Friday, March 31, 2017

Fight The Freedom Caucus?

Serious?  Trump wants to fight the "freedom caucus"? ....The Tea Party. . . the conservative, Christian patriotic base? The one's who got him elected?..... See... that's what I was afraid of.  He has no core principles.  It's all pragmatism and "winning".

Bad move.

Not surprised.  Would have been pleasantly surprised if he had turned out to be what he got elected on. . . . But nothing new under the sun.  To quote bowie, once again, "same old thing, in brand new drag, comes sweeping into view. . . ."

Do you think Cruz, had he been elected, would be fighting the "freedom caucus" right about now?

Thank God politics are not the answer.  The God, it's God and only God.  Man always disappoints.

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Mark said...

Just draining the swamp.first the right side and when Bam care fails Alot of voters will want heads on the left. Trump also ran on "draining the swamp".Trump & Ben were not ploticians when they ran.

It's about the spirit!
God bless

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