Friday, April 7, 2017

"Syria And A Bear" revisited

I'm not liking this Syria move one bit.  First off anything Hillary and John McCain praise and would do is a major red flag.  And then there's the whole narrative I've had since way back when I had a dream about "Syria and a bear" . . . where I seemed to see that engagement/entanglement with Syria was a major marker/trigger for big time global trouble. . . . I believe I mentioned expecting one result I foresaw was Syria being divided into 3 sections. . . . If I were of the mindset that sees Zionist agendas behind all, I would be noting that Kushner, a modern Orthodox Jew who has gained sudden and increased influence in Trump's inner circle . . . well . . . now we've got war moves on Syria.....

I don't believe that Assad would gas his own people--it makes no sense.  Looks more like a set-up--a phony pretext to kick off more of the globalist Middle East agenda that the neo-cons got started with in Iraq, and then 911 and so on...I believe it was "Project For A New American Century" (PNAC).

I hope it was simply a crass move to get the media off his back re the stupid "Russian collusion" diversion. . . .

Here's an old snippet from around 2013 mentioning Syria fwiw:
 "For any new readers and fwiw, which probably isn't much, years ago, when Syria was not even on anyone's radar and causing no notice at all, and everyone was saying "Iran, Iran" . . . I wrote that I believed Syria was actually the kingpin to final NWO escapades . . . . I had a strange dream, for one thing, at the time, which included a bear--an obvious symbol of Russia's perturbations in the scene . . ". .

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