Sunday, July 31, 2016

Holy Spirit & The Power of Prayer

Watching the Holy Spirit teach Sky, sent by the power of my wife's prayers is awe-inspiring; such continued confirmation of the reality of God's personal and intimate interest in our daily affairs.  Sky, our son, experiences a lot of stress at his work.  Because he is deaf he is often taken advantage and left out of important loops.  Something almost like gangstalking goes on--where other workers and even managers set him up to fail; hide his tools, change things he does to make it look like he did it wrong and on and on.  He knows it goes on, but since they are all in on it there is no one to go to complain.  Some have even been told to deliberately frustrate him so that he might quit (and allow, ie., the managers cousin or friend or whatever to move into the job).  Nepotism on full throttle, all the time. 

But he forges on.  Although many times it is very stressful for us all as he comes home so frustrated and talks and talks about it.  It breaks our hearts.  It is a difficult, complicated scenario.  We are cautious about doing anything retributive or rash.  We teach him spiritual ways to deal with it.  It is all a learning experience, not returning evil for evil . . . loving your enemies . . . real life, on-the-ground scenarios to apply Christian morality, Jesus' ways. . . .

My wife will pray, pray, pray for God to teach him how to rise above, how to deal with it.  He doesn't like to read, has a hard time understanding language in printed form. . . . But what WILL happen--what happened just yesterday--is my wife prayed all morning for God to move in Sky's life, to give him wisdom and patience and the right spirit to handle these worldly matters--the fallen nature of people, situations etc., AND THEN, on his own, he comes home from work and he has had a huge epiphany.  Before Lindsay has a chance to tell him that she prayed for him about certain specific things, he first effuses about all these realizations he has just had, saying, "The Holy Spirit showed me this, told me that . . . " and on and on he goes, relating back almost word for word what my wife had specifically just been praying for him to understand.  It is shocking, it is so OBVIOUS that the Spirit is involved directly in the situation.  We both have tried to teach him how it is possible to actually have empathy, compassion and even love for those who do you wrong ("forgive them they know not what they do") . . . which he listens to but hasn't really internalized into a real, genuine reaction.  But then, after sustained prayer . . . BAM! . . . the Holy Spirit responds to that prayer, and then shows him in his mind and heart what that means and how to do it!  It is just so obvious it is a move of God . . . in response to heartfelt, spiritually motivated parental earnestness and prayer. . . . Truly awesome.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

He Blows My Mind

I've mentioned before . . . how it astounds me that there is anything instead of nothing.  Then, even further . . . that there is God--there is a God at the center of it all . . . and that He is good.  This also boggles my mind--that this is just the way it is. 

Now, the allure for me to once, when I was young, lean to pantheism . . . is that, once accepting and knowing that there is indeed God . . . it made sense to me that all there is IS God.  This is pantheism.  He is separate AND He is also everything.  There is ONLY God.  This made sense to my mind.

But what I find most baffling of all . . . is that (according to God's Word) He IS not everything.  He SUSTAINS everything, but He is not the same as everything.  He is "other".  I could understand the (Eastern) notion that we are all part of God--just points,sparks of God that somehow forgot our divinity . . . or, as it is also described . . . we are experiencing God's "leela" or "play" where He forgets Himself . . . then progresses back (either over a long time or suddenly) to remembering Himself . . . all as a mode of something like divine play. . . .

BUT what I love, and find so utterly fascinating instead, is the Christian revelation of God . . . and His creatures.  His creatures are NOT Him.  They are OTHER than Him.  Yet they can indeed be "one" with Him and conform to His image perfectly one day. . . . Yet, they (we) will NEVER BE God.  Godlike, perhaps, yes, as He ordains it.  But never equal.  Not in the past, not in the future.

How He creates something other than Himself at all . . . blows me away.  I can see if was that He creates out of Himself . . . more of Himself, in different forms and "densities" (so-to-speak) . . . different modes/levels of consciousness (like most Eastern philosophy teaches).  This I can imagine and see as plausible.  But that He somehow makes a creation that is other than Himself, yet He is the causeless cause . . . and that He makes creatures who are separate than Himself and can even be separated forever from Himself--well, this bedazzles my mind.  I find it astounding, wondrous, incredible. . . .

I also find that this understanding of how things are (as depicted by Him in His communication to us) redounds to me feeling more worshipful toward Him, more in awe, more submitted, more humbled . . . and grateful.  He blows my mind; and I expect He will forever, yet I will always be full and satisfied in eternity.  This is a heavenly wonder. . . .

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Viva Life . . . God, Music and Coffee!

What I am keen on at the moment--is living bright in the face of oppression and gloom.  For one thing, life is such a gift--to be, to do, to create, to serve, to teach, to console, to encourage, to work, to play--all of it is an incredible gift and blessing from God, the Creator of all.

Always, since quite young, I abhorred that dead, bored, rote, going-thru-the-motions expression I saw on so many adults' faces.  I didn't want that to happen to me.  Where did the life go?  The enthusiasm, hope, joy, wonder--especially wonder. . . ?  The very fact of "life"/existence itself has always been a complete wonder to me--that anything exists at all . . . and then that it is so multifaceted, detailed, nuanced, diverse. . . . And presided over by God Himself!

It is indeed true that what you put your mind on . . . you become.  Where your heart is--there is your treasure.  I do think it is important to be aware of what's going on--to "be wise as the serpents", to not be naive, oblivious.  If we are to be like God (which we are made to be) then we ought be wise, aware, conscious . . . of the bad along with the good.

At the same time, however, there is no need--and it is not really helpful--to solely be imbibing the general negativity that the world is constantly spewing forth.  That is all other peoples' agendas--mostly unregenerate, lost, corrupt, self-serving people.  Why let their "reality" be your reality?

Instead you can focus on the good and the lovely, of which there is still and always plenty.  God is a positive, loving, merciful, good, creative, fatherly Being.  And He is a nurturer, a caretaker--One Who is deeply and genuinely concerned with our daily existence.  And it is never too late to "be alive"--to do new things, create, learn, express . . . as part of God's master plan of design and wonder.

I am pleased to see that my oldest son (Alexander) and his wife Skye exhibit this attitude.  So many, sadly, of his age have already given up, become jaded and cynical and no longer dream.  Personal dreams and ambitions, WITHIN God's guiding reality, are a great and wonderful thing.

For instance, he has tried his hand at quite a few things--always proficient in them all, and has now landed on an idea that we think is fantastic.  He has always been interested in coffee and has worked as a barista before, creating his own blends and specialty drinks.  Same with his wife--they both share this passion.  [They have such a fine, lovely Christian family together, beautiful children--our (2) grandchildren. . . .]

Anyway, they are have dreamed up a venture called "Savage Grounds" where they want to get a coffee truck and could travel to venues and events providing high quality coffee drinks and other specialty, yummy items.  They've researched, and there is a hole here locally for such a market.  I know they can succeed at this and I love how they have so quickly jumped on the idea and are trying to make it work--especially in these generally doomy times when so many have shrugged and given up and are content to just take a dole. . . .
Here is their campaign:

It also made my heart smile and felt great when Alexander told me that this sudden and recent musical adventure me and Lindsay have taken on has been some inspiration to him/them.  This is just what I would hope as a father, getting on in years--to still be somewhat of an inspiration and trailblazer to one's children (primarily) and then, if possible, to others as well.

Again, I refuse to throw in the towel on life regardless if the whole world has devolved into a motif of destruction, corruption, morosity, boredom, chaos and quitting!  God is a God of order and ever-springing newness!

It is an affront to God--to the One who gives life and purpose, to treat this reality with such careless abandon and disrespect.  While retaining a note of sorrow through all--at man's rebellion--the end result is victory and God's purposes perfectly completed, so hope and eagerness and a forward-looking expectancy reigns supreme. . . .

Viva life!  Viva creativity!  Viva family! Viva friends! Viva GOD! 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Untroubled Waters

So . . . I'm busy about this musical/world engagement venture . . . but still taking in all the portents and disturbing developments carrying on in that same world.

One thing I will say is that my early strategy of talking about, pointing out, warning about, describing etc. the kind of police state/race-fractious/Marxist-led society that I saw coming--at least for me personally, has turned out to have been a useful strategy, now that we are here.  My objective was to acquaint and detail what society was going to be like--advising, telling friends, family and any who would listen . . . so that . . . when it finally really started to materialize, it wouldn't be a shock.  My concern was that people unprepared for the coming surreal, mostly insane and oppressive culture would just devolve into a kind of mind-numbed shock in order to deal with it all.  They would be too easily subject to the mind and emotional manipulation of the "dark powers" directing things, not realizing they were being subsumed by the madness (and unGodly spirit).

In my own case, and looking at some others I know who also saw and began to understand where it all was going and similarly warned--I find there to be a healthy, spiritual disassociation from it.  I am at peace amidst the gathering storm.  I know others are as well who have kept their focus on all that matters--which is the glory of God.  This is supreme above all.  It's not about us.  Oh yes, we are involved.  We are very important.  We are made in His image.  He loves us more than we can comprehend (and I expect we will be exploring that knowledge for eternity, ever deeper, ever more meaningfully). . . . But so much that is going on . . . is simply noise.  It's like the wind, the rain, the clouds that come and go.  Seasons change, sounds and voices and statements and agendas fly about as if seriously credible, when it is all vanity, bluster and nonsense--the babblings of the insane who are separated from their Creator, adrift, dreaming nightmares, crying out, unconscious of why the terror, shrieking nonetheless. . . .

Compassion, love and service to one another, to family, to friends, to strangers--this is where true meaning starts coming in and a semblance of eternal purpose starts taking shape--in the little things, the "little" moments of life (which are not "little" at all, but huge in the face of eternity, for "last shall be first", and nothing is wasted in those who love the Lord.

Gratitude for life, for every moment, for air and water and the chance to BE . . . and above all, the opportunity to be in relationship with very God of very God!  THIS is what matters at this time.  There is nothing new under the sun and startling as these times seem to be, they have been startling before--death and madness and horror have been abounding since the Fall, just taking different permutations, shifting colors, changing details, but always the same story:  rebellion versus conforming to the will of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit. . . . Who are One.

Every day, one should be preparing to die.  Better yet, one should already be dead so that there is no fear of any further death.  The deal is done.  You are born again out of death, never to die again, for death is conquered, thanks to the Messiah.

I pray for us all--I thank God for all.  He is perfect, good, lovely and (righteously) terrible--a true God of Gods. . . . Amen!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

A few thoughts

"It is only imperfection that complains of what is imperfect. The more perfect we are, the more gentle and quiet we become toward the defects of others." 

"So long as we are full of self we are shocked at the faults of others. Let us think often of our own sin, and we shall be lenient to the sins of others." 

"All earthly delights are sweeter in expectation than in enjoyment; but all spiritual pleasures more in fruition than in expectation." 


(p.s. for the one who asked

Thursday, July 14, 2016

On Art, Creativity

The Christian should be the person who is alive, whose imagination absolutely boils, which moves, which produces something a bit different from God's world because God made us to be creative. 
We are not being true to the artist as a man if we consider his art work junk simply because we differ with his outlook on life. Christian schools, Christian parents, and Christian pastors often have turned off young people at just this point. Because the schools, the pastors, and the parents did not make a distinction between technical excellence and content, the whole of much great art has been rejected with scorn and ridicule. Instead, if the artist's technical excellence is high, he is to be praised for this, even if we differ with his world view. Man must be treated fairly as man. 
We are not being true to the artist as a man if we consider his art work junk simply because we differ with his outlook on life. Christian schools, Christian parents, and Christian pastors often have turned off young people at just this point. Because the schools, the pastors, and the parents did not make a distinction between technical excellence and content, the whole of much great art has been rejected with scorn and ridicule. Instead, if the artist's technical excellence is high, he is to be praised for this, even if we differ with his world view. Man must be treated fairly as man.
Francis Schaeffer

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Down From The Wall, Braced. . . .

Here is something I wrote in April of 2008:

"I am wholly at ease. I do not fear death–in fact, anticipate it; am not concerned nor afraid of the trouble that is occurring and which will increase. Anyone who knows me in person thinks of me as down-to-earth, laid back, mellow, polite and totally nonplussed–probably TOO laid back and unconcerned with things that most people fret and struggle over. [for sure, that’s what my mother-in-law thinks! :) ]

I guess reading my blog, where I am addressing specific things with various different levels and style of personalities kept in mind, it could seem like I’m alarmed or worried or anxious. Trust that, personally, I am not.

I DO naturally have protective concerns about my family, my wife. While I am pretty much completely detached from this world, in it but not of it, I don’t lord that position over my loved ones, respecting their own unique levels, inclinations etc. Teaching by example helps a lot; for instance when we were about to lose everything and in an impossible situation after being hit by a criminal who stole a lot . . . . and I would leave for work, same as always every day, unperturbed, not worried, relaxed; my wife would stare at me through tears saying, “how can you be so relaxed?” Which I was; even though it truly was, if you were looking at it through worldly eyes, just a horrible, devastating situation.

No, I’m not uptight myself, or worried about things. I’m just writing and talking, thinking out loud. Also, I know that not everyone is in the same space, and so I write on several different levels. The Lord told me to write and talk and get people prepared who maybe weren’t so much……so that is what I’m doing. Some people are meant to be shaken awake through a little shock therapy.

One thing that does overshadow some of my impetus is that I KNOW that things are going to get really, really rough. Ok, I will say that it’s my BELIEF . . . but actually, personally, I have no doubt. I’ve been shown it and see it in clear, vivid rendition in my mind, what eventually it is going to be like. Many who think they are prepared (psychologically, spiritually) right now, smug even, are going to fall to pieces when it really hits the fan. Many are in a false state of confidence in their ability to deal with it. Many, especially in the U.S. have no idea what it will really be like, as they have been coddled, spoiled, protected from much that has been common daily survival in other lands. The bravado is going to sail right out the window when the truncheons arrive, I’m sorry to say.

SO, knowing this, I am just doing a little NOW, while it is still yet fairly mild, to brace the mind, firm the body, steel the spirit, so as to be a little better prepared for that time. I get charges of “fear-mongering”, or “doom and glooming”, or obsessing on tribulation scenarios sometimes.

Which I don’t really, in my day to day, moment to moment life. No, I laugh and cook and joke around with my boys and wife and watch The Office and sing and play . . . . .

I am just led to broach certain matters, that, while not NOW seeming to be too relevant or imminent . . . I know someday WILL be, and so, in the meantime, I have to write and say something about what’s going on; how dire and devious it truly is, if one is not fully apprising the situation . . . which many aren’t; though they THINK they are . . . which is my point re the “mindblanket”, “mindfence” etc. It can easily be slammed as being presumptuous on my part, but I believe I know better in some instances what someone needs to hear, than they do themselves, because of what I know is coming later to them. It’s really no different than how, as a parent, one teaches hard lessons and sometimes tough love, knowing that it is in the child’s longterm interests, which they don’t maybe appreciate yet. If I’m wrong, sorry. I am doing the best I can with the information given and relying on the same Direction and inspiration–from God, which I’ve tried to follow all along the way–no different now.

Sometimes I DO think, why bother? I am wholly satisfied and comfortable within myself, my own progress, though always striving for more and knowing that it is all only due to God’s grace and mercy, any ground gained spiritually. Speaking publicly, shining a light, trying to relate to a wide variety of different personalities (readers/listeners) who have unique backgrounds–some quite legalistic, a few more new agey, some Catholic, some “born-again” . . . all contending and finding issues with which to pick, as my own background has run the wide field of experiences and philosophies . . . . Why put oneself out to be publicly targeted, infiltrated, hacked, etc.? There is really nothing to be personally gained, and mostly just danger and exposure to result. It would be very easy to disappear, just prepare oneself and one’s immediate family, and forget about strangers and loose internet acquaintances . . . .

But, for me, I consider all as part of a family, and so, to be cared for, warned and loved. And, the Lord specifically directed me to do certain things, and they had to do with outreach; so I’m just following orders, trying to please Him. And, I have a simply, genuine concern for people; what’s going to happen, the trials and suffering I know are coming and in many cases, already here; and anything little thing (and I know it IS little) I could do to help along the way, even if it’s just talking about it . . . . that much I will do. I hope to do more, God willing; provision, safe haven, healing, protection . . . has been in my heart to do since a child, when pondering these times . . . . ."

April 11, 2008

Monday, July 11, 2016

Nothing Is Mundane

I believe it was an answer to prayer--a miracle even; yes I do. . . . And yes I do believe God is intimately involved with the smallest of details--all our worries and fears, struggles. . . .

Now, I rarely ask God for things.  I generally assume He has got it all under control and already knows (and/or you could say is causing) the situation in my life (and the world) without my having to point it out to Him.  I don't think this is necessarily the best way to go--to be so laissez-faire; it's just the way I am.  Most my prayers are for purposes of thanksgiving, gratitude interspersed with occasional, specific targeted instances.

Anyway, not to elicit sympathy or anything like that, but just to give some background I must describe the context of something that happened a couple days ago.

This band venture I am attempting, while exciting . . . is . . . well, it's pretty well wiped us out (financially).  Like I say, it's been incredible how much there has been to do and buy and put together to make it all work.  It's kind of fun, like the "salad days" again--there's no food in the house which helps the diet, lol,, bills are behind and it's day-to-day keeping it all afloat.  I figure, like starting any business, it's loaded in the front end re investment of time and money with the hope that it eventually starts paying for itself and then some.

So, I have a paint job that I desperately need to get done quick, though it's pretty big and requires I use my paint sprayer.  BUT, of course, when I got out my sprayer, it had problems.  A typical problem that sprayers get is that they "spit"--after you pull the handle to spray, then release it . . . it doesn't quite shut off all the way and you get a little trailing (spitting) stream of paint.  Which is a mess and really doesn't work.  Typically, you have to "re-pack" the gun--change the washers, strainers, tip etc., which can cost a fair amount . . . or just buy a new gun altogether.  Which I am in no position to do.

I took the sprayer to the job hoping against hope that I might be able to spray some of the bigger areas and somehow manage to keep the spitting mess to a minimum, though I didn't expect it would work.  I have not a day to lose messing around with this--so quite in a jam.

Now, these type of things (spitting guns) do not fix themselves.  If the housing is bad--old, worn etc.--it's gotta be fixed, there's no other way--or a new gun bought, neither of which I can do right now. . . .

Well, I got out the paint (stain, actually) set the whole rig up and pulled the trigger just to see how bad it was--if I could do anything with it whatsoever.  It was bad, actually unusable.  Dispirited and a tad panicked . . . I left it alone, mulling it over--what to do, what to do?--and did some other things.

Whilst working about, almost subconsciously, I found myself praying.  Like a child I prayed, "please fix my sprayer--I desperately need to spray today, to get this job going, for my family's sake, for the client--."

And to cut to the chase . . . amazingly, shockingly, when I went back to the gun and to try spraying a bit of wall--it was fine.  No spitting, none.  It sprayed like new!

No way this could happen by itself.  The thing was shot.  Yet there it was, spraying like a champ and I was able to spray the whole day without any trouble!  Not only that, but I was also low on product--I couldn't afford to buy all I needed, so the stain wasn't going to go very far even IF the sprayer were working.  Yet--and I know this sounds unbelievable--it was like the loaves and fishes.  I sprayed and sprayed, then went to check my bucket expecting it to be near empty, and it was as if I hadn't begun spraying yet at all!  Hardly any of the stain was gone--it was still nearly full!

I thanked God profusely the rest of the day and got quite a bit done after all.  I believe indeed, God had mercy and fixed my spray gun!  [The last job I had where I needed to use a sprayer, I couldn't because of the "spitting".  I had to roll the whole thing (a brick house!).]

From the smallest to the highest, God is there.  He may or may not obviously "intervene". . . . I believe He answers either way, always.  In this case, it was touching, loving and caring on display even in such a mundane situation. . . . Praise God, praise God!:)

Friday, July 8, 2016

Same As It Ever Was....

Last night played out like a conspiracy thriller novel.  The girlfriend streaming live as her boyfriend dies in the car seat next to her.  Live televised protests ensue . . . then multiple cops shot . . . in Dallas, of all places.  Like I wrote before, I am highly skeptical of anything nowadays that is blared by mass media.  Maybe it did really all happen . . . for real . . . that way.  But the timing again is sure highly convenient for the C crime family, taking the discussion and expose' of all her multitudinous lies off the "front page" just as they were starting to gain traction.  If a narrative unfolds, with uncanny precision, as if it were already scripted, complete with rectifying political and legal actions taken . . . which result in more losses of freedom . . . then it ought to make one wonder. . . .

Meanwhile, all of this is the same flash-in-the-pan as it ever was.  Under my "everything is the same/nothing new under the sun" theory, times like these should induce prayer and attention to soul issues no more than any other time.  It is ALWAYS time to be turning to God.  Since the Garden rebellion, intrigue, murder, lies, deception, theft, chaos and corruption have been the order of the day.  It is just as important to be looking to and serving God (if not more so) when times are "good".  The manner of distraction, is, in a sense, irrelevant. 

Whatever causes . . . or whenever you allow your mind to be taken over by an alien distraction (something coming from the "outside" to take your eyes, heart, mind from God) you are sinning all the same.  Next thing you know, you are looking to all kinds of different hopes and solutions to suddenly assumed, new imminent dangers. 

Danger is always imminent.  You should always be seeking to be ready to meet your Maker.  Looking at and relying on political or social or philosophical means for comfort and rectification . . . is the supreme "missing of the mark."

Peace in the midst of the storm . . . comfortable in the chaos . . . calm, integrous while corruption reigns all about . . . are among those blessings found . . . where it is the Truth that sets you free. . . .

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Sublime Operational Motif

It is proving a fascinating experience--this foray into the world's turf as "Major Tom".  While Bowie was a huge influence (though not the only) on my artistic and especially musical development growing up . . . I can't really say he was ever an "idol" to me in the traditional sense.  As in, while I emulated things he did, ways he looked, I NEVER wanted to BE him.  I always had too much sense of my own self and spiritual purposes.  I knew he had taken, full on, the worldly route.  He knew himself that there were two paths, and while he took the one, I determined to take the other knowing that fame and fortune are short-lived and only a goal with eternal significance made ultimate sense.

This has put in relative touch with the Bowie fan-base worldwide.  Wow.  It is obvious that Bowie was and still IS a real "idol" in the Biblical sense to them.  They wake up in the morning posting pics and comments re Bowie . . . continue through the day with Bowie on the brain, and end their nights with Bowie good-byes.  To them, he really is the end all be all--a virtual standard of perfection.

Only God can be that. 

But it is no different than how most people live their lives, just with other idols as their sole or primary focus.  Family . . . a profession . . . pleasure-seeking . . . self . . . politics . . . other celebrities--are what so many have in the place of what should be reserved solely for the Creator of all that is.  Everything else is derivative--a creation or creature and no true happiness, peace or comforting purpose can replace Him.

At the same time, one's spiritual progress, I believe (in most cases--I'm hesitant to ALL) is almost pointless in this world . . . unless it is engaging WITH the world.  The "Way" is not like so many others where retirement or escape from others and worldly situations is called for.  It is by interacting with the challenges of the fallen scene and other fallen personalities that our true spiritual mettle is tested and tried.  It is easy to feel righteous when never challenged or when never having to deal with difficult, unregenerate people on a regular basis.  Here is the opportunity to show compassion, gentleness, understanding, love, patience!  Very quickly you can find out where your own spiritual weaknesses lie and get to work addressing them (in prayer, supplication, self discipline etc.)

Following the Master, we go into the world, mingle with the saved and unsaved, like Him, "raining" on the just and the unjust.  I guess I can't emphasize it enough--how having the so-called "reformed" view of things, helps in this regard.  That is, trusting that God is in control and NOTHING is happening without His imprimatur on it.  Where I am led to engage spiritually, I do, but there is no incessant compulsion to foist upon or change others according to MY vision of what ought be.  There is always a desire to see others blessed and set free, while at the same time a rather sublime operational motif of live and let live, "God has got it."

p.s. For those that helped me launch this musical/entertainment venture in the beginning I promised I would provide at some point some perks in appreciation.  I do have some nice band T-shirts made and if you who contributed to help get that initial photo shoot and rehearsal done would like one, please let me know what size you would like.  Just send me a note at

God bless, and I'm trusting that as things get more into a machine-like groove and set up I can continue to write here more often about the most important things in life. . . . It has been a bit of a shock, I must admit, how much work and resources this has taken to get going, whew!:)

Friday, July 1, 2016


From last night's show . . . "Lazarus"

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