Sunday, January 29, 2017


The spiritual battle is fierce indeed right now....Faith Faith Faith!!!  If you follow the Lord in this world--you will suffer in this world.  The dev is always there saying, "give in, hate God, be resentful, complaining. . . ."

And if you do . . . give in to the temptation, he will reward you....with money, position, power, pleasure and more.  And you think, "hey, this dev is great.  HE gives me what I want now--answers my complaints the way I want him to.  Screw God."

It is a test of faith....the walk of suffering, carrying the Cross. . . .

Especially now.  It's a full court press on the other side....


Be aware....

Remember your covenant with God. . . .

Thursday, January 26, 2017

And On That Cheery Note...:)

Yeah....what I'm Seeing....

I don't blame for one minute those who are feeling some vindication; not at all. Totally understand and commiserate....

At the same time . . . I am as convinced as ever, since I first predicted this whole trajectory... that we are headed for martial law.  And it will be cheered on by "patriots".  And really, with the hand dealt, there is no other way.  It was either surrender out the outset . . . or put up a last ditch fight.

Problem is it's too little too late.  The education that people have been getting for themselves via the internet and podcasts... should have been gotten back when this whole plan was being warned about in the early 1900s and through the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, . . . . Through books and rational, truthful seeking. . . . In fact, it needed to be confronted in the 20s and 30s.  There was some chance in the 30s and 40s.  But the writing was on the wall by the 50s and 60s, game over.  No one cared.  Everybody was into their materialism--too busy being selfish and having fun to see the big picture of what was going on--how the culture was being stolen.  The church was infiltrated and the members were fast asleep... comfortable... not caring for The Truth--just like now, putting the world--THEIR world above God.  Building treasures that rust on sand. . . .

Even now, politics excites more than God.  This "victory" will be short-lived I'm afraid.  Terrible things will happen.  "They" will pull out all the stops.  No way are they going to let their grip slide away.  This is just the shake out--the tumult being set up . . . the real chaos coming meant to upend.

Problem with martial law is . . . it doesn't go back.  There is always a last gasp of patriots--of "the White Russian" resistance . . . before the final hammer comes down.  The controls put into place through "nationalistic", "patriotic" martial law . . . will be used by the enemy for complete control once they fight their way back into power utilizing the chaos and collapse.

Sorry, that's just what I see.  Again, hope I'm wrong. . . . But everything I'm observing only supports what I've been expecting all along.....For what it's worth . . . which I know ain't much.  People don't want to hear it.  They never do.  They never did . . . back when the first alarms and warnings were being put out.  The response was always, "don't be negative" . . . "don't rock the boat". . . .

Dreaming. . . . Delusion. . . . Wishful thinking. . . . Emotional addiction. . . . World over God . . . every time.  Everyone ran from Jesus.  Even God Himself "couldn't" shake the slumber and noetic effects of fallen man--even His disciples scrambled like cowards.  Thank God He is a Savior.  We are worthless, useless.  We aren't doing anything of value--nothing.  It's all vanity and rot.  Praise God.  Only God is good.  Only God saves. Only God matters.  The rest is noise, baubles, nonsense, vanity, decay, decadence, pride self-love, self-seeking . . . disguised as a million and one different things. . . . Vanity.   Foolishness.  Mis-direction.  Sin.

Praise God.  God save us.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Trials. . . .

Here are the lyrics to one of my new songs that I hope to record soon with my originals' music band 

Trials Of The Demisphere

Strangeland strangers grieving
Quicksand meme believing
Vessels of wrath seething
Not my home I'm leaving

Day I landed I looked around
Saw monster puppets with lying sound
Vipers leading who rule by fear
Trials of the Demisphere

Swirling divas with nightmare's bold
Tried to kill me before I'm old
Run for cover and keeping clear
Trials of the Demisphere
Trauma-based mind-wash is in control
Spiritual circuit is blasted whole
Conscience-sensing is what they sear
Trials of the Demisphere

Borders crashing release the hounds
Durga rising in all the towns
Walk right through it my Ghost is here
Trials of the Demisphere

Monday, January 16, 2017

Good Cop Bad Cop with Scissors

Some quick thoughts on the Russia and Trump narrative.... As I don't trust any of the leading "mainstream" narratives (and that now includes the so-called "alt-right" narrative which is now also being exploited by mass min-controller/mis-directors) is another possibility that I've not heard anyone else suggest.....

I actually suspect that the Democrats are just as much as ever in cahoots with Moscow and they are playing a clever charade.  I don't think Russia IS at all happy to see Trump as pres nor to see the triumph of grass-roots patriotism in the elections. They would have much preferred Hillary.

So if they are influencing anything (which I think they always are and have been) they are on the side of the Democrats in supporting the notion that Trump is an "illegitimate" president.  They are pretending to be outraged at the charges of "influencing the election".  They are taking Obama's sanctions with a wink and a nod--it's all show, a "Potemkin village".  They are supporting and helping to fund the protests secretly behind the scenes against Trump while playing on the surface to be neutral and perhaps even supportive of Trump.  I suspect Trump is falling for Putin's show of friendship with him, thus while Putin is shaking his hand on the surface, he is stabbing him in the back and undermining in league with the vast left-wing conspiracy.  Never forget, it is Marxism and Soviet intelligence who for years have been infiltrating America's schools and culture and politics to inculcate "political correctness"/cultural Marxism.  All of the politically correct cultural tyranny that is now manifesting was long ago inculcated into the general consciousness and mental programming of the U.S. public.  This is how they've always done it, in every country they subsumed.  First creating contentious factions (young against old, black against white, gay against straight, woman against man) then exploiting the resulting divisions in society to break down the original culture and civil society of the targeted country.

With Trump they employing their age-old and highly successful tactic of the "scissors technique" which I've mentioned often.  Good cop bad cop while they are actually controlled both the "good cop" AND the "bad cop". . . . [Scissors technique roughly:  You create two options or ie., two "actors" trying to influence the target (the "mark").  The "mark" predictably chooses the "good" option or "better" actor of the two creating an opposition to the bad "option" or "actor".  Fact is, however, that both the "good" and "bad" option or "actor" (which can be a country or an ideology or actual person etc.) ....are controlled by the same, behind the scenes operator.  At some point the two false choices throw off their pretense of opposition to each other... and, like two blades of the scissors, now come together to destroy/cut the "mark".....

In this case.... Russia is being made to look like the good guys in opposition to the radical left wing/Democrats against this patriotic conservatism uprising (typified by Trump).  So the conservative/patriots run to Russia's defense and support believing them allies AGAINST the left wing/Democrats (ludicrous if you know history and think about it for a minute) ....and then they (the patriots) get destroyed/cut as the scissor blades come together.  Surprise!  The Democrats/left wing are actually in cahoots behind the scenes and orchestrating the chaos and division with the Russia they are pretending to be outraged at.  Now, I expect the "reveal" won't come anytime soon.  There is still a lot more suckering and influencing work to do (to lure the patriots into alliance with Russia).  Who would have thought and predicted that conservatives and patriots would be siding with communist Russia someday?  Against the "radical left", socialist/communist Democratic party?

I would and I did...about 13 years ago.  How did I know?  Because I study history and read and am not lead by emotional wishes....

Anyway, could be wrong... hope I'm wrong... But that's what i suspect is actually going on....

Friday, January 6, 2017

What WOULD be cruel and "unfair"...

On the other hand. . . . What seems wholly unfair and capricious is the idea that God would create a world and people it--then allow it to be corrupted, fallen--taken over by a powerful, hostile supernatural being and its demonic hordes . . . and then that He would allow "cause and effect" natural events to take their course so that some were born into slavery, poverty, mental and physical illness with a vast amount having lived and died without even hearing of the Gospel. . . . And that He would then leave it solely up to the same fallen, isolated, ignorant, evilly influenced "free will" of such pitiful creatures to determine on their own whether they should choose eternity in either Heaven or Hell.  THAT would be a cruel God.  That would be unfair--an almost (if not totally) impossible situation for the peoples of the world. . . .

It would be akin to this:  Let's say you put a baby in a prison cell . . . raised him there where he was given drugs and taught nothing--not how to read or write, just giving food and water . . . and then at some point when he grew older you told him if he could write out the The Theory of Relativity he would be free to leave; if not, he must stay in the cell until death.  Anyone putting that person in such a situation would have to be sadistic--utterly wicked.  It certainly is not "fair" and does not show love.  [There are those who argue that God loves His creatures SO much that He allows them to "choose" for themselves salvation or not.  But they have simply not thought it through what this actually portends.]

That is about what it would be like to expect a fallen, corrupt, naturally God-hating person with little to no knowledge of the The Gospel . . . to somehow "choose" to believe and follow Jesus and be saved.  And this does not even approach the fact of all those who were born and died and didn't even have the opportunity to know about Jesus, The Bible, The Gospel. . . .

No, it is only "fair" and "loving" if the One Who is PERFECT and knows all AND created all . . . be the one Who decides what is what and who is who. . . .

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Prepared In Advance

I often hear Christian's wondering about election--how or why does God choose certain people to save and others not.  The answer is usually fairly standard:  The Bible is clear that it is not based on merit.  It is God's grace and pleasure alone to, so-called "choose" who He will.  [5 he predestined us for adoption to himself as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will,--Eph1:5]

But when I hear this typical discussion I always struck that the framing is not quite right.  For one thing, it gives the impression that God is capricious, as if there is no real rhyme or reason in His decisions.  Why does He "choose" one and not another if it is not based on any deserving quality of the recipient?  Is it just random?  This strikes many as unfair or unjust.  Of course, Paul answers this complaint tersely with: "No, don't say that. Who are you, a mere human being, to argue with God? Should the thing that was created say to the one who created it, "Why have you made me like this?" (Rom. 9:20)

What I believe is missed is a profound distinction.  That is, it is not that God "chooses" one over another.  The fact is, He CREATED in the first place the one to be saved.  It is not the case that we are somehow existent already with all our own innate personalities and then God looks around and says, "THIS one, NOT this one" etc.  It is more like God created from the beginning--designed from the outset--what creatures He intended to be given to The Lord.  

It's not like God threw a bunch of creatures onto the "board" of life, like so many dice or lots, and then, willy-nilly said, "Oh, I guess I'll take THESE ones over here and leave THOSE ones over there"....

No.  From "before the foundation of the world" (Eph.1:4) He created some for the specific purpose of salvation and He created others to be "vessels of wrath prepared for destruction" (Rom. 9:22).  There is not injustice or capricious whatsoever.  It is not like those "prepared for destruction" ever had the chance to be saved, and God cruelly passed over them.  No, He MADE THEM FOR THAT PURPOSE.  And why?  All of this is to reveal His glory, His character.  As it is that NONE deserve to be saved, for all are born sinners, He has created a world whereby He shows that mercy and grace are part of His essence, His glory.  How else to show it than to create a world where none are deserving of glory, where He "intervenes" in a sense, to "rescue" a certain lot.  And these He designed specifically for that purpose.  He intended that He would give them the grace and light and will needed to "choose" Him.  They ("the elect") were created from beginning for that very purpose--all to display, manifest, the parameters of His character.   It shows He is a God of love, of caring and compassion.

And it also means that those "fitted for destruction" are not going somewhere they don't want to.  They were made for it.  They wouldn't have it any other way.  Just as a fish has no interest or desire to ride a bicycle or run up a mountain, and so, is not "cruelly" being kept from it by some caprice, those "fitted for destruction" have no love of God--no longing for salvation that God is "unjustly" depriving them of.

"Why did God choose me for salvation?" some will ask.

A better question might be, "why did God CREATE me for salvation?"

What is left is that one falls to one's knees in sheer gratitude and awe to have been designed to be in the Body of The Lord Himself--to Be one of His elect.  Those not included never had a chance.  It is not like they too wished to be with God forever and were callously denied.  No, they never wanted to and never COULD want to.

God is God.

21Does not the potter have the right to make from the same lump of clay one vessel for special occasions and another for common use? 22What if God, intending to show His wrath and make His power known, bore with great patience the vessels of His wrath, prepared for destruction? 23What if He did this to make the riches of His glory known to the vessels of His mercy, whom He prepared in advance for glory—…(Rom 9:21-23)

Brother Thomas ©2015

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