Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Missing You

Hello... Well.... meantime, amidst the fallen chaos, I managed to battle through and get a song finished and mixed for release as my first single ever.  Heh.  About 40 years of writing and recording my songs...and here we are...at last a release.  It is an extremely personal and important song to me. Wrote it just a few months ago.  When I first wrote it and brought home a demo of it to play for wife Lindsay, I broke down into tears...a rare thing for me.  Not the crying type (no offense to criers...I'm just of a more stoic, non-emotional variety.)

Anyway here are some links to hear it. And the lyrics,
take care, God bless you each!
bro t.




Once I had a vision, living in an ashram
You'd be here coming soon
There was some grand fate, a voice had told me
I wrote some poems and a tune.
Gave my apologies, sanyassin libertine
I told her I'm not that man
And thus I sailed on, wrote them some letters
Sent some cards, I had a plan.

Wandering alone, nobody to guide me through.
Elders said run, I didn't know what to do.
Know that I've been missing you.

In my scheme of things, I owned some mansions
I toured the world and set aside
A golden chest brimming with treasure
I'd make it up to you in style.
But as the days wore on, I got dissipated
My demons, they were running wild.
That time you spoke to me, I couldn't find the words
All was lost, intentions filed.

Of all the things that make me feel wrong and blue
Glaring is one that stands out among the slew.
Know that I've been missing you.

Run, gonna run, gonna have to run away
Run, gonna run, why'd you have to run away
And now you pay, that's what they say.
There's no time, just fleeting rhyme.

Know that I've been missing you.

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