Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Death . . . is always looming.  I thank God it was one of the earliest things I faced and dealt with as a young man.  I considered it constantly for a time, realizing that no matter what the objectives of life were, in the end . . . death.  So one had better come to terms with it.  Hence my intense and early search for the meaning and purpose of life.  Every other lifely concern paled to utter insignificance in the face of this mortal finality. . . .

My mother may be dying.  Of course, we all are in a very real sense, but she thinks it may be soon and is talking about it regularly.  Something does indeed seem to be wrong with her--she has been losing weight for months and nothing she does is stopping the loss.  She appears to be steadily wasting away.  And she is frightened now and increasingly terrified of imminent death.  I have told her many times before that she needs Jesus.  She thinks she believes but I'm not so sure.  And then I think of all these high profile celebrity deaths that have occurred this year. Where are they now? 

This life is short.  The hereafter is long.  Where we go has always been to me THE most important question to be answered in this life.  I have always been amazed that so few ever really seriously confront that issue.  Even those who are cavalier about it when living usually become terrified at their end as the inevitable approaches in earnest.

Do not wait.  Settle it sooner rather than later.  Seek God.  Seek the Truth.  Go to the One Who has control over life and death and conquered it all . . . and Who has the power to convey life eternal in His presence--He Who is love.

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