Friday, October 31, 2014

Devil's Day Pep Talk

I'm generally "reformed" in my theology/soteriology. . . . I believe in something like a divine determinism or "compatibilism".  With that said, where I see the sovereignty and divine perfect will of God in everything and working all things to His purposes--all to His glory . . . I have mentioned that I am finding, paradoxically, the greatest freedom and importance of individual effort and will.

A truly born-again, Spirit-led and filled Christian is a supernatural being.  The Spirit and powerful angelic being guide and guard such a person.  When witchcraft or demonic entities or agents attempt to come against such a one, they are powerless.  They will go find easier pickings.  Many a demonic imp has been sent by some warlock or witch to go harass or destroy some Christian, Christian family, or believing Spirit-filled church . . . and has returned frustrated and even frightened, saying, "I cannot do anything against them.  They are protected.  My curses, my powers are impotent against them."

But there are so-called "Christians" and churches that are not so protected.  These, the agents of Satan infiltrate and cause much damage and trouble.  Indeed, there are churches, cathedrals, synagogues and all sorts of purported "holy houses" or "houses of god" that are nothing of the sort, but are infested with deceivers and outright Satanists posing as "believers", spying, destroying from within.  Oh, they "believe" . . . and serve their "master" . . . but it is belief in and service to the Evil One--that is their "master".

But the Holy Spirit-born and filled Christian is more powerful than they all.  The true Believer does not operate by and through the flesh, which is what the devil works through and enslaves.  The Believer is of Spirit, which is superior.  Spiritual power is like a citadel of blazing light and purifying, holy radiation which hurts and thwarts the approachings of the wicked agent's devious intents.

But to be in this position of power, the Believer must be getting away from sin, making effort to be holy, righteous.  A spirit of humility, repentance, service to the will of God . . . must take precedence over just bumbling along, lackadaisically, lukewarm, believing yet continuing carnal in the faith.

A true Believer starts to abhor their own sin and effrontery to blessed, holy God.  They strive for correction, for the strait and narrow path. . . . They turn away from their carnal nature.  Disgusting, filthy habits (lying, pornography, stealing, lusting, pride, self-assertion, vanity, covetousness, drunkenness, money-loving, fame-seeking, drug-taking etc.) are abhorred in oneself and the move is on to get free of all the taint of the fallen, sinful nature.  No, we shall not see full perfection until brought into glorified, resurrected bodies, within the safe haven of the Lord's protected Kingdom, but the road to that glory and place beings NOW, right in the face of the devil's doomed reign,--right in the face of his agents and legions, for the God-fearing, sold-out to Christ, born again disciple of Jesus Ha Mashiah is at once a SPIRITUAL, supernatural being . . . who yet walks the lowly, fallen earth . . . an ambassador of THE Light, THE Life, THE Truth, THE Way to life perfect, holy, eternal.

The devils tremble and run from such a one.

But you cannot be such a one continuing half-hearted, carnal, persistently willfully sinning, wallowing in sleaze and deception and the ways of living dead.

You, if you are such a one, are an ambassador, a representative, a servant and heir to the ONE, TRUE, LIVING GOD of all that was, is and is to come.  Holy, holy, holy!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Crytpid Addendum

Thanks JC for the nice comments.  And I am very glad this is of interest, especially knowing you are headed for Pacific Northwest.

A couple of other notes I forgot to mention. . . . Some have mostly squared off teeth while other types have long canines like gorillas and baboons.  Their colors range from blackish . . . to brownish black, grayish and reddish.  While the average height seems around 7-9 feet, they have been reported up to 12 feet tall.  Their shoulders are incredibly broad and massive, often reported around 5 feet wide.

I mentioned the paralyzing, mesmerizing effect caused by some of the vocalizations they make.  This is called "infrasound" (see excerpt below) and has been recognized in tigers and other big cats.  They also mimic other forest animals, such as the chirping of certain birds and hoots of owls.

The infrasound element is pretty scary.  If you haven't, I would look into the "411" missing persons books and interviews.  Some of the strange missing people reports (I believe) are undoubtedly due to Sasquatch.  One of the odd elements in some of the missing persons, when their bodies ARE found . . . is that they are without their clothes.  Sometimes their clothes are neatly folded and stacked in a separate location or the clothes are scattered or may be high up in a tree not necessarily near the body.  In a recent report by a professional mountain biker, he said that while riding, he suddenly felt the urge to stop . . . and thought he heard the comforting sound of running water, as if a brook were nearby.  Next, he felt the urge to unstrip . . . and began to . . . even though it was almost freezing and this was a totally uncharacteristic thing for him to do.  His cohorts came upon him and he snapped out of it . . . but it would appear (from further evidence he noticed) that one of the creatures had used low frequency infrasound to mesmerize him . . . probably in preparation for his capture.  This may explain all of the unusual missing person stories where the naked bodies are found and clothes are either never found or located some unusual place separate. . . .

You asked about references. . . . There are a lot of nonsense and sensationalist sites covering the subject--a lot of hoaxes and frauds (ie., Todd Standing, Rick Dyer) . . . and I personally believe the Finding Bigfoot type shows on cable are designed to misdirect and actually discredit the subject, I have found a couple of resources that I do trust and seem quite genuine and careful in their research and experience of the subject.

The best of these is the podcast

I suspect once you check into these you will be going through all their back episodes.  It is a great show and the hosts are very down to earth and treat the matter with the caution, discernment, yet thrill that it deserves.

Another is

Also, I really J.C. Johnson and his work with Chief Leonard Dan, where they research the Four Corners region down below my neck of the woods.  That is where my grandfather and great grandfather use to run cattle. . . .

JC's stuff is quite incredible, but I like his approach and it all sort of reminds me of the fun, mysterious-cool book written of that spooky desert area by Louis  L'amour  "The Haunted Mesa" . . . roadside diners . . . pre-dawn coffee and bacon . . . empty two-lane highways . . . the twilight starry cold skies . . . red desert all around. . . . heh.......

Anyway . . . those are my main go to's to stay current on the subject and from where I have learned the most.....

God bless ya,
and Lee, I do hope to get to that stuff on the Pope.  Have been noticing HIS spooky declarations for a while .... very telling......


["The research will not surprise military scientists, long aware of the potential of infrasound as a weapon. Several devices that can stun advancing troops with a shockwave of low-frequency sound are being developed."     
 A tiger's roar is so intimidating that it has the power to paralyse animals and humans within earshot - a phenomenon that has, until now, baffled researchers.    
  Scientists at the Fauna Communication Research Institute in North Carolina have discovered that the tiger's secret is its ability to make very low-frequency sounds that any prey will feel, in addition to the threatening rumble that is usually the last thing a victim hears.    
  Researchers have been working in the field of bio-acoustics, studying the frequency, pitch, loudness and duration of animal sounds in order to understand animal behaviour. They have established that the tiger emits low-pitched "infrasound", a growl so deep that it is inaudible to humans. All big cats have this skill, although to a lesser extent than the tiger. . . . ]

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Squatch Expositor

Here are some of my conclusions and theories on "Sasquatch" having delved into the subject for a while now as more and more information and reports have become available. . . .

First off, they are not the snugly, gentle giant, unicorns and rainbows furry-forest-friend that many wishful thinkers have made them out to be.

They are dangerous.  They are predators.  They have a short temper, are irritated easily and highly territorial. Many people (especially children) have gone missing in the National forests and wilderness areas over the decades and I believe a fair amount of these are due to Bigfoot.  They are drawn to children and especially babies crying.  While most cases of the missing are never solved (which the government covers up due to the fact the national parks bring in a lot of money and they don't want to scare the public away) I have heard of one case that appears quite well documented of an Indian baby girl that was taken and raised by the creatures.  She was later discovered, feral, by an Indian rancher and she was brought back to civilization and went on through schooling. 

But most often the missing are not found at all or their remains are found in strange faraway locations and a violent condition.  Squatches also will sometimes bury bodies--cover them with debris, bushes, rocks, logs. . . .

They seem to quite dislike dogs and will violently kill them when possible. 

They tend to follow elk and deer herds.  Deer and elk are a protein source, along with other game, chickens, hogs, rabbits.  They have been known to drain the animals of blood, remove the soft tissue, eyes, genitals.  Cattle "mutilations" may be in part or whole related to the Sasquatch.

The government is well aware of them and special ops teams are tasked sometimes with going into wilderness and camping areas to remove troublesome creatures who have become, like bears, accustomed to people and interacting, threatening or attacking them.   The ops will go in with choppers and sniper units, take the offending beast and its family, bag them and quickly take their bodies out of the area.  "Men in black" type officials will show up to discourage any witnesses to keep quiet or "convince" them the didn't really see what they thought they did.

Their vocalizations are very interesting.  They yip and yelp like monkey and chimps do.  They howl and bay.  Their deep, heavy, snarling growls seem to have almost a kind of low frequency-induced paralyzing effect on people.  They instantly cause immense fear and terror unlike anything experienced before.  They also do something fascinating called "samurai talk" or "chatter" which has been recorded and sounds pretty much exactly like a big Japanese samurai guy would sound if he were excitedly telling some story.  I suspect they have language.  The Indians have many stories of their elders and shamans dealing with them, teaching them things and learning their language.

The Indians have always warned, and current reports tend to verify . . . that if you come face to face with one of the beasts, it is best not to look into their eyes.  This can invoke attack and rage, similar to what occurs in other kinds of predatory animals.  Turning and running is also discouraged.

They do give warnings which should be heeded.  They knock on trees, on rocks, loudly.  They break branches and trees, huge and small.  They yip and howl.  They throw pebbles, sticks, rocks and boulders depending on the level of warning.  This generally means you have entered their territory, and if a family and/or young ones are there, they are especially threatening.

They have incredible strength and size, averaging from 6 to 10 feet tall, depending on the type.  Their appears to be 4 types which differ in size, head shape and color of fur.  Their noses also vary from more apelike to generally human.  They have no neck to speak of . . . and when turning their heads must move their whole upper body to look around.

They build nests which hikers and researches find.  They will live in caves, some of them deep into the ground and may be longtime experts navigating the underground tunnels and caverns that exist in some places.  Carefully arched branches or trees, deliberately made into a sort of triangle shape is also something they will make.

They employ ambush tactics, where one may be obviously approaching from the front while others are sneaking in from the back and sides.

They have amazing abilities to be stealthy, considering their size, ninja-like and they tend to hunt at night.  In some areas, such as Sam Houston National Forest in Texas, their population is growing . . . to the point that the government has put in senors and cameras in the camping areas to track their movements and activity.  They government does not want to alert the public to these things and goes to great length to keep it all hush-hush, but their various agents and agencies have been observed
appearing rapidly to locations where Sasquatch activity has been seen or encountered--"whisper copters" fly in and around the areas. . . .

They are reported all over the world, not just the Pacific Northwest, and are called by many names according to various histories and indigenous cultures.  

One fascinating account I have heard from a Navajo elder I think bares mentioning, because it is so cool to imagine if true . . . is that in some places they have borrowed a trick from the cliff-dwelling Anasazi Indians of the Southwest.  There have been (don't laugh) reports of "Batsquatch" . . . a flying Sasquatch of some kind.  The Navajo elder suspects what this is is related to what the old Anasazi shaman and warriors use to do . . . which was that they would get deer or elk hides . . . and dry them out in a certain process in the sun . . . until they were extremely stiff and tough, then fashion wings of them and strap them on to be able to glide down from their high cliff dwellings, similar to how people nowadays are doing much the same thing with modern flying "wingsuits". . . . The elder suspects that some of the Bigfoot have learned how to do this as well, and this explains those cases where the beasts have been seen to glide through the air from mountain and cliff tops!  Wouldn't that be something to see!

Anyway, that's my report.  I'm sure I forgot a few things. . . . Probably one of the more useful things to be gleaned from all this . . . I think is the many reports that show that people hiking with small children and/or babies should be especially careful, as their crying or loud playing, laughing does attract the furry people, for whatever reason (to kidnap and raise? or more likely as a curiosity and/or hors d'ouevre) . . . . . 

Heh . . . .
God bless:)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"The Hairy People"

When I was about 6 to 7 years old . . . we lived near the entrance to Emigration Canyon, which is the canyon that Brigham Young and the Mormon pioneers came down and out of to see the big valley that would become Salt Lake City.  It was a very mystical and often spooky time for me living in that area, along the foothills . . . where many odd and apparently supernatural/occult things caught my attention.  Part of all that seemed to be the house we lived in. . . .

Anyway, one of the memories I have from that time was being aware of Bigfoot.  I don't recall how I knew of the creature, but I was fascinated by the subject . . . and was convinced that one of them lived up in the canyon, above the zoo (which was right at the mouth of the canyon)  . . . and that I was in some sort of mental communication with the beast. 

I recall falling asleep at night praying that Bigfoot would not come down out of the mountains and take me away.  To my mind he was not a "friendly forest giant" . . . but a dangerous, somewhat malevolent creature that was not above attacking and killing.

For years afterwards, as I loosely followed the subject of Bigfoot . . . I recall being slightly confused and even a little embarrassed that my early conception of him involved so much fear . . . that he was not the "gentle giant" . . . but instead a scary, dangerous monster of sorts.

It has only been over the past year or so, as I have returned to do a bit of further study on the creature . . . that I find my initial sense of the creature . . . was more correct.

Yes, I am . . . and have long . . . had an interest in "crytpids", and especially "Bigfoot".  Really, I have never doubted that their existence.  I have posited my theory here and they that they are  a type of creature which has shown up through history . . . such as in the demi-god "Hanuman" of Hindu spiritual literature.

To vary and "lighten up" in a sense . . . my ongoing spiritual and theological studies, I also like to look into fringe subjects and developments, as I believe these are all related.  I love history as well and the study of various "indigenous" cultures the world over.

For about the past year and half, as one of these side studies . . . I have been looking at the Bigfoot phenomenon.  NOT the silly (and I believed deliberately mis-directing) shows on cable television, but studies by authentic researchers who use the scientific method and treat the topic with the respect it deserves.

I have no doubt that Bigfoot is real.  And that there are many of them in nearly all wild regions.  In my next post I will give a quick rundown, fwiw, of some conclusions and overall descriptions of the creatures that I have come to . . . .  . . .

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Presence Of God

I believe that was one of the most potentially helpful, important points I wrote about last post. . . .

How to progress in sanctification, Spiritual power. . . .

Sometimes it feels like shouting into the Grand Canyon . . . but then, I know looks can be deceiving...
It may be hitting home in some quarters:)

Here is an brief but powerful clip of the awesome Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones also cutting to the crux of the matter--(I love me some MLJ--oh that we had more preachers these days of his caliber confronting the post-modern, relativistic, confused, vain and perverse culture today.....)

In my writing, I wanted to emphasize learning to discern the difference between the "presence of God" versus the presence of other (deceiving) spirits and how this makes all the difference of where one is moving to--which spiritual trajectory is "advancing". . . . But the subject is roughly the same.  Real spiritual power and growth MUST be of God, of the Spirit, otherwise it is just dabbling, side tracks, or, worse, trajectory toward the evil one.  Of all preparations to be considered and pursued in these times (as at any time) getting in . . . for real . . . with the presence of God, is what it's all about.  To know Him is to love Him.  Otherwise, it is all just corrupt emotional surfing or dry intellectualizations. . . .

God is with us,
Praise God

Friday, October 24, 2014

Addressing and Rectifying at the Fulcrum for Spiritual Power (or, "Getting Prepared Spiritually")

One of the great beginner . . . junior varsity . . . sophomore mistakes in spiritual seeking . . . is in not distinguishing spirits/The Spirit. . . . It is common when a person has a "spiritual" experience . . . that they immediately assume it is THE Spirit--instead of perhaps being a different spirit, while "spirit" nonetheless.  This is how and why so many get caught up in cults or the occult . . . or sold on mystical practices . . . because these things seem to actually produce "spiritual" experiences.  And they do produce real "spiritual" experiences. . . . But almost always it is the wrong "spiritual" experience to be pursuing.  The wrong spirit is influencing the subject. 

Often, in the relatively early days, after the initial awakening,  the Way of the Lord doesn't produce much or any "spiritual" experiences for long periods of time.  Yet, it is still the Way to go.  KNOWLEDGE of the Truth is preeminent over a FEELING of the Truth.  Repentance, "metanoia" . . . is a "change of mind" . . . a change in the way of THINKING and . . . then living, as the heart becomes transformed by the new outlook and attitude.  It is also a gift from God and cannot be successfully manufactured, or self-willed without it first being granted by Him.

Tests of faith, which prove the change of mind (wrought of a truly repentant Spirit), are shown when the fledgling disciple continues along the path, the Way, even when feelings or Spiritual experiences are not so much there to buoy one's trek.  The disciple presses on, "waiting on the Lord" . . . through the deserts and valleys.  Eventually, sooner or later, a break comes and the Spirit reveals Himself to the sincere seeker who has once seen the Light . . . and Spiritual experience . . . Spiritual feeling arrives to give blessed confirmation, relief and strength and vision to go further, deeper, purer.

Now, the Enemy also has his own version of this and, if a seeker falls for a false "spiritual" experience, the devil, usually through his unseen agents, presented as "spirits", "spirit guides", "ancestors" etc., (which are actually just deceiving demons) will increase "spiritual" experiences, "miraculous" events, uncanny synchronicities etc., to keep the deluded seeker on that route.  Most caught in this trap assume they are hearing from and communicating with God . . . because otherwise, "how else could all these supernatural, mystical, 'spiritual' experiences be happening!"  They think ANY "spiritual" experience . . . is a good and "Godly" experience.

So, just a warning, when talking about demonic "spiritual" versus (Holy) Spiritual power/feelings/experience . . . about the importance of discernment and learning how to distinguish between the two; and saying it is better to wander through dry times, desert walks, valley crawls NOT Spiritually feeling or experiencing much of anything . . . THAN to take the bait and yearn for and follow false "spiritual" feelings and experiences. . . .

So . . . getting back to The Master's DISCIPLIC path and obtaining real and sanctified--anointed--Spiritual power. . . . One of the ways is to learn how to pray in such a way that you connect with the Holy Spirit; that you experience and feel His presence.  There is EMPTY praying, which is just words and half-hearted yammering at God, asking for this and that, throwing it "out there". . . . AND THEN there is real, repentant-led, intimate praying where you don't bother praying unless you are committed to connecting to the Spirit, feeling His presence, hearing His message or His silence, knowing you are properly approaching Him in humility, faith and awe, taking the matter seriously with reverence and respect.

Sometimes, even when you are not necessarily so pursuing Him or even praying at all, He will arrive and you will feel/experience His presence.  It is at these times, either way, (whether He just arrives or from your prayerful pursuit) that you should talk with Him about the things in your life you need to rectify.

This is very important.  This is a fulcrum move which can shift the world--can transform YOUR world!  This is where sanctification and Spiritual power start imbuing you with new Spiritual strength, deftness, ability, growth. . . . 

You see, while yes, you may be saved--all your sins past, present, future forgiven, yet there is work to do.  Here is where you find the meaning of  " . . . continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling.  It is God who produces in you the desires and actions that please him."  --Phil. 2:12-13

This verse also shows the importance of realtisonship with the PROPER Spirit.   Evil (demonic) spirits will entice YOUR desires and actions that YOU want pleased, and will tempt seduce you into pursuing those.  Holy Spirit "produces in you the desires and actions that please" God!

[Note, this also further confirms God's sovereignty in the Believer's choices, will, life. . . .]

But back to the fulcrum moment. . . . You have unfinished business, and this can act like a block to your Spiritual growth and power as it operates in the means of grace.  It is as if you get more grace when you address and attempt to rectify, confront and restore some of the mistakes and outright sins you have made in the past.  For instance, if it is possible to find the person you have once (or more times) wronged . . . you should try, and ask for there forgiveness.  They may or may not respond.  That part is not the issue.  Your part is for God.  Because it is not that you have wronged that person--sinned against THEM--but that you ultimately sinned against GOD!   The Spirit will put on your heart which of the things you are suppose to address.  This is why having an actual, authentic connection to the Spirit first is so important, versus hearing from a lying spirit who will just try to confuse and harm things more with destructive rabbit trails.

Also, there are certain sinful habits you have.  We all do.  When the Spirit is present and you are feeling His power and presence, as you look for these things, He will show you which areas of behavior you are to clean up.  As a Christian, you are meant to grow and get better.  You are to actually transform, sanctify, become more and more righteous--become more and more like the Lord Himself, as He lives in you.  So, there are bound to be areas in your life, in your habits and behavior, where you can improve.

As you DO start to rectify these drags on your sanctification . . . you will increase in Spiritual power.  Because, in effect what is happening is that it is becoming, in your reality, in your soul, your space . . . "MORE OF HE, LESS OF ME". . . . Which advancement is bound to produce greater Light, strength, ability, power, and is operating more and more within the will of the Father, in willing obedience.  This pleases God.  Blessings follow.  This starts getting you to the place, where, you will Hear instructions, commands, advice, promptings, which flat-out will produce miraculous results at times.  Also, the angels, who serve the will of Father, increasingly can become your allies "on the ground", so-to-speak, the more in tune you are with that Holy will.  This can give you access to their (the angels) supernatural power and abilities as well, in very practical and "earthy" ways sometimes. . . .

For the times we live in, surrounded on all sides by God-hating rebels, the demonically influenced and outright possessed--with entities, psychopaths, organizations, gangs, lying spirits and governments ALL gunning for Believers . . . it is time to get Spiritually prepared. 

People say this--many so-called "watchmen" . . . who urge, "FIRST you must be SPIRITUALLY prepared, then . . . go ahead and get your 'preps' ready."  But usually, they don't explain what this means, as many of them don't really know what it means or know how to actually get "Spiritually prepared".  It's just something to hurry up and say before they then start selling people their products that are helping THEM get MATERIALLY prepared. 

But it is true and vital.  Real, authentic, effective Spiritual power and ability . . . is what will help you most in the coming days.  It will help you deal with the good and the bad--with all the challenges, whatever they may be, so that, regardless of boon or bust, escape or imprisonment, health or sickness, either way it goes, you, as a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ--The Master--will continue to Spiritually grow and glorify Father God, walking steadily the Way that goes right into eternity, taking step upon further step . . . into your eternal life, which has already begun and will not end.

God bless you in this, and I urge you to regroup and press on now with added intention and vigor, a soldier in God's army, a disciple and ambassador for God Himself.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Proper Key To Unlock (spiritual) Power

A brief overview of the Way so far, as I've experienced it. . . .

In the beginning, it was an intense relief.  There was a fair amount of emotion involved, once I saw the Light--saw that Jesus alone IS "the way, the truth and the life."  Then there was a time of attack--the dark side, tag-along demons coming at me to terrify me and try to steer me away from pursuing the Lord and His Word.  That too was intense, but I was always able to find safety and protection in Him and eventually, it was as if they gave up and/or could no longer even get near me to harass me.

Then followed a season of the Spirit, where the presence and gifts of the Spirit seemed foremost.  This was a time of daily personal "relationship" more than, ie., understanding fully theology, doctrine, history of the Church and God's work through the ages.  It was a visionary time, a time of promptings, warnings, feelings.

After that, a hunger for correct principles, teachings, doctrine, theology--more of an intellectual fleshing out of precious truths and history.  I believe this is important for a further indwelling and empowerment of the Holy Spirit, for this makes the channels straight--a narrowing that the power can be more concentrated and perfected in its course.  It also helps to put up parameters, and a framework of truth so that errors can be avoided.  Correct doctrine/theology--while IT doesn't save, Jesus does--is like the tumblers of a lock that opens on to greater revelation, better understanding, and, I believe more power within grace.  When you have faulty ideas of how God actually operates and what His character is actually like, inserting your own ideas and temperament (wishes) into the interpretation, it is like leaving certain pins in the lock in a closed position, so that the key doesn't work to open the way.  You can force the key, and sadly, many do, and break the lock, which then leaves a distorted version and way . . . though you may yet be entering.  But it is better to have the right key and get all the pins to open properly, easily with the way not so distorted.  I believe, and am currently experiencing . . . that the more correct understanding I have of God's ways and teachings/revelation (loosely denoted as "doctrine") . . . the more the way or channel or opening is CLEAR of obstruction . . . and the more perfectly the Spirit finds His place to rest and inhabit.  As in, if there are false ideas, heresies lingering, fantasies built from self-seeking and egotistical wishing/fearing . . . this leaves barriers, crags, obstacles, abrasions etc., within "the temple" so that the Spirit must work in and around that, which diminishes or alters (I dare say corrupts to some degree) the power and light He brings to the life (to my being, my living mortal soul life).

Also, a paradox is happening, where, the more convinced and convicted and certain I am of God's ABSOLUTE sovereignty in ALL things, including my "choice" to pursue Him . . . including any good or righteous decisions/actions I make in life . . . THE MORE I am finding the importance of my own personal freedom and cooperative effort to be involved.  As in, the more I have completely acknowledged God's will in all things, including my being saved, my ability to get saved--the more I attribute any and all good results to HIS will and power (not mine) . . . and the more I recognize that I am utterly dependent on HIM for EVERYTHING! . . . the more I am finding the importance of my own part in spiritual progression (sanctification process.)  The more I have died . . . to myself . . . the more I AM myself!  It's quite the wonderful paradox. 

The more I have become convinced and actually live out the monergistic theological point-of-view  . . . the more I am finding my (authentic and increasingly purified) synergistic role.

[monergism: the doctrine that the Holy Ghost acts independently of the human will in the work of regeneration.
synergism: the doctrine that the human will cooperates with the Holy Ghost in the work of regeneration.]

But this thrilling power (spiritual power) involved in synergism . . . I'm finding should indeed only FOLLOW first a thorough and soul deep acceptance first of God's sovereignty and supreme will in ALL things.  If there is a shred of the synergistic idea beforehand, I fear that is a tumbler--a pin in the lock--which makes an unauthorized opening for the Enemy to enter and be able hook on to subtle pride and spiritual egotism.  

Now . . . all of this . . . turns out to be a preamble to something I was strongly led to address yesterday but wasn't able to.  This is but the foundation for something I want to share and show you regarding how . . . to gain spiritual power--conquering, victorious spiritual power . . . imbued with the Spirit's "supernatural" presence and power . . . personally. . . . It is something that is going to become increasingly important and necessary going into the coming days of more overt persecution in these lands.  There are some practical things that can be done, to . . . so-to-speak . . . "strengthen" the means of grace  Again, there is some paradox involved here, as we know that grace is grace.  You don't earn it or warrant it.  BUT, within and after the understanding and knowledge of God's complete sovereignty . . . there is a realm of individual action and will, that operates AS IF it were somewhat independent.  It's not, but it seems like and to move forward, you find that act as if it is, never forgetting the prior and primary truth of God's sovereignty over all.

Anyway, gotta go hobble/work, heh . . . but back with more in a bit... God bless.... 

Monday, October 20, 2014

A Quick Diabolic Dialectic Review

. . . .Indeed, it is the way of the diabolical, dialectical, demon-worked world. . . .

That is, to first disrupt, corrupt, pervert, destroy . . . then come in with the "solution".  It is the way of secular humanism, of idolatry, of fundamental rebellion against God.  A friend, "J", commenting on my recent posts noted how, for instance, there has been the ongoing agenda to destroy marriage and the family (the Biblical notion of family/marriage) then come along and say, "look how messed up the 'traditional' family is!  We need a NEW concept of family!  New definitions of "marriage" and "family".  Problem-solution-reaction. . . . This is the diabolical dialectical create and destroy system the Enemy has been using since the Garden.  Evil came in and corrupted a good and Godly creation, then rushes up, as if innocent of the act offering solutions--various Utopian schemes--which always end up only creating more problems (to ostensibly "solve").

Many recognize this demonic method of control in the bigger picture; in culture, government, politics, society at large. . . . But I wanted to warn and alert you to how this is also done on the personal level; in your family, work, friend etc., relationships.  The same technique is often used, though most remain unaware that this is going on.  The demonic realm employs the Munchhausen method, so-to-speak.  That is, "they" cause and encourage illness, sickness, fear, disease, accident . . . then leap in with "love bombs" and as the "savior" of the situation.  The cost is always more than the supposed "cure" to the issue.  The devil only takes and destroys and perverts.  He does not create or give anything "new".  Only God does that.  God's cure is pure, righteous, truly merciful, benevolent.  His grace, His gift is unwarranted.   It is not earned, worked for, deserved. . . .

It is helpful to be watchful and cognizant of evil's tricks and methods. . . .

This is not a boastful comment or one from a false sense of "superiority" . . . but in a spiritual sense it is true and good to know . . . that "many who are above you . . . are actually below you" of those who would control and manipulate and attempt to cause you grief and suffering..... Remember that...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Out Of Pan, (but NOT) Into Fire; Staying Alert

(Injury update & thanks below)

Thanks for the comment "anon" . . . and yes, I suggest go get that book pronto ("Puzzling People").  It will hit you like a thunderbolt if it applies (as in, you are or have been the target of a "psychopath".)  The author does not really address the demonic aspect involved, though alludes to it; but he does a great and mind-blowing job mapping out all the methods and means the abuser uses, and it is a huge load off your mind to finally realize and be able to pinpoint what is going on.  And he gives advice and a plan for how to get free of the controller.

Now, I would add that there is a danger involved similar to those who finally wake up to ie., the fraud and lies that are the Mormon Church (or other "Christian" impersonating cult).  It is one thing to suddenly become aware that you have been subjected to mind/emotional control for years via deceit and manipulation . . . by some person or institution . . . but what all too often happens (in, ie., the Mormon case) is that the victim becomes angry, resentful and disillusioned toward ALL things spiritual or religious, assuming that if the LDS Church ("the one true church") is false, then "all religions are false!". . . . Such people generally become atheist/agnostic/secular humanist and miss the opportunity to at last find the liberating truth of the authentic Gospel.

Similarly, people who escape the clutches of a "handler".... will often flee straight into another psychopathic relationship.  Without the strength and clarity provided by the Holy Spirit as one's constant companion, I believe it is utterly inevitable that this will happen again. . . .

Furthermore, without recognizing the supernatural component involved it is too easy to miss the subtle tricks and capacities of demonic pursuit in such cases.  When you ARE privy to their reality and do not cavalierly smirk these things away, you are able to see them in operation as they, for instance, pop up and use other vessels (other people in your circle of acquaintances) to draw you back into their influencing orbit.

There is another danger in considering these matters, and that is in focusing TOO much on the demonic or dark side; becoming obsessed or paranoid about it/them.  Yes, it can be helpful to know their ways and not shrug off their existence--to be watchful, alert. . . . We are in a battle.  We must be like vigilant soldiers moving through enemy territory--for it is when you let your guard down that the enemy finds an opening.  But while keeping this in mind and retaining a general poise and ongoing discernment, the best defense is to remain always on the offense.  A shrinking, cowering, fearful soldier is bound to fall into traps and only draws enemy fire . . . and the enemy itself deeper within.

Instead, the answer is to keep primarily focused on Jesus, on the Gospel.  When you are looking at Him, to Him . . . constantly remembering His salvific and victorious mission . . . employing Paul's advice to "fill your minds with those things that are good and that deserve praise: things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and honorable" (Phil. 4:8) . . . then there is no room for the dark ones to enter.  They hate the light.  Whereas, those who fill their minds with too much thought and focus on dark side things provide a comfortable haven them to take up residence. 

It can be alarming when you finally realize how closely the demonic operates in and around you, in and around others and how constant their attempts to influence and seduce are . . . that if you are not anchored in the Gospel, you can become paralyzed with morbid fear and paranoia, which they lust to encourage.  But there is a way to very calmly and cooly, with confidence and authority . . . be quite aware of their relentless efforts and presence (in the world about) . . . yet remain in a state of grace and love and power within the shed blood of the Savior--always turning immediately to Him when danger veers close by.  They want you to look at them, be drawn in to their agenda.  But you stay on the offensive, looking instead to the Lord and HIS agenda.  When you stay--through prayer, fellowship, study and focus--on the things of God, you go about with something like a protective force-field of light which the evil ones abhor and stay clear of. . . .

Well, it's been almost 4 weeks now since the ankle injury.  I went to the doc. to get some new x-rays to see how its coming and he seemed kind of surprised that it looked as well as it did, considering that I have been working and walking on it for a week or so now, (even climbing ladders..WHAT!...sshhhhh..:) He said, "well you're looks like it may be okay without surgery... though I would still recommend it...." . . . .And I thought to myself (Hah!  No, not "luck" but the prayers of my friends! ....) I still have to wear the boot for a couple of months to come, which makes things quite hard regarding my work.... But hopefully, it will continue on a good course, precluding any new injuring... I want to thank those of you who have given me advice, and some of you who have helped out a bit mitigate my loss of work ability.  It means more than I can express adequately without sounding overly cloying or fishing about..... I know well how hard times are... I live frugally and on the edge but continue to hope that God will put me in a position to be of greater help as the persecution of believers continues to grow under the coming globally oppressive regime......I have my suspicions of how it all might go ... but dare not say more at this time, other than to say I know there will be a remnant faithfully witnessing to His truth all the way through this wild ride. . . . . Anyway, God bless you and thank you; I pray for you . . . and listen to address matter that might be of help.... Take care, stay alert....

Thursday, October 16, 2014

On Demonic "Healing". . . .

I keep "getting" that someone(s) out there could maybe benefit from hearing this message, so I'll go ahead and address it. . . . My knowledge on the matter derives from analyzing personal experience combined with ongoing, in depth research I've done concerning the methods and means of the demonic realm and their attacks and manipulation of both unbelievers and believers. . . .The following is my educated opinion on the subject.

When demons heal. . . .

Like everything else the dark side does, it is a mockery and semblance of the Spirit's ways.  Demons (usually disguised as spirits, "familiars", "spirit guides", "ascended masters" etc.,) do not heal as the Spirit can heal but they do this:  They will first induce a malady . . . or cause an accident and injury . . . or bring about a disease . . . THEN they will take it back or reverse it.  They can "heal" so-to-speak a problem or harm that they first of all instigated.  And they are clever and patient . . . so that it may seem like they are healing a long term illness, for instance, that "happened" to someone early in life, but in fact, it was them all along.  And, as an added insult, when they do "heal" and take bake the curse or affliction . . . there is always an even heavier price to be paid later.  So, while someone "benefiting" from demonic healing may think themselves fortunate and may even be grateful (not realizing where the evil supernatural power is actually coming from) . . . and for a while it may appear that they (the victim) are indeed in better shape after the "healing" or demonic "blessing" . . . sooner or later, the devil comes to collect his dues and the price is always much greater and usually quite tragic compared to the purported benefit. 

For instance, let's say the victim has been suffering asthma . . . for year (caused by demonic influence in the first place, unbeknownst to the victim) . . . and then goes to a "medium" or New Age type "healer"/"channeler" . . . who apparently "cures" the illness . . . later . . . that victim may lose a beloved pet or even child or spouse in some horrible accident or even violent attack.  The dark side takes its due one way or the other.  They are inveterate liars, deceivers and lust to inflict great misery and suffering on unwitting dupes.  This happens this way a lot. . . .

The great books on "pathological" traits and types of people (such as the book "Puzzling People" show other ways this whole dance works.  The Psychopath (who I believe is usually just a demonically possessed or, at least heavily demonically influenced individual) will covertly and with supernatural ability . . . cause "misfortune" and trouble to enter their victim's life, often over and over.  But then they will come to the rescue with "love bombs" and/or financial or "networking" (business connection) fixes to the victim's ongoing "bad luck." 

In other words, The Psychopath (or the demon) causes the illness, disease, misfortune, accident in the first place, then rides in as the savior to fix it.  Because supernatural elements are involved the victim doesn't see it and wouldn't believe it if you told them this was what was actually happening, as it all appears to be just "happening" or part of "natural" events and processes . . . "sometimes sh*t just happens" . . . they would say, not wanting to believe the elements of the demonic and ongoing invisible war between man, Satan and God. . . .

The vast majority, if not all of the New Age type "healers", "mediums", "spirit channelers", "spirit guides" etc., where they are operating outside of Biblical doctrine and teachings . . . are part of this dark charade. . . . Unfortunately, there are quite a few so-called "healers" who claim to be "Christian" who also are using these demonic means of "healing" (through first harming).

Now, the first antidote and answer to not being caught up in this type of insidious snare . . . is to start being aware that it is there.  The demonic like to operate in the dark--they need to operate in the dark.  So just becoming aware that this phenomena and method of the dark is really happening helps one straightaway to avoid becoming a victim to it. . . . And there are other helps as well . . . hopefully I can get to, if any is interested.... God willing . . .
And God bless

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

he hissessss, "Did God Really Say_______?"

It always boils down to "Did God really say _________". . . .

The "shining one"--Lucifer . . . the serpent . . . the "light bearer" as his devotees like to call him . . . rushed to subvert the new creation, jealous of God and of man . . . caught Eve alone and seduced her into questioning God.  So has the battle been going ever since.  "Did God really say . . . ie., that sinners will go to Hell? . . . or, that homosexual sex is an abomination? . . . or, that woman should not be pastors, teaching over men? . . . or, that while many are called only a few are chosen? . . . or, that the heart of mankind is deceitfully wicked? . . . or, that there are none that do good, no, not a single one!? . . . or, that God grants repentance? . . . or, that marriage is sanctioned only to be between one man and one woman? . . . or, only by grace are you saved-- not of works, lest you should boast? . . . or, that Jesus did not pray for the whole world but only for those the Father gave Him? . . . or, that all those who cry, "lord, lord" will not necessarily be saved? . . . or, that liars will have their part in the lake of fire?. . . . . .

Since Eve hearkened to the serpent, questioned God and disobeyed . . . and then Adam followed her, abdicating his role as spiritual leader, the whole history of the world has been one of humanity questioning and rebelling against God through a multitude of clever parsings and dissemblings and rationalizations; always finding comfort in numbers rather than in God. 

The crowd, the mob is all going together against God and they each within find solace in looking over at their fellow rebels, thinking, "it must not be sooo wrong what we are proposing and doing--look how many of us there are!  Surely God has to recognize our great numbers--we who disagree with His plan and ways!  Surely He must respect our position, for look at all the respectable folk, the titled, the credentialed who are in our cause, while it seems that only the lowly, the foolish, the naive keep following a literal and backwards adherence to the so-called "Word"!  There must be safety in numbers!  And look, the whole society is going this way. . . . Soon there will only be a motley, pathetic handful of "fundamentalists" . . . "extremists" who insist on believing old myths and uneducated superstitions!  We, the "enlightened" are prevailing!"

Yet, the Believing Ones . . . will continue, despite all odds and numbers against them . . . to find comfort in the truth, in His Word, against which the very gates of Hell will not prevail, and they know this and are granted faith to persevere!

"I will worship toward your holy temple, and praise your name for your loving kindness and for your truth: for you have magnified your word above all your name."  Psalm 138:2

As precious and powerful is the name of God . . . He has magnified His WORD even above that!  Some so-called believers are horrified to blaspheme the name of the Lord and look down upon all those who do, yet these same dissemblers think nothing of discounting certain parts of God's Word, denying whole portions or twisting it to suit their pet theories and particular biases. . . .

In these times of great, global deception, where even the huge cult of the Pope is now throwing in with "progressive" culture, abandoning hard Biblical positions for political expediency like never before . . . the rock, the anchor, the sanctuary of sanity, comfort clarity, truth . . . must be, for the true believer, the Word of God . . . which stands fast regardless of the fickle and shifting winds of mob-rule!

God bless you in this..... 


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Distinguishing The Subject of the Crime

The allure and the power that cults produce comes from their adopting a degree of truth in their teachings.  Truth is/has power.  When it is co-opted by evil, it becomes blasphemous, diabolical and insidious.

In the heyday of the communist party, as it took over Russia and other countries, one of the key controlling methods was to induce in its followers a constant program of "self-criticism" and confession of "crimes" against "the Party".  A ranking Party member was always installed, for instance in a business or institution . . . and one of their primary roles was to spy on the group's members and regularly conduct "self-criticism" sessions where the others were encouraged to stand before the group and publicly recount all of their "crimes" or infractions against the Party.  Everyone within the group was also encouraged and rewarded for snitching on other members.

This is exactly the same procedure that the "Church of Skatology" uses to police its ranks.  I very deliberately used certain language in my classic 1991 produced satire "T-Ray: "Regional Director for the NWO" main promo/bit to describe the coming totalitarian global system having studied and recognized this feature of mind/social control:  "You need a personality program that encourages self-doubt, self-criticism and individual diminution; those hallmarks of the remade global citizen. . . ."  (Can be heard at my Soundclick audio page).

Obummer is well-known for using this very same technique on his much commented on "apology tours" where he goes to other countries and stands before the U.N. apologizing ("self"-criticizing) for America's various historical "crimes" against the world and humanity. . . .

The thing is, it IS true that we are all criminals.  The Skatologists have this general truth right.  But it ends there.  You see, as in all cults and Satanic cultic thinking . . . the crime is NOT against God (which is the ultimate truth) but against the "Church" . . . or against the "Church" founder . . . or against the cult or organization or Party . . . but NOT against God.  The full truth is . . . that we are indeed criminals . . . sinners . . . all fallen and having missed the mark (as the Bible states) . . . but our crimes, our sins ARE AGAINST GOD!  THAT is the big difference, and it makes all the difference in the world and in salvation to get this distinction correct!

Similarly . . . when you are "ex-communicated' from the L.D.S. Church . . . it is not because you sinned against God. . . . It is not because you have departed from Biblical teaching and from rejecting Jesus.   It is because you have rejected the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!  It is because you reject Joseph Smith (the cult founder)!

This instance of punishing "crimes" against the cult or party or cult founder (ie., L. Ron Hub--er, I mean "Hellzon Le Grubber", Joseph Smith, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Jim Jones etc.)  is a hallmark of Satanic organization and one which is going to be in place soon on a global scale pertaining to the coming One World Government and Religion. . . . "Political Correctness" is the framework already underway to solidify the coming regime and we have been witnesses to countless examples the past couple of years of those who have committed "crimes" against the developing "global regime" where they have been publicly humiliated, convicted, demoted, and forced to give apologies and confession (ie., Paula Deen, various NFL football players, the Mozilla co-founder and on and on).

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Beware This Mind Control Technique

Here is a common mind control technique . . . used by cults, by manipulative spouses, parents, church authorities of various stripes . . . but, like other mind control methods, brought to diabolical, systematic perfection in the "Church of Scien--uh, er, . . . Church of Skatology".

If you have an accident . . . get hurt; ie., cut yourself really bad . . . or, fall and break a leg or foot . . . or, get in a car crash, or trip on a stair and go down hitting your head and getting a concussion--whatever--it's your fault, no matter what.  If you catch a cold or a have a virus . . . or come up with a disease (ie., Parkinson's . . . leukemia . . . cancer) . . .  it is ONLY because you have committed "crimes" . . . against the organization and/or founder. 

When someone in Skatology gets sick or has an accident . . . they are shunned as if they were a criminal and forced to do "security checks" ("sec-checks")  and "auditing" . . . which basically amount to doing endless confessionals where the person must recount any and ALL "criminal" or devious thoughts and intentions they may have had AGAINST the "church" or its founder or present leader "Biff Miscabbage".  Eventually, it gets to the point where the subject usually starts making things up that they did "wrong" just to finally get out of the hours and hours of sessions--WHICH, by-the-way . . . they are also expected to pay for!  And they aren't cheap.  They can be $500 per hour or more . . . and many hours and hours are deemed necessary to buy and go through . . . PLUS all kinds of  course materials ($$$) . . . until the "criminal" is finally brought back to good favor within the Org.

ANY sickness, weakness, accident, misfortune . . . of ANY KIND . . . is deemed by the "church" as evidence of "crimes" somewhere being committed by the person . . . whether they are conscious of them or not.  They may even be from crimes committed in other lives, 100s or thousands or even millions of years ago, which the subject must then somehow "remember" and confess. . . . Which, obviously leads to a lot of nonsense, fantasy and delusion . . . but not so far as the "church" is concerned.  So long as you grovel and confess and PAY penance . . . you may eventually be let back into the resuming your regular "coursework" on your way to "clear" (which is basically the equivalent of what's called "enlightenment" or "satori" or "nirvana" in Eastern mysticism. . . .

And all your "auditing"/confessional sessions are recorded and kept on file. 

As you can imagine, this is an incredible means of mind and behavior control over the members.  As a member, you know that all your dirtiest, darkest secrets . . . and supposed "crimes" (real and/or made up) are sitting somewhere in a folder . . . which can be dredged up at any time to blackmail, coerce, threaten . . . or be used to publicly punish and humiliate should you ever dare to leave the organization. . . .

It's quite like the mafia or any other secret crime society that has ever existed, only paraded as the "best hope for mankind". . . . LOL.  These knuckleheads actually believe they are the only people who have the system and abilities to save the planet and humanity from self-extinction.  [While the dysfunction, criminality, fraud, abuse, deception among them . . . is legion!]

Which is another tool of the mind control.  Initially, you are seduced into the cult by being told that you are joining an elite, special, almost super-human cabal . . . who are single-handed enlightening and saving humankind!  Whatever it takes to achieve that goal, (including you losing all your personal freedom, dignity, health, wealth, sanity etc.) IS WORTH IT!  Right?  So, submit!

And all of this is nothing more than demonic, Satanic pathology disguised as humanist salvation.  It is the codification and systematization of nearly all of the most heinous, devious and diabolical methods of soul enslavement, mind and body and emotion control, utterly anti-Christ, from top to bottom.

Beware this dangerous cult, and any like it, whether small, supposedly "Christian" or . . . any charismatic leader or "teacher" . . . who spews similar garbage to manipulate, oppress, control, harness etc. you in the name of "enlightenment" or even "Jesus" as some do. . . .

Note, the "word-faith" Christian" cults use a similar method, where they say that the reason you haven't achieved your dreams, or gotten healthy or gotten the riches you desire . . . is because of YOUR lack of faith.  It is YOUR fault!  If you only could get it right . . . THEN enlightenment, or bounty, prosperity or whatever . . . WILL follow.  YOU must simply do better, try harder! Get the "formula" right!

New Age charlatans also have their version . . . where . . . you simply ie., have to "visualize" better, learn more secret techniques . . . get the right crystal (at a price) . . . or pay the "healer" to do special operations . . . THEN you can have your heart's desires.  If you aren't getting what you want . . . IT'S YOUR FAULT!  You are being too "negative" somewhere, somehow. . . . And so on . . . . . .

It is easy to defeat this whole, Satanic, diabolical line of mind-control thinking.  Just recall the Apostles.  Surely, if what these mind-controlling frauds were saying was true . . . Paul . . . Stephen . . . Peter . . . Luke . . . should have had lives filled with shining abundance, right?  They would not have been ever sick, hurt, poor . . . suffering . . . right?  I mean, these were the Lord's chosen Apostles, favored of God!  Yet they were each brutally abused, persecuted, wronged, many tortured and all murdered! 

And, of course, there is the Prime Example . . . JESUS CHRIST! . . . who was absolutely innocent, committed NO "crimes" . . . lived perfectly . . . and yet, was beaten, humiliated, "homeless", and finally executed under false witness!  What was His crime? 


So, obviously, signs of suffering, lack, "misfortune", poverty, sickness, "accidents" do not immediately and absolutely mean that you are "at fault " in the way the cults and cultists would have you believe.  You are NOT necessarily a "criminal" in the way they are asserting, shown by your less than perfect life and material "success".  

And, if things are going "great" and you are "succeeding" materially . . . it also doesn't mean that you are "spiritually" deserving it or causing it because of your super work and abilities. 

In spiritual terms, worldly success can oftentimes actually be a curse.  God has turned you over to the dark forces of this world and its evil ruler.  "It is easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than . . . "

Also, God many times uses suffering to discipline or teach His beloved children, and it can be a sign of His favor, actually, when things do NOT go exactly the way you are trying to make them!

So, this mind/soul control technique is simply diabolical and a lie and merely a way for others to get control over you and to get you away from God. . . .

Beware. . . .
And God bless.......

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

On Being Cheerful

I'm going to try and go do a few things--see if I can work a little bit . . . drive into town, run a couple errands and prime a back door I have all scraped, sanded and ready to go. . . . Still have a quite a bit of pain, so not sure how long I can hold out with the walking and standing and working part. . . .

Meanwhile, I recall to mind . . . that unique combination of spiritualized melancholy . . . with ready joy and a deep, lurking excitement . . . which demarcates the believer from the unbeliever.  Or should.

There is a sorrow we share with the Lord-- a genuine grieving at the fallen state of creation, the pain and suffering caused by sin and the affront to God resultant.  But at the same time, there is that peace "that passeth understanding" . . . and even a certain ongoing cheerfulness that necessarily follows when has Christ within and is maintained in the faith that justice will see its day AND especially God's mercy upon His people--looking to the glory of the promised hereafter.  "Christians" who go about depressed, frowning, cold and glowering show that they do NOT have the Spirit, but instead are relying on their own works and/or the works of the world, where there is no hope.  Real hope, found in true belief, wrought in faith . . . brings peace, joy, confidence, fearlessness. . . . .

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fill Your Self With God--Evil Flees

Have you ever experienced a presence of evil?  Have you been around someone who seems to exude a dark, oppressive, malevolent force?  Maybe you've had the experience of being out in public, caught someone's eye and instantly there was a jolt--a sudden slam of sheer violence and hatred hitting you via eye contact. . . . Or, you have entered a building or home where there was an immediate sensation of danger--a general foreboding . . . pressing on you with some unseen, heavy antagonism. . . .

It is always there, to some degree, when you engage with the world; when you consume various entertainments--music, t.v. shows, movies, news reports. . . . There is such a barrage of filth, perversity, and overall blaspheming spirit included throughout the presentations . . . the Spirit within you is constantly being grieved to some degree.

Or, let's hope so.  Otherwise, it is a clear sign of danger when you can consume worldly media and all you get is entertained, amused, titillated, with no offense taken. 

I would not dare claim a complete or perfect definition or understanding of evil.  There is a mystery to it; "the mystery of iniquity" is referred to in  2Thessalonians 2:7. 

But I dare suggest, along with others, that it is not a thing.  It is a negation--the absence of good revealed in the "withholding" of God's Spirit.  I also don't believe it is in itself a force.  Beings who hate God, however, and thus exist in the absence of good, use and employ existing forces . . . to, in a sense, amplify the negation, and so derive a certain destructive evil "power".

What you are experiencing then, when you come across that dark, threatening "presence" of evil, is simply the absence of God, of good. . . . The more God is absent, the more the "power" of evil is exhibited and felt. 

The more you neglect God . . . ie., by not praying, reading scripture, seeking His will, pleasing the Spirit, fellowshipping with other believers, reading and thinking on Spiritual issues etc., the more you are leaving open that space wherein "evil" can enter.  Evil is the absence of good/God.  When God is not there, evil is bound to result.

So, the answer always is to dwell on God, focus on God, fill your mind and heart with the good things of God so that evil can find no room to fester and escalate.  Where God (Who is Light and Love) is not present, darkness begins to reign, by default, and so do all those things and beings that thrive in the darkness.

If and when you ever start to feel evil "pressing" in. . . . If and when you find yourself oppressed with fear, anxiety . . . and/or other negative, unholy, ungodly emotions and thoughts, it likely means that you have been neglecting God.  You have not kept His presence and purposes foremost in your soul, but have there instead a negation of Him, lack of Him . . . so that evil/darkness necessarily results. . . .

Where God ISN'T (so-to-speak) evil IS.  Of course, we know that God is everywhere, but He has made it so that in this realm of creation we can experience something like an absence of His presence--a lack of His "active" Spirit.  And, indeed, this involves His very purpose in all this:  the divine demonstration of what existence is like with versus without Him "in it."

The danger in blithely consuming so much of the world's constant barrage of the various avenues of its media . . . is that we are "filled" . . . with the absence of God, of good.  The result is a pervasive privation of holiness, and therein the enemies of God enter and make their home.

The answer--the antidote . . . is to reclaim your "space" by filling it with God and Godly matters.  It takes action, effort, impetus!  If you merely "go with the flow" and accede passively to all that the world is washing over you, without deliberately seeking His Spirit, in His "absence" . . . then evil spreads its darkness and the entities who dwell in it become your fellow residents.

Darkness "hates" the Light.  Evil thrives where God/good is NOT. 

During this age/space and time, where God has turned over . . . for a season . . . the world to the rule of said darkness . . . the Child of Light is necessarily engaged in battle.  It is a fight for the light--a struggle, a wrestling. . . . Passivity and acquiescence to the "ways of the world" is the way of evil. It is the "lukewarmness" that Jesus plainly detested. 

Resistance . . . against the pull of negation . . . is Godly--is a Godward action. 

Again, remember that evil . . . is what results from the absence of God.  It is not a thing.  It is not an equally opposing force to good (as the occultists deceptively promote.)  It is just what happens when God withholds the fullness of His Spirit. as when men and women turn AWAY from Him, rejecting His will.  The moment a being "looks" away from God, to him or her self . . . or to another creature or part of creation . . . valuing that thing or being MORE than God . . . evil ensues as a "natural" by-product--a necessary result.  For nothing can exist in goodness independent and apart from the source of ALL good--from He Who IS what "good" is. . . .

You can NEVER lose--regardless of present circumstances/temporary results--so long as you are praising God in ALL things, keeping His Spirit and purposes foremost in your mind and heart.  Darkness must depart.  Do not allow "it" to take root, to push out Jesus. . . . Fill yourself with God, with His goodness . . . and evil flees.    

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Back To Base, Stay On Base!

Get back to base--stay on base.

I believe, along with many others, that God has taken his protection from America.  She is reaping now her rebellious flaunting of God's laws and she is a great source of many evils promoted within and distributed abroad.  The abandonment of Christian education, the active promotion of abortion (baby torture/murder) and sexual perversion and the spreading of war, disease and humanism . . . are now taking toll.  On top of this, I believe those in power are waging a deliberate, strategic war against authentic Christianity and Christian people worldwide with a basic cabal of Marxists, Islamic militants, Rome, "self-hating" secular Jewry and Satanic/occultic globalist elitists.

One "blessing" in this is that it makes the divisions clear.  It is actually a more dangerous time and situation when the world is running fairly smoothly, with general "prosperity" . . . as it becomes all too easy for the believer to succumb to a gentle drifting away from the Gospel and fall into the comfort of the general flow of Godless materialism (which is often disguised in prosperity/works false religion.) 

In any case, the test is roughly the same.  Has your mind and heart (your soul) shifted from focusing on God to focusing solely on your temporal (worldly) circumstances?  Has your present comfort and security taken precedence over your ETERNAL comfort and security?

The devil will use anything (except the full truth) to draw your attention away from what should be the sole purpose of your life.  Yes, we must pay attention to present details and matters of corporeal survival.  Yes, we are suppose to have our "head in the game"--to be "in the world"--to be rendering what's due to Caesar . . . to Caesar.  BUT, we are not to ONLY have our "head in the game", "be in the world", "render to Caesar".  Those things are incidentals, tertiary.

Above all, our purpose here is to glorify God.  And we do that by constantly remembering the sacrifice of the Son on our behalf, that we may have ETERNAL life (not just this life) enjoying and glorifying the Lord, showing our gratitude and joy in cheerfully obeying His will and laws, exhibiting an un-earthly peace and confidence that counters present dire conditions.

Death comes to one and all here, and it appears that we are entering a "season of death" where many may be taken before their "natural" time.  Whether this life is short or long, at the end of it, the question will be the same.  Who did you serve?  You do not want to be caught at that moment realizing with sudden horror and regret . . . that you spent most of your time concerned for your temporal (worldly) self, amassing possessions, security, legacy. . . . All of which shall be swept away in an instant, worthless in the world to come.  Or that you served other "masters" who benefited you in this world but have no power in the hereafter.

An eye and a heart and mind LOOKING to the reward of the "afterlife" has always distinguished the children of God, compared to the haters of God who are only concerned with rewards in THIS life.

Faith--real, living faith--in the promises of God's Word, distinguishes God's people from those who serve the god of this fallen, rebel world.  They doubt God, question His wisdom and goodness, and so hedge their bets by serving other entities who are able to make a big show now . . . but who will prove to be vile, pernicious deceivers when all is revealed.

As the frightening events continue to amass, on all sides, in person, in the news, projected in all directions, it is critical to remain close in sentiment and purpose to the Person of Jesus, our Shepard in times of trouble.  Not just consider Him quickly or intellectually . . . but actually go to Him intensely, imploringly with a regular, steady prayerful spirit.  Recall what He did, as a man, suffering incalculably in our place--the blaspheming, the abuse, the injustice, the cruelty of what He undertook, making Himself the lowest, out of real love and service, in our stead. 

While all the shocking, horrific stories and images flash, day-to-day, with their urgency and modern-times motif--do not be led astray to abandon the well-worn, time-honored and Spirit-filled (seemingly quaint and oft-mocked) stories, instructions, parables and prophecies so graciously given us in the one, GOOD Book. 

Whenever you start to get that feeling, that sense of agitation and un-ease . . . of things being "out of control" . . . of the oppression of the obviously insane and mad days we are in the midst of . . . GET BACK TO BASE!  STAY ON BASE!  Get back to The Rock of Salvation--the ONE AND ONLY answer to EVERYTHING that is currently threatening.  Remember the big picture.  It is not about "saving America" . . . "making the world a better place" . . . "family" . . . "job security" . . . "good health". . . . Those things are included, but are not the "big picture".

Remember . . . the "big picture" is . . . that we live in a fallen world, are born rebels, and would all be due the just wrath of God, except that Jesus came and redeemed us . . . so that we will be saved from certain destruction . . . in order to live in the presence of God, as His heirs, perfected and glorified FOREVER!

THAT is the Good News which defeats ALLthe treacherous and depressing news we are now facing daily otherwise. . . . There IS no hope . . . outside of the historical fact of the life and mission of Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Messiah!  Everything--EVERYTHING else is vanity and mis-direction from the Enemy.

Back to base, stay on base.  The base is the Lord and the Gospel.  Everything outside of that/Him is empty noise and vanity.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Tales Of Medical Mysteries

Dang, I was not expecting to be on crutches when it was time to head for the hills!  On the brighter side, when they tell us to "shelter in" because of a raging plague pandemic, I'll already be in place!  Ahh, apocalyptic humor. . . . Gotta keep smiling.

Naw, I expect to be healed by the time it gets that bad, though we do seem to be heading for the wall at breakneck speed.  As per the last batch of x-rays, I'm right on line where the doc says I probably should get surgery.  I told him "that ain't happenin', I need to get back to work."  So, reluctantly, he gave me a storm-trooper-looking big boot and we're going to keep monitoring the healing (or not healing) over the next few weeks.  Even so, I still am not suppose to attempt much walking around for a while yet.  'Tis le bummer. . . .

All this has brought to mind my somewhat legendary grandpa "Dude"--the Cowboy/Artist/Poet/Mystic/Senator Larsen.  When I was a young boy, living with my maternal grandparents, Dude happened to live in a house just a block further up the hill.  We lived at the top of the foothills that overlooked Downtown Salt Lake City.

One time I was snow sledding down his long back yard and he invited me in the house.  I don't remember much of the talk, except that we walked around and looked at his and his wife's various western paintings on the walls, and then he told me to wait for moment, "I want to show you something."

He came back with a little test-tube style jar filled with fluid . . . and something else.  With a somewhat mischievous grin he handed it to me and asked, "know what that is?"  I shook my head.  Whatever it was, it looked gross.

"My finger!" he chuckled and then further explained.  When he was moving the lawn one time, the mower got stuck and he reached down to jog it, and whack! . . . the blades sliced off about one third of his finger below the end joint.  He saved it in formaldehyde to prove his mind-over-matter abilities.  He then showed me the finger, which was almost grown back, including the joint and had a little tip of fingernail beginning to form.  He told me that with faith you can heal yourself, and that was how he was able, with "faith" and power of mind, to grow back his severed finger.  Oddly, he also then opened his western-style sports' jacket and pulled out a small bar of solid gold, which I held.  I don't remember exactly what he said about that, except that he seemed to include it in his general talk of the power of positive thinking. . . . (Which reminds me of another time I ran into him downtown walking on the street, where he took me into a cafĂ© and we sat and drank coffee and talked for a bit. . . . This was several years later and among other things, he told me to always keep a 100$ bill in my pocket, no matter how broke I was.  Never spend it, just hold it, as having it there would always provide a certain sense of confidence and surety no matter what.)

Anyway, back to Dude's self-healing abilities.  I have copy of a very interesting article that was written about him, I believe in the early to mid 90s . . . telling of his adventurous life as a cowboy and rancher . . . and running a motel (I believe in Kanab) where the movie stars stayed when they filmed all those great westerns in Southern Utah.  They kept a special room for John Wayne, who was friends with Dude, along with Ronald Reagan and many other actors.

Here is an excerpt from the article describing Dude's self-healing:  "Over the years Dude has been more than a cowboy, artist, and poet; he is also a medical mystery.  A devout Christian, his strong belief in curing himself through faith has enabled him to "grow back" such things as ribs, part of a finger, (he keeps the part that was cut off in a jar), one whole and part of another lung, and a part of a jaw bone that was removed during cancer surgery.  Some of these miracles have been written up in medical journals over the years."

I guess we'll see if any of that (ability?) passed on. . . .

Here is an old photo of Dude and my grandma "Dot" (Dorothy, also an artist.)

And here is one of Dude's (many) paintings, with a description of the event recorded:

TRAPPING WILD CATTLE L.H. “Dude” Larsen sketched a scene of “a true life experience from 1884” onto butcher paper, based on an incident where a wild cow charged at his Uncle Amasa Larsen at Big Flats, a mesa overlooking the Green and Grand (now Colorado) rivers. Using artist’s license, Dude depicted a steer chasing his father, Tom, who was helping Amasa round up wild cattle into a 3-sided corral where the canyon rim served as an invisible fence for the fourth side. Tom related that he fired above the animal to try to stop it, but precariously near the rim, he finally had to kill the crazed cow. The episode inspired a painting and one of Dude’s humorous poems:

"The canyon is deep.
The rim is high;
The end is near
For you or I.
I’ve one shell left,
Now will it be
Death, for you
Or for us three.
For if perchance
This shot should fail
We’ll all go over the rim to ----
Well. We’d never get back to tell the tale."

And another.......:

ROUGH RANGE Wranglers were wise to behaviors of agitated animals and worked fast and efficiently when rounding up cattle for branding. Unfortunately, after cowboy Tom Larsen roped and tied this steer to his saddlehorn, the rope snapped, the steer snorted, and Tom had a pair of long horns bearing down on him. He managed to scamper up the only tree within short range just in time to avoid being impaled. His son, cowboy artist Dude Larsen, memorialized the moment in a painting and poem in 1939

"Where the range is rough and the cattle wild
A cowboy’s life is never mild
For many a critter just like this steer"

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

But For The Salt And Light

DING*** DING*** DING*** DING   .......(drumroll)........(pregnant pause)......

 "WINNERRRR!" .....

Oy.  Or as I sometimes say in Russian, "Oi kakoi bolshoi" . . . which sounds apropos, but isn't quite . . . . . as it means "Oh what a big" . . . and isn't a complete sentence or exclamation.  I just like the way it sounds.
I suppose I could say "Oi kakoi bolshoi 'CF'" . . . but, luckily I don't know how to translate "cf" and really shouldn't be saying that here or anywhere anyhow. . . .Dennis Miller, I think says "cluster schtookt" on the radio when referring to a "cf" . . . but, I digress......

Yeah, and so either of the two prescribed remedies (a cast or surgery) are rather unfeasible so . . . there's a bit of drama here as to how to proceed.  The problem, of course, is that my job, my present line of work is labor intensive--climbing ladders and such. . . . Maybe I can write that book that's been on my mind to do; write it real fast, lol.

Meanwhile, how 'bout that world?  "Man" is doing such a bang up job, isn't "he" . . . shaking his fist at God, blaspheming and idolizing lawlessness and self-seeking!  What a fantastic work the Godless pagans are doing in the world today!  Daily beheadings, sexual perversions, murdering, stealing, lying, raping, Ebola, wars and rumors of wars. . . . Nice job humanists!  Way to go, globalist elite, banksters, secret society hacks, socialists and monopolists, "diversity" clowns, "progressives", libertines, cultists and false Gospel wolves!  Quite the Utopia ya'll have stirred up for us to enjoy!

Yet, I must and honestly do praise God (difficult as it is to bear sometimes) that He has allowed you knuckleheads to run amok, having rejected Him, with but your monumental CF of a world to show for it, so that His divine demonstration stands clear and obvious . . . that "Man" . . . unsubmitted and in rebellion against God . . . is a complete, colossally tragic disaster and joke on his own.

You Godless fools SHOULD be on your knees thanking the believers (you hate and fight) for still being around, for it is only because God's people--His remnant--are yet here bearing witness, that makes this wretched world of any value at all and worth preserving until its designated end-note.

But for the preserving "salt" and illuminating "light" of Yahweh's believers still standing, though all peoples come against her (the Bride of Christ, the Body) . . . this place would be overrun with darkness, destruction and death--one, big tomb of vanity, ugly, pointless and an utter waste, quickly desolate.

But for. . . .
This next year is going to be a barn-burner, I'm fairly certain.  2015--a lot of loose ends by the plotters will be pulled together and finally tied down.  We know what they want: a one-world government and religion ruled by Satan via his minions.
I rest sure in the revealed truth that the Lord will lose NONE that the Father has given Him, come what may.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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