Saturday, July 15, 2017

Darkness Flees When. . . .

It never fails to quickly get me out of a dark and worrisome mode. . . . Deploying love and gratitude....and humor. . . . I find there is a place, which the Spirit brings . . . where almost instantly--though there might have been fear, anxiety--the situation can be transformed into one of hope, love, thankfulness.  The Spirit is love and truth . . . and the truth of any situation is that it could (and really should) be so much worse; but God's grace preserves us from devastating horrors constantly.  We have no idea just what our fallen wretchedness actually deserves--but instead, the Lord mitigates the suffering and torment we would be experiencing even NOW but for His protection and sustenance. . . . Hence the gratitude.  It is a hellish place and point of view that does not realize how much there is to be thankful for.

If in a dire mode, I hasten to recall, recount all the many things to be grateful for and straight away the darkness lifts.  Nearby and close on heels is a rush of love--I find it easy to have compassion and even love for everyone.  This does not equate to a tolerance of evil . . . but rather is the stance of knowing "there but for the grace of God I would be--"  It is hard--perhaps impossible--to remain in fear when thinking and feeling full of love and gratitude, tinged with a healthy sense of humor.  What is to fear?  God is in absolute control . . . and He is good, just, perfect, holy. . . . It is when we doubt God (which we often do albeit subconsciously) that we begin getting into trouble.  Same with suppressed anger and resentment toward God, which all comes from a selfish, "me-centered" purpose and reality.  If we are God centered . . . then His love and blessedness abound and fill us increasingly.  Fear, anxiety, darkness . . . cannot abide.  The enemy and his rotten fruits must flee. . . .


Another Copyright Strike said...

Hi there brother Thomas. I'm gonna eventually mirror this on my youtube, so more people can benefit from this. I'm sure you don't mind. God bless!

Mark said...

18And he said, “Please, show me Your glory.”

This is actually a quote and a request from God himself and was intended for those who get so much invested in their own ornaments or glory and sometimes the desportate need to be right.If one takes the time to read the whole chapter one would notice all begrudgenly removed their ornaments or investment in their theories.

God's glory and not mine I say....... It's hard to get over ourselves right?

Brother Thomas ©2015

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