Monday, July 10, 2017

Ask not--Have Naught

Here is the latest video from Pastor Jason Wallace who pastors a church I attend when able.   He addresses such an important issue--how Mormons, when they discover the many dubious foundations of their church and their "prophet" often end up losing faith altogether.  [If the link doesn't show as my blog seems plagued with technical issues, and you want to check out the video, it is on Youtube and called "After Mormonism . . . Now What?"]

Meanwhile, I believe it is a very precarious and intense time for believers. . . . On so many levels there is constant assault.  The enemy is going for broke, delusional that he can win out after all.  It is amazing how brilliant and devious evil can be, yet at the same time so blind and foolish. . . .

Seriously, I think this is fast becoming a time where it may seem (as a believer) that you are quite alone in the world, in your faith.  The wolf seeks to split a lamb off from the flock, isolate and target for destruction, one by one. . . . 'Tis a time of dire testing. . . .

Many, many a follower has had to face the enemy, the world alone, it would seem.  At least as far as any earthly companion may go.  But even if it seems we are alone in the world to stand and profess God and His Truth, so be it!  This is the faith required--when all else fails . . . when all others fail . . . God never fails and is ever ready to give us comfort in our time of spiritual need.  More often than not, we do not feel or "see" or "hear" Him answering . . . because we do not seek.  We have naught, because we ask not. . . .

Praising God always and forever, I pray!
brother, Thomas

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