Thursday, March 2, 2017

Never Forget

Most paintings of the crucifixion show Jesus with a loin cloth of sorts.  In fact, he was naked--they had stripped him of everything, dealt the cruelest indignities--beaten so harshly that his organs could show in places.  If ever, when ever . . . I forget just what He went through, as a man . . . and experience my own suffering, I rush to recall His.  My sin was in those blows He received. . . . How dare I ever forget!  The pain, the mockery, the affront, the indignities put upon this innocent Man--He Who created and gives breath to the very torturers. . . . Never forget!  Never forget!  And yet, showing grace and mercy, every day, He showers blessings--so many of which we take for granted or even find ways to complain about. . . .

My Lord You are great!  Incredible!  Astounding!  Beautiful!  Righteous!  Holy!  Blessed!

Praise God!

Brother Thomas ©2015

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