Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Two Ways Exposed

This is a eye-opening video if you've got the time to go through it.  Sooo typical, so illustrative of THE difference between having a self/man-centered view of God/reality/Truth/scripture versus having a pov that STARTS with God.

Really, there are only TWO religions.  There are only TWO ways to interpret this life, this world and the afterlife.  In one way, everything starts with the person viewing--all interpreting, opinion, viewpoint, meaning, purpose, truth etc., begins with the person's own biases, hopes, fears, desires, passions, intents etc.  Then, whatever doesn't fit into THAT is put away and only what is collected is what comports with the person's level of understanding and self-centered  purposes.

THE OTHER WAY . . . is to begin with God. What does HE say?  What did He have Written?  What is HIS purpose?  Whether THAT comports with one's own biases or not is irrelevant.  YOU, the person, conform to HIS version of reality (as in truth, THAT is the only reality there is).

Anyway, this is a classic representation of the TWO WAYS.  God's way or man's way. . . .

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