Monday, February 13, 2017

Think Again

huh... okay... well that went over like a lead balloon.....

Interesting times.....

Who's got your back and who doesn't is going to be . . . well, like it always was. . . .

We are heading into a time of certain strife, violence, intimidation. . . .

I always said that a lot of the big talkers will be the first to run for cover when it all gets real.  It's getting real and will get real-er.  It will be like when Mao took over and children were inflamed by the state to report and condemn their own parents--the children were the ones usually to throw the first stones.  In many a village, elders (those of the wicked bourgeois, or "fascists" as they were also called in various places) were marched out of their houses, their belonging all destroyed or redistributed . . . and they were beaten in public with shouts and denunciations, and if not killed on the spot, dragged of to the gulags--the "re-education" camps . . . where more torture awaited, meted out by psychopathic sadists.

I've spent years and hundreds, if not thousands of hours of my time teaching, warning, elucidating, advising . . . putting myself on the line for truth.  I've counted the cost and I know where my reward is, God willing. . . .

I have written in the past that . . . as it gets down to the wire, it will surprise you who is willing to stand up, with and for you if you stand for Truth . . . and who runs for cover; indeed who will actually be the ones "turning you in" for "inappropriate" "politically incorrect" thoughts. . . . Or maybe worse, they ignore you and slink away to save their own skins, though having once vowed comradery to the end.

It's going just like I said it would and will continue to.  Who thinks to overturn The Author as He has Written it?  Do we see peace and prosperity and security and love of Truth before the end?  Dream on.

Just as the disciples ran from the Truth when the heat was on . . . so will it be in every time--as it is in this time.  Divided and conquered.  Split up into factions.  Petty self interests, fear and shrewish vanity blinding against the bigger Cause. . . .

"They smile in your face . . . all they wanna do is take your place . . . the backstabbers. . . ."

It always comes down to a rare, very few . . . few. . . . Hated by the world.  Hated by the fraudulently repentant.  Hated by church and state.

If you think politics is gonna save you.....for God's sake....think again.


Mark said...

not one!Years back as soon as my mind was operating somewhat I made mention here and other places that in the battlefield I had been struck down with a STROKE!

Not one prayer or a kind word .At this point I realized I'm on my own!I was God that told me "I gotcha!" .I got up and went to the wilderness and this Is were I am in spirit until the new kingdom arrives .Nope.... Polotics won't here.You can't fix this .But then again those trapped in "the world" never listen to the least of anyway.
God bless

Lee in TN said...

Still here with you BroT! And agreeing - "If you think politics is gonna save you.....for God's sake....think again."

But knowing the Lord IS involved in this US political situation in exposing just how corrupt and evil those in politics, the media, Hollywood...and the world are. And using this to shed a light on those secret places, the lies and liars and the child trafficking and pedophilia situation, I am paying attention to that.

And you always have my/our support in the Spirit and prayers, even if my finances haven't allowed me to help you lately.

Thanks for what you do here, and blessings for your musical direction!

- Lee

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