Friday, May 19, 2017

Bizzaro Times

These are bizzaro times.... don't worry, I'm still here, tracking it all. . . . Got a Word.  Like I once said, the tripartate fencing would be brutal and is intending (and remarkable often, but not always DOES) to block spiritual transmissions.  I warned of all of this.  It's here.  AND, it hits me too.  But, I never stop looking for holes in the fences:) Praise be to God:) Who never leaves His . . . alone . . . to flail . . . forever.  Nope.  He comes and rescues . . . always, but just when and as He sees fit.  No complaints here.  Praise God!

Anyway . . .

Will write more . . . the word, the message . . . some tips on dealing with this assault.  Those with eyes and ears and heart and soul . . . know what I mean:).

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