Sunday, August 30, 2015

What I Expect

I expect we on the brink of very tumultuous days.  I suspect there is also a lot of mis-direction ("disinfo") about what is coming so that we will be caught off guard when the actual events transpire, but at the same time there are certain objective trends and evidences that are bound to have inevitable results.  A few of the bigger impending trends I see which I expect to cause major contention and upheaval . . . include . . . of course the financial markets.  The end is near for the dollar, if not all world currencies and a major global reset is coming, is planned.   We are in the beginning throes of that death rattle.  Also, the weaponizing of migrants, "illegal immigrants" and whole vast peoples moving around the globe will increase to "flood" levels and will cause major contention and disruption to local communities.  Because of war, terror, the economic collapse and weather/earth/climate chaos refugees will engulf "western" societies.  This will be huge.  Also, I believe "they" will make a major push for "gun control"--actual enforcement of licensing and confiscations.  This will also trigger reactionary groups to activate . . . resulting in various "mini Wacos" and "Ruby Ridges".
And the diabolically stoked race wars and police state reactions will explode, causing much grief.  I think there will be serious food and water shortages, rationing, massive relocations of whole population areas.  There are many other related and parallel issues and events that also appear to be converging . . . but these are areas I mention I see as inevitable and won't be reversed.  By sheer momentum, inertia . . . I expect at least these to fairly soon come to fruition.

Some other things I wouldn't be at all surprised to see would be military assault and invasion of the U.S.; "world war III", Planet X and/or large meteor strike and/or a rain of devastating "fireballs", a staged "E.T." contact/revealing, staged "signs and wonders" in the skies, large reduction of population through several means (ie., war, plagues, famine, poisoning).

Anyway, these are just some general expectations about what's on the doorstep.  I haven't written much about such things as I want to always continue focusing primarily on the Lord and the hope of the Gospel, as this is all that really matters; but, as we are still here . . . and about to be put through the ringer, I thought I'd just share my latest observations on the situation world-wise. . . .

God bless

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Left Alone

Throughout life . . . at times . . . there is this somewhat paradoxical moment that occurs . . . where the sweetness of friendship and close relationship with the Lord is eminent.  It is when all other avenues are taken away and there is no one, no thing to provide solace but the Spirit Himself.

As fallen, flawed humans, even in our close friendships and familial relations . . . it turns out that "the other" cannot always be relied upon.  Just as we ourselves are not always 100% reliable.  It goes so far sometimes that even those we love and who love us . . . are made temporary vehicles for demonic agency.  It need not be full possession or even overmuch demonic oppression--but just the occasional off and on again shadowing or influence from the dark side. . . . The enemy is able to influence and confuse, seduce and misdirect fellow companions . . . such that you find yourself quite alone in the world . . . despite being surrounded by fellow travelers, where all seem to be your enemy. . . .

I don't believe this is an unusual or rare situation, but actually quite persistent and common, again just as we ourselves are occasionally but regularly fooled and lost, sinning and causing sin. . . .

But while it can be a fearful, desperate moment--to realize you are ultimately alone (temporally speaking) in this world--it is also a blessed time when all the props are taken away . . . and you are left to recall and put into effect . . . that really . . . it is always the case . . . that God--the Lord is your only true, reliable companion. 

You can always go to Him . . . when all else fails . . . and He permits or causes depredations in our lives . . . because He loves us and wants us to realize the profundity and necessity of our wholesale reliance on Him alone.

No charms, no stand-ins, no systems or methods, no ascetic practice, no familiar spirit, no loved one, no friend . . . should or even can take His place as the ONLY ONE we are to go to for comfort and relief . . . and strength and peace.

The martyrs know this as often they stand alone against the whole world--even friends and family often have turned against them, shouting at them to cave, to give up this dogged determination to rely and call upon and lift up and proclaim God alone.

All believers, it is expected, in this world experience some degree of the same thing; where all supports are taken away--you can trust no one--and there stands God to hold you and see you through.

If it were not for such times, we would rarely, if ever, remember Him and trust in Him . . . the way we are called to. . . . So I thank God for this.

Praise God. . . .

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Master Key

Where faith abounds . . . love abounds.  And love drives out fear.

But alone we cannot manufacture faith or love.  Those who claim to love others but do not love God are liars.  Love of God--which follows faith in God--is a gift of God.  It must be bestowed, for there is no love in us except that which God provides.  And faith comes first, which also is a gift from God.

And he who claims to love God but does not love His brother . . . is a liar.  He who loves God loves His brother.  Which is really not that hard to do--even to love enemies . . . because all we need is to settle our minds down and recall . . . how God loved us even while we were His enemies and hated Him.  We see how merciful He is--how He provides for even those who war against Him continually.  Those who don't want God but want the world and all the pleasures of the world . . . He provides for and allows to achieve their desires.  They obtain their lusts, their adulteries, their thefts, their lying and stealing and amassing wealth and power with much greed.  He does not cut them off immediately, though He rightly could; but He continues to give them air and water and sun and energy and minds and muscles . . . so that they can pursue and attain their worldly dreams.

"But wait," someone says, "not everyone who desires the world gets what they want.  A good portion are frustrated and kept from attaining their carnal pursuits.  What about these?  How is God merciful to these who want fame and riches but end up in poverty and ignominy?"

Yet all we can say is this only shows more of God's mercy and wisdom.  For the way of the world is the way of sin . . . and the way of sin is death.  God Has His children among the throngs who pursue the flesh, and when some of these are tempted to likewise got he way of the flesh . . . He mercifully prevents and protects them.  Instead, out of His divine wisdom and mercy He brings affliction and trials to His elect so that they will not go the way of the world . . . to final judgment and wrath but instead will be purified, refined in the fires of testing and trying; that their faith will grow strong and lose falsities . . . which then brings an abundance of love . . . which casts out fear . . . so that, while those of the world secretly mourn and fret and dread the final judgment despite their riches and "success", the children of God grow in strength, peace, wisdom, hope, joy, righteousness. . . .

The opportunity to prove and improve one's faith . . . which (faith) is a key that unlocks spiritual doors . . . are many . . . every day . . . and is the surest preparation one can always seek and obtain when troubled times are portended. . . .

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

September Dawn. . . .

Yes, there is always that "normalcy bias" which goes along while watching things unfold where you are apt to just keep plugging along . . . missing "the forest for the trees" so-to-speak.  There certainly is a lot of buzz about September--I've been tracking all of it from the financial to the celestial (ie., Planet X effects, an asteroid or meteor expected to hit) . . . to the military (Russia's build up, Ukraine, Jade Helm etc.) to the terrestrial (Fukushima radiation impacts, drought, the coming mega "El Nino", pending mega quakes, multiple volcanoes,etc.) . . . to the political (increased tyrannical moves ie., re 1st & 2nd Amendments, mandatory vaccines, water wars, Iran nuke deal, Agenda 21,UN's 70th session/new "2030 Agenda", the global engineered immigration flood, terrorism potential etc.,) . . . to the spiritual and cosmic (the Shemitah, the final blood moon, the Pope's One World Gov. encyclical, the Haj, the Days of Awe, Cern opening dimensional portals). . . .

A plain example of "normalcy bias" is this:  Some people, when you happen to tell them about all the intense, paradigm and life-changing events happening or about to happen . . . will say something like, "yeah, yeah, yeah, people have been warning about these things forever and it never happens."

Which sadly amuses me . . . because what they don't realize is that many of the "crazy" things predicted years ago . . . (which they scoffed at then) have actually happened and we are living in the midst of already.  Such people are the proverbial slow-boiling frog.  They have forgotten, for instance, what it was like to live in a relatively society with free speech, free movement, property rights--where you weren't worried that a policeman might shoot you over a parking ticket. Where you could travel freely without being stopped at checkpoint, illegally searched, harassed, sometimes robbed (by the "authorities") . . . or when you could do what you wanted pretty much on your own property or business without having to obtain myriad licenses, pay fees, face restrictions).  Or how it was once abhorrent to sexualize children (commonplace now), or a hundred other things that once were laughed at as being "paranoid" or "extremist" to be worrying about.  If you listen to my old early 90s "T.Ray/NWO" shows . . . I was (satirically) proposing extreme new laws and restrictions which people at that time thought were outrageous . . which are now commonplace and have been put into practice.  Which WAS the point of my doing those warn how people would just accept the tyrannical changes and controls with little fuss so long as it was all foisted with calm voices and matter-of-fact, inevitable tones. . . .

Point is, we already ARE living in the crazy, tyrannical times that many of us warned were coming, and yet people still cannot see it, as it is the very air they breathe now. . . .

Anyway, yes, I've been tracking all the buzz and prognostication re this coming September and fall generally . . . and I must say that just recently I felt I got my own internal warning alarm . . . compelling to move into high gear now to prepare on various fronts as able. 

All along, through these past 10 years or so here . . . I've emphasized the spiritual preparation and will continue to do so, as this is really all that matters ultimately.  But we are also to be wise stewards . . . and we do live in this material world . . . at this point in time . . . and some of us may have work to do during and beyond the designated chaos (and persecution) coming on the horizon.

I have been watching and waiting for that internal confirmation throughout all of this . . . and am responding to it now, as it seems to have arrived about a week or so ago and continues, letting me know that yes, we are on the brink of same major stuff. . . .

The danger in the normalcy bias . . . is that when it finally does start cracking up . . . you realize sadly that you were indeed warned, the signs were there . . . and you simply refused to see what is now the obvious. . . . And it's too late. . . .

May God bless and protect and strengthen and guide us in the coming days and months, that we may glorify and bring honor to His Name and calling!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Prep Time

I know we have all been watching this thing for a while--I seem to have been born with an eye to this time . . . and all indications seem to be showing that at the very least it is about to get underway in dramatic ways, though I am also open to the idea that a lot of it also could just be programming and social engineering with the purpose to create such dire expectations . . . that when the real deal comes down it doesn't look so bad in comparison so "the folks" just go along with it without much fuss or resistance. . . .

But I will say this.  As far as serious last minute type prepping . . . I have not felt a strong impetus to do so until now.  I am tending to believe . . . that we are indeed on the cusp of some major turmoil and disruption . . . of the kind I have been warning of off and on here and on the early shows with Zeph from the beginning.  The first show I did with him was with a warning about impending riots--ubiquitous riots . . . being a "thing."

That was 2005?  Now that is no longer alarmist talk, but common talk. . . . And quite expected.

Anyhow, I do think some food and water preps are a smart thing to be done as able.  I am looking into a source and option for that and feel compelled to urge family, friends and others . . . that they really ought to have something in storage.  Along with the other smart things to be done and had. . . .

More on this in a bit...

God Bless....

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Get the Popcorn

Get the popcorn. . . . It's startin' to hit the fan. . . .

What Are You Wearing To The Banquet?

"Then the king said to the servants, 'Bind him hand and foot, and throw him into the outer darkness; in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.  For many are called, but few are chosen."
--Matt 22:13-14 

"Making light of Christ, and of the great salvation wrought out by him, is the damning sin of the world. . . . Multitudes perish for ever through mere carelessness, who show no direct aversion, but are careless as to their souls. Also the business and profit of worldly employments hinder many in closing with the Saviour. Both farmers and merchants must be diligent; but whatever we have of the world in our hands, our care must be to keep it out of our hearts, lest it come between us and Christ."  --Matthew Henry

Here is that ominous shoulder-shrugging casualness I often refer to . . . which is so treacherous, so deadly.  In the Parable of the Banquet . . . the Lord describes the situation.  A great marriage-feast is to be granted by the King for His Son.  Those first invited reject the calling.  But not only did these shun the invitation, they attacked the King's servants and killed them.  The King was outraged at this treatment of His servant-slaves and sent armies to punish the miscreants, to put their city to flames.

The King then sent His servants out upon the highways to find any who would listen and respond, to come to the feast, both good and bad.  All were invited, called. . . .

When the King came to look upon the invited guests He made a final decision on who of these could enter.  Who would not be allowed?  The one lacking the required "wedding clothes".  Regarding this type the King ordered, "Tie him up hand and foot, and throw him into the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth."

We MUST be clothed in the righteousness of Christ or we cannot enter the great wedding feast!  Those thrown into outer darkness "paid no attention"--were careless, nonchalant . . . about the invitation.  Oh sure, they would arrive like all the others--they heeded the call . . . but they were not chosen.  "Few are chosen".

It is surmised that a reason why there is not broad or detailed description about the place of Hell, ie., its location, architecture etc., is so that men do not dread Hell so much as they should dread the sin that LEADS to Hell. 

For centuries "people have objected to preaching on Hell . . . the devil does all that he can to give preaching on Hell a bad name as he seeks to ' nuzzle men in security in their sins'". . . . But 17th century puritan preacher Christopher Love "boldly claims that ' sermons of terror have done more good upon unconverted souls than sermons of comfort have ever done."   "In short, we cannot claim to preach the whole counsel of God if we 'run only upon strains of free grace.'"  ("A Puritan Theology", pg. 831)

How wonderful it is that if we repent and put our full faith in Jesus, and come to the wedding feast, wearing His righteousness where we have none, we may enter . . . and be safe forever thereafter!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Pscyhopathic Jezebel

The Jezebel vs. the Psychopath. . . . Or are they the same thing?  The Jezebel spirit . . . is it a real demonic spirit with territory, with hosts?  Whatever it is it has taken over a goodly portion of women via the feminist movement. . . . Even many who don't overtly follow or adhere to the feminist movement are infected and cannot see it themselves, so ubiquitous is this spirit today.  The Jezebel spirit is a psychopath.  I'm sardonically amused amused when a Jezebel accuses others of being psychopaths--that's a good one, haha.  As they are woefully unaware of their own situation they project onto others what they themselves are. . . .

Men?  Ahabs . . . enablers . . . weak . . . emasculated . . . who end up aiding and abetting this destructive, unsubmissive, God-hating, man-hating demon.  It hates men (and all "mankind" including women) especially men though because of the role God intended for men from the beginning.  Just as the enemy hates Godly marriage and seeks to destroy and pervert and profane it . . . the demon also hates the man  . . . jealous of the role God intended for him . . . and so seeks to undermine, twist, destroy and nullify the Godly male role.  Here comes Jezebel to carry out the dark side orders. . . .

Those calling themselves Christians--followers of Jesus Christ . . . who are actually following or indwelt with the Jezebel spirit are the most annoying and dangerous.  And the most laughable. 

Do you follow Christ . . . or some Jezebel who's taken over your life?  Are you submitted to God . . . or one of these psychopathic demons?  It's a tough question . . . and a tough situation, as they will not let you out of their clutches without a horrific, devastating, scorched-earth fight. . . .

Friday, August 21, 2015

Turning From The Curse

What a dangerous thing to seek happiness in the things of the world.  Do you not know that the whole world is under a curse?  Whatever--WHATEVER you seek in the world . . . either to fulfill or satisfy you . . . to bring you happiness and peace . . . edification . . . is DOOMED to fail.  It is cursed.  A curse is put upon any and every thing in and of the world.  There is only one Subject of pursuit that brings no curse, no taint.  And this is a living Person--THE first Person of all persons.

A common trick of the (fallen) mind is to think, "I can go after the world . . . so long as I have God in it!  You CAN have both so long as God is first and all things are done for His glory.  Then I can seek all the world I wish!"

But you "do not put new wine into old skins".  This is a lie, a deceit, a trick of the devil.  All you are doing is chasing the world same as ever, but putting a "God"-gloss on it.  It is the same old lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, pride of life" claiming to be for the glory of God . . . but it is all vanity and for the self.  Less depraved is the man who goes after the world and simply admits it and makes no claims to "higher" or "godly" purposes.  When Jesus was at His most ferocious, it was toward religious hypocrisy (Matt. 23:13-29).

And the greater the good of the world . . . that you attain . . . the greater the potential for curse and depravity.  A poor man can only do so much with the few means he has got.  But a wealthy, powerful, "successful" man or woman . . . now has many avenues through which to sin and blaspheme the Lord!  Now they can affect a much larger group of people with their wicked ways, compounding the judgment and wrath of God upon their heads. 

In this world, for the most part, it is a blessing from to God to be thwarted in worldly success--to be of meager and humble means.  Given the wealth, power and opportunity . . . nearly all, if not all of us would be just as sinful and perverse (if not more) as are the leading corrupt personalities of the day we see before us.  God preserves and protects His elect . . . to keep them from the opportunity of much accomplished sin.  Woe to those who seem to have nothing but open doors and paved roads, where worldly success seems to follow in their wake and bow down before them.  This is usually but a sign that the devil is being given full sway to take such away with him to his place of torment.  Such people get their "heaven" now, for a short time, while on earth . . . but then comes the eternity of damnation.

Better off by far . . . is the one who suffers in this world, but whose heaven awaits on the other side. 

"And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not."  Gal. 6:9

"Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him; Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way, Because of the man who carries out wicked schemes.  Refrain from anger and give up your rage; do not be agitated--it can only bring harm. For evildoers will be destroyed, but those who put their hope in the LORD will inherit the land. "  Psalm 37:7-9

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Progenitor Of Wormwood? 7the Seal?

Since around 1998 I have had a passing interest in Planet X/Nibiru--mainly because when I first heard about it . . . it brought to mind an apocalyptic dream I've never forgot, which I had when I was around 13 or 14 years old.  It was a dream of me with a little band of people, trudging along the crests of some dune-like foothills . . . amidst a sort of wasteland . . . and everything was red--there was a thick, dusty dark reddish haze covering everything, from the ground to the sky and it hung in the very air and it was clear something big and horrific had happened . . . and we were trekking away . . . to some kind of hoped for safety. . . . I see that the PX scenario has not disappeared over the past 15 or so years but seems to be gaining more ground and researchers who are convinced the thing is real . . . and even spoken of in Biblical prophecy.  I am not so convinced on that last part . . . but my mind is still open.
Anyway, because it is back in the (alt) news in a big way recently, I thought I'd just repost one of many writings I have done on the subject, fwiw....if anything :) God bless...

--------------------------------[Posted March 12, 2010]---------------------------
Information of this sort comes to me from within, in a dream, a waking vision, the still small voice . . . and then without doing much further research to corroborate (lack of time mostly) . . . I just relay here, as best I can, intending not to mislead or cause stumbling blocks for the actually more important matters (ie., following, acknowledging, glorifying the Lord) . . . eh, I toss my reports out here, in case they might find some wholesome (hopefully) or helpful corroboration from others spending much more time and investigation on the possible science and temporal reality of the thing . . . .
eh, . . . so some quick glances of late and I'm hearing of ongoing and newer reports which seem to be tending to confirm what I was shown in "vision". Ie., I had never heard of the word "Marduk" (consciously, at least that I was aware) before it was repeated to me in that dream I've written of about the powers-that-be knowing about a coming swarm of "space debris", rocks, comets . . . . And in the dream I saw headlines of all kinds of sordid and distracting news events intended to obfuscate what the REAL big problem was, heading our way . . . . "Marduk" was repeated in this dream . . . with an image of a vast swath of space full of rocks, "space debris" . . . and i saw it first starting to hit the earth in more like pellet forms . . . but then bigger chunks . . . and eventually fireballs like those I had seen in my earlier St. George vision which featured the fireballs in a starring role . . . .
Now, I see that it is common to link the theories of "Nemisis" (second brown dwarf or whatever type sun, binary mate to our own sun) . . . and Planet X . . . and Marduk. Just quick perusal showed all kinds of articles, forum discussions, etc., where the three are linked together, as in "Nemesis/Nibiru/Marduk" . . . . and all generally describing both a giant planet or sun-like object, near Jupiter size perhaps . . . plus a cloud of space debris, rocks, comets, fireballs . . . .

I once asked flat out, in a prayerful mode, back around 2005 . . . whether this "thing" was real. I seemed to get an instant, obvious, blatant response, flat-out in reply, "yes." .......

I have not received anything too much more in the way of visions, dreams, etc., on the issue for a while ... though my son Sky has it would seem (some dreams he has told me about) . . . . But I am just here re-noting the whole topic . . . as I see it quite current in the news and talk about town lately . . . . And can't help but observe that the way this year is going with the natural disasters, earthquakes, floods, and such . . . and lately, I've been receiving now an emphasis on the wind side of things . . . .
And its been coming to my mind that all the looting going on by world governments, at breakneck speed . . . is actually being diverted to increase THEIR bunkers and supposed safe havens .... though we know that they shall crawl into the rocks and wish to be crushed, rather than face the justice they deserve, I would suggest . . . . .
Anyway...... hey.... just noting, reporting what I am seeing for myself as likely strong confirmations . . . that it will continue to go on, just as I have been saying it would ..... big trib stuff and all . . . . .
THOUGH .... we have no fear, right? Right! All is well . . . for those surrendered already, dead to self . . . . And even if you're still working on the loose ends (I know I am) . . . . we just keep doing the best we can do . . . with only and every good thing achieved to that, coming by His most merciful, loving grace . . . .
Onward Christian soldiers! The battle is hot .... the reward cooooool for the faithful and steadfast! Love you! . . .and you and you ..... and yeah... you too . . . and you and you ! But not YOU! ....oh, ok..... even you too. Love on the just and unjust! Let the Judge and Master sort it all out in His time.... :)
bro t

[note...since I wrote the above, Skylar my deaf son has had several more "big" dreams that show things like fireballs, apocalyptic aftermath . . . and one recently where he described a giant planet seeming to crash into or come close to earth. . . . He has not heard, of course, any interviews with experts on PX . . . does not overhear or follow anything really on the Internet regarding this subject, so his dreams are interestingly out of the blue....fwiw]

The Lamb Opens The Seventh Seal

REV. 8  

And when[a] He opened the seventh seal, a silence took place in heaven for about a half hour.

Vision 2: The Seven Trumpets

And I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and seven trumpets were given to them. And another angel came and stood at the altar, holding a golden censer. And much incense was given to him so-that he will give it with[b] the prayers of all the saints upon the golden altar before the throne. And the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, went up from the hand of the angel before God. And the angel has taken the censer, and he filled it from the fire of the altar and threw it to the earth. And there came thunders and voices and lightnings[c] and an earthquake. And the seven angels having the seven trumpets prepared themselves in order that they might trumpet.

Angels Blow The First Four Trumpets

And the first trumpeted, and there came hail and fire having been mixed with blood, and it was thrown to the land[d]. And a third of the land was burned-up, and a third of the trees was burned-up, and all the green grass was burned-up.
And the second angel trumpeted, and something like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown into the sea. And a third of the sea became blood. And a third of the creatures in the sea, the ones having life, died. And a third of the ships were destroyed.
10 And the third angel trumpeted, and a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch. And it fell on a third of the rivers, and on the springs of waters. 11 And the name of the star is called Wormwood[e]. And a third of the waters became wormwood. And many of the people died from the waters, because they were made-bitter.
12 And the fourth angel trumpeted, and a third of the sun was struck[f], and a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so-that a third of them might be darkened, and the day might not shine for a third of it, and the night likewise.

Three Woes Remain For The Ones Dwelling On The Earth

13 And I saw, and I heard one eagle[g] flying in mid-heaven[h], saying with a loud voice. “Woe, woe, woe for the ones dwelling upon the earth, because-of the remaining blasts of the trumpet of the three angels being about to trumpet!”

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Blessed Incalcuable Treasure We Keep

The devil and demons are real.  The unseen enemies of God are far more prevalent than people realize.  Even against your own mind and heart and midst those close to you . . . they are working constantly with the objective of separating you from "He Who is in you" Who is "greater than he who is in the world."  They are God's enemy and if you are for God they are your enemy.  They hate God and they hate you and want to see you destroyed. 

Have you ever observed (or perhaps even been a part of) that situation where someone is involved in sin . . . up to their eyeballs . . . and how much they love to corrupt another--to bring you or another down to their same level of lawlessness?  Usually, most of, if not all of the pleasure they originally got from that first pop of sin is gone and next to that the most pleasure they can yet still achieve is in corrupting another . . . then some other . . . and so on.  This is all they've got to do with. 

While you are seemingly involved with a hundred odd things--work, family, hobbies, projects, etc., so that it would seem that you have various different objectives all going upon which you work . . . the enemies (of God) around you have only one objective which they pursue with single focus:  to destroy you, to keep you from friendship with the Lord.

If it were two opposing armies on the battlefield it would look like this:  one army is scattered, with its soldiers engaged in a myriad of different tasks, pointed in all directions; a few troops ARE engaged with the enemy, but most aren't even looking at the enemy; they are wandering about the plain, poking in bushes, some are eating and drinking and laughing around campfires telling tales . . . some are cleaning machinery and weapons, some are painting pictures . . . playing songs . . . taking baths . . . digging for treasures . . . arguing politics in huddles and on and on.  Meanwhile the enemy is organized, bunched together, singly focused on one goal--to destroy the milling and meandering opposition.  And the stakes are life and death, glory or torment . . . forever!

That is a fair representation of what it is like with us.  We have a determined (albeit doomed) enemy wholly focused on our degradation and destruction . . . while we are casually going about a hundred other things, ignorant of the peril and active, continuous assault on our very beings.

And it is all the more pathetic in that the enemy himself has provided the many distractions and entertainments and indulgences upon which the unwary, meandering army is engaged.  What fools!

One living soul--a creature designed by God Himself, made in the image of Himself . . . is worth more than all the earth . . . combined with all the kingdoms that have ever been on the earth including all those present now, worth more than the vast and astounding universe itself!    THAT is how valuable and precious one life, one soul, one person is.  Yet we treat it like dirt, like nothing.  We play games with the life God has given us, casually subjecting our souls to the most rank evils on a habitual basis.  We treat our dogs better than we treat our souls.  We guard our cars and our carpets and our cats better than we guard the precious territory of our living souls which are made in the image of the glorious holy Creator of the universe and all that is!

It as if (only infinitely worse) we were given a precious, delicate antique master painting . . . and we casually dragged it around with us, left it out on the lawn overnight, tossed it in the mud to be played with by dogs, allowed our children to eat on it, draw on it. . . . destroying all its value with a shrug and a devil-may-care smirk.

Only it is a trillion times worse . . . how we disregard the precious nature of our living souls, which are exquisitely crafted and provided for by God . . . for His glory and for the glory He intends that we share with Himself.

And the devil and demons are delighted wherever and whenever we so degrade and neglect this precious gift.  They provide implements and opportunities to trash and pervert it and cheer us on when we do.

Oh Lord that we would awaken to our awful condition!  Pray, Oh Lord that our eyes are opened and our consciences brought vibrantly to life over the sacred seriousness of our situation!  Dear Lord, allow us to see and understand what a valuable, precious, unequaled gift you have given us in life, in being, in being an individual who can commune with and experience and even BE like God Himself! Amen.

Time is short and getting shorter.  The enemy is over the walls, within the gates and stalks our very households--don't you deny it.  Arise and meet the battle today!

God Bless

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Glenn Beck's "Never Again Is Now" charade

Glenn Beck has another rally lining up for 8/28 in Birmingham Alabama called "Never Again Is Now."  He claims he will be fulfilling a prophecy given that predicted that the "3rd Great Awakening" would start in Birmingham. 

The First Great Awakening "led to American Revolution," Beck explained, while the Second Great Awakening brought an end to slavery in America. Now is the time for a Third Great Awakening that will "proclaim liberty throughout the land," and Beck's 8/28 event is the catalyst that will bring it about."

But where is Jesus in any of this?  "Proclaim liberty throughout the land"?  How about proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ throughout the land!

A house built by the devil is gonna fall. . . .

A version of the the "Co-exist" bumper sticker religious symbols is shown on the "Never Again Is Now" promo page.  He says he wants to unite the world religions in his cause.

But how do you unite religions that disagree fundamentally on their primary purpose and object of worship?

Can religions be united who say Allah is God?  Buddha, Krishna?  Or who say that Jesus Christ is NOT the Messiah?  How can these be united with the Body of Christ who proclaims that Christ is Lord, Savoir, God?  Well, yes people of different faiths and beliefs can unite on worldly, man-made moral objectives . . . and these may last for a while and provide some temporary "good".  But really, nothing is "good" except it comes from God--from the REAL God, not from some idol in men's imaginations.  There is to be no yoking "in unity" with the works of darkness and with those who blatantly reject and hate the Lord and the message of the Gospel.

Imagine instead if thousands were gathering to proclaim the Gospel and Lordship of Jesus Christ.  And that they then proceeded to work from there to spread the Gospel in their communities, instead of this ecumenical-secular message.  Then there would be actual change and a chance for peace.

No peace will come except that established by God, through God.

"I hate, I reject your festivals, Nor do I delight in your solemn assemblies."  God said in Amos 5:21.

He despises vain gatherings proffered generally toward His name, but denying the truth of Who He is and what He demands.

"Even though you offer up to Me burnt offerings and your grain offerings, I will not accept them; And I will not even look at the peace offerings of your fatlings.

Take away from Me the noise of your songs; I will not even listen to the sound of your harps."  --Amos 5:22-23
The First Great Awakening "led to American Revolution," Beck explained, while the Second Great Awakening brought an end to slavery in America. Now is the time for a Third Great Awakening that will "proclaim liberty throughout the land," and Beck's 8/28 event is the catalyst that will bring it about. - See more at:
The First Great Awakening "led to American Revolution," Beck explained, while the Second Great Awakening brought an end to slavery in America. Now is the time for a Third Great Awakening that will "proclaim liberty throughout the land," and Beck's 8/28 event is the catalyst that will bring it about. - See more at:

Friday, August 14, 2015

"All you need is love"...?

Ideology:  visionary theorizing; A set of doctrines or beliefs that are shared by the members of a social group or that form the basis of a political, economic, or other system.

It's Idol-ology.  What people have without the Truth is a made up system of doctrines or beliefs to which they then pay allegiance; they serve, worship in effect.  And every set of beliefs outside the Truth of God is the devil's ideology in one or another form.

This common idea of "love" is no different than any other false doctrine or god.  "All you need is love" they say.  But they never quite get around to defining just what this "love" is.  

What is usually taken to be "love" is that "love" does not judge; it is all forgiving; it allows for anything and everything with no consequence . . . it is "unconditional".

And this is lie--a dangerous, devious lie.  This is the lie the devil wants spread around.  He wants you to think that no matter what you do, what you think, what you serve, who you worship (except for the real God) "it's all good".

But does this comport with experience?  No.  

I love my children.  I love them dearly and do not want them to get into trouble; I do not want them to suffer evil.  I want them to attain the highest good, to "succeed" in the eyes of God.  So, does it make sense that I countenance anything and everything they might do as children?  "I see you are having so much fun playing . . . go ahead and keep running onto the freeway amidst traffic.  Who am I to judge?  I love you 'unconditionally' so will allow you to do anything that spontaneously compels you."

No, in fact, if I see them playing with a scorpion, or running into the street, or sticking a fork in the electrical socket--I will step in and protect them; I will stop them from foolish, harmful behavior.  If they defy me and continue to act against their own best interests, I will chastise them.  I will tell them such behavior is wrong, "bad" and I may punish them to teach them the severity of their actions.  THAT is love.  It is not loving to smile upon anything they might do, harmful or otherwise, blessing them regardless, even though I might see them marching off of a cliff to destruction.

But what many unthinking people mean by "love" is simply that they are left alone to sin and glorify self with no boundaries, no consequences, no judgment.

I have always found it of note also . . . that most times, those people who constantly talk about "love", it being the all-in-all and what they purportedly follow ABOVE all--tend to be the meanest, most volatile, actually UN-loving people around.   They seem to be the last person who would lay down their life for another, but are generally profoundly selfish and self absorbed.  "Love!" they shout and demand--that others "love" THEM regardless of what they do, what they teach, how they offend and pervert God and His Word. 

I am convinced that the devil has long perverted what "love" is and put in it's place merely another disguised means of but worshiping him.  The many who extol "love" as being "the way"--the summum bonum--and demand it to be the highest, universal good to be served . . . unwittingly are usually just promoting the devil and his doctrines to be served above all.  

Thursday, August 13, 2015

"Sinless Perfection" & the "Love" Demon

So . . . "get right with God" is a rather loaded statement . . . and has become trite through casual usage.  But I am always meaning to "stop the presses"--stop letting one's mind just be constantly led along by the narrative of the moment and really, truly remember the reality of God and His omni-presence and to foment a real, in the moment relationship with Him.

"Getting right" with Him . . . in the context of my recent writings would include first of all realizing the depth and profundity of our sin against Him--how serious it is.  Then should follow a deeper, heartfelt appreciation for the sacrifice Jesus made on our behalf--how serious and meaningful it was to rescue us from that horrific, deadly evil.

Doing this rightly puts one in the necessary and proper state of humility whereby "getting right" has "teeth".  When we are only half-heartedly carrying on, lost in the worldly trance and subject to the idol we have made in our mind . . . we have a largely dead chasm of illusion between us and the Lord.  We should want to be in the position where we truly experience friendship with God.  For this is the amazing, wondrous blessing of our very being, our existence!  To be on a friendly basis with God Himself.  But first I would suggest there ought be the appropriate reverence and awe and respect and gratitude before Him.  Then His deigning to comradery with us is all the more rich, powerful, efficacious in our daily life.

Dare I say it . . . that the most blatant, arrogant and dangerous fools I've seen are those so-called open air "preachers", such as hyper-Arminian Jesse Morrell who thinks he has attained himself "sinless perfection."  He actually claims to no longer sin and then castigates those in his audience as sinners who need to repent. . . . Talk about an object lesson Mathew 7:1-5!  "Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?" (7:3)

Now, on the flip side there is another great heretical doctrine of sort sweeping the church and land and this is the one which I think will actually be foisted by anti-christ(s) as the main doctrine of the Luciferian one world religion.

They are currently using--and I think will use more . . . an idol of "Love" as being THE guiding spiritual force; which already is fooling many to believe they are following God when they are following "Love".  It is a quite subtle and devious bait and switch.  Who dares reject "Love"?  Who is going to fight against "Love" as being the byword whereby to organize world peace and universal unity and "brotherhood"?

And I think there is an actual demon, if not Satan himself, leading the charge on this.  I have seen this demon take hold of minds . . . such a Rob Bell, Shawn McCraney . . . where it eventually shoves the God of the Bible out of the way and interjects this new god "Love" in His place, claiming it is all the same thing.  For is it not said "God is love"?  "Light and love" will be the banner--already is, where this deceptive, destructive, enslaving and filthy demon operates and subdues (darkly ironically through mass surveillance and violent oppression) the people and only those "fundamentalist" "HATE-filled" pesky "Bible-thumping" Christians will refuse to join the parade.  

The "gar rights" movement is already using the memes "It's all about who you LOVE", "it's about LOVE". . . .

I will write more on this. . . . There is also a lot of emphasis on the "ego" being the problem--which I want to distinguish from what I often harp on as "self-serving, self-seeking"--we are NOT talking about the same thing.

Here are a couple examples from the group "We Are From The Future" which give the essence and message of what this new collectivist one world religion is like.  And I'm not at all surprised to find they just also "happen" to be very progressive, socialistic, transhumanist in their general outlook. . . . 

[I've seen it all before.  It is basically the same synthesized "teaching" that I heard from Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (OSHO) which said that all paths lead to God, "love is the key" . . . and we must move "beyond" the old ways of thinking and spirituality (primarily Biblical Christianity of course.)]

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Headaches and Toxic Plumes

So I went to the doctor last week and we are testing some medication to see if I can get the headaches to stop or at least greatly reduce in frequency.  I went that week without an episode but started betting "the shadow" Saturday in a big way, which would generally lead to a real doozy--hours of writhing pain, incapacitated.  He gave me a sample of a "triptan" medication that people take when the onset happens, before the pain kicks in . . . and, while it knocked me out for a while, it did prevent the headache.  That was a first.  Another started yesterday, and I had one more sample and that prevented it as well.  You can only take so many of those a week though and now I'm out . . . but hope to get a script for more . . . which is definitely a better situation than what I've been going through the past few years.  At least some relief and ability to work and function as I so need to be doing. . . .

Also, I am trying some of the suggested holistic, more natural approaches to see if I can alleviate things that way, which would be preferable long term. . . . A catscan will be the next thing to try to see if there's anything obvious going on. . . . Thanks again for prayers, concern, et al!:)


And for something completely different--.  Call my cynical . . . but I suspect that the EPA deliberately poisoned the Colorado river with that toxic metal spill.  What a nightmare!  And what a sick, typical, twisted irony during this regime.  The "Environmental Protection Agency" . . . whose task it is to prevent, eliminate, mitigate pollution of the environment (ostensibly) . . . end up massively POLLUTING the environment!  Surprise, surprise. [Another fine example of the "QMPDT" method, heh, where you can discern whats intended by tptb through flipping to opposite of their stated objective].

It's all a part of Agenda 21 ramping up, I believe.  Destroy the water source for hundreds of generally independent, country communities . . . who are relatively self-sufficient and drive them in to the cities.  Just like Lenin and Stalin and Mao use to do.  They are clearly (as I see it) taking over water and using water as a primary means to control, move, manipulate whole population areas, a la what's happening in California.  That drought I believe is staged.  There is evidence I have heard which even suggests that they have set up one or more phony "Sandy Hook"/Stepford/Wayward Pines type communities there from which they launch the scare and propaganda and "fixes" for the "water problem."  This phony "Potemkin" town template, as used in Littletown/Sandy Hook . . . is something I think we will be seeing a lot more of, where they stage "wag the dog" false flag events ....then magnify and direct through the media "reaction" and phony polls . . . to continue the transformation of America . . . to Amerika, so to speak. . . .

Crops, food . . . will also be used, controlled, rationed . . . as in the Ukraine.  Again, I must say everything I see going on is but classic communist takeover techniques, well proven, used many times before, and in which we are in the midst. . . .

Hence . . . GET RIGHT WITH GOD!  He's the only prep, the only salvation, strength, power, courage, joy, purpose!
God bless

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Deeper Begets The Deeper

Indeed, it is the Lord God through the Holy Spirit Who opens our eyes to realize the gravity of our situation . . . and the grace which He bestowed.  The whole world is running, turning away from the Spirit.  All the day long the enemy seeks to distract us from the peril we face; to make it a small thing.  And a thousand of his minions likewise strive (and too often succeed) to take us away. . . .

I was just thinking on this this morning--how wonderful and astounding it is . . . to be made THE creature who is able to speak with God.  No other creatures on the earth have this blessing.  But we, created in His image, are made to commune with the very One who is the creator of all! 

And sin is so serious . . . that one sin . . . instantly mars that image.  One sin at the beginning, in the Garden . . . was so serious that it brought a curse upon the whole creation, extending to generation upon generation.  THAT is how profound and destructive even just one sin is against the holy God.

How egregious is it to go against God, yet the worldly revel in it, flaunt it, proclaim, celebrate it in many numerous ways?  Is it true, as many say that God overlooks most "minor" sins and will only punish for some "great" sin like murder or rape?

How about giving in to "mere" curiosity where God has commanded to stay away?  Surely the "all-loving" God does not care about such "small" infractions. . . .

Yet, for what appears to be the mere succumbing to curiosity the Lord put to death some 50,000 people of Beth Shemesh.  It was a slaughter.  "He struck down some of the men of Beth-shemesh because they had looked into the ark of the LORD. He struck down of all the people, 50,070 men, and the people mourned because the LORD had struck the people with a great slaughter."  --1 Sam. 6:19

These were even people who were excited, joyous at receiving the Ark back from the Philistines.  They were not seeking to deface or alter the Ark.  They "merely" wanted to take peek, and allow common access to inspect it. 

But here again is a show of how deathly serious it is to treat God and His commandments casually, "commonly", irreverently!

Then consider how much WE have sinned--how much ALL sin and treat God with irreverence, casualness, disrespect . . . and go against His commands continually, lying, coveting, dishonoring parents, taking the Lord's name in vain, having other Gods before Him. . . .

It is a testament to His gracious longsuffering and patience that He doesn't condemn the whole lot to Hell this very moment!

And the self-loving contender (against God) cries, "I will not worship such a God!" . . . putting themselves in the position of judging God, condemning God, challenging God's goodness and wisdom.  What pitiable foolishness and arrogance!

It is true, such a rebel will not and does not worship this God.  Instead, they conceive of a god in their own image, rather than conforming to the image of the one, true and living God.  And THAT is the god they will worship, that they may continue on in their sin and rebellion.

Others, perturbed and weary, will say, "I got it . . . we're terrible . . . we sin . . . we deserve Hell.  But must we dwell on this?  Can we not think happy, positive thoughts and focus only on God's love and mercy?"

But it is precisely because of the rank depravity of our sinful nature and acts . . . and recognizing them to be so . . . that we are then able to see and appreciate just how loving and merciful God is that He should deign to save us from the deathly effects of sin.  Reiterating it once again, if sin is a small thing, then what the Lord did to save is a small thing--which is a thought I want to banish at once having even rhetorically suggested it!  

If one sin (at the beginning) is enough . . . to throw the whole world into chaos, violence, death and despair . . . or even a "minor" sin is enough to result in the righteous slaughter of 50,000 people in consequence . . . then imagine the depth and the breadth and the weight of all the millions and billions and trillions of sins (each just as serious as the two aforementioned, as it disgraces the image of God) that Jesus bore in punishment, as God's full measure of wrath (against sin) was poured out upon Him!

Do people seem to be taking sin more or less seriously these days?  Is there an overabundance of talking about the weight of sin in the churches?  Or is such discussion virtually lacking all the way around?  Are people more inclined than ever to be flippant, cavalier, nonchalant about the seriousness on sin?  

The answer, of course, is that sin is barely mentioned anymore--certainly not in the world . . . except to be mocked and laughed at or reveled in; but also in the pulpits . . . it is hardly acknowledged or fretted over.

Many don't want to think of God or spirituality this way.  They imagine only a "spirituality" of getting what you want, "self empowerment", unrelenting worldly happiness; and a Jesus Who was happy-go-lucky, always smiling, hugging kittens and patting little children on the head.

And yes, one day we WILL live with the Lord in peace, in joy, perfected, in holy blessed communion.

However, now the whole creation groans.  The Lord came as a "man of sorrows" . . . Who people "despised and rejected".  It is not "blessed are those who party and whom nothing bothers."

He said, "blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted", "blessed are they who are persecuted for righteousness' sake."

Of course, I am not saying that we are to be going around run down with depression and hopelessness.  We ARE to be of good cheer.  But it is only when we truly face and appreciate and understand the seriousness of sin and from what we have been saved . . . and continue to bear that remembrance and awed impetus (as it relates to then wanting to save others) that we come to a genuine and rich and fleshed-out possession and expression of the immense hope, joy and gratitude befitting one who realizes what they have been saved from and the price of that salvation!

Too  often . . . this is overlooked and sloughed off; which results in a superficial, mostly vague and purely mental experience of "spirituality."  The heart, the emotions, the conscience is not involved.

The deeper our recognition of the seriousness of sin . . . the deeper our recognition and appreciation of the seriousness (and blessed hope) of the Gospel. . . .  

note: I was able to act upon my headache condition; this past week was interesting in that regard and I will give an update soon, considering the kindness and concern you showed, for which I am deeply grateful:)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Infinite Treasures &The Process of Drawing Near

"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded." --James 4:8

This is what we need more than anything right now--to feel and know the presence of our Lord close to us, walking with and sustaining us through the days of evil.

But this doesn't happen when there is a gulf between us because of our delusion; because we do not have a realistic appraisal of the situation--just how dire and desperate it is.

Truly looking at the depths of our depravity and natural tendency to sin against God and seeing the horror of it at last begins to clear the air of the delusion.  We start to come out of the trance, awaken and become alive.  Before that we are dead in our trespasses and sins.  Deaf, mute, blind--dead, dead, worthless and dead.  "The words of the godly are like sterling silver; the heart of the wicked is of little value"  --Prov. 10:20

Only when we begin to realize and appreciate just how serious sin is and how naturally beholden to it we are . . . and how completely, absolutely helpless we are in and of ourselves to extricate from the sinking morass of wickedness--only then do we finally start to witness just how wonderful and glorious and merciful and sacrificial it is that the Son of God took on our full burden and put Himself in our place to suffer the wrath that was our just due.

If sin--our own sin--is not that big of a deal then the suffering and death of Jesus is deplorably marginalized.  If it is as many now like to say--that God is not much concerned with sin and that He will overlook for the most part all this rebellion against Him . . . and that all souls will eventually triumph through half-hearted efforts here and there aimed in a generally vague "Godward" direction--then the life and ministry, death burial and resurrection of Christ Jesus . . . is practically just a sideline footnote; not that necessary or amazing after all. . . .

With one having such a mindset--the Spirit is far away.  Such a mindset is so full of arrogance, ignorance, delusion and unreality . . . that it would not recognize God if He drew so near as to be on one's shoulder.

But when we earnestly, courageously look for and want the truth--which means recognizing for real just how wretched our fallen condition is . . . and how terrifyingly serious God is about punishing sin . . . and just how constantly erring and sinful we actually are . . . THEN we are in the process of drawing near to God.  And then He responds and draws near to us. 

Yes, there is the shattering realization of how serious the situation is with our sin.  But along with this is the instant comfort the Spirit brings as He is pleased with our finally facing and wanting the truth.  Now the door is opened . . . and healing and teaching and guidance and ongoing comradery with the Holy Spirit, God, can commence.  The process of sanctification, rather than being some vague hoped for notion . . . becomes a real, everyday experience. . . . Now hope is springing forth . . . along with peace, rest, joy and holy anticipation . . . for great, infinite treasures alluded to, yet to be revealed.

God bless you and thank you again for you prayers, advice and consideration. . . .

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Dose of Reality

 There is no shortage of the idea and rule by which people live than cheap grace or boundless mercy.  It is not a rare thing to find people who have convinced themselves somehow that all will be well in the end and that their sins against God amount to but little . . . and that He will forgive all . . . to all.

Look around and hear . . . the abundance of those who say "the purpose of life is to please yourself, follow your heart, pursue your dreams, you CAN have it all. . . . God made all of this so that YOU can be happy and self-fulfilled. . . .

Not only should you not care about your own sin, but you certainly shouldn't care about the sins of others, they say."

Yet to one who truly grasps even a fraction of the holiness and glory and majesty of God, the affront to that God found in any sin, wherever that sin may be found, is enough to break their heart.  

People have no trouble feeling deep sadness and even outrage when they see some injustice being done to an "innocent" child, or a little animal.  The heart is pierced, tears flow and the pain at seeing some such crime of abuse is practically devastating.

But it is nothing for the same people to see the holy, righteous, perfect, patient, good God of all--He Who suffered torment as a man, out of love for our undeserving sake--being abused, maligned, ignored, blasphemed, mocked, spat on, flaunted . . . a million, a billion, a trillion times a day, times a minute!  No, we go on our merry way, feeling nothing or but little at such injustice, lawlessness; but will weep over various sleights to His creatures. . . .

We don't love nor fear God.

We love our friends . . . our family . . . our mates . . . our pets . . . food . . . entertainment . . . comfort . . . our country; we fear sickness, the government, "terrorists", thugs on the street . . . but will go day to day without the slightest notion of fear or awe at God . . . let alone love Him Who alone holds our eternity in the balance.

Reading Jeremiah Burroughs' "The Evil of Evils" . . . I realized it was shockingly true what he wrote in a particular case. . . .

Think about it. . . . The purpose of our existence is to glorify God.  Yet, you are so sinful, so rebellious, so naturally hating of God, that BUT FOR CHRIST . . . God would be glorified more if you were not even born (same for me, or any of us.)  Each of us, aside from the work of Christ Who stands in our place . . . brings nothing but dishonor and disgrace to God . . . in and of ourselves.

We don't love or fear or live for God.  We do everything for ourselves and our own pleasure, including when we claim to follow God.  If we are ashamed of sin it is not because of the affront it is to our Creator, but because of what it means for us--because of the shame it puts on us.  We don't even think of what it means and says to God.

If you say you do, then you are a liar as well.  None come anywhere near fulfilling the first commandment.  The greatest divines and saints in history have known this from the start.  What makes them "great" is the real humility found in the knowledge of their fraudulent, needy position. . . .

Now, God WILL be glorified in and through our being.  But not because of anything we are or did.  Only because of what the Son does and is.  Aside from that, as to glorifying God, He would actually be glorified more if we were not even born; as all we do is sin and wickedness, albeit often disguised as if in His service, which only makes it all the more insidious.

To the worldly, dead ear, this sounds like horrible talk, terrible news.  To the regenerating mind, this is like pure, refreshing, invigorating water from heaven.  What we don't need is more pride, more self-satisfaction, more excuses and justifications.

What we DO need is a larger dose of reality--of seeing the real spiritual situation we are in--our utter and complete and dependent need for a Savior!  Blessed are the poor in spirit.


"I am persuaded that more men drop down to hell in our day under the abuse of gospel light than ever did in the gross darkness of popery…O how heavily does the wrath of God lie upon the professors of our age for the abuse of gospel light and they do not fee it, God’s administration in this latter age of the world being more subtle and spiritual and, therefore, more undiscernible than in former ages! O how many have we nowadays who think they walk clearly in the midst of gospel light, magnifying and exalting free grace, triumphing in their Christian liberty, looking upon others as kept in bondage who do not come up to their pitch and practice, and yet are no better than Solomon’s fools who make a mockery of sin, being conceitedly set at liberty, but really are slaves to sin and Satan.” ~ John Yates

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Beyond The '"Warm Up Act"

Hungering, thirsting for God. . . . I find it the most blessed state to be in. . . .

[First, thank you for your prayers, comments and consideration!  From some research I finally sat down and did it is looking a lot like what's called "cluster headaches", though I have a a couple other odd symptoms not usually mentioned along with that which accompany.  But have appt. with our PA tomorrow--]

Now . . . GOD!  And getting through these times . . . when the opposition is so blatant and fierce.  And really, I thank God that what irritates me the most . . . is not so much how hard it is to survive as we once were able, nor how disgusting it is to see the flat out lies and manipulations and propaganda of the would-be communist/socialist globalist tyranny as it tears at the base fabric of our institutions, values, families. . . . No, what I am pleased to find is how offended I am for God's sake--what all this rebellion and flaunting means in the face of the giving, holy, patient Creator!  THAT is the outrage!  Not that our country or churches or schools or health care system are being wholly upended and perverted such as to enslave and destroy us socially, politically, culturally; but that all of this evil and sin is taking place foremost against the one, true and living, sovereign God of all that is!

And the key to not being swept along with it--where the enemy seeks to normalize the most abominable sins and evil--is to realize personally what an affront we ourselves are to that same holy God.

I find it an interesting and glorious paradox of sorts . . . that the more I realize my own baseness and wretched condition of sin, performed in the face of God daily--the more devastated I am and humbled by obtaining a clearer and clearer view of the situation--the safer and more comforted I feel.

It is when we march along, barely aware of how sinful we actually are, mostly giving lip service to profession of belief . . . that there lurks a deep angst and unease, even though our hearts are hardened.

When the conscience is seared . . . there is a superficial confidence and stoic getting by . . . while Rome is burning--but truly, in the depths of the soul there is terror and panic and confusion.  There is no real sense of direction and guidance from the Spirit, if one is honest, and a general mode of floundering along, vaguely "hoping for the best."

But when the heart is pierced and the conscience woefully tender to one's own sleights and blasphemies and hardness toward blessed God . . . then at last some real connection is made and the Spirit has some ground wherein to inhabit the temple.  Real, fall on your face humility . . . is what is needed most AND most efficacious in meeting the trials and oppression of these days with grace and a sanctified spirit.

At the foundation of it all . . . is still the very real problem that we simultaneously neglect to comprehend the magnitude of God's glory and perfect character AND how truly vile, sinful, rebellious and wretched we are are in comparison.  Our typical understanding and appreciation of this gulf . . . is laughable, ludicrous; and will be soul-wrenchingly horrifying on the day of judgment! 

Oh how much better it is to begin to grasp it now.  Immediately blessings and comfort follow in the wake of finally facing and seeing the truth in this.  At last, the Holy Spirit has a point of entry through the otherwise sealed-off and hardened heart, soul and mind. . . .

I expect to be hammering on this issue some more;  I am dealing with it myself, thank God--where the "great dressing down" is only the warm-up act! Lol.  Praise God!  And thank you again for your thoughts, prayers, and concern (especially YOU:), you know who you are, God bless you).

Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Quick Request

First . . . I could use some prayers.  I have suffered for quite a while now from recurring debilitating headaches.  They have been coming more frequently the past year or so--about every week or two at most . . . and will carry on for a period of a couple to a few days.  They bring along some other symptoms as well and it pretty well shuts me down so that I cannot work or do much of anything but writhe in pain for hours, sometimes days at a time.  I've tried eliminating various food items, cut out salt, manage high blood pressure, watched the air pressure . . . and while these things do seem to act as triggers it also has a randomness that is frustrating to put a finger on.

Not having health insurance and living mostly hand to mouth, being basically an hourly laborer . . . with a house full of people I'm still largely responsible to maintain . . . has made it difficult to know what to do.  As in, I can't really afford to get a bunch expensive medical tests done or get and MRI which is likely what I should be doing to rule out the worst potential sources of the pain.

It's been so bad recently though--and has got my wife and kids so worried that I am going to see our "doctor" (he's actually a "PA"/physicians assistant) and will try a few initial things out to see if there is something obvious that can be picked up (I've been told a Catscan is not crazy expensive compared to an MRI and could spot something big like a tumor or recent bleeding around the brain.)

Anyway, I of course believe in the power of prayer, so would definitely appreciate any you might send my way regarding this.  Myself, I haven't ruled out supernatural or directed attack . . . but am hoping it is maybe just something related to ie., blood pressure which I am able to get managed better.

Thank you and God bless

Brother Thomas ©2015

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