Thursday, June 1, 2017

Don't Let Him

The devil wants to crush you down.  Don't let him.  He wants to always kill the positive, lovely, powerful, beautiful, strong, edgy, fresh, new daily . ... relationship with God, with Spirit.  Fight!  Resist!  Tell him to flee, that lowly self-serving corrupt, mean pervert.  Gone.  Away with e3vil, with death.  We worship the God of life!  He's real.  He lives! . . . . Fight!  It is war, to the death.  We all die . . . some to ignominy under themselves and their liar friend.  Others to glory..... GLORY IS REAL.  Don't let the liar cut your legs out.... !!!!

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Mark said...

Upon that rock down in "native America" is a runic symbol from the midevil furthark .This symbol is Teiwaz .It represents targeting positive forces,hard work,sacrifice,stress,risk,justice!

Exodus33 describes perfectly the setting of the "rock/stone".

Exodus33 is all about the Glory of God.

This stone/rock is there for a reason.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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