Monday, January 29, 2018

Intentional Fracturing Via Clique Forming/Programming/Controlling

I believe AI is controlling much of everything in the "public sphere"....There is also something going on that I think is ominous, where people are being funneled into cliques--self-contained ideological bubbles with little to no crossover to others.  These discreet "cliques" and enclaves are then fed and formed information, molded even . . . to then be controlled with Pavlovian precision.  This makes the masses easy to control and manipulate where each segregated part is channeled, molded, coddled or ostracized, and increasingly one "clique" doesn't share any where near the same reality as another.  Through social media interaction, also each of these ideological cliques can eventually be dealt with as a whole--can be rewarded or targeted via swarming bots that corral, punish, ostracize, mitigate, exult etc. . . . .

And this does not even address how brains are simultaneously being affected via electronic fencing, stimulation, suppression etc., to further solidify this intentional fracturing and the "civil compact".

It is insidious and way more intense and effective--this AI/social media programming/controlling than anyone realizes.....Really, the Holy Spirit is the only way around/through/above it. . . .

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