Friday, February 10, 2017

Could Use Some Help:)

Well . . . I'm trying to do something . . . fraught with obstacles and dangers.  The 2 sides politically are so incredibly divided it does not appear that any real conversation or persuasion is possible.
Both seem to be primarily preaching to their own choirs; which is fine . . . it's cathartic.  So far it feels like I don't have support from any side, lol, which . . . is what I was concerned would happen, yet I am pressing on, trusting in God through all.  [The "left" can sense that I'm not one of them--not chiming in with all the ranting and vitriol; the "right" and "Christians" I don't think understand the nuance of what I'm attempting and it seems I have lost them as well, because I'm mingling with the "tax collectors and prostitutes" heh....]  It's a fine line I walk, perhaps impossible, though nothing's impossible with God and I continue in prayerful guidance and movement, feeling quite alone, but not alone].

We really need to take back the culture.  At least enter into to it, be in it while not of it, to affect people through the arts, music, literature.  Christians have stayed in their own bubble, mainly talking to themselves, singing to themselves and left the town square, the stage, the arts to be totally infiltrated and controlled by the opposition.

Anyway, I've been here in the trenches for a while now, doing what I can.  I'm making a push to re-enter the music field with my original songs with all this in mind.  If ever you felt led to support my efforts or in any way may feel led now, I could use your help in the ambitious venture.  I'm putting everything on the line in these later years of life to engage the culture.

I've launched a "crowdfunding" Indiegogo campaign.  Here is the link which you could share and/or contribute to--any amount helps:)
Thank you and God bless you!

[Also.. please let me know if this text is also messed up.  Don't know what happened last time.  Thankfully a little angel fixed it for me:)

“Christians . . . ought not to be threatened by fantasy and imagination. Great painting is not "photographic": think of the Old Testament art commanded by God. There were blue pomegranates on the robes of the priest who went into the Holy of Holies. In nature there are no blue pomegranates. Christian artists do not need to be threatened by fantasy and imagination, for they have a basis for knowing the difference between them and the real world "out there." The Christian is the really free person--he is free to have imagination. This too is our heritage. The Christian is the one whose imagination should fly beyond the stars.” 
― Francis A. SchaefferArt & the Bible

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Linda L. said...

Wish I could help, but am not able to financially. Current job is part time. Trying to get a full time job and hope to help more then. I would love to see this original project of your music go forward. I have always supported in spirit your original projects and helped somewhat as able. I believe in your teachings also and have been bless by them over the years, since 2008?

Brother Thomas ©2015

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