Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The New Jinn

I thought I saw something.  It came in a flash--like when it's dark but a sudden flash of lightning lights up the surroundings and for a moment you can see certain objects that previously were hidden in the enveloping pitch. . . .

It was an odd "vision" in that it was not something I was looking for, nor was thinking about or had ever really considered specifically.  It was just there of a sudden, out of the blue, or, I should say, out of the black. . . .

The gist of it was this:  That new demons have come into the area.  The Bible relates that certain demonic principalities rule over certain regions--geographical and political.  What I believe I saw-- and it makes logical sense--is that new and different demonic entities have been "brought in" to the country from the Middle East.  And that they are roving about, influencing and seeking vessels to inhabit or overshadow.  Their characteristics are of a kind that were common to their prior region, and they are finding quick and relatively easy access to the unwitting here; interestingly, especially among females . . . is what I seemed to ascertain.  And their "style" and modes of temptation are not what you might expect at first thought.  They are surprisingly "materialistic" and have a penchant for eliciting the pride of glamour . . . sensuality . . . and a "devil-may-care" ruthlessness in pursuing worldly objectives.

I dare say, that because they are mostly new to this region (this country) the population (even unconsciously) is slow to recognize and resist them.  Here, as an aside, I would suggest that even among those who aren't saved, there is a general sense of the Mandate to resist evil and that most people have a kind of instinctual alarm system spiritually to recognize and resist typical temptation from the usual (unseen demonic) influences "of the airs" . . . arising in their "area"--although it must be noted we all fail miserably for the most part nevertheless, at least as far as the thought life goes.

These new "jinn" are exciting and tempting to allow overshadowing because they are mostly unfamiliar, and so it is all too easy for the novice to assume that the influence being felt is positive or "spiritual" in a good way.  Which makes them (the new jinn) all the more dangerous. . . .

I suspect these entities have been brought in quite deliberately and are being turned loose in increasing numbers, finding little to no resistance . . . as the population has become so distracted and unmoored from prior social, moral, intellectual etc. Biblical foundations.

This is difficult to relay and give more specifics to since I saw it in a flash . . . but one of the primary things that struck me . . . was how these occult "spirits" seemed not to be what you might expect as ones originating in the Middle East.  They did not have an "exotic" or "mystical" type trapping.  I was surprised at how materialistic, "glamorous", worldly-oriented and even "modern" feeling they seemed to be. . . . And how much they were targeting and influencing women (over men) with these seductions.

For instance, on initial consideration you might expect that coming from that region and culture, these creatures would be prone to focus on patriarchal, political objectives--emphasizing austerity, ancient modes and especially religiously oriented.  But that's not what I believe I perceived.  I saw them instead more geared toward stoking pride of life, sensuality, worldly competition and more in the realm of popular culture, trendiness, superficiality and taking advantage of easy access to young post-modern feminine minds. . . .

Anyway, I realize this is bit off the wall and I've only scratched the surface of the implications, but I thought I would share this experience nonetheless, fwiw, if anything. . . . I suspect there will be more to say on the subject.....
God bless and take care.


Mark said...

At firstI couldn't understand.....now

Four to five years ago I was in a quick daydream of sorts which consisted of the hammer&cycle,more the cycle of communism,Like a cursor blinking on a monitor was a cycle blinking,blinking,blinking and suddenly the handle of the cycle was gone and all that was left blinking was a cresnt moon blinking,blinking,blinking.

Perhaps a study on where the religion of Islam actually got its start would show ties between communism and Islam are related or why Puttin/Russia are so involved in Siriya and Iran.

In other words Count Dracula wasn't a Christian

The crescent moon is all over the middle east.....Is Islam a "Tool"(cycle) of communism?

Anonymous said...

"They are surprisingly "materialistic" and have a penchant for eliciting the pride of glamour . . . sensuality . . . and a "devil-may-care" ruthlessness in pursuing worldly objectives."

This is very interesting to me because for the past couple of years I had developed an interest in Marilyn Monroe (and old Hollywood in general). Her character exemplifies what you speak about. Whereas, I am a more natural, casual female. Her "happy birthday" dress sold for 4.8 million.

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