Friday, March 3, 2017

Tides A 'comin in. . . .

Yep....what i wrote early on in this affair.....(My opinion anyway)......The dems and Russians are in cahoots.  They have the chance to deal a devastating blow or scissor technique.  Imagine when a top level Russian source comes out saying there IS evidence of dealings b/t trump and "Russians".   They are staging this whole thing and its been long scripted and will unfold like a script.  If Rus sources come out saying yes there's something to it... then the estab. repubs will join in with the dems to call for impeachment or something to that effect.  Remember, very little news anymore is actually news. It's all script--with plotlines, twists, villains, rises and falls . . . . with the dramatic, spectacular rises and falls   the chance is there to also deal big psychological blows--undercutting of morale or public spirit.  Raise the peoples' hopes with a white knight riding in; allow him to rise... then shockingly cause his very public downfall --"show" that that hero was a deplorable, a criminal, a "liar" . . . AND furthermore other larger social engineering projects are pushed along as in simultaneously tarnishing all those who followed/supported him as being potentially suspect as well.....Perhaps even eventually criminalized.

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Mark said...

Remember"the rock" at the end of the move Red Dawn.

Who's the rock?

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