Sunday, August 13, 2017

Closing With God, Rough Times

Once they get done using DT to demonize "the right" and "patriots" and pretty much lump all conservatives, Christians, patriots etc., as being enemies of the state, racist, domestic terrorists etc., there will be a huge backlash and retribution once the left sweeps back into power (which they will indeed do--sweep back into power)... Not that they haven't already been in power for a long time... but right now we are watching the theater played out AS IF DT and the "right" have ascended for a moment... But they haven't.  This is all a set-up for the big, final clamp-down and crushing of "the right"..... You think people are afraid to speak their minds now, wait until the whole patriot/conservative movement is utterly demonized and criminalized with DT being the poster boy and all those who supported him being labelled basically same as kkk.

We can see also that another major economic crash is coming.  This one will be the crusher, most likely.  It's all so very sad and ugly--the deception and mass mind control--really something to behold.  But, it's happened many times before.  Mao's China, the Soviet Union, Germany... where children were turned against their parents, brother against brother, citizen turning in citizen to avoid persecution themselves... It's all here and will play out I expect as bad as ever.  Everything has gone just as I saw that it would, inevitably according the wicked powers in place to effect it....

While I don't think massive preparations will end up working due to confiscation at some point, I do think that folks ought have some stores in place for what may be temporary and sporadic disruptions to supply lines in the initial phases of the planned chaos.

I have been pleased with the quality of Thrive Life foods....

Aside from that it will take all the praying and closing with God that you can muster!

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