Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wrong Motives In Asking and Standing Apart

As might be imagined . . . it has been typically intense sorting out my mom's passing--all the different issues and angles that must be dealt with . . . from the emotional to the relational to the very worldly and time-sensitively demanding. . . .

Meanwhile, the vitriol and volatility of current events and agendas impinge quite threateningly from the wings, does they not?

One thing I have found most comforting and sustaining above all . . . is that the Lord is always there.  And He is so forgiving--so empathetic and relatable. . . . It never ceases to blow my mind . . . that the I AM THAT I AM . . . Creator of the universe and of all creatures . . . is personable!  And that you can intuit His genuine, fatherly understanding of our struggles and challenges and His friendly willingness to intervene and protect and lead.

The childishly spiritual, of course, quickly get resentful and demanding of God, expecting that what it means to say He is "always there" means that He is "always there" to do our bidding; where they make the ignorant mistake to assume that what we wish or desire or wish to avoid etc., is actually good for us.  AND that WE know best.  [As if WE knew what were best for us!  As if our wills were supreme and to be mollified and quickly responded to. . . .]
Rather than . . . humbly confessing to God our mistakes/sins, asking for protection and guidance and then praising and blessing WHATEVER it is that He decides to do in a matter. . . .
Whereas, what we need above all . . . is a Spiritual and Godly understanding and vision and attitude in our lives, regardless of mundane or other circumstances. . . .

What we truly need, far above material wants, wishes, desires, dreams . . . is to remember Who God is and who we are in relation to Him; walking and acting in humility, charity, love, longsuffering and especially thankfulness. . . . Especially if we profess ourselves as Believers and followers of The Master!  We ought not be reacting and thinking and even feeling like the world does--with quick anger, envy, covetousness, self-righteousness etc.  If we do, of what use are we in exemplifying and promoting the Gospel to a dark and fallen realm?  If we act and feel just as the lost do?  What kind of light do we offer those stumbling and seeking in the dark?

We are to be salt and light to a confused, suffering and decaying world.  We are to be a hope for those looking for solace . . . as we carry the mode and elan and grace and love of The Lord God Master of All!

And He IS there . . . ready to give strength and wisdom and compassion and clarity if we but humble ourselves and realize that NOTHING is ours and NOTHING are we owed.  Yet He treats us like intimates, like equals in a certain respect!  What a stunner that is!

In times of stress, contention, greed, pleasure-seeking, blasphemy . . . let us stand apart!  Let us, dear Lord, show a different way that we may entice that roiling and lost with the true and mighty SPIRITUAL treasures that you lovingly and generously bestow in and on us, if we but ask.  Most often . . . we "have not" because we "ask not"!

"You ask and don't receive because you ask with wrong motives, so that you may spend it on your evil desires."  --James 4:3 

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S.W. Zofkie said...

Sorry about your Mom Bro T.

I really enjoy your posts, thanks.

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