Thursday, July 13, 2017

The "Russian" Script

I can't help but notice the "Russia" situation and the latest media created episode. . . . I wrote early on in the post "The Honey-Trap; it's all a Rus(e)!" (last October 2016) . . . that I believed the outrage from the Democrats against the "Russian threat" was all fake.  That looks obvious now, I know.  But again with what's coming out with this latest drama re Trump Jr. . . . I continue to believe that the Russians are actually in cahoots with the Dems and have been all along.  The danger on the other side is in believing that they are not.  They (the Soviets) are not secretly on the side of conservatives.

What is being set up now . . . is what will happen when the left sweeps back into power with a purported mandate to rectify/punish those who supported Trump.  The stage is being set for a blatant socialist/communist revolution and final crushing of constitutionalists/patriots who will be utterly demoralized once this false hope (of restoration) phase is over.

This is why I continue to emphasize how important it will be to stay strong and faithful in the coming storm of retribution.  As I wrote early on in the election season, I have not believed for a second that the globalist/commi-elite would ever let ie., Trump be successful in restoring traditional America's culture and sovereignty.  No way.  What's happening now is a long-time, well-planned strategy to finally crush whatever is left of those who want to see America return to it's Christian-based, free-market, "republican" form of limited government.  They knew (and I believe chose) Trump to be the character who they would use to be the poster-child for the America's last gasp.  I believe there will be purges and pogroms of a sort, once they finish their demonization, of all those who would defy the NWO world government plan.  I would just say, be prepared.  This little window of hope is designed to stay open but for a moment... then the plan is to shut it for good....

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