Tuesday, May 16, 2017

No Way

I was perusing some past posts going through last election season, thinking about somewhere where I wrote that I just don't believe "they" will allow a genuine, people-powered recapture of the Republic to take place.  I couldn't find what I was looking for, but came across this blurb I wrote just about 1 year ago exactly . . . kinda interesting.....basically says the same thing I was concerned about. . . .

posted 5-17
"I can now see how this might just be what happens.  If Trump does get elected . . . there will be civil protest, chaos, disruption like never before, I expect.  I can then well imagine that he does something like suspend the Constitution and forcefully try to restore law and order.

The only thing is, when I "look" ahead . . . I just don't see him there.  So I toggle back and forth between the other possibility I keep sensing (or perhaps just dreading) . . . where, something big, unexpected happens before the coming election, and some type of other arrangement is made.  A state of emergency pre-empts the election. . . .

In any case, I continue to expect that tptb will not allow a popular revolt against the tyrannical globalist status quo.  They will burn the whole thing down before they will see a genuine "democratic" revolution by the fed up, awakening masses. . . ."


Mark said...

for"thy kingdom come"(alpha) to occur The present kingdom has to come to an end(Omega) .If they choose to burn it down so be it!

Lee in TN said...

Indeed, it is ramping up beyond what I even thought possible against Trump now!

And yes, you did write about that a few times in 2016 -

Quite The Times. . . .
Sunday, February 21, 2016
"I think "they" will bring the whole thing down if it looks like there is actually a chance of an "outsider" taking the reins. World government/power/control/ wealth is at stake . . . and there is no way they will let someone tip over the apple cart before they do on their terms.

BUT, God is in charge and perhaps he will answer so many prayers for a reprieve..... Quite the times we live in, eh?"

I just keep praying and have faith through all this! Blessings - Lee

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