Monday, January 23, 2017

Trials. . . .

Here are the lyrics to one of my new songs that I hope to record soon with my originals' music band 

Trials Of The Demisphere

Strangeland strangers grieving
Quicksand meme believing
Vessels of wrath seething
Not my home I'm leaving

Day I landed I looked around
Saw monster puppets with lying sound
Vipers leading who rule by fear
Trials of the Demisphere

Swirling divas with nightmare's bold
Tried to kill me before I'm old
Run for cover and keeping clear
Trials of the Demisphere
Trauma-based mind-wash is in control
Spiritual circuit is blasted whole
Conscience-sensing is what they sear
Trials of the Demisphere

Borders crashing release the hounds
Durga rising in all the towns
Walk right through it my Ghost is here
Trials of the Demisphere

1 comment:

Linda L. said...

No disrespect meant for Major Tom band, but it is nice to see you doing some original work again. I see you are using references from your former Hindu background again :) Had to look it up, Durga, the Invincible One, warrior manifestation of Parvati, consort of Shiva the Destroyer ... I love your double language. Care to elaborate on Durga? Still don't understand.

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