Tuesday, July 18, 2017


I've had it my mind and heart for a while... since I heard of it . . . and then did my own investigation.....(which didn't take long as I've been tracking it all along the way). . . . The shameful attention-seeking activities of some so-called believers... attacking Dr. James White for daring to engage certain Islamic scholars.... The knee-jerk thoughtless bigotry.... secret anti-reformed bias and ignorance. . . . Brannon House ie., . . . . shameful, self-righteous frauds as far as I'm concerned.  NOT believers, or if they are then in the infantile stages of belief and Spiritual understanding... Sam Shamoun--fraud.  Tool.  Horrific examples . . . of Christian intelligence, understanding, charity, grace and love--in other words, shameful representatives of THE GOSPEL!.... more on this in a bit... just had to get the ball rolling.... :) God Bless!es you!




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