Friday, October 28, 2016

Either Or Any Way

. . . . As it's kinda my thing . . . to look ahead . . . and see things, as I was writing my last post I kept feeling an impetus . . . to try and do just that.  As much as anything . . . because for once, I don't see things clearly in that regard.  Last talk I had with Zeph or maybe the one before that, but within this election cycle, I think he asked me what I thought . . . and if I recall correctly, I had a hard time then seeing just how it would go.  Which I have found somewhat interesting.  Is it the "panel government" I once saw?  Something out of the ordinary?  A politburo of sorts?  As I was writing last, I wanted to say, "something happens" . . . "something big is going to go down" . . . but hesitated and thought better of it.  That has been said so often and while big things have gone down as of late indeed, depending on your point of view . . . not the BIG collapse that we have been expecting. 

But it's not as if big collapses haven't EVER happened.  I'm hearing the catcalls, "oh yeah, every generation thinks it's the last one--the last days--that catastrophe is about to befall" . . . . . But fact is, if you were within the walls of Rome when the barbarians finally sacked the place, it WAS a big deal and a major collapse.  Same as when the Mongols sacked Baghdad in 1258 . . . . men, women, children--some 90-100,000 were slaughtered within a matter of days, libraries sacked--wholesale destruction of a civilized city within veritable moments.  It happens.  It has happened many times.

Anyway . . . I can't seem to see either the Donald or Hillary being in charge, post election.  It's like something happens to intervene or alter it.  For one thing, look out, bar the hatches, hunker down IF somehow Trump were to win.  Because.... all hell will break loose.  There is no way "they" are going to allow what he intends to do . . . to be fulfilled.  "They" will burn the house down.  "They" will collapse the whole thing.  It will be instant chaos--something like Baghdad 1258, razed earth, salted fields, none left to tell ( although we know there are always some left to tell). . . .

I just don't see that "they" will allow an actual transfer of power.  War will start, or some surreal calamity out of the blue.  If "they" really think they are about to lose control of this thing--look out.  They will "release the kraken." 

But then, neither do I see a smooth continuation from what we have to more of the same.  Too many are aware and fed up for that too happen as well.  Either way, trouble ahead. . . .

The forces unleashed now . . . will not allow for a peaceful transition either way.  I suspect some new hybrid--a radical departure from past norms is what we are about to go into.  Prepare to adapt.

Just as in many times past when . . . barbarians or sophisticated tyrants have swept in or consolidated control . . . the suborned people are amazingly capable of adaptation and survival--even in the most mind-controlled, psychically dominated situations.  Time wears down even the stranglehold of tyrants eventually.  God's nature--the nature of the planet He has designed . . . will not allow such monopolies or vacuums to persist indefinitely.  And there are ALWAYS upsides to everything.  There is ALWAYS a bright spot--a spiritual purpose that is productive and beneficent and glorifying to God in EVERYTHING that goes on here. . . . Either or any way it goes. . . . Thank God!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Party Line Or Else

The current social/political climate ever reminds me of a conversation I had with a Russian language tutor I hired way back around 1990.  I wasn't in school--just fascinated with Russian/Soviet/communist history and fairly convinced at that time that sooner or later Russian would be a useful language to know.  I knew that all of the countries's citizens vanquished by the communists were required to learn Russian.  And the Chinese leaders and "party" apparatchiks also learned and knew Russian, so whether by China or Russia, it was going to be Russian that would be useful--as I use to joke--in order to perhaps help get a better seat in the gulag. . . .

Anyway, Vadim was from Russia, studying in America and offered his services as a private language tutor (can't remember how I found him, maybe in the paper?).

And of course, as much as learning Russian grammar, I was constantly asking him questions about life in Russia/Soviet Union under communism.  He was a very nice fellow, polite and helpful with a dry, world-weary sense of humor.  I asked him about the schools there--what and how they taught.

The thing I've never forgot is when he described how sick to death most everybody there--especially the youth, students and such--was of politics and what we call now "political correctness".  "Political correctness" is a Marxist/communist/socialist mind and social control mechanism.  When it started up here in America I recognized it right away.  I did satire about it in 1990-91 in my talk radio "T-Ray/NWO" skits.  It is nothing more than an intimidation tactic by "THE PARTY" to force everybody to conform (happily or not) TO THE PARTY LINE. 

Vadim told me one reason Russian students were often so advanced in mathematics and science was because those subjects were taught mostly straight without all the intimidation and propaganda foisted by the Communist Party apparatchiks and so they would flock to those studies to avoid the overt government Party mind control.  The students and youth were utterly gut-filled with Marxist indoctrination infecting nearly every subject such as history, literature, art, social science, political science etc., and they craved free thought, free speech, free association, open discussion without fear of reprisal from "political correctness" Party enforcers.  There wasn't any of that, except in whispers,so they would hide out in math, the sciences and engineering.  Unfortuntately our schools have not spared those subjects "political correctness" patinas.

Obviously, our own schools now from the top to the bottom are thoroughly saturated with this collectivist, tyrannical Party Line garbage, with the same type of coercive threats--ostracization, expulsion, job discrimination and even criminal charges IF ONE DARES BUCK THE PARTY LINE.

He also--wearily--told me how everything in the Soviet Union was political.  EVERYTHING had to have a political angle to it.  For instance, you couldn't just watch a movie or read a book and enjoy it for entertainment's sake.   All art, all business, all hobbies, all literature etc., HAD TO HAVE the PARTY LINE social/political cause behind it or it was considered corrupt, dangerous and bourgeoisie.  EVERYTHING had to have THE PARTY agenda to it or it was not "legitimate".  Hence all the dreary, gray, drab, dull, boring, uninspired, contrived, predictable art, architecture, literature etc., that was sanctioned/prescribed by the State/The Party.  The populace found some respite in classics (classical music, ballet and opera) that pre-dated the Soviet era, though much of that too was censored or severely controlled as to what was allowable ("politically correct").

I loathe how now they have got our own people talking and thinking and fighting politics constantly--nearly every talk show, comedy routine, celebrity interview, art piece, musical bit ... has to involve political ideology and/or the election and it's predictably nearly all Party Line.  Otherwise you are a virtual (political) criminal.  It's like that is the only subject there is anymore.  This is what it was like in the Soviet Union.  Everything else was considered crass or vulgar or bourgeoisie--a danger to the State.  Politics--"correct" political thinking in the cause of social justice--for the "betterment" of the collective . . . according to Party strictures and direction . . . is pretty much ALL that was liberally tolerated.  Everything had to be subservient to that!  Nauseating . . . ain't it?

Conformity of thought and behavior through force and intimidation is the devil's business.
Unity of Spirit through freedom to love (or not) plus humility is God's.

What a dark, dreary, dull, monochrome, dour, depressing, ugly, horrifying, sad, nerve-wracking, oppressive, threatening, violent, devious, creepy, conniving, deceitful, wicked way it is--the way of evil. . . . . !

One day . . . all will be set right--we know this in our souls; we wait, we occupy . . . until that blessed day.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Honey-Trap; it's all a Rus(e)!

I think I'm alone in this pretty much; at least I haven't heard anyone else with this angle, though I'm sure they're out there.  And btw, I hope I'm wrong.  If I'm right, we are in a very dire situation--more than anyone is really spotting or preparing for.

I don't believe for a moment that Hillary and Biden and Kerry and Obama etc., are truly at odds with Russia.  I think it's one, big, giant ominous Rus(e).

Just as I predicted about 10 years ago, the so-called "alt-right" is siding with Russia--seeing them as something like the standard-bearers for freedom, national sovereignty, traditionalism and even Christianity.  I would like think this is true simply because it would mean at least SOMEBODY is who is powerful and on the international stage, taking it to "the man".

But I just don't believe it.  Instead I think it is a very, very clever, long-planned, psychological/ideological honey-trap.

It is the old "good cop/bad cop" routine--the old "scissors" technique.

What I suspect is this:  I believe BHO is a communist agent, ultimately in employ of Moscow--a Manchurian candidate of sorts.  I also don't think there is a party split between China and Russia.  They are working in concert, again playing good cop/bad cop and have been all along, each sharing technology and resources that one or the other gets from the West depending on who is playing good cop role at the time.

So, when Hillary is found receiving huge money and giving and getting influence from China, it is the same as if she were doing it with and for Russia.  China is the middle man, that's all.

So all this outrage and bluster toward Russia regarding so-called "hacking" and "meddling" in Syria etc., is, I believe, utterly FEIGNED.  There always needed to be a pretext for war with Russia, to give them an excuse to strike and possibly invade where they are NOT seen as the aggressors, but merely acting defensively and with justified cause.  Already I am hearing "alt-right" pundits and talk show hosts saying they wouldn't blame Putin if he decides to finally answer all this "provocation".
Just as I suspected would end up happening--the conservative, "patriot" section of the country rooting for Russia in its war against the U.S. . . .

I think all that's happening is that the communist agents we have running our government are deliberately (and in pretense) provoking and basically inviting Russia to strike, giving Russia it's justified cause.  At the same time another long term plan of the Communist Internationale Moscow-based stratagem to topple the West has been to instill complete hatred and distrust of the U.S. government in it's citizens.  So that, when the eventual attack/invasion comes, even "patriots" will be conflicted and not too keen and fighting for what they believe is an utterly corrupt American government.  Likewise the dismantling and demoralization of the U.S. military has been underway all along so that they too are not that passionate (or even capable) of defending America when the chips are finally thrown down.....

The reason I see things this way is because it is what I read they (Russia and the international communist cabal) SAID they would do via leaked position papers and defectors over the years.  It is all (as well as I can see it) going swimmingly according to plan.

People are exasperated (especially conservatives) with the liberal progressive peaceniks and their sudden beating of the war drums against Russia.  "Are they crazy?  What provoke Russia?  This is insane!" I hear. . . .

Well, because they WORK FOR RUSSIA (thus China)! and are in cunning cahoots with them to draw the U.S. into a position of looking like the bad guys on the world scene, deliberately giving Russia a "good cause" to respond and so that the whole world will cheer Russia on and side with her (and China) as "reckless, meddling" America finally gets it's comeuppance!!!

Who will side with us?  No one.  Even internally you will have patriots and conservatives conflicted, basically cheering on and siding with the Russian invaders to "liberate" us from our "corrupt American government".  Moscow has done this very method many times over when it was the Soviet Union, when it invaded and conquered and subsumed many East European countries and the Baltic states.  Successful history repeating itself.  They've done this very thing before.  Now they are just getting to ultimate objective--conquer America--which has been the top goal all along.

So, from Russia's p.o.v., they've got everybody on their side and in a great spot.  They've secretly got the liberal "progressives" (undercover agents) on their side pretending to be outraged and egging them on to give the "just cause" for "retaliation" . . . and they've got people like Trump and the "alt-right" and many well meaning conservatives and "patriots" rooting for them to upend the "corrupt" U.S. regime. 
They're long term plan was to encircle us with communist, Moscow-allied countries (see the South America)--check . . . divide us from all our traditional allies--check . . . turn American citizens against their corrupt government--check . . . get conservatives and patriots and Christians to side with Russia-- CHECK . . . . MATE!

Anyway, that's what I think's actually going on.  It makes no sense that our longtime lovers of everything communistic and left-wing would suddenly turn against their ideological teachers and compatriots on a dime.  It's all a ruse--a Rus(e).......we're screwed.  As far as that all goes anyway.

On the bright side ;) God always has a remnant.  Nothing can or does happen that is outside His purview and control.  And all things work to the GOOD for those who love and serve Him.  This is not our world.  They are all fighting over the bones of the dead.  We are well on our way to the world of the living.  Praise God!

Monday, October 17, 2016

A Vivid Dream: "We're Going Live"

Just woke up...and while this dream is still fresh on my mind I want to write it down--so detailed it was!

I was alone, on a business trip or errand of some kind, having gone north.  I was in a city, downtown and in an area where the government buildings tended to be.  For some reason I ended up in one of the gov buildings.  On their main floor, in the back behind the front desk . . . there was a kind of techy "boiler room" where various typical gov employees were stationed at computers and video screens.  I was there to drop something off or get something (can't recall) and was kind of just cooling my jets in this backroom monitoring area waiting to get what I needed and be on my way.

We were making small talk--me and the computer operators, when I noticed some hub-bub in the room--quiet talking and some extra milling about.   There was an announcement I vaguely heard go out through the ear pieces in the workers' ears--something to the effect of "we're going live", and the black lady gov worker nearest me started dragging her hand across he computer video screen.  On the screen were simulated buildings--cartoonish, but ones I recognized as being the city I was in and some cities just north.

As her hand went across the screen (and I saw that the other workers were doing the same thing) little simulated explosions ripped across the buildings in carpet-bombing fashion, with little cartoonish fires popping up in swaths.   The workers were very nonchalant about it and acted like they either had done this a lot, or had practiced it many times.

There was a palpable growing intensity in the room as this went on, despite how casual everyone was acting.

Then the images on the screens switched to real, live video surveillance images of those same buildings.  There was rubble and smoking ruins in places, fires.  Did what I think just really happened--really happen, I thought?......

As it dawned on me that it did . . . I began to think of what to do?  How was my family, my wife? Were they caught up in this?

A supervisor came by and stuck his head around the corner and said to everyone there, "Okay guys . . .  in a building where 2000 people (supposedly) just got wiped out--well, you know what comes next . . . so this is your chance--"

I realized what he meant was that the place would soon be on lockdown.  I could see, in fact, on the screen around other targeted buildings, military or federalized police were already showing up in droves.
"I better get outta here" I told the worker near me.  She nodded, "yeah, good idea" as she started gathering up her things.

I hurried outside and immediately was met with panicked people rushing this way and that.  I decided to walk south, to try and get to my wife to let her know I was okay . . . but very soon, every route I wanted to take in that direction was blocked by police and military setting up barricade and corralling people.  I wondered if I should head for the hills. . . .

As it turned out, I couldn't get out of the city area.  All roads were no increasingly filled with military personal and equipment and there was the strong sense that they weren't necessarily there to help us.  All the people who had been out and about when the explosions happened, were being increasingly herded and cordoned into a central area.  Troops were marching in formation into and surrounding this area.  Also, strange mechanized machinery--the like of which I'd never seen before, started to drive into our area and seemed to be acting as intimidators, equipped with spooky bio-mechanized high tech social controlling weaponry. . . .

I was still determined to slip out of the area before it got too well secured and had decided I probably would have to head for the hills, though I had heard and somehow noted that these too were swarming with policing personnel and equipment in the areas bordering the city areas. . . .

I awoke about this time in story. . . . There were all kinds of other little details which I may add if I feel they are relevant.  It was an out-of-the-blue dream. I have not been focused on current events or thinking much about what to do when tshtf, as I've already thought all that stuff out.  So, I find it a bit odd this dream coming on me like that.... The people operating the video screen, setting off bombs like in a video game was surely the most striking part. . . . And while there were indeed some real explosions that happened, it was also obvious from the location where I was at that there were some major false accounts being perpetrated for maximized effect.  The building I was in was NOT bombed (or at least no one was really killed there), but the supervisor made it clear that it was going to be reported as such. . . .

Thursday, October 13, 2016

It's All Him

"It's all grace--God's grace.  You don't deserve it--CAN'T deserve it . . . there is nothing you could do to warrant it.  It all comes from God."  As I told this to a character in a dream the other night, as I said it, a sweet comfort and condition of worshipful praise flooded over me.  Utterly dependent on God's grace is where it's at.  What a relief.  It is not up to us, not about us . . . in the ultimate sense.  What is left for us is to be in a position of deep gratitude and awe, that He Is That He Is and that He is-- personal, good, perfect, loving.  And just.  His wrath is perfect, born of love and righteousness.  We cannot judge Him according to our fallen, limited, self-centered perception.  But even when we do, this too is forgiven, because of His grace and mercy.  He provided Himself as a Savior--to carry us, to reach in and begin transforming our corrupt condition, bit by bit, onward and upward even though, left to ourselves, we would never seek Him out.  He finds us where we are and guides us away from the darkness.  Surely and steadily.  And we grow in wonder at it all--that He would "save a wretch like me". . . . The reality of it . . . is astonishing and drops you to your knees.  "Thank you, thank you!" is not enough but you will say it anyway.  At the same time, you realize He understands and is patient, nurturing. . . . Like a Father--the perfect Father concerned for your welfare. . . . Praise God

Monday, October 10, 2016

Cool Heads Prevail

Be careful....I once warned of a time when certain politicians and leaders would be made to look like something terrible and it would be easy and quick to judge them--but to not believe everything being told.  The mind control is off the charts right now.  And more than external.  I believe "they" have got everybody on the edge, on a hair trigger to be made to do crazy things, to say and write crazy things.  Well, not so much crazy as volatile and illegal.  It is a time like no other to take every thought captive--as much as possible.  "They" seem able, as was earlier feared, to be able effect extreme and sudden emotional states to cause impulse actions and verbiage which can get you in trouble and don't really represent your true heart and mind.  I also think they have managed to put up a virtual wall between the conscious mind and communication with the spiritual so that spiritual guidance is almost impossible reach.  ALMOST impossible.....

Try to make it habit to pause, reflect, be extra cautious when engaging the culture and the chaos surrounding. . . . Many traps are laid.  The cool head prevails, lives to fight and teach and lead another day. . . . .

"Instead of complaining at his lot, a contented man is thankful that his condition and circumstances are no worse than they are. Instead of greedily desiring something more than the supply of his present need, he rejoices that God still cares for him. Such a one is "content" with such as he has."

- A. W. Pink 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Into The Lair Update

What a mess, eh?  This election. . . . And Syria . . . long time readers will know that long ago I said that I thought that Syria, not Iran, would be the big flashpoint and possible kick off to WW3.  "Syria And A Bear" was a post I once wrote based on an intense dream I had about Syria being the excuse for Russia to take a real military tack against the U.S.

Meanwhile, what I am doing personally is a sophisticated operation--infiltrating the infiltrators.  Many have noted (among believers) that Christians have made a huge mistake by abandoning the culture--left the field.  This has been disastrous.  If any one should be making keen and beautiful and provocative art, music, literature etc., it should be God's people!  But for some reason ( I believe by Adversary trickery) Christians have gotten the idea that art and culture is not in their purview.  So the enemy has taken over the whole landscape. 

I will continue to write here, hopefully more than I've been able as of late . . . going forward, documenting, analyzing, sharing my experience in taking on and engaging the popular culture.  I am now gearing up to move into the next phase, which is where I will start bringing out my own original music which will give me the chance to address issues, spiritual, political, social etc., through my lyrics and staging, subtly devised but powerful to shock the comatose back into some semblance of life.

IF, lol, I can manage to not lose my shirt (my house, my car, heh) in the process.  It is highly taxing and straining all the meager resources I have to put forward.  I could certainly use some help--it is ambitious and in these early stages it may be hard to discern the spiritual purpose underlying it all, but trust me, I've well thought it out and sense Guidance, step-by-step throughout.  It is indeed a fine line, and I will surely make some mistakes, but overall I am prayerfully charging forth to help on the front lines pushing back, retaking turf, doing what I can to engage and draw the sleepy, programmed "masses" out of their cultural death spiral.

My p.o. box is still active--the post office messed it up for a moment and some mail may have been inadvertently returned (though I don't get much, so maybe not), but like I've said before, I am going to try and keep that there in case the internet goes down or so censored that we find it difficult to stay connected digitally. . . . If any feel led and can discern the importance and ambitiousness of what I am attempting, thank God for any extra help you might provide.  Regardless, I'm all in and whether all is crumbling, exploding around, I intend to continue--even more so during the inevitible strife and tribulation and flux we are headed into. . . .

Thank you for your help and understanding in this unconventional Gospel venture.  Rather than do nothing, with what little I have, I am trying to go full bore into the lair of the beast to find and save souls just waiting to be lit, all praise and glory to God alone. . . .
God bless,
bro, t

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Zombie Blood

I find I'm a bit of a canary in a coalmine. . . . I could go into all sort of examples and details but that could come off self-serving which is not the point at all.

In the case at hand . . . I'll just jump in and relate some observations. 

For one thing, I would say there is a long and noble history of believers hiding.  Just as there are plenty of glorious cases where believers have stood forth, taken their hits and been martyred as witnesses, alongside this there have been also been followers of Jesus who went underground, "lived to 'fight' another day" . . . kept the flame/witness alive . . . by staying OUT of the torchlight of rampant persecution.  Also, believers have found themselves installed in government and military positions within the very organizations and state regiments that are effecting the persecution.  For example, in the Soviet Union and it's totalitarian satellites, oftentimes a believer would be in a position within a gulag (as a guard or officer) and could offer some protection and solace to fellow believers in those dire situations--could save them in some cases and mitigate their suffering.

As we descend into an ever more totalitarian social and political scenario ourselves, this type of thing will be happening again.  Already, we know that there are more believers than many would guess hidden in positions in the government, in Hollywood, in politics, music . . . who have to lay low or they will be instantly outed and blacklisted or worse.  Some are given to speak out and have a high (usually short) public witness . . . while others are given to lay low and work for Kingdom in other, more subtle and quiet ways.  Each must become convinced in their own minds and souls what it is that God is wanting to do with them.  One way is not necessarily right for another person.  There are many gifts and talents and proclivities--such diversity in the Body, that the Spirit will be operating in a wide range of modes and purposes and positions, some of which may appear quite other than what they are. . . .

"The Walking Dead" television show, wittingly or not, is rife with all kinds of social/spiritual/political metaphors related to current society. . . .

What I think is going on with me and my music venture is something like when the main characters in the show smear themselves with zombie blood so that they can pass among the zombies without being detected.  That is what I am doing, in a sense with my present Bowie excursion.  Again it's also like Paul's advice to "become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some."  --1 Cor. 9:19-23

 It's not everybody's cup of tea nor calling, but I do think as, for instance, the internet comes under increasing control and censorship, believers will of necessity resort to other means and methods to stay involved, to stay in the world/not of it . . . etc., to still be able to influence and share and teach the Gospel in subtler ways and circumstances. . . .

Brother Thomas ©2015

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