Friday, February 27, 2015

Holy Escape & The 8th Wonder of the World

This free fall to tyranny is really something to behold.  I mean, having seen it coming from afar (as many have) . . . then to now watch each day one or more assaults on different fronts . . . more liberties glibly taken away or infringed through executive fiat.  Feels like a bad dream that you can't wake up from.  There it is, another day, more inanity, more insanity, more lies, perversion, Anti-Christ spirit and actions. . . .

I heard a report from someone who was able to listen in on a recent conference call between the regime and various illegal amnesty proponents and agents.  They are going to do just what you would expect.  If you imagine some foreign enemy, invader  . . . seeking to infiltrate and overthrow what's left of the old America . . . this is just what you would expect.  They are going set up the new "American's-in-waiting" within already existing communities and provide them with a lot of money to get established and prospering.  They have no intentions of assimilating but--and these are their actual words--"create a sort of country within a country."  Then take over politically from those enclaves, spreading out, eventually until all such pockets are connected, throughout the country.

The best response I still believe . . . is the Gospel.  Think of this.  Let's say the country is flooded with foreigners from various countries, many of whom are not really friendly with the U.S.  Flooded with people from very different cultures, political ideologies, resentments, subversive agendas etc.

If, somehow, Christians were able to preach and convert these would-be invaders/overthrowers to the Gospel . . . it wouldn't matter WHERE they came from or their prior agendas!  There is a unity of Spirit, temperament, reason, emotion etc., IN CHRIST which transcends all culture, race, politics.  Such people, once converted, would then long for the same things we cherish--law and order, justice, self-sacrifice, charity, gentleness, love, forgiveness, honesty, righteousness, freedom, health, prosperity. . . .

The Gospel is the great unifier, reconciler, civilizer, uplifter . . . which can lead any and all people to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Anyhow, yeah, things are really coming to a head fast.  When I feel it pressing in and getting too oppressive and sad anymore to watch it so unfold . . . I seek escape.  Holy escapism!  I run to God, to God in the flesh.  I recall that this is but a brief flash in time, this trial.  Eternity stands in the wings and so I will peer over at Him and exult, thrilling in anticipation of the blessed hope!

Along such lines, yesterday I was pondering this. . . . As there are three Persons in the Godhead, I thought of the fantastic event . . . where One . . . subjected Himself to the Other.  How wondrous is that?  The Son took on flesh, as one of us, and submitted Himself to the Father while in human form, to show us the Way.  What a scene!  What a display!  The very God of the universe, He Who holds all things in the small of His hand, Who spoke the stars, the planets, the light, all creatures . . . into existence--as the Son, He divested Himself (in a way) of His omnipotence . . . to become like us, to suffer as we suffer, subjecting Himself to the will of the Father . . . so that we would have an example we can relate to (along with His salvific work.)  By doing this He knows intimately, experientially . . . what it is like to be human, confined by space, time, matter, energy, surrounded by ghouls the living dead. . . .

When I go to Him, I always get the sense that He especially understands and even commiserates with what it is like to be a creature in this fallen world, affected by the evil therein.  He is not some far off, distant potentate who cannot relate to the common man.  No, instead, One Person of the triune divinity entered into the creation and experienced life "on the streets" as it were. . . .

The greatest and most beloved of generals, leaders, Captains . . . in history . . . have been those who did not just send their men into battle and then watch from a distance while they fought, suffered and fell.  But those leaders who suffered along with the troops;  those who lead the way, put themselves in the same conditions and deprivations they expected of their subordinates.

And such is our God!  I have no doubt that He designed and orchestrated this whole reality and drama in exactly THE most perfect, thorough, creative, intricate, blessed way that it could be done.  It is laughable that, from our teeny, tiny, limited, dark-minded, finite perspective . . . we should dare to question or second-guess how creation and the existence of man OUGHT to have been done.  The infantile hubris of those who criticize and think to improve what God does . . . must truly be the Eight Wonder of the world!

When I see the present madness and chaos of humanity . . . while relatively disturbing and woeful, I know that all--ALL!--is going according to plan.  And because I know that God is perfect, omnipotent, loving, just and holy, by definition, I can rest assured that by these very attributes, all is well--all will work out precisely, all will be good, nothing is out of place or outside His purview.  There are NO accidents.

And this is where faith comes in.  And where we must remember that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE GOD WITHOUT FAITH!  Do we trust Him or not?  Do we have faith--A LIVING, WORKING FAITH--that He is perfectly in control and will bring all happenings to a rightful, righteous, divinely designed conclusion?

Some say they have faith, but without works, you can see their faith is dead, mere verbiage.  The "works" in this case means that . . . when we look at how the country, how the world . . . is right now, deep down in our hearts, in our souls, in spirit . . . we do not fret.  We do not question or second-guess God.  We do not doubt that He is Who He says He is.  Relentless anxiety, worry, anger, resentment . . . show that our faith is tepid, if existent at all, despite what we profess.

You put your faith to work when . . . day to day . . . truly you are focusing on God and the world to come, and worry not over the temporary shiftings and flailings of fallen politics, culture, society.

Faith without works is dead.  If we have faith, real faith, then we do not live our lives as if THIS life were all important--ie., what we attain, achieve, prove compared to others, in the world.  If out faith is real, ALIVE . . . then we are constantly striving to stay focused on spiritual truths unseen--the future that God has in store for those who love and serve Him.  We don't just profess to be believers in Him, then go about living our lives like all the rest of the lost and unbelieving.  But we say we believe AND THEN WE LIVE LIKE WE TRULY BELIEVE!  We believe God is watching all and will reward each according to their works.  Those works wrought in disbelief (no faith) will get their just due.  As will those works wrought from determined belief, FAITH in God, in the God of the Bible, YHWH, as seen in our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Praise God!  Get to it!  God bless:)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Update on Mr. Jamiel Shaw--Patriot, Father

Back around May of 2008 I wrote about about Jamiel Shaw, the father of son Jamiel Shaw II who was murdered (with hands up, likely really saying "don't shoot")--shot in the stomach and head . . . by one of Pres. Abomination's "dreamers" . . . er, illegal alien gang-banging invaders.  I wrote of  the father's "integrity, courage, honor" taking on the left-wing, politically correct government and media concerning the tragedy and disgusting crime of his fine, Bible reading, son's death.  Here is a father that is "speaking truth to power" in ways that many of us can't because we are of the marginalized, targeted, European ancestored, American patriot-stock of 4th class citizens . . . white, Christian, heterosexual, male and are no longer allowed free speech/freedom of religion without dire consequences.

I saw today on some front page internet sites (while they last, ie., The Blaze, Breitbart) that Mr. Shaw, who I wrote about some 7 years ago . . . is in the news again daring to speak the truth to the sell-out treasonous scumbags who are destroying our country and culture and so I thought I'd acknowledge and honor him and his son again.
Here is a video clip from his recent testimony before the House Oversight and Reform Committee . . . and below that is my original blog post from 2008.  God bless Mr. Shaw and ya'll . . . and viva molon labe.

(--posted May, 2008)

"Integrity, courage, honor, standing on principle . . . rare qualities these days of expediency and sell-out . . . . .

I’ve been following a story from L.A. where I’m duly impressed with one of the characters involved, who stands out as a man, a father, an activist–decent, upright, forthright . . . . Who is Jamiel Shaw Sr.

In early March of this year Jamiel’s son was gunned down–killed by a Latino gang member, for no reason, just a block from his home. The Shaw’s are black and though not in a particular “bad” neighborhood, seem to have caught up in an ongoing Latino vs. black “war” in L.A.

Jamiel Junior was not involved in gangs and was preparing to receive football scholarships offered by several universities, doing well in school . . . and avoiding the violence and trouble of the streets with the help and guidance of his father. The mother was serving in Iraq at the time of Jamiel Jr’s murder.

Amazingly, the corrupt power structure in L.A. which favors and (in my opinion) is likely paid off by criminal Latino illegal drug gangs/cartels . . . . is lining up to oppose Mr. Shaw as he seeks justice for his son. Even the stooge black politicians have been hounding him to cave and “not cause” trouble for the community . . . “latino/black” relations.

The fact is, Mr. Shaw’s son was shot in cold blood by an ILLEGAL ALIEN gang-banger who had just been released from an L.A. jail only hours before where he’d been held on gun charges. He should have deported. But you see, because of something called “Special Order 40″ the police in L.A. are not allowed to seek out and root out the thousands upon thousands of violent criminal illegal alien gangs . . . . and so, they are ruining the city and implementing a mini-genocide/war against the blacks there, as they press forward with their Aztlan conquest.

Mr. Shaw, since the death of his son, is trying to address the issue by amending “Special Order 40″ so that authorities can begin to find the illegal Latino gangsters and finally start shipping them back to their own country, instead of causing and spreading the mayhem and violence, crime, drugs etc., in American cities such as L.A.

Mr. Shaw is very brave to weather the storm of political correctness now falling upon him, coming from the mayor’s office, the District Attorney, and a host of local “amnesty” activists who fear a black man breaking the [Marxist] ranks . . . seeking to get justice for his son . . . and help change some of the madness such as “Special Order 40″ which allows the illegals to run amok. He is a sympathetic and intelligent man and the elite’s are going nuts with this father taking on the establishment . . . “getting off the farm” . . . . . .

I give high praise to Mr. Shaw as a father, and American citizen, doing what’s right and clearly speaking on it all as he has. I’ve heard interviews with him, and he is an amazing man who managed to raise his son in a battlezone . . . . keeping him out of trouble . . . . getting him through school and sports…. with the mother in Iraq . .. . only to have his son mindlessly gunned down just feet away from his home, returning home from school one day in March.

Anyway, the story has touched me and I continue to follow it as I do other things going on in California/L.A. . . . . as it is a bellwether state and city. . . ."

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Cyber-Monestary Recharge

Thank you Lee for your encouragement . . . always.  I like to hope that if I can do anything of any lasting ongoing value here . . . it is to be a place, where ongoing . . . you can count on me to ever be bringing it all back to square one--to point the mind . . . and thus heart . . . to the primary object, subject, Person . . . that this is all about . . . and a bit of the "why".  Through every thing . . . it is just a part of my basic make-up . . . to never drift too far.  It is like a beacon is there . . . constantly reminding, alerting, calling . . . to remember God . . . above all.  You've likely noticed the trend--and it is one I expect to go on until the end.  I am very curious, love to learn and study and think and delve into things--a wide range of things . . . but, sooner or later, I will always be coming back to the main point above all.  That "point" is the ultimate purpose and meaning of our lives.  God.  Astounding, mind-blowing, awe-full, awe-some, incredible, vast, near, loving, just, holy, creative, personable . . . Lord, God Almighty! 

I consider this little outpost a kind of cyber-monastery.  Contrary to typical "evangelical" opinion, I think there is a place for some reclusion--for those who are called to a time of monk-like dedication where the aspirant is wholly focused on the worship and supplication and study of Deity.  I do not think it was a bad thing . . . that throughout history . . . while whole peoples, tribes, city-states, countries . . . politicians . . . cultural norms . . . were lost in abject wickedness, worldliness, paganism, secularism etc., that somewhere a hideout was kept where a few sincere, authentic men or women maintained selfless dedication to the pursuit of real spiritual pursuit and knowledge.  Many times, it was these lone, often harried outposts that kept the faith alive, where a Remnant persisted and preserved experience, scholarship, tradition and primarily, love of God.

Likewise, whatever else is going on . . . in the world, in the culture . . . yes, I am also observing and discussing at times . . . but always . . . on a continual, regular basis . . . I must bring to mind and focus the prize and purpose of it all.  Which we are told is the glory of God. 

And it is not a stretch or lip service . . . or trite . . . or forced, pretentious . . . to extol here the glory of God. 

I know that those through the "natural" mind do not get it.  They project and all they see is some big "divine" egomaniac seeming to care if he gets all due credit or not and carrying on about how "glorious" and awesome he is--and condemning to Hell anyone who doesn't agree and offer proper obeisance's.  This is something that is spiritually discerned.   "But people who aren't spiritual can't receive these truths from God's Spirit. It all sounds foolish to them and they can't understand it . . . neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned."  (see 1 Corin. 2:14)

But I see it.  I understand it . . . and always have, for as long as I can remember.   I hate saying this because it feels pretentious, but I believe it's true and sincerely accept it:  That is, that I consider this the most important and valuable talent, or gift, or proclivity or whatever you call it that God gave me.  Which is that above all, through all, I find I am still always wanting to look at Him, learn more about Him, know Him, pursue Him.  Everybody's got special talents and gifts, which I love and appreciate and thank God for. . . . The one of mine I feel most grateful for is this.  This constant drive, yearning . . . remembrance . . . to stay focused on and with Him, and talk about it, share it, write about Him.  So, I know that if you're ever flagging or drifting . . . which we all find ourselves doing sometimes in this insane world  . . . I hope you can straggle to the "cyber-monastery" here . . . and sooner or later, you'll see a monk is still on duty, carrying on the study, praise and worship of God, whatever else is going on in the outside world.  Candle's are being lit, prayers are being offered, supplication, requests, praises . . . it all goes on, regardless of the noise, flashing lights, temptations and mayhem.

And as I said, reveling in His glory is not hard over here.  Every day, several times a day, I, we . . . notice and remark on some aspect of His creation or His person, His ways.  I cringe a bit when I say it because it sounds slightly crass, but . . . . truly "He blows my mind."  First off, the fact that HE IS astounds me.  That there IS anything. . . . That there is an existence . . . I find incredible.  THEN, that at the source of it all, there is GOD!  There is a personal being, made up of three persons . . . as the basis for all reality, self-existent . . . knocks me off my feet!

THEN . . . that He has all these qualities . . . a certain kind of nature, which is good, holy, perfect, just, loving, wrathful, righteous, sacrificing, longsuffering, gracious . . . I mean, WOW!  Just wow.  I find it infinitely profound and wonderful.  And scary.  But scary in a good, right way.  It matters.  There are real consequences.  It is meaningful.  There is purpose.

And He is not forgotten, shunted, marginalized.  Until the end, we will be lifting Him up, recognizing His greatness, His awe-some, awe-full reality and hope.  Praise God!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Through Twinkling Lights & Rushing Lives....

Recently I was driving atop a butte of sorts  . . . which came to a crest . . . about to descend into a broad desert valley.  It was a populated area with roads and homes, and the lights of these twinkled and shone in the darkening nightfall. . . .

And this happens a lot--when I have the chance viewpoint to survey a swath of civilization, of many people all going this way and that about their business, in cars or walking. . . .

I think of God and am mute in awe.  How great, how inconceivable He is!  I see all those people, each with their own unique lives; their personal worries and cares, joys and ambitions, simultaneously going on at every given moment.  And I consider the fact that God, the creator of the universe and all that is--that He is with each one, aware of them at that very second, as well as with every sparrow, every dashing cat, barking dog, whirring fly and crawling beetle!  He is omnipresent, omniscient, everywhere aware!

He is able to hear every prayer, every plea, every thanksgiving and is even watching in the silence, present, sustaining all . . . from the most gargantuan star which dwarfs our own sun which dwarfs our own planet . . . down to the single cell moving, adapting, performing its blueprint . . . and down further to the atoms and molecules. . . .

His ability is such that He is cognizant and involved with every single life and in every corner of matter, behind all energies, directing all, sovereign over all . . . where not a turning of a hair nor gallop of a gust occurs without His knowledge and purpose.

This is God.  This is the God we worship.  How could we not? 

At the same time, He is personal.  He knows our individual personalities--all the quirks and travails, wants and wishes and needs. . . . This mighty being Who guides and sustains all things, all creatures, all forces toward His perfect ends . . . is also able to be small, poignant, touching, tender, fatherly, nurturing--a friend, a brother, a mother, a beloved. . . .

Truly . . . what an awesome, mind-blowing, heart-holding, infinitely creative, powerful, sweet, just, caring, personable, ominous, profound and worshipful God we have!  This is GOD!  This is OUR God!

Through all--aside all of the politics and dramas and nattering details of a living day, I try to never fail long to consider Him in all His greatness, from His close-by, personal attributes . . . all the way to His most powerful and holy.  THIS is what it's all about.  Our God.  His glory, which abounds in all directions, all ways, from the tiniest speck to the most magnificent mountain; from seas and oceans to skies to creatures to forces and galaxies and planets and stars!  He is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, holy, good, loving and just!

And He deigned to make us in His image!  What a gift!  What a stunning proposition!  Made, are we, to share in His boundless creation and righteous will!  Family, are we, with the almighty God of all that is, was and will be!

When I am troubled, or in pain, or can see dark and wicked portents on the horizon in the realm of fallen man and diabolical spirit  . . . I just recall His majesty, His vast and perfect knowledge and intention . . . and fall back to faith and trust . . . that all will end just as He would have it, and, by definition, because He is Who He is . . . it will ultimately be the most perfect, good, righteous way it could be, for He is the very definition of goodness, perfection, righteousness. . . .

From my narrow, brief, minuscule vantage point, I can but see and understand a mere speck of the bigger picture.  Surely, I can't presume to judge ends from beginnings based on my relatively microscopic vantage point! 

Instead, I know . . . to rely wholly on HIS intelligence, goodness and purpose, for it is HIS glory that is at stake, of which, I am but a spark to be placed as He would have it . . . for the ultimate glorious display HE intends to present, and presents even now.

Despite temporary suffering, scares and concerns, I am eager to crumble in submission to His power, brilliance, beauty and will.  His will be done, by God, His will be done!  For He is glorious!

I trust Him with my life, my destiny, my hopes, my constitution, my trajectory, my all.  HE must be my all in all!  Then all the rest is according to His most perfect, creative, loving plan. . . .

Praise God.  I look out over that bluff . . . into the land of twinkling lights and rushing lives . . . knowing He is with all, His will being done . . . and I praise God, praise God. . . !

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"I AM what you think I AM"? (more on Shawn)

Thanks for your thoughtful and poignant comments.  I might be tempted to say this is beating a dead horse, except that the horse is still kicking. . . .

I return now and again to the case of Shawn not because I want to hammer him personally or because of the way he treated me, but because his trajectory is illustrative of so many important, heedful issues.

One thing I've mentioned before and bears repeating . . . on the positive side . . . is that it shows how powerful the Truth is, even when held and wielded by flawed hands.

When we attended Shawn's "church" (Bible study) we were yet relatively new believers. At that time he taught and exegeted from the Bible in a traditional, straightforward way.  Ironically, even though Shawn has subsequently shown his contempt for the Reformed point-of-view, it was his explanation at C.A.M.P.U.S. one Sunday . . . of grace vs. works-righteousness that convinced me I myself was "Reformed" in my position. 

Another disturbing point in all this . . . is realizing that Shawn was not being honest when he presented certain basic traditional Biblical teachings.  He was afraid to give his actual opinion and so, just taught what was expected.  And the amazing part is that even though he was apparently not himself convinced of the things he was preaching, the inherent power of the truth of them still had potent efficacy.  My wife still recalls fondly those early days in her walk, learning more about the Bible from Shawn, yet now we know he harbored and was himself beginning to covet wholly contrary views than what he proferred.

Thus we see the objective power and beauty of revelation (God's Word) working upon someone through the Holy Spirit even where the deliverer is flawed and maybe even apostate.

This is why we can see people becoming born again even if they are in a heretical cult.  Many cults use the Bible as a base, and though they twist it and contrive their own idolatrous meanings, enough of the actual Biblical text (and thus, TRUTH) is still there . . . that it can yet work to the good on the listener.  If one then is truly born again and the Holy Spirit takes up residence, it is only a matter of time before that person will begin to see the error in the cult and will leave it to pursue fuller, purer expressions and expositions of the truth.

Cults revolve around charismatic personalities and related "spiritual" EXPERIENCES.  I think those who yet follow and support Shawn do so because of the power of his personality and from the EXPERIENCE they get by being around and listening to him.  But for the one who loves the TRUTH above all--above "spiritual" or personality EXPERIENCE . . . then the plain, un-exciting, non-flashy recitations of some lackluster pastor . . . who nevertheless is preaching straight from the Word of God . . . is vastly preferable.  We, of course, are all flawed, so every preacher of the Word is an example of a flawed presenter.  But so long as the OBJECTIVE truths of the Gospel are brought, edification and sanctification will result.

It is because Shawn has left the objective truths of Biblical Christianity that he now proclaims that the "way" is SUBJECTIVE, according to one's own lights.

And is this not the cry of the world?  "You have YOUR 'truth' . . . I have MY 'truth'" as if "truth" is merely whatever you feel or think it OUGHT to be, rather than WHAT IT IS.

"I AM THAT I AM." is what He decrees.

Not, "I AM . . . whatever you want to think I AM."

The scare in all of this . . . and what I know concerns those of us who have watched it unfold from the front row . . . is that Shawn did indeed wake up and lead many out of the errors of Mormonism.  But now he presents those refugees with but another false Gospel.  They are hearing from Shawn the same basic message they heard from Joseph Smith:  "All of the churches are false, all their creeds are an abomination."  Just like Smith, Shawn is telling them that Hell is not so bad--that it really doesn't exist (in the traditional Biblical sense) . . . and that "free agency" is supreme . .  . and that Christian traditions have basically all been wrong . . . "until now" with the new (Smith's or McCraney's) revelation!

What confusion and doubt he must be sowing in these new seekers!  Why did they leave "the church"?  Just to follow a "new" prophet, a "new" revelation?  The ramifications of what Shawn is doing are so serious where it concerns others' souls, that I know this is why Jason and many others have tried IN LOVE to reach and warn him away from his present path.

But I fear it is a case of "those who have not--even what they have will be taken away."

For a time there, Shawn seemed to be teetering on the edge.  It appears as though he had and taught the truth for a time.  But what I fear is that he "had NOT" the Spirit of Truth . . . and so what he did have . . . has been "taken away" . . . so that practically all that he teaches now . . . is from darkness, in full error.

In the same passage of scripture just referenced, God warns "take care what you listen to".  --Mark 4:24-25.  The great concern is . . . that those who continue to "listen to" Shawn, who have seen and left the error of false teaching (ie., the Mormon church) . . . will lose what light they initially had in realizing that error.  Off again into but a different false teaching and more darkness they go, chasing a new pied piper, "ever learning but never able to reach the truth."

Along with Shawn and his family, care over these refugees--this is why we who have . . . must speak, must warn, must make some noise.  The TRUTH  . . . by definition . .  is objective and can be found; and by command--must be contended for.  These are not "attacks" on Shawn; these are attacks on error. 


Sunday, February 15, 2015

What "Love" Is This? (Jason v. World, Truth v. Idol)

My Maria Moonbeam satirical skit, which I made around 1991 . . . came from an observation I had long made about a certain hypocrisy.  In this case, Maria (Muh-RIE-uh) is a spokesperson for "The Coalition To Enforce Peace For The Planet" or something like that . . . and she carries on about how it will "have to be woman who save the planet" because they alone are nurturing, peaceful and loving, while "men only know how to hate and destroy."  Maria then goes on a hate-filled tirade, filled with violent epithets and threats. . . .

And many now notice how it seems to be that those who talk the most about tolerance and equality, passivism, non-violence etc., are the most intolerant, judgmental, cruel and (verbally, at least) violent people in the bunch.

Shawn McCraney makes a good object lesson for a similar tendency among certain professed Christians, and he is a public figure, so again is a useful example to discuss, I believe.

Like many other "liberal" . . . "post-modern" . . . anti-church "Christians", he posits that what Jesus and Christianity is primarily about . . . is "love."  Shawn carries on and on about how "it's all about love" . . . "agape love" . . . while I must note that I have never felt more lurking violence and antipathy in any professing Christian "pastor" or "teacher" of those I have met.  For someone who claims that it's all about love and loving each other, I can only say this.  When he came at me, after I questioned him on some errors I thought he was making, the spirit I felt in return was so menacing and aggressive that I was left physically shaken . . . in a way that I can't recall feeling for many years, maybe since grade school when I was the "new kid" and being targeted by older, bigger bullies.

It seems to me that the kind of "love" that Shawn and those like him promote, which appears to be the same as the post-modern culture is currently forcing down everybody's throat is, "you must accept and 'love' and even revere everybody no matter what they do, say, believe, promote.  There can be no discernment, no 'discrimination', no 'judgment'.  Any and every thing goes."  That's what "love" is.

The nominally "Christian" of this mindset claim this is "agape" love--the highest kind of love.  But I think this is a big mistake and a cover for something else.

It is easy to say, "God is love" and that "love is the most important thing."  But what is "love"?  Does love never judge?  Does love never chastise?  Does love allow everything?

That can't be.  If it is, then what was the point in God forbidding the eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?  Why, when God's command was rejected, did He bring the curse of death?  Why, throughout the Old Testament, did God warn His chosen people not to do certain things and behave in certain ways . . . if "love" really means that every thing and every one must be accepted and celebrated with no conditions?  If God is love--the kind of "love" that the liberally-minded insist He is--then how to reconcile that sometimes He ordered the destruction of whole peoples, cities, even the very earth, in effect, via the flood?

Well, these of course are the very objections that atheists and other religions make against Biblical Christianity.  "What kind of God/love is this!?", they accuse by their question.

And how can a "loving" God send some people who don't conform to an eternal Hell--to eternal punishment?

Which . . . is why . . . thinkers like Shawn must find a way to justify universalism as being what is taught in scripture.  "A 'loving' God would not send people to Hell forever . . . so it must be that everybody eventually gets saved in the end."

But what is all too obvious in this, is that, rather  than submitting to what the Word of God actually teaches . . . such a person instead "leans to their own understanding".

Oh yes, God loves.  He is love.  But what this really means is what is at stake.  God loves his people, He loves righteousness which reflects His glory; but He HATES sin.  It is BECAUSE He loves, that He meets out judgment on the rebellious--that He chastises those He loves.  It is BECAUSE He loves . . . that He must punish and make testament forever that which is contrary to His nature and supreme will. 

That "love" which, for instance allows a child to do whatever the child wants . . . is not "love" at all.  The truly loving parent corrects, guides, chastises when necessary, out of a real, deep love of the child, knowing ends from beginnings.  The parent who does not love a child so much allows the immature one to fall into any and all mistakes and destructive courses.

In the recent example, I would say it is because Jason Wallace LOVES the Truth, and genuinely cares for (and loves) Shawn . . . with a kind of parental love . . . that he must challenge and warn as he has, that Shawn is delving into dangerous territory.  If Jason did not love the Truth or Shawn, he would not bother.  Go ahead and let Shawn take himself and others off the cliff, who cares?

The worldly . . . and the clearly rebellious (against the Word of God) are storming all about the culture nowadays demanding that any and all beliefs, worldviews, behavior . . . be tolerated and even celebrated, otherwise "you are not being loving".  But notice how this includes virtually all beliefs and worldviews EXCEPT the classical Biblically Christian one.

When the world finds favor in you, you know you are most likely on the wrong track.  Everyone is "loved" and accepted . . . except the Bible-believing Christian.

Yet, what is shown time and time again, is that it is the Bible-believing Christians who love souls and the work of God enough to confront error, to confront the debased, anti-Christ culture, putting themselves in harms way, taking the slings and arrows from all sides!  THAT is real love, though the world calls it hate and "jugdmentalism".

Real love . . . Godly love . . . loves God for Who He is (not who He ought to be, according to one's predilection and opinion).  Agape love looks at God and His revelation and, regardless of current cultural norms and preferences, says, "This is Who God is . . . and I love Him as He is, come what may."

Just as a person does not want to change and "fundamentally transform" something or someone they love (ie., a country) . . . but love them as they are . . . so too does the true believer not attempt to change or fundamentally transform what the Word of God says or His nature and ways as He has revealed them.  Real love, agape type love, takes God for Who He is and goes from there.  It is does not start from one's own ideas and speculations of who or what God should be like.  That is only love of self--idolatry--love of one's own god made in the image of one's self.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Wallace Vs. McCraney

The title of this post is a bit of a misnomer.  It should be, perhaps, The Bible vs. Shawn McCraney.  And this really is "the heart of the matter". . . .

Local Pastor Jason Wallace of Christ Presbyterian Church was invited by Shawn McCraney of Heart Of The Matter podcast . . . to a sort of 2-hour debate, contention.

Shawn has been teaching a slew of controversial doctrines for the past year or so and Pastor Wallace has been his most public, local critic.  Shawn was irked that Wallace has sometimes played clips from Heart Of The Matter podcasts on his own show "Ancient Paths" and finally challenged Wallace to meet in person to hash out some of the issues.

I make the point regarding the title above . . . to say that what is obvious and at the crux of the matter--and what Shawn simply seems unable to see . . . is that Shawn is merely defending his own personal, subjective opinions and speculations . . . while Jason is defending the fundamental truths of Biblical Christianity. 

In the Q & A time, this was made all the more apparent when Shawn's emotionally wrought daughter and wife took turns lambasting Wallace, addressing NONE of the doctrinal issues actually in controversy, but just attacking Wallace for his supposed attacks and "mockery" of Shawn.  They weren't angry that Wallace was attacking Jesus . . . or the Word of God . . . or Christians in general; no, they took personally Jason's responses to Shawn's teachings.  Jason, meanwhile, has merely been doing what he is called to do by scripture and as a Pastor of the Church.  He recites the verses that demand of him that he defend the faith "once delivered to the saints."

Jason argued from scripture, never "attacking" Shawn's character or person, but just the errors he has been teaching.  I don't recall him ever "mocking" Shawn on his "Ancient Path's" program as charged by the McCraney's . . . but there was Shawn through the whole debate, mocking, sighing, making snide comments, making fun of Jason's person, making faces, rustling papers during Jason's time to speak and on and on. 

Shawn admits he has never watched Jason's show, yet he accuses him for its content. . . .

The bottom line of the whole thing is that Shawn wants to be able to teach whatever he feels like at any given moment, call it "real" Christianity . . . and never have to answer for it. 

How is this different than what New Agers . . . or Muslims . . . or Hindus . . . or cultists claim, when they use Jesus and certain parts of the Bible in their own false doctrines asserting that THEY have true angle on things.  Is there actually a TRUTH to be had?  According to Shawn, not really, it's all "subjective".

But this is precisely what separates Biblical Christianity from all other religions.  There IS objective truth to seek AND TO FINALLY FIND.  There is a truth to proclaim and defend.  We are called to confront error and false teaching, as uncomfortable and misunderstood as it usually proves to be.

There are doctrinal points that are non-negotiable.  There are other areas which are debatable WITHIN the faith, where believers can differ and still be considered "brothers, sisters in Christ."

The debate between what Jason is stating vs. what Shawn is teaching . . . is the issue of truth versus opinion.  Objectivity versus subjectivity.  Absolutes versus relativity.  The Gospel versus "another gospel."

A frustrating part is that Shawn seems to think he has discovered a new twist--almost something like a "new revelation" of what the Gospel of Jesus Christ actually is.  When what it appears to be is that he is managing to find every basic, knee-jerk heresy that has sprung from the foundation of the Church to present times, and touting it a new discovery.  His questions on the Trinity, eschatology, church discipline, the role of scripture . . . have already been dealt with, many times over.

Shawn keeps emphasizing how "truthseeking" and being a "truthseeker" is the greatest thing.  But he seems to want it open-ended, never ending.  I think there is a verse covering that. . . . The Word refers to certain people "always learning and never able to come to a knowledge of the truth." 
There IS a truth to be found.  By definition, the "truth" is objective, real; once found it is to be held on to, promoted and defended.  That is all that Jason is doing, as he is called, being a "handler" of the Word of God, responsible for the sheparding of souls.  Shawn is but promoting and defending himself, his ideas, his subjective opinion on what may or may not be the truth.

He mocks, he sneers, he chides, he tears down, he assaults . . . then cries, "it's all only about 'love'"! Then reacts in outrage when anybody, especially an ordained Pastor of the church, answers or contests his views.

As a character, a person, I like Shawn--and care about him and his family. He's a charismatic, self-effacing, smart guy.  He's an excellent teacher (which is why it is so disturbing, sad and alarming to see him careening into error and leading others as he has.)

But this isn't about Shawn.  Jason isn't making it about Shawn.  It is about the Word of God.  It's about the Gospel, "once delivered to the saints."  It's about objective truth versus the subjective opinions of a man.  It's about defending the faith, correcting error; not "attacking Shawn."

The changes coming to the internet could prove fatal to blogs like mine.  The army of all those others who can't "handle the truth" and want it silenced may just be about to shut truth-telling down, via this type of forum.  If and when that happens, I plan to continue writing and will try to do something like a regular newletter, old-school style.  So, take note of the po box and send me a note or letter with your address if you would want to be a recipient of that.
A lot of my early education on the real goings on (ie., re the "conspiracy" and many other "alternative" issues . . . came about just that way.  I got newsletters and such in the mail, pre-internet, and learned a lot. . . . .

Monday, February 9, 2015

Graining, "Greys" & "the singularity

I finally got a new Youtube video ain't much.  I have a fair amount of more video material I need to get up to my channel--it's just difficult timewise to do as at this point as I have to rely on Isaac to help me for a couple of reasons... But I will get to it eventually.  I have some vintage music video stuff I did in the 80s that's pretty funny and some rare live footage of my "greatest band that never quite was" Innernational Man playing a New Years Eve show in this funky little café/club in downtown Salt Lake . . . I think 1983.  And just a lot more unusual, interesting (I hope) things.

Anyway, this new little vid is some more footage of that really weird, cool cloud I (and everybody else saw) in St. George a few weeks ago . . . some cute golf course swans responding to my Dr. Doolittle capabilities . . . and an example of the work I am currently doing--a bunch of "faux wood-graining".  My favorite "faux" painting to do is actually "marbleizing"--making wood and ie., plaster mantels, columns, look like fine marble, any style you wish--but people have been wanting my "wood graining" as of late and that seems to be the thing for now, which I'm grateful for, as at least it adds an artistic element to what I do, rather than just straight house painting . . .  although I don't mind doing that as well . . . since what I'm really doing (while my hands are busy with brushes, sandpaper and rollers) is self educating . . . as mentioned before . . . listening to hours and hours of all kinds of interesting and edifying things on cassette (yes analog cassette tapes lol!) on my Sony Sports Walkman or, my favorite, the vintage Panasonic Shockwave RQ-SW20 cassette player.

 (Btw, if anybody still has any of those sitting around in some drawer.. I'm interested.  I go through them pretty regularly, as I use them roughly 8-10 hours per day.)  Like Joe Walsh, I'm helplessly yet . . . an "Analog Man", lol... :)

What are ya'll listening to or reading?  I like to take stock every once and a while and share my own latest delvings. . . .

I just went through an intense Bigfoot research and study.  That will continue as I have a couple reasons for particular interest there.   Currently, I've circled back to more in-depth study of American Indians and the Indian Wars especially between the U.S. gov., frontiersman, and the Plains Indians, circa 1840-80s.

. . . .Also, mountain men and the early discovery and exploration of the West and Southwest.  For one thing, I just have always loved that topic and those people, since very young . . . and it is related to research for the book I'm writing . . . yes, GOSH DARNIT! I AM going to get a book done some how, some way . . . which will take place . . . I'm thinking in that time and area.  I continue on with Bible and theological and apologetic studies . . . that never stops.  Currently re-reading Donald Grey Barnhouse's "The Invisible War" . . . which I really like and appreciate:)  He's an excellent old-timey, solid preacher, theologian with some great, unusual insights.

I've also circled back to looking at the "greys" again--the "ET" phenomenon; getting closer to a more solid idea of just what's going on there . . . related to, but beyond and deeper than either, "they are advanced beings from Zeta-Reticuli" OR, "they are interdimensional . . . demons".

I do think they are demonic, but more considering that they are "living machines" in which demonic personalities (who don't have physical bodies) can inhabit and control. . . . Much like what the diabolical Ray Kurzweil has in mind for humans to be in his glorious, brave new future (where humans go "transhuman" and are able to upload/download there minds/personalities into machines and vice versa. . . . .)

. . . .Speaking of the fiendish Kurzweil, a comment I heard him make once still rings in my head with sick, ghoulish horror. . . . As it captures so perfectly . . . the Secular/Humanistic, Satanic, Luciferian mindset and heartset so serpentinely well. . . . It was at the end of the documentary film "Transcendent Man".

Ray concludes his "futurist" thoughts with, "So . . . does God exist?  I would say . . . not yet."

Blech!  Makes me want to throw up, seriously.  Such blind, hubristic arrogance . . . is nauseating isn't it?  Although for some, it is thrilling, fun and exciting!  [Aha, there's another test or sign.  When you hear Kurzweil say such a thing, does it give you a thrill . . . or a searing pain and dread?  Sheep vs. goat is revealed in the answer to that.]

But back to the idiot genius.  You see, God doesn't exist yet, because man hasn't "transcended" his biology to achieve technological interface and thus reach "the singularity" . . . when mind, body, the environment and technology all merge into one, in effect.  At THAT point God will finally exist, when humanity conquers the universe/reality with its "mind" and technology, defeating death and attaining virtual omniscience, omnipotence.  We will become God, at last.  Sound familiar?  Who else suggested such a possibility?  Indeed, Ray's secret buddy, the serpent in the Garden.

The different religions of the world have a surprising agreement on what God is. God is an unlimited amount of what: memory, intelligence, creativity and love — basically the highest things a neocortex does. What happens in evolution, entities like mammals and humans become more intelligent, more creative, more loving, and moving exponentially to become more God-like; never quite reaching God, but moving in that direction. So evolution is a spiritual process to bring us closer to God, and technological evolution is now running a million times faster than biological evolution and ultimately we will vastly ultimately trillions-fold expand our creativity and our sense of humor and our ability to love and will become more God-like.

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"The different religions of the world have a surprising agreement on what God is. God is an unlimited amount of what: memory, intelligence, creativity and love — basically the highest things a neocortex does. What happens in evolution, entities like mammals and humans become more intelligent, more creative, more loving, and moving exponentially to become more God-like; never quite reaching God, but moving in that direction. So evolution is a spiritual process to bring us closer to God, and technological evolution is now running a million times faster than biological evolution and ultimately we will vastly ultimately trillions-fold expand our creativity and our sense of humor and our ability to love and will become more God-like."  --Kurzweil

Anyhow, from what I'm gathering so far, it would appear that "the greys" and/or unseen demonic entities . . . are giving, and guiding to . . . highly "advanced" (highly DEVIOUS, rather) technology and specs to the ruling elite to quick as possible bring us to the technological state which the infernal Ray Kurzweil and friends/fiends (at Google and gov. black ops) call "the singularity."

It also could be that we have had the technology for a longer time than thought already, to create "living machines" and these "greys" are just that.  Techno-Bio-Vessels which are programmable and/or are capable of operation/infusion by demonic personalities. . . .

I'm not overly interested in the subject, but do like to keep an eye on it, as I expect them to be bringing along the "big reveal" here fairly soon where, of course, they will introduce us to these fine, fiendish specimens as being our "creators" and saviors related to various deepening world crises and (manufactured for the purpose) issues.

Speaking now of manufactured issues (a la' the "problem-reaction-solution" model of elitist control) did you know they have been nuking the polar ice caps?  And spraying them with heat attracting black soot?  Then, sounding the alarm that: "THE ICE CAPS ARE MELTING!  YIKES, WE NEED TOTALITARIAN GLOBAL GOVERNMENT!"

Aren't they so cute!  Yeah . . . no . . . about as cute as filthy, 56-year old Madonna was last night on the Grammy's running around half naked, desperately, pathetically begging for attention, humpinga dozen or so horned Baphoment dancers. . . . What a vile pack of self-aggrandizing losers they all are.

I thank God, truly, all the glory to Him, he saved me from being caught in that mess. . . . "Cuz, it's true, "there, but for the grace of God. . . ."

Going forward . . . hmm, don't know if anyone cares but McCraney's at it again.  Throwing his firebombs at the Christian community, then whining when anyone responds.  I thank God for "PG"--pastor Jason Wallace (who I affectionately call "PG" which stands for the "Pasty Gangsta") who does dare to respond and face Shawn's seething, prickly vitriol. . . .

But gotta run, thanks for tuning in and any prayers and support you think/feel led to lend, Praise God.

The different religions of the world have a surprising agreement on what God is. God is an unlimited amount of what: memory, intelligence, creativity and love — basically the highest things a neocortex does. What happens in evolution, entities like mammals and humans become more intelligent, more creative, more loving, and moving exponentially to become more God-like; never quite reaching God, but moving in that direction. So evolution is a spiritual process to bring us closer to God, and technological evolution is now running a million times faster than biological evolution and ultimately we will vastly ultimately trillions-fold expand our creativity and our sense of humor and our ability to love and will become more God-like.

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Neutrality's End and the Fractal Bible

Hey JC . . . re "net neutrality" . . . I wrote a flippant comment the other day here which sums up my expectation: "they [will] get net neutrality in place (to destroy net neutrality)" . . . as in, obviously "they" are desperate to get better control over the Net, and as they are narcissistic psychopathic control freaks, it's only been a matter of time until they do. . . . I recall, back in the early 90s when the internet was still young, I bumped into a fellow who I knew from my music business days, whose family had CIA connections . . . and asked him what he was up to.  This was early 90s . . . and he told me he was working in an East Asian country--I don't recall which--helping them develop technology that would put a filter on the internet to keep information they wanted kept outside of their country.  Heh, I also remember we talked late into the night, brainstorming ideas, and I came up with the idea:  Wow, what if you could have this multiplayer wargame . . . where people could be on their computers playing the same game from all parts of the world . . . players could join sides, make teams and fight within the same game scenario for days on end!  I said, "you could call it 'War.'"

I never fully trusted the guy and have always wondered if he made the rounds to a little start up company called Blizzard during his shady travels (a la' "Warcraft".)  Which reminds me also--and not to go all Brian Williams on ya, lol--it was in the early-mid 80s when we lived in an apartment where I got to know the landlord's son a bit. . . . I was running a post-production film/audio studio, working on what may have been THE first all digital post-production soundtrack (music, foley, dialogue) ever done for film (I think we beat Lucasfilms) . . . which I was writing and recording the music for. . . . And anyway, the landlord kid told me about a project his dad was working on for Sony in California having to do with video games.  He said he could get me in on producing music for them if I wanted (which I considered, but didn't pursue).  I remember him telling me "yeah, they are these video games that will be like movies, where you will have a character and depending on what choices you make, the plot line will change, and they will have soundtracks and sound effects...they will be like moves where you can change the storylines as it goes." etc.  And I look back now and realize that was the early development situation of what became . . . well, modern video games, starting pretty much with Mario and the rest.

But once again, I digress, sheesh. . . . . "Net neutrality". . . . Your gut is probably telling you it's no good, and it's not.  They are selling it as something that will bring greater freedom and opportunity, and of course, it's just THE OPPOSITE, as usual with their schemes, from what they say.  It will prevent.  It will cap all the innovation and lead quickly to funneling and gatekeeping of information.  Your searches will yield less and less options and bring you just to the options "they" want you to have access to.  Think of it as "creativity, freedom & individuality" neutralization.  The gist of it will be that the more you want to know . . . the more access to info you want . . . you will end up having to pay and pay more and more as time goes on.  The "free" parts of the internet you will still have access to but it will be highly censored, gate-kept, distilled and mostly drivel and propaganda.  Some people say, "they can't ever control the internet, no way."  And I say, I knew a guy who was helping to set up the mechanisms to control it 20 some years ago and all the totalitarian countries do so now already.  Which is why I continue to collect and read books . . . and keep a p.o box.

Regarding spiritual pursuit . . . another sign of being lost in the weeds, woods . . . is when "experiences" ("spiritual" so-called) are more important to you than the Truth you believe.  Ponder that for a bit. . . . Keep it as a watchword.

"Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world."  --1 John 4:1 

Where people get into trouble is when they cease checking experiences and "prophecies" and "Words" . . . against the infallible standard of scripture.

Indeed, "Do not quench the Spirit; do not despise prophetic utterances. But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good; abstain from every form of evil."  --1 Thess 5

"Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of people in their deceitful scheming."  --Eph. 4:14

As I wrote earlier, it is the infantile stage of the Walk that is prone to chasing every "wind of teaching" and being led astray by "the cunning and craftiness of people in their deceitful scheming."

I have found that the further along I get in cleaving to the Truth of the Word of God, the less and less I am intrigued, let alone captured by  . . . novel interpretations and "new revelation."  As in, not at all.

Furthermore, I find that the Scripture becomes more precious, precise, revealing, edifying, instructive . .. . and ALIVE, the more I explore and trust it.  The Bible--the Word of God--is like a fractal; the Mandelbrot Fractal, for instance.  The more you zoom in on it . . . the deeper it goes; there is no end to it.  This is a signature of God's handiwork, His infinite nature.  And the Bible is like that.  I pity those who think it is "just a book, written by men" . . . and pass over it for what they perceive are "deeper" teachings and exposés . . . missing the power and endless, clear and perfect depth of what God Himself has given us for a guide.  The Bible is like a fractal--the more you "zoom in" . . . the more is revealed, and on and on it goes, reflecting the eternal nature and character of God Himself.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Some Tests and Signs. . . .

People actually in the dark . . . tend to not question whether they are or not.  They bump into stuff and say, "What's this? What's that?"  When the Light is on--when it beams through you because He (Who IS the Light) is in you, you see things clearly.  Well, increasingly so.  In the baby-steps part of the Walk, there is still a lot of learning and orientating going on, but steadily, surely, you begin to See more and more what's what and who's who.

A good test for the legitimacy of your walk on the path of Truth . . . is that your ability to discern grows more and more quick and focused.  The process of sanctification also causes you to become more holy.  Yep, holy.  Made in the image of God . . . and now indwelt by the Holy Spirit Himself . . . you should increasingly change to be conformed more and more to the image and character of Christ.  Bold claim?  Perhaps to the disbelieving, but this is what is promised and it does actually occur.

Who to trust?  A believer recognizes his or her brothers and sisters in short time.  Like recognizes like.  False teachers, phony "prophets", purveyors of falsehood and confusion are Seen because the Spirit of Truth, of Discernment is in Born Again.

A similar way to test whether you are truly on The Path or still floundering in the weeds is found in looking at your self and seeing that you are indeed becoming "sanctified."  Are old bad habits finally being overcome? . . .  Habits of thought, behavior, emotion?  Or are you still just the same and maybe a little worse?  You should be moving on, transforming--not repeating and repeating all of the same old sinful tendencies.  Not that you are perfect now, but at the very least, the fruit of the Spirit ought be increasingly manifest within and around your life.

Also, do you crave more of the Truth?  Or do you crave more rabbit trails, more adventures in made-up, fanciful theories and stories?  Do you crave more of the Word, more of hearing the preaching of the Word and Gospel, more reading of the Truth expounded?  Or do a thousand and one shiny objects continue to attract and distract your attention?

Proceeding along The Way . . . you should be acquiring an increasing thirst and hunger for the Truth and fellowship with those like-minded who also love the Truth.  On the flip-side, you get a deepening impatience for fraud, lies, self-serving, sinful seduction, carnal and worldly temptations, tricksters, con-artists.  A real, visceral distaste for blasphemy, Bible-bashing, bigotry, self-promotion, anti-Christ blather . . . develops in the believer who is well on The Way. 

Compassion is there too, but not that fake compassion which is really just eager to give liars and frauds a break because deep down you know you too are a partner in deception, so you dare not throw stones.

Real compassion comes from recognizing "there but for the grace of God would be I", and then true humility and gratitude to God Who is sovereign.

Another big test is, in fact, noting whether secretly you begrudge God's sovereignty and are always still angling to give Man's will some preeminence.  Whose will be done?  Who is to rule the day?  The unregenerate just can't quite ever give it all to God.  They want to reserve even a little bit of glory to themselves.  "I did it.  Okay, He did a lot, but I did some too!"

"Luke-warmness" is another sign.  Are you lazy, apathetic, wishy-washy, tepid toward the Gospel?  Do a hundred other topics and goals take its place in your day-to-day thoughts, emotions and actions?  How often do you think about God during each day and night?  Rarely, if ever?  To the true disciple of Jesus, nothing is more important, interesting, attractive, drawing.  Oh yes, there can be other interests--there has to be in surviving in this world.  But God and the Gospel ought not be way down on the list of things and Persons you think of and act toward.  The real believer is working out his/her salvation with "fear and trembling".  It should be your life work AND  your premier hobby. 

. . . .And everything I just wrote can be easily backed up by Scripture.   It's the way it is.

I also believe that someone reading this will be convicted if they are a child of God.  I am in myself even having written it.  But a false convert, a "Chino" (Christian In Name Only), or flat-out "child of wrath/the devil" (remembering that "he who is not with Him is against Him) will  reject it, contest it, resent it, or just shrug it off, assuming they would even be reading this blog in the first place.  The Subject and subjects I write about, for the most part, would be a complete turn-off and bore to the unregenerate, unless they like to revel in and compound their hatred and condemnation of me and the Subject.

How 'bout that?

:) Have a Gospel centered day and praise God!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

World Report

For whatever reason--just part of my make-up--I've always been interested to some degree in geo-political events and trends.  My major was in Political Science with the equivalent of a double major in International Law/Relations and Russian Studies.  Same thing in law school.  I was top of the class in my International Law course--even won some "Excellence For The Future" (heh) award and did published sidework for my professor on the topic of human rights development/genesis related to the United Nations.  She was a lesbian Marxist (surprise) and I was a "right wing conspiracy theorist" which she knew and kinda got a kick out of.  Turns out she was one of my favorite professors (I painted her and her partner's house during law school).  And she was the recipient of one of my most embarrassing moments. . . . We were meeting at a little chichi diner--me giving her my reports on human rights development from my research into old U.N. tomes of panel discussions--and I had set my (full, steaming) coffee mug on a frozen wrapped cube of butter to get the butter to melt some so I could spread it on my croissant.  Duh.  The butter melted quicker than I expected . . . my coffee mug toppled and spilled all over her blouse and jacket--arghh!  She was on her way to give a talk right after our meeting!  It was horrific.  She was very cool about it though--cool as she could be, at least, considering the situation.

My other favorite professor I took to lunch one day.  He was the only conservative teacher in the whole school as far as I could tell.  A brilliant, congenial guy, Michael McConnell who went on to become a judge for the 10th District Court of the United States.  I believe he is at Stanford now.

 Lol, I remember his slightly stunned face when, in response to his question, "So what do you think of law school?" . . . I replied, "I don't think I've ever seen a bigger collection of educated idiots in my life. . . ."

Interestingly, I was recently looking for some books on how the Reformed religious movement and thought (Calvinism) played such a critical and founding role in the early intellectual establishment of our Constitutional Republican form of government.  Turns out McConnell has published a fair amount about the fact of Biblical, Reformed thought being key in the natural law rights-based creation of America.  For instance his booknote on "Calvinism And Liberty"

Ah, but I massively digress. . . . On to my geo-political musings. . . .

What I really wanted to say was . . . I have been asserting for many years (about 30) that communism was not "dead", that in fact, it was winning . . . and that America would eventually become fully communist and even finally invaded and occupied by Russia and China (or some configuration of the communist bloc.)

I kept saying this, even during and after "glasnost" and "perestroika" and the purported "collapse of the Soviet Union".  People thought I was nuts, of course.

And for quite a while it did look like a very strange thing to propose.  During the late 90s and early 2000s Russia was touted and considered by most to now be a friend of the U.S.  Many politicians and political spokesholes even called Russia our "ally" and "friend".

Although I never doubted my original assessment of the situation, I myself wondered how it was going to be that Russia again became America's promoted number one enemy.  As in, we seemed to be on such good terms that it looked highly unlikely that some sort of hot war between the nations could be drummed up as needed for any Russian excuse to, ie, attack and invade.

Ah . . . but look how quickly things can change!  In a few short recent years we have gone from our Russian "friends and allies" to a proxy war between the two nations in Ukraine and many Russian leaders openly talking about the coming war with the West and the U.S.  I've always said that this war would be preceded by the economic collapse of America . . . which anyone with half a brain can see is looming on the immediate horizon.  I have also said that many in America, especially even "patriots" and conservatives . . . would welcome Russia as a liberator and see her as the last upholder of "traditional" values.

That is happening now.  The plan has always been to so demoralize American citizens and turn them against their own corrupt government that Russia would appear, in contrast, as the defender of freedom--even religious freedom!  But do not be fooled.  It is all a ruse.  A Russian ruse.

The forces and elite occultic ideology that drive the world communist movement . . . are the same that are running the Anglo-American-"Zionist" world banking cabal on the ostensible other side.  It's called the "scissor" strategy.  The two blades finally come together and slice the people in the middle--us.

Russia's new Rasputin Alexander Dugin  and his "chaos magick" . . . is of the same ilk as Soros, Rothschild and henchmen like the Bush's.  *****For a quick course on Dugin see:

Things are going to get rough.  I emphasize again . . . SPIRITUAL preparation is the only way to go.  And not just any kind of "spiritual" preparation, ie., "lightworker-starchild-indigo" new-age gnostic crap.  (Sorry to be so blunt, but that's what it is, and every believer should run from it!)

No, it must be the "greater is He who is in me, than he who is in the world" kind of spirituality which has the REAL "alchemical" ability to have "all things working for the good" in those who love and serve the ONE AND TRUE ONLY LIVING GOD--Yahweh.  Jesus, Yeshuah Ha Mashiah!

We WILL be rewarded according to our works--those things done for the witness and advancement of the Kingdom of God.  Everything else is but dust in the wind . . . "For the sun rises with scorching heat and withers the plant; its blossom falls and its beauty is destroyed. In the same way, the rich will fade away even while they go about their business."  James 1:11

It is past time to get holy--to strive for the "means of grace."  As in, it is nigh time to "get right with the Lord" and quit dabbling in the things of the world.  It is time to make Jesus the Lord of your life, of your mind, your heart, your reasoning, your will.  Jesus said,  "No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God."

Stop "looking back".  Going forward live fearlessly, with joy, peace and exultation, keeping focused with the eye of faith on those things unseen, but which you know to be true according to the faith He has given you and will strengthen in you as you exercise it.  Faith without works, without evidence is dead.  Does your day-to-day life exhibit your witness?  Do your thoughts and emotions reveal where your treasure is stored . . . or is it all just empty verbiage?

Seize the day, cleave to The Rock!  Stay anchored in the faith and in His Word!  We're here, this is it.  Events, once they break, will move fast and it has got to be that NO MATTER what happens, where you are, what and who you lose . . . you stand like Job who thanks God for all things, given, taken--His will be done, praise God!


Monday, February 2, 2015

Enter, The Pretender

Any of you who do even a little bit apologetics, or follow some of the ongoing Christian/atheist debates and popular controversies . . . know who Sam Harris is.  He is a very loud, obnoxious, arrogant atheist mouthpiece who often shows up on shows like O'Reilly, Colbert, Daily Show, Bill Maher and has been in debates with the likes of William Lane Craig, James White. . . .

He is pawned off as a "brilliant" and leading proponent of the "new atheism" along the Richard Dorkins line, claiming, ie., that "science" can answer moral problems . . . that religion/belief is  "one of the most perverse misuses of intelligence we have ever devised."

You know, the usual stupid, circularly-reasoned, man-worshipping drivel. 

He's held out by his followers as a real top level intellect, a "neuroscientist", philosopher, author, smart-brain Phd. kind of guy.  One of the real big guns of the new atheist movement,

And, as is not surprising, it turns out he's pretty much a big, self-promoting fraud like the rest.

Just, fyi, if you ever see him and his loud mouth eviscerating Christians and extolling the virtues of "scientific reason" such as he purports to be a master of, just remember this:

1. Since getting his PhD, he has conducted no scientific research.
2. Since getting his PhD, he has taught no university/college courses in neuroscience.
3. Since getting his PhD, he has devoted his efforts to his anti-religious think tank and publishing books, such as the one on using drugs and meditation to discover truths about our reality.
4. He received his PhD through partial funding from his own atheist organization.
5. He didn’t do any of the experiments for his own thesis work.
6. His PhD thesis was about how science can determine what is right and wrong and he turned it into a book for sale.
7. Since publishing his thesis/book, Harris has yet to use science to resolve a single moral dispute.

for more detailed analysis of his phony positioning, see:

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