Saturday, May 27, 2017

Takeover 101

Well . . . can't tell for sure, but definitely some weird stuff going on.  One thing that's obvious, big picture, is that a coup occurred over the past 8 years.  One of the signs I wrote early on to watch for, was the picking off of prominent "conservative" politicians and media types.  We are in that phase now and moving into the criminalizing of "conservative" thought and opinion.  Fewer and fewer dare to speak their minds.  "Brownshirt" intimidation as is happening on campuses and public events, public shaming . . . it's all there--and all very classic communist dictatorship tactics.  "Gang stalking" will be common targeting steadily any one who dares to resist--no conversations will be safe, not even whispers. . . .

As I've said before (probably too much, forgive me) the reason I've been able to predict so accurately where we were headed (back when people still laughed at the concern that "communism" was still any type of threat anymore) is because I  had spent years prior reading, studying. talking to Russians . . . learning about all the methods and history of communist conquest over other nations.  They really haven't done anything novel in our case.  It's been the same tactics.  Infiltrate the schools, churches, arts, psychology, media . . . early on . . . control all the levers of power in the various critical institutions, rewrite history, employ universal "cultural icon debasement"--destroy the nation's heroes, pull down statues, turn children against parents--empower the youth to be the battering ram against remaining tradition, universal monitoring and tracking/surveillance . . . and so on and so on . . . pretty much by the book "Commi Takeover 101". . . .

I believe the Donald was allowed to get in office . . . to be made the "poster child"/monster symbolizing the last dying gasps of "American" sovereignty and culture.  He is the perfect foil, as his ego is easily manipulated and he (apparently) lacks guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Could be wrong, but I don't believe he is a believer.  He has no real core principles based in Biblical teaching.  Worldly wisdom and ego are what inform his maneuvers.  And while he seems to have an inkling of the actual forces and purposes arrayed against him, he is not a humble man who could be guided and protected by God.  Without God, he doesn't stand a chance.  And they knew this about him and helped create his seeming "rise" to power . . . with the full intent and program ready to implement . . . which is isolate him, construct a persona which will be used to symbolize "the enemy" . . smear any who support him/"traditional American values" . . . and eventually criminalize them (in the beginning it's ostracize, isolate, provoke . . . then criminalize). . . . When they are finished with this final destruction of hope, they will sweep back into power (back into VISIBLE power, as they have not ever really lost power) and that is when the real, overt persecution will likely begin in earnest.  It will be hugely demoralizing,  The objective is to crush the spirit--the spirit of freedom and individuality.  It becomes the horrific drone , collectivised/enslaved world aptly depicted by Ayn Rand in "Anthem".

And bottom line . . . it is but the "synagogue of Satan" consolidating all the epoch-long threads of tyranny running throughout the world, tying it all together, if they could, for the final, complete knot of control--if they could, at last a world without God or any of His children.

But for believers . . . it will be a time of incredible faith strengthening and confirmation.  Touching, profound quiet acts and personal experiences of believers will continue on despite the near totalitarian controls.  Believers will experience a vital and astounding deepening of real, personal relationship with the Spirit throughout the events.  Their faith will grow, their knowledge of the Truth will NOT be extinguished.  Nothing, no one, will ever come between the love of God and His people, no matter the intense and devious wiles of the enemy.  NOTHING . . . NO ONE!  And there will be a final, just, severe judgment on the matter.

There will be a continued stifling and darkness hanging over and through all . . . ever more pitch and seemingly hopeless . . . but then, The Light returns!  Once and for all!  Praise God!

Cultural Icon Debasement Initiative


ROGER said...

Hello Bro. T.
Very good information and great audio.
It's been a while since I've chimed-in with my 2-cents worth.
Anyways, I seen my first up-close antifa a week or so ago:
I was driving through down-town and was waiting at a stop-light. Lo and behold, a kid dressed in a black hoody and black scarf over his face crossed the street in front of me. For a little town of 50,000, I found this quite unnerving.
I think antifa will be the modern day version of the brown-shirts.
Ayn Rand is great. Anybody who wants to know how communists, progressives and democrats operate, her books exposes how they "work" and "worm" through the fabric of society. I just finished THE FOUNTAINHEAD a couple of weeks ago. I probably will re-read ATLAS SHRUGGED again this summer. I plan on getting my hands on ANTHEM, as you mentioned in your post.
The sad part of this takeover is the fact that nobody reads the right books. People are too glued to their smart phones and useless chatter. And this is helping the progressives.

Peace and many blessings,

Mark said...

And it shall come to pass, while my glory passeth by, that I will put thee in a clift of the rock, and will cover thee with my hand while I pass by .

Gods own are covered with his hand while all this passes unaffected ...In it but not of it so to say .

Brother Thomas ©2015

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