Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Lashing Out

Demons . . . will give you a litany of all the things you've done wrong.  They record, they harbor, they stow away all your faults and wait . . . until something sets them off (their actual misery, but projected on to you as if YOU are to blame) . . . and then they will unload and recite all that condemns you.  No grace.  No sign of God.  No love.  Just Spiritless condemnation, spat in your face.

. . . .Just something to note.  These same ones will flash out through people over whom they are oppressing. . . . Aimed at you, as a child of light.  The hatred and vitriol is palpable.  It is not a "righteous indignation" as they will sometimes falsely claim.  It is the misery of hell, raging forth against the dying light.

Oh, no . . . the light is not dying in reality.  It is dying to THEM.  They are fading into everlasting and increasing darkness.  Seeing YOU . . . going the other way . . . provokes their ire--they lash out.

God has His purposes.  His glory is in everything whether we can see it yet or not. . . .

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