body in a doomed, fallen world?  Or do you believe in God and live already in the outskirts, along the fringe of His effulgence, His Light, His Truth? . . . someday, in faith, wanting to be mustered IN . . . all the way . . . . ?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hopeful, Helpful, Happy, Holy . . . and snow.....

Good ol' on site news from the locals . . . you can't beat it.  Off and on I've been keeping track of the weather changes, leaning towards Robert Felix's take that "not by fire, but by ice" . . . is part of what's happening.  That is, no, we are not in global warming, but on the cusp of a new ice age.

Anyway, just last week I heard from several sources--locals who for years have gone up into the hills, the mountains hunting . . . riding atv's . . . hiking etc.  They all reported that old areas they've visited for years are different than they have ever been, in terms of stubborn, lingering snow pack.  Places that should now be snow-free, middle of August, still have large snow drifts, deep . . . and look like they will never melt before fall and colder weather starts up again.  They've never seen it like this before.  They also are saying that the trees are already showing signs (too early) of turning into fall colors.  The usual migrations of birds, the Canadian geese who visit our marsh areas in the valley . . . are all off kilter as well.  Several of my clients who grow gardens every year have been complaining how this year the vegetables and fruit are not producing anywhere near normal and what is produced is weird--looking and tasting.

According to the "coming ice age" theory . . . prognosticators are warning this will be an exceptionally harsh and long winter, and that each one thereafter will get worse . . . until . . . in some climes, it will just start snowing and then, never stop.  New glaciers will form and old ones will expand down into once fertile growing areas.

Yet, this could all also be a result of weather manipulation, or related to the PX scenario . . . .

Whatever, there is no question that the seasons are acting very strange.  We have had a very cool and wet summer, quite unlike what was once a normal high desert summer.  Lots of snow is still on the peaks and up in the mountains where it should be gone by now.

Over time . . . as I've stacked up the years of life . . . I've learned to take stock in what I find myself being led to do in very day-to-day pragmatic terms . . . . Certain things no longer interest me that did, and then there are new interests percolating up into my mind and find myself doing . . . . Too, there are promptings which return regularly . . . related to longer term goals, which I find myself investing in (investing time, thought, energy) . . . which lets me have a slight peak into probably future scenarios.  I believe this is a very natural, normal, simple process of living though most are not aware of it--not noticing the process . . . .

But I have found it consistently accurate and helpful in helping guide decisions and plans.  Presently, I find that I am continuing to be led with heightened intensity . . . to prepare . . . for something.  I am not sure what it is--have a few ideas--but mostly, there is the sense of a complete change--a wholesale switch in the mode of living . . . .  It feels like a major wrapping-up of past trajectories . . . and a shedding down of past ties . . . a relinquishing of some old attachments . . . a letting go of certain things . . . and an overall total transformation of operations . . . . At the same time, I am perceiving new vistas . . . which continue, and which do relate to the past in some ways . . . very hopeful and exciting . . . as life will go on after whatever ever it is that is coming . . . . So, it is not all about completing throwing in the towel and just waiting for catastrophe or "the end" . . . but, rather . . . it looks like there will be a very tumultuous and intense period, with great change and rearranging and reshuffling . . . BUT THAT, there will be ongoing day-to-day life thereafter . . . at least for a while . . . . It is the end of a lot of things . . . but not everything . . . .  God willing, and as long as it remains possible and even relatively worthwhile . . . I will be able to be more specific, reaching out to like minds, like "soul-tracks" . . . as I think there is yet some amazing things to develop--hopeful, helpful, happy, holy . . . . God bless and protect you,
your brother in (His) arms

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Calling All Men . . . BUCK UP!

The truly spirit-led follower of Christ is anything but a coward.  Among the bravest of any who have lived have been the disciples of Jesus, going into the most God-forsaken lands, exposing themselves to persecution, harm, extreme physical austerities . . . burning within (many literally getting burned without) so fiercely that they sacrifice their lives, their comfort, their security, just to preach the Gospel.

However, also the Gospel, misappropriated, is the home of the vilest of cowards and opportunists.  There are plenty who, while their women and children are under attack, assaulted physically, who will shrink away and hide--cower, run, leaving their loved ones to ravages of wolves, saying, "I will not lift a finger, I am turning the other cheek, I will not defend myself or mine--go ahead, take them, abuse them . . . I will sit over here rocking in the corner singing hymns and closing my eyes."

The men in the body of believers are especially going to be tested now.  They have been pursuing luxury, money, status, worldly pleasures, while the wicked have run roughshod over the whole society, distorting it and perverting it so that it is common now to see boldly displayed the overt sexualization of children in mainstream advertising, in movies, on television and in song.  The churches have been infiltrated and the leadership taken over by perverts and self seekers with gold watches, expensive suits, elite cars.  For too long have men ignored their responsibilities to lead and protect and defend, allowing vicious Jezebels to subvert and overthrow and confuse, so long as the weak, pleasure loving fools can keep taking advantage of the collateral "opportunities" attendant a society in rapid chaos and decay.

It is largely because of the weakness and fear and soft, lustful mental pursuits of the men, allowing their authority to be lead by "modern", convenient, low expectations of their roles and responsibilities as fathers, husbands, teachers . . . that now, the barbarians are not only at the gate--they are within the walls, withing THE ROOMS of the households of nearly every family striving to live a Godly life.

As a man, you must be prepared to make decisions that only you and the Lord see, while the world throws insults and accusations . . . yet YOU know what you must do.  Your ears must be dead to the seductions of that multitude which surrounds, saying, "don't be weird . . . just go along . . . don't rock the boat . . . " as there will be great pressure from all sides, including from within your own house, that will attempt to push you into the seemingly easier path of conforming to what will be an oppressive compulsion of assimilation, compromise . . . .

You, man, had better be preparing to protect your wives, your mothers, your fathers, your grandfathers, your grandchildren--ALL who are weaker, when the dumb, brute face and hands of senseless violence comes to your door.

There is no one exact prescription.  Each case, in each instance, will demand quick and courageous decision . . . on the fly.  Events--bad events--happen suddenly.  In the sudden moment of chaos, the true character of an individual is exposed.  If you are at a county fair, or on a shopping concourse . . . or at the park . . . where drugged up, hateful, vengeful youth start suddenly to rampage are you going to curl up in a ball and beg for mercy while your wife and children are similarly attacked?  And then justify your cowardice with saying you are a "Christian" and so, don't believe in self defense or violence?

Something to know, which has proven out many times in history.  When "savages" attack the "civilized", they almost always do so in a mob-like frenzy.  There is little or no organization in the attack.  Quickly, if the attacked can organize--even a FEW TOGETHER, standing together--and put up a combined defense, it is incredible what just a few such can do to repel and STOP the frenzied mob.  If a lone individual is under assault, and you can fast find a handful of reasonably strong, but mostly COURAGEOUS LIKE-MINDED defenders, it is astounding what the concerted, even if small in numbers, defense can instantly achieve.

The roving mob are themselves cowards who seek "easy targets".  Men--especially white men--have been brainwashed into a deadly passivity and they and their families are considered "easy targets."  A few of them, standing together, in a melee--HAVE COUNTLESS TIMES IN HISTORY--and can now . . . be men.

Man, you should be rehearsing scenarios in your mind, what you will do in a given crisis situation.  You should be physically strong and tough as your body and age and time allows--but some time should be put into it.  If you can train, you should, and this can be done with or without money.  Do not be caught in the enemy's pre-placed intellectualizations meant to "dis-arm" you into cowardly, passive, unGodly docility.

Most times, just being READY and ABLE, will deflect the attack before it happens, making you and yours less of a "target."

"Political correctness" is a specific mind control program designed to disable your natural, God-given, noble and righteous responsibility to defend your basic right and charge . . . to live and prosper. It is the twin glove on the double fist pounding you down, along with militant feminism.  The selfish coward gladly accepts both to justify their pathetic weakness in abrogating their spiritual and mortal RESPONSIBILITY to BE A MAN.  Of course, the Godly man does not seek or live by violence!  But he is not to cower and run and explain away or listen to foolish women his duty to be a powerful, holy, strong PILLAR in protecting and defending and leading, where he has been placed in his life . . . .

BUCK UP!  Quick-like . . . . ! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

"Heaven Forfend!"

"There will be earthquakes . . . wars and rumors of wars . . . famine, pestilence, a beginning of a time of sorrows . . . . There will be signs, so that you know the season . . . . "

An expert standing there shouted out, "Hey preacher, enough with the 'smack'! Why don't you just talk about the scriptures?!"

Jesus paused, eye-brow raised in compassionate amusement, and said,

"These ARE the scriptures . . . . "

Meanwhile, in a dingy cell, on a treeless, volcanic, isolated island, a fellow wrote,

"200 million troops . . . making war . . . beasts rising from the ocean . . . persecution . . . blood in the waters, 1/3rd killed . . . the dragon warring on the saints . . . tribulation, armageddon . . . eyes, tongues melting . . . a warrior with eyes aflame, sprinkled with blood . . . slaughter of the wicked . . . armies of fighting angels . . . God's wrath . . . the winepress . . . . "

A local expert pounds on the wall of the jail, saying, "Knock it off in there with all the fear-mongering, doom and gloom pronouncements!  Just wrap yourself up in your rags and go to sleep or something.  Good grief, I'm trying to get some rest out here!  Besides, you're scaring people!"

John paused, leaning back into the damp, dirty corner . . . quill poised to continue . . . .

Suddenly, a rotten rutabaga came flying through the rusty iron window bars, splattering on the ground, followed by a shout, "AND God doesn't believe in war anyway, just peace!  Why don't you just talk about peaceful things!" 

Hungry, the scribe nabbed the offered root, took a bite, thankfully . . . chuckling quietly to himself . . . then, took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and resumed his work . . . .

[A small crowd had gathered . . . one saying to another there, "Oh boy, get a load of this. Now he's comparing himself to Jesus and John!  Hurry, tell the others . . . . "]


I recalled, pondering some things this morning, on my drive in to work . . . something I had once addressed regarding familiarity breeding "contempt".  It's an interesting phenomenon.  I've seen and experienced with the children.  When they are little, YOU, as the parent are the greatest around--they are proud of you, proud of your family and have an innate team spirit.  Then, they become know-it-alls . . . and suddenly everything you do is dumb, backwards, wrong . . . and all sorts of others--strangers, friends, icons, others' parents . . . are the ones who've "got it going" . . . .  No one is more uncool, suddenly, than you.  Then . . . after a few of life's knocks . . . and, if they are not possessed or demented . . . they start realizing the complexities of life and all you actually did for them . . . and start appreciating once again.  No, you are not perfect, as they may have thought as little children.  But, actually, there is a certain sacred order to how God arranges natural, organic relationships . . . and where He puts one . . . and with whom He puts one into contact with . . . that, the sincere . . . begins to grasp and become ever more grateful for.  Unless, of course, YOU are a complete ass and a fraud and abuser or something . . . .

But I've watched for years, this pattern, of certain types of seekers who, at first become infatuated in some cases . . . with someone . . . court them, in a sense, . . . then feel rejected if the target cannot be controlled . . . and then, suddenly the once lauded subject is now the enemy!  Over and over some of these co-dependent types flit, like butterflies, from this personality to that one . . . all mush-gush in the beginning . . . then, at some point, feeling scorned, becoming all acid and accusations.  The spiritual buffet samplers . . . . Whereas, I have found the tried, the plain, the stalwart and ongoing compatriots . . . are ever ready vessels . . . for the spirit to be present, regardless of their "level" of perfection . . . the old friend . . . the wife . . . the fellow worker met through the simple necessities of every day living . . . .
I am not specifically saying that this is the case here . . . but the whole phenomenon has come back into mind as I've thought about it . . . .

Meanwhile, for those who simply appreciate me sharing the various thoughts and observations and analysis I do . . . no worries, I won't be fenced in.  I have many and diverse interests.  Also, I like to speak at different time to different levels of others' understanding and interests.  Some ARE into so-called "smack".  I always have been, since a child, so that won't change, unless GOD decides to have me no longer keeping an eye on that.  Also, I do pay some attention to the world, politics, pop culture . . . .  Certainly not obsessed by it, but, like any normal citizen, in the world, but not of it, like to keep tabs and speculate on what's going on.  I'm not a johnny come lately to it, nor will I suddenly run off to the Bodhi Tree to gaze at my navel, "renouncing the world."  I went through that whole (sincere) trip as a teenager . . . .
Too, there is just the personal stuff, day to day life . . . water cooler talk . . . .
I find many areas of life interesting and ALL related to the primary spiritual paradigm of a disciple of this particular Lord.
I've spent long periods of time, off and on, in life, in deep, serious contemplative modes of being.  Right now happens to be, on the other hand, a rather pragmatic phase.  Which makes sense, considering the times upon us and being responsible for a family and feeling some responsibility to friends, fellow believers, fellow citizens etc. 
It is clear to me that people are in different modes, unique to their own destinies, at different times, but I can tell you I can't stand the one-size-fits-all, condescending, legalistic or mushy-gushy pseudo-"Christlike" pretenses that often consume many rookies in the Field . . . which is one reason I don't spend a lot of time reading forums, where such spirits are rife.  Lots of smoke . . . LOTS of bellowing, correcting, shush-shusing wagging finger smoke . . . but very little actual LIGHT, or REAL fire . . . .

Yeah . . . so . . . . eh . . . . .
Whatever . . . dude . . . . :)


Taking account of this inevitable development . . . the best of “houses”/orders . . . have pristine and sacred “rules” which act to align the group to a central spirit–successfully, if Jesus’–and ultimately obviates the ongoing personal frictions and personality conflicts which can quickly doom a sublime project . . . . .

In the meantime, as an order develops, in its very early and infant stages, the methods of the best “families” must take hold (those spiritually successful families of the ages whether genetic or deliberate) . . . whereby everyone sincerely dedicated and involved, allows for the temporary frictions, fights, disagreements to NOT overwhelm the underlying holy charge, which brought all the same together in the first place!

There must be quickness to understand, tolerate and forgive. ESPECIALLY, when ego is the thing that is mostly hurt. For a grouping–a holy clan and community–is MEANT JUST FOR the kinds of interpersonal exchanges which produce conflict, resolution, self-awareness and understanding. Entrenchment into simple defensive, reactive, fallen temporal ego/animal response . . . is what dooms the progress of each participant, and the group, if it becomes contagion.

It is amazing what kind of growth can quickly be accomplished, when the devil is not allowed to break a party up, over inconsequential and minor doctrinal and personality differences! BUT THAT the members continue on . . . YES, taking breaks to self-compose and ascertain the Spirit–what IT, SPIRIT wants one to do in the matter . . . and then, taking time and patience to check the Divine message . . . ALWAYS testing to make sure that spiritual pride . . . SUBTLE EGOIC PRIDE is not actually the one driving the discussion and conflict . . . . . which it almost always is to some degree . . .

Thank God for the sparks and moments of conflict; for He spits out who is LUKEWARM and would rather have those who are passionate, regardless of their recurring mortal missteps! Ones that care enough to debate, fight, disagree with vigor and even sometimes accuse . . . are vastly better than the Living Dead who care nothing about spiritual import and are content to meander along, gaining material bobbles, social status and lack of difficulty.

Do not let the divider gain any ground for any ongoing length of time. Divisive issues are not to be ignored, but should not split apart a community who are aligned on basic tenet — SIMPLY, that GOD IS and that His Son, is the only means by which to reach Him.

The adversary exploits these basic stresses and continual state of enervation, and seeks to posit it all within one’s search for religious/spiritual truth and understanding; especially, so that, where TWO OR MORE ARE GATHERED IN HIS NAME, petty differences can gain power and destroy the tender shoots of LEGITIMATE SPIRITUAL FRATERNIZATION/COMMUNITY.

What sets an order above others, so that it can do tangible good works in the world, is the members knowing these basic pitfalls and each one staying aloft and abreast, checked by humility and the Spirit . . . so that the greater purpose–EXPOSITNG THE GOOD NEWS–can continue forth . . . for a time, for its TIME ALLOTTED before The End . . . . . "  [Posted here 1-1-08]


"Come get your chip tattoo . . . "

"Lucifer rising on a triple eleven,
Come get your chip tattoo . . . "

from my 2007 song  "Transhuman Psychotronic"

I don't know if the triple eleven date will really be specific--it's also just inspired, poetic songwriting, but the tattoo mark comment came from an epic dream I had where they rounded every one up into a church and forced everyone to get an implant of sorts--a "chipped" tattoo put on by a big gun.  The mark instantly fogged one's consciousness . . . everything became hazy and dreamlike after getting it.  It was also a crowd control mechanism, as it turned out.  We later ended up in a zoo-like prison camp and were herded around like animals, shown exhibits about "natural science" . . . evolution . . . sort of re-education diorama pageants . . . acted out behind glass cases . . . . This was also the dream, where at the beginning of it, people were running scared down the street, in a suburban neighborhood up in the foothills . . . . Strange, cyborg-like soldiers were steadily, calmly coming after them, from the hills.  It was said that the soldiers had come up out of the ground, out of holes.  This is also eluded to in the song,

"Wizards gonna crawl from the underground,
And gouge out all your eyes,"

Some fleeing citizens were outright just shot.  Others rounded up eventually and ended up in that church... a big ecumenical, semi-secular feeling church . . . perhaps Episcopalian or Unitarian . . . .

Anyway, I saw this article and thought of the song again, and the original dream which largely inspired it . . . .
(can't believe we recorded Pyschotronic 4 years ago!  man, time is ripping by!)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

On True Liberty

WHEN we are no longer embarrassed by the restless reflections of self, we begin to enjoy true liberty.
False wisdom, on the other hand, always on the watch, ever occupied with self, constantly jealous of its own perfection, suffers severely whenever it is permitted to perceive the smallest speck of imperfection.

Not that the man who is simple minded and detached from self, fails to labor toward the attainment of perfection; he is the more successful in proportion as he forgets himself, and never dreams of virtue in any other light than as something which accomplishes the will of God.

The source of all our defects is the love of self; we refer everything to that, instead of to the love of God. Whoever, then, will labor to get rid of self, to deny him-self, according to the instructions of Christ, strikes at once at the root of every evil, and finds, in this simple abandonment of self, the germ of every good.

Then those words of Scripture are heard within and understood, "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." (2 Cor. 3: 17) We neglect nothing to cause the kingdom of God to come both within and without; but in the midst of our frailties we are at peace. We would rather die than commit the slightest voluntary sin, but we have no fear for our reputation from the judgment of man. We court the reproach of Christ Jesus, and dwell in peace though surrounded by uncertainties; the judgments of God do not affright us, for we abandon ourselves to them, imploring his mercy according to our attainments in confidence, sacrifice, and absolute surrender. 

The greater the abandonments, the more flowing the peace; and in such a large place does it set us, that we are prepared for everything; we will everything and nothing; we are as guileless as babes.
Our illumination from God discovers the lightest transgressions, but never discourages. We walk before Him; but if we stumble, we hasten to resume our way, and have no watchword but Onward! 

If we would find God, we must destroy the remains of the old Adam within. The Lord held a little child in his arms, when He declared, "of such is the kingdom of Heaven." The sum of the principal directions for attaining true liberty without neglecting our duties is this: do not reason too much, always have an upright purpose in the smallest matters, and pay no attention to the thousand reflections by which we wrap and bury ourselves in self, under pretense of correcting our faults. fenelon

[I find it so touching and amazing . . . the Lord holding a little child . . . considering the imperfections of the human creature . . . what dolts we are . . . yet, made for the kingdom of Heaven! . . . I love the Creator's creativity . . . intensity . . . His whole style of creation, from the bottom to the top!  The edgy beauty . . . the tenuousness . . . the frailties . . . the fierceness . . . the role of suffering in correction . . . . Painful . . . and we all complain and buck it at some point . . . but He just carries on, heh . . . . And the whole devil thing --what a perfect foil!  The perfect representative of what NOT to do, to be . . .  traipsing about seeking to pull away believers . . . . I know the whole thing maddens the would-be atheists and universalist minded . . . and many are uncomfortable with God--His ways, not understanding them and having been mind controlled for eons to perceive reality a certain way . . . but me . . . I'm just floored by the whole thing!  Wondrous.  And I am grateful for all the struggle, disappointment, humiliations, depredations, suffering knowing that without it, the soul could never be made as such as can enter the kingdom of Heaven! . . . . The grumbling has to stop at some point.  All in!  The whining about loneliness.  We are all alone!  We are none of us alone!  As long as one is still reliant on a creature for comfort . . . then the gate is yet far . . . and I know well the mind's attempt to put off the death of self . . .  saying, "later, later I will go all the way in . . . but for now, I need this and that comfort--this crutch" . . . . I have great commiseration with this and empathy.  My own love is a tough love sort . . . wanting those I love to be independent of this world, of fallen mortal needs.  Of course, we will never quite be until perfected . . . but much temporary suffering can be avoided . . . the sooner one gets past all the self-centered neediness . . . and TRULY focuses ON GOD!  ON THE LORD!  He, not me!  Otherwise, I gotta say again, just forget it and go throw in with the Satanists.  They are all about resentment at God and determining to fulfill and comfort self!  Indeed, some feel much at peace with them, with the arch rebel.   bt]

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Rigid, Lotioned Finger Of Pharasee

The sniper watches and waits . . . . There behind a grassy knoll; focused, still, scouring for the opportunity to strike . . . cold, calculating, anonymous . . . .

Among those who secretly long for violence--bloodlust, the sniper is special.  It takes a certain kind of personality.  This is not someone who cares for open, sloppy battle, face to face.  No.  This is the serene passive-aggressive who has channeled their inner rage into a tight, disciplined, atomic pin-prick of hatred . . . combined with a dissociative aloofness and closely held conviction of superiority.  

Here is the legalistic spirit.  A cleansing of the ranks is constantly required of such a mind--the enforcing of law and order.  The enemy has been determined to have broken rules and must be dispatched.  It's all very tidy, distant, the sniper's artless skill . . . .

Watch and wait.  Look for an opening; a careless or unguarded moment by the target can make things much easier.  Which is always guaranteed, considering that the target is always a human, bound to offer some easy opening.  For in a world where all are sinners--where all are fallen . . . there is no shortage of targets for the legalistic.

And the sniper's twin spirit--indeed one and the same spirit, is the accuser.  The devil is constantly running to the Father with dire tales and accusations against the so-called "believers."  "Look at them!  They claim Your Name, but they are daily failing to abide your laws, your commandments.  Hypocrites!  Weak, foolish, arrogant, smug in their confidence that You will save them!  Aren't You going to punish them?  I will!"

The theocratic, legal minds of the time were beside themselves with outrage over the blasphemous Preacher.  How dare He!  What were His credentials?!  He wandered about, teaching to the masses, instead of in the authorized schools!  He heals on the Sabbath!  He breaks bread with the defiled!

“Legalism is the attempt to please God by erecting hard and fast rules where the Bible does not give them, and then making them binding on oneself and others.  It is not a matter of following those things that are commanded, or that have clear biblical principles associated with them.  It is a matter of raising so-called doubtful things to the level of commands.”
The Handbook To Bible Study, electronic edition, P. S. Karleen, Oxford Press, 1987.  


It is not merely irony that Godless communist propaganda has always harangued about "peace" and constantly accusing the "Western" countries of being "militaristic" . . . . Likewise, that the biggest and most prominent "peace" and "pacifist" protests seen the past century were largely orchestrated and directed by KGB agitprop social engineers.
While . . . the same communist party and it's "humanist" socio-political theories have simultaneously lead to the greatest mass slaughters of humanity in human history . . . . 

It is simple conquest strategy.  Propagandize your enemies, your targets to "disarm" for "peace's" sake and . . . they are that much easier to consume and destroy!

"Peace . . . peace!" is the cry of the antiChrist, and it's political arm Godless communism; while the Lord comes not to bring "peace" and "unity" of that kind, but the sword and separation. 

The accuser lusts to disarm believers charging them with hypocrisy if they should EVER take up a cause of self defense.  "Did not your 'master' say turn the other cheek?  Now, turn the other cheek and let me destroy you!  Otherwise, you are a hypocrite!"

Regardless of my own beliefs, interpretations regarding military service--like MANY other incidents of involvement in and with this world--I would think it should be clear that the Lord will deal with each of His Children as an individual.  HE will judge and decide what was in their heart and according to the light they received.  

It is not hard to imagine a new believer--a babe in the spirit, in the Word, or even someone older in it . . . to sincerely believe they are following God's will, IN THEIR OWN LIFE, by . . . ie., joining a military . . . or . . . working for the (Masonic?) government . . . or . . . working for a bank (participating in usury) . . . . And who can judge, but God, the ultimate purposes of their choices in God's plan? 

Though it is impossible, the legalistic, accusing, anti-Christ spirit will demand that any believer must follow all of the laws, as interpreted by . . . the same legalistic, accusing, anti-Christ spirit.

Great wickedness and evil, torture and death . . . has been wrought at the hands of self-proclaimed "Christians" and other denominations' "fundamentalists" demanding legalistic purity through the ages.  Combined with Godless communism, these factions are responsible for the near totality of all the suffering, persecution, terror, murder and enslavement . . . since Adam and Eve kicked off the Garden fall . . . . 

There are many . . . sick and severely violent and hateful, spiritless personalities . . . who scour the words, the talks, the testimonies . . . of believers, watching . . . waiting . . . ready . . . to fire off a shot from the sniper's den.  Many hold some sort of grudge--feel wronged in some way, at some time in the past . . . maybe feeling hurt by the target itself once . . . or, embarrassed at some other time . . . and, harboring this resentment, a cold, steely, childish pride hardens . . . and from this they get energy--they get some purpose, and can feel self-righteous at the same time, taking their shots, making their accusations.  It's a twofer!

Meanwhile, the Lord continues to heal on the Sabbath, mingle with "lowlifes" and sinners . . . and use imperfect but sincere believers to speak His truth when and where He pleases, NEVER at the behest of some pompous Pharisee in robes pointing condemnations with rigid, lotioned, bony finger . . . a seeming adult in the Word, but barely a juvenile . . . .

The sniper sputters . . . "but . . . but . . . look at you!  Aren't YOU making accusations now?  Aren't you judging?"

And so goes the circle of sophistry and argumentation . . . seeking to draw one into spiritless loops of rules and dead letter fastness--the sophomoric impulse to correct others while one's own barn is not yet cleaned . . . the "expert" has arrived! . . . .

While the nuances of the Truth, as He speaks to each soul, concerning unique destinies . . .  is lost on the petulant child . . . . 

The World Wide Fist

"MAYBE once or twice before I’ve happened to mention the part of the vision which included “monkeys”. I’ve not brought it up much, because I myself could never really understand what that part was about………A good portion of the latter part of the vision was simply composed of what seemed to be monkeys, chimps, primates GONE WILD…..raging, everywhere, images of of various primates over and over reappearing . . . . Though my mind wanted the images of the monkeys to pass…….it kept coming back…..and really made no sense to me at the time. What was up with all the primates gone wild in this vision?" [posted 9-27-07 referring to part of my 2004 St. George vision].

I see the main promo pic for Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes . . . which has the leader "Caesar" holding up the "revolutionary" fist.  It's the same fist I mention in my song "Transhuman Psychotronic".  It is the Marxist--world communist/revolution fist.  The Black Panthers use it too.  Nelson Mandela is fond of it. So are most two-bit leftist punk wanna-be's fancying themselves new Che Guevaras.

"...... the new Planet Of The Apes movies came to mind--what I have seen of the trailers . . . .It looks quite like what I saw in my vision.  So, I am wondering, did I just see this movie?  But then, perhaps it is a time marker? . . . . I wouldn't be surprised if the movie has some intense mind control triggers going on . . . to help foment revolution, violence in the streets . . . . ?  Perhaps . . . ." [posted 7-16-11]

So, anyhow . . . it's front page on Drudge today "Riots Break Out Around Globe . . . . "  Zeph contacted me today and we are hoping to do a show soon about this.  After all, it was my first interview with Zeph . . . back in 2005? . . . I think . . . in which the main topic was "riots" . . . the riots I "saw" coming . . . and Frankie asking where and why . . . and I answered "diffused" . . . "everywhere" . . . "for various reasons" . . . . The main point I've emphasized all along was that it was a marker event . . . when, it would be like the game Musical Chairs . . . and that it was close to the time when the "music stops" and you better have a seat--for from that time on it will be very difficult to move . . . to change position . . . . I said the riots would reach a critical mass and the police-state controls would make travel and economic/job maneuverability extremely hard.  As bad as it appears at the moment, even with the growing "flash mob" outbreaks stateside . . . and now front page news . . . I still think it is all still just a preview . . . and that while ramping up . . . there is still a little more time.  But definitely, it is now obvious enough that the talk show hosts and mainstream analysts are bringing the subject up fairly regularly now.

I will say, as I have been alluding to, and as some of you may have deduced who know me and the things I have been writing over the years . . . I am getting prepared like never before--getting affairs in order, battening down the hatches so-to-speak . . . . Everything, is going pretty much like expected and I expect it will keep on so going . . . .  There will be war as well.  And, lol, no doubt, fireballs . . . !

There is good news in all this as well, as, back in 2004 when I Saw the overall trajectory of troubles to come, there was also a vision of grace and blessings and protection and even thriving . . . which will occur amidst the mayhem and chaos and depression.  I can see the first rays of light on this.  As it develops, I intend and hope to be able to continue to share and compare notes on the experience . . . .

Here is something I wrote and posted in August 4 years ago . . . some may have not seen, and wanted to re share . . . .

"I saw high-tech/high-occult fortified city strongholds . . . . For instance a city like Doha Qatar . . . . There are new cities, with the elite ensconced there increasingly . . . . . The populations are new, with very few “natives”, but rather shipped-in low cost service workers . . . .
Dotted around the earth, there are these mega-compounds, ringed with high-tech military apparatus, private army/security forces a la Blackwater . . . . Gleaming concrete, mirror and steel high rise, where ancient occult rituals ensue, as the “knighted” and faux-elect retreat behind barriers of sea, desert, rugged mountains . . . . perfectly controlled, monitored, chipped populations reside within the fortified strongholds where the elite gather to hide from the rabbled masses . . . .

Yes, “outside” these modern city-compounds/retreats . . . . are the hinterlands . . . the “wilderness” where riots and crime and disease and famine and targeted natural disaster continue on to cull the populations . . . . Occasionally, those who prove themselves in the lands of the “unwashed”–proving exceptionality by surviving the gladiator/survival-of-the-fittest contests for life/survival . . . the exceptional ones are plucked from the chaos and offered a chance to serve the elite in their trans-global networked cabal; and so a few are “chosen” to join the “elect’s” ranks, ie., as bodyguards, crack enforcement units etc.

Yes, and as these corporate-hub-cum-elite-city-strongholds, these high-tech/low-touch futuristic “Doha’s” . . . begin to exhibit occultic EGYPTIAN and mystery school architectural motifs–Look around and you see the ubiquitous cameras watching every move; electric fences; cell/microwave towers; mixed with all-seeing-eyes, pyramids, ankhs, suns, crescent moon and star; and all kinds of ritualistically derived forms abound . . . on the street, on the buildings, in the prevailing designs of these “metropoli” . . . . . much gleaming hard futuristic beauty . . . on the surface (though, horrific sacrifices, torture, incarceration, psychotronic mind-control, chipping, etc., rule the servant populations of these places with gloved iron fist. .. . . .

Meanwhile, yes, there are the crumbling countries and cities of the past, of the Picean Age . . infrastructures left to decay while all money is looted and draining to the high-tech/high-occult city compounds . . . . The “old world” countries and cities become experiment zones and killing fields, which the elite, from their global network of military-ringed city/compounds watch and provoke and destabilize and decimate . . . .

The old world cities and countries will exist as tossing, roiling zones of viciously contending racial and ideological factions, having been stirred to enmity towards one another . . . . fighting it out in massive gladiatorial displays; ie., patriots versus illegals; Mexicans versus blacks; fundamentalists versus street level Satanists–multitudes of these matches . . . everywhere, from small to larger scale, in brutal struggle for survival–attempting to garner what’s left of the scraps left by the evacuated elite . . . who now watch with bowls of popcorn, caviar, little children, on their “world-wide video network” . . . . . .

The horror and control of this situation would be unbearable, were it to persist too long into the future . . . the world would become simply the same as Hell . . . . But thank God, there’s a Plan . . .
These brutal Machiavellian dark overlords now stir up racial strife . . . and allow and fund and direct professional agitators, so that it would appear that one brown race might supersede another . . . or the “black” race will be granted temporary ascendancy over the old “white” . . . . BUT, when the mission is complete . . . specially designed viruses will be released which are RACE SPECIFIC and the overlords will simply decimate those races/groups they used to tear the “old order” down . . . .
Islam was created by the black robed of the beast church . . . to fight and destroy True Believers . . . the actual followers of Jesus — in fact ALL the foment is simply designed for that: to destroy the Children of God, though many other seeming reasons are proffered for the various conflicts around the globe . . . . BUT it is all meant for that one wicked task . . . .
Then, there are those who will slip through the cracks, through the killing multivariate “fences” made to corral . . . . . quietly, with knowledge of the land, of nature, of the Father’s ways . . . . they will survive . . . in and through the hills, hidden in His sanctified mountains . . . networks, “underground railroads” . . . . in pockets, small groups, and alone, serving and ministering and showing great miracles, the remnant will bring many to the feet of the Almighty King of Kings . . . . great conversions, angels interceding, protecting–no particular race, creed, faction . . . but sprinkled throughout the world, here and there, His People will yet live and give continued testament to His Eternal Glory . . . . . .
[this past week has been thick with visions and insight into what is to come–I know that His Spirit is and has been moving strong among His people–showing them things….healing and lifting and perfecting them….Praise God….HE IS!]

August 25th, 2007

Brother Thomas ©2015

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